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Top 9 Homeopathic Remedies for Adenomyosis

Adenomyosis is a condition where endometrial tissue of the uterus grows into the muscle wall of the uterus. Women having a history of operation like cesarean section, an operation to remove fibroids, and women in the age group of 40 to 50 are at most risk for adenomyosis. Homeopathy for adenomyosis can help reduce the intensity and frequency of symptoms of the disease.    homeopathy for adenomyosis

The reason behind adenomyosis is not clearly known yet but there are many theories to explain the cause of adenomyosis. One theory suggests that the endometrial tissue might be deposited in the muscle layer of the uterus during birth that tends to grow during adulthood. Next theory says inflammation of uterus following childbirth may result in adenomyosis. This is due to a break in the confined boundary of the cells that lines the uterus. As per another theory, adenomyosis arises from direct invasion of endometrial cells into the muscle layer of the uterus that may be due to incisions made during surgeries like cesarean section.

Symptoms of Adenomyosis

Some women having adenomyosis may not have any symptoms of the problem. In cases where symptoms do appear, they include heavy periods, prolonged menstrual bleeding, severe cramps/pain during periods (dysmenorrhea), bloating, painful intercourse, and spotting between periods.

Homeopathy for Adenomyosis

Homeopathy is highly useful for symptomatic management of adenomyosis. The symptoms including heavy/prolonged menstrual bleeding, pain during periods/intercourse, and spotting between periods can be managed effectively with homeopathy.

1. Sabina – To Manage Heavy, Bright, Red Menstrual Flow

Sabina is prepared from young, fresh tops of the branches of a plant Sabina Officinalis of the natural order Coniferae. Sabina is highly beneficial to manage complaint of heavy periods in adenomyosis cases. Females needing Sabina complains of very copious menstrual flow that tends to have heavy clots. The blood is bright red in color and flows in gushes. The menses may also last for a longer duration and are frequently attended with pain and colic. The characteristic pain goes from sacrum to pubes. In some cases, intermenstrual bleeding also appears.

2. Thlaspi – For Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding

Thlaspi is prepared from a plant Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris of the natural order Cruciferae. Thlaspi is very beneficial to manage prolonged menstrual bleeding in cases of adenomyosis. The menstrual bleeding may prolong for ten to even fifteen days where Thlaspi is indicated. The bleeding is also profuse with clots. Uterine colic appears during menses. Marked exhaustion attends excessive bleeding. The next periods start without recovery from the previous one. Sometimes the menstrual bleeding is profuse in every alternate month.

3. Ustilago – For Heavy, Dark Menstrual Flow

Ustilago is an excellent medicine to manage heavy menstrual flow dark in color in adenomyosis. Sometimes long black stringy clots pass with the dark blood. The blood may also have an offensive odor. Motion tends to worsen the flow and the menses are also prolonged. Extreme pain may attend menstrual flow.

4. Trillium Pendulum – For Bleeding between Periods

Trillium Pendulum is prepared from the fresh root of a plant named Three-leaved Nightshade of the natural order Smilaceae. Trillium Pendulum works effectively to manage the complaint of bleeding between periods in cases of adenomyosis. For using Trillium, the menstrual flow appears at every two weeks duration. The blood is profuse and gushes out of the uterus and is bright red in color. This may cause the woman to faint. A bearing down pain in the pelvis is also felt. Pain in the hips and small of the back is also marked with a sensation as if they will fall into pieces.

5. Calcarea Carb – For Early, Profuse and Prolonged Periods

Calcarea Carb is a well-indicated medicine for treating early, profuse and prolonged periods in adenomyosis. Pains of cutting nature appear in the uterus during periods. Pain in the back also arise. Nausea may attend with the pain during periods. In some cases, headache and vertigo may be felt during periods. Anemia may be present due to frequent and profuse periods of long duration.

6. Colocynthis – For Severe Cramps during Periods in Adenomyosis

Colocynthis is prepared from the pulp of the fruit of plant Citrullus Colocynthis of the natural order Cucurbitaceae. It is very useful for managing severe cramps or pain during periods in adenomyosis. The pain tends to get worse after eating or drinking. Relief in the pain is obtained by bending double or by hard pressure where Colocynthis is indicated. The abdomen may be distended with a sensation of distress along with uterine colic. In cases requiring Colocynthis, the uterine pain may also begin to be felt before the periods. Great restlessness attends the menstrual colic.

7. Magnesia Phos – For Painful Periods

Magnesia Phos is another effective medicine for treating painful periods in adenomyosis. To use Magnesia Phos, the uterine pain may be cramping, drawing, darting, shooting, lightening like or cutting in nature. Warm applications tend to relieve the pain in cases needing Magnesia Phos. Along with uterine colic, a bruised sensation in the abdomen may also be felt.

8. Viburnum – To Manage Uterine Pain Radiating down Thighs

Viburnum is prepared from fresh bark of plant Viburnum opulus commonly named as High Cranberry of the natural order Caprifoliaceae. Viburnum is beneficial to manage uterine pain radiating down thighs in cases of adenomyosis. The entire pelvic region feels full and congested. Pain in the back also arises along with nausea. The menstrual flow is profuse and contains large clots. The blood may also be offensive.

9. Sepia – For Painful Intercourse

Sepia is considered in cases of adenomyosis to manage the complaint of painful intercourse. There may also be a tendency of early and copious periods. During periods, there may be a bearing-down pain in the pelvis and small of the back. Burning or shooting pain in the uterus may also be felt.

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  1. Sweta agrawal says:

    Pain in left side of lower abdomen.and bleeding in between 2 period s.pain during intercourse.

    • Thenmozhi says:

      Hello mam, I am diagnosed with diffused adenomyosis, 5 cm right ovarian chocolate cyst. Experienced back pain , lower abdominal cramp. Is it curable in Homeo?

  2. hello
    My daughter, 22 has adenomyosisis. can you take more than one homeopathic remedy at a time. she has been on sabina from a local practioner for some time and it has helped to some extent but has helped not the thigh pain

  3. Hello
    My problem is adenomyosis fibroids and cyst in right Ovary also endometriosis and bulky uterus .am not married and I want homeopathy remedy to remove this fibroid as well as cyst and also to reduce the buku uterus

    • Kristina says:

      I am a mother of 4. In 2012 I was diagnosed with PCOS. Post diagnosis I had 3 of my kids delivered via C section and it was suggested that I get a tubal litigation as my uterus is as thin as tissue paper. I had the tubal done and noticed something was off with my cycles so I contacted the Dr that did my tubal and he diagnosed me with uterine adenomyosis. He said there is no cure for it and wrote me a prescription for pills that would cause less clotting and heavy flow. A side effect of that medicine was migraines which I already suffered from so I stopped taking the pills. Since I was diagnosed with that in 2020 I’ve been dealing with periods that last anywhere from 7-14 days and have maybe 2 weeks in between cycles. I’m just looking for something to ease my discomfort with my heavy cycles. Thank you!

  4. Shiney John says:

    Hello Dr. My name is Shiney John and 38 years old . I’m a resident of Canada. I’m suffering from Adenomyosis aka Adenomyoma. Upon doing Ultrasound it seems the size is increasing and the medicine Freya21 what I’m taking is not helping in shrinking but I’m controlling the bleeding. If I don’t take the medication I will have continuous bleeding. Doctor has asked to do hysterectomy. But as my Ferritin level is only 3, they cannot do surgery. I was thinking if there is any medication in homeopathy that can cure the problem, then I dont have to undergo surgery. I’m taking iron tablets to increase my iron levels. Haemoglobin is normal.
    The measurement during MRI taken in March 2021
    Large area measures 6.2×4.8×5.7cm and a smaller one on anterior body measures 3.0×2.3×2.7cm. In October 2021 I took Ultrasound and it said the size is bigger than this. So I would like your suggestions. Thank you

    • D.sowmiya says:

      Dear doctor iam 45 years old, three surgery are done one for fibroids removing, and two ceserian, now again ihave adenomiosis, and fibroids doctor advised to remove utreus. I don’t want surgery is there any medicine for this.

  5. Jignasa pachchigar says:

    I am 44 years old, suffering from adenomyosis since longe time, my sonography report shows thikness in of uterus.

  6. Mithu Bose says:

    I am 45 years old,suffering from painful periods.after doing usg it is seen adenomyosis,having 1 inch tumor in uterus,though i have not more than 2days flow but i suffer extreme pain which i cant tolerate.Allopathic doc said surgery will help but as i dont want to do surgrey so i am doing homopathy but pain is there every month pain is disturbing me,now i dont know when i will have menupause and this pain is also untolerable.Can u help me

  7. Priyanka Roy Chowdhury says:

    Hallo Doctor,
    ‘I hope to have a honest and genuine responses only . I have adenomyosis which is in the milder form as of now. Can it be cured with homeopath? If yes what medicine and dosage? My symptoms are heavy menstrual flow with occasional pain.

  8. Suffering from Adenomyosis, Age 44 years. Alleopathy advised to remove uterus & currently taking ovral G for 20 days – 10 daya menses. I donot want to go for operation, can homeopathy cure this completely.

  9. Suffering from Adenomyosis, Age 45 years. Alleopathy advised to remove uterus & currently taking Premolut N to stop menses. I donot want to go for operation, can homeopathy cure this completely.

  10. Satyabrata Jit says:

    My daughter is just 21 years. She has been detected Adenomysis. She suffers from heavy, prolonged (more than 20 days) bleeding and irregular periods. Please suggest if there is any homeopathic treatment.

  11. Sharmin sultana says:

    I want ur help.
    I m suffering from multiple fibroid and diffuse adenomyosis.

  12. Hi I am suffering from adenomyosis may I know the best treatment and best hospital for this

  13. Dr Nazia Shamshad says:

    Hi I’m Dr Nazia, I have problem of adenomyosis. I have complaint of heavy, profuse bleeding with cramps early cycle bleeding for more than 10 days. Gush of blood with clots difficulty in daily activities due to dysmenorrhea please help me to alleviate these symptoms by homeopathic medicine. I have strong brlief in homeopathy.


  14. Carlos Donate says:

    Can Thuja help with uterine adenomyosis

  15. Manju nagar w/o Dr.harmendra nagar says:

    पिरियड आने के 1 दिन पहले से कमर में बहुत तेज दर्द चालु हौ जाता हैं । जो पिरियड के बाद तीसरे दिन तक रह्ता हे ।bleeding बहूत ज्यादा होने लगि हे
    Adenomyosis हे coloting bleeding हे । पेट नही दर्द कर्ता । पिरियड भी 4 दिन ही रह्ता । लेकिन sever कमर दर्द रह्ता 2 साल से हे ये problem hb भी 8 9 हे इससे आंखे भी कमजोर हौ गई हे सर इस दर्द सए निजात दिलाईये ।

  16. Apurwa Sinha says:

    I am 32 years old lady and I am suffering with adenomyosis I have one kid and don’t want to remove uterus as of now and neither i am planning for second baby right now. Please help further.

    • Vijay Kumar says:

      If you get any information about treatment for adenomyosis and want to have kids further, please do forward to us also as we are looking for the same solution @ 9700771695

  17. Itishree pradhan says:

    Sir I am Itishree from Odisha .I am 40 yrs old. unmarried.I have recently diagnosed with adenomyosis. Is there any solution to cure this

    • I am 45 years l am suffering from adnomysis from last 3 years i have a painful and heavy periods with large clots every month please suggest what i can do doctor advise remove utrus

  18. Hi sir. Iam suffering from Adenomyosis from almost 7 years. I have a regular period with normal bleeding . my main problem is severe intense pain starting from 2 days before periods & lasting about 2 weeks. Iam under allopathic treatment & my doctor suggested hysterectomy. Is there any treatment in homeopathy . Kindly reply me

    • Akhilesh Rajpoot says:

      Hi.. Mam…., Dr. Akhilesh 8512883642 contact no.
      This type of case curable by homeopathic medicine

  19. SANDIP DALAI says:

    Sir, My wife is suffering adenomyosis last 2years , any remedy in homeopathic treatment. we have no issue. she is 35 years old.

  20. I am suffering from adonomayosis from one year. I got treatment elopathy and homeopathy but no relief.

    • Hello i have endometriosis and adenomyosis. Started taking homeopathic treatment and i can see a difference. But more things needs to be done. Avoid dairy and gluten and any form of sugar and red meat. It will surely aid in reducing the symptoms. I had bulky uterus and i did a laparoscopic surgery to remove cysts and they also removed scar tissues of adenomyosis. After that i changed my diet, maintain healthy weight and its helping. Just started with homeopathic treatment now to see if it will further help.

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