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Best Homeopathic Remedies for Nephrotic Syndrome – A Supportive Role

Nephrotic syndrome is an indicator that the kidneys are not working well. Homeopathic treatment for nephrotic syndrome helps in managing nephrotic syndrome symptomatically. In mild cases of nephrotic syndrome, homeopathic medicines can be used in isolation, yielding excellent results. However, in severe cases of nephrotic syndrome, homeopathic medicines can be used in addition to conventional medicines to reduce further kidney damage and to offer symptomatic relief.

What is Nephrotic Syndrome?

Nephrotic syndrome has three characteristic features – the passage of large amounts of proteins in the urine, low protein in the blood, and edema. Kidneys are vital organs that help to filter blood and eliminate the waste products of metabolism and extra fluid from the blood. Kidneys contribute in maintaining acid base balance, regulating electrolyte levels, and extracellular fluid volume. The nephron is the functioning unit in the kidney. The first part of the nephron is glomerulus. The glomerulus has a network of capillaries involved in the first stage to filter the blood and urine formation. Any damage to this capillary tuft leads to excessive passage of protein from the blood into the urine. This results in the building up of fluid in the tissue leading to swelling. When protein levels in the blood decrease, it results in fluid collection around the heart, lungs or the abdominal cavity.

Causes of Nephrotic Syndrome

Varying causes lead to nephrotic syndrome. The major cause of nephrotic syndrome in children is the minimal change disease. Membranous glomerulonephritis, or an inflammed glomerulus, and focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, or the presence of tissue scars in the glomeruli, also causes nephrotic syndrome. Other reasons include sarcoidosis, amyloidosis, diabetic kidney disease, SLE, vasculitis and certain medications like NSAID’S. Other than these, hepatitis B and HIV are risk factors for nephrotic syndrome.

Signs and Symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome

The most prominent symptoms of nephrotic syndrome are swelling in the feet and puffiness around the eyes. There is foamy urine along with proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, and hyperlipidemia. Other features include fatigue, loss of appetite, and weight gain. Because of hypoalbuminemia, other findings may be pleural effusion, pericardial effusion, ascites or general anasarca.

Homeopathic Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome

Medicines that work well in the homeopathic treatment for nephrotic syndrome are Apis Mellifica, Apocynum Cannabinum, Arsenic Album, and Terebinthina. Homeopathic medicines should be taken under the guidance of a well-qualified doctor, and self-medication should be avoide

1. Apis Mellifica – A Well Indicated Homeopathic Medicine for Nephrotic Syndrome

Apis Mellifica is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for nephrotic syndrome. The symptoms for using Apis Mellifica are puffiness under the eyes and swelling of the feet. The swelling in the feet may worsen on walking. The feet feel tight and tense with swelling. Edematous swelling may also occur on the face. There is burning or heat in the face along with swelling. The urine is frothy or milky in appearance. Fetid odor in urine is also noted and there is a frequent urge to pass urine. Albuminuria and pain around the kidney are also present. Another characteristic feature is the absence of thirst.

2. Apocynum Cannabinum – A Homeopathic Medicine for Nephrotic Syndrome with Ascites, Hydrothorax, and Anasarca.

Apocynum Cannabinum is yet another very effective homeopathic medicine for nephrotic syndrome. Use of Apocynum is considered when there is dropsy accompanied by a great thirst for water. It works well for ascites, hydrothorax, and anasarca. An important accompanying feature is the diminished frequency of the pulse. There is less urine than usual, and it is turbid and hot. Nausea, excessive vomiting, and drowsiness are other features.

3. Arsenic Album – A Homeopathic Medicine for Nephrotic Syndrome Accompanied by Extreme Weakness

Arsenic Album is another homeopathic medicine for nephrotic syndrome. For using Arsenic Album, the indication is edematous swelling mainly on the face and abdomen. There is ascites along with a hard and bloated stomach. Urine is turbid and may burn while passing. Another accompanying symptom is an extreme lack of strength, weakness, and fatigue from the slightest exertion. The patient may also faint due to the weakness. Another major feature is a lot of anxiety and restlessness. These complaints are accompanied by a thirst for small quantities of water at short intervals.

4. Terebinthina – Important Remedy indicated in the Initial Stages of Homeopathic Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome. 

Terebinthina is another important homeopathic medicine for nephrotic syndrome. It works well for acute albuminuria in the early stages. Urine is rich in albuminuria and is cloudy and smoky. Tenesmus of bladder, scanty urine or suppression of urine are other features. There may be ascites consequent to albuminuria. There is a burning, drawing pain around the kidney. Drowsiness is another prominent feature.

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  1. Sathish Kumar says:

    Dear Dr.
    My son, 25years had one shrunken kidney and the other one is normal. He is diagnosed with 2+ Protien in urine. All other blood parameters related to kidney ate very normal. Other symptoms is only he has back pain and feeling tired.
    Kindly advise.

  2. Dr Fidelis Okeke says:

    My wife has proteinuria from m/c/s done, pains at kidney regions, slight leg edema. Am a homeopath in NIGERIA. I have given her Apis, Berberis and Chelidonium because of fatty Liver. pls advice me, though she is showing some improvements.

  3. Where can I find a Dr. in Arizona, United States- can you recommend one. We need immediate help.

    The article was very informative & I wish we had learned sooner!

    Do not want to give up hope- won’t do dyalisis- life force is diminishing!

    L. J.

  4. 1. Apis Mellifica
    2. Apocynum Cannabinum
    3. Arsenic Album
    4. Terebinthina
    sir, these all medicine are take at same time ?

  5. Samrat Dhar says:

    Respected sir, please suggest me best homeopathic medicine for curing kidneycysts

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