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Homeopathic Treatment for Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis is the inflammation of the pharynx. It is one of the most common causes for a sore throat. Pharyngitis is caused by infections that may be viral, bacterial or fungal in nature. Among them, a viral infection is the leading cause of pharyngitis. There are non-infectious causes of pharyngitis as well. These include chemical irritants, allergies, acid reflux and irritation from tobacco smoke. Pharyngitis may be acute or chronic. Pharyngitis has an excellent scope of treatment in the homeopathic system of medicine. Pharyngitis of both acute as well as of chronic origin is dealt with very efficiently with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic treatment for pharyngitis is decided based on the symptoms in each case.

Homeopathic medicines first help in relieving the symptoms of pharyngitis. Then, they proceed to eradicate the constant tendency of pharyngitis. Some high-grade homeopathic medicines for pharyngitis are Belladonna, Merc Sol, Lycopodium, Merc Iod Flavus, Lachesis, Merc Iod Ruber, Kali Bichrome, Hydrastis, and Wyethia.

Symptoms of Pharyngitis

The symptoms of pharyngitis include soreness, scratching or pain in the throat, painful swallowing, post nasal secretions, and cough. Accompanying symptoms include fatigue, body ache, fever and swollen lymph nodes in the throat.

Homeopathic Medicines for Pharyngitis

1. Belladonna – Excellent Homeopathic Medicine for Pharyngitis

Belladonna is one of the best homeopathic medicine for pharyngitis. The primary indication for using Belladonna is a red, sore and painful throat accompanied by difficult and painful swallowing. There is dryness as well as a lump in the throat. The patient may have dry, tickling cough along with an inflamed throat. High fever also accompanies the sore throat.

2. Merc Sol – Homeopathic Medicine for Pharyngitis when Ulcers are Present in the Pharynx

Merc Sol is a well indicated homeopathic treatment for pharyngitis when ulcers are present in the pharynx. The pharynx gets swollen and is bluish red in appearance, and there are ulcers in it. There is a sore, smarting pain in the throat that may extend to the ear. This is also be accompanied by a constant need to swallow. There is a marked increase in saliva and an enlargement of the lymphatic glands of the throat.

3. Lycopodium and Merc Iod Flavus – Homeopathic Medicines for Pharyngitis for the Right Side

Lycopodium and Merc Iod Flavus are great homeopathic medicines for pharyngitis affecting the right side. For using Lycopodium, the main symptoms are an inflamed pharynx and pain in the right side of the throat. The pain may be sharp or stitching in nature. Warm drinks may relieve the pain in the throat. Merc Iod Flavus is also very useful for pharyngitis of the right side. Symptoms for using Merc Iod Flavus are a painful swelling on the right side of the throat and a sensation of a lump in the throat. Cold drinks may relieve the pain. Ulcers on the back of the throat may also occur.

4. Lachesis and Merc Iod Ruber – Homeopathic Medicine for Pharyngitis Affecting the Left Side

Lachesis and Merc Iod Rubrum are highly indicated in homeopathic treatment for pharyngitis affecting the left side. Lachesis works well when there is a pain in the left side of the throat along with painful swallowing. The pain from the left side of the throat may extend to the ear. Warm drinks worsen the pain. Hawking of mucus and constriction in the throat are also present. Merc Iod Ruber is also handy for pharynx inflammation of the left side. The main symptoms that point to the use of Merc Iod Rubrum are a swollen, reddened left side of the throat, phlegm in the throat and a sensation of a lump in the throat. A cough with white or yellow sputa is also present.

5. Kali Bichrome – Homeopathic Medicine for Pharyngitis with Marked Posterior Nasal Discharge

Kali Bichrome is mostly considered in cases of pharyngitis where there is a lot of posterior nasal discharge. It is a very effective homeopathic treatment for pharyngitis with post nasal discharge. There are redness and swelling of fauces, with a post nasal drip of mucus. The mucus is tough, stringy and tenacious in nature. A burning sensation in the throat is present along with the above symptoms. Aphthae in the throat may also arise. Swelling and edema of the uvula are other signs that may be noted.

6. Hydrastis and Wyethia – Homeopathic Remedies for Follicular Pharyngitis

Very useful homeopathic medicines for follicular pharyngitis are Hydrastis and Wyethia. Hydrastis is needed when there is follicular pharyngitis with smarting pain in the throat. There are roughness, rawness and a burning sensation in the throat. Along with this, thick, yellow mucus is hawked out. Wyethia works well when there is follicular pharyngitis with a constant need to clear the throat. There is an itch on the palate and posterior nares. A dry, hacking cough may arise with these symptoms. The throat is dry and there is a sensation of heat.

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  1. Krishna chandra says:

    I am Krishna Chandra .I am suffering from acute pharyngitis and age is 36

  2. SHAILENDRA says:

    Respected Dr, I am 70. Always suffer from attack of chronic pharyngitis whenever I take cold water, cold drinks like Pepsi, Ice cream & even when travel by AC train coaches. Winter is a killing month for me. Cough & fever persist for 10- 15 days. Only take Belladonna 200 every 4 hours to get relief. Suffering for the past 50 yrs. Please suggest some fruitful homeopathy medicines. Thanks & Regards

  3. mis rujena saikia says:

    Sir .mujhe 7 mothe se pharyngitis ka problem hi thorat pe right tonsil pe v inflame huwa hi ek white spot pora hi aur tongue end bhag ki nise right side pe sore redness huwa hi.thorat pe pain nhi hi .alopethic treatment bhut korwaya lekin thik nhi huwa .swab test pe growth streptococcus pyogenes .mila docotor ne koha tonsil ki surgery korne poregi .mujhe mon nhi .aapki medicine pe aisa treatment hi kya jo mujhe bina surgery k thik ho jaye plzz reply me &help me sir

  4. swati bayal says:

    I want to apply medicine Wyethia. So please advice me for application of Wyethia for 12 years children. thanking you.

  5. swati bayal says:

    which time we apply and how many drops we use for12 years children

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