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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Mucus in Stool

Mucus is a slimy, slippery substance produced by the body’s mucous membranes including that of the intestines. The function of mucus is mainly to lubricate and protect against bacteria. Mucus is composed of mucin, water, and leukocytes. The presence of a small quantity of mucus in the stool is normal. But when a person passes a large amount of mucus in the stool, then it needs to be investigated. Mucus in the stool may be transparent, white, yellow, bloody, or green in color. Homeopathic medicines for mucus in stool help clear out the main causative factor.  homeopathic medicines for mucus in stool

Causes of and Symptoms Accompanying Mucus in Stool

The causes of mucus in stool are Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease, Dysentery, Bacterial and Parasitic infections. The symptoms that may accompany mucus in stool are abdominal cramps, bleeding from the rectum, bloated abdomen, diarrhea or constipation. These symptoms occur depending on the reason behind the mucus in stool.

Homeopathic Medicines for Mucus in Stool

Homeopathy treatment for mucus in stool is a highly effective and safe way to address the problem. The selection of the homeopathy medicine for mucus in stool is made after noting the character of mucus and other symptoms like diarrhea, rectal bleeding, and abdominal cramps. These medicines work wonderfully in treating mucus in stool and its related symptoms. The best remedies used in the homeopathy treatment for mucus in stool are Aloe Socotrina, Merc Sol, Colchicum, Argentum Nitricum, Podophyllum, and Nux Vomica.

1. Aloe Socotrina – For Mucus in Stool with Diarrhea

Aloe Socotrina is an excellent medicine for mucus in stool. It works well in cases where diarrhea is accompanied by mucus in stool. The stool passed is watery and has a large quantity of mucus in it. There is a constant bearing down sensation in the rectum. Rumbling and gurgling in the rectum is also felt. There is an urge to pass stool immediately after eating or drinking. An urgency to pass stool is also a symptom. Along with this, the abdomen feels bloated and heavy.

2. Merc Sol – For Mucus and Blood in Stool

Merc Sol offers great help in cases where in addition to mucus, there is the passage of blood in the stool. It is accompanied by a severe pain in the abdomen. There is a constant and recurrent urge to pass stool. The stool is scanty and may have an offensive or sour smell. Chilliness and weakness are also present. Other accompanying symptoms are severe pain and a burning sensation in the anus. Flatulent bloating of the abdomen may also occur.

3. Colchicum – For Transparent Jelly Like Mucus in Stool

Colchicum is a great medicine for clear jelly-like mucus in the stool. In such cases, the stool is changeable in character. It may be green, yellow or red in colour; and is scanty or watery. An agonizing pain in the rectum remains for a long time after passing of stool. Another characteristic feature is a severe pain in the abdomen which may be relieved by bending over. Intense nausea is also a symptom.

4. Argentum Nitricum and Gambogia – For Green Mucus in Stool

Argentum Nitricum and Gambogia both are a good treatment for mucus in stool. The symptoms for using Argentum Nitricum are green mucus in stool, the urge to pass stool after eating or drinking, highly offensive stool, excessive flatulence and a distended and colicky abdomen from flatulence. The characteristic features of using Gambogia are dark green mucus in stool, gushing diarrhea, forcible ejection of stool, and a gurgling or rumbling in the abdomen.

5. Podophyllum – For Yellow Mucus in Stool

Podophyllum is a good choice of medicine for mucus in the stool. The stool is yellowish or green in colour and is highly offensive. The stool is pushed out with force and is gushing in nature. Passing of the stool is usually painless. Prolapse of the rectum before or with stool is also a symptom indicating the use of this natural remedy. Anus may be swollen and sore, and there may be a burning sensation present in the anus.

6. Nux Vomica – For Mucus in Stool with Marked Tenesmus

Nux Vomica is a high-grade medicine for mucus in stool. It works well in cases where there is a constant and recurrent desire to pass stool. The urge to pass stool is continual and ineffectual. The stool, passed with mucus, is scanty and unsatisfactory. There is a pain in the abdomen that is relieved for a short while after passing stool. Nausea, vomiting, and acidity are the other symptoms that may arise.

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  1. Amitesh Pandry says:

    Sir i have problem of hiper mucous and constipation. There’s always urge for stool. Suggest best homeopathy with dose

  2. Viren bhayani says:

    Madam I have hyper mucas in stool like jelly can u tell me best homeopathy medicine

  3. Involuntary Light Yellow, watery Mucus discharge from Anus. Sometime contain little Blood. Burning pain. Better feel by flatulence.

  4. Jitendra B.Sonawane says:

    Dear sir Iam jitendra B sonawane from Vapi Gurat. Iam a Indian and my native in Maharastra state I am very worried for constipation and stool mucous .Ayurvedic doctor observation is sentimental piles ,aleopathy docotor says internal and external piles and also last 3 to 4 years I am wastage of my money to my health issue I am a private company employees BSc.canditate and my age 38 year old .If I pressure to toilet time stool pass but after sometimes I also going to toilet this condition continue to 8 to 10 times in aday only I sleep well after some relaxation of body but this is not a permanent solution please understand me and relax to my body your end thanks.9033870225

  5. N k pal says:

    मल सुखा होता हैं, लेकिन मल में सफेद , पीला आंव आता हैं, मल त्याग करने से पहले थोड़े समय के लिए ऐठन होता हैं, मल में दाने के अंश भी कभी कभी आते हैं। दूध नहीं पचता हैं, कृपया इलाज बताए। संपर्क सूत्र 9412845098

    • Kaizad Ghadiali says:

      Good Evening

      Past two months I am experiencing Mucus with constipation, colour of mucus is white sticky substance like a animal fat. I have experienced that when I get constipated I find mucus in my stool. It’s not regularly happening every day but once in week or 10 days

  6. Suyash Sahu says:

    For a few months I have been seeing White colour jelly type substance in my stool. What should I do ? Please advice me.
    Regards .

    • रोहित कुमार says:

      प्रणाम डाक्टर
      मुझे मल के साथ सफ़ेद बलगम् जैसा चिकना पदार्थ ज्यादा मात्रा मे निकलता है
      तो इसके लिए मै क्या करु

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