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Natural Homeopathic Treatment for Keratitis

Inflammation of the cornea is known as Keratitis. The cornea is a transparent layer in front of the eye that covers the pupil and iris. Keratitis can be infectious or non-infectious. Homeopathic medicines help reduce the inflammation of the cornea and offer symptomatic relief. Belladonna, Apis Mellifica, and Arsenic Album are the top homeopathic medicines used to treat keratitis.

keratitis homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines for Keratitis.

The primary cause of infectious keratitis is a bacterial infection (mostly that causes gonorrhea), a viral infection (mainly herpes simplex and herpes zoster) or a parasitic infection. Non – infectious keratitis can result from a foreign body in the eye or some scratch or injury to the cornea. Wearing contact lenses for very long hours (especially wearing them overnight), use of corticosteroid eye drops, a compromised immune system, exposure to intense sunlight, and exposure to bacteria, fungi and parasites found in rivers, lakes while swimming can put a person at risk to develop keratitis.

Homeopathic Treatment of Keratitis

Homeopathic medicines play a supportive role in keratitis and can be used along with conventional treatment for effective relief from symptoms like pain, burning, and discharge. Homeopathic medicines for keratitis are prescribed on the basis of individual symptom set in every case. Symptoms that can be managed with homeopathic medicines include redness of the eye, pain in the eye, blurred or dim vision, photophobia (sensitivity to light), lachrymation or discharge from eyes and the sensation of a foreign particle in the eye.

Homeopathic Medicines for Keratitis

Belladonna – Natural Medicine for Red, Congested Eyes in Keratitis

Belladonna is a natural homeopathic medicine prepared from the whole plant named ‘Deadly Nightshade.’ This plant belongs to the natural order Solanaceae. Use of Belladonna is recommended in cases where the eyes are red and congested. A pressing or sharp pain may be felt in the eyes. Pain may radiate from eyes to the back of the head. Eye pain worsens from movement, and there may be an intolerance to light. The person feels heat in the eyes. Dimness of sight and obscured vision may be present, and a gritty sensation, as of sand particles are present in the in eyes may also occur.

Apis Mellifica – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Pain in Eyes in Keratitis

Apis Mellifica is a natural remedy for treating pain in eyes due to keratitis. The key features for using Apis Mellifica include pain in the eye that may be stinging, tearing, lancinating or shooting in nature. Sometimes the eye pain is sore, pressing, tensive or boring. Burning and smarting sensation in the eyes is also felt. The cornea becomes thick and may have dark, smoky, greyish spots on it. Sensitivity to light with a headache, eye pain that gets worse from exposure to light, eyes that look bright red, weakness of vision, a sensation of fullness in eyes, and hot, scalding discharge from the eyes are other significant symptoms.

Arsenic Album – Effective Homeopathic Remedy for Burning Pain in Eyes

Arsenic Album is a well-indicated remedy for keratitis when there is a specific burning pain in eyes. The pains appear suddenly and get worse during the night. There is a copious discharge of an acrid, hot nature. There may be pulsations and throbbing in the eyes, along with weakness and dimness of sight. Sensitivity to light (mainly to sunlight) is present along with the above symptoms. This medicine is also indicted for ulcers on the outer side of the cornea. In such cases, a prickling needle-like pain is felt in the eyes.

Euphrasia – Natural Treatment for Profuse Watering from the Eyes

Euphrasia is a homeopathic medicine for keratitis prepared from the plant Euphrasia Officinalis, also known as Eye-Bright. The natural order of this plant is Scrophulariaceae. Euphrasia is very useful in cases of keratitis where there is profuse lachrymation, i.e. watering from the eyes. Secretion of tears is significantly increased, and the lachrymation is burning, smarting and excoriating in nature. The vision gets dimmed, and there is a peculiar sensation of having dust, hair or sand in the eyes. Euphrasia is also indicated for kerato-iritis that develops after injuries and surgical operations upon the eye. In such cases, there are stitching pains in eyes, acrid lachrymation, and intense photophobia. This medicine is also indicated where the cornea is ulcerated with large quantities of thick, clear mucus. The border of the cornea is surrounded by a small superficial ulcer. Eye pain that is worse in the daylight is usually present.

Phosphorus – Effective Medicine for Blurred Vision due to Keratitis

Phosphorus is a natural medicine for blurred, dim vision due to keratitis. There is a dull pain in the eyes along with dim vision. There is a sensation as if everything is covered with a mist. The person requiring Phosphorus also suffers from sensitivity to light. In some cases, there is a pressing or burning pain in the eyes. There may be a feeling of sand in the eye that gets better by rubbing.

Calcarea Carb – Natural Treatment for Keratitis with Photophobia (light sensitivity)

Calcarea Carb is a homeopathic remedy for photophobia (light sensitivity) in cases of keratitis. Photophobia is mostly worse in the morning upon rising and in the evening. Along with this, there may be a stinging pain in the eyes. Other symptoms include sticking of the eyelids together in the morning, dimness of vision, pressure and tearing or stitching pain in the eyes, and pain that worsens in the evening. Excessive lachrymation in the morning is present. It may get worse in the open air. Pustules on the cornea with lachrymation and excessive photophobia are also indicative of Calcarea Carb.

Pulsatilla – Natural Cure for Keratitis with Eye Discharge

Pulsatilla is a homeopathic cure for eye discharges in keratitis prepared from the fresh plant Pulsatilla Nigricans. This plant belongs to the natural order Ranunculaceae. Pulsatilla offers help in cases of keratitis with prominent eye discharges. Burning and itching in the eyes, a need to rub the eyes, marked sticking of eyelids in the morning, oversensitivity to light with stitching pain in the eyes are some symptoms indicating the need for Pulsatilla. It is also considered in cases of pustule formation on the cornea with excessive photophobia, pain in the eyes, and watering of eyes.

Merc Sol – Effective Medicine for Pain in the Eyes due to Keratitis

Homeopathic medicine Merc Sol helps treat congestion and pain in the eyes in cases of keratitis. There is pain present both during the day as well as night. There may be a sensation of heat in the in eyes with watering. The vision may become weak and dim. The cornea becomes red and is surrounded by a puffy swelling. There is usually a burning sensation present in the open air.

Arnica and Calendula – Natural Treatment for Keratitis due to Cornea Injury

Arnica and Calendula both are natural homeopathic remedies made from plants.
Arnica is prepared from the root of a plant Arnica Montana, which is commonly known as Leopard’s Bane.
Calendula is prepared from leaves and flowers of the plant Calendula Officinalis, more commonly known as Marigold. Both these plants belong to the natural order Compositae. These are prominently indicated for keratitis that follows a scratch or abrasion of the cornea. They help reduce inflammation of the eye and heal the injury quickly.

Hepar Sulph – Homeopathic Remedy for Advanced Keratitis with Corneal Ulcer

Hepar Sulph is a natural remedy that plays a supportive role in the symptomatic management of cases of advanced keratitis with corneal ulceration. The key indication to use this remedy is a red, vascular, elevated ulcer at the margin of the cornea. There is a discharge of purulent mucus from the ulcer. Photophobia, redness, and pain in the eyes that extends to the side of the head, a burning, pressing pain that is worse from exposure to a draught of air may also be present.

Symptoms of Keratitis

The symptoms of keratitis include redness of the eye, pain in the eye, blurred or dim vision, photophobia (sensitivity to light), excessive tears, discharge from eyes, a sensation of a foreign particle in the eye (gritty sensation). If left untreated, keratitis can cause complications like a corneal ulcer, corneal scarring, vision reduction and permanent vision loss (blindness).

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  1. manohar. S says:

    Dear Doctor,

    A patient in MP had surgical excision of benign AMELOBLASTOMA in lower jaw before 1.5 years which has regrown now. Can you help or comment on the curability?

    Manohar. S

  2. Ishita Mittal says:

    Can natrum Mur be also used for blurred vision in right eye because of keratitis caused by injury

  3. Hello I am suffering with thyegson . Please advise any homeopathy treatment. Thank you .

  4. Dr Bijan Das says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    My wife had the cataract surgery six months back with a trifocal lense. Following the surgery she had reaction in the eye and she didn’t have clear vision. She was treated with steroid tablets and drops. There was some improvements and the vision was clear at times and blur sometimes. On consultation the doctor said that there is a bit swelling in the cornea and gave eye drops including steroid drops. Now her vision is blurred in the mornings and slowly gets improved over the day though not fully. She complains of a feeling of swelling around the eye. She feels depressed due to blurred vision even after six months after surgery. I know there are excellent medicines in homeopathy. Would you please suggest any medicine. She is irritating in temperament. Very fastidious. I can provide if any other information is required

  5. Hi Dr. Sharma. I’ve recently been diagnosed with thygesons acute punctate keratitis. The cornea specialist said I have tiny gray spots all over my cornea blurring my vision. I am now living a very low inflammatory lifestyle as far as food choices and exercise. Is there anything I can do to try to restore my vision and get rid of the gray dots on my cornea?

  6. ghows ali khan says:

    Sir I am sufring from kratities on left eye from 5 months using lovir oint as well as tobradex butnot covering.kindly prescrbe homeo medicen to me thanks.

  7. sumitra amarnath says:

    Had herpis zoster at the age of 12 Cornea is OPEC.
    sticky discharge is there from the eye vision is slight but most of the time not there.
    my present age is 72.
    eupheretia 10% drops is not helping much

  8. Abrar Ahmed says:

    I have bacterial keratitis in left eye due to lense, two years back and its slowly but gradually reduced by the grace of Allah, eye is still blurry but healing as I feel and near vision is getting better but not clear.
    Please prescribe any medicine.

    Thanks & Regards

  9. Manohar Lal Sahni says:

    I have been suffering from viral karatiitis and presently on medication of Acivir and Refresh Liquigel. However , blurredness in the left eye associated with redness is still subsisting. Please advise Effective Homoepathic treatment for the cure of my eye problem. Thankful regards.

    • Dimple vyas says:

      Hi Dr,

      I’m seeing white spot in my eyes….after I cried.
      Please help me on this.

      • Resoected Dr Sharma,

        I am sastha venkatachalam, my son Prasanna is aged 20 years downsyndrome boy. He is diagosed with cornia correction. He is having irritation and blurred vision and the cornia become conical. what to do and how to treat him from pain. My father was a homeo dr.

  10. LeeAnn Alexander says:

    Dr Sharma.. can you please help me?.. I have a corneal scar and ulcer in both eyes but much worse in the right eye and there is a raised scar with inflammation.. I always have red irritated dry eyes and watery when I sleep. Can I purchase remedy from you?..

  11. Devon Drake says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I do not know if you have the time, but if you do I will explain what happened a couple of years ago, which has led to my right eye becoming blurred and needing extra magnification. I was sick with flu-type symptoms in my nasal passages. I sleep mainly on my right side, and it seemed as if the sickness settled into my eye. It must have been a virus, but could have been fungal or bacterial. It seems as if the eye is hardened, is possibly why it can not focus right. I can press on the side and it will become focused for a moment until the blood flow appears to restrict. What type of remedies do you have or can I obtain that may help this?
    I appreciate your response. Thank you Devon Drake

  12. Ann Marie Studdert says:

    Dr Sharma

    I had herpatic discaform keratitis a few years ago and suffer from severe dry eyes. Also, as a result of the keratin I have some residual scar tissue on my cornea causing a little blurry vision in my right eye. What treatment would you suggest to help clear the scar tissue and relieve the dry eye? Thank you.

    • Deepti Agarwal says:

      Hello Dr.sharma
      My mother is facing big trouble with the eye as she is having scar and swelling which makes her eye blurred especially whenever she wakes up then gradually comes to clear vision.As per Doctor’s advice we have to transplant her cornea partially.can u lease suggest any other treatment so that we don’t need to transplant her cornea.please sir help us

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