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Homeopathic Treatment for Squint

A squint, also known as strabismus, refers to a condition in which the coordination of the eyes is disturbed. In healthy persons, both the eyes point in the same direction and the focus of the eyes remains the same. But in case of a squint, the focus of one eye is correct while the other eye deviates. The affected eye can turn upward, downward, inward or outward. The extraocular muscles help in the movements of the eyeball. A squint develops due to the weakening of one or more extraocular muscles. It is a common condition in young children between the ages of 1 to 3 years, but it can affect adults too. Homeopathic treatment for squint is very effective for mild to moderate cases. They help in strengthening the eye muscles gently and naturally. Under this treatment, homeopathy medicines along with eye exercises provide the best assistance to the patient. But in severe cases of squint, homeopathic medicines provide supportive treatment in conjunction with the conventional mode. It helps in managing the symptoms related to vision. Homeopathy treatment for squint is natural and has no side effects. They are safe to use for all ages.

A detailed case taking is essential in every case. Case analysis helps in identifying the underlying cause as well as the characteristic symptoms of each case. These symptoms assist in the selection of the appropriate homeopathic medicine.

What are the Causes and Types of Squints?

A squint develops when the muscles of the eyes are not working properly. There are two types of causes leading to a squint. The first type of cause is congenital. In congenital cases, a squint is present from birth. Also, this condition may be present in other members of the family. The second type of cause is acquired, where a squint develops later in life. Acquired causes include an injury to the brain or nerves, hydrocephalus, viral infections like meningitis and measles, accidents, long untreated eye illnesses like hyper myopia or long-sightedness, myopia or short sightedness, or astigmatism, which is a defect in the shape of the cornea. It may also be present in premature babies or children with Down’s Syndrome and cerebral palsy.

Squints can be intermittent – where it appears only for some time or during certain activities. It can also be constant – where it is present continuously. There are different types of squints, depending on the direction of eye movement. The first is exotropic where the eye turns outward; the second is esotropic where the eye moves inward. These are also known as divergent and convergent squints respectively. The third type is hypotropia here the eye turns downward, and the last is hypertropia in which the eye rotates upward.

Signs and Symptoms of a Squint

Signs and symptoms vary from mild to severe depending on the underlying cause and duration of the squint. In newborns and infants, you may notice deviation of the eyes in the initial months of life. It may be temporary and arise due to tiring of the eye muscles. Generally, it goes away by itself. But if it persists, treatment is required. A squint is a very common cosmetic problem which when not treated properly may lead to permanent loss of vision. It may affect one or both eyes. As mentioned earlier, since the patient is unable to focus both eyes at one point, he may move his face or head in a particular direction to use the eyes together. Either the person may see with one eye or develop double vision, also known as lazy eye or amblyopia. There may also be a loss of deep perception.

Homeopathic Medicines for Squint

Top homeopathic medicines for squint are Physostigma, Jaborandi, Cyclamen, Gelsemium, Natrum Mur, Ruta, Alumina, Cicuta, and Stramonium. Physostigma is a top ranked homeopathic medicine for squint cases with short-sightedness. There may be profuse watery discharge the patient may complain of weakness in the eyes. Jaborandi is a highly recommended homeopathic medicine for squint with long-sightedness. In such cases, the eye turns upward and inward. Cyclamen is a useful homeopathic medicine for squint where the affected eye turns toward the nose. There may be a burning sensation in the eye. The vision is disturbed, and objects may appear double. The patient may also complain of cloudy vision. Gelsemium is another very effective homeopathic medicine for squint with disturbances in vision. The patient may complain of blurred or double vision. The eye turns outward when the person is looking sideways and disappears when looking straight. The patient may experience difficulty in opening the eyes. Natrum Mur is a suitable homeopathic treatment for squint caused by the weakening of eye muscles. The person may complain of pain in the eyes when looking downward. The eyes turn outward. Patients may face difficulty working in sunlight or bright light. The symptoms may get worse with fatigue. Ruta is beneficial homeopathic treatment for squint which occurs due to the over straining of eye muscles. Symptoms may get worse due to excessive reading or working in dim light. Alumina is an excellent homeopathic treatment for squint in children where both eyes are affected. The symptoms may get worse during dentition. The child may tend to look at one point constantly. Cicuta works well in cases where a squint appears after certain intervals. In such cases, the patient develops a squint following a fall or a blow. Stramonium is a very effective homeopathic medicine for squint due to brain disorders. The patient may have wide open eyes with marked staring, the vision may be affected, and objects may appear dark and large.

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  1. Sir i have a squint in left eye, When i focused on a thing, the eye become straight ,but when i see far apart the, left eye turns outward. The eye sight of left eye is weak.I have squint for last 6 six years. My age is 19 years. Sir plz help me

  2. I have squint for last 6 years . My age is 19 .I have squint in left eye which moves outward when I see far and become straight when I see near and focused. Plz help me

  3. Parveen mirza says:

    How can I corrected my childhood squint my eyes have paralyzed due to fever

  4. Abhilash sahu says:

    My right eye sleightly squint how can be corrected please give me solution sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏sir plzzzzzz advice which medicine

  5. My son is 3 yrs 6month suffering from squint .from both eye. But right eye is more effective than left.
    Please advice medicine for this

  6. Neta Prrasad says:


    Can squint be corrected through homoepathy at the age of 35

    Please suggest

    Thank you very much

  7. Sajjad Zaidi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Hope all is well.
    My 5 years old son who is frequently playing games on cellphones & tablet has squint eyes issue, we visited a doctor who diagnose weakness of eyes patthay and give number optical yo wear all the time, during wearing the glass his eyes looks fine but when he unwear his eyes seems squint, doctor also suggested operation if the issue not resolve, meanwhile a homeopathic doctor suggest Tubocurare 30 of schwabe but the issue is still exist, We are avoiding operation, can you suggest any medicine to avoid operational procedure, will be very thankful to you.
    Sajjad Zaidi

    • Vidhi jain says:

      Hello ma’am, I hope you are fine. Actually I had a accomodative esotropia. I had gone through squint surgery at the age of 3 yrs but not corrected. Now at the age of 29 yrs doctor recommended to me for hyper lasik surgery …after completing the surgery my squint was not corrected but later on it seems to correct automatically but not completely sometimes its correct sometimes its not
      My no. Was +3 for both the eyes …please recommend me what should I do further

  8. Hi Sir My 4 Year old Daughter have squint in Left Side Eye, that is slow than the the Right Side Eye, There is no Family History in our both families, baby is always healthy till 21 months, after that we have to shift to another city due to transfer in job, that time I have to carry baby with Motorcycle’s front sheet in the morning at 6.30 AM for drive for six kilometer daily monday to saturday, That time problem created within three months. Problem is that when baby seeing from left to right, the left eye come slower in the center, but this problem is not apears every time. it apears severally, After six months when baby going outer side of home in the morning this left eye is not open properly, it opens half, but when we ask to open baby opens the eye fully, but most of the time when baby is in open air not opens left eye properly, one more thing is that when this problem seen first time till date not any problem she have but before five months ago from the problem starting she cross the legs inside and tighten both legs like locked, but when we ask to open, she release legs, wwhen this problem apears we consult to the Child specialist (Head of the Department, SMS Child Hospital in jaipur, Dr. ML Sharma he analyse and many urine and blood tests and after one one month confirm that is not any problem, some children having different different habits, and this is like that, this problem is continue till now, legs are moved inside, but when baby is busy with some activities this activity never seen.
    we consult firtly with Dr. Anulok Jain homeopathic practioner give us a self made medicine in liquid form in a spray bottle, by that baby is okay in 5 days, but ask us to complete the bottle only. no further need to take medicine. but after two three months baby was having fever, cough and cold and the problem remain started, but further medicine not working. they have not recorded for that medicine. since then baby is treating with different Homeopathic Doctors but result is nill,
    Right now we close all treatments since two months and give her only Natrum Mureticum 30. it is effective 50% in eye problem, Please Suggest what to do.

  9. My 2yrs baby have squint eyes…now she use spect left +7 &+ right 6.6 pls suggest medicine and treatment

  10. Hello Sir, My son is 5 year old. He has squint in both eyes. Which homopethic medicine is best for him

    • Rahul kumar purbey says:

      Hello sir, my name is Rahul kumar I am 22 year old ,I have a problem of squint (Exotropia) eye since 1 year, it’s occur after the head injury. Sir please suggest me the treatment and medicine for my problem.

  11. Mandeep kaur says:

    Hlo sir , my baby born in 7th month( premature)
    All eyes test done in first 3 months all was good. Now she is 6 month old. But last one month she has a squint( inward)
    Doctors suggested it may be remove by herself if not then surgery is the best way.
    I want to ask you
    Is it possible to remove with Homeopathic treatment?

    • Go to and find an Licensed eye doctor that may be have a therapeutic alternative to surgery.

    • Hello sir mari doughter ki ek eye ander ki taraf ho gai hai by birth nhi thi.ab wo two year ki ho gai last six month se ho gai uski eye ander ki taraf.please help.

  12. Abhijeet says:

    My daughter is 21 months old and having isotropic squint from last 3 months. She is an indoor baby (colour of my house walls is drak yellow) and i have noticed her using mobiles with full brightness. She feel difficulty in opening eyes in full brightness outside. Eyeglasses are prescribed by doctor…her no is +4 (right eye) & +5(left eye).sir i want to know is it possible to completely remove her squint and eye glasses with homeopathic medicine.

  13. Amit Verma says:

    Sir my daughter have problem in both eye but the vision is ok .she is 6 year old wright now .it is mild but doctors in allopathy suggested for operation so want to try homeopathic medicine ,please support.

  14. Pawan kumar singh says:

    Sir mein pawan kumar singh, age-21 year ka hu mujhe bachapan squint problem he or meri ankhe outside turn he to mein kon sa medicine

  15. My son is 6.5 and his eyes alternate looking inwards. It’s not constant. Usually when he is tired, staring at something up close, or when he is not paying attention. When he is very conversational they do not drift. I really think it has to do with the brain. On the way it homeopathy treat this and help him overcome it completely? Which treatment do you advise us to go along with?

  16. Tirakapa says:

    Sir I am 25 years old. I am suffering from exotropia from the beginning. How can I overcome from this squint eye and how long it will take for treatment.

  17. Ajit kumar says:

    Sir I am suffering from alternate exotropia when I looking with right eye the left eye turns outward when looking with left eye right eye turns outward plz give me best medicine because I want to go in defence and I am 18 years old

  18. Jit Biswas says:

    My both eye is alternate exotropia , when I focus to a object then one of my eye is exotropia. Sometimes I try to focus to a object with both eye, then my eye focus is right and occurs blurred vision, I can’t see near object. I am 28 years, Sir please suggest me which medicine is best for me.

    Thanking you
    Mr Jit Biswas

  19. Pramod verma says:

    Eye doctor Sharma Am Pramod Verma
    I have a squint in my left eyes it’s look out word I know I have exotropia please recommend me medicine

  20. Hi doctor, my friend have a squint problem which not by childhood. This problem occured due to drinking of kerosin and being unconscious for 3 days. The squint problem develops in her right eye.

  21. Donna Sewell says:

    Hi, my daughter who is 2 yrs 11 months woke up and one eye was turning slightly onwards. I noticed immediately and thought it was odd but she must be a bit tired and trying to focus. 2 days later I noticed it when she was watching tv. It is only in her right eye. I took her to the doctors and she has been referred to a specialist. I am really worried and want to do something immediately to prevent any more strain or long term damage. It is only slight. What homeopathic remedy would you recommend as there are many. Thank you. I’m so worried and want to try and resolve this without glasses.

  22. gazanfar says:

    i have intermittent exotropia in my right eye. my age is 28.Which medicine is best for my squint.
    mobile no. 08494063617

    • Anil Patil says:

      I am anil patil from kolhapur Maharashtra
      I have squint problem since 20 yers
      I had an accident over right eyebrow since that time my right eye looking squint and very very poor Vision to right eye and it’s like none
      Opthalmologist says there is no recovery because optic nerve is damaged
      Is there any homeopathic treatment for my squint eye correction

  23. Hi doc Sharma
    My sister’ s son is suffering with squint problem in his right eye.he is only 2.5 years.problem started before one month there any treatment in homeopathy which cn fix it? please reply

  24. Reta kurdic says:

    My 3.5 year old son has a inward squint in his left eye. It started in May, on and off , and the eye doctor told me he was fine and that he has perfect vision. In December he woke up one morning and his left eye is turned All the way inward and it won’t go back to normal. Two doctors are telling me he needs eye surgery, I have been patching his eye and I would like to try any treatment you would recommend for him. He was born 7 weeks premature but has always had straight healthy eyes until recently. It does not run in our family. Please help. Thank you.

  25. Shweta Tiwari says:

    My 2.5 year son got squint problem,, we had noticed it when he was 10 months.. What should be the treatment for him please suggest us, we don’t want any surgery..

  26. Muhammad Awais says:

    My 3.5 years daughter got squint in her right eye just 2 months before. Squint appears after certain intervals,she doesn’t complain any vision problem or any pain,her eye sight is 6/6,Please advise suitable medicine

  27. Madam l sarfraz ahmad from UP
    IAM suffering from squint in my left eye since birth
    Inword squint towrd nose side
    Age 28 years
    Mob no

    Kindly help me for treatment


    Lucknow UP

  28. I am 22 year old and I have a squint extropia

  29. Alpana sharma says:

    Hi sir my child is 6 year old she is a girl she is facing squintproblem form 2.5 year plz suggest me I have to go for homeopathic treatment or alopathy

  30. M 45 years of age. Squint problem since birth
    Can u suggest me ny eye dropps. ( Homeopathic ) i dont want to surgery and all.
    Pls advise.

  31. I got squint after my cataract operation in 2010 but I could not find a remedy so the doctors told me this can be only operated after the lens is fitted properly so they again operated my and try to fix the lens with that I lost lot of vision and my eye turns out words does not look straight I can send you my photograph am about 70 years of age and I am quite embarrassed to have a sprint at this age if it can be cured please do help me with this I shall be grateful to you

  32. MD AlAMIN ISLAM says:

    I’m from Bangladesh.i have a squint what can I do?? Can Homeopathy do something for me???

  33. jyoti garg says:

    I am 23 years old and i suffering from squint eye from birth. It affect my both eyes but not at same time. Some time it appear in my left eye and some time in right eye and some time my both eyes are normal.Please suggest me what is the best homeopathy medicine to fix my eyes. Thank you.

  34. Mithun Banik says:

    Respected sir,
    I have esotropia on my left eye.Please suggest me what is the best homeopathy medicine to fix my eyes. Thank you.

  35. Hello doctor, I m 18.5 years old girl
    I m suffering from minor strabismus congenitally.whenever I saw to left or right side one of my eye got inward plzzzzzzz tell me how to correct it I shall be very thankful to you 😟

    • Mithun Banik says:

      Respected sir,
      I have esotropia on my left eye.Please suggest me what is the best homeopathy medicine to fix my eyes. Thank you.

    • Dear Sir,
      My name is Dhaval & my child left eye squint by birth . You are request to suggest homeopathy medicine for him. He is 13 year old.

      Kindly reply soon.

      Thanking you

  36. Dinesh Kumar Lalwani says:

    My daughter have stasbism in the left eye.
    She is four years old.
    Doctors say that depth perception is getting affected
    Can homeopathic medicine correct it??

  37. I am 19 i fell from stairs when i was 10 years is this 100% curable by homeopathic medicine

  38. Selohile Jacob Mahobe says:

    Hi Dr my brother is 33yrs old suffering from squint eye it was first right eye now is the left eye ndvhe suffered from stress lately which led him to mild stroke

  39. Cyclamen squint problem ko kitne time me sahi kr deti h

  40. Gaurav Garg says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter is 4.5 year old. She have squint problem in both eyes. I want to know treatment in homoepathy before opting surgery option. Please suggest. my mobile no 9911670998

  41. Bhavin thakkar says:

    Respected Sir,

    My daughter is 19 months old & suffering from squint introverted both eyes.

    She is premature birth & low birth weight
    She is totally healthy,vision is proper.

    Kindly suggest medicine

    Thanking you,
    Bhavin thakkar

    • Neena john says:

      My son’s left eye is squint since birth. Now he is one and half year old. His left eye is not moving completely to left side. Vision is correct. What problem is this? What should I do? Please help me sir

      • sunita D. Sharma says:

        sir Iam 52 years old and I am having squint in my left eye after suffering from meningitis disease in the age approx 8 years. I have been humiliated by people since then. please please I request you to suggest me something which can surely cure this problem.

        • Hello doctor, I m 18.5 years old I m suffering from minor strabismus congenitally.whenever I saw to left or right side one of my eye got inward plzzzzzzz tell me how to correct it I shall be very thankful to you 😟

  42. Anita Bhatia says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 52 year female. I have observed acute falling and thinning of my hair for the last 4-5 months. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine for this problem. I have been taking Nat Mur since 20-25 days.


  43. Leena Talwar says:

    My daughter 5 year hav squint please tell me ki homeopathy se bhi shi ho skta h

  44. Squint ki prblm kitne time me sahi ho jati h

  45. Abdul Jaleel says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    My son is 4 yrs old n he is having squint in her left eye since birth. According to Doctors, he is having very high power in eyes. So I need to discuss the case n request you to help my son illness with your medicine only.

  46. Ayesha khan says:

    Eye turning outward direction moves when my baby is in aggresive mood when she blinking her eyes she will see at normal view kindly suggest me to the best doctor . My baby girl age is 2.5 years old .

  47. Fatima mughal says:

    Hi I am 20 year my left eye have squint plz mujy koi achi or jald shifa wali remedy bataye mujy boht problem hoti Hy Mera confidence Kam hojata Hy uski waja see ap please please mujy koi achi si remedy batayr

  48. Sunil yadav says:

    My daughter has squint disease. I know how to fix this problem without using surgery option so i have choose to go homoepatho medicine. Please tell something above regarding problem my mobile no 9625066649

  49. Adalat sher says:

    Sir I am adalat sher from Pakistan KPK district son 7 years old. At the age of 3 years he was okay after 3 years squint in left eye but now his right eye is also becoming squint both eyes are sometimes in outer sides ( to ear sides) i want to come to india for homoeopathic treatment.will it be possible for me to come to India?? Will he become normal?? I don’t know the process how to apply for visa documentation etc..
    Please sir i need your help and guidance . Thanks

  50. Sakshi Goel says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    My daughter is 5 yrs old n she is having squint in her right eye since birth. According to study, she is suffering from ‘Exotropia’ type of squint. So I need to discuss the case n request you to help my daughter illness with your medicine only..

    • Mridul sarma says:

      My daughter is 5 years old n she is having squint suddenly last 2 months. Please help my daughter

  51. Sir my left eye is a squint and sensitive so possible treatment

    • Sir I am harshad sharma 23 year old my left eye is a squint and sensitive so possible treatment in my eye plz reply sir

  52. Raghunath Sahoo says:

    I have squint. Sometimes left eye squint outward and sometimes right. Most of the time it’s left eye which squint. When I focus then both eye become straight. I always feel left eye is overworked.
    Can homeopathy medicine help me to atleast relax my eyes.

  53. medicine for squint eyes

  54. Prem Prakash says:

    I have divergent squint in left eye. I am suffered from sound mind ache from last 12 years .but not see double object. Doctor has told me your binocular vision is absent. Please suggest me effective homeopathy medicines and their potency.

  55. Ravinder Kumar says:

    My daughter age 6 year having squint problem since birth. How can u help me

  56. I am Harsh My left squint eye treatment possible my age 23 running please give your precious suggestion

  57. Thank you so much for writing this I have been searching for ages for info on “lazy eye” an dyours is the first with detailed info for each remedy. My son is 20 months old but started with eyes drifting at around 6 months. Before this he had bad weeping in the one eye, which cleared up around the same time. I also noticed that staring off and eyes fixed in one position here and there. I have tried Nat Mur 30c and I did see improvement until i ran out, should I try a 200C?

    I was suggested this remedy incase of any trauma, and while pregnant I did have a fall at around 8 mths but did not land on my stomach but thought my fear/stress could have affected him, he also had circumcisi0on and had a lip and tongue tie reversal so to me alot of stress/trauma for a little guy 🙁 May try Alumina or Stramonium if no change, what do you think?

    Thank you again

    • My 20 month old daughter (5th child) began having squint in her left eye pretty out of the blue at about 16 months old. No injury or accident that I am aware of.
      Eye dr said both of her eyes are actually doing it inward but the left is what is more drastic. It is not all the time but I would say 80%.
      She was given strong prescription glasses (+3.5). I have given Cyclamen 30c for the past couple months. Not sure it it is that or the glasses make very slight improvement.
      Was thinking of trying Jaborandi or Alumina?
      Any thoughts? Do not want to go the surgery route at all as it doesn’t sound like it is real effective. She is very far sighted the Eye dr said.
      Thank you!

  58. i have squint eye on left side .. i am facing a lot of low self esteem issue , due to this . its appears that my left eye not opening widely just as my right eye … its shows a creased on eye lid may be a muscle weakness pleaae suggest some remedy for this ….

  59. Gayathri Bellamkonda says:

    Hi sir my baby who has 5years is suffering from interminent squint last 3montha pls advise what we have to do for that

  60. Imtiaz Sikder says:

    Dear Sir
    My Daughter is nine years old and she has strabismus. It has been happening for the last three/four years. It does not happen all the time. Most of the time her eyes are normal, but sometimes her eyes become crossed. I think it is outward. She has vision problem also. She was wearing glasses before. But not been wearing glasses for more than one year. Few days ago Doctor gave her glasses again and told us to visit him in two months. He said that after wearing glasses there is a chance that eye condition might improve.

    We would be very much helpful if you could do something about her with your Homeopathy treatment.
    Will be waiting for your reply.

    Thank you
    Imtiaz Sikder

  61. Hello Dr Sharma,
    My 15 month old toddler girl child has
    OD +1.50 -0.50 48• and OS +2,75 -0.50 17• measures based on Plusoptix vision screener.
    prescription with recommendation from her ophthalmologist to wear OD :+2.50
    and OS :+4.00 DP =48/49 mm eye glasses .

    the Diagnostic also said is Strabismus Convergent :Medium Hypertropym
    I would like to get your expert opinion to know if homeopathy is an option for my child.
    When my child focuses on objects very closely, her right eye moves inward occasionally. Otherwise her eyes look normal.
    Advice required please.

  62. Rahul jain says:

    My daughter has lazy eye problem please suggest I go for allopathy or for homeopathic.

  63. Abdul Hafeez Butt says:

    My daughter age 6 years.In right eye squint .Please prescript homeo medicin.

  64. Hello sir.
    I’m 26 year old guy, got right eye penetrating injury when I was 5 years old.From last year I’m using cosmetic contact lens, now my right eye is deviating outwards.Please suggest some homeopathic medicine and any exercise and precautions.
    Thank you Sir.

  65. Prasann patil says:

    I have squint eye problem for right eye for 2 years.
    Plzz suggest medicine.

  66. I am 30 years old suffering from lazy right eye . Left eye normal. Is it possible to treat my condition by homeopathy. Kindly give suitable advise.

  67. Well done sir…your notes give me new experience….

  68. Madison Seiler says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have a 2 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with alternating esotropia inferior oblique overaction strabismus. I’ve came across a lot of information about cyclamen working for strabismus patients. If you have any information or are able to point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you!

  69. Hello Dr,

    I have double vision and a slight squint. My right eyeball does not move.

    Is there a cure?

  70. Knagendrababu says:

    Exotropia squint eye please how to recover

  71. Meri beti 5 years old h, uske left eye main squint h , Jo ki every time bhi h par kabhi kabhi dikta h, pl advise homeopath medicine for her,

    • Hello sir myself usha my son is 13 yrs old he was developed squint eyes when he was 5 yrs after that we were regularly having his checkup and had surgery also for squint eyes but after few months it again developed and other thing is that l had my second baby which is two yes old she also developed squint when she was 11months sir please suggest homeo medicine for my both children

      • Syed Shabana Begum says:

        Sir, Namasthey !
        I had a daughter aged 13 . We observed she had a slight squint eye when she was 7 years old. We once consult a doctor and shown her. But Dr. said nothing to worry, it will be OK as her age increases . But it seems there is no change and it developed a little. Kindly suggest the right treatment or any exercise s for it., Please !
        Thank You.

  72. राजीब says:

    Hello sir,मैं राजीव हूँ और उंम्र 21 है । बचपन से ही आखें में left eye में भेन्गापान है । plz squint eye के लिए सुझाव है तो जबाब दे?


      Hello sir
      Meri age 51years he.meri left eye andar ki taraf ho rhi he
      Koi Medicine byaye

  73. Hi! I am sandy,I am 24years old now & i hv squint in my right was well during my childhood but my eye sight was weaked in childhood after 18years that problem was seemed frist time.i had done my eye sight surgery also but i got not postive effect. so Is here any solution for eye squint ?

  74. Vineet Panhotra says:

    Hi, my son 4 years old have a squint in both eyes. Lazy Eyes was also discovered where he had to do patching. Now the docs have recommended surgery saying have depth perception after agree 5 will be lost. We are not in favor of surgery. Please suggest if anything can be done in homeopathy to recover from squint. He wears spectacules.

    • prasann patil says:

      Hii sir,i have squint eye problem. I am 21 yrs old. Squint eye problem is 2 yrs ago.plz suggest medicine for squint eye

  75. Alisha afzal says:

    Helw sir
    How r u..
    Sir plz suggest me the homeopathic meficne for right exotropia.i have operated for that but after surgery again i have this problm sir plz i want to get rid from this problm .i really face many problms for this disease plz sugesst me medicine…i shall be very thankful to u

  76. Ramanpreet Singh says:

    Sir i av a squni problem. …..i have short sightedness.. Ie myopia in my right eye and in my right eye there is problem of squint as my turns right side sometimes. …sir i’m facing this problem from about an year…. Please sir help me so that i can get rid of this problem…. Please please

  77. Saraswathi devi says:

    I had 3 yr baby she had left eye move inward when seeing distance object in is started 2 year 6 month..what I will do …it will cure or not …I took her to eye Dr he told only exercise but she is not doing regularly…y it is came to my baby …in our family no one had this problem ….pls reply sir it will cure permanently in homeopathy

  78. manish saini says:

    डॉ साहब नमस्कार,
    मेरी आयु 31 वर्ष है और मैं बचपन से ही eye squint की समस्या से ग्रसित हूं, ओर मेरे परिवार में इसके ओर भी कंई मरीज हैं, पर मम्मी पापा को ये समस्या बिल्कुल नही है,
    मुझे इसका प्रभाव left eye में ज्यादा रहता है, मुझे ये समस्या निरन्तर नही रहती, जब मैं ड्राइविंग करता हूं, टीवी देखता हूं, या कुछ सोच रहा होता हूँ, तब मेरी left eye में इसका प्रभाव आ जाता है, परन्तु अगर मैं चाहूं तो मेरी दोनो आंखे बिल्कुल सही रहती हैं, पर ध्यान हटने से तुरन्त eye squint का प्रभाव आ जाता है। जिसमे अधिकतर मेरी left eye की पुतली, नाक के विपरित दिशा में चली जाती है।
    क्रप्या कोई अच्छा सा इलाज बताएं, ताकि मेरी आंखे ठीक छप सकें एवं मुझमें हीन भावना समाप्त हो सके।


  79. Praveen Kr Singh says:

    My son is 18 years old, there was no squint till age of around 15 years but since 03 years he has squint in both eyes. His mother also had squint and her squint was treated after operation.
    Kindly suggest homeo medicine for my son.

  80. Hi,

    Sir, my child when he get 2 year old he got inward squint right eye problem. sometimes he is fine and most of time his squint is very clear . please be advise what is most suitable medicine for him
    . last year we test his HP level which is 8 . he mostly eat very less and drink milk. now this year HP level is 9.5.
    eyes surgeon recommends glasses of 0.5 rear .

    await for your reply


    • Hello Dr my child is now 6 years old he has squint in left eye his eye came inwords when he concentrate on any thing and also problem in vision in left plz sugest me any medicin and who much will be use and he is now very thin he is not eating properly he dont demand for food and he has a habit of taking thumb in his mouth plz help me sir

    • Kumaran Krishnan says:

      Dear Sir,
      My 26 month old toddler girl child has OD Sph -9.25 Cyl +0.75 Axis 120 and OS Sph -4.50 prescription with recommendation from her ophthalmologist to wear Polycarbonate lenses.
      I would like to get your expert opinion to know if homeopathy is an option for my child. When my child focuses on objects very closely, her right eye moves inward occasionally. Otherwise her eyes look normal.
      Advice required please.
      Kumaran Krishnan

  81. Hi Dr Sharma
    I am 36 years old and see a visible left eye squint. Eye ball go outward by itself and only when i stress my vision can control it for some time. Kindly suggest some medicine

  82. kanwal pal singh says:

    Sir ,
    Is it possible to correct squint and increase vision in my 22 years son if possible please mail me so that I can visit you

  83. Ankush Arora says:

    Hi sir I have eye floaters, blurred vision & aslo squint after retina detachment surgery any possiblty to correct the problem

  84. I have squint problem in eyes

  85. In my right eye have a squint … Is it possible to correct ?

  86. Alok Singh Parmar says:

    There is squint problem to my 10 years son. I think this problem is about 3 to 4 years old. Could you suggest any medicine?

  87. GEETHANJALI M says:

    Hello madam
    I have been problem with my left eye, im 25 years old.i can’t able to see the long sighted objects,and I have been using spectacles, I consulted many doctors they said no need of any surgery, do some exercises, I can’t get any positive results. Please help me with homeopathy, my number is 9633910437

  88. In my left eye have a squint i can’t see from left eye only cosmetic purpose I want to correct my eye u reply which medicine is suitable for me and how much time it take for curing

  89. Hello i am 21 years old my left eye squint problem can have a medicine for this plzz help and reply. My no.9034163193 is my personal mobile number you can call at this plz……

  90. Priyanka Bakshi says:

    Hello Sir,
    My son is 3.5 years old and recently been diagnosed with intermittent divergent extropia though we could hardly make out the squint , just that he closes his one eye at times
    Doctor told us that its angle is 20deg hence moderate .
    Please suggest if he can be treated completely and operation in future can be avoided

    • Silen Cremonese says:

      Hello Dr,

      My daughter is 2.5 years old and recently been diagnosed with intermittent divergent exotropia with any other vision problem and she has light sensitivity.
      Please, could You tell me which homeopathy and potency is best for her and for how long I should try to give the same to her?

      Thank You in advance.

  91. My daughter is 2 years and 1 month old and I have started observing squint in her right eye usually for last 3 months .
    It does not occur to her all the time but when she tried to focus on something . Intially it happens only sometimes and remains in that condition for 1-2 minutes but now its frequency as well as timings of it become increased .
    When she focus things her right eye balls shifts outwards n not moving while the left eye ball moves to see the things which she is trying to see.
    I have been visiting many doctors they have suggested her specs for weaker eyesight but she does Not use them .
    Kindly help me in this matter .

  92. Navneet pachauri says:

    Sir Meri right eye me squint hai Jo ki JB me chota tha tb mere cricket ball lgne se ho gai thi pr Sr squint tb nhi uske just 3-4 years after hue ,, and sir mujhe right eye se bhut km dikhta hai infact dhudla-2 sa ,, sir plzz help me after this problem I am always sad ,, plzzz help me

  93. please advice the homeopathic medicine for my daughter having age 14 years and her right eye going to out ward direction. we identified it last 5 years. but she can bring her eyes proper direction when we aware her. kindly tell a suitable homeo medicine for her eyes (without side effects) for her lovely and bright future.


    hi doctor
    I am Mridul Adhikary. doctor i have problem of brain vibration & certain time pain in brain , & while the vibration is occur also have disturb ens my vision or hesitation to see something like seating in computer or something else & also while i moving my eyes vibration is persist & there something black shade(eye floaters) like fly infront of my eyes.
    Doctor there have some remedies for this diseases.

  95. Chaahat vij says:

    Dr sharma.

    I am 33 yrs old can homeopathic medicines help me treat or correct my squint . Plz reply

  96. Athar Uddin says:

    Dr sharma.
    How r u.
    I am 34 yrs old can homeopathic medicines help me treat or correct my squint . Plz reply

  97. Sir squint in right eye for my daughter from the last 1year she is 5yrs now plz suggest us medicines because we don’t want to go for surgery.plz sir reply us.

  98. Hello sir

    I have a daugher who is 2.5 yr old.. She does cross eyes sometimes in day. Please suggest can this squint problem is treatable in through homeophathic.

    Please reply me on my mail.

    Abid khan

  99. sahil kumar says:

    dear sir, my name is sahil.
    i m suffring from right eye squint.
    i m suffring these disease from my birth.
    sir please help me.

  100. bishwnath murmu says:

    hello sir I am bishwnath . I am 22 years old. I squint since childhood eye squint is left eye .please help me

  101. Dear sir, my son has been suffering from squint since he was 4 months old. He also has undergone 1 surgery when he was 1 year old. Now since this type of squint is Esotropia which can gradually affect his vision and if not operated regularly can lead to loss of vision in one of his eye. According to the doctors he need another surgery as his degree for squint has increased to the acceptable levels. in case of any clarification required please let me know. We are looking for the possibilities through homeopathy. Please guide us. Thank you so much.

  102. Prabin Lama says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am 29 years old and I had squint eye when I am 10 years old. What possibilities for my squint eye. Please give me a suggestions. please guide me how to remove squint.

  103. Arjun Kushwaha says:

    Hello sir
    I am arjun Kushwaha from Datia m. P. Sir I am 30 years old. But I had squint eyes when I am 12 years old. What possibilities for my squint eyes. May be right my eyes without operation because I m not able for operation. Plz sir give me ur best advise.

  104. Dear sir,
    My baby is 14 months old. She is suffering from squint problem. Any fruitful treatment is available in Homeopathy.
    Please guide me how to remove squint problem.
    A pathak

    • Hello Dr. Sharma,

      My 3 1/2 year old daughter has intermittent strabismus- where the right eyes goes in- especially when she is trying to focus. She is also very farsighted and has astigmatism. I’ve avoided giving her glasses to do vision therapy at home and have changed her diet to include more vegetables (greens). There has been some improvement but now she has veins on the white of her eyes that are becoming more prominent and is still crossing her eyes.
      What can I do? Can you help us?
      Many thanks,

      • Shama Kassim says:

        Dear Dr. Sharma,

        My daughter is 11.5 months old, and has a squint which developed at 7Months. Most times, the eyes are okay, certain times when she tries to focus one of the pupil moves in. It alternates whereby sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s left.
        I took her to ophthalmologist, one recommended patch therapy, I have used it for 2 months now, and no significant change. The other suggested spectacles which I’m not quite sure of.
        Please tell me there’s a better treatment to correct it than spectacles.


  105. I can see properly from two of my eyes but I have squint(hypertropia) in my right eye.. My age is 22 ..and I don’t wear specs so please suggest if it is possible to get rid out of it through homeopathic treatment.

  106. sonia mallaiday says:

    helo sir
    am.sonia from gnm student sir mujhe exotropia h plz sir help me mujhe bad feel hota h m.apni baat exotropia ki vjhse se nhi explain kr pati thik se or class ke student mjak bnate h sir koi achi medicine btao sir eyes side to thik h sir meri koi spex nhi lga hua

  107. Hello sir, meri beti 1 years 3 months ki thi achanak se bhenga dekhne lagi ankhon ke eye specialist ne usko chashma lagane ko kaha hai ab wo 4 years ki hai abhi bhi chashma lagati hai please koi dawa bataiye jisse uski ankhe theek ho jayen

  108. Hay dr. Sharma .
    Myself Mukender from hariyana.
    My both eyes are looking outword sometimes right or when right is straight that times left eye move outward direction .
    When i stand in the front of mirror and when i see in the eyes of any guy my eyes is not look like a squient eye.

    But i m felt bed bad becouse they move more the times in outward direction some time right and sometime left eye.

    And one more thing- now i am 20 years old but when i am a child . I have a problem in eye – i can’t fully open my eye at sun sight becouse its hart me .

    Now dr. Say to opperate my squient eye .
    But i want to know-
    Can my eye be treated without operation by homeopathy.??

  109. Hallo Sir. .my daughter 3.5you has acted autism adhd…mild…can any treatment to cure her thanks please help me

  110. test

  111. Rohan singh says:

    Sir,my left eye is squint outward.i had consulted with the doctors of Sankar netralaya but the doctors said that there is no any power left on that left eye so squint Sergery is also not successful for this I don’t know what to do……can this problem be solved by hemopathic????

  112. Israil Khan says:

    Sir Mujhe squint ki problem h meri left eye lazy h y right eye ke saath rotate nhi hoti h

  113. Varun sama says:

    My son is 4.5 years old and he have squint in left eye inwards kindly suggest me the medicine and exercise regarding this problem and kindly tell me in how much time will take to prevent this problem with medicine.
    Varun sama

  114. Shushovan Banik says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    Sir i beg to state that i have been suffering from lazy eye since birth. I have divergent squint and i am at present 40years old. This is a major reason of my gradual loss of selfesteem since i am a teacher. Having a strong faith in homeopathy i believe that you can be kind enough to treat my condition as my confiidance is moving out day by day. Hoping for a quick reply from you.

    Thanking you
    Shushovan Banik

  115. Namaste Doctor
    I am shubha from India .
    My daughter is only 20 months old and I have observed squint in her left eye since last four months.
    Her one eye turns inwards’ usually left one while she tries to focus on something .sometimes when looks right side her eye seems like without pupil .right eye also show sometimes the same ..but rarely .when she looks on something very keenly I have observed that she puts one of her hand on her left eye as if it would give her a bit relaxation. I do not know weather she feels pain or not as she is too young to tell or express but by looking at her face I guessed that she finds it hard to read or see things occasionally .

    Kindly help me as I have a strong believe in homeopathy .Doctors gave suggested her glasses which does not wear and she can’t do any exercise as well in this age .

    Hoping very positively to hear from you.


  116. I can see properly from two of my eyes but I have squint in my right eye.. My age is 19 ..and I don’t wear specs so please suggest if it is possible to get rid out of it through homeopathic treatment.


  118. Munib kaskar says:

    Hello Dr
    I am having a problem of squint outer side I can see properly by both eye but but my right eye moves out side so plz recommand me some medicine for that and my skin of eye vibrates some time and my age is 22

    • Namaste Doctor
      I am shubha from India .
      My daughter is only 20 months old and I have observed squint in her left eye since last four months.
      Her one eye turns inwards’ usually left one while she tries to focus on something .sometimes when looks right side her eye seems like without pupil .right eye also show sometimes the same ..but rarely .when she looks on something very keenly I have observed that she puts one of her hand on her left eye as if it would give her a bit relaxation. I do not know weather she feels pain or not as she is too young to tell or express but by looking at her face I guessed that she finds it hard to read or see things occasionally .

      Kindly help me as I have a strong believe in homeopathy .Doctors gave suggested her glasses which does not wear and she can’t do any exercise as well in this age .

      Hoping very positively to hear from you.


  119. Munib kaskar says:

    Hello Dr
    I am having a problem of squint outer side I can see properly by both eye but but my right eye moves out side so plz recommand me some medicine for that and my skin of eye vibrates some time

  120. I have Squint(Exotropia). Is there any medicine in homeopathic for this problem?

  121. Deepak rawat says:

    namaste sir.
    sir my daughter age is 2.7 yrs.. and she has squint in both eyes..estropia..eyes comes inward direction….. she using spectacles of lense… 3 and 2.50 in left and right eyes…can u plz tell me …it cureable or not….

    plz tell me some medicines… plz help…..

  122. Chandrasekhar says:

    Sir, I hv squint problem in right eye and have undergone surgery in 2004, but didn’t get result. I am 37 years old. Plese suggest solution.

  123. Deepak Lalwani says:

    I have squint in right eye since childhood. Even I have spectacles since age of 18 years. Now I have turned 37. Is it possible to treat squint in right eye?

  124. Meri one eye m squint prblm h meri age 25 years ki h Kya homeopathy medicine k through meri eye shi ho skti h ???? Pls reply nd how ??or krna time lgta h medicine k through

  125. sir meri beti ko exotropia h wo bari bari 2nu eyes ko inward krti h is k ky med btaen plz

  126. MD SHAHVAJ KHAN says:

    Hello , Sir there is esotropia in my left eye since childhood
    I am of 26 years now, can it be cured in homeopathic.

  127. DONNA WUNSCHE says:

    Hello, My 5-year-old daughter has a squint in her left eye, she has had this now for at least two years, strabismus, she doesn’t have it all the time it comes and goes. I took her to the optometrist and they gave her glasses to wear, she doesn’t wear the glasses as I would prefer to treat this naturally with homeopathy and visual training if that is possible. Please, could you advise? We have tried using the Bates method of treatment too.

  128. sajal kumar upadhyay says:

    sr i am suffering from divergent squent in right eye since birth & i am nimeteen year old can my eye’squent treat from homeopahy medicine. please help me.plese give me any solution soon.

  129. i am suffering from squint by birth i am carry specs of power+2 recommendate by allopathic dr .sir plzz suggest me which medicine is helpful for my problem

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