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TMJ Headache : Homeopathy Can Help

TMJ headache (temporomandibular joint headache) is a headache caused by a disorder in the temporomandibular joint. Most times a headache arises from sinus problem, migraines but it could not come in mind that it could be related to TMJ disorder but that can be reason too in some cases.TMJ is a sliding hinge joint that connects the jawbone to the temporal bones of the skull. There is one TMJ on each side of the jaw. This joint helps in jaw movement so that a person can talk, chew. Dysfunction in the jaw and the muscles that control the jaw movement  can result in TMJ disorders which may also cause headache. Homeopathy for TMJ headache helps reduce the frequency and intensity of this headache. Homeopathy for TMJ headache


In this there may occur dull, aching pain or sharp throbbing pain around and inside the ear. This pain tends to radiate  to the scalp,  temples (side of the head), down to the neck and  back of the head. The pain gets worse by talking, chewing and  yawning. The headache in this type  can occur in one or more areas of the head and face and is attended with some other symptoms. These include pain in the face or jaw, tightness of muscles of face or jaw,  restriction of jaw movement, clicking or popping sound on jaw motion. Sometimes there may also occur dizziness and hearing problems along with above symptoms.


The exact cause behind it is unknown yet. But it is thought to arise when there is some problem in the TMJ joint or in muscles around the TMJ that run along the jaw and cheeks. Tension in the muscles of the jaw can  lead to pain alongside cheeks and the sides or top of the head. Clenching or grinding of teeth can also lead to muscle pain that surrounds the jaw and cause headache. It is also seen that mental stress can result in muscle spasms which can result in headache. It may also arise from osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) and osteoporosis (a condition in which the bones get weak and prone to break easily) affecting jaw joints.

Homeopathy for TMJ Headache

Homeopathy carries a good scope in treating cases of TMJ headache. Homeopathic medicines are very natural and safe to manage its symptoms. These medicines target the root cause behind it and help to relieve the headache and the attending symptoms like jaw pain, stiff jaw, facial pain and cracking sound on jaw movement very effectively. It is advised to take any homeopathic medicine after consulting a homeopathic physician who can suggest the best medicine that will suit a given case of TMJ headache after detailed case study. 

  1. Belladonna – Top Grade Medicine

It is a natural medicine prepared from plant deadly nightshade. It belongs to family solanaceae. It is a very effective medicine for cases where marked pain is present on the sides of the head. The nature of pain is mostly throbbing type where it is indicated. Pressure helps to relieve the pain sometimes.  Heat in the head may be present with this. Sometimes there is dizziness with a headache.
Next, tearing pain in jaws is there. The lower jaw also feels tensed and may have shooting pain in it. In some cases sharp pains in and about the ears are felt. This may be triggered by chewing. Other than above it is indicated when there is pain in the right side face that radiates to the side of head and neck. The pain here is mostly cutting or tearing. This gets worse from touch and motion. 

  1. Rhus Tox – For Stiffness and Pain in Jaw

It is a very beneficial medicine when there is excessive stiffness in the jaw. With this there occurs cracking sound in the jaw joint when movement of the jaw is made. There is also pain close to the ear in the  joint of the lower jaw. This pain is most of the time cramp like in nature. This gets worse from jaw movement. Sometimes there is severe pain with a sensation as if the jaw would break. People needing it feel relief in pain from warmth application over painful parts. Pressure over painful areas also provides relief. give relief to them.
There may be pain in the back of the head (occipital headache) and warmth provides relief. Bending the head backward also makes the pain better in them. Other than this they feel as if the muscles of the back part of the head are screwed together. This medicine is a good muscle relaxant and pain reliever.

  1. Spigelia – For Pain in Jaw, Face and Head

It is prepared from plant Spigelia anthelmia commonly known as pink root. It belongs to the family loganiaceae. This medicine is well indicated when there is pain in jaw, face and head. Firstly, there is pain of tearing type in the lower jaw that radiates to the ear and up to the nape of neck. Moving the head worsens this pain. Along with this there can be a sensation as if the lower jaw of the right side would be torn out of its joint.
Secondly there is pain in the lower jaw on the right side that extends up to the ear and side of head (temporal region).
Thirdly there is pain in the left side of the face and head. The  pain may start from the back of the head on the left side and  extend forward and settle over the eye where this medicine is indicated. The pain is usually sharp and tearing. There is also a sensation as if all muscles of the left side of face from forehead to neck are pierced with red hot needles.

  1. Glonoine – For Headache and Stiff, Painful Jaw

It is a well indicated medicine for managing headache and painful, stiff jaw. It is given when the headache is throbbing and bursting type. The pain is felt mainly above the ears and on the sides of the head when it is required. This is accompanied by excessive heat in the head and flushed face. Fullness in the head is also felt. Throbbing headache can be accompanied with vertigo. In some cases needing it the headache is felt on top of head.
Lastly, it is also used when the headache starts in the back of the head and then spreads to the entire head.

  1. Causticum – For Tension, Pain in Jaw, Headache

It is a very useful medicine for persons who complain of tension and pain in their jaws. With this they have difficulty in opening the mouth. They may have inflammatory pain in the lower jaw. Next they feel violent stitching pain in the side of head especially the right side. This gets worse in the evening. They may sometimes have pain on top of head. This is most of the time a throbbing and stitching type. It may be accompanied by a burning and stinging sensation. A jerking sensation in the head can also be present. Lastly it is indicated when there is a tearing and digging type of headache in the evening time.

  1. Natrum Mur – For Severe Pain in Lower Jaw and Headache

It is an important medicine for cases in which there is a severe drawing type of pain present in the lower jaw. Along with this there is tension in the jaw joint. Persons needing it mostly have throbbing pain in the head as if occurring from little hammers. They may also have a dull heavy headache. Along with headache they may feel as if there is a rope around their head which is drawing tighter and tighter. They may also feel heaviness or stitching pain in the back of the head.

  1. Ignatia – When There is Clenching of Jaw and Headache

This natural medicine is prepared from plant Ignatia Amara also known as St. Ignatius’ Bean. This plant belongs to family loganiaceae. It is a helpful medicine for cases in which there is a tendency to clench the jaw. Along with this there is pain in the lower jaw as if it is dislocated. The pain may be marked in the right lower jaw in the evening. Further, a sensation as if the jaw is crushed can attend above symptoms. Apart from above, pain is present in the side of head with a sensation as if a nail was driven out from there. It may get better by lying on it. One sided headache may also be present, and it worsens from talking. Along with headache, heaviness and heat in the head may be present. Sore bruised sensation in head may accompany. Relief in pain in the head can occur from rest and warmth. Lastly, pain in the back of the head may occur. This worsens from cold and relieves external heat. A sensation of weight at the back of the head may attend with the pain.

  1. Silicea – For TMJ Pain Extending to Temporal Region of Head

This medicine is indicated when there is  pain in the joint of jaw that extends to the temples. There may also be tearing pain in the whole head that begins from the back of the head. Persons requiring it feel a worsening of headache from cold air and exertion. They feel better by wrapping their heads warmly and also from pressure.

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  1. Ravi Pandita says:

    Sir my wife is 50years old suffering from TMJ/TMD kindly guide me for neutralizing her head gum and fecial acute pain

  2. I have tmj symptoms.
    Can I take arnica and rhustox together in pellet form and how much

  3. Abhishek Parmar says:

    Right side jaw size is small compared to left.
    Nosal septum is deviated towards right side.
    While opening mouth there’s dutch sound from right side of tmj and it is very ittitates me psychologicaly.
    When right side nose get blocked , pain starts in whole right region of face and for most below the right eye muscles tends to close right eye also all muscles of right side are been streched towards right tmj as a particular point.
    It starts at morning after waking up suffering from wet cold comes from nose and get blocked too, at night only pain and stuffiness starts
    Please, give me solution doctor.

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