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Get Rid of Itching with Natural Homeopathic Medicines

Itching, medically termed as pruritis, is an irritating, unpleasant sensation on the skin that makes a person rub or scratch it. Itching can affect some specific body part (localized itching) or it may be widespread over the body (generalized itching). Itching can occur without any eruptions or, there may be a rash or eruption. The skin may become rough, dry, cracked, or leathery and may look red. Following scratching, bleeding spots appear on the skin. With intense scratching, the chances of skin injuries and infection also increase. Itching, both recent or chronic, respond well to homeopathic treatment.

homeopathic medicine itching

Natural homeopathic medicines for itching

Homeopathic Treatment of Itching

There is great scope in homeopathy to treat cases of itching that arises from various reasons. Homeopathic medicines treat the root cause of itching and provide long-term relief. These medicines are suitable for people of all age groups and treat itching naturally without any side effects.

Top Homeopathic Medicines For Itching

The homeopathic medicines that are used most frequently to treat skin itching are – Sulphur, Graphites, Arsenic Album, Psorinum, Apis Mellifica, Fagopyrum and Dolichos.

1. Sulphur – Top-Grade Medicine To Treat Itching

Sulphur leads the list of homeopathic medicines to treat cases of skin itching. This medicine is highly suitable for itching on skin either with or without eruptions. The skin is dry and scaly. Eruptions may include pimples or pustules. Itching may keep shifting from one area to another. In most cases needing it, itching worsens at night disturbing sleep and from the warmth of bed. Itching may also get worse from washing and also in damp weather. On scratching, a burning sensation is felt and intense scratching may cause bleeding spots. The affected areas on the skin may be sore and painful. Pain may remain for a long time after scratching. Stitching and pricking sensation in the skin is also marked.

When and How to use Sulphur?

Sulphur can be used as a first remedy in case of itching either with or without eruptions. It soothes itching magnificently along with healing any rash and eruptions. It is most commonly used in 30C potency. This medicine can be used in 30C potency once a day. Do not take it more than once in a day. If there is no relief, its higher potencies may be considered after consulting a homeopathic doctor.

2. Graphites – For Itching With Dry, Rough Skin

Graphites is a highly effective medicine to help cases of itching along with marked dryness and roughness of skinCracks on skin may also be present. Itching is intense and attended with burning. It is also the best medicine to deal with cases of itchy eruptions that ooze a sticky fluid. Graphites is also prominently indicated for managing cases of eczema with marked itching. It works well for controlling itching in dry eczema as well as wet eczema where watery, transparent sticky, gluey discharge is present.

When and How to use Graphites?

Someone who is experiencing itching along with dry rough skin can take this medicine for good relief. This medicine is usually taken in 3X potency in tablet form. In mild itching, one to two tablets of Graphites 3X once a day is enough. To control moderate to severe itching, one to two tablet of Graphites 3X can be taken in the morning and in the evening. Some cases may need 30C potency, but it should be administered only after consulting a homeopathic doctor.

3. Arsenic Album – For Skin Itching and Burning

Arsenic Album is highly beneficial to manage itching and burning on skin. The skin is dry and scratching the skin causes pain. Cold tends to worsen the complaint. Skin may also be oversensitive. This medicine is also highly effective to treat psoriasis with rough patches on skin covered with scales attended with marked itching.

When and How to use Arsenic Album?

This medicine can be used to control skin itching and burning and also for itchy rough patches on skin covered with scales. Though it can be used in different potencies like 30C, 200C, 1M, it is advised to begin with 30C potency once a day. If there is no reprieve, you may switch to higher potencies with a homeopath’s advice.

4. Psorinum – For Itching With Scratching Till Skin Bleeds

Psorinum is well indicated for cases in which itching is intense and the sufferer scratches skin till it bleeds. Small eruptions may also arise after rubbing the skin. Itching is worse when body becomes warm and also during night. The skin may be rough or greasy. It is also well indicated when there is itching in flexures of the body like elbow bend, back of knee, etc. Skin eruptions that get better in summer and worse in winter are also treated with Psorinum. It is used for various skin complaints including acne, eczema, psoriasis, scabies, herpetic eruptions, and hives.

When and How to use Psorinum?

This medicine can be used in cases where there is intense itching and the sufferer keeps scratching till it begins to bleed. It can also be given for itching particularly in bends of knee and elbow bend. This medicine falls in the category of strong homeopathic medications, therefore, infrequent doses are suggested. The recommended potencies include 200C, 1M and even higher potencies. It should not be used in potencies lower than 200C. It is advised to wait for about 10 to 15 days before repeating it. Do not take higher than 200C potency without the physician’s advice.

5. Apis Mellifica – For Skin Itching With Stinging, Prickling Sensation

Apis Mellifica is a wonderful medicine to manage skin itching attended withstinging, prickling sensation. The itching often becomes intolerable and leads to harsh rubbing. Rashes form on the skin and the skin is red and feels hot. Itching gets better in open air. The skin feels sore and is sensitive to the slightest touch. Apis Mellifica is also an excellent medicine for hives (bumps on skin)attended with marked itching and stinging sensation. Apis Mellifica is also used to treat allergic dermatitis and prickly heat.

When and How to use Apis Mellifica?

Apis Mellifica can be used in cases where along with itching, the sufferer experiences stinging and prickling sensation. It can be used in low (30C) as well high potencies (like 200C, 1M). In 30C potency, it can be taken two to three times a day, while in 200C potency, dose should be limited to once a day only. Do not take its 1M potency without the guidance of a homeopathic doctor.

6. Fagopyrum – For Itching In Elderly People

Fagopyrum is a natural treatment for managing itching in older adults. It gets worse from scratching. Bathing in cold water brings relief. Though itching can occur on any body part, it is worse on the arms, legs, hands, elbows, knees and hairy parts. The itching gets worse towards the evening.

When and How to use Fagopyrum?

This medicine should be considered to manage skin itching in elderly people. Fagopyrum is usually used in low potencies. To begin with, its 30C can be used once or twice a day.

7. Dolichos – For Itching Without Any Skin Eruptions / Rash

Dolichos is a very suitable medicine for cases in which skin itching occurs without any rash/eruptions. In cases requiring it, itching worsens at night. Burning sensation also attends. Like Fagopyrum, this medicine is also indicated to manage skin itching in elderly persons.

When and How to use Dolichos?

It should be the first choice of remedy for skin itching without any rash or eruptions. Dolichos 30C can be taken once a day if itching is mild and for moderate intensity itching, it can be taken twice a day.

Causes Of Itching

Itching is a symptom of many health conditions. The causes are highly variable as summed below:

 A). Skin conditions

1. Dry skin: It mostly happens when there is dry air in the atmosphere, and also in winters. Along with skin dryness, cracks or scales appear on the skin.

2. Eczema/Atopic dermatitis: It is a very common condition especially in children in which inflammation of skin occurs along with dryness and itching. In some cases, eruptions (bumps) appear that may ooze fluid followed by crust formation and thickening of skin.

3. Scabies: It is a skin complaint caused by mite, sarcoptes scabiei. A highly contagious disease, an extremely itchy skin rash appears on the skin that tends to worsen at night.

4. Fungal infections on skin: For example ringworm on skin

5. Psoriasis: It is an autoimmune skin condition characterized by inflammatory patches on skin covered with silvery-white scales. Itching may occur in these patches. At times burning sensation can also attend.

6.Prickly heat: It is also called ‘heat rash’ in which small fluid-filled blisters form on the skin from trapped sweat. This rash is quite itchy along with pricking sensation, hence the name ‘prickly heat’.

7. Hives: A skin rash with raised bumps on skin called wheals that usually arise from an allergic reaction. It is attended with itching and stinging sensation.

8. Lichen Planus: An autoimmune skin condition characterized by purple-colored bumps on skin that tend to be itchy.

9. Bacterial infections like folliculitis (a skin condition in which hair follicles get inflamed from bacterial infection), impetigo (skin infection caused by bacteria mainly staphylococcus bacteria), etc.

B). Skin allergy

1. Contact dermatitis: Skin rash that arises from direct contact with substances like nickel in jewellery, hair dyes, detergents or from an allergic reaction to it.

2. Certain foods like milk, eggs, peanuts, fish

3. Certain soaps, wool, cosmetics

C). Nerve-related disorders

1. Shingles: A painful rash with fluid-filled blisters caused by varicella zoster virus. It can be attended with itching, tingling and burning sensation.

2. Multiple sclerosis: An autoimmune disorder in which our immune cells damage protective covering of nerves.

3. Nerve damage

D). Psychological causes

These include Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (a psychological disorder with constant repetitive thoughts in mind that leads to certain repetitive behavior), depression and anxiety.

E). Systemic medical conditions

Itching can occur in some systemic medical conditions like thyroid disease, diabetes and among these, few serious ones too including kidney failure, liver disease, lymphoma (cancer of lymphatic system), multiple myeloma (cancer of plasma cells).

F). Use of some medicines

Certain medications, like drugs for high blood pressure, allopurinol for gout and narcotic painkillers may also cause itching.

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  1. Gregory Diehl says:

    Very itchy arm pits especially at night, itchy crotch, scalp, face, eyes, ears… No rash or break outs. Non of the remedies posted fit exactly.

  2. NANCY FONG says:

    I have a deep red itchy area on my top left foot that is worst about 3 times a day but worst at night. It seems to be severe on my top foot but is traveling upwards on my leg. might be psoriasis or eczema. dark brown pimple blotches are present. What do you suggest?

  3. Vijay Gupta says:

    This all started almost 20 days back. My daughter aged 19 yrs use to get severe itching in her legs. Within 10 days she could see this itching getting on her back and lower bust. Then she was given some medication that was to be followed for 10days . 3 days into medication (fexofenadine)she could smell a weird odour from her body . Her stool got affected too. She has just few breakouts on her face .
    No relief in the itching as of now. No patch/eruptions visible post itching.

  4. Saleha Shaikh says:

    Hi Doctor Sharma. My daughter is 13 yrs old ,for past 1 mth she is suffering from itchy skin .The itching is severe only at night ,there is no rash only itching over the whole body with crawling like sensation .During day time she is fine. She also has small fluid filled boil that erupts from under the skin in between the fingers that causes itching and severe pain .please help.

    • Prithi Vohra says:

      Dr Sharma
      Good morning
      I am having itching very badly all over my body. Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine for quick relief.
      I am taking medicines for blood pressure and heart

  5. L.hanumaiah says:

    Iam suffering from itching problem and after’scaching Black spots are appearing

  6. Hope Fellows says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I suffer from terrible itchiness at night and now in the daytime. The itchiness is accompanied by small red corpuscles and scabs will form after I itch. Which of these remedies would you recommend for me. I have a motor neuron disease on the ALS spectrum called PLS.

  7. Bindu Sachthey says:

    I have chronic Itching, since many years. There are no rashes as such. But the skin gets red and rash like on itching and for a while after.

  8. Naveen Sharma says:

    My mother age is around 80 E and is she suffering itching problem m inside and outside the body she is lean and thin peak also please suggest some medicine,

  9. sir i have a desi breed dog. the dog is itching severely. what can i do sir??

  10. Rajendra Palhan says:

    I am over 80 years old.
    Itching on leg gets worse by scratchin

  11. Martin Swift says:

    I have had very good success in treating several problems with homeopathy, sometimes with the assistance of two different practitioners (both now deceased)
    One thing that is not very successful is with skin blemishes such as moles warts and brown spots. usually itching. My second homeopath who was WONDERFUL confessed to me that he wasnt too lucky with warts etc, which surprised me.
    Once I did get some help (sort of by accident with my first homeopath). He was trying to address my hay fever and gave me a 50M dose of Medorrhinum. It did not help the hay fever but gave me an aggravation: a month of severe insomnia! However a very large wart on my right forehead did dry up and fall off!
    I am thinking about trying to prescribe for myself again and am wondering if smaller or larger potencies would be more helpful. Would it be better to try remedies such as causticum thuja or sepia in smaller potencies such as 6C or 1M10M 50M etc?

  12. Subramanian says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am 70 years old and diabetic with fair control. I used to get itching during the winter (Nov-Feb) every year. I used to manage with moisturizing creams. The rest of the year I have no problems at all. I am living in Mumbai. During winter last year I went to Tamil Nadu and my itching totally disappeared. My skin gets dry during the winter months and hence the itching. Itching more in the legs and little in other body parts. Please suggest a homeo medicine to permanently get rid of it.

  13. Hi,

    I recently had a haemorrhage and lost a lot of blood. I took iron tablets but for about a week. Three weeks later, I started my period and I feel unwell again and I’m itching all over, though not all the time. What could help relieve this and help the anemia?


  14. Prabal K. Mitra says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 67.
    I have noticed about 2 or 3 months back that my skin on the legs more on the calf looked like I have prickly heat.
    Now it itches irresistibly sometime during the day. Mostly in the afternoon-evening and at night.
    Due to which there are scratches on my arms legs and back. Very often this scratching causes blood to ooze
    I am living near the coast of Pondicherry.
    Can you please advise some homeopathy medicines?
    Thanking you in advance,

  15. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am 38 years old and have a skin condition that has been troubling me from 3-4 years. When my body temperature goes high during running and exercise or when I go to warm room, I feel as if someone is poking needles all over my body. When I scratch my skin, it gets worse. I have been taking homeopathic medicine for CRISPUS 30 , but NO IMPROVEMENT at all! This itching happens on back and tummy area and then spreads all over my body. I also get small red dots all over my skin when this happens. It hurts very badly and feels like needles poking all over my body. Please help!

    • Hi,

      I recently had a haemorrhage and lost a lot of blood. I took iron tablets but for about a week. Three weeks later, I started my period and I feel unwell again and I’m itching all over, though not all the time. What could help relieve this and help the anemia?


  16. Maruti Nalavade says:

    Sir. Namaskar.
    I am Mr. Maruti Nalavade from Sangli Maharashtra. I am 39 years of age. I am having itching problem from 3 months. It is mild itching at random places. If take allopathic drug citrizine once, it sustains till 3 to 4 days. Again itching starts. I have consulted my Homeopathy doctor. He gave some drugs which i am taking from 3 weeks but still no progress. Cards Mur, cheludonium are the drugs. Kindly suggest me drugs combination to cure from the problem.

  17. Body itching problem

  18. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am 22 years old and have a skin condition that has been troubling me from 3-4 years. When my body temperature goes high during running and exercise or when I go to warm room, I feel as if someone is poking needles all over my body. When I scratch my skin, it gets worse. I have been taking homeopathic medicine for Urticaria, but NO IMPROVEMENT at all! This itching starts from my wrist and then spreads all over my body. I also get small red dots all over my skin when this happens. It hurts very badly and feels like needles poking all over my body. Please help!


  19. Can you help with advice for this problem please? Intense itching for 2 months over scalp, body, legs, neck, vaginal area (lichen sclerosis, intermittent) – NO rash – no broken skin, just burning itch. (Only very small patch of tiny raised pimples under skin of the neck, barely visible but itching intensely). Am allergic to antihistamines but been given antibiotics. Tried numerous homeo remedies (lifelong homeopathic user) including sulphur, nux vom, urtica urens and narayani (all on advice from homeopath at Nelsons pharmacy). No relief. Sleep disturbed, Have appt to see private dermatologist in 10 days. Have had blood tests – FBC, LFT, TFT etc – all negative.

  20. K. S. Nandy says:

    Itching irritation of under belly private part of a lady after eveni

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