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Homeopathic Treatment for Uterine Polyps

Uterine polyps are the overgrowth of the endometrial lining of the womb or the uterus. Uterine polyps are also known as endometrial polyps. The size of the uterine polyps varies from few millimeters to a few centimeters. Uterine polyps may be single or multiple in number. They can be sessile or pedunculated, the second ones being more common. Sessile means they attach with the uterine cavity with a flat base, and pedunculated means they connect to the uterine cavity with a stalk. Uterine polyps are usually noncancerous or benign but have a 5% chance of being malignant or turning malignant. Chances of malignancy of uterine polyps are higher in postmenopausal women. Homeopathy treats many gynecological complaints with much success. Homeopathic medicines for uterine polyps are very effective and safe.  homeopathic medicines for uterine polyps

Causes and Risk Factors

The exact cause of uterine polyps is not clear, but they tend to arise from high levels of estrogen circulating in the body. Certain risk factors make women prone to uterine polyps. These include obesity, hormone replacement therapy, and high blood pressure. Apart from these, women taking tamoxifen, which is a drug for breast cancer treatment, are also prone to uterine polyps. Women around perimenopausal or postmenopausal age group are at the highest risk, but young women may also develop them.

Symptoms of Uterine Polyps

Uterine polyps can be both asymptomatic and symptomatic. The symptoms of uterine polyps include menorrhagia or heavy or prolonged periods, bleeding in between menstrual cycles or metrorrhagia, irregular periods, and bleeding from the vagina after menopause. Another symptom is pain or cramps because of the polyp trying to protrude into the vagina through the cervix. A uterine polyp may also make it difficult to get pregnant or carry the pregnancy to term.

Homeopathic Medicines for Uterine Polyps

From a huge list of medicines for the treatment for uterine polyps, the major ones are Calc Carb, Medorrhinum, Belladonna, Phosphorus, Sepia, Thuja Occidentalis, and Teucrium Marum Verum. The homeopathy prescription for uterine polyps varies individually for every case. Prescribing the most suitable medicine for uterine polyps needs a detailed case analysis. Homeopathy medicines help in managing the symptoms of uterine polyps as well as dissolving them. These symptoms include heavy, prolonged menses, intermenstrual bleeding, and uterine cramps. Homeopathy medicine for uterine polyps is safe to use and doesn’t have any side effects. These medicines for uterine polyps should be taken under the supervision of a physician and self-medication be avoided.

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  1. psiche Kruger says:

    Good day

    Ive been diagnosed with fibriods and dont want a historectiomy. But have heavy blood flow constanly.
    That cause me to have anemia. Have been trying natural products and eating healthy but doesnt help.
    Im 51 and dignosed with ptsd.

  2. Hello sir, I am diagnosed with polyps hanging from uterus into vagina.. Doctor suggest me to go for operation.. Is there any homeopathic medicine which dissolve the polyps?

    • shimla bijawat says:

      shimla i have had polyp of size 17×8 MM though overies are normal and no bleeding ,and periods are in are range of 10 months, age 46 pls suggest what should i do .

  3. Helo Dr I hav diagnose with endometrail polyp siz 4mm need any medicine u advice …to advoid surgery

  4. Hi Doctor,

    I have been detected with endometrial polyps (size 12mm). I am trying to conceive and therefore want to know if homeopathy can help in conceiving with an existing endometrial polyp.?

  5. Monima borua says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I’m a 41 year old ,married without kids. I have heavy bleeding but normal cycles . Last cycle I bled for 25 days so I am currently on 21 day progesterone treatment.
    My USG shows thickened endometrium of 13 mm. Please advise

  6. Neelima Indugubilli says:

    I have cervical polyp , one is 1cm long with stem and another one is small. I’m not having any symptoms like over bleeding, bleeding between periods nothing. I’m 45 years old.

  7. Bhawna sethi says:

    Cervical polyp with Adenomyosis ‘with endometrila

  8. preety anand shrivastav says:

    I have uterine polyp of 8*9mm.
    Please suggest some medicine!!
    Fibroid 4*4mm is also detected!!
    I have hyperthyroidism also!!

  9. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Sir I hv 12mm gallbladder polyp. I hv also grade 1 fatty liver along with high lipid profile.

  10. Namrata Agarwal says:

    I had a polyp in 2016 .and i gone through hysteroscopy. After that i gave birth a baby girl in 2017 nov. But again from july 2019 I have a cervix polyp and a fibroid. I have an irregular periods. Full month I m occupied with periods . Pls suggest

  11. I have a endometrial polyp in the uterus.I have an irregular periods,heavy bleeding.can u help me to cur

    • I have uterine polyps I m having heavy bleeding after every 15 day pain in abdomen,cramping during bleeding.dizzyness during flow. Please suggest which medicine should I take.

    • I have uterine polyps around 10mm in size ..continuous heavy bleeding with clots n cramps from over a month ..age is 50 yrs had stopped periods for around 6months prior to this n started with periods around end of October 2020 periods from from June to October

  12. Rajesh Kumar Sinha says:

    My wife is suffering from uterus polyp which is ouutside. Please suggest medicine for this.

  13. I have a small polyp in my uterus. I’ve been post menopausal for 8 years, all of a sudden about a week ago I found some red blood when I was urinating, I’ve had no pain at all, no cramping at all, no signs of any reason for such a thing to occur, also no blood reoccurence since, but I went to the gyn, I’m waiting for the lab reports, however the gyn recommended for it to be surgically removed, and since I’m organic, and extremely healthy at 66, never had surgery, homeopathically is my first preference to treat this. If my body can heal itself , that’s my first choice. Please tell me what I can take to treat this.

    • Aoa, I am 40 years old. I am suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding from last six months. I have endometrial polyps in uterus. My menstrual periods are heavy and prolonged upto 15 days. Suggest me homeopathy medicine to reduce bleeding and to dissolve polyps. Thanks

  14. I have a small endometrium polyp in my uterus. Please tell me medicine

  15. Hello Doctor
    Kindly advise the best homeopathy for ovaries polyph.. Please note that person suffers from diabetes and is on insulin injection twice weekly
    Many thanks for your advise

  16. Hi I am Brijesh . I am 37 years old . I faces this problem about 7 years . I have to make do DNC . I have done histroscopy and laparoscopy.but

  17. Farnahid jahan says:

    Hello Dr,Sir my wife last two years uterous polyp 12mm irregular menstrual problems and front stomach a d back side pain . Pls suggest homeopathy medicine.

  18. Vince Lasch says:

    re : Homeopathic Medicines for Uterine Polyps

    My dear partner now at ageg 72 has in her lifetime 3 surgeries to remove the polyps. I tried reading multiple pages at WebMD but got frustrated by finding nothing in the first 12 pages.

    Would you please so kind as to recommend Homeopathic supplements for limiting or even better, preventing Uterine Polyps,

    Thank you so very much,

  19. Jaswinder kaur says:

    Myself jaswinder kaur ,age 49, suffering from adenomyosis and polyp from there years,, undergone allopathic treatment,,but at last doctor recommended hysterectomy in year April 2019,TVS of year 2019 show uterus size 10.1*6.5,*4.4cm,,fundal adenomyosis of size 27*27mm, uterine polyp of size 43*23.6*9.7mm,,,After that I chose homeopathy,, taken Frexinus Americana, thlaspi bursa pastoris ,aurum muriaticum natronatum,thuja 30ch, lapis Alba 30ch, Now I just got my TVS dated 7march 2020,,shows uterus size 14.9*7.2*5.6cm,, fundal adenomyosis size 48*46*40cm,, uterine polyp of size 37*17*8mm,,Now I am very much confused what to do and what not to do,, kindly guide me

  20. Rajesh Kumar Sinha says:

    Cervical polyps treatment by homeopathy medicine.Suggest medicine for the treatment of uterus polyps outside.

    • Hallo, i am 39 years old and have 2 kids. I am obese. Heigjt 165 cm and weicht 95. I have 2 cm uterine polyp. Dr wants to Do kurretage. I want a homeopathic medicine. Can you please help me.

  21. Neelam bansal says:

    I m 41 of age. I m having prolong periods till 7days.diagnosed with small polyps. Can it be cured thru homeo.pls suggest me

  22. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have uterine polyps issue. Doctors advised to operate it via hysteroscopy.

    But in homeopathy, how many months it will take to cure this uterine polyps problem. ?

    Am now 33 year old. Because of this polyps am facing issue in getting pregnant. So wanted to get rid of this polyps issue asap.

  23. Savita Balian says:

    I have endometrial polyps of size 9mm.and it causes spotting ..Can u suggest me what should I do …

  24. Venkatavaralakshmi says:

    Hello doctor
    I am 45 years old suffering from irregular periods and spotting between periods
    When i consulted doctor she said i have uterine polyp and i
    Need to have hysteroscopy. Iwanted to know is there treatment
    For uterine polyp in homeopaty and after treatment it wont
    Repeat please let me know.

  25. Rupali Jagdish Moon says:

    Dear doctor,
    I am 42 years old, mother of one child , have a spots can say heavy bleeding from past 3 days. Today when consulted a gynecologist l was advised to undergo a papsmear, tvc was done and fibroid was found in it. since I have a small cervical polyp. She also advised to get operated.
    Kindly let me know if there is effective and better treatment in Homeo for the same?

    • Dear doctor,
      I am 38 years old, mother of one child , have a spots can say heavy bleeding from past 3 days. Today when consulted a gynecologist l was advised to undergo a papsmear, tvc was done and fibroid was found in it. since I have a small cervical polyp. She also advised to get operated.
      Kindly let me know if there is effective and better treatment in Homeo for the same?

  26. anum kaleem says:

    I am 29 years old.I had irregular and long duration of periods in the last three months.I have gotten my tests done and the doctors say that I have uterine polyp .Which causes heavy bleeding and clotting.They are suggesting a surgery.I have started homeopathic medication as well.Should I proceed with the polyp surgery.

  27. Sudarshana says:

    I m 35 yrs old and having no child yet. From last two months I was having bleeding between periods also. I have been diagnosed with a small uterine polyp of 10*9*6 mm . Can it be dissolve with homeopathy medicine? Which medicine should be used?

  28. Berta Robledo says:

    Dr Sharma I was diagnosed with uterine polyps. What do you recommend to disolve it.

  29. Dilpreet kaur says:

    Hello dr. Gmng. I welcomed menopause in 2011. All was ok . In 2013 had some bleeding problem for one week. Small small. Had ferrum.phos was ok. Again 2016 so e bleeding . Had alopathic medicine itstopped not heavy any time. Then some polyp in cerrvix found.Homepathic medicine. FRAXINUS AMERICANA TAKEN. FOR FEW MONTHS THEN NO.PROBLEMS. .STOPPED THE MEDICINE. NOW IN 2019 SOME YELLOW PATCHES WERE FOUND. DR SAID SOME INFECTION. GAVE ALLOPATHIC MEDICINE. ADVISED PAPSMEAR N USG . ALL REPORTS OK. NOW NO PROBLEM.NO SPOTS ON ANY DISCHARGE FROM VAGINA. DR. ADVISE D N C. COLONOSCOPY . CAN U PLEASE ADVISE GOOD HOMEOPTHIC MEDICINE TO GET ROD OF POLYP . THANKS. Age 59. No childrens. Divorced .

  30. Gitanjali says:

    3 months ago, mentural bleeding was not stopping. Histoscopy done. Found multiple polyps. Suggested to remove the utesus. Patient age is 38. Want to go for a second isse, so not willing to remove uterus. Please suggest the homeopathic treatment.

  31. DILPREET KAUR says:

    Hello Dr. I am dilpreet Kaur. My problem is like this. I welcomed minopause in 2011 . In 2013 had some bleeding then stopped of its own. In 2016 again some bleeding. COnsulted a Gynacologist she said there is a small polyp . needs to be removed. But i believe in Homeopathy more and avoided surgery. Homeopathic dr advised Fraxinus Americana . I took it for a year. in between sometime had bleeding . kept on taking this medicine. it was all good for nearly two years. In 2019 again in the month of May had some spotting on the underwear. consulted dr said some infection. So gave medicines. on physical examination dr said polyp is there may be bleeding is because of Polyp. Peapsmear test done report awaited. I have again stareted taking Homeopathic medince Fraxinus Americna .

    Kindly suggest is it ok for the poly to be removed or this medicine will help get rid of it/

  32. ilda Mucaj says:

    hi doc.
    My name is ilda and i did an ultrasound and the diagnaoze came with 7.6mm endometrial polyp and 1.8 cm serosal fibroid. Im 28 years old and ive been trying hard to get pregnant.
    I always had heavy periods and that in mind and not getting pregnant made me to go for an ultrasound. I really like natural healing . homoeopath is my favourite. Any thoughts ? what is ur advice?

    • SUMITa das says:

      Dr last month i have a long period of 14 days.and dr take some tests.paps smear tests and TVs so there my utrious endometrial polyp. So please suggest what can I do

  33. My name is Anne, I was on tamoxifen for 5yr for atypical ductal hyperplasia. Completed my 5 yr. In Aug. I now have had 3 uterine polyps removed in Dr office. I am 72 and postmenopausal. They caused heavy bleeding. They did a transactional ultrasound and found more polyps up farther and they are causing heavy bleeding. She wants to do a D & C. That’s not happening. I want a natural remedy. I am ready to pull my hair out. Can you help me??? I would appreciate any help. I have been taking stylish to help with bleeding . I think it comes from India it’s all herbs and helps when I am bleeding heavy with large clots.

  34. Hello Doctor,

    I have a frequent recurrence of uterine polyp. In last one and half year I have undergone four hysteroscopies to remove them for fertility treatment. The last hysteroscopy I did was in November 2018 and in January 2019 they were again detected in Saline ultrasound. I have no symptoms associated with the polyps. Can you recommend what should I do as I’m looking for other solutions apart from hysteroscopy.

    Thank you,

  35. Good evening
    I have a polyp in my uterus (11 mm) I have been told to remove it but I do not want to go got a surgery I am 47. I tried homeopathy with folliculinum but sounds like polyp is still here after 4 months
    What would you advise
    Thank you
    Best regards

  36. I am 36 year old with 2 uterine polyp of size 10 mm. I do not have any symptoms associated with it.How many months does it take to cure it

  37. Mrs. Sanyukta says:

    I am a female of 58 years. I have developed small endocervical polyp(16.1×5.1 mm in size) and endometrium is 7.6 mm in thickness. Spotting is also there. After urination I find clogged blood stains also.
    There is a small subserous seedling fibroid also detected. Findings are as per sonography.
    Kindly suggest homeopathic treatment for the same.

  38. Suni Dominic says:

    Dear doctor,
    I am Suni 46 years old, mother of two children, Today when consulting a gynecologist l was advised to undergo a papsmear, DNC & biopsy test etc, since I have a small cervical polyp.
    Kindly let me know if there is effective and better treatment in Homeo for the same?


  39. Hi I hv got a tvs done and uterine polyp is seen.doc has suggested dnc.I get spotting after periods and also it paines.I dont want to go for dnc.Can it be cured through homeopathy permanently?I m 45

  40. I have a uterine polyp that bleeds. I am postmenopausal. Had one removed about 6 months ago. Just stopped taking tamoxifen which causes polyps. Looking for homeopathic treatment to stop cramps and bleeding please help me. Th you

  41. harini shetty says:

    Mam polyp can be cleared through homeopathic?

  42. Hi Dr.
    My wife scanning g report is follows,
    Hyperechoic lession with thin Halo surrounding seen with in the endometrium measuring 21*10mm.
    Myometrium is normal
    Cervix Normal

    Pls can you advise us ……

  43. Amarnath chatterjee says:

    Problem of vaginal polyp enlarge. During menstruation one single polyp swelling part is just visible from outside. Suggest medicine for recovery.

  44. Kumkum singh says:

    आदरणीय डाक्टर साहब
    मै ६१ साल की महिला हूँ । मेनोपॉस होकर ५या ६ साल हो गए । करीब दो माह पहले मुझे बिना दर्द के हल्का भूरे लाल कलर का डिस्चार्ज होने लगा । लेडी डाक्टर को दिखाया तो उन्होने पालिप का पीस बायोप्सी को भेजा जो बिनाइन था । सोनोग्राफी भी हुई तो यूट्रस की मोटाई नार्मल से थोड़ी जादा थी । कोई दवा नही दी गई । कुछ दिन मे ठीक हो गया । पर कल से फिर से वही शिकायत शुरू हो गई । मै परेशान हूँ । कृपया मुझे सलाह दें कि मै क्या करूँ ?
    मै हमेशा आभारी रहूँगी । मै अस्पतालों के चक्कर नही काटना चाहती ।

  45. Soma Chattopadhyay says:

    I am 49 yrs old. March my period was stop. In April it was started and it is heavy and sometimes blood clot is coming down and it is going on till now. Gynecologist says i have the 2 cervical polyps and fibroid also and he recommended for surgery and he did biopsy and ultrasound also. Is the sepia effective for me.

  46. Muhammad Aamir yousuf says:

    Hello sir ,my name is aamir and i am from pakistan i need to confirme only one thing what you suggest in condition do you recommended for operation or cure with homeopathy.please reply must i am worried for my wife.

  47. Uterine Polyps

  48. Sir I trying for pregnancy but not able to concevied.transvaginal usg shows small uterine polyp.i am 31 yrs old.ovarian reserved diminished

  49. Susmita Patra says:

    I am 29 +, having uterine polyp for about 6 months.Can I be cured completely by homeopathy medicine and concieve further?

  50. I have a 1.4 cm polyp. Seeing a naturopathic doctor. She’s started me on first set of unda’s. (unda 1,20,243). She’s treating liver first then my uterus. She says about 3-4 months would be the treatment. What is the success rate for homeopathy treating small polyps?

    • Ps. I read some where uterine polyps grow during pregnancy. Yet I talked to gynecologist and he says no it’s just like a skin tag but in my uterus. This true? I’m worried about getting pregnant and it causing issues.

      • Muhammad Aamir yousuf says:

        Hello sir ,my name is aamir and i am from pakistan i need to confirme only one thing what you suggest in condition do you recommended for operation or cure with homeopathy.please reply must i am worried for my wife.

  51. Prabha gupta says:

    Hi dr Sharma

    Can I send you my report . I have Endometrial polyp of 17mm, what is best suitable homeopathy medicine for me. I have very severe pain in my stomach n heavy blooding around the month even without my period timing. My age is 38 yrs.

    Please suggest the best medicine available in homeopathy as I don’t want to go for surgery.

  52. Prabha gupta says:

    Hi dr Sharma

    Can I send you my report . I have Endometrial polyp of 17mm, what is best suitable homeopathy medicine for me. I have very severe pain in my stomach n heavy blooding around the month even without my period timing. My age is 38 yrs.

    Please suggest the best medicine available in homeopathy as I don’t want to go for surgery.

  53. Helo. I am Dr bushra ..from Pakistan
    I m best homeopath ALHAMDULILLAH
    Dr Sharma I want to talk you plz send me yours WhatsAp contect Nmbr

  54. Hi

    Do u hv medication for treating fibroids n irregular or prolonged long does it tk to treat dis condition.

    Do u provide only prescriptions or medicines too.

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