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Homeopathic Treatment for Speech Delay

Speech delay is the most common type of developmental delay. A child not paying attention to other people and not responding to sounds is one of the first warnings of possible speech delay. In cases of speech delay, conducting a hearing test is the first step. Homeopathy is a well advanced and highly successful science. It is known to give promising results for developmental delays in children. Homeopathic treatment for speech delay is especially useful in treating children.

Reasons behind speech delay

Primary reasons leading to speech delay include hearing problems, difficulties with the tongue or palate, a short frenulum, cerebral palsy and learning disabilities. Oral motor dysfunction is another reason behind the delay in speech. Oral motor dysfunction refers to inefficient communication in the brain areas that are responsible for speech production. In some cases, delay in speech may be a part of developmental disorders like autism spectrum disorder.

However, in many cases of speech delay in children, it is not possible to identify the exact reason. Homeopathic treatment for speech delay has proved to be safe, natural and very effective with no side effects.

Milestones of speech development

To be able to identify speech delay, it is essential to know the signs of speech development. Ordinarily, speech begins and develops as a child grows. There are age wise limits for the same. These can be listed as follows:
– In the beginning, the baby makes babbling or cooing sounds. Around the age of 9 months, the baby begins to say basic words like ‘mama’ and ‘dada.’
– Between 12 and 15 months of age, the child starts saying words other than ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and can understand and follow simple one-step direction.
– Between the age of 18 and 24 months, the child can say about 20 to 50 words.
– Around the age of 2 years, children can combine two words to make simple sentences. By now, the child can identify body parts and point to the eyes, ears, nose and is capable of following two step commands.
– By the time a child is 2 to 3 years old, his vocabulary has increased manifold. He is now able to combine three or more words to form a sentence. At this stage, the child’s comprehension also starts to improve.
– By the age of 4, the child can use about five words in a sentence and can tell a short story or recite a short nursery rhyme.

Red flags indicating speech delay in children

A child lagging in speech development should be properly evaluated to find the cause behind it. Evaluation is essential so that the right treatment may start without delay at the appropriate age. Some age-related red flags for speech delay that point to the need for evaluation is:
-No babbling sounds at nine months
-No first words at 15 months
-The child is unable to speak three to six words at 18 months
-At two years of age, the child is unable to combine words, and it ‘s hard to understand the child’s speech.

Homeopathic Treatment for Speech Delay

Homeopathic medicine for speech delay used for helping a child with late speech development include Agaricus Muscarius, Baryta Carb, Calcarea Carb, Calcarea Phos, Natrum Mur, Silicea and Tuberculinum Bovinum. Each homeopathic medicine for speech delay has certain unique properties. To decide which homeopathic medicine for speech delay suits the child, there needs to be an in-depth case study of the child. This includes getting familiar with the child’s constitution. Once a proper analysis is done, the most suitable homeopathic medicine for speech delay is used to help establish speech in the child.

The earlier a child gets started with homeopathic treatment for speech delay, the higher are the chances of developing or improving speech. Homeopathic medicines treat cases of late speech in a very safe and gentle manner. The main advantage of adopting homeopathic medicine for speech delay is that it is free from any toxic side effects.

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  1. Maheen arzu says:

    My 4 years old son dosnt talk but blabbers a lot please let me know if any treatment available.
    Maheen Arzu

  2. Joe Barretto says:

    My son is 7 and a half years old. He is having speech delay, but his understanding skills are excellent and he knows everything like alphabets, numbers and identifying things rapidly. His only problem is that he cannot communicate while expressing. He is super duper hyeractive child. He is very stubborn and sometimes emotional..He has a loving and caring attitude. I started his homeopathy treatment and I am sure by Gods grace he will talk one fine day. We started his treatment last November, but not much significant improvement. His problem started when noticed him at the age of three and we started his therapy by five years old.

    Is he going to improve so I can send him in a normal school.

  3. Hi Dr Sharma
    Nice to see the blog. My son 2years 9 months old didnt take interest in talking. His growth chart of hieght and vice versa are above average. he can say specific words like baba mama dadi AC mami nani nana etc… but not interested in talking or telling or asking or reading v seeing picture books etc . kindly prescribe me the right homeopethic remedy for my kid.

    • Ashok Kumar tandon says:

      My grandson is born on 10 march 2014 . But he can only speak ma,yes, no, bus etc. He wants to tell us by gesture.He is not sitting/standing one place 5 minutes.Please suggest me the medicines.

  4. Mohamed Shaban says:


    Greetings from Saudi Arabia.

    I heard about Homeopathic medicines to treat speech delay in a child through one of my friends from India.

    Actually, I have a baby of around 36 months with speech delay problem. Please reply so that I can give you more details about him.

    Mohamed Shaban

  5. Rehan Akhter says:

    My son is 5years old, he speaks few one letter words like Papa mummy dada dadi aunty. But nothing more than that no hearing problems, plz suggest what should I do?

    • Manimegalai says:

      My son is 2 years old .. he is saying amma ,aah ,ooh while playing . Saying amma not for calling me..It is just a word he s saying.. responding to his name. no hearing problems.. he s interested in playing and roaming around. Not interested to listen because of distractions makes eye contact.. gives hello. What should i do??

  6. 3year complete children not talk
    What the problem

  7. Shailja Jain says:

    My son is 3.5 years old but unable to speak two words in flow, he speak only single word. He didn’t have any problem in listening​ and he understands everything but not speak as he should. Is homeopathy treatment good for him? If yes, please share the treatment for the same.

  8. A. Biswas says:

    My son is 3 years and two months old. He is 112 centimetres height and 32 kilograms weights. He speaks very few words like tata, bye. He don’t call papa mama now. Even some words like surprise what he spoken before now stopped. He like watching Tv and utube. Even he can operate cell phones nicely. He always like to ho outside for playing but don’t like to talk. I am really getting frustrated. Please advice me.

    • rahul agarwal says:

      sirMy son is 3 years and two months old. He is 112 centimetres height and 32 kilograms weights. He speaks very few words like tata, bye. He don’t call papa mama now. Even some words like surprise what he spoken before now stopped. He like watching Tv and utube. Even he can operate cell phones nicely. He always like to ho outside for playing but don’t like to talk. I am really getting frustrated. Please advice me.

  9. Eze, Okoroafor Okorie says:

    My son is 27 months old and he hears and takes instructions, but can hardly speak up to two words at a time. What is the likely problem and what can be done?

  10. Abinash Kumar says:

    My son is five years old.he speaks little e.g.papa, MA etc

  11. MD Morshed Alam says:

    my son 7 years old. talk sometimes single word like baba- mamma but inattentive. never stay in a place more time always search food. more angry and short time sleeping tendency. become fat. when angry hit the head himself. running ch therapy.pls provide medicine and advice to overcome the situation.

  12. Anil Kumar Rawat says:

    Speech delay of my son somesh of 3 years 3 months.

    • V. K. Gupta says:

      My grand son is 2.5 years , he is delayed in speech. Sometimes he speaks mama or mum and shouts quite a lot. Does not respond to his name. As infant he was responding to sound. He had been suffering from cough, cold and viral fever quite frequently. ENT doctor says that appears to some problem with sensory nerve from ear to brain. Will you please help and suggest some medicine.

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