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Homeopathic Treatment for Water Retention

Water is a critical component of the human body. Around 70% of the human body is made up of water. All body tissues, organs, and fluids, like blood and lymph, are made up of water. The regulation of water in the body is a complex mechanism and is carried out by different organs of the body. Management of water helps in maintaining the water within reasonable limits despite the amount of water taken by the person or the climatic conditions outside. Any disturbance in the regulatory mechanisms can lead to water retention in the body. When the retention of water in the body tissues or tissue cavities exceeds the desired amount, it is known as edema. Water retention can be generalized, which means that it is present in the whole body; or it can be limited to one body part, like pedal edema where water retention is seen only in the ankles. Homeopathic treatment for water retention is very beneficial. A thorough investigation in each case of water retention is a must to rule out the involvement of any major organ before the beginning of the treatment.    homeopathic treatment for water retention

In mild cases, medicines for water retention can be prescribed along with changes in diet and lifestyle. But in cases where retention is associated with disorders of major organs, treatment helps in managing the case. In such instances, treatment can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine to offer support to the patient. Medicines for water retention not only help in providing symptomatic relief but also assist in the treatment of underlying causes. Treatment for water retention is very safe since the medicines are prepared with natural substances. They have no side effects and can be used safely for all age groups.

Homeopathic Treatment for Water Retention

Some prominent medicines for water retention are Acetic acid, Apocynum, Apis Meliffica, Cardus Marianus, Digitalis, Fluoric Acid, and Terebinth. These medicines should be prescribed by individual symptoms in every given case. Homeopathy treatment for water retention should be taken under the supervision of a homeopath only, and self-medication should be avoided.

Causes and Types of Water Retention

Temporary water retention is the result of issues like the patient’s diet. Excessive intake of salt or sodium in the diet and deficiency of proteins and vitamin B complex are some causes of water retention. Another factor is the person’s lifestyle, which includes having a job that requires long periods of sitting down or standing. Water retention also occurs in bed ridden or immobile persons. Long flights may also lead to water retention. Medications like hormone replacement therapies, oral contraceptive pills, drugs for diabetes, anti inflammatory drugs, and drugs for heart disorders also cause water retention. In females, water retention commonly develops before the menstrual cycle. It is temporary and most likely due to hormonal imbalance. Water retention is also common during the last phase of pregnancy. It is due to the pressure put by the uterus on circulation and subsides after childbirth. Other medical conditions which lead to the retention of water are thyroid disorders, allergies to food, insect bites, disorders of the lymphatic system, deep vein thrombosis affecting lower limbs, congestive cardiac failure, kidney failure, and cirrhosis of the liver.

Types of Water Retention

There are two types of water retention. Cases, where depressions or pits are formed on the swollen part on exertion of pressure by the finger tips, is known as pitting type of water retention. Pitting type of water retention is seen in systemic disorders like a cardiac failure, liver failure, or kidney failure. Non-pitting edema is where no depressions form. It is a characteristic feature of water retention due to lymphatic and thyroid disorders.

Signs and Symptoms of Water Retention

Symptoms vary from mild to severe depending on the underlying cause and the organs involved. Water retention usually occurs on the feet, ankles, legs or hands. Here are some situations that lead to the retention of water.

1. Persons having a high sodium diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, or long flights may experience water retention in the ankles or lower limbs. This retention is temporary and subsides with a little movement or leg elevation.
2. In cases where the person has to stand for a long time, the blood from the lower limbs cannot get pumped to the heart since the valves of the veins get incompetent. It leads to dilatation of the veins of the legs or varicose veins. In such cases, there is pain and heaviness in the legs. There may be skin changes like the development of skin eruptions or ulcers.
3. In congestive cardiac failure, the retention is usually on the legs, feet, and ankles. Along with this, other symptoms like tiredness, weakness, and an increased heart rate appear.
4. Retention may be present in the lungs, or pulmonary edema, leading to a chronic cough and breathlessness.
5. In cirrhosis of the liver, the retention appears on the abdomen and legs.
6. In kidney failure, there is puffiness around the eyes and swelling on the legs.
7. In disorders of the lymphatic system, the retention, or lymphoedema, is usually localized. Swelling may be present on the affected limb.
8. Persons having hypothyroidism may experience swelling and puffiness around the eyes and face. Water retention may be present on the feet and legs.

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  1. My 82 year old aunt has congestive heart failure and is currently retaining fluid in her legs and ankles. She’s very weak and tired. How can you help? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  2. Ranjan chakraborty says:

    Respected, Dr. My relative admitted in Apollo hospital since 4 days due to water accumulated in lung drs. has removed water, although it is continue to accumulate . dr can not understand why water continueously acumulte.In this situation please advice me what I will do. Thanks

  3. Suffer from no.4.Ckd for 2yrs and on twice weekly dialysis

  4. Patricia Molesworth says:

    I’ve had congestive heart failure for over 20 years which i have tried to handle on my own and have been successful for the most part. However, for the past few years I have had to depend on40 mg furosemide once or twice a day. I’ve made several attempts to substitute other things like Water Out which worked for many years. I have recently tried Water Away, but each time I have been forced to go back to he F word because water builds up and I can’t breathe ending up in two visits to the hospital in the past 3 years. Is there any hope for me? By the way, I am 85 years old.


    Currently I am on 160 MG furosemide that is LASIX per day FOR PULMONARY EDEMA. Patient I am a patient of CAD AND HAD STENT THROMBOSIS 2 YEARS AGO. Is there any homeopathic medicine instead of lasix? Thanks.

  6. BalisterTyagi says:

    Dr. My son wife is sugar patient and now has water filled in lungs .last year also water was removed by doctor kindly advise homeopathic treatment for the problem.

  7. anugonda kailasnath says:

    Hello Doctor,I am patient of CKD undergoing Dialysis 3 times a week. Surprisingly my creatinine is always at 5.6 and blood urea at 55. Hemoglobin is 10 my HbA1c is 7.6
    My problem is the urine outflow I hardly 300 ml per day. If the urine out flow is increased the weight gain between Dialysis sessions will come down and the number Dialysis sessions can be brought down. Can you recommend a single drug or 2 drug therapy. Kindly help. A.Kailasnath 9346239486

  8. I have lymphoedema, primary, late onset that is affecting my legs and abdomen. I take 2 80 mg ferosimide daily but it doesn’t help much. There are dimples in affected areas. I’m 66 and in otherwise good health. My mother and grandmother suffered from it as well.

  9. father is 82+.he has been suffering from lymph edima in legs ,hands and scrotum.he has cellulitis also. Kindly help

  10. Stephanie Knieriemen says:

    Afternoon Dr. I’m Stephanie I’m writing for my dog. He has elevated Alt. Doing good w supplements but it seems possibly when I feed him his raw diet she starts sound congested. Is there any remedy I can try see if it helps?

  11. i need a homeopathic diuretic to replace my cardiololgist furosimide. do you have and how do i order and use it instead of my furosomide?


      I take one 20mg furosemide tablet daily for water retention in my lower legs knee area calves and ankles is there a homeopathic alternative that I can take. I broke my left foot in two places a few years back and have had difficulty walking since and pain in ankle area. due to this and being less active I started to get water retention, I am a few stone overweight and have tried to cut my salt intake, I am 71 years old any advice would be useful, thank you for your time and I await your response.

      kind regards

      Alastair Beveridge

  12. Siva Ram kumar says:

    My mother Aged 80, suffering with Liver cirrhosis. Unable to walk. Very very slowly walking for washroom. Water retention in abdomen. Heavy gas trouble, Bie pass done 5 years back. Please suggest a Homoeo mesicine.

    K. Siva Ram Kumar

  13. ASHOK C M says:

    My father had Heart Attack three months back, Angeoplasty done with one stent. After one month he had a problem of breathlessness. Doctors diagnosed as Pulmonary edema. Echo report with LVEF 36%. Same is repeated again 2nd time. His creatine level is 2.1. He is not diabetic, but after Heart attack sugar ranges are fasting-140, PP-180. Can this be cured by Homeopathy medicines. Ejection fraction of heart function can be enhanced & lungs function, pulmonary odema can be treated so that it will not re-occur.



    My wife VIJAYALAXMI is kidney failure patient and she is under dialysis. She is having swelling at hand and foot. Now I gave aalserum 7x and urea 6 since from 4days . swelling not come down.
    Sir Please recommend your valuable medicines
    THANK u

  15. Manoj singh says:

    I had a heart attack on Jan’2019 and the stent was placed on the left artery…I have been on Beta-blockers, Cholesterol medicine, and water pills
    I am noticing water retention and swollen feet…doctor prescribed another medication (Torsemide)…it helps but swollen and gaining weight comes backs in couple days
    I am looking if there something in Homeopathy can help

  16. Chetna Singh says:

    Hi Iam 37 year old female, I have hypothyroidism since past 9 years, my body retains a lot of water, after having food my body swells, after having any thing salty, or alcohol, and now I have started having pain, swelling and numbness in my arms, and tingling sensation in my legs, and I have rashes on my body after eating wheat, I feel fatigued all the time, please guide me. Thanks


    Sir Namaskar , My face , legs abdomen hands are swelling . I feel fatigue always . My urine smells very strong like cows urine smell . I feel no thirst and do not desire to drink water , I am taking blood pressure medicine since last 20 years . My Age is 60 now . Please help me in homeopathy treatment and suggest / prescribe for homeopathy medicines to take . Thank you Sir .

  18. virendra kumar sinha says:

    virendra kumar sinha
    Telephone Number
    Show more
    Good Morning, sir
    I am a kidney patient. Creatinine is 6,5. I am taking Allen A92, Apocynum can q, Nat sulph 6x along with allopathic medicine.
    virendra kumar sinha 04:44
    Recently I found increased swelling of feet and also feeling distented stomach. I have also constipation for two days. Urine is passing. My age is 67yrs. Kidney patient for three years. Please suggest .
    I can not take long breath. Difficult to lay on bed. I feel better on sitting.
    You rated our customer service as good.
    Write a message…

  19. Christiane Bozunovic says:

    Hi Dr Sharma .
    I’ve just read the cause of water retention and the symptoms I got are the same as the number 8 Puffiness around the eyes ,swelling legs and under active thyroid. I’m seventy four and have that problem for twenty years
    Would you be able to suggest some treatment with homeopathy as I don’t really like pharmaceutical product who don’t really help and have side effect.
    Thank you for your time.
    Your sincerely.
    Christiane Bozunovic

  20. Am Shirin, 53 years old. Having puffiness all over mainly arms under eyes legs and face. Ankles pain in the morning and after sitting idle for sometime. Pain in finger joints and stiffness excessively in the morning which vanishes or reduces after movement. Pain in arms and ribs cage on lifting weight of 3-4 kgs. Got tested for kft lft and thyroid. Everything was ok but mild hypothyrod. No treatment taken for thyroid as doctor said treatment not required at this stage. Kindly prescribe some medicine for me.

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