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Homeopathic Treatment for Uterine Polyps

Uterine polyps are the overgrowth of the endometrial lining of the womb or the uterus. Uterine polyps are also known as endometrial polyps. The size of the uterine polyps varies from few millimeters to a few centimeters. Uterine polyps may be single or multiple in number. They can be sessile or pedunculated, the second ones being more common. Sessile means they attach with the uterine cavity with a flat base, and pedunculated means they connect to the uterine cavity with a stalk. Uterine polyps are usually noncancerous or benign but have a 5% chance of being malignant or turning malignant. Chances of malignancy of uterine polyps are higher in postmenopausal women. Homeopathy treats many gynecological complaints with much success. Homeopathic medicines for uterine polyps are very effective and safe.  homeopathic medicines for uterine polyps

Causes and Risk Factors

The exact cause of uterine polyps is not clear, but they tend to arise from high levels of estrogen circulating in the body. Certain risk factors make women prone to uterine polyps. These include obesity, hormone replacement therapy, and high blood pressure. Apart from these, women taking tamoxifen, which is a drug for breast cancer treatment, are also prone to uterine polyps. Women around perimenopausal or postmenopausal age group are at the highest risk, but young women may also develop them.

Symptoms of Uterine Polyps

Uterine polyps can be both asymptomatic and symptomatic. The symptoms of uterine polyps include menorrhagia or heavy or prolonged periods, bleeding in between menstrual cycles or metrorrhagia, irregular periods, and bleeding from the vagina after menopause. Another symptom is pain or cramps because of the polyp trying to protrude into the vagina through the cervix. A uterine polyp may also make it difficult to get pregnant or carry the pregnancy to term.

Homeopathic Medicines for Uterine Polyps

From a huge list of medicines for the treatment for uterine polyps, the major ones are Calc Carb, Medorrhinum, Belladonna, Phosphorus, Sepia, Thuja Occidentalis, and Teucrium Marum Verum. The homeopathy prescription for uterine polyps varies individually for every case. Prescribing the most suitable medicine for uterine polyps needs a detailed case analysis. Homeopathy medicines help in managing the symptoms of uterine polyps as well as dissolving them. These symptoms include heavy, prolonged menses, intermenstrual bleeding, and uterine cramps. Homeopathy medicine for uterine polyps is safe to use and doesn’t have any side effects. These medicines for uterine polyps should be taken under the supervision of a physician and self-medication be avoided.

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  1. Dr Jamshed Khan says:

    Please contact me for utrin fibroid tumour cystic tumour and polypus in homoeopathy treatment. I m senior physician Dr Jamshed khan MD homiopath from allahabad. Contact me 9839715758

    • Dr sharma mai lahore pakistan se hoo mere endometrial polyps hai plz mjhe is ka homeopathy treatment ke liye bta de

  2. Hi. I wanted to ask about the homepathic medicines for uterine polyp. How much if each one that you mentioned above should I be taking?

  3. Sonali Syngal says:


    I have uterine polyps, and have also tested positive for HPV. My pap smear is normal.
    I got a polypectomy for my polyps, but now am hoping to engage in some alternate treatment to prevent recurrence of polyps and to reduce HPV.

    Would be great if you could let me know if this can be dealt with in homeopathy.
    I have been asked to take Vitamin D, Calcium, Zinc supplements too. Can I take them along with the homeopathy treatment?

  4. Hi my names Julie. I had uterine polyps and had them removed. Now it’s been three months and I am spotting again 9 days before my period. I am 32 years old and have regular periods. No medical conditions or anything. Just wondering what my options are besides another scrapping of the lining or uterine removal which is all my doctor suggests. Thank you.

    • Genevieve De Pio says:

      Hi.. my name is Gen. I was diagnosed with endometrial polyp last year and had them removed the same year. This year 2022 we conaukted with an infertility doctor only to find out that my polyp has returned. She then suggested to undergo hysterectomy. But my husband didn’t like the idea. So we are looking for alternatives….😥

  5. Elizabeth kemp says:

    Hi, I am 45 and post menopausal for a few years. I was diagnosis with polyps 3 years ago and had them removed. I am on HRT and BP meds and overweight. Weight loss has become very difficult. I am having irregular bleeding again and suspect polyps again. Could this be caused by my body not detoxing the estrogen properly? What are some homeopathic treatment options?

  6. I am Sri Lata says:

    Can you please prescribe homoeopathic medicine for it to dissolve

  7. Tahira kausar says:

    1 have endometrial pulp since 3 year complain of manoragia Dub bleeding last 6 month amanoria 3 month then bleeding 13days then stop one week then start bleeding for 09 what can i do?go for surgery.

  8. MeetaBachar says:

    I have uterine polyps
    Doctor suggested removal of uterus
    I am 43 with one daughter of 18 yrs &a son of 15 yrs
    I don’t want to go for surgery
    Earlier I was bleeding for 15 -20 days from time month of June to November but now ithas completely stopped.

  9. micheline debono says:

    Hello, I am so excited to find your post. I’ve had a regular bleeding for over months I had a sonogram both vaginal and on the belly and it shows normal size of the uterus and nothing scary so far they’re thinking it’s polyps. I just had a biopsy done and waiting on results. The gynecologist next step is to do an invasive procedure and get in there and remove the polyp which I really do not want to do and I said I’d rather wait for my body to heal. They assured me that there’s no other way to get rid of it. I am so so excited to find this.

  10. Hi Dr Sharma.
    Nita Nayak here .I m 52 years ..3 years back I had a uterine polyp which was benign n removed through hysteroscopic D n C .Now after three years it has recurred. Can it be removed through homeopathic medicine.

  11. Anne curran says:

    Dr. I don’t know how quick you reply but a few days ago I sent a request. I am postmenopausal 74 yr. Old. Had taken tamoxifen for 5 yr due to ADH. Tamoxifen causes uteri e polyps. Had 2 removed over past 3 yr. Now I have one again. Heavy bleeding . please help me shrink this and stop the bleeding. Real heavy bleeding. Thank yo

    • Anne curran says:

      I am postmenopausal 74yr old. Took tamoxifen for 5 yr due to ADH. Now I have bleeding uterine polyps . caused by tamoxifen. I would like help in shrinking these polyps. I have had 2 previously removed by physicians. I want a natural remedy. Hoping you can help me. What do you suggest. Thank you in advance.

  12. Anne curran says:

    I am postmenopausal age 74. I have uterine polyps caused by taking Tamoxifen. I have had one removed in Dec 2019. I again have one that I want to treat without having surgical remov1al. It causes heavy bleeding. Please help me. I would appreciate any help you can give me. The biggest obstacle is the heavy bleeding. Thank you for your help

  13. Hi , I’m married.. Past 10 years I have no baby.. My periods was regular… 27 days cycle… It extends up to 3_4 days.. I had a failure IVF before two years.. My AMH levels was very low and doctor told me that I have uterine polyps.. Kindly advice me

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