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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Social Phobia

Social phobia, also known as social anxiety disorder, is the most common anxiety disorder. Events like giving a speech, appearing for an interview, or meeting someone for the first time, are some of the most likely causes that make people nervous and anxious. A social phobia is much more than this occasional nervousness. In individuals who have a social phobia, there is an intense and significant fear of social situations. As a result, such people tend to avoid being in situations that trigger fear and anxiety. If a person does find oneself in such a situation, it becomes a very distressing period for them. People suffering from social phobia have underlying fears that are about being judged and criticized by others. The situations that trigger these fears and anxiety differ from person to person. A person with social phobia may be anxious about one or more than one social situation. Some common examples of situations that trigger social anxiety are public speaking, speaking with people in authority, meeting new people, social gatherings, performing on stage, and making phone calls. Despite being aware of the fact that the fear is unreasonable, the patient is still unable to overcome it. Homeopathic treatment for social phobia has an enormous scope and is very safe to use. Homeopathic medicines in such cases are prescribed based on individual and detailed case presentations.

Causes Behind Social Phobia

The exact cause behind social phobia is yet not clear. Social phobia is thought to have its roots in genetic or environmental factors. A person with a relative of the first degree suffering from social phobia will be at high risk. Sometimes, an embarrassing situation in the past may become the cause for anxiety in a person if he has to appear in the same position again. Overprotected children also have high chances of acquiring social phobia.

Symptoms of Social Phobia

Symptoms of social phobia include anxiety, fear, excessive self-consciousness and a fear of being looked at or judged by others. Other symptoms include the fear of getting humiliated, the fear that their anxiety may be noticed by others, confusion, blushing, trembling, a pounding heart or palpitations, shortness of breath, perspiration, stammering, shaky voice, diarrhea, nausea and panic attacks.

Homeopathic Treatment for Social Phobia

Homeopathy treats psychological complaints in a very natural, effective and harmless way. It is free from toxic side effects. Patients suffering from social phobia show marvelous recovery under homeopathic medicines. Social phobia resulting in mild anxiety as well as panic attacks are treated with homeopathic medications. The main medicines used in the homeopathic treatment for social phobia are Ambra Grisea, Silicea, Lycopodium, Argentum Nitricum, Gelsemium, and Aconite.

1. Ambra Grisea – An Excellent Homeopathic Medicine for Social Phobia with a Fear of Appearing in Public

Ambra Grisea is a good homeopathic medicine for social phobia. It is used in patients who have an intense fear of appearing in public. There is an excessive feeling of embarrassment when appearing in public. A patient who needs Ambra Grisea cannot perform any activity in the presence of others. When the patient is in the presence of other people, there is a lot of fear and blushing. While speaking with others, the patient is evidently hasty and nervous.

2. Silicea – A Homeopathic Medicine for Social Phobia with a Fear of Speaking in Public

Homeopathic medicine Silicea is another very good homeopathic medicine for social phobia. The chief complaint of a person needing Silicea is the fear of speaking in public. There is anxiety and nervousness while speaking in front of a group. The person lacks the confidence to talk in a group, feels confused and is unable to express oneself in public. Such patients avoid undertaking any task that requires public speaking. They anticipate failure on such occasions. Silicea is also one of the leading homeopathic medicines for performance anxiety.

3. Lycopodium – A Homeopathic Medicine for Social Phobia in Persons with Poor Self Esteem

Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium works well for social phobia in persons suffering from poor self-esteem. They lack confidence and are fearful of appearing and speaking in public, or of talking to a stranger. If they have to, then stammering and confusion of thoughts are a primary feature. There is intense anxiety and sometimes even a nervous breakdown. Lycopodium also works well for stage fright and social phobia in children. Such children show aversion to playing with kids of the same age group and want to be with their parents most of the time.

4. Argentum Nitricum and Gelsemium – Best remedies for Homeopathic Treatment for Social Phobia with Anticipatory Anxiety

Argentum Nitricum and Gelsemium are great homeopathic medicines for social phobia when anticipatory anxiety is present. These medicines offer a lot of help in persons who are over anxious about events that have not yet occurred. For example, if they have to appear in a social gathering in the future, then they will start to feel anxious a long time before the actual occasion. Along with anxiety, diarrhea may also appear.

5. Aconite – A Homeopathic Medicine for Social Phobia with Intense Panic Attacks

Homeopathic medicine Aconite is a top grade homeopathic medicine for social phobia where a person gets panic attacks. A patient in need of Aconite suffers from anxiety, palpitations, nervousness, trembling, fear and restless behavior when they have to appear socially. They are scared of crowds, crossing streets full of people, and avoid going to crowded places.

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    • I have social anxiety for past five years whatvr homopathy medicine l will take

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    I am 53 years old, i have social phobia and anxiety ,i gered to attend for meetings with my bosses or lose staff, can u please suggest me hindi medicine

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