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Homeopathy for Supportive Treatment of ALS 

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a degenerative disease of the nervous system in which nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control muscles are affected. In this disease there is loss of control of voluntary muscles (like of speech, limbs). It is a progressive disease means it worsens with time. Homeopathy for ALS is advisable for symptom relief in conjunction with conventional treatment to halt further disease progression and  improve quality of life as much as possible.Homeopathy for ALS

This disease is also known by name of Lou Gehrig’s disease (named after a baseball player diagnosed with this condition in 1939). In ALS the motor neurons area is affected. Motor neurons are cells of the nervous system which controls the contraction or relaxation of voluntary muscles by sending messages from brain to spinal cord and muscles. In ALS, these motor neurons get damaged and die. Due to this the damaged motor neurons are unable to send messages to muscles resulting in loss of muscle function. Initially the muscles become weak and as the condition progresses a person tends to lose control over movement. In the beginning muscles of limbs are affected and eventually it affects muscles controlling swallowing, breathing. ALS is one type among many motor neuron diseases (a severe neurodegenerative disease that causes the nerves in the spine and brain to lose function over time). Some other motor neuron diseases are pseudobulbar palsy, primary lateral sclerosis (PLS), progressive muscular atrophy. 

There is no cure still found for ALS and there is no treatment that can reverse the damage already occurred. The treatment provided for it is targeted at slowing disease progression, and preventing its complications and improving quality of life. Most people having this condition live for around 3 to 5 yrs after being diagnosed but in rare cases can live up to 10 yrs. 

Causes and Risk Factors 

The exact reason behind ALS is not known yet. An interaction between genetic and environmental factors is thought to play a role in this condition. In most cases no clear cause is present (sporadic ALS). While in rest of the cases around 5 % – 10% it is inherited and runs in families (Familial ALS). It happens from the transfer of certain faulty genes from parents to children. It is also thought that it might develop from an immune response that targets motor neurons causing its deterioration and death. Other than this scientists also think that it can develop when abnormal proteins  (eg. SOD1) made by genes build up in the nerve cells and start to damage them. Scientists are also trying to find if there is a link between this condition and build up of neurotransmitter glutamate in the spaces around nerve cells causing its deterioration.

There are also some studies in which it was found that risk of ALS is higher in people who have served in the military. Scientists are studying what is a link between these. Is its exposure to some infection, some chemicals certain metals or traumatic injuries that increased risk of ALS in military people. 

Risk of ALS increases with age and people between the age of 40 – 60 yrs are at risk. Its chances are little more in males as compared to females of less than age of 65 yrs, while after 70yrs of age no such thing is applicable and chances are equal for men and women. Other than this smoking and exposure to lead are risk factors for this condition. 


Its signs and symptoms vary from case to case as per the neurons that are damaged. In the beginning it presents with  muscle twitching, muscle stiffness and weakness of muscle. Initially there are symptoms only on one side of the body and begin in hand, feet, arms, legs but with time symptoms occur on both sides of the body. Initial signs and symptoms may include difficulty walking  from weakness in legs, feet; weakness in arms; weakness in hands leading to problem doing activity with hands, hand clumsiness;   difficulty in speaking, slurred speech. Muscle cramps and twitching in arms, shoulders can also occur. The person may have difficulty in going up stairs, getting up from a chair and doing normal routine activities. He may limp, stumble / fall while walking. There may also occur hoarseness, difficulty holding head up and problems with swallowing with easy choking. As the disease progresses, loss of muscle function and muscle wasting occurs and the person is unable to move arms, hands,  leg and walk. Eventually he can’t speak , swallow and breathe. Most deaths occur from respiratory failure or aspiration pneumonia. In this disease fatigue is present and memory and decision making ability is also affected. Uncontrolled episodes of laughing or crying may occur. Behavioural issues and cognitive changes also arise. The urinary  and bowel function  and senses are not affected in this condition.

Homeopathy for ALS 

Homeopathic medicines offer a supportive role in managing symptoms of this condition. These medicines though can not reverse the damage that has already occurred in these cases but can help in managing its further progression. These medicines are helpful in mild to moderate cases. It is a progressive disease and the homeopathic medicine is selected individually for every case of ALS after case analysis that only a homeopathic physician can judge based on experience and expertise. So one must use any of the homeopathic medicine after consulting a homeopathic physician and avoid self medication. 

Homeopathic Medicines for Supportive Help 

  1. Plumbum Met 

it is a very effective medicine to manage cases with weakness of muscle, loss of muscle function or atrophy of muscles (means loss of muscle mass). It is helpful when there is weakness and lameness of arms and hands. This can be attended with loss of muscle mass of arms.  Its use is also considered in case of muscle twitching in the limbs. Next it is useful for loss of muscle function of the lower limbs; hand, wrist, forearm especially on the right side. Hands and feet may be cold where this medicine is required. It is indicated for loss of function of muscle of arms which is initiated with cramps in early phases. Lastly it is indicated for stuttering speech and case of voice loss. 

  1. Lathyrus

This medicine is prepared from plant Lathyrus sativus commonly known as chick – pea. This plant belongs to family leguminosae. This medicine is indicated when there is marked stiffness, rigidity of the legs and ankles. Severe muscle cramps are present in the legs. person needing it may drag feet or put down feet quickly and forcibly on the floor while walking. It is also indicated when muscle loses its function and emaciated (become thin due to loss of muscle mass). 

  1. Argentum Nitricum 

This medicine is beneficial when there is weakness of the lower limbs. The legs may feel heavy. Mainly the left leg feels stiff and rigid. Persons needing it have unsteady, tottering and staggering gait. Along with above symptoms there may be muscle loss in the legs. In some cases weakness in the forearms is also present. Hoarse voice can be there attending the above symptoms.

  1. Arsenic Album

It is a prominent medicine when cases present with weakness in limbs which forces a person to lie down. Mainly upper limbs, legs, feet are  weak. Persons who need it have difficulty ascending stairs and they feel lower limbs would break at that time. It is also indicated when there are twitching in limbs. They may also have swallowing difficulty and loss of speech. General weakness, exhaustion is present along with above symptoms in them.

  1. Lachesis

Use of this homeopathic medicine is mainly considered for cases having slow, difficult speech. The speech is also confused, and indistinct. Persons requiring it may be unable to pronounce some words. Sometimes there is loss of voice in those needing it. Next it is well indicated to manage swallowing difficulty. There is more difficulty in swallowing liquids than solids where it is required.

  1. Phosphorus

This medicine works well to manage weakness of the limbs. In cases requiring it there is excessive weakness of arms with much difficulty to move them. Next indication for using it is loss of muscle mass in hands. Apart from above it works well in case of heaviness and weakness in lower limbs. In most cases this is felt on going upstairs. Legs feel intensely weak leading to missteps while walking. Other than this while walking there is an unsteady and stumbling gait. Lastly it is valuable to manage cases in which there is weak, difficult and slow speech.

  1. Kali Phos

It is indicated when there is weakness of muscles and rigidity of muscles. Next it also helps to manage cases of loss of muscle function. Wasting of muscles can also be present where it is required. Another attending complaint is general weakness. Rest of the accompanying symptoms that this medicine covers include weakness of memory, fits of laughter or crying. 

  1. Cuprum Met

Homeopathic medicine Cuprum Met is significant to manage cases with muscle cramps and twitchings. Firstly it is indicated for twitching in the hands, fingers, arms and the lower limbs. Secondly it is useful for cramps appearing in the legs, fingers, feet and toes. Thirdly it is beneficial for weakness of legs, arms. It is also good for weakness of hands in which a persons is unable to hold things in hands and they tend to fall down. Its last indication is heaviness of tongue with slow, stuttering and imperfect speech.

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  2. Plz let me know treatment for ALS. My father just got diagnosed with ALS. Need to know our options

  3. My Brother was recently diagnosed with ALS, and am looking for homeopathy assistance. I have many of the symptoms described in this article, but do not know where to purchase any of these therapies. he is just 30 years age.Can you tell me where to purchase some of the above items

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    I was recently diagnosed with ALS, and am looking for homeopathy assistance. I have many of the symptoms described in this article, but do not know where to purchase any of these therapies. I am 77 yrs of age, and was in good health until late Aug.of this year. Can you tell me where to purchase some of the above items
    Marilyn Mockler

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