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Knee Pain in Adolescents: Homeopathic Treatment of Osgood Schlatter Disease

Osgood Schlatter Disease refers to an inflammation that appears just below the knee at the top of the tibia. It is the area where the tendon from the knee gets attached to the tibia/shin bone. A bump may also form on this very same area. Osgood Schlatter Disease is seen in children during their puberty between the ages of 8 years to 15 years (when a growth spurt appears.) It is during these phases that the bones, muscles, and tendons tend to develop speedily. Once the bone growth stops, this condition tends to resolve on its own. Homeopathic medicines for Osgood Schlatter disease help reduce the inflammation and swelling that is linked with knee pain. Bryonia, Calcarea Phos, and Silicea are the top homeopathic remedies used to treat Osgood Schlatter disease.

homeopathy osgood schlatter

Homeopathic medicines for Osgood Schlatter disease.

Homeopathic Treatment of Osgood Schlatter Disease

Homeopathic medicines work very well to help relieve the symptoms of Osgood Schlatter Disease. The homeopathic medicines that are highly recommended in cases of this condition include Bryonia, Calcarea Phos, Silicea, Rhus Tox, Calcarea Carb, and Causticum. These remedies help relieve knee pain. Since they are made of natural substances, they can be safely used without any side effects.

Homeopathic Medicines for Osgood Schlatter Disease

Bryonia – For Knee Pain that Worsens from Motion in Osgood Schlatter Disease

Bryonia is prepared from the root of a plant named Bryonia Alba which is commonly known by the name of White Bryony or Wild Hops. The natural order of this plant is Cucurbitaceae. Bryonia helps treat knee pain that worsens from motion in Osgood Schlatter Disease. Keeping the knee at rest relieves the knee pain. It is usually painful to touch and may be swollen. The knee also feels stiff along with the above features. Along with this pain in the tibia /shin bones appears that is mainly of a tearing nature.

Calcarea Phos – For Knee Pain Worsening During the Night in Osgood Schlatter Disease

Calcarea Phos is an effective homeopathic remedy to treat Osgood Schlatter Disease when the pain in the knees gets worse during the night time. It is also indicated in cases of Osgood Schlatter Disease when knee pain is aggravated from stretching the leg. In some instances, walking worsens the knee pain, and the knee feels as if it is sprained while walking.

Silicea – For Pain with Swelling in the Knee in Osgood Schlatter Disease

Silicea is a natural medicine for Osgood Schlatter Disease where there is knee pain with swelling in the knee. The swelling is very intense over the knee. The pain in the knee may be tearing or stitching in nature. The knee is painful to pressure, and there is a sensation as if the knee is very tightly bound.

Rhus Tox – For Tensed and Painful Knee in Osgood Schlatter Disease

Rhus Tox is a natural remedy for Osgood Schlatter disease where the knee pain is accompanied with a tensed and tight feeling in the knee joint. The knee is also swollen and stiff with pain. A burning sensation in the knee joint is present. Standing worsens the knee pain, and a great heaviness is felt in the knee. Overstraining the knee worsens the complaint in most cases.

Calcarea Carb – For Painful and Weak Knees in Osgood Schlatter Disease

Calcarea Carb is an effective natural homeopathic medicine for knee pain when attended with the weakness of knee in cases of Osgood Schlatter disease. The knee pain may be stitching, drawing, stinging or tearing in nature. Pain from knee may extend down the toe in some cases. The knee also feels lame. In some cases, a sensation of dislocation of the knees is felt from intense pain. A crackling sound from the knee may appear on walking. The knee is also swollen and hot in many cases that need Calcarea Carb.

Causticum – For Knee Pain after Exertion in Osgood Schlatter Disease

Homeopathic medicine Causticum is indicated for managing knee pain that arises after exertion in cases of Osgood Schlatter Disease. It is attended with a sensation that the tendons of the knee are too short. The knee feels stiff upon walking, and there is a cracking sensation in the knees while walking. A drawing feeling in the knee may extend down the feet.

Causes of Osgood Schlatter Disease

In most cases, the primary cause of this problem is an overuse of the knee joint or an injury. In children and adolescents, there is a growth plate (the soft area where the bone is growing) near the end of the bones. Once the growth phase is over, the growth plate closes and is replaced by a solid bone. In some growth plates (including the tibial bone) the tendons are attached. Repeated stress on the growth plate at the upper end of the tibia by pulling of the tendon at its insertion point results in Osgood Schlatter Disease. Children who are actively involved in sports activities that require excessive running and jumping (such as football and basketball) are at an increased risk to suffer from Osgood Schlatter Disease.

Symptoms of Osgood Schlatter Disease

The chief symptom of Osgood Schlatter Disease is a pain in the knee. The knee pain in Osgood Schlatter Disease tends to get worse from exercise, running or jumping. Rest tends to bring relief in the knee pain. Swelling under the knee over the top of tibia accompanies the pain. Tightening of the muscles that surround the knees is also noted. Osgood Schlatter Disease affects one knee in most of the cases; however, it may involve both the knees in some cases.

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  1. Abhinav bonik says:

    I am having Osgood schlatter disease. right below the joint of the knee it looks like a little bone appeared from no where. It pains so much and I’m taking combiflam and weekly consuming calcium 60,000 iu, but has no relief this pain is from 6 months. I’m 13 years old . Can you please help me with this problem?

  2. Rafiqul Islam says:

    Assalamualikum DR, would you please tell me that osgood schlatter disease permanently cured by homeopathy.

  3. Thank you for this information. My son is 14 and has been having serious pains for over a year. He sometimes needs a wheelchair of he walks for too long. His knees are very swollen and squishy which sometimes makes his knee caps rise up.
    What would be the best remedy and what does?

    Many thanks

  4. KUMAR NIKHIL says:

    Dear Sir,
    my son aged 13 years is a national level TT player. 10days back he has been diagonosed with osgood schlatter. can he continue to play table tennis. what medicine should be used for cure

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