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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Watery Eyes

Epiphora is the condition of having watery eyes. Usually, a few tears are regularly produced in our eyes by the lachrymal glands. These serve the purpose of cleaning and lubricating the eyes. The tears get drained through the tear ducts or the nasolacrimal ducts into the nose. Any blockage or narrowing of the tear ducts can lead to an overflow of tears on to the face. This overflow of tears is known as watery eyes or Epiphora. In some cases, the drainage system for tears works well, but watery eyes result from excessive production of tears. Causes leading to excessive tear production are allergies, conjunctivitis, chemical irritants, entropion or ectropion, and blepharitis. Although watery eyes can occur at any age, little babies and people over 60 years of age have higher chances of being afflicted. The symptoms that accompany watery eyes are eye pain, inflammation of eyes, and impaired vision. Homeopathy has highly beneficial medicines to treat watery eyes. For the homeopathic treatment for watery eyes to be effective, it is essential that the precise details of each case are made clear.

Homeopathic Treatment for Watery Eyes

To decide on medication, accompanying symptoms like burning, itching, swelling, sensitivity to light, pain and redness in the eyes also have to be taken into consideration. Homeopathic treatment for watery eyes aims at treating the cause leading to the problem to ensure complete recovery. The most prominently indicated homeopathic medicines for watery eyes are Euphrasia, Natrum Mur Silicea, Pulsatilla, and Allium Cepa.

1. Euphrasia – A top Grade Homeopathic Medicine for Watery Eyes

Homeopathic medicine Euphrasia, commonly known as eyebright, has a broad sphere of action in the treatment of eye problems. Euphrasia is a very good homeopathic medicine for watery eyes. It works well when the eyes are constantly watering all day. Along with this, a pressure is felt in the eyes. Burning and itching are other accompanying features. Euphrasia is also an excellent homeopathic medicine for watery eyes resulting from inflammation of the conjunctiva. Sometimes, sticky eyelids may also occur.

2. Natrum Mur and Silicea – Wonderful Homeopathic Medicines for Watery Eyes resulting from Stricture of the Lachrymal Duct

Natrum Mur is a very effective homeopathic medicine for watery eyes. It is effective for watery eyes caused due to stricture of the lachrymal duct. In such cases, the eyes feel wet all the time and tears may even roll over on to the face. Sometimes, burning and smarting sensation in the eyes are also present. Sticky eyes, especially at night, may also occur. Cloudiness, a sandy feeling in these eyes, and corrosive eyes are other features that may arise. Silicea is also an often used homeopathic medicine for newborns with watery eyes resulting from the swelling or stricture of the lachrymal duct.

3. Pulsatilla – A Homeopathic Medicine for Watery Eyes in Conjunctivitis

Pulsatilla is another very useful homeopathic medicine for watery eyes. It is used for watery eyes caused due to catarrhal conjunctivitis. In such cases, there is a profuse flow of tears. This is accompanied by burning and itching in the eyes. The symptoms get worse in a warm room. Other accompanying features are a feeling of sand in the eyes, pressure on the eyes, a need to rub the eyes, and sticky lids. Over sensitivity to light is also present.

4. Allium Cepa – A Homeopathic Medicine for Watery Eyes when the Lachrymation Is Bland

Allium Cepa is a high-grade homeopathic medicine for watery eyes. It works well when the flow of tears is bland or non-irritating. In such cases, the flow of tears is very heavy and may reduce in the open. The eyes may also seem red and swollen. Allium Cepa is also used in allergic cases where the nasal discharge is very acrid, burning and is accompanied by a profuse and bland flow of tears.

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  1. hi Dr sharma I need ur help sir I am male 33 yrs from past 4 5 mnths I am having some problem in my left eye.I show to Dr he said that my tear duct is closed and he gave medicines ;antibiotics and some drops for the eye I took dem and it went off and again it’s coming back after some time like 15 days to 1mnth.the left eye tear duct is closed and down of the eye corner one mole is coming wen there is problem and pus and yellow water is discharging from dat . so these wen m taking antibiotics it’s going off and again returning wen I don’t . yesterday I went to dr so they examine the eys n did SME tests like the took SME liquid in injection and injected in my corners of both sides n from the ryt side the lotion came to my throat SOS ryt duct is working n same wen it’s done on left eye the lotion is nt goin in and it’s coming out from the mole wich I GT due to infection. so the dr advce me to go for the surgery what they say dcr surgery where the do SME surgery n fix SME tube n make a new passage for the tear duct. m really worried for this n I dnt want to go for the surgery plz let me know if there is any medicine or any treatment with out operation. plzz knw ASAP .

    thank you

  2. Sir.
    I have glaucoma.recently two time infection occur in wright eye into two month. Sweeling under eye,upper and lower eye lid,inner corner of nose and chick. Doctor suspect block tear duct. My age 61 year.allium sepha can use.what will be the power and dose.

  3. I want to loos weight. Please give me a solution. My age is 23 & my height is 145 cm. Please advise sir…

  4. Bilateral Epiphora at age 55+: chronic and ongoing watery eyes fir a few years. nasolacrimal duct surgeries endisvoplically and externals were fine but epiphora continues. The doctors have given a number of different prescription eye drops but the problem continues. The use of different eye drops for years has even caused hypo (corner) and hyper ( below) eye pigmentation. Want remedy for (1) epiphora and also for (2) loss of pigmentation in the corner from eye drops and/or multiple surgeries. Thanks.

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