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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Epididymitis

Inflammation of the epididymis (coiled tube at the back of testicle) is known as epididymitis. This tube stores the sperms while they mature and transport them from the testes to the vas deferens. The primary cause of epididymitis is sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and bacterial infection of urinary tract or prostate (that travel to the epididymis.) Homeopathic medicines for epididymitis help reduce the inflammation, swelling, redness of epididymis and manage its symptoms very effectively. Rhododendron, Spongia Tosta, and Apis Mellifica are some natural medicines for epididymitis.

homeopathy epididymitis

Homeopathic medicines for Epididymitis.

The most common sexually transmitted infection includes gonorrhea and chlamydia. Some risk factors for epididymitis include having unprotected sex with a partner who has a sexually transmitted infection, use of a catheter, recent urinary tract surgery, an uncircumcised penis and a history of urinary tract infection/prostate infection. Apart from the above, an injury to the groin area can also lead to epididymitis. Complication of epididymitis includes abscess formation in the scrotum and epididymo-orchitis (that arise in cases where infection spreads from epididymis to the testicle.)

Homeopathic Treatment of Epididymitis

Homeopathy offers excellent treatment for epididymitis. Homeopathic medicines are selected by individual symptoms in every given case of epididymitis. These remedies provide relief from symptoms like pain and tenderness in the testicle, painful urination, an urgency to urinate, frequent urination, discharge from the penis, and painful ejaculation.

Homeopathic Medicines for Epididymitis

Rhododendron – For Intense Pain and Tenderness of Testicle in Epididymitis

Rhododendron is prepared from the fresh leaves of a plant named Rhododendron Chrysanthum or Yellow Snow-Rose. The natural order of this plant is Ericaceae. Rhododendron is a natural medicine for epididymitis when intense violent pain and tenderness in the testicle is present. The testicle is very sore and painful to touch, and the soreness extends to the thighs and abdomen. The scrotum is also swollen. The pain may be contusive or drawing in nature. For using Rhododendron, pain in the testicle worsens from sitting and gets better upon walking. Slight thin discharge from the urethra may also be present. Rhododendron is also indicated in cases where orchitis arises in addition to epididymitis, i.e., in cases of epididymo-orchitis.

Spongia Tosta – For Pain in Testicle in Epididymitis

Spongia Tosta is a homeopathic medicine for testicle pain in cases of epididymitis. The pain in the testicle may be bruised or pinching in nature. Sometimes stitching, shooting pain in the testicle is there. The shooting pain may radiate from the testes to the inguinal region. Touch tends to worsen the pain. Swelling in the scrotum along with a sensation of heat and burning is also present.

Apis Mellifica – For Swollen, Red Scrotum in Epididymitis

Apis Mellifica is a natural homeopathic remedy useful for swollen, red scrotum in cases of epididymitis. For using Apis Mellifica, the right side is more affected. The testicle pain is also there in addition to the red, swollen scrotum. Pain in testicle worsens when touched. Along with the above features, frequent desire to urinate is present. Burning and scalding in the urethra during and after urination is also prominently present.

Clematis – For Epididymitis with Tenderness in Testicles

Clematis is prepared from the leaves and stems of a plant named Clematis Erecta of the family Ranunculaceae. Clematis is beneficial for tender testicles in epididymitis. The testes are very painful to touch. Pinching pain is felt in the testicle from the slightest touch. Motion and walking also worsen the pain. Drawing pain in the inguinal region and thigh may be felt along with testicle pain. The scrotum may also be swollen.

Pulsatilla – For Epididymitis when Discharge from Penis is present with Pain in Testicle

Pulsatilla is prepared from the entire fresh plant named Pulsatilla Nigricans or Pasque Flower. This plant belongs to the natural order Ranunculaceae. Pulsatilla is indicated for epididymitis when discharge from the penis is present. The discharge is thick yellow or yellow-green.

Along with this, an aching or burning pain in the testicles is present. Sometimes tearing or lacerating pain in the testicles may also be present. The testicles feel sore. Pulsatilla also helps in cases where inflammation of epididymis follows a gonorrhoeal infection. The testicle may also be inflammed (orchitis). In such cases, the testicles feel painful, and the swelling gets worse by standing. The affected person may develop a fever. Males requiring Pulsatilla may also have a history of prostatitis.

Merc Sol – For Epididymitis with Purulent Greenish Discharge from Penis

Merc Sol offers a natural cure for epididymitis where there is a purulent greenish discharge from the penis. A night aggravation of the discharge may be noted. Erections may also be painful along with discharge. There may be blood in the semen. The scrotum is swollen and red, and the testicles are painful. A drawing pain in the groin and spermatic cord may also be present, along with a burning sensation in the urethra. This burning in the urethra is felt most when passing the last drops of urine.

Sabal Serrulata – For Epididymitis with Painful Ejaculation

Sabal Serrulata offers a natural treatment for epididymitis prepared from the fresh berries of a plant named Saw Palmetto. The natural order of this plant is Palmaceae. Use of Sabal Serrulata is indicated for treating painful ejaculation in cases of epididymitis. Males needing this medicine may have a history of prostatitis. Sabal Serrulata is also helpful for difficult and painful urination in cases of epididymitis. Smarting and burning pain in the urethra is also present. The frequency of urination is also increased.

Hamamelis – For Pain in Cases of Epididymitis

Hamamelis is a natural remedy for epididymitis prepared from the fresh bark of twigs and root of the plant Witch-hazel. This plant belongs to the natural order Hamamelidaceae. Hamamelis is useful for pain in cases of epididymitis. The pain in the testicle may be dull, aching or drawing in nature. The drawing pain may radiate from the testis to groin.

In some cases, excruciating pains in the testicles may be present. The pain is seen to worsen after midnight in most cases needing Hamamelis. The scrotum is also swollen, enlarged and hot along with the above symptoms.

Medorrhinum – For Epididymitis with a History of Gonorrhea

Medorrhinum is a natural homeopathic medicine for cases of epididymitis with a history of gonorrhea. In such cases, there may be a thin, transparent discharge often mixed with white mucus from the penis. This discharge leaves behind a yellow-brown stain. Pain, burning, and soreness in the urethra during urination is also present.

Cantharis – For Urinary Complaints in Epididymitis

Cantharis is an effective homeopathic medicine for urinary complaints in cases of epididymitis. Complaints including painful urination with cutting or burning pains in the urethra and frequent urination are treated well with Cantharis. A cutting or burning pain may be present before, during or after urination. Cantharis is also useful for treating burning in the urethra that arises after coition (intercourse.) In cases requiring Cantharis, there is a marked urgency of urination.

Symptoms of Epididymitis

Symptoms of epididymitis include pain and tenderness in the testicles, and swelling, redness, warmth in the scrotum. Other symptoms of epididymitis include painful urination, urgent need to pass urine and frequent urination, pain in the pelvic region, discharge from the penis, blood in the semen, painful ejaculation, enlarged lymph nodes in the groin and in some cases, a fever.

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  1. Hi my name is khadim and my letf testicles feels bigger four time as compare to right side but I don’t have worst pain but some time it feels sweet and mild pain in left side of abdomen or back side no such pain from touching . And this started 2 years back but that time no such pain but size got bigger but now it’s feel bigger then earlier and no medication I ever use for that or visit to doctor but now I am worried about that . I am married and and have two kids one kids after that problem

    • buddy i m not doctor, but this symptoms are after gleet – gonorrhea, u might spread to ur childrens and wife as well, highly contagious, if touched eye and infection goes it spreads fast in 24 hours can make one blind, if not used homeopathy , visit allopath as u have entered in to pathology,

      i also had this issue rhododrendron 200 helped me , but not cured epiddimites, its still hard, and gleet is still present..

  2. Phani Sharma says:

    Small cyst in head of left epididymis measuring 6.5 mm . IMPRESSION : * Bilateral spermatic cords are mildly thickened & mild altered echotexture – ? Funiculitis.
    Dear Sir, this is my scrotum scanning report. There is pain in left testies. Which homeo medicine should I use?

  3. Tarun prajapat says:

    Sir Ky m y medisin le skta hu ky Muje Appidyycist cyst h 4 year Ho gy h kon kon si medicine lu plz app bta do na or Kitne time tak lena hoga y bhi bta do na app plz

  4. Tarun prajapat says:

    Sir Ky m y medisin le skta hu ky Muje Appidyycist cyst h 4 year Ho gy h kon kon si medicine lu plz app bta do na or Kitne time tak lena hoga y bhi bta do na app plz

    • Iqbalyasir says:

      I’ve a pain in my right testicle in it back lower part which moves upwards in the seminal Canal and some times spreads in the groin.It has a sense of burning and pinching. It becomes better at night when becomes warm. I feel relieved in the warm water. There’s no swelling, no redness and no hardness. Everything looks normal other than pain and restlessnss. It started 2 years ago. Sometimes it almost disappears orlessens dominantly for some days. Now it’s contagious for 2 weeks . Now some time it feels in the left testicle as well. No urinary problems or sex problem. No fluid or secretion is there. Just burning and pinching pain with restlessness..
      I’m 56 year old.
      Prescription plz!

  5. Subramanya hegde says:

    Dosage of spongia tosta for epidamil cyst pain

    • buddy can take in 30 or 200 potency
      take 4 pills , 3 times – 3 days

      if it dosent help stop the medicine

      i m not doctor,

    • i m not doctor buddy
      but u can take in 30 or 200 potency
      take 4 pills , 3 times – 3 days

      if it dosent help stop the medicine

  6. আমার epididymosis orchitis ,ঔষধ সেবন ciptocin,doxaciclin, seftev ,maxrin etc.ঔষধ খাই, ফোলা বেথা ভালো হয়, কিন্তু প্রস্রাবে জ্বালাপোড়া করে চুলকানি ফোটা ফোটা পরসাব হয়, এখন কি করব, কি ঔষধ সেবন করতে হবে। উত্তর পাঠান।

  7. Mohammad Azizur Rahman says:

    I am Dr Mohammad Azizur Rahman(DHMS).I am sickness by Right side epididymal cysts also all the teastes area attracted by chronic desentry since1986 my urinery line attracted here have teny stone although stole line have cysts my wife not pleased when we are live get togethet.highly gass problem but gass out by stole this time which Medicine is perfect my body.

  8. Hi , doctor , I have left side chronic epiditimytis , so tell what homeopathic drops I use ? Your kind cooperation is required.

  9. Hakeem Sahab says:

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