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Homeopathy for Vitamin B-12 Deficiency 

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin that plays a major role in red blood cell production and also ensures that the nervous system works properly. A person may have a deficiency if he does not take food that contains vitamin B12 (found in animal foods like fish, meats,  eggs, dairy and  food products that are fortified with B12 like some cereals, breads). Homeopathy for Vitamin B deficiency like Arsenic help provide relief in symptoms like weakness, tiredness, nerve complaints including numbness & tingling.  Vitamin B deficiency may also occur if the body of a person is not able to absorb this vitamin from the food eaten due to some of the underlying medical health conditions. Homeopathy for Vitamin B

First example of such conditions is celiac disease (It is an autoimmune disease in which eating gluten that is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye triggers an immune response that results in damage to the lining of the small intestine. It prevents absorbing  nutrients from food). Second is Crohn’s disease (It is one of the two inflammatory bowel diseases that leads to  inflammation in gastrointestinal tract). Next it can occur in case of atrophic gastritis (Damage to stomach lining that arises from long term inflammation of the stomach).
Lastly, it can occur in pernicious anaemia (a medical condition in which the blood lacks enough red blood cells due to lack of an intrinsic factor that helps to absorb  vitamin B 12 needed to produce  proper red blood cells). The persons who are strictly vegetarian, who are elderly, or have some surgery done to  remove a part of the intestine  that absorbs B12 and taking medicine metformin  or  antacid drugs for a long time are at risk of developing this deficiency.


In case of mild deficiency there may occur no symptoms at all. But if this deficiency goes unchecked then signs and symptoms start to appear. It firstly can lead to pale skin,  weakness, tiredness. Secondly it may cause nerve complaints including numbness, tingling, pin needle sensation, weakness of muscles and affect balance and coordination and cause trouble walking resulting in frequent falling. Other than this there may occur inflammation of tongue (glossitis) and mouth ulcers. Next there may occur palpitation of heart, shortness of breath and dizziness. It may also affect vision and cause blurred vision.  Apart from these it may lead to diarrhea, gas, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. Lastly it can affect the mind and cause problems including depression, irritability, thinking difficulty, memory loss.

Homeopathy for Vitamin B Deficiency 

Homeopathy plays a supportive role to manage symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency along with supplements given in conventional mode of treatment for this deficiency. Homeopathic medicines help in providing relief in its symptoms like  weakness, tiredness, nerve complaints including numbness, tingling, pin needle sensation, muscle weakness, inflammation of tongue, mouth ulcers, diarrhea, gas, nausea and vomiting, depression, and memory issues. The medicine in homeopathy for managing it is selected as per the symptom presentation in every individual case. So it is advised to get a homeopathic medicine for its symptom management after consulting a homeopathic physician who can guide about the best medicine that will suit an individual case after detailed case analysis. These medicines are not a substitute to the supplements used in conventional mode of treatment for treating this deficiency and are only meant to provide symptom relief. The use of supplements from conventional mode of treatment is recommended along with use of homeopathic medicines. 

  1. Arsenic Album – To Manage Weakness, Tiredness

Arsenic Album is a very effective homeopathic medicine to manage weakness, tiredness. In persons needing it weakness is felt from doing even least exertion. Mostly they have weakness in the night hours. Intense weakness is there in limbs that forces the person to lie down. They are also very anxious and restless, with a desire to move constantly. Apart from above, it is well-indicated medicine to manage tingling sensation felt in the fingers. Weakness, numbness in the feet is yet another symptom calling its use.

  1. Gelsemium – To Manage Exhaustion and Dizziness

It is a natural medicine prepared from the bark of the root of plant Gelsemium Sempervirens commonly known as yellow jasmine. This plant belongs to family loganiaceae. This medicine helps manage complaints of exhaustion and dizziness. In cases requiring it dullness and drowsiness is also present. There is also a desire to lie down at all times. Dizziness may occur while walking. It is also indicated for managing cases in which there occurs confusion of mind, thinking difficulty and problem in concentration.

  1. Kali Phos – To Manage Fatigue, Memory Weakness, Numbness, Prickling

It is an important medicine to help cases in which fatigue is present on both mental and physical spheres. Doing the slightest amount of work seems daunting. They have low energy levels.
It is also a suitable medicine for managing weakness of memory, forgetfulness, dullness of mind. Other than these, it is also a significant medicine for managing irritability and depression. In such cases sadness, gloominess, is present. Other symptoms that can attend are  weariness of life, negative thoughts in mind and fear of death. Lastly, it works well when there is numbness or prickling sensation in the  hands and feet.

  1. Hypericum – For Tingling Sensation in Limbs

It is prepared from a plant Hypericum Perforatum also known by the name of St. John’s Wort. This plant belongs to family hypericaceae. Use of this medicine if highly recommended to manage  tingling and burning sensation in the limbs. Numbness in limbs may also be there in some cases. 

  1. Zincum Met – To Manage Numbness and Tingling

Zincum Met is also very useful medicine for managing numbness and tingling sensation. Sometimes formation sensation is felt in feet and legs. Muscle weakness in the limbs may also be present. 

  1. Picric Acid – For Managing Pin and Needle Sensation

This is a beneficial medicine for managing pin and needle sensation in the limbs. Weakness and tiredness in the whole body especially in the limbs can also be present in cases needing it. Some other indications for using this medicine include weakness of memory, forgetfulness and mental fatigue after doing least intellectual work.

  1. Causticum – For Muscle Weakness and Problem with Balance and Coordination 

It is a prominent medicine with marked action on the muscles. It is a top grade medicine to help cases in which muscle weakness is prominent. Another major indication for using it is the problem with balance and coordination that cause unsteady walking and easy falling. It also works well to manage numbness in the hands.

  1. Sarcolacticum Acidum – For Extreme Fatigue, Prostration

It is yet another indicated medicine for managing fatigue, prostration. For using it the muscle weakness is present in the back, neck and shoulders. It may also be felt in limbs when climbing stairs. Lastly weakness is felt in arms as if it has no strength in them.

  1. Merc Sol – To Manage Inflammation of Tongue and Mouth Ulcers

It is a highly valuable medicine for managing tongue inflammation. In such cases there is intense redness of tongue accompanied with pain. The pain is usually pricking in nature. Burning sensation can also occur with this.
Next, it is very effective for cases of mouth ulcers. The ulcers can occur on the tongue, gums, inside cheeks when it is needed. These are dirty looking with undefined borders. Excessive salivation, metallic taste in mouth and offensive breath are some general symptoms that can appear with above complaints.

  1. Borax – For Managing Mouth Ulcers

In cases needing it, the ulcers can be present inside of the cheek or tongue. The ulcers are painful and tender. They also tend to bleed easily. Excessive heat and dryness of mouth can be felt along with these features.

  1. Aloe – For Managing Diarrhea

This medicine is prepared from gum of the plant Aloe Socotrina. It belongs to family liliaceae. It is one of the best medicines in homeopathy to manage diarrhoea. In cases needing it there is passage of lumpy, watery stool. There is a desire to pass soon after eating or drinking. Urgency to pass stool is also present. A constant bearing down sensation is felt in rectum. The main indication for using it is morning diarrhea that makes a person rush out of bed and go to pass stool immediately upon rising in morning. 

  1. Lycopodium – To Manage Gas 

Lycopodium is prepared from plant Lycopodium Clavatum commonly known as club moss that belongs to the family lycopodiaceae. This medicine works well  in cases where excessive gas production is there. It results in abdominal bloating. After eating any food there occurs bloating. Abdominal pain may also occur if the gas is not passed. 

  1. Ipecac – For Managing Nausea and Vomiting

This medicine is prepared from the dried root of plant Ipecacuanha belonging to the family rubiaceae. It is very useful to manage nausea and vomiting. The nausea can be constant in persons needing it. Vomiting may occur of watery fluids, food or bile. The nausea may not get better even after vomiting.

  1. Ignatia – For Managing Depression

It is a very beneficial medicine in homeopathy for managing depression. People needing it feel sad all the time. This is accompanied with weeping and brooding spells. People who need this medicine do not wish to meet other people. They may also have dullness and weakness of mind.

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    Dear Dr Sharma.
    My age is 68 years.
    My Vitamin B12 is extremely low. Also Vitamin D3.
    Please advise any homeopathic

  2. Dr Zahid says:

    Dear Dr Sharma.
    I am a medical doctor but I don’t use Allopathic medicine.
    I use Herbal or Homeopathic medicine.
    My age is 60 years.
    My Vitamin B12 is extremely low. Also Vitamin D3.
    Is low as well. My Hb is 8.2.
    Please advise any homeopathic

  3. Dear Dr Sharma
    I am habib. Dear Dr i feel pain in my lower part of my back. While going on foot i feel very bad pain in my both legs starts from hips and going strait down to feets. And I feel like my both legs are gone sleep. And I also did some tests of B complex and in report i am advised to take B complex like B1 and B12 B6 etc and also some other vitamins. Dear Sir kindly suggest some homoeopathic medicine for B complex and some other vitamins to make me feel good and some medicine for my back pain. If it is sciatica pain then what should I take in homoeopathic medicine.
    Thank you very much

  4. Sukalpa chakraborty says:

    I occasionally feel jhin jhin in my hands .
    I am diabetic but in control
    I am over weight
    Is there any medicine in homeopathy

  5. Hi. Iam suffering from hashimotos disease using levo thyroxine and also medicine for bp also. I have allergy in my throat and nose due to hashimoto kindly sugest medicine for hashimoto and allergy.

  6. Waseem Shariff says:

    Deae Dr I am suffering from Vitamin b12 dificieancy, My b12 is 180, I am suffering fro cervical spondylosis and ringing voice in ear , please suggest me b12 medicine in homeopathy.
    My watsapp 8971910239

  7. thank you for all the wonderful articles. I am a naturopath, but new to homeopathy. I guess was prejudiced against it because I didn’t understand it. but it works, so I am gathering information and I love your site.

  8. Dr., l am benefitted from your article, thanks a lot.

  9. My mom is 78.she is feeling pain in uterus region. After checking lady doctor said SWELLING in uterus. Suggest medicine.

  10. Niren baxi says:

    Superb article..

    • Sujeet Kumar says:

      I have Acute Kidney Injury which happened 2 year back because of Sepsis.
      Is there any homeopathy based treatment for AKI?
      I am taking allopathy medicine for it.

      Best regards
      Sujeet kumar

  11. Amit rajput says:

    Hello sir I have dexamethasone ciplectin tablet action for allergy, there is inflammation in the intestines, ulcer has developed, the stool comes out sticky and there is a red rash on the body and where the rash occurs there is itching there is hair loss also there is mental stress Go sinus always remains body always warm please suggest any homeopathic medicine

  12. Richa Sawarn says:

    Hi ,
    I am suffering from vitamin b 12 deficiency.
    I used to have numbness in my right face and fingers .
    Later I started having occular migraines
    All this stopped after i started taking vitamin b 12 supplements
    But after i stopped my b 12 supplements the symptoms started again.
    Currently i am consuming 1500 mcg methylcobalmin .
    Is there any homeopathic treatment which can accelerate b 12 absorption

  13. Hi Dr. Sharma
    I would like to know if you sell the acabo veg, Agarius and Sécale for for primary Raynaud’s Syndrome? How much is for Agarius? It is necessary to the three or the Agarius is enough. Thank you so much!

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