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Homeopathic Treatment for Squint

A squint, also known as strabismus, refers to a condition in which the coordination of the eyes is disturbed. In healthy persons, both the eyes point in the same direction and the focus of the eyes remains the same. But in case of a squint, the focus of one eye is correct while the other eye deviates. The affected eye can turn upward, downward, inward or outward. The extraocular muscles help in the movements of the eyeball. A squint develops due to the weakening of one or more extraocular muscles. It is a common condition in young children between the ages of 1 to 3 years, but it can affect adults too. Homeopathic treatment for squint is very effective for mild to moderate cases. They help in strengthening the eye muscles gently and naturally. Under this treatment, homeopathy medicines along with eye exercises provide the best assistance to the patient. But in severe cases of squint, homeopathic medicines provide supportive treatment in conjunction with the conventional mode. It helps in managing the symptoms related to vision. Homeopathy treatment for squint is natural and has no side effects. They are safe to use for all ages.

A detailed case taking is essential in every case. Case analysis helps in identifying the underlying cause as well as the characteristic symptoms of each case. These symptoms assist in the selection of the appropriate homeopathic medicine.

What are the Causes and Types of Squints?

A squint develops when the muscles of the eyes are not working properly. There are two types of causes leading to a squint. The first type of cause is congenital. In congenital cases, a squint is present from birth. Also, this condition may be present in other members of the family. The second type of cause is acquired, where a squint develops later in life. Acquired causes include an injury to the brain or nerves, hydrocephalus, viral infections like meningitis and measles, accidents, long untreated eye illnesses like hyper myopia or long-sightedness, myopia or short sightedness, or astigmatism, which is a defect in the shape of the cornea. It may also be present in premature babies or children with Down’s Syndrome and cerebral palsy.

Squints can be intermittent – where it appears only for some time or during certain activities. It can also be constant – where it is present continuously. There are different types of squints, depending on the direction of eye movement. The first is exotropic where the eye turns outward; the second is esotropic where the eye moves inward. These are also known as divergent and convergent squints respectively. The third type is hypotropia here the eye turns downward, and the last is hypertropia in which the eye rotates upward.

Signs and Symptoms of a Squint

Signs and symptoms vary from mild to severe depending on the underlying cause and duration of the squint. In newborns and infants, you may notice deviation of the eyes in the initial months of life. It may be temporary and arise due to tiring of the eye muscles. Generally, it goes away by itself. But if it persists, treatment is required. A squint is a very common cosmetic problem which when not treated properly may lead to permanent loss of vision. It may affect one or both eyes. As mentioned earlier, since the patient is unable to focus both eyes at one point, he may move his face or head in a particular direction to use the eyes together. Either the person may see with one eye or develop double vision, also known as lazy eye or amblyopia. There may also be a loss of deep perception.

Homeopathic Medicines for Squint

Top homeopathic medicines for squint are Physostigma, Jaborandi, Cyclamen, Gelsemium, Natrum Mur, Ruta, Alumina, Cicuta, and Stramonium. Physostigma is a top ranked homeopathic medicine for squint cases with short-sightedness. There may be profuse watery discharge the patient may complain of weakness in the eyes. Jaborandi is a highly recommended homeopathic medicine for squint with long-sightedness. In such cases, the eye turns upward and inward. Cyclamen is a useful homeopathic medicine for squint where the affected eye turns toward the nose. There may be a burning sensation in the eye. The vision is disturbed, and objects may appear double. The patient may also complain of cloudy vision. Gelsemium is another very effective homeopathic medicine for squint with disturbances in vision. The patient may complain of blurred or double vision. The eye turns outward when the person is looking sideways and disappears when looking straight. The patient may experience difficulty in opening the eyes. Natrum Mur is a suitable homeopathic treatment for squint caused by the weakening of eye muscles. The person may complain of pain in the eyes when looking downward. The eyes turn outward. Patients may face difficulty working in sunlight or bright light. The symptoms may get worse with fatigue. Ruta is beneficial homeopathic treatment for squint which occurs due to the over straining of eye muscles. Symptoms may get worse due to excessive reading or working in dim light. Alumina is an excellent homeopathic treatment for squint in children where both eyes are affected. The symptoms may get worse during dentition. The child may tend to look at one point constantly. Cicuta works well in cases where a squint appears after certain intervals. In such cases, the patient develops a squint following a fall or a blow. Stramonium is a very effective homeopathic medicine for squint due to brain disorders. The patient may have wide open eyes with marked staring, the vision may be affected, and objects may appear dark and large.

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  1. जशवीर सिंह says:

    श्री मान जी , मेरी बेटी 4 साल की है । उसकी बांयी आंख अंदर की तरफ घूम जाती है , जबकि दांयी आंख सही फोकस करती है , यह स्थिति कुछ दिन पहले ही शुरू हुई है । बाकि वह बिल्कुल तंदरुस्त है , खाना भी सही खाती है , सब्जी भी सही खाती है । उसे कोई चोट भी नहीं लगी है । कृप्या मार्गदर्शन करें ।

  2. Vikram dutt says:

    Mere child ka birth 14/02/2012 ko hua tha aur janm ke 4 din ke baad hi usko ek dimagi daura pada tha jis me uska left hand aur right eye me ek vibration hui thi aur doctor ne 8 hours ke liye icu me rakha tha. Uske baad 5 saal uski medicine chali thi aur eeg me gimag ki nerve ki weakness aayi thi. Lekin medicine ke chalne ke 3 yrs ke baad uski right eye bahar ki taraf ghumne lagi thi. 5 yrs ka course pura hone ke baad usko eye specialist ko dikhaya to usne -1.5 ka chashma laga diya jis se kuchh control hua . Ab uski age 10 yrs ho gyi h or ab bhi ankh ghum jaati h . Jab us ko thik karne ke liye bolte h to ankh bilkul set ho jaati h par bina chashme ke ankh bahar ki taraf ghum jaati h. Kya koi treatment ho sakta h. Please reply

  3. Shabana Ansari says:

    My daughter is 22 years, she has been operated on one eye for squint but no use, doctors are again insisting on surgery, can squint be cured by homeopathy.

    • Mohit soare says:

      meri age 16 year hai me Khandwa se hu mujhe bachpan se hi right eyes me squint problem hai Kya iska treatment homeopathic se thik Ho sakta hai ya nhi plz reply…

  4. Sameeksha Tiwari says:

    Hi my 3 year old son is having squint from last 3 months and it is not by birth to him. He is having squint alternating days. His right eye comes toward nose n sometimes left eye also I hav given him physostigma 200, zincum metalicum 30 from last 2 months but no relief plz suggest is it curable by homeopathy

  5. Hi there, do you have any experience working with cyclic esotropia? (Alternative day squint)?

  6. Ankur TEWARI says:

    which medicine is best in squint caused due to injury. I was three year old when I fell from stairs. I have squint in left eye. Retina is damaged, no vision

  7. Sir i have a squint in left eye, When i focused on a thing, the eye become straight ,but when i see far apart the, left eye turns outward. The eye sight of left eye is weak.I have squint for last 6 six years. My age is 19 years. Sir plz help me

  8. I have squint for last 6 years . My age is 19 .I have squint in left eye which moves outward when I see far and become straight when I see near and focused. Plz help me

  9. Parveen mirza says:

    How can I corrected my childhood squint my eyes have paralyzed due to fever

  10. Abhilash sahu says:

    My right eye sleightly squint how can be corrected please give me solution sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏sir plzzzzzz advice which medicine

  11. My son is 3 yrs 6month suffering from squint .from both eye. But right eye is more effective than left.
    Please advice medicine for this

  12. Neta Prrasad says:


    Can squint be corrected through homoepathy at the age of 35

    Please suggest

    Thank you very much

  13. Sajjad Zaidi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Hope all is well.
    My 5 years old son who is frequently playing games on cellphones & tablet has squint eyes issue, we visited a doctor who diagnose weakness of eyes patthay and give number optical yo wear all the time, during wearing the glass his eyes looks fine but when he unwear his eyes seems squint, doctor also suggested operation if the issue not resolve, meanwhile a homeopathic doctor suggest Tubocurare 30 of schwabe but the issue is still exist, We are avoiding operation, can you suggest any medicine to avoid operational procedure, will be very thankful to you.
    Sajjad Zaidi

    • Vidhi jain says:

      Hello ma’am, I hope you are fine. Actually I had a accomodative esotropia. I had gone through squint surgery at the age of 3 yrs but not corrected. Now at the age of 29 yrs doctor recommended to me for hyper lasik surgery …after completing the surgery my squint was not corrected but later on it seems to correct automatically but not completely sometimes its correct sometimes its not
      My no. Was +3 for both the eyes …please recommend me what should I do further

  14. Hi Sir My 4 Year old Daughter have squint in Left Side Eye, that is slow than the the Right Side Eye, There is no Family History in our both families, baby is always healthy till 21 months, after that we have to shift to another city due to transfer in job, that time I have to carry baby with Motorcycle’s front sheet in the morning at 6.30 AM for drive for six kilometer daily monday to saturday, That time problem created within three months. Problem is that when baby seeing from left to right, the left eye come slower in the center, but this problem is not apears every time. it apears severally, After six months when baby going outer side of home in the morning this left eye is not open properly, it opens half, but when we ask to open baby opens the eye fully, but most of the time when baby is in open air not opens left eye properly, one more thing is that when this problem seen first time till date not any problem she have but before five months ago from the problem starting she cross the legs inside and tighten both legs like locked, but when we ask to open, she release legs, wwhen this problem apears we consult to the Child specialist (Head of the Department, SMS Child Hospital in jaipur, Dr. ML Sharma he analyse and many urine and blood tests and after one one month confirm that is not any problem, some children having different different habits, and this is like that, this problem is continue till now, legs are moved inside, but when baby is busy with some activities this activity never seen.
    we consult firtly with Dr. Anulok Jain homeopathic practioner give us a self made medicine in liquid form in a spray bottle, by that baby is okay in 5 days, but ask us to complete the bottle only. no further need to take medicine. but after two three months baby was having fever, cough and cold and the problem remain started, but further medicine not working. they have not recorded for that medicine. since then baby is treating with different Homeopathic Doctors but result is nill,
    Right now we close all treatments since two months and give her only Natrum Mureticum 30. it is effective 50% in eye problem, Please Suggest what to do.

  15. My 2yrs baby have squint eyes…now she use spect left +7 &+ right 6.6 pls suggest medicine and treatment

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