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Jock Itch: Natural Homeopathic Medicines to Clear it Up

Jock itch is a widespread fungal infection that affects the inner thighs, groins, buttocks, and genitals. It is also known as tinea cruris, or a dhobi itch and is a form of a ringworm infection. Although bothersome and annoying, jock itch is not a serious or critical condition. Homeopathic medicines for jock itch offer a safe and natural treatment and help heal the skin rash. Graphites, Sulphur, and Silicea are the top homeopathic medicines for jock itch.

jock itch homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines for jock itch.

Homeopathic Treatment of Jock Itch

Homeopathic medicines boost our self-healing mechanism of the body that will help to fight the fungal infection and treat it naturally. They assist with healing and clearing up of the fungal infection and its associated symptoms. The symptoms like itching, burning, pain in skin rash will be seen to reduce gradually with the use of homeopathic medicines. The homeopathic medicines that are among the top list to treat jock itch include Graphites, Sulphur, Silicea, Tellurium and Sepia Succus. The most suitable homeopathic medicine for jock itch/tinea cruris is selected based on the individual symptoms of the person. The primary advantage of using homeopathic remedies for jock itch is that they are free from any side effects and don’t suppress the condition.

Homeopathic Medicines for Jock Itch

Graphites – Top Grade Homeopathic Medicine for Jock Itch

Graphites is a natural medicine for jock itch. The symptoms to use Graphites include rawness in the groins and inner thigh. A glutinous discharge may be present in the affected area. In some cases, cracks on the affected skin are present. The groin area may also be susceptible to touch. Warmth seems to worsen the complaint.

Sulphur – For Jock Itch with Intense Itching and Burning

Sulphur is another effective homeopathic medicine for fungal infection of the skin. It is useful when there is excessive itching and burning in the affected skin area. The itching is worse in the evening and at night. The heat of the bed may also worsen the condition. Sensitivity to washing and air is also present in a few cases. Suppression of jock itch with ointments in the past is another indication to begin treatment for jock itch with homeopathic medicine Sulphur.

Silicea – For Jock Itch with Increased Sweating

Silicea is a natural remedy for skin fungus and is useful when excess sweating is present with the rash in a given case of jock itch. The sweat smells foul. Itching is present mainly during the daytime and evening. Sensitivity to the cold atmosphere may be markedly present. Apart from jock itch, Silicea also works well in cases of athlete’s foot (tinea pedis).

Tellurium – For Jock Itch with Intersecting Ring-Shaped Lesions

Tellurium offers a natural treatment for jock itch. It is helpful when there are intersecting ring-shaped lesions covering a large area on the skin. Small vesicles may be present along with the ring-shaped patches. The affected skin may have an offensive odor. Dryness and heat in the affected skin area are also present. A stinging sensation in the rash may be prominently present.

Sepia Succus – For Tinea Cruris with Isolated Ring-Shaped Spots on Skin

Sepia Succus is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for tinea cruris with isolated ring-shaped spots on the skin. Itching and scratching attend the lesions. However, scratching brings no relief. The affected skin area is also raw, rough, and hard. Sepia Succus is also one of the top grade homeopathic medicines for ringworm that appears every time in the spring season.

Causes of Jock Itch

Jock itch is the result of a fungal infection. It is contagious, and it spreads from direct skin to skin contact from an infected person to a healthy one. It may also spread through contact with objects contaminated with fungal microorganisms. The objects mainly include contaminated towels, clothes, etc. Using public showers raises the chances of getting jock itch. The risk factors for contracting jock itch include increased sweating, obesity, low immunity, diabetes mellitus. Jock itch mainly affects males, but females can get it too.

Symptoms of Jock Itch

The primary symptom of jock itch is a rash in the groin area, inner thighs, buttocks, and genitals. The margin of the rash is very sharp. Small fluid-filled eruptions, i.e. blisters may be seen along the sharp margins. Itching and burning of varying intensity attend the rash. In few sufferers, pain may be present in the affected skin area. In some cases, scales/flakes or cracks may be present on the affected skin area.

Self-care and Management

In case of a jock itch, one must practice good personal hygiene, keep the affected area clean and dry, opt for looser clothes in breathable fabrics like cotton, and wash all clothes after exercise or a workout.

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  1. Keith Holland says:

    Hi! I want to start making my own remedy and treatment for my constant battle with tinea cruris. Do you have any suggestions? Also, if I make an oil what should the base be? Witch hazel, or mineral oil possibly?

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  3. I’m having rashes on inner thighs I’m taking 2 Soros of sulphur after every 15 days. I’m not getting releif. Please suggest me the best medicine and cream to apply over there to get permanent solution of this jork itch or fungal infection

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