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Trouble While Travelling? Homeopathy can Treat Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a common condition where a person experiences the symptoms of nausea and vomiting while traveling by car, train, boat or airplane. Depending upon the means of transport, motion sickness may also be referred to as seasickness, car sickness or air sickness. While women and children are more prone to motion sickness, it can happen to anyone. Occasional motion sickness is not a cause of concern, but it can be a distressing condition for those who have to deal with it every time they travel. Homeopathic medicines for motion sickness help relieve symptoms like nausea and dizziness while traveling. A course of homeopathy can also help eliminate the problem completely. Cocculus Indicus, Petroleum and Tabacum are the top homeopathic remedies used to treat motion sickness.

Homeopathic Medicines for Motion Sickness

1. Cocculus Indicus: Top Medicine for Motion Sickness

Cocculus Indicus is a medicine prepared from a plant called Indian Cokle which belongs to the family Menispermaceae. Cocculus is a top grade homeopathic remedy for motion sickness. It is used to treat cases of car sickness, sea sickness, and air sickness. The patient feels nausea and vomiting from riding in cars, boats, trains or even when looking at a boat when it is in motion. The patient may even feel motion sickness after swinging. There is a sensation of emptiness in the stomach. Nausea with vertigo is present which starts from slightest motion. Nausea and vertigo can even lead to fainting or vomiting.

2. Petroleum: Homeopathic Remedy for Motion Sickness

Petroleum is a natural medicine for treating the symptoms of motion sickness. The person needing this medicine feels great discomfort and a sense of nausea and vomiting while traveling. There is an empty and weak sensation in the stomach. Nausea can start suddenly by riding in cars which often become so violent that it can make the patient breathless. There is a sense of vertigo and vomiting of bitter, green substances.

3. Tabacum Nicotiana: Effective Medicine for Motion Sickness with Severe Nausea

Tabacum Nicotiana is a medicine prepared from the plant Nicotiana Tabacum of the family Solanaceae. Tabacum can work wonders in treating the cases of motion sickness with severe nausea. The patient usually feels nausea which is continuous in and leads to vomiting. Vertigo is episodic, and begins suddenly, causing fainting. The patient gets a sinking feeling in the upper part of the abdomen. It can be helpful in treating the cases where the patient feels nausea and vomiting on the slightest motion. Vomiting is of sour fluid with excessive mucus that causes extreme distress.

4. Sepia Succus: Effective Remedy for Motion Sickness with Anxiety

Sepia is a remedy for motion sickness where there is anxiety. There are marked issues of nausea and vomiting while traveling in cars. The patient feels very anxious when attempting to strain the eyes during traveling. There is a lot of sensitivity and a feeling of emptiness felt at the pit of the stomach.

5. Ipecacuanha: Natural Remedy for Motion Sickness by Looking at Moving Objects

Ipecac is a medicine prepared from a plant named Uragoga Ipecacuanha of the family Rubiaceae. Ipecac is a homeopathic medicine used particularly in cases where the patient gets motion sickness by looking at moving objects. There is a sinking feeling in the stomach. The patient feels a loss of appetite along with nausea. Nausea gets worse from least motion and is not relieved even after vomiting.

6. Theridion: Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Motion Sickness with Headache

Theridion is a natural cure for motion sickness accompanied by a pain in the head. Nausea generally starts with pain in the head, by closing the eyes, looking steadily on an object or while traveling in a fast moving car. This is a prominent medicine to be prescribed in the cases of seasickness. Nausea occurs along with vertigo. The patient may end up vomiting out acrid water due to vertigo. The seasickness gets better upon closing the eyes.

7. Iris Versicolor: Natural Treatment for Motion Sickness with Acid Vomiting

Iris Versicolor is a medicine prepared from the plant Blue Flag of the family Iridaceae. Iris is best suited to people who have motion sickness with acid vomiting. The patient tends to get nausea and vomiting from riding in a car. He/She gets continuous nausea along with retching. Nausea and vomiting of thin, watery, acidic and sour food matter occur, producing a burning sensation in the mouth, throat, and stomach.

8. Magnesia Carbonica: Natural Cure for Motion Sickness with Empty Sensation in Stomach

Mag Carb. is a natural medicine for motion sickness along with a marked sensation of emptiness in the stomach. There is nausea followed by vomiting. The patient feels extremely weak, along with a feeling of nausea and vomiting which begins while riding in cars, along with vomiting of sour or bitter salty water.

9. Nux Moschata: Natural Medicine for Motion Sickness with Drowsiness

Nux Moschata is a remedy prepared from a plant named Myristica Officinalis of the family Myristicacee. It is a natural remedy for motion sickness along with drowsiness. The patient has nausea and waterbrash while riding in cars. There is a great inclination to fall asleep during nausea, and there may be a pressure at the pit of the stomach. Some people also experience dyspnea with a particular sensation of something crawling to the throat from the stomach.

10. Nux Vomica: Effective Natural Medicine for Motion Sickness Relieved by Vomiting

Nux Vomica is prepared from seeds of Strychnos Nux Vomica of the family Loganiacae. As a remedy, it is best suited for people who get motion sickness that gets better after vomiting. The patient experiences motion sickness from riding in cars or while traveling by sea. There may be excessive nausea and vomiting along with retching. The patient has a constant desire to vomit as he feels that nausea will get better by vomiting. Vomiting of undigested food occurs relieving the symptoms of motion sickness.

Symptoms of Motion Sickness

The hallmark symptoms of motion sickness are nausea and vomiting which generally begin with a sense of uneasiness and discomfort in the abdomen and chest. Some people may get dizzy when symptoms start to appear.

Many people take medicines before a few hours of traveling to avoid nausea and vomiting but as a result, one can experience side effects of medicines like drowsiness, dryness of mouth, blurring of vision and occasional disorientation.

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  2. neo pachisia says:

    what’s the best homeopathy for travel and motion sickness for my dog–he gets extreme restless, anxious in the car and invariably vomits every time..

  3. J.GOURI SHANKAR says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My father in law who is 84 years old man suffering from Dementia. Of late he passes urine and motion with out his knowledge. Could you please suggest a good medicine to this problem.
    With Regards,
    J.Gouri Shankar

  4. Sandip Roy. says:

    My son aged 20 yrs naturally does not vomit in a car when it is running with a normal speed. But when the road is clear and it is running with a high speed of about 80 to 90 KMPH he started to feel uneasy and vomit and his fingers turn stiff and he started to tremble. Sometimes got faint and his Na-K level goes down drastically. It occurs when he sees that the car is running with very high speed.
    Figure- bulky.
    Weight- 82 kg
    Height – 5ft 11 inch.
    Loves food, lazy in nature but can do labourious work.can lift heavy weight. Looses temper easily.
    Bp – 80 124. Blood gr- B+ve

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