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Homeopathic Treatment for Snoring

Harsh sounds produced due to obstructed air movements while breathing during sleep are known as Snoring. homeopathic medicines for snoring Vibration of respiratory structures produce these sounds. Various factors play a significant role in snoring. One of the main factors among these is the obstruction of the nasal passageway. Nose blockage occurs because of many reasons. Some of these are a deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps, sleep deprivation and lying on the back. Alcohol intake, certain drugs, sleeping pills, obesity leading to bulky throat tissue, enlarged adenoids or tonsils, elongated uvula, thick or soft palate, and highly relaxed throat or tongue muscles can also be possible causes of snoring. Snoring often leads to drowsiness, headaches, and lack of concentration in daytime. Homeopathic medicines for snoring yield excellent results by correcting the cause behind it. These medicines for snoring is natural, safe and treats the condition without any side effects.

Homeopathic Medicines for Snoring

Opium, Lemna Minor, China, Kali Sulph, Nux Vomica, Dulcamara, and Laurocerasus are the top remedies.

1. Opium – For Snoring with Deep Sleep

Opium is a top grade medicine for snoring in persons having a deep and heavy sleep. In such cases, there is loud snoring with rattling. A sensation of suffocation and momentary stoppage of breath during sleep may also be present.

2. Lemna Minor – For Snoring in Persons with Nasal Polyps

Lemna Minor is very suitable medicine for snoring in persons with nasal polyps. Along with snoring, other symptoms are a blockage of the nose, a foul smell from the nose, and post nasal dripping. Use of Lemna Minor should also be considered in cases of snoring from swollen nasal turbinates. Lemna Minor is also used in patients whose condition gets worse in damp and rainy weather. Lemna Minor helps in dissolving the polyps as well the complaints arising from them.

3. China – For Snoring in Children

China is an excellent medicine for snoring. It works well for snoring in children. A child with this problem has loud, heavy snoring during sleep. Moaning may also be present along with snoring during sleep. In the morning, the child feels weary and confused. The patient is drowsy and sleepy throughout the day.

4. Kali Sulph, Nux Vomica, Dulcamara, and Laurocerasus – Other Well Indicated Medicines

Some other very important medicines that can be used as a treatment for snoring are Kali Sulph, Nux Vomica, Dulcamara, and Laurocerasus. Among them, Kali Sulph is helpful when snoring persists even after the removal of the adenoids. Nux Vomica works well in cases of loud snoring with shallow, oppressed breathing during sleep. The main symptoms that point to the use of Dulcamara are nose blockage, open mouth and snoring during sleep. Laurocerasus is used for snoring when there is a suffocated feeling and gasping for breath present. Anxiety and restlessness while going to sleep may also be present.

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  1. Prof Ravendra Singh says:

    My son is overweight. age: 18+, Height:5’6”, weight:93kg.
    He has a snoring problem. He snores very loudly. He sleeps for about 10 hours but does not feel fresh after waking up in the morning. He has a constant headache also. he goes toilet three or more times daily. He likes to eat cold foods like ice cream. I consult a doctor (MD-homeopathy) in my city, but no relief. He also has a cold tendency, a few years ago he also had bronchitis problems.
    please help

  2. Hello,
    I’m 60 years old male good shape and still work full time, I snore very loud, from what I’m told I do have a scratchy throat some mornings and wake my self up at times but only when I’m very tired, If I’m nto over tired I don’t snore.
    Is there something I can do or take for this ? I go to bed same time every night and try to get 8 hours sleep I usually get 6 and then my body is ready to go
    I would like to allow my better 1/2 some well needed sleep

  3. Hi
    I’m 58 year old, slim, fit female and yet I have a dreadful snoring problem . It is do bad I wake myself up. Are you and to help at all . Thanks

  4. I’m suffering from loud suffering , which caused another disturb another even in another room , please suggest remedy .

  5. Hello, I am 40 years old. I’m snoring loudly. Could you please help me to stop this problem. Thank you

  6. Sunil kumar says:

    Hello I am a 46 years old person . I snore too bad during night . Even my wife not wanted to sleep with me. I feel too sleapy . In full night sleaping in day still i feel lazyness and as i sit in my chair for an hrours i feel sleepy.
    Please help me to come out this problum.

  7. Bhavna singh says:

    Hello Dr I am a mother of 9 month old baby whenever I sleep whether in day or night I snore a lot.

    Please advice me some remedy as I am breast feeding my baby too.

  8. Im 28,recently married nd snoring is ruining my married life.i ve no health issues except chornic sinusitis nd sore throat.everyone in my family snores but my husband doesnt bear my snoring
    Plz help me and suggest some good medicine for immideate nd permanent relief

  9. Dr hussaini says:

    I am fifty , mildly hypertensive, non diabetic man . I am not obese but I had developed very loud snoring and sleepiness as a result. Please advise about treatment with homeopathy. Thanks

  10. Snoring at very high pitch day and night disturbing my family life ,what medicine should I use . I am 48 years old . I am known diabetic and hypertension but no obesity.

  11. Snoring at very high pitch disturbing my family life, what medicine I should use. I am above 60.

  12. Anoop Ojha says:

    I have symptoms Both Nux Vomica and Laurocerasus sound of my snoring is too much louder and mouth open . I have already used Opium before but no results 😓

  13. Sai Kanaka Laxmi says:

    Hello Dr. My nephew is having snoring problem and while sleeping he h keeps his mouth open and also suffering from diabetes blood sugar he is overweight which medicine is good for him

  14. Hi respected Sharma
    I am asim from Pakistan and need your advice. I am loud snoring during sleep now a days. please advice me homeopathic medicine.

  15. I feel fatigue everything, anger all the time on everything, headache, dreams, fear of altitude,
    Suggest medicine plz

    • I feel fatigue everything, anger all the time on everything, headache, dreams, fear of altitude,
      Suggest medicine plz

      Also suggest medicine for snoring of my aunt age 55 years

  16. Abhishek Mukhopadhyay says:

    Present problems
    1 Anxiety, tention, irritation, nurbus system
    Childishness, previous Patient of B virus jaundice
    2 no deep sleep and tremendous snore problems,
    3 Too much irritation but calm within a short time
    4 Much addicted to mobile phone & electronic gadgets
    5 some time difficult to control
    Broad minded, spending too much without proper reasons
    Much interested in rich food habit
    Kindly help me to solve the problems of my sons proper homeopathic medicine

  17. Satish doshi says:

    Age 73 years male snoring prblem at night

  18. Mallikarjuna Rao says:

    🙏Doctor Sir,

    Can you please suggest me (58 years, male) the dosage forLEMNA MINOR 200CH for controlling snoring problem.

  19. I am 53 years, taking medicines for blood pressure. I am having snoring problems. Generally I snore loudly while sleeping. Please advise.

  20. Meenakshi malhotra says:

    My son 36 snores s lot at night…need some guidelines

  21. D SRINIVAS RAO says:

    Good morning. I am having snoring problem since long. After going through above description, I think I am having SL. No. 1- Opium. I request you to kindly help me out from this problem.

  22. Brijesh Mohan Saxena says:

    श्रीमान डॉक्टर साहिब
    मै बृजेश मोहन सक्सेना उम्र ५७ साल वजन ६५ किलो मुझे खर्राटों की समस्या है जब मै सीधा सोता हूँ तब तेज खर्राटे आते हैं परन्तु जब करवट से सोता हूँ तब नहीं आते मै शुगर की दवाई भी लेता हूँ कन्ट्रोल मे है कृपया दवाई बताएं क्या लेनी है
    बृजेश मोहन सक्सेना
    पी 265, सेक्टर 12, प्रताप विहार
    गाजियाबाद – २०१००९
    मोबाइल – 9540400842।

  23. Nikita Palparti says:

    Please let me know remedy for snoring due to deep sleep

  24. pawan chodhary says:

    Dr My Name is pawan , my age is 41 years , weight 83 kg, when i am sleeping loud snooring is started, pl suggest medicines to cure this problem.

  25. Aloke Choudhury says:

    when I am in deep slip then nesal sound started loudly. whst is the remidies

  26. Sir i am suffering in snoring problem and nasal pollyps problem .when i go to sleep snores starts immediatley .i snore since last 7 yrs .my age is 39 and weight is 82 .plz suggest sir.

  27. I 56 years old. I am somewhat obese but not abnormal. But I snore under any condition when I go to sleep. Snoring starts immediately after I go to sleep & continue till I get up. Occassionaly it disturbs my sleep but not regularly. It always disturb sleep of other people. This problem is there for long time.

  28. Sir i am suffering in snoring problem and nasal pollyps problem please suggest me

  29. Mangesh Jagdale says:

    I snor loudly & consistently during anytime sleep. I have an Asthama in mild percentage,earlier it was too high. I am 47 . Kindly suggest medicine to reduce snoring which would lessen my embarrasement

    • Syed Ahmed says:

      Hi Dr.Sharma,
      I am having a Sleep Apnea and doctor suggest me CPAP machine to use. My reports says i stop breathing while i sleep during my one night sleep in the hospital they checked me in the whole night and gave me this result. which say stop breathing multiple time and one time almost 52 seconds.
      So they suggested me CPAP Machine which is i am now using. But its really a great headache to install and fix it before sleeping.
      And if i sleep without the machine my wife will not be able to sleep.
      Please suggest me some medicine of homeopathic so i can come out from this severe problem.
      My age is 53 male living in Canada. Doctor suggest me after my blood test that i m pre-diabetic but not taking any medication just controlling my sugar intake.
      I will be grateful if you can give me some great advice and suggest me some medicine.
      Thank and Regards,
      Syed Ahmed

      • Md Hafijuddin says:

        Sir I have been suffering from snoring problem at the time of sleeping condition but I cant feel at that time myself as my neighbours sleepers disturb from my snoring sounds .I have of my great problem with this .So I am requesting to you to prescribe me homeopathic medicine to get ridoff this problem .I shall be highly grateful to you if you advice me such needful matter .Thanking you .

  30. Lakshmi Murali says:

    My husband snores with loud noise. When asked not to snore he stops totally or stops for a while. Pl help.

  31. Jitendra singh says:

    Me snorted during inspiration with loud sound ,feeling of suffocation and choking

  32. Zahoor Ahmed says:

    sir I have loud snoring during sleep,my mother, Brother also loudly snoring..
    plz recommends best homeo medicine for treatment..

  33. Joginder pal says:

    Hello sir I’m taking homeo medicine since last one nd half month bt still I have no improvement in my snoring too much worried .at night my breadth has been stoped momentary.what should I I should continue or stopped my Medicine?is doctor couldn’t diagnose me proper.during my time period of medicine there should be a little bit improvement.please suggest me favourably.

  34. Raj Kumar jaiswal says:

    Sir i have sleep apnia last 5 years pls suggest me

  35. Hello maam, I am 46 years old and obese. I have hyptothyroidism and take 150 mg thyroxin. I had two ceasarians and gall removal operations in the past. My weight is 86.3 kg and my height is 154 cm.. I have muscles knot in my whole body and feel paid in the lower calf muscles of my legs. Feel uneasy while walking. I feel like steeping for 24 hours. I am very lazy want to do many things but keep on sleeping. Gets irritable easily. wants to live all alone. I don’t want to go outside as I feel tired and want to sleep.

    Please help me

    • Mrs Pushpa Puri says:

      My wife try to sleep every time . Even while sitting he sleep in minute pl suggest any medicine

  36. Respected sir,
    I suffer from snore last 4 years
    My age 26 , weight 78 ,height 5.8
    I request to you please give me solution

  37. Hi Doc, I snore heavily immediately after falling asleep. And I woke up with headaches very frequently. Please give me a solution.

  38. Jasvinder Singh says:

    Sir Good morning
    I am in problem of heavy snoring. Please help me. My age is 39. Weight 85 with hight 5.8.

  39. Kalyan sharma says:

    Kindly refer throat snoring and suffocation mostly in train a/c compartment. feeling age is 51.

  40. Mangla Dange says:

    Heavy snoring. Please suggest medicine.

  41. Fazle Karim says:

    Exray report saying mild Dns in left what homio medicine and problem is loud snoring. What homio medicine I can use.

  42. MUKESH KUMAR says:

    I am suffering from snoring. Please prescribe me medicine for this problem. Age 43 male

  43. Anand Sawkar says:

    Hello Doctor
    I have 2 problems
    1. An L4-L5 disc bulge/spondylosis causing persistent lower back pain for the last 10 years. Took allopathy treatment, but it was of no use. Some time left side sciatica pain appears from lower back to calf muscle region.
    2. I snore a lot during sleeping and due to this i get up in the morning with irritated mind, feeling not having slept at all, and agitated.
    Kindly advise
    Thanks in advance

  44. Hi Doctor,
    I’m suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Please suggest what should I do.

  45. Shahnawaz Shah says:

    Hi, Dr. Sharma

    We are facing the problem with snoring
    Kindly suggest to me what to do.

  46. Priyanka Sarkar says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Myself Priyanka Sarkar, age 33,over-weight. My height is 5ft where as my Wight is 75..For the last one year snoring has become the worst problem. I do hav sinus too. And hence I can’t understand the reason for snoring. Is it over Wight or sinus? But I feel very awkward due to this because where ever or when ever I slept I start snoring very loudly nd disturb others sleep. Please help me doctor

  47. pratik hashilkar says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I snore very loud while sleeping in any position as told by my home members. I don’t wakeup at night.
    Please suggest what should be done.

    Pratik H

  48. Murali Krishna says:

    Thanks you sir for your valuable suggestion

  49. Roslin Donaldson says:

    Hi sir, I snore which make my blood pressure high and so I WAKE UP with my headache as a result. I heard a recording of my snoring. It is very loud and this is now affecting my hearing.

  50. Sir
    I am suffering from snooring from last5 year’s givesome homeopathicmedicine

    Gaurav Shah

  51. Sushma balkote says:

    I’m 47 year aged since last 10 year I suffering from snoring. Just sleeping nasal r blocked.sounds comes from nose n suggest me homeo medicine.

  52. I am 90 kg weight and aged 52 years. My snooring problem is disturbing the sleep of my partner. Please suggest me homeo medicines with potency.

  53. Hi dr i am from banglore. My problem is I snores a lot with harsh sound I want permanent relief from that please recommend me to get relief from snoring

  54. I have sinus. My nose remains blocked all the time. I snore alot, while sleeping. And it disturbs my sleep. I don’t get good sleep due to this and I feel very tired and sleepy during day time. Please help and suggest good homeopathy medicine.

  55. my 8 yr old has enlarged adenoids. snores heavily, blocked bresthing when snoring gets really bad. grinds teeth badly while breathing issues continue during the night. she has a hard time waking up in the morning, she s tired during the day. she gets headaches in the front of the head and bavk of the head, and her jaw hurts. she s hungry often and thirsty…she drinks a lot of water. during the day she is very active and happy.
    we have seen a honeopath before and dhe was prescribed pulsitilla and iy worked and she totally stopped snoring and breathing was smooth….when she s about to get sick she will snore very lightly and then breathing will get better quick. currently on a trip to europe she started snoring and breathing problrms at night again, gave her 1 pill of pulsitilla…it s been 2 days and she is still sboring heqvily, grinding, syop breathing sometimes at night, headaches, etc. should i give her pulsitilla again or change to china or some other homeopathic remedy.

    also what would u recommend for my 63 yr old mother for a remedy as she has side angle glaucoma…she sees well but her eye oressute fluctuates constantly.

    pls advise at your esrliest convenience.

    thank u so much!


    sound eructation for homeopathy MEDICINE

  57. Mallesh kumar says:

    Hi sir this is Mallesh kumar ..
    Im 29 years old im suffering from sound sleep (snore sound) since from last 1½ year. Sound comes from my mouth and i don’t know what medicine to be used

    • V. Girish says:

      dear Doctor.
      Kindly suggest to me a medicine for snoring having a deep and heavy sleep. I have a loud snoring while sleeping

  58. Rajendra says:

    Thanks for useful information

  59. Prem panigrahi says:

    Sir, my name is prem and i am 34 year old. Sir i am suffering from snoring problem since a long and sound increasing day by day. I have asthma problem, so always have a congestion in my chest. As I feel that snoring comes from my nose. Due to piles, gastric and acidity i am taking nuxvom 30, carboveg 200 . Please help me to clear my snoring problem.

  60. P K V Namboori says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I have excessive snoring and at times and blockage of nose. Sleep is hence interrupted. Can opium cure my condition to certain extend ? Which potency ?

  61. I am snorring loud while sleepiing

  62. Dr Sharma, I have been very sick with a sore throat and cold that feels like it is in my chest too. I have an inhaler thatI am using but so prefer to use homeopathy instead. Because of this I am snoring really loud. I recorded myself and it sounds like it’s coming from my thrust area not my nose. Could you recommend something that I could try to help with this?
    Thank you so much!!

  63. Dr. Sharma.
    I have been reading how opium homeopathy remedy helps with snoring and other symptoms ir constitution. Where to purchase this remedy in USA?

  64. My husband was given a c-pap machine to help with his sleep apnia. When we moved out of the country, it did not come with us. His snoring is loud and rattling in the middle of the night. Mostly when he’s laying on his back. Please help us BOTH get a good nights sleep!

  65. Haresh mehta says:

    I sleep very soundly during night but snoring & rattling sound occurs.

  66. Rajesh Paul says:

    I am 44 yrs old. I feel sleepy during the day and also yawn quite often. I snore at night during sleep. I sleep for 7 hours without break. I can’t concentrate in my work and feel restless too. I feel tired after I get up after full night sleep. I am diabetic for 7 seven years and on medication.

  67. Ashok Gupta says:

    I am 66 years old and have tonsils, in deep sleep when in the up word position , I snoring heavily
    please advice the treatment.

  68. Subroto Mandal says:

    Sir, i snore very loudly during sleep, breath from the nose usually, even tried the anti snoring belt but no respite. sometimes though saliva drips from the mouth during sleep at night. Have a deep sleep at night usually with no knowledge of snoring but From past few days i am wakingup from sleep feeling my breath is blocked. Slightly overweight for my height. Age 43 years. Could u suggest some good medicine. Thank you. Regards Subroto

  69. Hello Doctor ,

    I have obstructive sleep apnea for the past 5-10 years. I tried many treatment methods which didnt work. I am not at all getting a deep sleep. While i go to the deep sleep i am awaking due to the muscle blockage. Through a scan , allopathic doctors identified that the muscle gets loose and blocks during deep sleep. But they want to do a surgery and remove the bulging part of the muscle which i dont want to do . Also i hear this treatment is not always successful.

    I sleep for 10 hrs and yet don’t feel refreshed . Kindly help me Doctor.

    Best Regards
    Mobile : 95000 80410

    • Katherine Finlayson says:

      I have been snoring for the past 10 or so years lying on either side or on my back. Snoring is loud and breathing is oppressed causing me to to wake up several times during each night. I have been told by a doctor that I have a deviated septum. I have been exhausted for years. Please advise as to which homeopathic med may be best. Nux vomica fits some of my other symptoms, ie; digestive issues and craving for stimulants.

  70. Hi
    My name is Milan.

    Kindly suggest to me a medicine for snoring having a deep and heavy sleep. I have a loud snoring while sleeping

    • Hi
      My name is Milan and my age is 34.

      Kindly suggest to me a medicine for snoring having a deep and heavy sleep. I have a loud snoring while sleeping.

  71. Dr.Pawan Kumar says:

    I am 37 years male working in teaching profession.I am having acute problem of snoring,dreamy night and allergic like nausea,snizzing for a particular period i.e. changing whether in a year.
    Kindly suggest me good medicine.
    I will be really grateful to you.


    • Dr.Pawan Kumar says:

      I am 37 years male working in teaching profession.I am having acute problem of snoring,dreamy night and allergic like nausea,snizzing for a particular period i.e. changing whether in a year.
      Kindly suggest me good medicine.
      I will be really grateful to you.


  72. Nihar Ranjan Sikder says:

    My 41 yrs old,weight 76 kg,tall 5’5″.I have severe problem of snoring particularly in winter.Plz suggest some effective homeo medicine with dose. Thank u.N R Sikder.

  73. Dr Anil Sharma says:

    My daughter is suffering from disorder of snoring.
    She had a long course of Opium. The relief was slight or none.
    She is a working woman of 38.
    Please suggest line of action and treatment.

    • Kailash Bhattacharya says:

      I am suffering from snoring last five years with loud sound. So you please help me in this situation. Please suggest me a best homeopathy medicine.
      I am waiting for your reply.

  74. Rajneesh pandey says:

    Hello dr. I m rajneesh pandey from bhuvaneshwar and i m suffering from snoring . During deep sleep i snor so laud that other face problem during sleeping. Which homeopathy medicine should i try so that i completely cure from snoring.

    • Navin j agarwal says:

      My wife loud snoring during sleep. Life is disturbed and relation is getting spoil day by day. Pls suggest the best medicine. Age 32 years. Weight 64 and hieght is 5.4

    • Shilpa Jain says:

      Hello dr i am shilpa and i snore at night very loud that next to me no one can sleep it has been since 3yrs please help me to cure this

    • Shilpa Jain says:

      Hello dr i am shilpa and i snore at night very loud that next to me no one can sleep it has been since 3yrs please help me to cure this

  75. How much quantity intake shd be taken


    Hello sir
    I am suffer from high loud snoring after sleep.My age is 30 I am obese kindly suggest me any treatment..
    Thank you

  77. Devendra Hissaria says:

    i have been starting heavy snoring for last one month. my nose is also keeping some blocking for which i have to use nasivion nasal drops.i am looking for treatment for snoring and nose blockage in homeopathy.

    my contact no. is 9911783454 and i am from Delhi

  78. JYOTI RANJAN DAS says:

    I want cure from snoring with which I was suffering from my childhood.age 33 years

  79. Sandip Kumar kashyap says:

    I am snoring loud problem since 5 years I feel very bad in relatives during sleeping please solve the problem

  80. Pawan Kumar says:

    Respected Sir,
    Kindly let me know the medicine for my snoring problem… Thanks and regards.


      My wife is suffering from SNORING & During the Deep Sleep, there is too much sound which is disturbing other persons from sleeping.Her age is 54Yrs.
      Can you pl suggest any medicines for this to get the relief.
      Mruthyunjaya BK

  81. Amitava Banerjee says:

    I’m also suffering from loud snoring. My mouth is opened while sleeping. Please help.

  82. Janak Ganatra says:

    Greetings from Gandhinagar (Gujarat). Pl. advise how to buy anti-snoring homeopathic medicine and from where?

  83. GAURAV ARORA says:

    Hi Doctor

    I am having loud snoring problem since 5 years. I feel very bad in relatives during sleep. Pls help to solve my snoring issue.

  84. Sir,
    I m suffering from snoring. My snoring situation is very bad . So please tell me any good homeopathic medicine for prevent snoring.

  85. Nagabhushan Rao says:

    My son is 27 years old , 6ft.1in. height & obese , around 100kg. also chronic asthmatic.
    kindly suggest the best medicine.

  86. Neeraj Verma says:

    my 40 yrswife has been taking sleeping pills since eight years but has been suffering from high sounds snoring. suggest medicine

  87. Pranesha Chary says:

    my son age is 13 years and suffering from diabetes for one and half month. Now my son is taking Homeopathic medicine. my doubt is whether homeopathic medicine cure the diabetes?

  88. Bharat Dighe says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have swollen turbinates for over 15 years. the nose starts blocking the minute I lie down. This resuts in bad sleep and completely tired in the morning. I had correction of nasal septum and partial reduction of turbinates with 30% – 50% beneficial effect. But problem persists with left nose blocking more. Please advise

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