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Top Homeopathic Treatment for Sunburn

Sunburn refers to redness, irritation, and burning of the skin caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. It is commonly known as radiation burns. Ultraviolet light from the sun is responsible for sunburn. Sunburns are the first degree or superficial burns that people get on exposed areas like the face, limbs, and back. Natural medicines are excellent for treating sunburn. Homeopathic treatment for sunburn helps by managing its acute symptoms as well as chronic effects. Homeopathic Treatment for Sunburn

Top Homeopathic Treatment for Sunburn

Homeopathy offers relief to the patient by reducing the intensity of severe symptoms like itching, redness, and burning. Homeopathy medicines also decrease the risk of blister formation. If blister formation occurs, they help in the gentle healing of blisters. It also lowers the risk of pus formation in the blisters. Following the management of the acute phase, homeopathic medicines also help in the treatment of chronic complaints arising due to prolonged sun exposure. Homeopathy medicines give relief naturally and gently. Homeopathy treatment for sunburn is safe with zero side-effects and can be used for all age groups. Sol, Belladonna, Cantharis, Apis Mellifica, Sulphur are the top remedies.

1. Sol – Top Medicine for Sunburn

Sol is a very beneficial treatment for sunburn. It works well for sunburn of varying intensities, from mild to severe. It is specifically used for sunburn with red, itchy skin. The skin, in such cases, is sensitive to sunlight and burns easily from the least exposure to sunlight. Rashes usually appear on the areas exposed to the sun; like the face, back, and back of the hands. There may be peeling of skin along with the sensation of heat. In some cases, the itching may get worse in the evening. Such patients usually complain of chronic sunburns.

2. Belladonna – Suitable Medicine for Sunburn with Redness

Belladonna is a beneficial treatment for sunburn in cases with redness and burning. The affected area appears swollen, smooth, and red. The skin may get dry, hot, and sensitive to touch. The key feature in such cases is that on touching the skin, it seems to be extremely hot.

3. Cantharis – Wonderful Medicine for Sunburn with Blisters

Cantharis is a very effective medicine for blisters formed due to sunburn. Patients may complain of vesicular eruptions on the face which may be highly sensitive to touch. These eruptions may turn black later. There may also be sharp pain and burning. Patients get relief by cold application to the affected area.

4. Apis Mellifica – An Excellent Medicine for Sunburn with Stinging

Apis Mellifica is a valuable treatment for sunburn which causes stinging and burning. The patient may complain of sensitivity to heat, and dry and sensitive skin. Sudden puffiness may appear in the whole body, and the swollen areas may become sensitive to touch. Apis Mellifica is an important homeopathic medicine for sunburn with water-filled blisters and stinging pain.

5. Sulphur – For Itching Due to Sunburn

Sulphur is a useful medicine for sunburn with lots of itching. The skin looks unhealthy and dry, and small pimples may develop. The patient has the urge to scratch, which may cause burning. In some cases, the itching may get worse at night or after washing. It works well in cases where there has been excessive use of local ointments for sunburn in the past.

What are the Causes of Sunburn?

Most people have experienced sunburn at some point. Sunlight radiates ultraviolet rays of different wavelengths like UVA, UVB, and UVC. Out of the three, UVA and UVB penetrate the skin and cause sunburn. Sunburn is the body’s reaction to the disturbance and damage done by ultraviolet rays to the DNA of the skin cells.

Risk Factors for Sunburn

Developing sunburn depends on various factors like skin type, duration of UV exposure, and the intensity of sunlight. Melanin gives your skin a dark color. It is a pigment that reduces the harmful effects caused by UV rays by blocking it. Hence people with lighter skin are more prone to developing sunburn. People exposed to sunlight for an extended duration of time, like farmers or visitors to the beach, develop sunburn very easily. Sunburn may appear in any season, but it is more common in summers. The chances of developing sunburn are higher if the exposure to sunlight is between 10 AM and 4 PM during the day, since the intensity of sunlight is more during that period. Persons living in tropical areas, high altitudes, or ozone layer depleted areas, are more at risk. Medications like some oral contraceptives and certain antibiotics may put you at risk as well. Sunburn most commonly appears in young children and elderly persons. Males are more at risk of developing sunburn. Other people at risk are those who sunbathe to get a tan.

Signs and Symptoms of Sunburn

Mild exposure to sunlight is beneficial. It helps in providing natural warmth. Secondly, it leads to the synthesis of Vitamin D which is essential for healthy bones. Various signs and symptoms may develop if the exposure to sunlight is for a long duration. Mild exposure leads to minor sunburns with redness and pain in the affected area. There may be redness for several hours following the exposure. The redness may be most prominent after 12 to 24 hours of exposure. The patient may complain of irritation and a burning sensation. Skin is also hot to touch. But in severe cases of sunburn, there may be swelling along with blister formation. Apart from these local symptoms, the patient may complain of a fever with a chill, headache, nausea, itching, and extreme weakness. After a few days, the skin begins to peel off. If exposure to the sun persists for a prolonged time, it may lead to the development of skin cancers.

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  1. Mansi Meher Kapoor says:

    After marriage, due to hormonal changes in my body, my skin cannot tolerate heat at all.
    I face irritation, redness and acne on face, back, hands, waist and stomach. I can’t get exposed to sun or any kind of heat as in winters if I use hot water, heater or anything like that acne and itching aggravates.
    I want complete relieve from it forever
    Please medicate me with something which removes it from the root of my body. I would be thankful to you.

  2. Rajeev srivastava says:

    Sir I burn in sun light effect area are in hand please guide us which medicine use

  3. Mihir ranjan rath says:

    Sir I am mihir ranjan rath, from bhubaneswar odisha suffering from sun born last three years. First I seen red spot in my body. I shown some doctors they treat otherwise. But last one year before one doctor said that this is sunborn. After I tried to avoid sun. But suppose iam going outside for 2minute with sunscreen lotion of 50that is all so not working. Sir i am suffered a lot. Sir give me some idea to relief from sun born as I am a business man, which needs to go outside. Thank you help me.

  4. For sunburn the remedy is externally applied or internally taken?

  5. Ankit Kumar Roshan says:

    Sir my name is Ankit KR Roshan. I am suffering from sun tanning since long time and my skin is oily. Shaving area of my face complexion is dark among rest of my body complexion. Sun tanning effects too much my face. I have also used too much types of cream to improve my face complexion. As per my job rule I have to shave daily. Please suggest me any type of cream or medicine for the same. I will be thankful to u for ever for this.

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