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Recurrent Infections In kids

Recurrent Throat infections in kids

Dr. Vikas Sharma MD

It is very common for a homeopath to see a lot of anxious parents seeking treatment for their kids who suffer from recurrent throat or upper respiratory infections. Believe me, these young anxious parents are tougher to handle than their kids.

Kids who have recurrent upper respiratory infections usually develop symptoms which start with cold and can very fast progress into bad chesty or dry cough, fever  and even difficult breathing. The bigger problem is the kind of recurrence that can occur in some kids . I have personally seen kids developing infection every 15 days and seem to be perpetually living on antibiotics. This affects their quality of life and education in many ways. Now, the big question is whether homeopathy has an effective remedy for the recurrence, the answer is a big ‘yes ‘.

Before we get to the actual homeopathic solution let us try to understand why these kids fall sick so frequently.We are born with Immune system(body’s own defence system) which inherits some antibodies from the mother during gestation and with breast feed . Quite a bit of Immunity is developed later in life. The cells that fight infection in our body are called as antibodies. Our body has a very intelligent immune system and can recognize a microorganism as new or one that it has previously encountered and respond accordingly. The response in the previously encountered microorganism is to send the already developed antibodies to fight that organism. In the case of new type of Microorganism the body creates specific antibodies and once they are made, they are replicated in the body in great numbers and stay in the body for long. They keep on providing cover against that specific kind of organism henceforth.  This is one the reasons why grown up’s don’t have infections that frequently.

The biggest reason for the recurrence of infections is that the young body with in immature immune system   is not getting a chance to develop natural immunity, as these kids at the slightest sign of infections, are being over-medicated by anxious parents and unscrupulous physicians.  As most of the pediatricians would agree that quite a few of these infections are Viral in nature, which means  that they require very less treatment and are self-limiting in nature. Bacterial infections are not that common and are the are ones that can require antibiotics. It is very commonly seen here in India that at the slightest sign of any infection (even viral infections) antibiotics are given to kids. This Injudicious use of antibiotics is what leads to body not getting a chance to develop its own antibodies. This leads to recurrence of infections. I have no hate for antibiotics and I strongly believe that they are life saving medicines; but the parents have to realize that they should be given only when there is bacterial infection and the body is showing no signs of fighting it.

If overuse of antibiotics can lead to an impaired immune system, why would homeopathic medicines help in restoring immunity? The answer lies in the basic principle around which homeopathy works – ‘Like cures like’. Homeopathic medicines work by giving a similar impetus to the body (like that of the disease) causing the body’s immune system to get activated and fight Infections. Timing is very important while taking homeopathic treatment. Infections respond much faster when homeopathy is started at the initial stages of infection i.e. within 24- 36 hours. Gradual Improvement in Immunity occurs with homeopathic treatment, once couple of Infections are managed well with Homeopathic medicines.[sws_facebook_share]

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  1. Vandita jain says:

    Hello doctor
    My baby is 6 month and she is having cough and cold. Someone suggested me to give diluted form of justicia and acconite to her. Should I go for it if yes then how much should I give her and also tell acconite power. If their is any other treatment please tell me that too.

  2. Karishma Gulati says:

    Hello Dr. sharma
    My daughter is 3.5 year old but every 10-15 days she gets allergic cold and then cough and stays many days. Now she is suffering since oct. Every 10 days she get cold and cough. We tried ayurvedic medicine for 2 months. Then one month allopthy one course of Azee antibotic, relent syrup for 5 days. She was fine those 5 days, but on 7th day again when she woke up in the morning have runny nose And sneezing , then cough started. Please advise if have any end to this as we are really fed up trying all natural remedies too tulsi, honey. Etc.

  3. Ram Binay Sharma says:

    How to increase immunity to fight disease

  4. Kulbir Bindra says:

    My son is 6YRS old. He is having cough problem along with wheezing chest from the age of 3yrs. we have tried halopathy medicine till the age of 5yrs. we have now shifted to homeopathy from last 7 months but the problem stil persists. can you please suggest how much time will it take or any doctor you can suggest.

    Please Reply

  5. Mathew Raymon George says:

    My granddaughter 1.5 years old is having recurring fever almost every day her Doctor has advised to give her dolo syrup every four hours is there a remedy in homeopathy her temperature rises to 100 degrees she had once fainted during the rise in her body temperature

  6. Can a child have laktrum powder while taking pneumonia medications?

  7. Sir I am 35 years male and I am suffering from cough from past 3 months I have also some cough syrup for the treatment of my cough but still am facing the problem of cough could you pl suggest me any medicine or the reason for my cough I also do not drink or eat any cold items.

  8. Snehal Somvanshi says:

    My child of3yrs6mnths of age having cold n cough with yellow to grenish discharge after every 15 days Allopathy dt ginven him Montair lc for 3mnthsbut if i stop it it again start cold they said its an allergy.. Not common cold or else sometimes there is wheez in his chest n simetime there is rubbing like sound… What is it hw can i get my child look breath freely… He gets well by going outside house when having these symptoms

  9. dipak mishrs says:

    i am suffering old cough above 1 month kindly give some homeopthic medicin

  10. Hi doctor how can i treat my daughter i am poor and i can not pay much fee thus i treated in government homopaithick hospital in one year but i got nothing relief

  11. Supriya says:

    My daughter is six years old and gets allergic cough . Earlier I used to give her cough syrups prescribed by doctors and anti allergics . Now giving her inhalers since 6 months but still their is reoccurrence of Cough again and again that starts with sneezing and ends up with congestion.

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