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Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Balanitis

Balanitis is a condition where there is an inflammation of the head (glans) of the penis and the foreskin (flap of skin covering the glans). Balanitis can be painful but is not usually a serious condition. It is most common in uncircumcised men having foreskin around the head of the penis. Balanitis can be caused by infections from overgrowth of yeast and bacteria under the foreskin. Poor hygiene is the main contributing factor. Homeopathic medicines help in reducing the inflammation, swelling, redness of the glans penis and the foreskin very effectively. Apis Mellifica, Caladium, and Merc Sol are the top homeopathic medicines for balanitis.

balanitis homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines for Balanitis.

Other factors that predispose a male to balanitis include not completely rinsing the soap from the penis while washing, irritation of the glans from chemicals present in perfumed soaps, lotions, shower gels, condoms or lubricants, uncontrolled diabetes, and reactive arthritis. Too much cleansing or over washing can also irritate the glans and contribute to balanitis. STI’s (sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea, syphilis), skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and some medicines like tetracycline can also lead to balanitis.

Homeopathic Treatment of Balanitis

Balanitis can be effectively treated with natural homeopathic remedies. Symptoms of balanitis including pain, itching on glans and painful urination can be treated effectively with the help of homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic medicines are selected individually for every case of balanitis based on the symptom picture and should be taken only under the consultation of a homeopathic physician.

Homeopathic Medicines for Balanitis

Apis Mellifica – For Balanitis with Burning, Stinging Pains

Apis Mellifica is a natural medicine for balanitis. In cases needing Apis Mellifica, there is marked inflammation and swelling of glans. The foreskin is also inflamed. This inflammation is attended with an intense burning and stinging pains. A thin discharge may be present under the foreskin. Painful urination is frequently present along with the above symptoms.

Caladium – For Balanitis with Marked Redness of the Glans

Homeopathic medicine Caladium is prepared from a plant called Caladium Seguinum or Arum Seguinum. The natural order of this plant is Araceae. Caladium is useful for cases of balanitis with marked redness of glans. The glans is covered with reddish spots, and there is marked dryness. The foreskin is also swollen and sore, especially along the margins. Biting pain while urinating is a marked feature in cases needing Caladium.

Merc Sol – For Balanitis with Marked Swelling and Painful Sensitivity

Merc Sol is a natural remedy for balanitis where there is marked swelling and painful sensitivity of the glans and the prepuce. Small vesicles may be present on the glans and prepuce. There may be oozing of fluid from these vesicles along with a burning sensation. Thin milk-like discharge may be present under the glans penis. Severe burning on urination may also be felt.

Rhus Tox – For Balanitis with Dark Red Swelling and Pain

Rhus Tox offers a natural cure for balanitis where there is dark red swelling of the glans and prepuce. It is attended with a lot of pain, itching and stinging sensation on the prepuce. Moist vesicles may also appear on the glans in few cases where Rhus Tox is indicated.

Cinnabaris – For Balanitis with Itching

Cinnabaris offers a natural treatment for Balanitis where there is itching attended with redness and swelling of the glans and prepuce. Fetid, yellow-green discharge may be present under the prepuce. An attending complaint of phimosis may also be present in some cases.

Sulphur – For Balanitis with Marked Itching and Burning

Sulphur is a natural remedy for balanitis where there is marked itching and burning on the glans and prepuce. The glans and prepuce become swollen and red. Offensive sweat is present around the genitals in most cases. Copious secretion of fetid smegma may be present. Sulphur is also indicated for cases of phimosis when attended with a discharge of fetid pus.

Nitric Acid – For Balanitis with Reddish Spots on Glans with Offensive Moisture

Nitric Acid is an effective homeopathic medicine for balanitis where reddish spots appear on the glans along with moisture. The moisture is foul smelling, and small pimples may appear on the glans penis. The foreskin is also inflamed and swollen along with soreness. Burning, sticking or tearing pains may appear in the foreskin along with the presence of itchy vesicles. Nitric Acid is also indicated for cases of phimosis and paraphimosis along with sharp and stitching pains in prepuce.

Rhododendron – For Balanitis with Throbbing, Shooting Pain under Glans

Homeopathic medicine Rhododendron is prepared from the fresh leaves of a plant Rhododendron Chrysanthum or Yellow Snow-Rose. The natural order of this plant is Ericaceae. Rhododendron is well-indicated for cases of balanitis along with throbbing and shooting pain under the glans. Sometimes there is crushing pain felt in glans penis. The prepuce is swollen and enormously distended like a bladder. Slight discharge from the glans may be present with the above symptoms.

Thuja – For Balanitis linked to Gonorrhoea Infection

Homeopathic medicine Thuja is prepared from fresh green twigs of plant Thuja occidentalis commonly named as Arbor Vitae. This plant belongs to natural order Coniferae. Thuja is prominently indicated for balanitis that arises due to a gonorrhea infection. In cases needing Thuja, the glans is very sensitive and has red sores. Burning between the prepuce and glans penis is also marked. There is yellow-green discharge and scalding pain while urinating.

Cantharis – For Balanitis with Painful Urination

Cantharis is a natural medicine for painful urination in cases of balanitis. The glans is intensely swollen and is very painful to pressure. There is severe pain, burning, smarting on passing urine that may continue even after urination. Sometimes cutting pains appear on urinating. Urine may be scanty with frequent urging. Violent pain in the glans may precede urination.

Symptoms of Balanitis

The main signs of balanitis include redness and swelling of the glans and foreskin. The symptoms include soreness, pain and irritation or itching of glans, pain while urinating, bad smell on the glans and discharge under the foreskin. Some of the main complications of balanitis include phimosis (inability to retract foreskin from the head of the penis) in chronic balanitis, decreased blood supply to glans and scarring or narrowing of the penis opening.

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  1. chirag joshi says:

    Redness and itching ho Rahi hai…tablet and cream use Kiya hai fir ho bi ho jata hai 2 din me..

  2. K.S.Bhattacharjee says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    I have been suffering from Balanitis since 2020. Initially, I took Thuja-1m for certain periods and also took Apis Mel-30 & Mark Sol-30. I got the positive results but now my foreskin has become very hard and it has almost covered the Penis hole and as a result the flow of urine is found not normal. I cannot take the foreskin of Penis in backward direction due to its hardness. At present I am not taking any medicine. Please state what should I do a this stage. With regards,

  3. रोहन says:

    नमस्ते डाॅक्टर,
    मेरे लिंग का चमड़ी अग्र भाग पर सिकुड़ गया है और सुजन भी है, जिससे चमड़ी पिछे खिंचने में काफी दर्द हो रहा है और चमड़ी के निचे उजले- पिले रंग का बदबुदार पदार्थ निकल रहा, लिंग की सफाई कर रहा हूं, मैंने एंटी फंगल टैबलेट्स भी लिए हैं पर कोई खास फर्क नहीं पड़ा, कभी कभी चमड़ी को पीछे करने के क्रम में चमड़ी का उपरी सतह में कटने जैसा हो जा रहा, ये समस्या मुझे कुछ दिन पहले भी हुई थी और एंटी फंगल टैबलेट और क्रिम के नियमित सेवन और साफ सफाई करने से ठिक भी हो गया था, परंतु दो- तिन रोज से ये दुबारा हो गया है, मुझे दोनों पट्टे पर भी खुजली है। कोई उपचार बताएं जिससे हमेसा के लिए इस से निजात मिल जाए।

  4. I had many problems but now it’s a little my problem is itchiness and seem to be some itchy in the glans penis,how can i take the medicine?

  5. Hello sir..
    Am having redness on glans..
    I got a blister on penis.. doctor said it is hsv2.. that blister vanished in two weeks.. after that i got redness of glans..
    I had used lot of ointments and tablets but cant get rid of that..
    I have only redness of glans problem.. not itching nothing only redness.. any permanent treatment for this

  6. dear Doctor

    The tip of my penis is reddish, the forskin is tight, cannot pul back, painful while ruinating and also itching. this happened about two weeks back,

    please advice

    • please consult to your local doctor for treatment. because in your case complete symptom is needed, and a proper diagnosis is very important.

      • Ramesh Shrinivas says:

        I am suffering from Balanitis and phymosis for yhe last 4 months. I have been applting anti-fungal and anti-bacterial creams. At family doctor’s advice took anti-fungal tablets and followed by anti-biotic tablets. Both balanitis and phymosis ate not gone fully. I am able 5o pull back the foreskin now and I musturbate as an exercise daily. When it was slightly better I had sex too but eith wearing condom. This is my 3rd or 4th attack of balanitis in 5-6 years. Is there a permanent cure and telief possible so that I never get ot again. I enjoy masturbation and sex to be frank and I would like to engage in it freely without my lovely penis gettimg bothered by all this kind of sickness and pain.

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