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Treating Peripheral Neuropathy with Natural Homeopathic Medicines

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that arises when the peripheral nerves malfunction or get damaged. One of the leading causes of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes mellitus, but there can be many other reasons. From a huge number of homeopathic medicines for peripheral neuropathy, some of the majorly indicated homeopathic medicines for symptomatic treatment include Kali Phos, Arsenic Album, Picric Acid, Oxalic Acid, Hypericum, Causticum and Plumbum Met.

homeopathy peripheral neuropathy

Homeopathic medicines for Peripheral Neuropathy.

Homeopathic Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy

The homeopathic mode of treatment remains quite effective in managing peripheral neuropathy. The approach to homeopathic treatment for peripheral neuropathy is entirely symptomatic. The symptoms of the patient in a given case of peripheral neuropathy serve as the basis of homeopathic prescription. Every case of peripheral neuropathy needs to be thoroughly investigated to rule out the cause behind it. Every individual case requires a detailed case analysis to find the presenting symptoms unique to them. The homeopathic medicines for treating peripheral neuropathy are very safe to use among people of all age groups. A person should take homeopathic medicines for peripheral neuropathy under the supervision of a homeopathic physician and avoid self – medication.

Homeopathic Medicines for Peripheral Neuropathy

Kali Phos – Homeopathic Medicine for Numbness in Hands and Feet

Kali Phos is an effective, natural homeopathic medicine for numbness in hands and feet in cases of peripheral neuropathy. Kali Phos also helps in treating prickling sensation in hands and feet. Along with this a general fatigue or weakness is also present. A person needing Kali Phos tends to have a nervous, sensitive and irritable nature. Kali Phos is also indicated for cases of muscle weakness and paralysis.

Arsenic Album – Homeopathic Remedy for Burning Sensation in Hands/ Feet in Peripheral Neuropathy

Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is useful for treating burning sensation in the hands and feet in cases of peripheral neuropathy. The burning sensation may extend to arms and legs. Arsenic Album is also helpful for weakness and heaviness in the limbs in cases of peripheral neuropathy. Apart from the above, a tingling sensation in the fingers is also an indicating feature to use Arsenic Album.

Picric Acid – Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Pin-needle Sensation in Hand/Feet

Picric Acid is a natural homeopathic remedy used to treat a pin-needle like sensation in the hands or feet in cases of peripheral neuropathy. This sensation may be present in legs and arms. A weak, tired feeling in the limbs is also present. Exertion tends to make the complaint worse, and the limbs may get cold.

Oxalic Acid – Natural Homeopathic Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy Causing Numbness and Tingling in Limbs

Use of natural medicine Oxalic Acid is considered in cases of peripheral neuropathy where there is numbness and tingling in the limbs. Sharp and excruciating pains in the limbs also point towards the use of this medicine.

Hypericum – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Peripheral Neuropathy Due to Nerve Injury

Hypericum is a natural medicine prepared from the fresh plant named Hypericum Perforatum or St. John’s Wort. The natural order of this plant is Hypericaceae. The main indicating features to use Hypericum are numbness, tingling in hands or feet attended with burning pains. A crawling sensation may also be present in the hands and feet in some cases.

Causticum – Effective Homeopathic Remedy for Muscle Weakness in Peripheral Neuropathy

Causticum is a well-indicated homeopathic cure for treating muscle weakness in cases of peripheral neuropathy. There is marked muscle weakness in the limbs along with a sensation of formication (like ants crawling) in the limbs. Causticum is also used in cases of paralysis.

Plumbum Met – Natural Medicine for Thinning of Muscles in Peripheral Neuropathy

Plumbum Met offers a natural cure for peripheral neuropathy in which the patient experiences wasting or thinning of the muscles of the limbs. Paralysis of limbs is also treated well with this medicine.

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

The nervous system in our body is divided into two major divisions – the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system includes the spinal cord and the brain. The peripheral nervous system consists of a network of nerves that lie outside the brain and spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system connects the nerves from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body (organs, limbs, and skin). The peripheral nervous system has 43 pairs of motor and sensory nerves. Peripheral nerves are of three types – sensory, motor and autonomic. The primary functions of these nerves are as follow:
Sensory nerves are responsible for transmission of signals like pain, touch, temperature and other sensations to the brain.
Motor nerves are held responsible for control of muscles.
Autonomic nerves are responsible for regulating autonomic functions of the body such as bladder function, digestion, body temperature, and blood pressure.
The peripheral neuropathy can be a mononeuropathy (damage to a single peripheral nerve) or a polyneuropathy (malfunctioning of multiple peripheral nerves at the same time). The symptoms of this disorder depend on the type of peripheral neuropathy.
Sensory neuropathy: The symptoms of sensory neuropathy are numbness, tingling, pricking, pin/needle sensation, hypersensitivity and burning sensation in the hands and feet. The symptoms can spread up the arm and leg.
Motor neuropathy: The symptoms of motor neuropathy include muscle weakness, paralysis, twitching/cramping of muscles, wasting/thinning of muscles, impaired balance, and coordination.
Autonomic neuropathy: The symptoms of autonomic neuropathy include rapid heart rate, bowel/bladder symptoms, diarrhea/constipation, blood pressure changes, increased/decreased sweating and erectile dysfunction in men.

Other reasons for peripheral neuropathy include an injury to nerves, low levels of vitamin B12, infections like shingles, Epstein-Barr, hepatitis C, and autoimmune diseases like Guillain-Barre syndrome, lupus, and necrotizing vasculitis. Excessive alcohol intake, tumors pressing on the nerves, chronic liver/kidney disease, thyroid disorders, certain medications including phenytoin, thalidomide, toxins like arsenic, mercury, inherited disorders like Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease are some other causes of peripheral neuropathy. In some cases, there may be no identifiable cause.

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  1. good point


  2. Prashant Chandra says:

    The symptoms are as described in Autonomic neuropathy and as per the details of different types of neuropathy, my symptoms are matching with Arsenic Album. Need your advice and the dosage if Arsenic Album is recommended.

  3. Can numbness in the feet be cured

    • My friend is recovering from botulism. She is soon to have feeding tube removed but still has weakness, paralysis in legs arms, weak diaphragm…can you recommend a solution. Thank you

  4. Namasthe Sir. This Smt V.Aruna suffering from numbness and stiffness and burning sensation in the soles of the two feet.I am 58 years. Female. I am diabetic since 2005 .But at present sugar levels are Normal. Please suggest remedies.

  5. Rosalind Couth says:

    After chemotherapy a year ago I was left with a severe side effect of peripheral neuropathy. The gabapentin which was prescribed has not been very effective. A local homeopathic practitioner prescribed arsenic album which made no difference. I went back on an increased dose of gabapentin 300 three times a day. There is some improvement in my hands not being cold and pins and needles. The numbness in my legs, feet and hands is unchanged. Is it possible to take gabapentin and a homeopathic remedy? It takes ages to come off gabapentin safely.
    Rosalind Couth

  6. Hello, Dr. Sharma.
    I am especially delighted for this opportunity to communicate with you on my peripheral neuropathy problems which have persisted for nearly a decade now.
    I have gone through the passages above and will gladly appreciate some clarifications.

    My problems encompass all the 7 fields or areas of homeopathic treatment (ie Khali Phos, Arsenic Album, Picnic Acid, Oxalic Acid, Hypericum, Causticum and Plumbum Met) that you offer. Can treatment for these areas be undertaken concurrently?

    I started experiencing memory (and other) problems. Does your organization address such other problems?

    How soon can one expect tangible results?

    What is the mode of payment?

  7. K.venkateswarlu says:

    I have numbness in both palms and feet. The right hand is affected more.I feel as if I am walking on cushion. The soles stick to ground while walking. Neurologist identified nerve compression in the top of spine near neck. Surgery was done in October 2022.Subsequently I had undergone phys,iotherapy. However numbness as explained above still remains. I request you to suggest suitable medicine. I can make the payment through G pay.


    Hello. I suffer excruciating pain in my feet,with numbness.
    My legs are uncomfortable and I have nerve pains in my head neck and right shoulder.
    I do not want to use chemical medicines with numerous side effects.
    Which Homeopathic medicines should I take?
    Thank you.

  9. Bibhas Mridha says:

    I am Bibhas Mridha,58 yrs old suffering from type 2 diabetes for last17 years. Since last two years I have been facing nuropathy problem in my both feet and leg up to calf muscles like tingling and numbness sensation with out any pain.presently I have been taking combination of S.Jambolinum q,A. Sugata q and G. Sylvester to control level of b. sugar.This combination helps a lot. For nuropathy I have been taking phosphorus 30 and causticum 30, could you please guide me to to choose medicine for nuropathy pl. I used to walk 10000 steps and do free hand exercise regularly. Kindly help me.

    • Bibhas Mridha says:

      I am Bibhas Mridha,58 yrs old suffering from type 2 diabetes for last17 years. Since last two years I have been facing nuropathy problem in my both feet and leg up to calf muscles like tingling and numbness sensation with out any pain.presently I have been taking combination of S.Jambolinum q,A. Augasta q and G. Sylvester to control level of b. sugar. I don’t have any problem related high/ low blood pressure.This combination helps a lot. For nuropathy I have been taking phosphorus 30 and causticum 30, could you please guide me to to choose medicine for nuropathy pl. I used to walk 10000 steps and do free hand exercise regularly. Kindly help me.

    • Shrikant G. Hiray says:

      I am S. G. Hiray, Male, Age 76 Years.
      for the last 2 years I am facing following health issues:
      1. Mild Burning and pricking sensation in the feet (only) but it increases when I walk, especially on slghtly rough surfaces such as footpaths. Presently I am not taking any treatment for the same.
      2. Fat in my body has reduced significantly. Body weight therefore has comedown from 70 Kg to 64 Kg.
      May be because of the same reason when I sleep on my back, lumber bone starts paining, disturbing sleep. Otherwise I do not have any other issue with sleep. Because of my age, both my knees pain. About 9 years ago, I have undergone replacement of Knee joint in my Left Knee (only).
      I also face frequent issues related to Gases in stomach and Constipation.
      Please advise suitable homeopathic remedies.

  10. Bharat Patel says:

    am aged 64, diabetic, blood pressure, all are under control with tablets. For the past 4 months suffering from neuropathy, foot burning sensation. Also I cannot feel hot or cold on my right foot and right side of abdomen I have constipation problem. Is there any medicine available in homoeopathy to cure this ailment?

  11. Shekar Anandan says:

    I am aged 63, diabetic, hyper thyroid, blood pressure, all the three are under control with tablets. For the past five years suffering from neuropathy, causing back pain, knee pain, leg pain and foot burning sensation, numbness and unable to walk. I have constipation problem with uncontrolled urine. I have tried all the medicine in last five years. Is there any medicine available in homoeopathy to cure this ailment?
    Shekar Anandan

  12. Hello Dr Sharma,

    I had a neck lift done by a surgeon which includes cutting of nerves in front and behind the ears
    and today, on the third day besides the area being numb the nerve pain has also a burning sensation pretty strong. What would you recommend for that.

    My second question is: since a hip replacement about 5 years ago both of my feet started to become
    numb starting with the toes more and more going down on the soles of the feet and in a couple of months ding the same again and again so that they definitely are somewhat numb but do not interfere with walking and hiking.
    I would love your opinion for that

  13. Severe ain in feet,diabetes, feet burning,pain in thighs knees heart problem with pacemaker feet and leg burning

  14. Dear Dr sharma.

    My mother has peripheral neuropathy of her feet. She complaints are of numbness and a ” stiffness ” in her feet. . Otherwise she fells nothing or little sensation . The stiffness is a symptum not listed in the list you have given in your article.. . Please advise..

    Thank yiu


    I have burning sensation in the feet while lying down. I also pricking pain occasionally while walking also. My HBA1C IS 7.3 ON 03.03.23. I WALK 3KMS DAILY. I take 26 units of Humalog 50 insulin in the morning. I take dapabite 10mg after Breakfast. Met forming 1gm after lunch and dinner. This problem has started one year back. I had bilateral knee replacement in August 2017 . Two stents were placed in heart in March 2022.
    Kindly advise.
    My bp is normal, and my weight is 88.6 Kg for height of 5 feet 9 inches.
    DP SARMA 8830283533

  16. Rosemarie Saccardi says:

    I have peripheral neuropathy plus vassilisis no nerve response from lower legs brain is not sure wher i am venious in sativity POLIO FROM FROM VACCINE IN 50’s
    Is there a remedy the last description is. Me

  17. Sheila burton says:

    Hi, I have developed peripheral neuropathy in my feet and legs. I think it is due to chronic IBS (diarrhoea) and a stay in hospital where I was given massive amounts of antibiotics. I was taken in to hospital because I’d had diarrhoea for about 10 days but because I tested positive for covid, they didn’t treat the diarrhoea they just launched into covid treatment and I was too poorly/weak to question their methods. I haven’t been the same since.

    • Norman Snell says:

      I was told that COVID attacks the peripheral nerves and thus aggravates them if you already had the condition. My peripheral nerves got a little worst after COVID but has not progressed since. Mine is a numbness but I still have feeling and can feel the touch of my fingers on my feet and not real heat is realized.

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