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Homeopathic Treatment for Slow Digestion

What is Slow Digestion?

Slow digestion refers to a delay in the functioning of the stomach and intestines. There is a slow down of the movement of food through the digestive tract. This slow down leads to various signs and symptoms. Slow digestion affects the daily life of a person. Homeopathic treatment for slow digestion is gentle and efficient, and helps by increasing the appetite by improving digestion. These natural medicines decrease the intensity and frequency of symptoms caused by slow digestion like nausea, constipation, and abdominal fullness. Homeopathic medicines, along with lifestyle and dietary changes, not only give symptomatic relief to the patient but also help in treating the underlying cause of slow digestion. Therefore, a detailed case taking of the patient is essential. It helps in finding the cause as well as in the selection of the most suitable homeopathic medicine for Slow Digestion.

Reasons for Slow Digestion

The gastrointestinal tract includes the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines, rectum, and the anus. Digestion of food occurs with the muscular movement of the stomach and intestines, along with the help of enzymes and hormones. These movements assist in the breaking down and movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract. The muscular movements are under the control of the vagus nerves. Any damage to the vagus nerve due to illness or injury reduces this movement leading to slow digestion.

Why You Get Slow Digestion?

The exact cause of slow digestion is not clear. But certain factors can contribute to this condition. Diet is a major factor in regulating the pace of digestion. Unhealthy eating can lead to slow digestion. Food low in fiber and rich in fat, refined or processed food, also causes slow digestion. Low water intake is another contributing factor in slow digestion. Another important reason is a sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical activity. Stress can also make a person prone to slow digestion. Certain medication like antidepressants, narcotics, and iron supplements can also increase the risk of slow digestion. Slow digestion also associates with medical conditions like hypothyroidism, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, nervous disorders including multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, scleroderma, amyloidosis, and gastrointestinal disorders like diverticulitis, or as a complication of Crohn’s syndrome. Apart from above causes, slow digestion may develop after surgery on the digestive tract.

How Will You Know That You Have Slow Digestion?

The signs and symptoms of slow digestion may differ from person to person. Even the intensity and frequency of symptoms may vary in the same individual at different times. Symptoms may be mild to severe. Symptoms may also depend on the part of the digestive tract involved. It includes lack of appetite, nausea, and a burning sensation in the food pipe or stomach. There are belching and a sense of fullness even after eating a small amount of food, as well as pain and distention in the stomach or abdominal area. Vomiting usually occurs after a few hours of the last meal, and consists of undigested food. There is bloating in the abdomen, gas formation, and constipation.

Homeopathic Treatment for Slow Digestion

Beneficial homeopathic medicines for slow digestion are Abies Nigra, Pulsatilla, Carbo Veg, Ipecachauna, Lycopodium, China, Alumina, and Nux Vomica. These are natural homeopathic medicines and have no side-effects. They are safe to use for all age groups.

1. Abies Nigra – Homeopathic Medicine for Slow Digestion with Lodging of Food in the Food Pipe

Abies Nigra is a beneficial homeopathic medicine for slow digestion in cases where food is lodged in the food pipe or the stomach. The patient may describe it as a sensation of a hard lump in the stomach region, which he feels like coughing up. In most cases, the symptoms may get worse after eating or drinking tea.

2. Pulsatilla – Homeopathic Medicine for Slow Digestion with Belching

Pulsatilla is an effective homeopathic treatment for slow digestion accompanied by belching. There may be a bitter taste with frequent eructations, heaviness in the stomach, and the taste of food in the mouth remains for a long time. In most cases, the complaints get worse after eating fatty food.

3. Carbo Veg – Homeopathic Medicine for Slow Digestion with Heartburn

Carbo Veg is a highly recommended homeopathic medicine for slow digestion where heartburn is the chief complaint. There may be burning and an empty feeling in the stomach which is not relieved by eating. The patient may get symptoms even after eating a small portion of simple food. Digestion is so slow that food ferments before it can be digested. In most cases, pain gets worse on lying down.

4. Ipecacuanha – Valuable Homeopathic Medicine for Slow Digestion with Constant Nausea

Ipecacuanha is a beneficial homeopathic treatment for slow digestion with nausea and vomiting. There is persistent nausea with profuse salivation in such cases. Vomiting may occur immediately after eating and may contain undigested food or water. Even vomiting doesn’t give relief to the patient. In most cases, nausea may get worse after drinking cold water.

5. Lycopodium – Best Homeopathic Medicine for Slow Digestion with a Distended Abdomen

Lycopodium is an effective homeopathic treatment for slow digestion accompanied by distention of the abdomen. It works well for digestive problems that develop slowly. The intestines are the main organ affected. The key feature in such cases is flatulence. There may also be pain and tension in the lower abdomen. The patient may complain of abdominal bloating immediately after eating a small quantity of food. A sensation of tightness may be present around the waist. The patient may complain of sounds from the abdomen due to gas, and pass wind with difficulty and much noise. In most cases, the patient feels better after consuming hot drinks. Lycopodium works well for chronic gastric complaints in diabetic patients.

6. China – Excellent Homeopathic Medicine for Abdominal Fullness Due to Slow Digestion

China is a beneficial homeopathic treatment for slow digestion with abdominal fullness. The patient may complain of fullness even after eating fruits. In such cases, the abdomen is very sensitive to touch and pressure. The fullness remains for a long time after a meal. The patient may feel as if he had just eaten. There may be an accumulation of gas in the abdomen along with pain. Even passing wind doesn’t give any relief to the patient. In most cases, consuming warm drinks further delays digestion.

7. Alumina – Beneficial Homeopathic Medicine for Constipation Due to Slow Digestion

Alumina is a highly recommended homeopathic treatment for constipation with slow digestion. The intestines are inactive in such cases, and the highlighting feature is excessive strain while passing stool. There may be a painful urge to pass stool long before the actual passing of stool. Even the passage of soft stool is difficult. In most cases, the condition gets worse by eating potatoes.

8. Nux Vomica – Suitable Homeopathic Medicine for Slow Digestion Caused by Sedentary Lifestyle

Nux Vomica is a good treatment in cases where a sedentary lifestyle leads to slow digestion. In such situations, patients feel weight and pain in the stomach. The stomach is very sensitive to touch, and there is a sour taste in the mouth. There is an urge to vomit, and vomiting relieves the symptoms. There is also a constant urge to pass stool, and the patient can pass only a little stool each time. Also, after passing stool, an uneasiness is felt in the rectum along with an unsatisfactory feeling. In most cases, the complaint gets worse after alcohol or coffee intake.

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  1. I’m amit goyal age about 48 yrs, suffering from uncontrolled diabities from 18 yrs because I was so lazy in taking medicine of diabities and due to that I’m getting liver problem also .my fibro scan of liver is (47.5 and 370) and doctor says my intestine motility become very slow due to uncontrolled type 2 Diabities. And my weight is about 155kg and hv constipation problem and for it I hv to take laxative medicine daily. Pls suggest medicine to improve intestine motility nd liver
    Amit goyal
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    • Ashwani kumar says:

      Me Ashwani Kumar mere pet me kafi time se dikkat hai bhukh pyas nahi lagti, jalan, acidity rehti hai, pet me jyada acid badhne se halka halka dard bhi ho jata hai phir dard ke badh right side me kuch days ke liye esa pratit hota hai jaise ander sojas aa gayi hai , pet ko niche aur right side dabane se dard hota hai medicine lene se pet me garmi,gas, aur gudh gudh ki awaz ane lagti hai , pachan sakti nahi badti hai bilkul kamjor hai isi
      Kripya koi samadhan bataye

  2. Hello Dr. Sharma

    Hope all is well with you. For slows down digestion after surgery what will be the best medicine as if we have to go to bathroom after eating food. Pls suggest.


  3. Halelur Rahman S/O Abdul Kareem says:

    Hi doctor my name is symptoms is that which is described for not bowel movement I feel is like incomplete.i also have a condition called anal stricture.i use to consume castor oil I’m using triphala or lactulose syrup.i want to have a permanent cure.if u could suggest a treatment plan for me it will be great.thanks

    • Rishi Raj Sharma says:

      Dr I m having chronic constipation no urge for stools. Internal hameorids also. Pls advice medicine with potency

  4. Linda Tharpe says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma I have pain when I eat certain foods and I stay Constipated and have to take laxatives for that problem. I’m stating to gain weight because my food is not Digesting. What’s your plan for me ? Linda Tharpe

  5. Donna Ullom says:

    Hello Dr Sharma! I have post polio syndrome and have very sluggish bowels. I’ve had a colonoscopy and things look good, is there and you can suggest for me?
    Thank you Donna Ullom

  6. Madhavi Bindu says:

    Hello. Doctor. Greetings for the day
    My name is Bindu i have some digestive issues like food obsorption and moving from throat to the stomach and further digestion and mainly passing motion. Even if the digestion happens passing motion is very tough. I have fiber also regularly. It is called slow transit. And also peristalsis is slow very very slow. Even the gas going out is also tough pla help with which medicine I have to take. I have high crp levels also and poor blood circulation.

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