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Homeopathic Treatment for Sore Muscles

What are sore muscles?

Muscles are a bundle of fibrous tissue which helps move the body by contraction. Stretching muscles beyond their tensile strength makes them sore. Primary causes behind sore muscles are overstretching, overexertion, strenuous exercise, heavy weight lifting, and trauma. Muscle soreness is of two types – acute muscle soreness, and delayed onset muscle soreness. In acute muscle soreness, muscle pain is experienced during and immediately after exercise. In delayed onset muscle soreness, muscle pain is felt several hours to a few days after excessive exercise. The symptoms of sore muscles are pain, stiffness, and tenderness in the muscle. Using the muscle worsens the pain, and resting it brings relief. Homeopathic treatment for sore muscles is very beneficial. Muscle soreness arising from different causes is dealt with effectively with homeopathic medicines. These medicines help persons with sore muscles caused by over stretching, over exerting, or injuries.

Homeopathic Medicines for Sore Muscles

Homeopathic medicines that are usually employed for treating sore muscles are Arnica, Rhus Tox, Bryonia Alba, Cimicifuga, Gelsemium, and Sanguinaria Can.

1. Arnica – Homeopathic Medicine for Sore Muscles After Injury or Trauma

Arnica is a very effective homeopathic treatment for sore muscles arising from injury or trauma. Sore muscles from recent as well as old injuries respond well to Arnica. There is a sore, bruised feeling in the body. The patient may feel pain in various muscles as if he has been beaten. Touching the affected body part worsens the pain. Arnica is also used for sore muscles caused by influenza.

2. Rhus Tox – Homeopathic Medicine for Sore Muscles From Over Exertion or Over Stretching

Rhus Tox is a beneficial homeopathic treatment for sore muscles caused due to lifting heavy weights. Stiffness, along with sore and painful muscles, may also be felt. Application of something warm over the affected part may offer relief. Another way of relieving the pain is by massaging the sore muscles.

3. Bryonia Alba – Homeopathic Medicine for Sore Muscles When Absolute Rest Relieves

Bryonia Alba is best suited for cases of sore muscles when relief is brought about by absolute rest. The slightest motion in the affected part worsens the pain. Persons requiring Bryonia feel relief when pressure is exerted on the affected part. Lying down on the affected part also makes the soreness better.

4. Cimicifuga – Homeopathic Medicine for Sore Muscles Affecting Belly of Large Muscles??

Cimicifuga is a beneficial homeopathic medicine for sore muscles affecting the central bulge of large muscles. In such cases, the sore muscles ache with pain. Application of something cold worsens the pain. Cimicifuga is an excellent homeopathic medicine for sore muscles caused by excessive muscle exertion, like after dancing or long, continuous running. Pain in the muscles of the neck from over work like typing is also treated well with Cimicifuga.

5. Gelsemium – Homeopathic Medicine for Sore Muscles Accompanied by Weakness And Fatigue

Gelsemium is a beneficial homeopathic treatment for sore muscles. It is used when extreme weakness and fatigue accompany muscle soreness. In such cases, the patient gets relief by lying down and resting. Gelsemium helps to relieve the pain in the muscles as well as the weakness that accompanies it. Gelsemium also works well for sore muscles caused by influenza.

6. Sanguinaria Can – Homeopathic Medicine for Sore Muscles, Particularly the Deltoid Muscle

Sanguinaria Can is useful for soreness and pain in the deltoid muscle. Along with being painful, the deltoid muscle is also stiff. The pain worsens on lifting the arm and aggravates at night. Sanguinaria Can works well for deltoid pain on the right side.

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    Hello sir,
    I have acute pain in deltoid suffered due to workout in gym. Pain is there for 3 months now amd pain killers are not helping. Injury is in right deltoid not in shoulder. Slightest of movement upwards and in front causes pain. Although I feel no pain while moving my hand backwards. Also the suffering hand has become very weak. I am a left-handed person and my injured part was weak since inception. Kindly help me out.

  2. for elder patients the pains they get in back of shoulders belladona works

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