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Natural Homeopathic Medicines to Ease a Stiff Back

The main cause of a stiff back is a muscle spasm, muscle strain, ligament strain or spinal arthritis. Muscle and ligaments in the back may be strained by repeated heavy weight lifting or an injury to the back. Muscle spasm in the back may arise from injuries to the muscles, poor posture, muscle overuse, heavy lifting, sports needing sudden and repeated turning of the back. Arthritis of the spine can cause stiff back (mainly arises due to wear and tear of the spine) and ankylosing spondylitis (arise from an autoimmune process). The top homeopathic medicines for stiff back include Rhus Tox, Bryonia, Arnica, and Aesculus.   homeopathic medicines for stiff back

Homeopathic Medicines for Stiff Back

A stiff back can be effectively treated with homeopathy. Natural remedies aim to treat the root cause of a stiff back to bring about excellent recovery. Stiffness arising as a result of a muscle spasm, muscle overuse, muscle strain, ligament strain, heavy weight lifting, injury to back and spinal arthritis can all be treated effectively with these medicines.

1. Rhus Tox – For Stiff back that is Worse from Rest and Better by Motion

Rhus Tox is highly effective when the back is extremely stiff and rigid, and gets worse from rest and better by motion. Pain in the back is present, which is also worse by rest, lying and better by walking or exercise. Sitting also worsen the back pain. A bruised sensation may be felt in the back. The back also feels lame and as if it is broken. Rhus Tox is a top grade medicine for treating stiff back arising from injury, muscle strain, muscle spasm, over-lifting, and arthritis.

2. Bryonia – For Stiff Back Relieved by Lying Down

Bryonia is prepared from the root of a plant Bryonia Alba commonly known as white bryony or wild hops of the natural order Cucurbitaceae. Bryonia is next very beneficial for treating stiff back when relief appears by lying. Standing, moving and stooping are prevented from extreme back stiffness in persons needing Bryonia. They tend to walk and stand crookedly due to stiff back. Along with stiffness back pain may be present which may be cramping, pressing, tearing, stitching or drawing in nature. Back pain is worse from every motion, turning in bed and gets better by lying on the back.

3. Aesculus – For Stiff Back when Walking is Difficult

Aesculus is prepared from the kernel of plant named as Aesculus Hippocastanum, or Horse-Chestnut of the natural order of this plant is Sapindaceae. Aesculus is useful for stiff that makes walking nearly impossible. The lumbar and sacral region of the back is stiff and very painful. Hips, legs may be painful too. Back also feels weak and lame. Apart from walking, stooping is also troublesome for persons needing Aesculus. Another difficulty faced by them is difficulty rising from a chair. Aesculus is a leading medicine for treating pain and stiffness in lower back and hip related to ankylosing spondylitis.

4. Arnica – For Stiff and Painful Back following Injury

Arnica is prepared from a plant Arnica Montana with the common name Leopard’s-Bane and Fallkraut of the natural order Compositae. Arnica is a foremost remedy in homeopathy to treat stiff and painful back following injury, trauma, falls, blows. Stiff back from overuse and muscle strain is also indicative to use Arnica. Along with pain and stiffness, the back feels sore, bruised and as if beaten. Pressure and a sense of heavyweight is also felt in the back along with the above symptoms.

5. Ruta – For Stiff Back following Muscle or Ligament Strain

Ruta is prepared from a plant named as Ruta Graveolens commonly known by the name of Garden Rue and Bitterwort of the natural order Rutaceae. Ruta is helpful for a stiff back that arises from muscle or ligament strain. Aching pain and soreness is felt in the back. This pain gets better by lying on the back and by applying pressure. The back also feels weak along with stiffness and pain, and there may be rheumatic pain in the back that is worse in the morning.

6. Berberis Vulgaris – For Stiff Back that Worsens upon Stooping

Berberis Vulgaris is prepared from the bark of the root of plant Barberry of the natural order Berberidaceae. Berberis Vulgaris is useful for treating back stiffness that worsens from stooping. If stooped there appears difficulty in standing up due to a rigid, tensed and intensely stiff lower back. The person needing this medicine also complain of pain in the lower back that sometimes extends down the lower limbs. Pain is most times of bruised or tearing nature. The pain tends to get worse on sitting and lying, and the back may also feel heavy.

7. Silicea – For Stiffness in Back that Worsens upon Rising

Silicea is well-indicated medicine for stiffness in the back that worsens upon rising from the seat. For using Silicea the right side of the spine is most stiff. Pain in the back also attends on rising from the seat. The pain may be shooting, throbbing or aching in nature. In some cases drawing pain in back arises that confines the patient to the bed. Stiffness of back from exposure to a draught of air also guides towards the use of Silicea.

8. Cimicifuga – For Stiff, Contracted Back with Pain Radiating down the Thighs

Cimicifuga is prepared from the root of a plant Cimicifuga Racemosa commonly named as Black Cohosh, of the natural order Ranunculaceae. Cimicifuga is indicated for stiff contracted back when pain radiates down the thighs. Heaviness and weight is also felt in the lower back. Cimicifuga is also highly recommended medicine for treating stiffness of the neck.

9. Sepia – For Stiff, Painful Back and Weakness

Sepia is significant medicine for a stiff, painful back attended with weakness. Walking tend to relieve the stiffness and pain in back when Sepia is indicated. The pain also gets better by pressure or by pressing back against something hard. Sitting upright also tend to provide relief. A pressing and dragging sensation is also felt in the sacral region. Back is also tender to touch in cases requiring Sepia.

10. Calcarea Fluor – For Stiff and Painful Back from Strains

Calcarea Fluor is also indicated similarly to Ruta for a stiff and painful back from strains. In cases requiring Calcarea Fluor, the pain gets worse after rest and is better by movement. Warmth over back also tends to bring relief. Tiredness and restlessness in the back are also present.

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