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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – Homeopathic Medicines can Work Wonders

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is an infection of the women’s upper genital tract including the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Pelvic inflammatory disease is mainly caused by sexually transmitted bacteria that ascend the genital tract from the vagina and cervix. The homeopathic medicines that help treat pelvic inflammatory disease include Sepia Succus, Merc Sol, Phosphorus, Sabina Officinalis, Medorrhinum and Kreosotum.

Homeopathic Medicines for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

Many bacterial infections can cause PID, but the most common ones include Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. In some cases, bacteria that are usually harmless and present in the vagina can cause PID. This can occur after abortion, miscarriage or childbirth. There are certain risk factors for PID. These risk factors include an of age less than 25 years, having more than one sexual partner, or having intercourse without the use of a condom.

Homeopathic Treatment of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

There is an excellent scope of treating many gynecological conditions including pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in the homeopathic system of medicine. Homeopathic medicines boost the body’s natural defense mechanism to fight with the infectious agents and clear up the infection to treat PID naturally. These are selected individually for every case of PID.

Homeopathic Medicines for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Sepia Succus – Natural Medicine for PID with Pain in Lower Abdomen/ Pelvic Area

Sepia Succus is an excellent homeopathic medicine for treating PID with marked pain in lower abdomen or pelvic area. Along with pelvic pain, a prominent bearing down sensation in the pelvis assist. In some cases needing Sepia Succus, burning or griping in the uterus is present. Vaginal discharge of yellowish or greenish may also arise that may be offensive.

Merc Sol – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for PID with Vaginal Discharge

Merc Sol is a natural medicine for PID with excessive vaginal discharge. The symptoms that indicate the need for Merc Sol include acrid, excoriating, and itchy discharges that cause a burning sensation in the vagina. The discharges may be purulent, yellow or green. The discharges tend to get worse upon urination.
In some cases, a stitching uterine pain may be present. Additionally, there may be a stinging ovarian pain.

Phosphorus – Natural Remedy for PID with Bleeding from Uterus between Periods

Phosphorus is a beneficial homeopathic medicine for treating PID cases where there is bleeding from the uterus between periods. The uterine bleeding tends to be profuse. Weakness usually follows the menstrual bleeding. Other symptoms include ovarian pain (specifically left-sided). The ovarian pain is felt the most during menses. Leucorrhoea of white or watery mucus may be present. A weak sensation in the abdomen may be present along with leucorrhoea.

Sabina Officinalis – Effective Homeopathic Treatment for PID with Heavy Periods

Sabina Officinalis is a well-indicated homeopathic medicine for pelvic inflammatory disease with heavy periods. The periods are profuse and gushing in nature. The bleeding is bright red colored with dark clots in it. The blood may have an offensive odor. Motion tends to worsen the blood flow. Pain in the sacral back extending to pubes is a primary accompanying symptom. This remedy is also recommended for inflammation of uterus and ovaries that may occur following childbirth or an abortion.

Medorrhinum – Natural Homeopathic Medicine for PID with Painful Periods

Medorrhinum is a significant homeopathic medicine for PID where the woman experiences intensely painful periods. There is an excruciating pain the pelvic area along with ovarian pains that get better with pressure. The menstrual bleeding is copious, dark and offensive. Vaginal discharge of acrid nature and a fish-like odor is also present in some cases.

Kreosotum – Natural Treatment for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease with Pain during Intercourse

Kreosotum is a natural medicine PID when there is pain during intercourse (dyspareunia). Burning in the genitalia is felt along with pain. Kreosotum is also useful in cases of pelvic inflammatory disease where there is bleeding after intercourse. Along with the above symptoms, there may be offensive, itching, corrosive leucorrhoea. The leucorrhoea worsens in between menses and often leaves a yellow stain on clothes.

Symptoms of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

In many cases of a pelvic inflammatory disease, there are no symptoms and the condition goes undiagnosed. When the symptoms of PID do arise, they include pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic area, pain/bleeding during intercourse, and vaginal discharge of yellow/green or offensive nature. Other symptoms include uterine bleeding in between periods and painful urination. In some cases heavy, painful periods are present. Sometimes fever with chills and nausea/vomiting may be present along with above-said features. The above symptoms vary from mild to severe from case to case. Some other complications related to PID include infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and the formation of an abscess in the fallopian tubes or ovaries and long-term pelvic pain.

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  1. Nasir Mehmood says:

    Assalamu alikum. l am 33 years old and i have a problm low and dark bleeding during menses . In starting 2or 3 days i have just spotting or dark very low bleeding. Fever itching heaache lower abdominal and back pain. plz suggest me some medicine. I also wanted to conceive.

  2. I am 39 years old with recent ectopic pregnancy and history of chlymdia infection. Now after 3 month of ectopic pregnancy I still have pain in my left side pelvic area.
    Any recommendations to take to help the falubian tube to heal

  3. Dear doc
    I’m 61 years old and had surgical menopause at the age of 46. Ever since the hysterectomy, I face pelvic pains whenever I carry heavy loads or exert myself. Sometimes it goes agawy in a few days but at other times it remains for over a week creating much discomfort. There is a dull aching in the blind and along the sutures line. Please suggest a homeopathy remedy which I can take over time to deal with the problem.

  4. My wife age 23 old, and meri wife ki age 23 he.use her 10 min me jor se pet me dard hota he mene ultra sound karaya to usme PID nikla he or small amount swelling bhi he or vo tretment bhi le rhi he but use abhi bhi dard me aram nhi he .achanak jor se dard hota he so plz suggest me or use white discharge bhi hota he

    • Heena Tuli says:

      Mere. B yhi prblm h mere ko b soln btao plz

      • Nasir Mehmood says:

        Assalamu alikum. l am 33 years old and i have a problm low and dark bleeding during menses . In starting 2or 3 days i have just spotting or dark very low bleeding. Fever itching heaache lower abdominal and back pain. plz suggest me some medicine. I also wanted to conceive.

  5. Reshu Kumsri says:

    I have 3 early misscarriage and last miscarriage need d&c
    I have abortion. In May 2020 since I have try. But i don’t conceived yet
    Please help .
    I believe in homeopathy
    Pls Contact us

  6. I am having pain during periods I feel that someone is scratching from inside with knife
    can you please help

  7. I m having painful periods and painful intetcourse and on and off pain lower abdomen after having C-section 5years ago and not conceiving again. Please prescribe me medicine for my problem.

  8. I am 32years old having an abortion and D&C 2 months before. Now i have mild hydronephrosis with small calculi in my right kidney and pid with so much pain in pelvic area. There is a pufffy swelling all over the body with psin especially under the eyes and on hsnds and feet. Please help me to suggest remedy

  9. Henrie arengh says:

    My wife , aged 38 had been using antibiotics for pid which goes and comes back. Had even met gynae but now we thought otherwise and started taking over the counter medicines for uti. But the symptoms differ from uti. She had been experiencing burning urination with white discharge, pain at the back and mild abdominal pains but when there is discharge(sometimes not noticeable) it burns the most. The pain radiates from the lower back up to the neck and spine. Please suggest . We have a homeo clinic in our vicinity

  10. Good Morning,
    I’m trying to cure my PID naturally before I try any medication. I’m not sure which of the options above is right for me, or if I should purchase all of them as a combination together? I have on and off aching and burning in my pelvis, as well as a burning sensation before and after I urinate. Often, my lower abdomen feels tender. What is the best option for me? Also, what’s the best website to purchase these?
    Diana Hendricks


    -Recurring Yeast infection
    -White Discharge, Itching, and Burning
    -Pubis Pain comes and goes
    -Constant lower Abdominal pain from 27th October.
    -Got 2 periods in Oct 2019 (3rd and 27th)
    -I saw brown Discharge today also (3rd Nov), I think I will get the periods again soon.

    I have Sepia 200 and belladona 30c, will it help to stop bleeding before period and regulate my period according to 30 days cycle? Please help

  12. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    What can one do about a trace amount of fluid in the lining of the endometrium?

    Thank you,

  13. Lower stomach pain and severe back pain. Took scan. Its PID. DR gave medicine for 5days. I took fully. One medicine not available in store. Im not interested in taking medicine

  14. Hi,,,Sir suffer from pid 18ys almost burning and itching inside my part what should i take

  15. 18ys sufer pid even now pain in tummy and abdomen

  16. M.Alam Khan says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    Please accept my best wishes and thanks in advance. As per the signs and symptoms of my patient who has been suffering from PID since 2006
    Following medicines match the signs and symptoms. But I do not know in which potency I should give and for how much time and how much per day doses?

  17. Hello to u
    I’m suffering from pelvic congestion syndrome
    Any homeopathic remedies to relieve this pain

  18. Pelvic muscles’ severe contraction without any pain s delaying evacuation and urination.
    Throughout day left knee painful and left heel by night. Relief with application of zandu balm. These are 100% left sided but 0% right sides.
    I crave open air, food, liquids of strong odour and taste.
    Thought of consequences for the bad events remain and recur.
    Sleep very light in early night but very deep from 3 to 9 am.

  19. Pooja Gupta says:

    Hello ma’am my age is 33 years. I have cystic lesion of size 4.7*3.1 in right Seneca.? Hydrosalpinx. What should I do to cure this?

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