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Homeopathic Treatment for Phlegm in the Throat

Mucus produced by the lining of the respiratory system and discharged through the mouth is called phlegm. It occurs because of inflammation or disease of the airway. There can be various causes of phlegm in the throat. The most common reasons are cold, allergies, sinusitis, hay fever, postnasal drip, tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, overuse of voice and cigarette smoking. The color of the phlegm coughed up as sputa vary from white to yellow and green. In some cases, it may also be bloodstained. This problem can be dealt very efficiently with the help of treatment for phlegm in the throat. Homeopathy for a particular case of phlegm in the throat should be selected individually. The nature of phlegm, its cause, and other symptoms need to be dealt with together when deciding on the homeopathic medicine to be used. Homeopathic treatment for phlegm in the throat helps clear out the infection.

Using the accurately selected homeopathy medicine for phlegm in the throat can cure even the most chronic and rigid cases. Among the extremely effective homeopathic treatment for phlegm in the throat are Argentum Nitricum, Kali Bichrome, Kali Carb, Argentum Metallicum, Kali Mur, Silicea, Pulsatilla, Phosphorus, and Psorinum.

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Phlegm in the Throat

1. Argentum Nitricum – For Phlegm With Marked Hawking

Argentum Nitricum is one of the most effective treatment for phlegm in the throat. It gives great results for phlegm in throat accompanied by intense hawking. The mucus in the throat is thick, and there are rawness and roughness in the throat. Splinter-like sensation in the throat may also be present. Other symptoms are a burning feeling and dryness in the throat and the fauces.  Argentum Nitricum is also very effective in cases of phlegm in the throat because of smoking.

2. Kali Bichrome – For Tough and Stringy Phlegm In the Throat

Kali Bichrome leads the list of treatment for phlegm in the throat in cases where the phlegm is tough and stringy. It sticks to the throat and detaches with much difficulty. The throat is also red and inflamed. A cough may arise from sticky phlegm in the throat. Relaxation of the uvula is also a possibility. Kali Bichrome is an excellent treatment for cases of phlegm in the throat caused by sinusitis. In such situations, a post nasal drip of mucus in the throat is the most prominent symptom.

3. Kali Carb – For Phlegm Hard to Swallow or Hawk Up

Kali Carb is another often used medicine for phlegm in the throat. It is an excellent remedy in cases where the phlegm in the throat is hard to swallow or hawk up. The phlegm remains stuck in the throat. Its accumulation is worse in the mornings and is also accompanied by a hard cough. There is also tickling in the throat which leads to a cough. The phlegm in the throat is like a lump and is unpleasant in nature. There can also be a stinging or stitching pain in the throat.

4. Argentum Metallicum – For Phlegm from Overuse of Voice

The complaint of phlegm in the throat of persons from overuse of voice – like singers and public speakers – is successfully cured with Argentum Metallicum. Symptoms include the need to hem and hawk while talking. The phlegm expectorated is gelatinous and sticky, like boiled starch, and is most commonly and freely coughed up in the morning. Another prominent symptom is hoarseness of voice.

5. Kali Mur, Silicea, Pulsatilla, Phosphorus, and Psorinum  – Other Effective Medicines for Phlegm

Kali Mur, Silicea, Pulsatilla, Phosphorus and Psorinum are excellent remedies for phlegm in the throat. Kali Mur is useful in cases where the phlegm coughed up is white or milky white. Silicea and Pulsatilla are homeopathic cures in cases where the phlegm is yellow and greenish in colour respectively. Phosphorus gives excellent results in cases where the sputa are blood stained. Psorinum is a well indicated homeopathic medicine when the phlegm is nasty smelling and has a disgusting taste.

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  1. Tars gandhi says:

    My age 72 years. Mucus in throat last 7 years

  2. Swarup Ghoshal says:

    used to have chronic asthma when i was 19 year old…I got treated with allopathy and suggested with Inhaler(rhotacart),which after taking for 2 month,whisling sound reduced but feeling of mucus in throat remained am 36 years now and a vocal musician,but beacuse of unvkear voice and feeling of mucus only which singing,my voice never becomes stable it deviates from original sound.Pl help me ..I am.highly allergic..Having high Serum IG E help

  3. Taryn Caravaca says:

    Hello my daughter is 5 and has postnasal drip that builds up and irritates her stomach causing her to vomit phelm and bilis early in the morning at least once a week. The Gps have been of no help. Anything she can take please? Thank you.

  4. Pramod Kumar Mittal says:

    Dr. I have problem of dry mouth, throat and tongue
    When I talk continuously the movement of tongue becomes difficult due to dryness. The saliva is thick and sticky and continuously falls in the throat. The problem is since five or six months. Please advise some medicine for the problem. Thanks P. K. Mittal, u. P. INDIA, mob — 9897505952

  5. Craig Wilkinson says:

    Hi , I have had an excess production of phlegm for 4 years now , and have tried numerous solutions offered by NHS , including various inhalers and different drugs, but , whilst condition can ebb and flow . I still try and cough up the build up every morning . Very unsociable, particularly the 1st few hours of the day . CT scans reveal no chest issues . Phlegm colour can be white , but last few weeks has been green/yellow

  6. shelley mettam says:

    bronchial hawking cough bring up phlegm with occassional brown flecks

  7. I’m looking for a remedy to assist with an excess of phlegm believed to be coming from sinuses with no known allergies. This excess clear very thick phlegm is ongoing throughout the day but makes sleeping almost impossible

  8. Amanda Quinn says:

    Can I use pulsatilla on my 9 year old son ?

  9. Virginia Maxine Sexton says:

    I only cough up milky white

  10. P. C. Patra says:

    I have mild cough with phelgm for last one month. No fever. I got chest xray which says shadow in left hilal. Mild irritation in throat with the urge to throw the phelgm out. No other issue. My sugar and bp well controlled with medicine,
    Which medicine I should take to get rid of phelgm?

  11. Rajvinder kaur says:

    I am facing problem from phelgm white color aggravated in morning and after breakfast/ food .It is difficult to expel and exhausting

  12. Humera Shafqat says:

    My husband is suffering with mucus issue. It’s been four years now but his problem is enhancing every single day. All tests are clear. He overnight spits due to mucus in throat. He has become very weak as he is suffering with stomach acidity at the same time and gets allergic of many food items as they trigger his mucus allergy. He pulls mucus with great power whole night and keeps on spiting.

  13. Subba Rao Desu venkata says:

    Good evening Dr Sharma sir
    I am 61 years old. I have long history of asthma for last 30 years . I am on inhalers.
    Present problem .
    Everyday after wakeup I have to cough up to expel white tenacious phlegm for 5 to 15 minutes. Rest of the day ok .
    I have another noticeable feeling pressing near throat , after taking one puf of inhaler (Foracort) get relief. Every day night I take Montair+levocetrizine tablet I take. During sleep I don’t have any problems, occasionally I have wheezing.
    Please suggest good home medicine.
    Thank you
    D v subba rao

  14. Malik Shahzad zafar says:

    Dear Doctor, suffering from chronic PND, cattarh in throat since birth, no sighn of allergies, no cough, no fever, no ployp, no flu, no cough, no temperature, everything is good,, just cattarh, phelgham in throat..have to clear my throat after 20 to 40 minute even night.. Now it become part of my life.
    Color White, transparent, sticky,
    Age is 46
    Please sir help…

  15. Age:61 , suffering continuous white color thick phlegm hawking and easily coming out from mouth, In night sleeping time throat dryness choked and start coughing. Others are all normal no fever. Some times hoarseness of throat and Rarely middle chest heaviness and shortness of breathing happened earlier. If you please suggest medicine to prevent generate of phlegm.

    Looking forward
    Amit Basu

  16. piece of chicken stuck in my esophogus. I can breath,but it is stuck. This happened before with a pill. Saliva, drooling present. Hepar Sulp for expulsion did not seem to work. Lachesis -can’t swallow liquids did not help. So I wondered if something that works for phlegm would help this meat move through my esophgus. Just ate too fast and didn’t chew enough.

  17. Suvajit Banerjee says:

    After 7to 10 days while splitting blood appears mainly at the time of morning or evening. There seems to be something stuck at throat. Otherwise no such other problem is there.

  18. Frankie Langhu says:

    Dr. I have been suffering from throat uncomfortableness quite for the last 10 years. I feel always like mucus is stucked in wall throat and there is also like a formation of fluid secretion in the throat. Please prescript for me the right homoepathic medicine.

  19. Doctor Sahib. Namaskar. I think I am suffering from Silent Reflux. Due to which I have post nasal drip and when I get up in the morning I feel nasal congestion and excessive throat clearing. I am also suffering from anxiety. I have changed my diet completely . I usually go to bed after 2 hours of my dinner. I lost 9 kg weight . I have taken Lycopodium 200 – 3 times . Argentum Nit 200 -3 times. But no use please advise.

  20. Sir, I have a feeling of something sticking in the throat which I want to cough out by frequent hawking but usually of no avail. But if successful expectoration relieves a lot. Sometimes I feel difficulty in breathing though my X.ray chest is clear and there is no wheeze etc. I got throat examined by ENT specialist who diagnosed it as reflux pharyngitis consequent to long standing GERD. There is no acid reflux since a month or so. Usually complaint is aggravated at night with anxiety in chest and I fear going to sleep. Moreover there is aggravation after awaking as if chest is tight.
    Kindly advise homeopathic protocol. Moreover should I continue with gargles.

  21. Harjit Singh. says:

    I am 56 years.l always have phlegm in my throat ,I have to clear it out several times in day and Even two three times in night also since apprx.30 years as I know. I suffer at least for two times from cold and cough in a year which lasts for a weak or more days. I have small sore I my nose , it cures for three four weeks and again appears .ln this February 2020 l suffered from cold and cough ,after that phlegm from throat and nose is not makes me uneasy. Sometimes it’s ok for several hours in a day,but suddenly throat tickle and force me to clear thick and sticky phlegm for 3-4 minutes continuously. Please advise and guide me.

    • I come across bouts of White mucous after eating. No cough otherwise. Non smoker. But I am chronic patient of indiagstion and constipation. Pl suggest some homeopathic medicines. Age 68
      With regards

      • I hav nose mucus and phlegm coming from throat..when i eat sauce . Kadi. Chawal
        . Curd ..its results in allergy..and i am underweight..5.8 height.weight 46..allergy affects my weight..such me nice homopartheic medicine..

    • Sharma has no solution of this problem, don’t waste your time and money

  22. Don Abraczinskas says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I’m 65 yrs old and I’ve always had phlegm in my throat ever since I was curious a child. It is thick and I’m constantly clearing my throat. I wake up about every 2 hrs and cough up the mucus. Sometimes its ok for a couple of hrs and then all of a sudden my throat starts to tickle and I start coughing. The only time it stopped is when I went on a cleansing diet of maple syrup caynne pepper and lemon with water. I did this for 6 days and it went away for around 3 months and then it started returning. What should I take?

    Din Abraczinskas

  23. R.P. ANEJA says:

    I am having lot of phelm in the morning. Also I get breathless with slight exertion. Pl let me know the homeopathic treatment for this problem

  24. Bryan G Panvert. says:

    Dear sir,I have been coughing up phelm for months, nothing seems to stop it.The phelm is slightly yellow.Please can you help me.

    • JUGAL KISHORE says:

      A little phelm come out from throat continously daily every time without whooping but with khakkar. What I should take homeopathy medicine

  25. Nicole Protomastro says:

    I am experiencing increased phlegm in the back of my throat. I cannot clear it with coughing or Hawking. It started end of March. I have never had allergies before. I am trying mucinex and gargling with
    xylitol and alkihol? twice daily
    It doesn’t seem to be post nasal my nose and sinuses seem clear
    I do not have a cough and I do not smoke.

  26. Mucus stusk in throat sinusitis post nasel drip worst right when lay down I smoke Kali carb looks good what do u think

  27. Muhammad Malik says:

    Help me in homoeo digonosing in urdu . H. Dr. M. Malik

  28. What’s the homeo medicine for red phelgm in the throat

  29. Karunakar shetty says:

    Good morning doctor
    I have to constantly clear my throat, besides I have neck pain,choked throat,chest pain and burning of left shoulder blades, gastric reflux that radiates from stomach to chest and back side, also causes short breath at night.
    I have been going through this for more than a year.
    I am 55 years old,and do morning brisk walks regularly.
    Recently I have also found abnormal blood pressure and take an retard 20mg daily.
    Kindly advise what medication I should follow

    Kindly advise what treatment should be taken

  30. Sergio Farias says:

    Dear Dr, have chronic gastritis, GERD and a lot phlgrem.

    What is the good treatment?

    • C .M .John says:

      Hello Doctor,
      Bitter phlegm comes up in the throat and the bitter taste in the throat and early morning sneezing. Kindly tell what’s the cause and homeopathic remedy.

    • madan lal kaim says:

      I am 66 years old. Previously about 3 years back, I was suffered from GBS followed by chronic Pneumonia. Nowadays as per Chest P A. Some problem are in my chest. Blunted right CP angle is seen. Fibronodular opacities are seen
      Prominent broncho vascular markings are seen. Please advise me homeopathy medicine. Thanks

      • Rupinder kaur says:

        Hello Doctor, I am 36 and I am getting phlegm from drinking cold milk with sugar. I haven’t been drinking anything cold since long and as I start drinking milk from fridge I get phlegm and now since its been more than a week every time I eat anything I cough it out. Normally for me it takes a long time like a month for it to go if I dnt treat it. It is white in color. Can you please suggest homepathy medicine. Thank you.

  31. Amit Saikia says:

    Sir, I am 20 years old with duchenne mascular destrophy. I have a non effective cough since 19 December 2019 after a bout of constipation and the cough still there ,now there is phelgm sounds comes out when I cough during the afternoon time I feel like vomiting but can’t expel the phelgm through my mouth. I am currently on Homeopathic medicine Bryonia 30X. Will my cough go away.

  32. Pradop Kumar Roy says:

    Since 2018 I am suffering from throat problem always it seems that some sticky cough supressed my voice.Always I had to hawking.It increased after 4 Pm. I got some relief after taking steam inhalation.I have visited numbers of ENT clinic & homeopathic clinic. But I did not get any remedy.In 2018 I undergone nasoengioplasty .
    Thereafter i am suffering from this problem.Always small piece of sputm coming out which is some time yellow & white. Kindly send me the way of remedy

  33. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My granddaughter is six years old. She has no major health conditions but for about three years now she has had frequent bouts of cough with thick mucus from the nose as well. The mucus is whiteish. We’re not sure if it’s allergies or an infection that never fully clears. She did have pneumonia about three years ago. She was of course given antibiotics. She had a swollen lymph node about two months ago and was given antibiotics again. The lymph node went back to normal but they want to get a blood test to check for lymphoma but need her to be healthy. She is otherwise fine. This doesn’t slow her down and she is a happy child. What do you think would be the best homeopathic remedy for her. Thank you for your help.

  34. Hi Dr Sharma, I all the time try to clear my throat and a thick layer of phlegm or mucus live in my throat, please advice me for home medicines, Thanks

  35. Ruby O'Neill says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I had a cold which resulted in shortness of breath and phlegm in my chest have been using an inhaler and on antibiotics twice for last four weeks. I had an adverse reaction to a tetanus (revaxis) vaccination in February which caused shortness of breath and I feel it has weakened my immune system. I want to get rid of the phlegm and shortness of breath could you please advise any remedies that would clear this up. I am not sure if it is asthma have not been for any tests. I did have bronchitis as a child but grew out of it. When I had a cold in the past it was going into my chest but I did not get the same breathing problems.

  36. Dr. N. S. Vishnu Priya says:

    I have lot of phlegm accumulated in my chest. I can feel that when I cough. What is the homeo remedy for that?

  37. Naveed Islam says:

    Dr sb . I am Naveed Islam from Pakistan, 55years old. Teacher by profession. i have a very sticky phlegm in my throat since last 2 to 3 years, which feels to be stuck with throat very strongly, hard to swallow and hawk up. Sometimes its colour is whitush and sometimes greenish. I feels a lot of discomfirt and try to clear throat again and again but in vain. Phlegm feels to be very geletaneous and very had to swallow or excreat out/ hawk up. Plz suggest a suitable homeo nedicine for me which is available in pakistan also

  38. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from severe phelgm in chest which is very thick and stubborn and unable to get out of my mouth. It is greenish in colour with some odd odour. Also feeling pain in the chest while coughing.

    • DR. like you who gives free guidance to patients is a god according to my thinking. Kindly help me and let me know what should I take to remove phlegm from my chest. It sounds in the chest when I cough.Thanks a lot Dr.Sahib.

  39. Is it possible to treat vaginismus with homeo medicines? The patient is extremely sensitive to penetration and will not allow even digital examination

  40. V. Soma Raju says:

    I am 83year diabetic, heart patient with blocks in cardiac arteries , on medical management using heart drugs, like mono nitrate, metoprolol, clopidogrel, statin, Candace, etc, I am suffering from dyspnea and mucus near trachea in the throat. Difficult to hawkup the mucus. So frequent hawking cough to clear the mucus. Dyspnea aggravates with food an increase of mucus. I am thinking whether Argentum NitricuI and Kali carb would help me out. Please suggest suitable drug(s).

    • V. Soma Raju says:

      Dr. Sharmaji ! I am 83 years old type 2 diabetic, with CAD having blocks. Medicsl management for CAD and diabetes. Present problems: Abdominal bloating, severe dyspnea specially after food, and constant mucus in the larynx. I study homoeo as a hobby and use it for minor problems. I am thinking of Argentum nitricum, carboveg, and Kali carb. But at my age I need effective advice from you. Kindly suggest suitsble drug(s) with power and how to take the same.

    • Janardhan says:

      Dr Sharmaji,
      I am 82 years old and diabetic.I feel the presence of constant mucous in throat .I have to clear it often.There is no infection and nothing comes out when i clear the throat.Allopathic ENT specialists could not solve my problem.Please suggest a remedy.

  41. I avoid Kali mur for the white mucus although it works because it has such a strong and continuous reaction. Would a different potency help make it more gentle?

  42. Sir I am Dev suffering from breathlessness,, stringy sticky colorless white phlegm ,, always feels obstruction to backside of chest,, sometimes nose clear, doctor diagnosed with asthma,, sneezing gives some relief,, very sensible to temperature change , but I don’t want to take alllopathy medicine to depend ,, please help,, is there any cure

  43. Hi,
    My 4 year old grand son has only sneezing problem in ealy morning but from 2,3 nights some foamy saliva is dripping out of his mouth .and while talking we noticed his mouth more wet or watery than normal.Earlier he had been suffering from severe throat infections , so we are afaid of this symptom. If any homeopathic medicine we should give him ,, please suggest some.


  44. Tapas Das gupta says:

    Colities & decentry,jelly type transparent mucas shown

  45. Our 80 yearold mother has problem of thick mucus phone morning and evening also after having food could u suggest some medicine .She is also diabetic bp and arthritis

    • Rajinder Kapoor says:

      Dr sharma I am 65 year old and suffering from irritation in post nasal area with sticky mucus from last one year .Mucus come out with great force which is very sticky

      • Hi there. Ive a tight feeling in center of chest wors3 at night. An itchy throat on occassion and white mucous drip from back of nose. A very tight throat where the itchy is just under Adams apple which occassionally produces some white mucous that comes up on its own . No cough. A slightly runny nose with cold air. This started with shock from hot air to cold air whilst excercising otu side o4 in air co oler than 25`. Thanks for your advice

  46. M.Afzal from pakistan says:

    Dr.i m effected by right cp angle blunting.i got 8 months treatment from pak.chest spl.dr..the water in lung become but cp angle has been blunt.what i should do to get rid off from this condition and also from pain in right side of the chest.
    i also suffer by sinusites or may be some allergies..symptoms are falling mucus in throat every time of 24 hr of the day…mucus is so thick and difficult to pull out…is it due to blunting of lung cp angle or an other cause.i m waiting for reply plz

  47. Umesh Khosla says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma ji, I am 67 years and having problem of cough in throat for almost last 15 years. Cough sticks in the throat (some times on the upper side near nose exit area, some times inside the throat, sometimes near uvula) cough sticks in the throat and detaches with very difficulty. In fact I keep on tying to clear my throat. This becomes all the more uncomfortable in the night and I normally have very disturbed sleep..Sir I have constipation which is quite chronic and for the last 4 years have thyoride also which of course under control with medicine. REQUEST FOR ADVISE

    • Ved Parkash Bhardwaj says:

      Sir, I have balgam in my throat and balgam in chest,some time I feel that I am unable to take breath, and some time I feel very good , from 2-3 days I feel that when I walk the breath is out of control.I am smoking since 40 year, and my age is 65, please tell me /send medicines , I will pay ,.please

    • M.Afzal from pakistan says:

      Dr.i m effected by right cp angle blunting.i got 8 months treatment from pak.chest spl.dr..the water in lung become but cp angle has been blunt.what i should do to get rid off from this condition and also from pain in right side of the chest.
      i also suffer by sinusites or may be some allergies..symptoms are falling mucus in throat every time of 24 hr of the day…mucus is so thick and difficult to pull out…is it due to blunting of lung cp angle or an other cause.i m waiting for reply plz

  48. TAMARA Larimore says:

    Homeopathy for removal of bacterial pus on tonsils. (Not strep, not mono) throat swollen, difficulty breathing. Nebulizing with saline and colloidal silver. On natural antibiotics. Herbs, antibacterial, anti viral anti fungal, have taken apis 200k (6), belledonna 200k (6), pulsatilla, phytolacca, mercurius, calc, sulf, aconitun. Three weeks on-going.

    • Dr, I have chronic sinusitis … right now I have phlegm mostly in morning …which is thick and red stained … no yellow or green it is whitish or colourless but dark red stained . No fever or headache. Throat feels raw and slight pain on swallowing … Throat needs to be cleared all the time… feels secretions at throat. Please advise

  49. suryakant says:

    I feeling continuous mucus in troat for last six month what is the homeopathic liquid medicine for this

  50. Chinnadevi.r.mudugal says:

    Sir,i have digetion problem.if i eat oily item little also ,curry frothy,more bile,lot of sour juice,n teeth also senses ,always sour sbstance eaten like feeling will b there,whats d medicine u suggest

    • Kitty Chen says:

      I have excess phlegm in the throat that is due to an esophageal stricture, according to my ENT. The phlegm is not coming from the nose and respiratory system. Do you have a remedy for this? It often causes me to cough. And I’m always trying to clear the throat, but never can.
      Thank you.

  51. A.R. Saghir says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma. Hope you are alright. I am a 78-year old male retired as a university professor. I have very clear symptoms as under:

    1. After every 6 or 7 months I do have a small abscess inside the tip of my left or right nostril. This is happening for about the last 6 or 7 years.
    2. I have enlarged prostate and undergone TURP, but still the problem is there.
    3. I have swollen face under the left eye for about 50 years, but no pain etc.
    4. I suffer from tendency of having darkness before eyes with vertigo and tend to fall down. This is for about last four years.
    5. I have no sugar or BP problem.

    I have a strong belief in Homeopathy and always avoid allopathy. Kindly advise me for homeopathic treatment

    • Maria Gonzslez says:

      Dear Doctor Sharma
      My sister has a mucus discharge constantly condition and spiting on a Kleenex because she can’t swallow it, she can’t eat a normal meat just two cups a day of something , some times she vomits after eating , but is all mucuos. She had an operation June 30th, 19 she had the gallbladder
      Removed, but got complicated with pancreatitis
      She was very delicate .. she was send home twice , but went back to hospital until the 3r it was the last , and she became with this condition I hope you can help me with suggestion y homephaty Mrs thanks very much Maria G.

  52. Sabah Kassam says:

    Hi my son is 20 months and has a chronic cough and phlegm for nearly 11 months now. I have been seeing the paediatrician but to no avail. His chest X-rays are clear so cannot see why he has so much phlegm. The phlegm makes him vomit nearly everyday atleast once , and sometimes more. What can I use to try and get rid of the phlegm?

  53. Kailas Borole says:

    Sir muze 25 saalo se phegm jyaada produce hita hai aur ab to saans bhi bahot kam liya jaa raha hai mai kali karb 2 salo se leta hoo us se phlegm nikalta hai lekin ab uska bhi jyaada asar nahi ho raha sama z me nahi ata ye neumonia hai ya alergy hai ya bronchitis .TB nahi hai. pls give me medicine jis se phlegm paani ki taraha nakle.

  54. Aslamoalikum sir Mera naam Hamid ha mera throat mn kera girta ha colour transparent ha or kafi time sa ha or mn raat ko call center mn kaam krta hn or din mn singing krta hn suba ka waqt thraot mn kafi resha jama ho jata ha mj sa is ki waja sa gaya nhi jata.. koi medicine bta dn

  55. Kiran yousaf says:

    Hi my daughter 7 years is having mucus in her throat and back of nose which is not thick and not coming out

  56. I’m asthmatic also have a hietus hernia, chronic nasal drips please can you give me some advice, also do you have a clinic in London

  57. Dr. Sharma,

    Do you practice in USA or India. I live in USA and would like to get an appointment if your office is in USA.
    I have had whitish phlegm in my throat in small quantities since 2013 years. I have to keep clearing my throat. ENT finds nothing wrong with my throat.
    I have noiced that when I eat plain yougurt or Raita, I do not have the urge to spit for 4-5 hours.
    I have been to 2-3 Homeopathy doctors but so far I have found a relief.

  58. VIJAY KUMAR says:


  59. Dr A Rehman says:

    Medicine for mucous in throat from last 30 yrs. Patient age is 80yrs.

    • For the last 18months I have been getting white frothy/foamy phlegm sticking to the back of my throat 7-24. I will hawk and spit it out, immediately more has developed.
      It is too thick and sticky to swallow, therefor have to spit it out.
      Drink something cold immediately forms a lining of phlegm in the mouth, which returns immediately after hawking and spiting out.
      I have seen a couple of homeopaths.
      with the last one i kali bic stranght30 – 4 tabs daily and com
      last he increased strength 200 4 tab double dose for 4 days, improvement but not lasting.
      Now he has 200 double dose every 3 day and my condition is going back

  60. Dr. Sharma, My kid is 2.5 years old and having mucus in throat which is not very hard but coughing most of the time…. Plz suggested medicine

  61. Dear Sir,
    I have a persistent feeling (more than a year maybe) of some dry congestion at the lower part of my throat or upper part of the chest. It cannot be coughed up. It is felt by humming or try to reach deep while trying to clear throat mucus. It is accompanied with very frequent accumulation of mucus in throat which needs to be cleared every 20-30 minutes. It is not thick and white in color. But the dry congestion like feeling remains which I mentioned earlier. I have acidity problem as well which I am not sure if related or not. Sometimes at night I can feel the acid flowing near my chest causing serious burning sensation. I would be really grateful if you could help me.

  62. Mohammad Shahdab Khan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma Good morning,
    I am 45 year make from India with a case history of chronic cough and cold since childhood.
    I stayed abroad in Middle east to more than a decade, of late I developed the problem of difficultu in swollowing.
    Since last one and a half year I have been visiting various ENT doctors and later I switched to homepathy.
    All my reports and check ups are normal, the conclusion from aleopathy is globus phayringistis and from homeopathy it’s trachea infection and tendency for cold.
    Doctor it’s getting frustrated and I am unable to eat and drink normaly with a contant pressure and roughness in pharynx along constant urge to clear throat.
    PNS and DNA is also there…in the light of above kindly advise me on urgent basis.

  63. D. Natarajan says:

    I m an octogenarian, vegetarian, non smoke, non alcoholic. I got cold sometime back. After some time, phlegm developed in the throat, creating a feeling as if it is stuck.
    It does not get removed even after my trying to cough them out repeatedly.
    What medicine do you recommend, pl.

  64. Kadavkar D P. says:

    Bronchits with mucus

  65. Because of phelgum in throat n chest infection felling severe breathlessness .feels that my wind pipe is getting blocked.
    growling and bloating most of the time.pls note i am also taking blood pressure medicine.

  66. Hi Dr Sharma
    I have had a tickly cough with excess mucus in nose for 9 months. At times it is so violent that i virtually vomit up mucus. Also I expectorate stringy mucus clearish colour from mouth with difficulty. It goes away for 2-3 weeks then comes back.
    I have an autoimmune disease-RA.
    Currently I am mostly dairy free, gluten free and nightshade free

  67. Sunita saxena says:

    Dear dr
    Because of phelgum in throat n chest infection felling severe breathlessness any medicine for immediate relief…….severe tightness of chest even inhalers not working….seeking ur help

  68. Susan Balmforth says:

    I have a chronic condition of sticky, tenacious clear or white phlegm. I find difficulty in coughing and clearing it. May cough some up but it is back within minutes. It is so gluey that I can put my finger on it and lift it 2 inches. It causes me sleep deprivation and anxiety as I am constantly aware of having to swallow hard and yet it reappears almost straight after. sometimes I cannot clear it or bring it up at all. I have 3 levels of this phlegm naso pharynx, pharynx and laryngeal area. It has plagued me for over 15 or 16 years now. I have recently been diagnosed with long standing candidiasis and have had ME for over 20 years. I would welcome your advise on homeopathic medicine. I would add that I am not good and get quite anxious dealing with the die off effects of treatments.

  69. Dr.C.Ramanan says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I have COPD.I get mucus in the throat which makes me want to clear it often. I am on bronchodilator & steroid inhalers & mucolytics.The colour of the mucus is white which I usually swallow. Could you please let me know which homeopathic medicine I can take to reduce the mucus. I don’t have breathlessness & I am a nonsmoker. Thanks

    • roger dupont says:

      Hello Dr Sharma. I have been using Sudafed on a daily basis for a long time to clear the nasal passages at night. I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine
      I have chronic catarrh in my throat, which has got worse over the last few months, probably because of the decongestant. I have to clear my throat constantly as I have difficulty in speaking and singing.
      I have tried Beconase as prescribed by GP, but it is not effective.
      I am 70, the mucus is white and is easily coughed up.
      I drink alcohol regularly on a sensible basis.
      Have you any suggestions please on what could help

  70. Jennifer Welfer says:

    Hello dr sharma,
    My son suffers from chronic phlegm. He has eosinophilic esophogitis and suffers from mild tightening in chest when exercising.
    He is on restricted diet due to EOE and is apparently in remission. No doctors have been able to define what is contributing to his thick yellowish green sputum. He suffers everyday…Was on herbs for a couple of months but not 100% improved, so he lost interest in continuing. He is also 17 so it’s a rough age going through this. Would love any suggestions!

    Thank you,

  71. R.P.Paranjpe says:

    नमस्कार डॅाक्टर साहब,
    मैं रवीन्द्र परांजपे,निवासी जबलपुर, मध्यप्रदेश हूँ। मैं मेरे रोग की परेशानी को शायद अंग्रेजी की बजाय हिन्दी में बेहतर ढंग से प्रस्तुत कर सकूंगा,इसलिए मैंने आपको हिन्दी में पत्र लिखा है।आप यदि अंग्रेजी में उत्तर भेजते हैं तो कोई परेशानी नहीं होगी।
    १. आयु : ७३ वर्ष।
    २.लगभग वर्ष भर एलर्जिक सर्दी जुकाम रहता है। एलौपैथिक उपचार के अंतर्गत एंटिएलर्जिक दवाइयाँ चलती हैं। विशेष रूप से मौसम परिवर्तन होने पर कफ और गले में खराश की समस्या हो जाती है।
    ३.इस बार ,पिछले दो सप्ताह से मेरे केवल बाँये गले में दर्द ,जलन तथा चुभन तथा खराश है। गले में थोडा थोड़ा सफेद बलगम कठिनाई से निकलता है। ENT स्पेशालिस्ट को भी बतला चुका हूँ। उन्होंने बताया कि बाँये गले में छाला नहीं है,इनफेक्शन है। तीन दिनों की दवाइयाँ दी थीं।उनसे अस्थायी आराम हुआ पर अभी भी हल्का दर्द तथा गाढे कफ का निकलना जारी है। कफ निकालने के लिये खखारना पडता है या गर्म नमक के पानी के गरारे करने पडते हैं।सुबह के वक्त दर्द तथा कफ अधिक रहता है, पर कफ आसानी से नहीं निकलता। सभी खट्टी चीजें,फल ,दूध,दहीं बन्द कर दिया है। कृपया स्थायी उपचार बतला कर उपकृत करें। मैं थोड़ी बहुत होमियो चिकित्सा जानता हूँ इसलिए बोरिक के मटीरिया मेडिका देख कर बेल, हिपर आदि लिये थे पर कोई विशेष लाभ नहीं है। धन्यवाद।

  72. LATAMNA Ariane says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, could you help please? My grandson is now 5 and since he was born I would say, he gets long periods of coughing even without cold or sore throat. At first the nose is running clear just like water ( but most of the time nothing “runs” out if we don’t wipe it) but he keeps coughing just like allergy, it gets worse at noght when he is lying flat on the bed but gets a little better with a pillow under his head.
    Still, french homeopaths gave him ipeca and carbo vegetabilis, along with some others that vary everytime . One of them said it could be asthma and prescribed “ventoline” – I donn’t know the name in english-
    in fact everytime he runs or make some efforts he starts coughing, but not suffocating at all. The only thing is that he may vomit if he coughs too much, .Mostly he vomits phlegm. We keep ronsing his nose with saline doses but it keeps coming back. On average, he gets a coughing fit every month; it lasts for a fortnight then he is ok I noticed it gets worse now because all flowers and trees are blooming here in southern France . I hopeyou will answer me even though I know you must be quite busy. Thank you for reading me. Best regards
    Ariane LATAMNA.

  73. Good evening sir I am anwar khatik from Jalgaon Maharashtra. I’m suffering from chronic problem of oversecretion of mucous. The mucous stay in all body in digestive tract. I don’t know what is the cause

  74. Md Nizamuddin says:

    My Daughter aged 4 years is suffering from allergetic rhintis and cough. First she gets sneezings converted into cold and later cough. Even using Lasma C Kid and Asthalin nebulization it is recurring.
    I intend to use Homeo medicine. I read on internet that R8 syrup for cough and 84 drops for allergy.
    Please suggest me whether above medicine is sufficient or shall I use any other medicine also for nasal congestion

  75. Brenda Roberts says:

    Thank you for all the advice. Most helpful as I have been suffering a long time with Phlegm/ Mucus

  76. Elizabeth Mejia says:

    My husband got this 8years ago and now its back. So much phlegm spitting up a full cup a day. He is in so much pain from coughing. please help

  77. a women 50 ,exetremly irratative cough after 1 or halfe hour ,,,, 10 days ,, she always suffer in a such irritative cough , phlegem some time white , some time yellow ,,,,, some time she become , breathless ,,, choking situtation ,,, irritation and choking is the man prblom
    advans thanks for reply

  78. My girl 4 years and 9 months had this horrible cough for about 2 months now. We started with aconite because it was a dry cough, then went to ant tart , then hephar sulf, then spongia at the advice of the homeopathic pharmacy. Nothing worked . Gave her Stodal coughing syrup as well. Because she had an infection in her tooth we also had to give her antibiotic which i was hoping to clear the mucus as well but it didn’t 😩. Now she has a very very loud mucus full cough and I don’t know what else to do. Could you please help me. Thank you so much.

  79. geeta prasad says:

    My daughter is suffering from chronic phlegm.she goes on spitting phlegm specially in the morning.with thick Nasal discharge.this problem started 3 years ago.we live in mumbai.kindly suggest a homoepathic medicine and it’s dosage for this problem.thank you.

    • V.krishna kumar says:

      I am suffering from cold and cough and thick yellowish mucus is coming from mouth and nose and I lost smelling since and that also frequently I am suffering from this kind of problem so please advise homeopathic remedy

    • Elizabeth Mejia says:

      My husband got this 8years ago and now its back. So much phlegm spitting up a full cup a day. He is in so much pain from coughing. please help

      • Nighat Fatima says:

        I have had whitish phlegm in my throat droping night time in small quantities since 2 years. I have operate my nose and tonsils also, night time too much cough with white mucus come my age us 42 yrs
        ENT finds nothing wrong with my throat but when cough start my throat infected n iam. Taking antibiotics n antielergies n cough syrup regularly.please help me to recover completely i dnt want to take antibiotics any more.

        Kind regards.
        Nighat Fatima


  80. Satish Sharma says:

    I have had whitish phlegm in my throat in small quantities since 35 years. I have to keep clearing my throat.
    ENT finds nothing wrong with my throat.

  81. Argenticum nitricum worked well for me 30ch!

  82. Zubair saifi says:

    Dr. Sharma

    I am Zubair Saifi, a teacher of English Grammar. I have been suffering from phlegm for 5 years. I have been operated of tonsillitis 2 years before. I thought tonsillitis were the cause of my phlegm but after operation situation remained the same. I have white, sticky phlegm which roughes my throat. I can see red and rough type skin in my throat. I’m regular with infection. I am taking medicine regularly but as I stopped taking medicine it occurs again. Sometimes I felt difficulty in speaking in my classroom. I can’t eat rice, ice cream and cold ones Beacuse I feel swelling after taking it.
    Please prescribe me homeopathic remedy Beacuse I’m tired of taking allopathic.

  83. Mrs. Sue yoxall says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I coughed for many months and was eventually diagnosed with asthma. I still suffer with nasal drip but have improved my situation by leaving all dairy out of my diet over last 4 months. If I could rid myself of this phlegm I could then stop the steroid treatment called Forstair for the asthma diagnosis.
    I have used homeopathy over many years however the homeopathic clinician was not able to help the constant coughing only the Foirstair has helped decrease that but I still cough because of nasal drip.
    I drink at least 1and half pints of water a day and my diet is heavy with green and orange veg. I alternate with fish all vegetarian or some white meat and now no dairy.
    Please can you help me.
    Kind regards
    Mrs. Sue yoxall

    • Mrs. Sue yoxall says:

      Dr. Sharma,
      I coughed for many months and was eventually diagnosed with asthma. I still suffer with nasal drip but have improved my situation by leaving all dairy out of my diet over last 4 months. If I could rid myself of this phlegm I could then stop the steroid treatment called Forstair for the asthma diagnosis.
      I have used homeopathy over many years however the homeopathic clinician was not able to help the constant coughing only the Foirstair has helped decrease that but I still cough because of nasal drip.
      I drink at least 1and half pints of water a day and my diet is heavy with green and orange veg. I alternate with fish all vegetarian or some white meat and now no dairy.
      Please can you help me.
      Kind regards
      Mrs. Sue yoxall

  84. REETA LAKHMANI says:

    I had chronic sinusitis. I got Fess done. My passages are open and there is no congestion.
    BUT I still catch cold very frequently and a lot of mucous is formed. The throat also hurts. I have a nasal accent.
    Please help me.

  85. Anil Asthana says:

    Dr. Sharma…. Greetings of the day
    For a long time i am having problem of expectoration of phlegm in the morning. Phlegm is thick ropy and gelatinous type. Intense pain in Larynx area especially in the morning time. Please suggest homeopathic medicine. I am using Kali Bich 30 for long time with some help. How it can be eradicated permanently ?

  86. I am in need of argentum metallic I’m

  87. I had cough cold and taken Asth aid drops and Medisynth 10 (enlarged tonsils) for 3 days and got relief.
    After 5 days again had same problem,after taking medicines for 4 days got releif but thick phelgm is continuing.I sshold Continue with this medicine for how many days or any other medicine can be added.

    B S Kohli

  88. I have chronic phlegm in the throat and post nasal drip. I also get a cough quite often. It’s less during the day but much worse at night so I have to keep a bowl to keep in spitting all night. Please advise medicine and dosage. Thank you

  89. Hallie Birmingham says:

    I have a very sore throat with yellow mucous that can St cleared if I gargle with salt water but it is persistent and my throat really hurts. What’s the best thing to take. I have pulsatilla but I think that’s making me very tired.

  90. Chandrasekhar says:

    I have severe phlegm on throat and leads to severe coughing. i get a sinusitic pain on the cheek and forehead

  91. Hi! I have this phlegm which sticks in throat with a constant crackling sound and constant coughing. Originally I was able to cough up phlegm but now is just sticking. Can you help me? thank you christine

    • Hloo doctor I m surfing from throat disease that is since from last 10 month .the problem is that mucus accumulated in my throat and I spit every day large number muscus by gargles .I went ent doctor I had done chest x ray and hemogram but don’t have any problem I took so much allopathy and Ayurveda medicine but I don’t rid of this disease .some time I feel pain my throat if muscus accumulated in chronic position force to take allopathy medicine after 1 month it attacks again but I don’t rid of this muscus comes constantly from thorat irritation I feel my thrsot every time the main problem is muscus from my throated I don’t know how I can prevent the muscus formation in my throat Dr kindly save me form this disease .its really very bad condition for me.

    • N Bhaskarrao says:

      Dr Sharmaji namaskar my gr daughter is 3 yrs old and her sputum is lumpy whitish but it is yellow in the mornings there is no cough or cold. She is spitting for the last one week like that. She is leany and her weight is 11.5 kg. Pls help her to getrid off lumpy sputum.

  92. Mahendra sawant says:

    Dr i have constant dry iriitating cough with whitr phleghm. Rattling of mucus gurgling sound sore throat pgaryngitis chilliness phleghm flies on hands while coughing white shinny i ha eaten picklesles and oily chiwdas

  93. Dear Sir,

    I am 65 yrs. My problem is that while speaking all in a sudden my voice is not coming out and my throat is blocked with white sputum , that comes in small pieces. This started for the last 1 yr.This voice problem is occur always ,specially in the evening. Sometimes I am suffering from Asthma like problem for breathing

    So kindly prescribe some some medicine that will cure my disease. I was using some English medicine cough syrup only

    With thanks and Regards

    H K K

  94. Dear Dr . Sharma

    mere akhome kahi sal se khujlani ho raha hey. Dr kah-ta-hoi ALARGY . Dowa(Eye Drop) lenechey ek-dwo mahina ach-cha raitahu fer oi khujlani . Tang aa chukahu. Jab khujlani (Itching) hota hei tab khujlani me bohot achcha lagta lekin bad me akho khun ka tara lal hojata. lekin akhome darad nehi meshus hota.

    mujje aisa lag ta agar AC(Air Conditioner) ka hawa, Bus me hawa ea bimari jeiada hota.

    please prescribe me

    Thank in advance.


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