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Treating Peripheral Neuropathy with Natural Homeopathic Medicines

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that arises when the peripheral nerves malfunction or get damaged. One of the leading causes of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes mellitus, but there can be many other reasons. From a huge number of homeopathic medicines for peripheral neuropathy, some of the majorly indicated homeopathic medicines for symptomatic treatment include Kali Phos, Arsenic Album, Picric Acid, Oxalic Acid, Hypericum, Causticum and Plumbum Met.

homeopathy peripheral neuropathy

Homeopathic medicines for Peripheral Neuropathy.

Homeopathic Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy

The homeopathic mode of treatment remains quite effective in managing peripheral neuropathy. The approach to homeopathic treatment for peripheral neuropathy is entirely symptomatic. The symptoms of the patient in a given case of peripheral neuropathy serve as the basis of homeopathic prescription. Every case of peripheral neuropathy needs to be thoroughly investigated to rule out the cause behind it. Every individual case requires a detailed case analysis to find the presenting symptoms unique to them. The homeopathic medicines for treating peripheral neuropathy are very safe to use among people of all age groups. A person should take homeopathic medicines for peripheral neuropathy under the supervision of a homeopathic physician and avoid self – medication.

Homeopathic Medicines for Peripheral Neuropathy

Kali Phos – Homeopathic Medicine for Numbness in Hands and Feet

Kali Phos is an effective, natural homeopathic medicine for numbness in hands and feet in cases of peripheral neuropathy. Kali Phos also helps in treating prickling sensation in hands and feet. Along with this a general fatigue or weakness is also present. A person needing Kali Phos tends to have a nervous, sensitive and irritable nature. Kali Phos is also indicated for cases of muscle weakness and paralysis.

Arsenic Album – Homeopathic Remedy for Burning Sensation in Hands/ Feet in Peripheral Neuropathy

Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is useful for treating burning sensation in the hands and feet in cases of peripheral neuropathy. The burning sensation may extend to arms and legs. Arsenic Album is also helpful for weakness and heaviness in the limbs in cases of peripheral neuropathy. Apart from the above, a tingling sensation in the fingers is also an indicating feature to use Arsenic Album.

Picric Acid – Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Pin-needle Sensation in Hand/Feet

Picric Acid is a natural homeopathic remedy used to treat a pin-needle like sensation in the hands or feet in cases of peripheral neuropathy. This sensation may be present in legs and arms. A weak, tired feeling in the limbs is also present. Exertion tends to make the complaint worse, and the limbs may get cold.

Oxalic Acid – Natural Homeopathic Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy Causing Numbness and Tingling in Limbs

Use of natural medicine Oxalic Acid is considered in cases of peripheral neuropathy where there is numbness and tingling in the limbs. Sharp and excruciating pains in the limbs also point towards the use of this medicine.

Hypericum – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Peripheral Neuropathy Due to Nerve Injury

Hypericum is a natural medicine prepared from the fresh plant named Hypericum Perforatum or St. John’s Wort. The natural order of this plant is Hypericaceae. The main indicating features to use Hypericum are numbness, tingling in hands or feet attended with burning pains. A crawling sensation may also be present in the hands and feet in some cases.

Causticum – Effective Homeopathic Remedy for Muscle Weakness in Peripheral Neuropathy

Causticum is a well-indicated homeopathic cure for treating muscle weakness in cases of peripheral neuropathy. There is marked muscle weakness in the limbs along with a sensation of formication (like ants crawling) in the limbs. Causticum is also used in cases of paralysis.

Plumbum Met – Natural Medicine for Thinning of Muscles in Peripheral Neuropathy

Plumbum Met offers a natural cure for peripheral neuropathy in which the patient experiences wasting or thinning of the muscles of the limbs. Paralysis of limbs is also treated well with this medicine.

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

The nervous system in our body is divided into two major divisions – the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system includes the spinal cord and the brain. The peripheral nervous system consists of a network of nerves that lie outside the brain and spinal cord. The peripheral nervous system connects the nerves from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body (organs, limbs, and skin). The peripheral nervous system has 43 pairs of motor and sensory nerves. Peripheral nerves are of three types – sensory, motor and autonomic. The primary functions of these nerves are as follow:
Sensory nerves are responsible for transmission of signals like pain, touch, temperature and other sensations to the brain.
Motor nerves are held responsible for control of muscles.
Autonomic nerves are responsible for regulating autonomic functions of the body such as bladder function, digestion, body temperature, and blood pressure.
The peripheral neuropathy can be a mononeuropathy (damage to a single peripheral nerve) or a polyneuropathy (malfunctioning of multiple peripheral nerves at the same time). The symptoms of this disorder depend on the type of peripheral neuropathy.
Sensory neuropathy: The symptoms of sensory neuropathy are numbness, tingling, pricking, pin/needle sensation, hypersensitivity and burning sensation in the hands and feet. The symptoms can spread up the arm and leg.
Motor neuropathy: The symptoms of motor neuropathy include muscle weakness, paralysis, twitching/cramping of muscles, wasting/thinning of muscles, impaired balance, and coordination.
Autonomic neuropathy: The symptoms of autonomic neuropathy include rapid heart rate, bowel/bladder symptoms, diarrhea/constipation, blood pressure changes, increased/decreased sweating and erectile dysfunction in men.

Other reasons for peripheral neuropathy include an injury to nerves, low levels of vitamin B12, infections like shingles, Epstein-Barr, hepatitis C, and autoimmune diseases like Guillain-Barre syndrome, lupus, and necrotizing vasculitis. Excessive alcohol intake, tumors pressing on the nerves, chronic liver/kidney disease, thyroid disorders, certain medications including phenytoin, thalidomide, toxins like arsenic, mercury, inherited disorders like Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease are some other causes of peripheral neuropathy. In some cases, there may be no identifiable cause.

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  1. Rabindra kumar Ray says:

    I am 70 yrs old person having sciatic pain in both legs and also having numbness of both legs
    Also having pain on my back.My uric acid level is 8.
    My doctor has prescribed R11 and R71 and Benzoic acid 30.
    Although I am taking the medicine as above but not getting any relief.
    Will you please inform me whether homeopathy will cure my disease and what other medications I should take.
    My WhatsApp no. 8017107626

  2. Thanks in support of sharing such a good idea, piece causes of leg pain and numbness writing is
    nice, thats why i have read it fully

  3. My husband has type II diabetes, he just had spinal surgery less than a month ago and he has no energy, shooting/stabbing pains in his feet and hands, weakness/thinning muscles, bloating, constipation, frequent headaches, insatiable thirst, night sweating, difficulty breathing, irritable, exhausted easily, rapid resting heart rate, high blood pressure, vision loss, severe muscle spasms, insomnia, and erectile dysfunction. Please, can you suggest some effective homeopathic remedies for him.
    Thank you.

  4. Gagan Kant says:

    My wife is a patient of Multiple Sclerosis since Aug 1996 now she has also developed symptoms of peripheral neuralgia now she is on a wheelchair since 2012. She is unable to do any thing by herself and has speech problems also.

  5. Chemo induced Neuropathy , balance getting scary .

    Mahalo for any advice.

  6. Hello, I am having mild suagr since last 4 years. Current HBA1C level is 5.9. I walk 4 to 5 times a week for 5 kms each day. Since last 1 year am facing burning sensation in feet. Got a nerve conduction test and result was mild neuropathy in both limbs. Please suggest homeopathy medicines.

  7. N Sudhakara Rao says:

    I am suffering with small fibre neuropathy for the past 4years. I didn’t get any relief in Allopathy, Ayurvedic and Acupuncture treatments. I am receiving a pain like keeping the feet in a fire through out the day. I am not able to walk and stand for 5 minutes with chappels. I am not able to walk with bear feet even 5 steps.
    Is there any treatment in Homeopathy? Kindly inform me.

  8. Margie Pritchard says:

    I do not have diabetes but have swelling and numbness (also itching) in my toes feet and ower legs for the past three months. I do not have pain.When my feet and ankles are swollen, My feet feel kie blocks of wood and it is difficult to walk. My feet swell much more when I sit at the computer to work. What homoeopathic remedy may work for me?
    Kind regards

  9. Diabetic nueropthy-numbness in feet & hands, tingling effect, pricking, irritation in feet all are more in the evening. Advispl homeo remedy sir.

    • Vibha Singhal says:

      Diabetic neuropathy- numbness in feet and hands. Tingling, pins and needles, pain in wrist joints, pricking and irritation.
      More often after 12 noon till I sleep.
      Please help Dr.

  10. GSVSS Subrahmanyam says:

    Dear Sir, my wife Radha Kalyani, aged 53 is having very sensitive pains at foot. Even if she put leg on a small rice seed, she cannot bear pain. Sugar level around 190 post meal. Having very sensitive nerve pains to right leg, left arm. Having BP but in control.
    Request your kind support in treating her. If required she can be connected via video call, if you feel to get more info..


    Good morning Dr sahib

    I have a problem of small fiber nephropathy. Problem. I have presist heavy pain inbetween of anas and testees I have to take pain killer or Gabapine NT. Also I have little numbness on left feet on left side. Kindly suggest me good and effective medicne
    I am diabetic and BP patient
    Thanks in advance

  12. Homi Dalal says:

    I am 82 years old and am diabetic for past 18 years; my A1C is under 7 as controlled by 50mg of Januvia and 500mg of Metformin. My main problem is loss of sensation on both feet and sometime combined with pin/needle sensation on feet lasting a minute or so. Most of my life I have used Homeopathic medicines for cold, fever, etc. I would appreciate if you please suggest Homeopathic medicines.

  13. Ankur kumbhkar says:

    My father is a known case of rheumatic heart disease mitral stenosis and aortic regurgitation on chronic therapy for heart disease and borderline diabetes. He had Chronic symptoms of peripheral neuropathy burning and numbness sensation. Need your suggestion regarding what kind of medication should be started n in how much dose. Because he is is getting less responsive to allopathic medication.

  14. My age is 54 male.i am suffering diabetes since last one year as per detection. Fasting sugar level is avg 135. My mom has diabetes.also a sister.
    I am feeling weakness in my hands and legs since last 4 years. Sometimes I feel burning sensation in my legs.i feel pain in my two legs throughout the day. By pressing gives temporary relax.
    Two months back yelopathyic doctor told it is periferal neuropathy and gave Gabapentin and nurokind next .it gives me relax but stoping medicine for oneday gives pain in leg.
    One of my sister suffered the same and now she is bedridden.
    Can you help me in this regard

  15. hello

    My age 30 and Ive been facing these problems for 4-5 years . On folding legs and hands , numbness and tingling start after 5 mins. when lying and keep head at higher on pillows then head and neck become numb for long time. when sit by wall then the area of back so compressed becomes numb within no time. please suggest

  16. hello

    on folding legs and hands , numbness and tingling start after 5 mins. when lying and keep head at higher on pillows then head and neck become numb for long time. when sit by wall then the area of back so compressed becomes numb within no time. please suggest

  17. Syed Muhammad Arif says:

    My age 52 and have diabetic patient and suffering in peripheral neuropathy please advice appropriate medicine.

  18. Vinayak Marathe says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    My mother age 80 has Parkinson’s disease and peripheral neuropathy. She had difficulty in moving about.
    She feels there is a coating of mud under her toes.
    Also her knees some times get locked and she has to drag her feet to be able to move. She experiences tremor in her right palm.
    Presently she takes three syndopa tablets each day.
    Pl suggest homoeopathy treatment for her condition.

    • Khushdil Sehgal says:

      Dr. Sahab, I am suffering from diabetes for last around 6to 7 yrs. I also got nerve damage at my penis frontage, injury, which I got cured by control of diabetes. Prnis nerves got broken. I am suffering from Erectile dysfunction, no erection take place, my age 57 yrs.
      I am taking Allopathic medicine.
      My sugar remain in control but because of nerve damage, I am not able to get erection. Kindly suggest some homeo medicine to correct it. Regards.

  19. Dr sir I am big fan of yours.keep on reading your articles.i find them well explained.and I trust what ever you suggest.god bless keep on doing good work
    I live in Delhi India .n diabetic diabetic

  20. Dr Vilas Laxman Jahagirdar says:

    I am 72 years old with history of Diabetes mellitus since last sixteen years. I am obese and have undergone Bariatric Surgery banana sleeve gastrectomy three years blood sugars are regulated by Lantus Insulin 22 to 26 units before dinner Glycomet GP1 morning and evening , ondero 5 mid day.
    I am having varicose veins and have undergone ligation surgery in perforator at ankle below knee and above knee mid thigh right leg and only at ankle of left leg sixteen years ago.
    I am suffering from symptoms of neuropathy since last three years , I get lack sensation in both of my soles at times not getting proper foothold, sensation of burning and tingling numbness transiently. I am taking vitamins neurobione forte , Matilda forte and Pregeb M 75 . The symptoms are persistent and progressing.
    I am not hyper tensive. Overall I am keeping well for 72 with good memory and intellectual ability. I am retired Dean Of Medical College and MD Pathology and Bacteriology
    Please do help me with suitable homeopathic treatment, I would be grateful
    My mobile number is 9890309669 same is WhatSap friendly.

    • Khushdil Sehgal says:

      Dr. Sahab, I am suffering from diabetes for last around 6to 7 yrs. I also got nerve damage at my penis frontage, injury, which I got cured by control of diabetes. Prnis nerves got broken. I am suffering from Erectile dysfunction, no erection take place, my age 57 yrs.
      I am taking Allopathic medicine.
      My sugar remain in control but because of nerve damage, I am not able to get erection. Kindly suggest some homeo medicine to correct it. Regards.

  21. Vivek Choudhry says:

    Sir my mother has diabetes and high BP and Thyroid issues. She has feeling of frozen feet and acute pain in feet as she has developed peripheral neuropathy. Could you recommend a medicine for her as we are unable to visit a doctor due to Lockdown. My contact number is 8527356363. What’s app is 6381400810

  22. S.B.Pandey says:

    I am diabetic patient for last 25 years. My age is 61 yrs as on date. The sugar level varies from 160 to 250 .At present I am taking allopathic treatment . Glycomet GP2, Janumet, Renerve and xidugo with insulin Glargin ( lantus) . There inflammation and numbness in feet sole, due to which I can,t sleep nor stand or walk even can’t wear shoes for long time. Going through homeopathic journal, it appears the case of peripheral Neuropathy diabetes. Please suggest any mother tincture for early cure.

  23. Shankarappa Doddamani says:

    My right shoulder gets severe pain when it is turned back.
    Diabetic since 15 years.
    Taken tab glycomet Gp 1 and now taking Gp 2.
    Started taking homeopathic medicine BC7 since one month.
    Pl guide to cure shoulder pain


  24. Ashok Vijh says:

    Hello Dr. I’m suffering from diabetes since last 25 years. I am aged 69 yrs. and having stiffness and burning in my both foot specially in toes and fingers as if the feeling like blood circulation in my foot is not proper. lost of sensation in feet also there. Due to this my sleep also disturbed. My diabetes normally remains 170 before meal and after meal it goes to 220. Taking alopathy medicien Gemer p2 in morning and glyciphage 500 mg at night. pl. advise some best homeopathy
    medicine to come over this problem.

  25. Subramanya Mysore says:

    Hi, My father-in-law is 76 and recently diagnosed with Diabetes. Yes, it is under control, but now, he has numbness and pain in feet. But since a few days, says his thighs are getting numb too. Yes, he is getting thin day by day.

  26. Hiresh Maheswari says:

    I m diabetic last 15yrs
    Last 1 yr I m having burning sensation at both legs n swallowing cause which senses as good as just have wwrarrd socks
    My hba1c is 7.5
    Frequent urination at night time
    Nowadays I can’t sleep until 2am

  27. Hello doctor. I am a non alcoholic person but it happened somehow when I was on a trip I drank beer, for four continuous day On the trip. After two weeks of that incident I started feeling vibration in my hands. And whole body muscle tightness and after work I started tiring up very much. Some time pain in left chest. And now Sometimes whole left side body started feeling numbness or vibration.

  28. Vinod Dadheech says:

    My wife is suffering from sugar since last 10 years now she is suffering from neuropathy problems like burning sensation in feet ,pain in legs knee albow shoulder . She is feeling weekness. So please suggest proper homeopathic medicine. She is 49 year old. Thanks a lot

  29. Dr.S.K.Shukla says:

    I am 67 year old, having diabetis since 25 years, I have electric needle like pain in toe & first finger especially in night. Neurologist based on NCS study are telling either diabetic neuropathy or radiculopathy. Presently taking Duloxetin-30 mg & Nervigen p tablet in night, slightly released but no permanent cure. Creatinine at present 1.38. Please suggest best homeopathy medicine which permanently cure neuropathy in toe& first finger in both feet. During sleep saliva secretion taking place.sleep is disturbed.

  30. C N KUMAR says:

    I am aged 72 years.Iam diabetic, from the age of 45th year,and conducted bypass surgery in the age of 60th year,and suffering from diabatic neuropathy.Iam having pain in the upper arm, especially during night after 10 pm and preveis till 12 pm,an abnormal pain and intolerable.Now I am taking AN ALLOPATHIC madicine Ensautin -100 mg two tablets in the night for 15 days and ok.But I want to have best remedy in homeopathic with out any side effects and permanent cure.kumar

  31. Rukhsana khan says:

    Sir ,i am diabetic female age 56 years i want some homeopathic medicine for my peripheral neutopathy i took meganeuron allopathy injections but not vety good results ,I also take telma 20 for blood pressure and febuget 40 for uric acid please suggest homeopathy medicine for neuropathy

  32. Gajendra Singh says:

    i was in my village on 26/4/2019 in evening at about 6PM fell down in kitchen room in less than a minute with a little vertigo and was unable to stand up and walk whole night. in the morning some people came ,lifted me and i was brought to COSMOS hosiptal Moradabad . DrGupta, Neurosurgeon operated me for some HAEMOTOMA.
    Now I am able to walk with a stick support. Right leg feel heavy and toes and fingers do not move normally. I have no pain etc in legs or nerves i am 75 years old retired professor from GBPUAT,Pantnagar- living at Rudrapur at present

  33. Tom Everhart says:

    Dr.S harma I have diabetes type 2. I have very sensitive skin on the back of my heels and the bottom of my feet . What can i do to help aleviate this pain. I am a 68 year old white male. Thanks for any help you can recomend.

  34. John paul snehith.salagala says:

    Dear doctor I’m diabetic since 20 years and I’m on insulin from 2 years my hba1c is in good control .since two months I developed tingling and burning sensations in my legs. I consulted physician and he confirmed diabetic neuropathy .please suggest me homeo treatment for this diabetic treatment

  35. Surendra Mohan Kumar says:

    సర్ నాకు 1996 నుంచి కాళ్ళు చేతులు లో తిమ్మిర్లు రావడం, మొద్దు బారి పోవడం, టోటల్ బాడీ లో నరములు లో నెప్పులు, సూదులు గుచ్చినట్లు ఉండడం, విపరీతంగా భరించలేని నీరసం నిస్సత్తువ ఆవరించి ఉంటుంది.షుగర్ లేదు, బి పి లేదు.నాకు చిన్నప్పుడు ఫీట్స్ వచ్చాయి. నాకు 12 సంవత్సరాలు వచ్చాక తగ్గిపోయాయి. మళ్ళీ నా 18 లో ఏటా నుంచి పై చెప్పిన లక్షణాలతో బాధ పడుతున్నాను. నాకున్న లక్షణాల ఆధారంగా పెరిఫెరల్ న్యూరోపతి అనుకుంటున్నాను. మరి నా ప్రాబ్లం పేరు ఏమిటి. హోమియో మందులు దయచేసి చెప్పండి.ప్లీజ్.

  36. Respected Dr.
    My wife62 or old ,is a victim of Vasculitis Neuropathy, while undergoing Treatment for ILD with strong Antibiotics and Steroids, bedsides 2ltrs of Oxygen for nearly 3 months.
    Now she is free from Oxygen, but after effects of Steroids, She is bedridden with NUMBNESS of Hands & Souls of the feet.
    Please help her to come out of it.
    PK Pawar

  37. Geoffrey Frost says:

    Sensory Neuropathy.
    Had bunion surgery on both feet 1 year ago. Have had terrible pins and needles in the little toes on both feet and extreme soreness on pads of both feet since then whenever I walk any distance past a few blocks. No problems at all with my feet before surgery (except bunions).

    Went to a Neurologist, GP, Chiropractor…been on nerve meds, anti-inflammatories, 12-alcohol injections in the nerves, had PT…no improvement!

    Had MRI of lower lumber (no problems), complete blood work up for every known possibility…only b12 deficiency showed up…been doing many B supplements for months now. Nothing!

  38. I am a 61 year old white female with neuropathy in my arms, legs, and some down my back. I have had MRI and X-ray of neck which showed some arthritis but nothing else. My neurologist has ruled out carpal tunnel syndrome and 4 major auto immune diseases as well as testing my blood for every possible answer. The only thing that is a problem is B12 deficiency. I am taking shots weekly for this as well as sublingual B12 and a daily B vitamin made for neuropathy. It has improved drastically but I still have some random neuropathy daily. I have started having leg cramps at night mostly in my lower right leg and foot. I’m taking vitamins for that as well but it’s not improving. I seem to have some muscle deterioration in my right lateral calf. I walk 6 to 10 miles a week at 4mph and also ride a recumbent bike 1 to 2 hours a week. I have lost 40 lbs in the last 3 years on a Keto diet. I have never been diabetic. Other than the leg cramps I would say my symptoms are sensory. Can you advise me about a homeopathic remedy for this?

  39. Hi , I am experiencing peripheral neuropathy from my chemo and radiation treatments. It seems to be getting worse . I am 5 1/2 months out of treatment. Based on your article, I would put myself in the sensory category. I have a naturally high level of anxiety also . I am 64 , white man . Thank you .

  40. I am a hospice nurse who has a patient with MS and she has constant burning neuropathy in her feet, legs, and calves.. do you recommend a particular one.? she takes gabapentin at night but can’t during the day.
    Thank you, Mariah

  41. Coleen Powell says:

    I have small fiber neuropathy. How can homeopathic medicine help me?

  42. R B Shankar Rao says:

    I have been suffering from peripheral nuropathy since 2009 which started in right foot nimbs and slowly increased to knee level and subsequently stated in left leg nimbs as well and nervous pain went up to knee level and later on upto abdomen level over a period of time and subsequently extended upto top portion of the body .I have been on medication since the beginning of the problem .
    I had Hypothyroid and under control and B P ,diabetes also which is under control as well .
    Whereas , three months back I had heart attack and stunts are implanted 2 stunts in Lcx and a blockage in LAD ,needs to implant one more stunt .
    At present , I am using Pregalin 75 mg along with heart related medicines and also used Gabapin NT 400 .
    Whereas , damage of peripheral nervous system is not cured till date .
    Pl suggest medication in homeopathy for the same .

  43. Gurjendra Bedi says:

    Dr. Dharma
    I have peripheral Neuropathy effect if both feet with numbness, pain and tingling and both feet’s very cloud even in summer. It is progressing month by month

    Please advice if homeopathy can help and what details you need from my medical test and diagnosis. I do not have diabetes.

    Thank you

  44. Vijay Saxena says:

    I am diabetic since last 20 years. On insulin since last 9 years. Have 2 major problems –
    1) Insomnia since last 9 years. Taking Tablet for sleep since last 8 years.
    2) Severe Constipation and gas formation. No precautions or earlier medicines working now. Liver test always normal.


  45. anil singal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I live in Indonesia & I have symptoms of peripheral Neuropathy for 1.5 years. I’ve done nerve simulation test & also detailed MRI. Both results are ok.

    I’ve burning feeling in my back & also feet (both sides of feet) & hand numbness while sleeping. Doctor has put me on Gabapin NT 400 based on symptomatic treatment.

    There is improvement in numbness but burning. Continues. I read on your website that Homeopathy offers an excellent long term solution for such problems. Kindly help me out as I’m really fed up with this irritating problem.

    Anil Singal

    • Hello… I’m facing the same problem .. did you get any
      Relief from any medicine because this burning sensation in feet
      Is quite annoying.

    • My uncle has severe diabetic neuropathy in legs numbness burning sensation drop foot pain thickening of skin loss muscle and now moving to hands please advice effective medicne of pain relieve and revival of nerves

  46. Sara Roselle says:

    Can you tell me what type of doctor or practitioner to see for a holistic approach to neuropathy that began several months ago. In 2015 I broke ankle and leg in a fall that bent/compressed my foot for at least 5 minutes before help came. Minor intermittent numbness in two small toes persisted after healing those injuries. Then, 11 months ago both of my feet were badly sunburned during an hour walking in sand at a beach. They were very red, hot, and painful but did not blister. This alternately burning and cold hyper-sensitivity has been expanding in recent months, climbing up to my calves. A back doctor wants to do a MRI. A foot doctor wants to do an MRI. They say insurance won’t let me do both at the same time and each is a specialist who does not address the area of the other. Can you help?

  47. Judy Bass says:

    Dr.Sharma, I have diabetes and chronic kidney disorder and hypertension and overactive bladder…etc. I have terrible tingling and pain in my feet and sometimes the tingling is.starting to going up my legs. Can you suggest what I should do. For relief? Sincerely, Judy Bass

  48. Bhagirath Chandra Sarkar says:

    I have suffering from Bilateral Tibial Demyelinating neuropathy.
    1.Numbness in feet,
    2.Im balance in head when standing only.
    3.problems in computer operation.
    4.A gentle cramp in lower portion of Scapula after spondylosis

    Pl help me

  49. Best medication for shingles neuropathy effecting the sciatic nerve Thank you.

    • NC Banik says:

      Dear sir, my wife recently undergone NCS and diagnosed as Sensorimotor Neuropathy in both limbs .
      Please do advice some medicines for the same.
      Thank you .

  50. Hi Sir,

    I recently met with an accident and suffered brachial plexus injury,from that time onwards i have unbearable neuropathy pain in my right arm,i take pregabalin 75mg when pain becomes unbearable and find little relief ,kindly let me know about treatment options in homeopathy,can i have permanent cure from this,would like you to share frankly about my situation.
    thanking you in advance

  51. Shirsha Mondal says:

    My grandfather is suffering from peripheral neuropathy from last two years. The symptoms are burning in legs, feet, anus and inside the belly. Numbness in head and left hand is also present. We have applied lots of allopathy medicines. Nothing is working after few days of application. My grandfather has a Spinal injury. According to the MRI report, the abnormally curved spine is the reason for this neuropathy. Doctors are suggesting to operate the spine. Although considering the age of him (76 years) it is not wise to think about operation. Can you please help me in this situation? Which homeopathy medicines will be best for him?

    Will be pleased to hear from you. Eagerly waiting.


    • sambasiva Rao says:

      doctor ji,
      iam suffering from diabities type 2 and presently using insilin 30 unitsand metformin 1gm twice a day.. i had neuropathy since about one year and not controled with usage of gabapentene etc. legs are painful,tiredness neuropathy inceases at nights no sufficient sleep at nights. legs burninh,painful and numbness and some times feeling of ants crawling inside feet.
      please suggest me. iam at 62, 95 kgs wt, and height 6’2”.

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