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Reasons For Irritability In Infants And Its Homeopathic Remedies

Irritability and crying in infants (babies from birth to 1 yr of age) is their way of communicating about their needs. It could simply indicate that the baby is hungry, sleepy, tired, feeling cold or hot or has a wet diaper. However, excessive irritability, more than usual, can be an infant’s way of giving a clue about any discomfort or problem he/she is facing as the baby is unable to speak. Excessive irritability and crying may be because of certain medical reasons frequently seen in babies. Some common among these may include stomach pain from gas, teething trouble, pain in the head, earache, constipation, cold, a urine infection, diaper rash or some viral or bacterial infection. In some cases, certain serious medical conditions could be the reason like an infection in the brain, lungs or kidneys requiring immediate medical help. Irritability can be attended with other signs and symptoms depending on the cause behind it. Some of the signs and symptoms that are serious can attend it like lethargy, drowsiness, difficulty in breathing, high fever, skin color changes to yellow or blue, continuous diarrhea or vomiting, and dehydration. These serious signs and symptoms need immediate medical attention.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic medicines can prove very effective in managing irritability in infants. These medicines are safe to use as they are 100% natural medicines with zero side effects. Homeopathic medicines work in these cases to calm the baby by managing the root cause behind it. The medicines to manage irritability are selected from various available medicines in homeopathy as per every individual case. Constitution (sum total of physical and mental makeup of a person) of the baby is studied in detail to finalize and prescribe homeopathic medicine. It is advised to always consult a homeopathic physician for medicine prescription who will find out the reason behind the irritability and evaluate the detailed case to provide individual medicine prescription. In no case, self-medication should be done. Homeopathy is recommended only for mild to moderate cases with no serious cause linked with irritability. In severe cases of intense irritability and when some serious reason is the cause of irritability, like infection in brain, kidney, lungs, then immediate help from conventional mode of treatment should be taken. Homeopathy has limitations in treating cases where some serious cause is linked with irritability.

Homeopathic Medicines For Irritability In Infants

1. Chamomilla – Top Recommended Medicine

Chamomilla is one of the best medicines ranked number one in homeopathy to manage irritability in infants. Babies who need this medicine want to be carried in arms all the time. They feel better when they are held in arms. Their head feels hot. This medicine is most recommended when the baby is irritable during dentition when teeth are emerging. At that time, babies become excessively irritable and fussy. This is attended with frequent crying spells and screaming as well. They stop crying when carried in arms. They feel discomfort in the gums along with redness and tenderness (pain on touching) of gums. Diarrhea (loose stool) can be present during dentition. Sleeplessness is also observed during teething phase along with the above features.

2. Cina – For Irritability During Teething And From Worms

Cina is an effective medicine to manage irritability in infants during dentition and irritability with presence of worms in the intestine. Babies requiring this medicine desire being carried in arms, yet they still remain irritable and no relief is seen even after being carried. This is attended with screaming, striking and crying quite often. They demand different things but when offered do not take them. They also dislike being touched by anyone. They have hard and bloated abdomen with pain. Loose stool with white mucus can also be there.

3. Lycopodium – For Irritability With Gas, Bloating And Abdomen Pain

This medicine can be considered when there is irritability along with gas, bloating and abdomen pain. Gas in the abdomen is marked in the evening. Lycopodium will help to release gas and relieve stomach pain and manage irritability if gas and colic is the reason behind it. This medicine is also beneficial for babies who are irritable and cry the entire day but sleep well at night. During the day, they are cranky and want to be carried. After waking up from naps, they scream a lot along with kicking. Lycopodium also manages irritability that occurs along with loose stool.

4. Calcarea Phos – For Irritability During Dentition

Calcarea is the next important medicine to manage irritability during dentition. There is passage of loose stool with excessive gas. There is stomach pain that is relieved by passage of gas. Gas has an offensive smell. Whitish flakes can pass in the stool.

5. Antimonium Crudum – To Manage Irritability From Loose Stool Or Stomach Pain

This medicine is recommended when there is irritability from loose stool or stomach pain. The baby does not want to be touched or looked at. The stool is loose, yellow and bad-smelling. The loose stool may contain hard lumps. Along with the above, the tongue is coated thick white which is an important characteristic feature. There may be vomiting after taking feed. The milk is vomited in the form of curd. Vomiting is followed by excessive irritability.

6. Borax – For Irritability And Crying Before Passing Urine Or Stool

This medicine is of great use for cases of irritability and crying. Babies needing this medicine are highly sensitive to sudden noises and get frightened and startled from slight noises like sneezing, coughing, crying, etc. The child also is fearful and anxious when rocked in the arms. The head feels hot in babies needing this medicine. Crying and screaming before passing urine or stool is an important feature guiding its use.

7. Rheum – With Restlessness And Crying During Sleep

This medicine is helpful for cases of irritability in babies with restlessness and crying during sleep. There is tendency of sour-smelling sweat especially on the scalp, forehead, around the mouth and the nose in babies needing this medicine. The smell remains even after bathing the baby. The stool may also have a sour smell along with the above complaints. Sour smell may also occur from the mouth with excessive salivation.

8. Calcarea Carb – For Irritable Baby During Dentition

This medicine is well indicated when baby is irritable during dentition along with crying bouts. There is profuse sour-smelling sweat on the scalp. The stool may smell sour and may have undigested food particles in it. There may be distension and hardness of the abdomen.

9. Kreosote – For Irritability And Sleeplessness During Teething

This medicine is prominently indicated for babies in whom there is irritability and sleeplessness during teething. The child screams at night. The child is also very restless. They have swelling of gums. They desire many things but throw them away when those things are offered.



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