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Natural Homeopathic Treatment of Esophageal Varices

Esophageal varices are enlarged, swollen veins in the esophagus or the food pipe. The esophagus is a tube through which the food passes from the throat into the stomach. Severe liver diseases tend to cause esophageal varices. These develop when normal blood flow to the liver gets obstructed due to scar tissue in the liver or a clot. Homeopathic medicines for esophageal varices help in mild to moderate cases. Hamamelis, Chelidonium, and Cardus Marianus are the top homeopathic remedies used to treat esophageal varices.

homeopathy esophageal varices

Homeopathic medicines for esophageal varices.

Obstruction of normal blood flow results in portal hypertension, i.e., an increase in the pressure in the portal vein (the vein that carries blood to the liver from the stomach, spleen, pancreas, and intestines). The increase in blood pressure pushes blood into surrounding blood vessels, including vessels in the esophagus (thus resulting in esophageal varices). These blood vessels in the esophagus are smaller, fragile and have thin walls. When the pressure in portal vein shoots too high, then these esophageal varices can rupture and bleed. This bleeding may be life-threatening and need urgent conventional treatment. For diagnosis, esophageal varices are visible through an endoscopy.

Homeopathic Management of Esophageal Varices

Homeopathic medicines help manage mild to moderate cases of esophageal varices. Homeopathic medicines aim to treat and halt further progress of the underlying liver pathologies to bring about good results. These remedies play a supportive role in cases of mild bleeding from esophageal varices along with other conventional help. However, in severe cases of esophageal varices with intense bleeding, homeopathy does not seem to play an important role, and conventional treatment should be sought immediately.

Homeopathic Medicines for Esophageal Varices

Hamamelis – Top Grade Homeopathic Medicine for Esophageal Varices

Homeopathic medicine Hamamelis is prepared from the fresh bark of twigs and root of a plant commonly called Witch-hazel. The natural order of this plant is Hamamelidaceae. Hamamelis is highly effective to treat cases of esophageal varices. People needing Hamamelis have hemorrhage from portal congestion. They tend to vomit blood and also suffer from anal bleeding. These hemorrhages are attended with great prostration. In non-bleeding esophageal varices, this medicine can be taken independently to reduce enlargement, swelling, and engorgement of vessels. However, in cases of bleeding esophageal varices, this medicine can be taken as a supportive help along with conventional treatment.

Chelidonium Majus – For Severe Liver Diseases with Esophageal Varices

Homeopathic medicine Chelidonium is prepared from a plant named Chelidonium Majus or greater Celandine. This plant belongs to the natural order Papaveraceae. Chelidonium is indicated in cases of severe liver diseases with esophageal varices. The liver diseases like fatty liver, hepatitis, and cirrhosis of the liver are present in cases needing Chelidonium. There may be jaundice and ascites in such cases. The skin seems yellow, the urine is yellow, and the stools are white-colored. Pain in the liver and under the right shoulder blade is present along with the symptoms of jaundice. The pain may be shooting or stitching in nature and extend to the back. Fullness and pressure are also felt in the liver region. Chelidonium helps in treating liver diseases (that are the main reasons for esophageal varices.)

Cardus Marianus – For Liver Disease causing Esophageal Varices

Cardus Marianus is a natural medicine for esophageal varices arising as a result of liver disease. It is prepared from the seeds of a plant named Silybum belonging to the natural order Compositae. People needing this medicine also have jaundice and marked fluid accumulation in the abdomen. The liver area is painful and sensitive. There may be a history of abuse of alcoholic drinks. Blood in vomiting and stool may also be present. Marked fatigue is present along with the above symptoms.

Phosphorus – For Esophageal Varices with Bright Blood in Vomit

Phosphorus is a natural remedy for esophageal varices where there is blood present in the vomit. The blood is bright red. This remedy can be used along with conventional help to control the symptom of blood in vomiting in cases of bleeding esophageal varices.

Crotalus Horridus – For Esophageal Varices with Dark Blood in Vomit

Crotalus Horridus offers a natural treatment for esophageal varices where there is blood in vomiting. The blood in the vomit, in this case, is dark-colored. Dark blood may also be passed in the stool. This medicine can also be used for supportive help along with the conventional mode of treatment.

Leptandra – For Black Stool in cases of Esophageal Varices

Homeopathic medicine Leptandra is prepared from the root of a plant named Leptandra Virginica, or Black Root. The natural order of this plant is Scrophulariaceae. The key indication to use Leptandra in esophageal varices is a black tarry stool. The stool may have a fetid smell, and vomiting and shooting pain in the liver may be present along with extreme prostration. Leptandra is also a very important homeopathic remedy for liver diseases.

Causes of Esophageal Varices

Liver cirrhosis or the development of scar tissue in the liver is the main cause of esophageal varices. The blood flow to the liver slows down as a result of the formation of scar tissue. Cirrhosis usually develops as a result of alcoholic or fatty liver disease and hepatitis. Another reason is the formation of a blood clot in the portal vein. Some rare causes of esophageal varices include Budd-Chiari syndrome and schistosomiasis.
It should be noted that not every case of esophageal varices leads to bleeding of the varices. There are some factors that increase the risk of bleeding, like larger varices, very high portal vein pressure, alcohol intake (if the condition is alcohol-related) and severe liver cirrhosis or liver failure.

Signs and Symptoms of Esophageal Varices

Usually, no signs or symptoms are present in the cases of esophageal varices until they rupture. The main sign noted in cases of esophageal varices is blood in vomiting if the varices rupture and bleed. Another sign is the presence of black, tarry, and bloody stool. If the bleeding is severe or uncontrolled, the body may go into shock along with lightheadedness, pale, clammy skin, irregular breathing and loss of consciousness. A person already having liver disease carries a high chance of developing esophageal varices if symptoms like jaundice, spider nevi, easy bruising and ascites are present.

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  1. Sonia Shelton says:

    I have esophageal verices ( and ulcers being treated with Protonix). I’m not having any of the above symptoms ( black tarry stool, vomiting or passing blood, jaundice, etc), but have fatty liver from weight gain and wine with sulfites. I only drink a cup of coffee in mornings now, no alcohol ( only non -alcoholic), have changed my diet tremendously, just started eating tofu as well. My question is, would it hurt to take those three homeopathic medicines mentioned above, and where do I get them?

    • Vishesh says:

      Sir my child 6year having extrahepitic portal venous obstruction with portal cavernoma ।
      No system of ommiting of blood and tools black
      No jaundice
      Can it be treated with homophetic or its should be slung sergery

  2. John Williams says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I am a 63 Yr. old male who has dealt with (near) blockage of the transverse colon where it passes the liver area. Generally I keep it under control eating a near vegan diet with some fish a few times per week.
    Every few years usually in winter I get into a crisis where my liver gets tight or swollen and it is very difficult getting things to pass by the liver area through the colon. The colon then backs up and the Ascending colon pushes down and bulges out the bottom right side of my abdomen and feels and looks like I have a hernia. I have been to DRs many times over the decades but have never gotten any help, Recently I tried using TUDCA to help produce more bile salts. I took it a few days and it seemed to be helping digestion but then one day I had a glass of red wine. That night I woke up in nasty distress with liver inflammation the whole next day my solar plexus area was painful. A week later I was feeling better and took a small amount of TUDCA but that night I woke in some distress again though not as bad. Now I am dealing with the colon blockage again but this time with portal hypertension.
    I feel better fasting but I am very underweight and feel weak already. I also use castor oil packs before bed a few nights a week that seems to help.
    Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

  3. Hello, I have autoimmune hepatitis, Chrones, hypothyroid, Lichensclerosis snd artheritis snd hsve just been told i have varicose veins in my esophagus. Can you recommend any specific treatments to me?

  4. Mohit batra says:

    Hello Dr in December 5th 2019 i go for ultrasound of whole abdomen, and liver fibro scan test….results showing beginning of liver cirrhosis ranging 1.52 only. And portal vein diameter 16mm.. but i feel varices in 2016 tortuous vessels..again in january 2020 i go for aortography find portosystemic collaterals eith oesophageal varices in peri plasmic region . Aloong with visulized lung parenchyma with multiple reticular opacities with ground glass hazziness… problem i face ..1.oxygen saturation without oxygen machine in lying postion 60 and in standing or sitting below 40. Please suggest medicine i dnt want allopathic treatment.

    • Good morning dr
      My husband was diagnosed liver cirrhosis due of alcohol. But they did endoscopy found 5 varcies bleeding so they band 5to stop the bleeding. What can I give him to help his liver

  5. Large osophegial varices disease 6y treatment alopath dr ne kaha thik nahi ho sakta plz sir aap koi treatment ha homeopathic me

  6. Basabi Khadanga says:

    My husband have this pvt problem. I want effective medicine. My contact no is 9040603389

  7. Sadhana Kannan says:

    My mother was diagnosed with liver disease when sh had esophageal varices due to portal hypertension in 2015. Banding was done thrice till now. Recently she developed ascitis. Is there a way she can be treated with homeopathy. She is 74 year old with diabetes and had undegone CABG. Please advise.

  8. Abdul rahimk says:

    Dear dr i am having liver cirohiss for 15yrs now stop drinking i consult dr at my place he told me to do banding my verices i refuse kindly let me know future on yours kindly rahimk

  9. Gorakh Vanjare says:

    hello My father had liver cirhossis ,due to hepatitis B since a year and now doctor says variceal banding need to be done, in the endoscopy report found that large esophagus varices found with no blood sign now facing issue like skin rash, dizzyness ,weakness. does varices can be recover with aurvedic treatment. please suggest what can be done in this conditions

  10. I am diagnosed with compensated liver cirrhosis. Is it possible to reverse liver damage with homeopathy and can the treatment be done along with allopathic treatment.

    • hi
      i was informed that i have cirrhosis of the liver. not sure if i have varices as i do not have any symptoms above. is there anything that will help me now? your help will be greatly appreciated.

      • TARANI KALITA says:

        Hello, Dr.Sharma, my younger brother has been suffering from liver cirrosis since few years.But in the year 2018 esophageal varices GR-IV occured with sever bleeding & black terry stool in 5 episodes. Allopathic treatment was the only option for us at that time. EVL done immediately & got some relief . But again in the year 2020 Gr-III Esophageal varices & black terry stool in 5 episodes occured . this time also EVL done blood transfused 4 units ,Ascites tapping also done this time . Again in the month of December 2021 Esopahageal vairces of 1 episode & blackterry stool 3 episodes ,EVL done. This time we have taken Homoeoptahic medicines like Carduuas Mariana Q , Chelidonium Majas Q, etc. alongwith allopathic treatments. In the month of June,2022 mild esopahageal varices occured & EVL done, despite of taking both the treatment. The prothrombin time of the patient is 21.1 INR 1.60 ,Hamoeglobin 7.6, Albumin 2.5 ,ALT-34, AST 37 & all other parameters are almost normal level. If your honour seek the reports for treatments I can mailed these to you for better treatment if possible. thanking you. yours reply is highly awaited.

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