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Recurrent Infections In kids

Recurrent Throat infections in kids

Dr. Vikas Sharma MD

It is very common for a homeopath to see a lot of anxious parents seeking treatment for their kids who suffer from recurrent throat or upper respiratory infections. Believe me, these young anxious parents are tougher to handle than their kids.

Kids who have recurrent upper respiratory infections usually develop symptoms which start with cold and can very fast progress into bad chesty or dry cough, fever  and even difficult breathing. The bigger problem is the kind of recurrence that can occur in some kids . I have personally seen kids developing infection every 15 days and seem to be perpetually living on antibiotics. This affects their quality of life and education in many ways. Now, the big question is whether homeopathy has an effective remedy for the recurrence, the answer is a big ‘yes ‘.

Before we get to the actual homeopathic solution let us try to understand why these kids fall sick so frequently.We are born with Immune system(body’s own defence system) which inherits some antibodies from the mother during gestation and with breast feed . Quite a bit of Immunity is developed later in life. The cells that fight infection in our body are called as antibodies. Our body has a very intelligent immune system and can recognize a microorganism as new or one that it has previously encountered and respond accordingly. The response in the previously encountered microorganism is to send the already developed antibodies to fight that organism. In the case of new type of Microorganism the body creates specific antibodies and once they are made, they are replicated in the body in great numbers and stay in the body for long. They keep on providing cover against that specific kind of organism henceforth.  This is one the reasons why grown up’s don’t have infections that frequently.

The biggest reason for the recurrence of infections is that the young body with in immature immune system   is not getting a chance to develop natural immunity, as these kids at the slightest sign of infections, are being over-medicated by anxious parents and unscrupulous physicians.  As most of the pediatricians would agree that quite a few of these infections are Viral in nature, which means  that they require very less treatment and are self-limiting in nature. Bacterial infections are not that common and are the are ones that can require antibiotics. It is very commonly seen here in India that at the slightest sign of any infection (even viral infections) antibiotics are given to kids. This Injudicious use of antibiotics is what leads to body not getting a chance to develop its own antibodies. This leads to recurrence of infections. I have no hate for antibiotics and I strongly believe that they are life saving medicines; but the parents have to realize that they should be given only when there is bacterial infection and the body is showing no signs of fighting it.

If overuse of antibiotics can lead to an impaired immune system, why would homeopathic medicines help in restoring immunity? The answer lies in the basic principle around which homeopathy works – ‘Like cures like’. Homeopathic medicines work by giving a similar impetus to the body (like that of the disease) causing the body’s immune system to get activated and fight Infections. Timing is very important while taking homeopathic treatment. Infections respond much faster when homeopathy is started at the initial stages of infection i.e. within 24- 36 hours. Gradual Improvement in Immunity occurs with homeopathic treatment, once couple of Infections are managed well with Homeopathic medicines.[sws_facebook_share]

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  1. Vandita jain says:

    Hello doctor
    My baby is 6 month and she is having cough and cold. Someone suggested me to give diluted form of justicia and acconite to her. Should I go for it if yes then how much should I give her and also tell acconite power. If their is any other treatment please tell me that too.

  2. Karishma Gulati says:

    Hello Dr. sharma
    My daughter is 3.5 year old but every 10-15 days she gets allergic cold and then cough and stays many days. Now she is suffering since oct. Every 10 days she get cold and cough. We tried ayurvedic medicine for 2 months. Then one month allopthy one course of Azee antibotic, relent syrup for 5 days. She was fine those 5 days, but on 7th day again when she woke up in the morning have runny nose And sneezing , then cough started. Please advise if have any end to this as we are really fed up trying all natural remedies too tulsi, honey. Etc.

  3. Ram Binay Sharma says:

    How to increase immunity to fight disease

  4. Kulbir Bindra says:

    My son is 6YRS old. He is having cough problem along with wheezing chest from the age of 3yrs. we have tried halopathy medicine till the age of 5yrs. we have now shifted to homeopathy from last 7 months but the problem stil persists. can you please suggest how much time will it take or any doctor you can suggest.

    Please Reply

  5. Mathew Raymon George says:

    My granddaughter 1.5 years old is having recurring fever almost every day her Doctor has advised to give her dolo syrup every four hours is there a remedy in homeopathy her temperature rises to 100 degrees she had once fainted during the rise in her body temperature

  6. Can a child have laktrum powder while taking pneumonia medications?

  7. Sir I am 35 years male and I am suffering from cough from past 3 months I have also some cough syrup for the treatment of my cough but still am facing the problem of cough could you pl suggest me any medicine or the reason for my cough I also do not drink or eat any cold items.

  8. Snehal Somvanshi says:

    My child of3yrs6mnths of age having cold n cough with yellow to grenish discharge after every 15 days Allopathy dt ginven him Montair lc for 3mnthsbut if i stop it it again start cold they said its an allergy.. Not common cold or else sometimes there is wheez in his chest n simetime there is rubbing like sound… What is it hw can i get my child look breath freely… He gets well by going outside house when having these symptoms

  9. dipak mishrs says:

    i am suffering old cough above 1 month kindly give some homeopthic medicin

  10. Hi doctor how can i treat my daughter i am poor and i can not pay much fee thus i treated in government homopaithick hospital in one year but i got nothing relief

  11. My daughter is six years old and gets allergic cough . Earlier I used to give her cough syrups prescribed by doctors and anti allergics . Now giving her inhalers since 6 months but still their is reoccurrence of Cough again and again that starts with sneezing and ends up with congestion.

  12. Zeel Makadia says:


    since last 5 days i am having dry frequent khashi, just want to know what is the cure for this ?

    please suggest the possible way for cure, i will be grateful to you.

  13. I am suffering from this kind of infection since 4 months non stop khansi .homeopathic treatment…in how many months…….What kind of diet I need to follow for more effective result?…. Please help me sir….. Because it affects my study also….I am literally tired of it now….. suggest me please.

  14. Mrs qaiser says:

    my 7 month baby boy Aften have notice that since last 4 months , every month he’s suffering with cough , vomiting and fever all the time we have taken timely medicines and nebolizing (with ventolin) ……. usually when I give warm bath to him in afternoon (summer season) , he got ill in evening. why is he suffering from cough and fever again and again

  15. Shalini Singh says:

    I am suffering from this kind of infection since last tow year…….it get repeated in every 5-6 months……cough,khasi,evening fever,fatigue……..earlier I was normally taking antibiotic and syrup……now I had started Homeopathic treatment from Dr.Deepak yadav (MD)……..kindly tell me that wether I will be able to get rid of this issue at root level through homeopathic treatment…in how many months…….What kind of diet I need to follow for more effective result?…. Please help me sir….. Because it affects my study also….I am literally tired of it now….. suggest me please.

    • Shalini Singh says:

      I am suffering from this kind of infection since last 3 year…….it get repeated in every 5-6 months……cough,khasi,evening fever,fatigue……..earlier I was normally taking antibiotic and syrup……now I had started Homeopathic treatment from Dr.Deepak yadav (MD)……..kindly tell me that wether I will be able to get rid of this issue at root level through homeopathic treatment…in how many months…….What kind of diet I need to follow for more effective result?…. Please help me sir….. Because it affects my study also….I am literally tired of it now….. suggest me please.

  16. prisha garg says:

    dr my daughter is 8 yrs old..she was born underweight in uk but was healthy.when she was 2 yrs old we moved to uk she was perfectly healthy but since we came in canada she developed asthma as severe cold weather for tha last 5 yrs she is taking steroid puffer on daily basis n even thn she falls sick frequently with chest congestion…please please tell me can she be cured …i want her healthy without these allergy is severe here.can her immunity be as much strong that she can fight all allergies

    • Vikas Kumar says:

      Dear Sir,

      My 8 year son is suffering with cough from almost 2 year, every month (in very first ten day of month) we are going with doctor and taking medicine, lots of antibiotic,steroids nubilizer stream are tried lots of test but result is nothing. once he is taking the medicine getting very fast recovery but after one month same problem, chest specialist is saying having nosal problem, ENT specialist is saying having allergy problem, and allergy specialist is saying no problem and treated two or three month but problem is same, every doctor refer a tablet named L-hist(kids)(montolukast and livocitirizen) for three month.

      we have repeat the same treatment all most 4 to 5 time.

      Sir please advise and suggest we can in this condition.

  17. Child is suffering continuos cough vomit

    My 4 years son is suffered continuous from cough {khansi } with vomiting from the age of one year.before the age of 12 month he was completely fit. many a many medicines hv been given to him but not effective..All the time 12 months with the gap of 4 or 6 days he becomes sick of that. I hv done allergy test of him.he had some allergy from some things like sauce ,grapes,ice creams.he can’t live a normal life.we are too much worried of him.
    1 view29 minutes ago

  18. Dev krishna says:

    Child is suffering continuos cough vomit

    My 4 years son is suffered continuous from cough {khansi } with vomiting from the age of one year.before the age of 12 month he was completely fit. many a many medicines hv been given to him but not effective..All the time 12 months with the gap of 4 or 6 days he becomes sick of that. I hv done allergy test of him.he had some allergy from some things like sauce ,grapes,ice creams.he can’t live a normal life.we are too much worried of him.
    1 view29 minutes ago

  19. Dr. I ve sever cough last 5 months and I ve taken lots of cough syrups but no any relief . Please suggest me some good medicine for me to the relief of cough .
    Thank you

  20. Mrs. Manasi Kadulkar says:

    Hello doctor, my daughter is 3years 5 months old. She had normal cold and cough which gradually relieved after a physician in-house syrup.. Later when the weather changed recently and it rained her runny nose and slight cough started. But recently, her cough increased especially in the evening and turned severe in the night which turns her restless for 2-3hrs then sleeps for and hour or two and again the coughing starts.. And the cough subsides in the morning.. But today the cough is still on till now at 12:45pm. Unable to know the problem.. Have tried several syrups, home remedies, drinks warm water only but no improvement.. Doctor please help me on this as very tensed regarding her health. Also, a point to be added that she is too fussy for eating food and too thin physically.

  21. Hello Doctor,

    I am a mother of 3.3 yrs baby girl, she is always suffers from cold, cough and fever..

    After the birth of at 6 months age is she suffering with runny nose in initial later will cause to cough and thus results with fever…

    we have used many medicine for her as antibiotic, cough syrup, and even nebulization as prescribed by the doctor…

    But this time her health condition is so bad that almost from 20 days she suffering from cough, cold and fever from last 5 days… i am doubt that is has asthma or chronic bronchitis… Please help me

    Please suggest with medicine..

  22. Sanjana Choudhary says:

    Sir, I’m 30 yr old woman and from last year I have problem of allergy through all citrus foods…. which causes sore throat..runny nose , cough and throat infection too….I’m fed up of taking antibiotics.

    Please help me with your suggestions

  23. Hi , my 6 n half year old daughter. Her crp is 12 and esr is 22. She has cold n cough for near about 20 days. She usually hav cold n cough within one month. She is very weak. In 2016 her crp was raised to 46 n she got acute kidney injury. Bit now all her reports regarding kidney are normal. but she is very weak munity is low n cold cough bhut jldi hoti hai or fir jladi theek nai hoti
    Kindly prescribe me sm suggestion for her treatment

  24. Hello sir
    I am 18 years boys and I am suffering with throught infection, and also problems in breathing my only hole of nose are working at a time , since last 2years I have try so many doctor and so many medicine. But no result. So sir can u help me please

  25. Hello Doctor,

    My kid is 3.5 years old. Very often he gets cold cough. I am very tired of giving the syrups. Tried 2nd and 3rd opinion for this but same still not resolved. Doctors suggested to avoid fruits even Banana. My kid is very much fond of Fruits. I have totally avoided giving him fruits. I am very much worried about my kid.
    Please advise

  26. Shivaraj Patil says:

    Dear Sir,

    Am a father of baby boy age 8 Month Aften have notice that since last 3 months he is regularly suffering with cold and caugh and all the time we have taken timely medicines also we have taken proper care of hygine of baby. But still I don’t understand why is he suffering with cold and cough again and again.

  27. Nabamita banerjee says:

    My daughter suffer from last 12days.low fever n dry cough.I went pediatrician for every ry alternative take an antibiotics, then cough sypur.BT no result. I m very much worried about my 2.5years girl.can u teel she get fit as soon as early?

  28. Hello Doctor,
    My son is 4 plus yrs. This is the first time he developed a prolonged cough. We took the treatment a nd got him nebulised as per his paeditrician. He recovered as well. But after 15 days now, he again started coughing. Please help with your advise as how he should be treated without losing his immune power.

  29. Doctor Sharma,

    My grandson is 4, and just when you think everything is ok it starts all over over again.
    He has a cough and has a fever of 102 to 103 and has dark rings around his eyes. He have no appetite and vomits
    a lot. Been told over and over it’s a virus. Keep giving breathing treatments and Motrin and 4 hours give Tylenol for the fever. And his chest is always clear. This is so overwhelming. Could you please tell me something.

  30. Suchita Gupta says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am a mother of a 3 years old girl child, she is suffering from cold n cough in a frequent manner from childhood only. I have treated it with allopathic treatment but at a time of giving that it works n then again she suffered from same problem.

    Last from 6 months I have giving her homeopathic treatment and in this winters she suffered less from the same disease but from last 10 days she is suffering from a throat infection due to which she unable to slept properly at night n due to this she is less active please provide me a sound treatment for this so that she will not suffer in a regular manner

    • Shweta mehrotra says:

      Hello doctor, my son is 6.5 years. He frequently has sore throats with continuous coughing. He vomits after coughing.He even could not sleep because of coughing and he is suffering with this after every 15 days. I m extremely worried about him . I think he is allergic to something. Please suggest some permanent solution to this to increase his immunity?

  31. Shishir Kumar Mishra says:

    Sir, my three and half years old daughter catches cold and cough very frequently, I consulted so many doctors and tried almost all the availaible remedies in English, Aayurveda as well as Homyopathy but after short term relief infections reoccur, suggest me the best remedy please, I am extremely worried of her as she is very weak as well as underweight,she does not like to take food properly, she vomits while eating due to cough and mid-night cough is very common with her.

  32. Taruna Goel says:

    Hi Dr. My daughter is having frequent cough and cold with chest congestion and hifg fever . Evbery time she gets that she is more like no energy in hher body and she does not eat well otherwise also. She ahs very bad appetite..Doctors have suggested her inhaler and other respiratory medicines . I am really worried and afraid of this and wants to get rid of this for her. Commom colds i can understand but she takes way long to recover from this. Can you please help and suggest me how can we protect her or recover her from this frequent fevers and infections. Wpoild be really helpfulk if you can suggest me some good medicine.

    • hello doc.
      My daughter age 6 years is suffering from fever and cold very frequently. i have started giving her laktrum powder once daily 1 spoon with milk..please suggest me what to do.m very much worried..evert tym doc s giving antibiotic but after few days again she s getting fever with cough and thos started after we shifted to bangalore plz suggest me what to do ..waiting for your reply

  33. My baby suffering with cough n cold from last one month..I have done herblood test n nothing is to worry..n she is having antibiotics but still no releif…what is the cause for that..m very worried about my 2 yrs old baby.. please give me the best solution for this

  34. Rajender Singh says:

    After Dilivery chest infection ho Gaya h please koyee medicine Batao jis se patient kisi Tarah Bach Jaye

  35. Afshan mustafa says:

    My 2.5 year old son is being ill before tow months docter give him cefixime for 5 days after 10 days he again have chest infection 104 degre fever and dry couhg docter again give him same antibiotic for 3 days it was not afectted than dr. Gives cefixim ds for 5 days now after 20 days he is again suffering the same condition what can i do. My question is a homeopathik medicines can treat 104 fever due to chest infection after each 15 days how? Please explain and also recommend me a homeopathic doctor

  36. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My 15 month old had ear infection 3 weeks ago and was prescribed antibiotics (amoxicillin) for 7 days and she got off ot two weeks ago. Now she has strep throat and has been prescribed amoxicillin for 10 days. I’m just worried that she if taking antibiotics twice in a month is going to affect her in anyway. Please adviceas to what I can give her to avoid getting sick all the time.

    Thank you,


    • My five month old baby frequently affected with cough and chest congestion Dr proscribed antibiotics that time it is cured and stop the medicine again the problem is starting. He has breast and bottle feeding I also have cough and wheezing from the pregnancy to still what is the reason

    • Hello doctor. My daughter has been on and off antibiotics all winter. Is there something I can do to boost her immune and protect her from antibiotics

  37. K. C. Tiwari says:

    Dear sir,
    My son is 4.4 year old. He also gets affected by bitter cough after every 15-20 days and gets rid of it after a certain period of time even after getting antibiotics. Please recommend some effective medicine. Thanks

  38. Heather Pallotta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My four year old has been sick for a month with mostly what turned into a very deep gagging cough. She was treated with antibiotics as the dr found it was from an underlying ear infection. While on 10 days of antibiotics she improved, now a week later and the apparently same cough is back. She got lunes disease 6 mo ago and was on antibiotics then. I hate to keep giving her more antibiotics and hope you can recommend a homeopathic solution. Thank you, Heather

  39. Shradha Bartwal says:

    My 3.6 years old daughter is having bacterial infection every month, so Dr gives antibiotics to her but every month falling sick is making her weak so suggest some homeopathy medicine for her immunity

  40. Mayank singh says:

    My name is Mayank. My 4 year child is suffering from coughing and throat and lung infection as my doctor diagnosed so what will be the remedial action. I am now in haldwani uttarakhand

  41. Hello doctor, my daughter is 4 years old. Last 3 months she is having recurring fever every 2 weeks and it starts in the weekend. We done the blood test micro plasma text and doctor told blood test was positive and started antibiotic for 10 days. Exactly after 2 weeks again fever is started. We are worried. Is there any medicine in homeopathy.

  42. Dear Doctor,
    my son is 3yrs & 3mnths old. I see runny nose almost every day. he gets cough and cold followed by fever every 2-3 months, change in weather also affects ( cold winds n he gets runny nose).His nose also gets blocked and this problem gets tougher during night time,he breathe by mouth and thus not able to sleep properly. (recurrent upper respiratory issues)
    I try not to give him medicines but I end up giving when he gets fever.
    He is also allergic to Wheat, Dairy, Egg white, Nuts, Sesame seeds, Chickpeas. ( sensitivity to corn, lentils, etc) he is very lean and weighs only 9 kg. Despite of these issues he is over energetic and highly active kid.

    Please I kindly request you to suggest which homoeopathy medicines should be used in his case.
    Thanks and regards
    I would really appreciate your reply

    • Kishore Babu says:

      Hi Doctor Sharma ji,
      Yeah it is true that the article covered almost what we are doing as anxious Parents. My girl Child of 2.2 years old is frequently undergoing the 3 stages of Cold, Cough and Subsequently Fever, which is making us restless. Kindly advice the medicines And where we can by them and how long to be used?
      Her frequency is between 1 & half month.
      Anticipating an early reply. Currently she is suffering from last 11 days. Contact: 73 96 98 99 17

  43. Dear Doctor,
    my daughter is 3yrs & 3mnths old.she is always having cough and cold followed by fever(sometimes).This happens to her in every 2 mnths or as soon as there is a change in weather.Her nose also use to get blocked and this problem gets tougher when she sleeps,her nose is so badly blocked that she use to breathe by mouth and thus not able to sleep properly.So i kindly request you to suggest which homoeopathy medicines should be given to her,Thankyou

  44. Rohit Chadha says:

    Dear doctor my son 7 years old and he suffering from cold and cough very easily after 15 or 20 days. Start from dry cough mainly during weather change and later it’s started fever all that doctor always give nebulizer and antibiotic after sometimes it’s effects again plz doctor give me some suggestions about this.

    • Abhishek yadav says:

      Sir my daughter is 3yrs & 9mnths old.she is always having cough and cold followed by fever(sometimes).This happens to her in every 2 mnths or as soon as there is a change in weather.Her nose also use to get blocked and this problem gets tougher when she sleeps,her nose is so badly blocked that she use to breathe by mouth and thus not able to sleep properly.So i kindly request you to suggest which homoeopathy medicines should be given to her,Thankyou

    • MUKESH KUMAR says:

      Dear doctor my daughter 5 years old and she suffering from cold and cough very easily after 15 or 20 days or after consuming cold drinks. She suffered with dry cough and later its block the chest than she feel pain and salty test doctor always give nebulizer and antibiotic after sometimes it’s effects again plz doctor give me some suggestions about this.

    • I’m mother of 6 yr old girl who falls ill often…she gets cold n cough frequently and has to rely on antibiotics..what can be done??? Please suggest some remedy..

  45. Dear Sir
    My son is 3.11 year old ; his khaansi and cough re-occur almost after every 10-15 days ; kindly suggest

  46. Swarup ghosh says:

    My son is 2 years old. He suffers from cough and short breathing problem about twice or thrice in a month. His coughing problem starts faster.what is the remedy to get relief from this problem?

  47. Deshraj Singh Rana says:

    What is the homeopathy treatment for recurrent attacks of cold, cough and fever for 3 years child?

  48. Mere son ko fever 2 years old tha tabhi se ho raha hai ab he is five years old lekin jab usko bukhar ata hai tab kabhi kabhi ushka body karne lagta hai hath aur leg cold hone lagte hai lip black hone lagta hai abtak ye four times ho chuka hai
    Sir please iska kya karan aur ilaj hai bata sakte hai

  49. gwendoline says:

    can homeopathy cure my daughters cough for over a month now we have done test they said infection but she has been treated on antibiotic but still coghing and it looks like a barking cough we did xray everythg is fine too what do i do seem worried as mother

  50. hi doctor, my daughter is 10years old and she is facing with the problem of chest congestion from 5 years. In winter it is to much. Please doctor give any solution.

  51. Nitin sharma says:

    Hi doctor ,
    My kid is 8 yrs old , he used to get cough from 1100 PM to 2 AM on daily basis specially in April and Oct month . Kindly confirm the problem n treatment For the same

  52. Hello doctor..
    I have severe throat infection n non stop cough from last three four days n it is paining a lot while swallowing also.. And I feel lathargic n feverish

  53. CH. Bhavani says:

    My son is suffering from frequent dry caught with flum & he is not interested to take any diet. His age is 38 months & weight is 15 kgs. Frequently he getting vomtings when he takes any diet. Doctor Please suggest proper home medicine .

  54. Dhirendra Kumar says:

    Dear doctor my son 7 years old and he suffering from cold and cough very easily after 15 or 20 days. Start from dry cough mainly during weather change and later it’s started fever all that doctor always give nebulizer and antibiotic after sometimes it’s effects again plz doctor give me some suggestions about this.

  55. Yaswanth Guduru says:

    My son is 3 and he is suffering from severe cough and nose block since more than 20 days and this leads to fever. I’m afraid that he is lasting on antibiotics a lot. This also leads him not to consume food in regular manner. Please give me a solution for the development of immunity and let him get rid of cold and cough.
    Thank you

  56. Megha Sodani says:

    My son is 3 yr old from last 6mnth he is suffering from cough Nd cold every month sometime twice a month, sometimes cough Nd cold last 20 days or more after giving medicines, nebulisation , pump also, not having fever with cough n cold. done test for tb which is negative. Is it allergic or what? Why medicines are not affecting him .I m so so much worried. Can homeopathic treat him permanently

  57. hi sir i am sayan ,i am an medical student .my prblem is that sir i suffer from cough in chest or head and sinusits .in a month it s repeat 2 or three times .i have an also thorat infestion becausr i am a smoker .sir plz help me .i am a bright student .and also head pain

  58. Recurrent infection of my 11 month girl she vacinated pemoccocal but in july she suffering from pneomonia and then in sep she is suffering fron chest infection she look very weak what i do

  59. Hi dr,
    My son was a premature baby ( 28 weeks) he always have cough and if its go it will come again in one month or less but now he have cough since three months. I tok him to different pediatrics but still cant figure out what’s going on with my son. Please help

  60. Dr My son is 6 years 11 months he is suffering from fever in a regular intervals, since last 3 days ago a swelling was noticed on his neck on touching that spot it is painful for him, Yesterday I consult with a pedtrician doctor he advised to do some lab tests, I am in worry please suggest what to do

  61. my son is 8 years old . he is having cough only in the morning from 5 am to 7 am till he vomits all the mucus. after that he fine during the day. pls suggest some medicine.

  62. Tushar Solanki says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    My kid is 3.7 years old and last 6 months he is having recurrent cough everyday for single hour. Time is random but mostly starts late evening after 7. He seems very normal in other times.

    Pl help me urgently with solution

  63. Pinky khakhkhar says:

    Dear doctor my son 5 years old and he suffering from cold and cough very easily after 15 or 20 days he suffering from cough first hr suffer from running nose and after that it’s start dry cough and later it’s started fever all that doctor always give nebulizer and antibiotic after sometimes it’s effects again plz doctor give me some suggestions about this and what to do I really care for him but I am helpless if I see again he is suffering from this even if my small girl suffering from cough then he again suffered

    • My son is 3 years and has exactly the same problem. How many time we can give antibiotics? We feel scare of the side effects of over usage.

  64. My kid has very low immunity. She suffers from tonsillities every month. What shall i do? Please help me

  65. Surender Bhandari says:

    My son he is 15 years old four months before he was hospitalized for 7 days after recurring fever fir 21 days after 6 days he was discharged and at home with in a. Week his fever was normal lost arround 5 kg that time Dr said it was one month before he got the fever again and firstly Dr. Said it is still viral with Sora throat after 4 days he says it was uti 101 fever with shivering.but after 6 days we again admitted him to hospital. After 7 days he was discharged with lots of tests. At home with in 15 days he is fine but still lot of weak Ness is there urine culture Ana blood culture are what homeapathy can suggest to him

  66. Good afternoon Dr.sharma

    I have a 2 years old son. He recurrently suffers from cough and cold every other day. And followed by fever. we have to give him two time antibiotics every month. I can never give him ice cream or anything cold as he immediately falls ill. He has runny nose every other day. Have tried allopathic many times before but they just prescribe antibiotics and bcomplex. So finally after this i switched to homeo pathy (german reckweg BC6 and BC 11). He has been taking these since last 8 months but its has not shown any signs of improvement. I am really upset and and dont know whats wrong how to improve her immunity and where am i going wrong. His appetite is also very low he weighs only 10.8kgs. Please suggest me how to boost his immunity and what homeopathy medicine can be prescribed.

  67. Hemalatha of says:

    Hello sir I have a child of 3years7months. From last 2years he is having regularly cold, cough and fever. Unless and until antibiotics are given to him he is not recovering. From last one I also started with homeopathy medicines but he is not OK. Recently I went to ENT doctor due ear pain at that I came to know that he is having enlarged tonsils which has to be operated. I tried with homeopathy also but my child is not getting well I am helpless. I don’t understand what to do and what not. Every 10 he is having cold, cough and fever. Child specialist is telling that until the age of 7 years it be same for him, avoid cold items. Can’t he live like others. Mine is nuclear family. We do not have any body’s support. And moreover mine is cisarine not normal delivery. No mother feeding for him please tell me what to do and what not?

  68. hi doc i am 35 yrs old i hv aproblem wth throat when i hv anycorts of cold drinks i get throat infection and hv tabs all the tiume suggest the homeopathic med to cure this irritating thing n can njoy hv cold drinks

  69. Abhay kumar sing says:

    My daughter aged is two years old and she is suffering acute cough and cold and high accurate name of homeppathmedicine

  70. My name is shiv i have cough problem about 2 mounth after x-ray and balgam test not seeing any tb symthom. I have take many medicine but cough not stoping yet

    Please help me

  71. Hi Doctor Sharma. I’m Guhan from Malaysia. I have URTI recurring every month since i was a child. Now I’m 45 and finding it uneasy to handle it frequently.
    Is there any treatment which can fully recover the problem I have ?
    How much would it cost for me to treat in Malaysia ?
    Due to my URTI & Sinusitis prob, my son aged 9 and daughter aged 12 facing the same symptom such as running nose, eczema and dry coughs.
    Please help.
    Thank you Doctor Sharma.

  72. DIPIKA JALAN says:

    Hello Dr.sharma

    I have a 2.5 years old daughter. She recuurently suffers from cough and cold every other day. And followed by fever. Even if she baths a little more like 5 minutes mote then usual she catches cold immidiately. I can never give her ice cream or anything cold as she immidiately falls ill. She has runny nose every other day. Have tried allopathic many times before but they just prescribe antibiotics and immunity boosters and say all is fine. So finally after this i switched to homeo pathy (german scwabe). She has been taking these since last 4 months but its has not shown any signs of improvement. I am really upset and and dont know whats wrong how to improve her immunity and where am i going wrong. Her appetite is also very low she weighs only 11kgs as her height is good. Please help me doctor

    • My 19month son has a chesty cough and cold, he does not take medicine even if you force it down his throat he will bring it out. What remedy can you advice me do please

  73. SHYAM jee says:

    My mother is ssuffering from coughing from last 2 years lots of drs give her inhalers for cure her diesease they said that she is suffering from mild asthmai want to know that how my mother coughing problem is reduced.
    Kindly give me sujjestions

  74. Mrs faysal says:

    I wanted to know my 2.5year son gets high fever again and again, apparently there is no reason. Fever goes to 103 and loss of apitite when fever goes higher , lowers with panadol only but after few hours same condition.

  75. my 8years old daughter always suffer in coughing and throat which is lasting around 25 days..any medicine donot work…. she attacked with neumonia for 2times…her tonsil and adenoid have removed before 3.5 years….

  76. Hello dr sharma

    My daughter is 3 year old and from very beginning she gets cold very frequently.even in summers too.and with cough she pukes not always but sometime.and when she was 1 year old a homeopathic dr told that in her grah dasha she will be more prone to cough n throat problems.but we didnt beleive that but now it seems true..please suggest what should we do?

  77. Dr pls my daughter for the past 3yrs plus has been having cough,dry coughs that usually last for 2-3 days. I have been to the hospital for an xraynothing was seen and I found her having this cough at interval of 3 month. I just went to see another pediatrician and she has been placed in antibiotics, cough syrup, and vitamin c. What do I do to stop this pls. Thank you

  78. Doctor pls My daughter for the past a month has this non stop running nose age 2.5yrs. Past three month I have been administering cough syrup and antibiotic. She has a runny nose, change in voice, sneezing but play normally. I enjoy your journal on Homeopathic medicines. I need ur advise!

    • Ojemen Raphael says:

      Hi Dr Sharma,Am Ralph.My five year old daughter has been having this cough for the past 2weeks & we have been given her drugs like semtrin & body aches drugs.We even gave her heated snake oil & salt yet she still have the cough.she complains of chest & throat pains.We also observed that she hardly stools.Doctor,can you please tell us what is the cause of the cough symptoms & what to do next?thanks

  79. anchal sharma says:

    My son will be of 10 years on 9 may.but still he can’t eat icecreams and cold water nd juices .whenever he takes these he gets sore throat and also vomit .so I never give him chilled things.whenever he gets these on his own falls sick.pls help me I want him to eat and digest every thing. Pls pls help

  80. Jacqueline Serrano says:

    Hi I don’t know what to do❗❗ my 16 year old son gets chronic ear infections pressure inside the ear he sees the doctor two or three times every couple months it’s really been bad this year since school started in September he’s missed so much school it’s not funny I’m having heart problems and it’s such a stress on me I just don’t know what to do the doctor gave him antibiotic the other day but it doesn’t even seem to help so far drops do nothing ❗ to help his ears he can’t hear out of them and he has a form of autism so it drives him crazy the feeling of not being able to hear he goes by touch and feel and it’s really hard for him ❗ after only a couple days he can’t hear good, please if you know anything that will help please let me know I’m at the end of my rope thank you, Jackie Serrano

  81. pragya rathore says:

    My son is 3 n half year old. From the last one year he faces frequent dry cough n khasi problem. Even if he drinks cold water or juice his problem of cough n khasi encounters which remains atleast for a week . I tried all home remedies even tried some antibiotics but he get relaxation for sometime and when he again eat or drink any cool thing he again faced the same problem. Even sometimes he complain for ear pain in night. Is there any serious problem with him..please help me

    • Sir my son 9 yrs every time irritation in throat every one minute he hoo hoo from neck what we do irritation in throat

  82. SUVENDU SAHA says:

    Good evening sir, My son suffering from enlarged adenoids. He is frequently get attacked by cold and cough since five months. His symptoms starts with sneezing, then more amount of secretion from nose, sometimes runny nose then immediately temperature raised upto 103. This is happening atleast once in a month. If we give normal medicines without antibiotics it wont works. After giving antibiotics only everything settle down for few days but after 10-15 days same thing repeats. Some ENT and also paedritician suggested adenoidectomy. Now i want a opinion from you is it really suggestable or is there any homepathy treatment available for that problem instead of surgery. If it is there how much time it will take to recover from that problems. I am waiting for ur reply.

  83. Rahul goel says:

    My son is 2 years old and suffering from cold n cough occurred in every 15 days n cough remains all the time. Sometimes he also get fever n usually the problem mainly increase from the evening time till morning. Initially we go for allopathy n give him antibiotic for a long time but now we have switch to homeopathy from last 2 months but there is no significant improvement. Kindly suggest..

  84. Nimisha Mistry says:

    My 2yr 7 months baby has been getting cough in every 15 to 20 days gap and hospitalize two time with in year.
    we are not able to find exact cause of coughing.
    while coughing she also have fever for 2 days and sometime vomiting due to antibiotic.
    So kindly suggest what to do?

  85. My 2yr7months baby has been treating cough for the past 7months we have gone to diffrents hospitals for the treatment but it will go and come back in matter of days. Pls what do I do? as the doctor said we can’t give him anti biotic anymore that the ones he too is ok.

  86. Ramesh rathod says:

    My son is 6 year old when ever he eat oily food he suffer from cough

  87. Dr Yogita pawar says:

    Hello dr sharma, I am dr yogit veterinary physcion my child is 7 months old and affected with cough and sinus congestion. Secondly he is not Brest feed child kindly advice treatme so that his immunity can develop and improve his lung functioning

  88. Suman Acharjee says:

    Hello Doctor. Sharma.
    My elder daughter is 3.5 yrs old. Every alternate month she develops cough and we visit our pediatrician and everytime he prescribes amoxycillin redimix syrup, with the usage of the syrup the cough subsides, appparently she again develops cough in a month or two. Now we are getting concerned due to this regular cough problems. What should we do?
    Please guide.

    • Hi doc. My child is nine years old now she removed her tonsils in May last year at children’s Hospital she is having a dry cough every night she Crys for her throat her immune system is very weak cause she urinate every second please I’m a very concern mom who is seeking help wat must I do

  89. Amruta Sapre says:

    My child is 4.5 yrs old and is developing cold very often she has had a monthly attack for last 2 months n this month again she’s developing cold now.much consumption of chilled things is a common trigger.first it begins with runny nose and very soon it develops into wheezing , heavy or problematic breathing ,after which doctor gave her nebulizer and again she has runny nose and I am afraid she will develop above symptoms very soon. I don’t want antibiotics, inhalers for her.what can I do?

  90. I am having Twin Male children with 3 minutes difference. Both have under gone surgeries for herniation when they are one year old now they are 2+ one is suffering with cold since 1 month we are using antibiotics with physician concern but coming and going. he is not taking good enough food since more than one month. Now he unable to take food due to mouth ulcers just developing since 1 day after taking the medicine for thought infection.

    Kindly help me

  91. My 3 years son has a feaver inAfterv Every 3days .rhis strt from face than tummy and foots mostly ffeel normal not efcted wd feavr.we had gave him 3 types of antibiotic by a dr.from 20days .exray,cbc, vidar ,maleria tests r till he is suffering feaver .plz rply what is the reason and what we do.

  92. Tammy Harper says:

    My son is 17 years old and has chronic sinus and chest infections every both month for the last two years.
    He’s been to ENT and had a bad fungal infection two years ago , got better then the chronic infections started again .
    He’s been to a Kidney specialist and had a speckled pattern on his ANA … and off and on high protein levels.
    He’s been to a Rhumitologist who says he’s good on that end, an allergist and gets allergy shots when not too sick to get them … He used to be a talented runner now he does nothing but take meds all the time.
    He also sees a dermatologist who last summer had him on a ton of antibiotics to clear up acne .. we stoped them because they were making him sick to his stomach.
    He’s taking way too many antibiotics and steroids every other month.
    He is also loosing weight and is already skinny… he’s 5.9 125 lbs .
    His stomach hits all the time now … when eating anything
    This is no way of life for him ….
    can you recommend anyone or anything To help him?
    We live in Las Vegas Nv

    Tammy Harper

  93. Jayashree Muralidhar says:

    My grand daughter who is 2 and half year old gets year infection accompanied with fever and cold almost every month.she will be on antibiotics for 15 days . After a week same problem and start with antibiotics . Now the doctors are saying she is a carrier of steptococous bacteria and her tonsils should be removed. Kindly suggest a remedy.

  94. Pavinder thakur says:

    My child suffering cough last 2 or 3 month his age 4year n 9month suggest suitable medicine

  95. Takayla Leach says:

    Hello Dr. S, My name is Tamesha. I’m really worried about my child fevers reoccurring. Two weeks ago I took her to the er because she had a reoccurring fever. They dignosed her with upper respiratory infection & she continued to have fevers so they told me to give her Tylenol & motrion every six hours. Then I took her to her pediatrian they did a breathing treatment & prescribed her with some antibiotics. It worked then after 5 days I discard it like it said. Afterwards the fevers started back up. What can I do ? Or give ? I need answers .

  96. Ahammed Naseef.p.c says:

    Respected sir, first of all I introduce myself.lam Ahammed Naseef from kerala,malappuram district.Now am persuing final year B.E degree in the stream of mechanical engineering from svs college of engineering,coimbatore.
    for a long time, i have a problem with throat.throat pain occur in short term interval and now also I have throat pain.A kind of disturbance when I speak,sleep and all time.
    i thing I speak with my nose. ie,nosey sound will occur when I that no one can understand what I speak.they pitty shame on me.i lost my confidence and send out in all interviews because of my noise.what is the problem with me sir? whether I can speak with soft voice without nose sound?.so please convey advice for me .I hope you understand my problem.
    Thank you

  97. Maripolsa Thinnarpatra says:

    Good day Dr Sharma, my name is Maranatha and I have a daughter that is seven months old. I had been frequent headache,stomache pains and many. When I went to see my doctor, I was asked to run some tests, It came to my notice that I had typhoid and malaria parasite. The typhoid was on the high side. My doctor prescribed some drugs for me,he also said I should stop breastfeeding for a week. Here are some of the names of the drugs, Galcipro(Ciprofloxacin 500mg), Doxycap(Doxycycline 100mg), Ibuprofen 400mg and some other ones. I was on drip for the whole day. My question is how do I keep taking dis drugs and my baby is not being breastfed? She cries alot. The doctor said I can’t breastfeed her because of the ciprofloxacin and the doxycycline I’m taking that I can’t breastfeed my baby. I would like to hear from you Doctor. Thank you Doctor

  98. Pitambar swain says:

    Sir, my doughtr three years old is suffering from cold, cough again and again after doctor treatment. Please give me some suggestions

  99. Isha agrawal says:

    Good afternoon Dr my SOn is 6years old he is having troat solen.n even he feel like vomiting n stomach pain last 2days I had given him alopetic medicine no improvement.last month also he has same problem.again n again he is having infection n runny nose n cough. Don’t no what to do old help.

  100. Renu Narula says:

    I have been suffering from severe cold and cough for the last one year, after taking allopathic medicines it becomes fine again after a few days if I have anything cold from the fridge, my nose gets blocked and there is thick mucus discharge from the nose.
    Please advice me what homeopathic medicine I should take
    Thanking you,
    Renu Narula

  101. Malay Kumar Chattopadhyay. says:

    my wife smt.ila chattopadhyay, first was attacked with pnumonia in the year 2011 and was cured.but in 2015 august she faced severe heart attack and survive after succesful stenting. now she is suffering from severe cough which started in dec’16. i am at a she will be relived?

  102. ramesh.g.rohra says:

    i also same query.
    my 2.5 year old son hav same cough,cold problem after every 20-25days. and we go to doctor and he give everytime new medicines course of 4 day with a injection.
    so what to do.

  103. Dr my son suffering from cold and cough from December to Feb till date . After antibiotics it’s getting better. After some it repeats. Can u please suggest what to do for this situation ? We are very much tense on this. Kindly help .

  104. Shilpi Sarkar says:

    Hello sir…
    My 8 year old son gets fever olmost every month n it’s due to soar throat n then coughing n fever…M extremely worried as I did homeopathy treatment for a year ..It was Okk for few months n again the problem is coming …M tensed that he is not suffering from any desease which I m scared to name olso… Please help ….

  105. Hello dr.
    My 3.5 years old daughter suffering from recurring cold and cough in every 15_25days …plz suggest some good medicine.

  106. Mohammed Salam says:

    Dr. For the past two years my 4year old son has been having recurrent infected cough in virtually evry month (at most two months) andd I kept taking him to hospital for treatment.
    I am fed-up and afraid it’s not tubaculosis. Meanwhile he feeds well.
    Please what can I do Dr.
    Thank you.

  107. My kid suffers with reoccurring cold every 15 days… He is going to be 3 years old now.. I don’t don’t want to give antibiotics to him… please help me what should I do?

  108. Ankush aggarwal says:

    Recurrent cough n cold..child age 4.5 years

  109. Hello doctor.
    I have a 20 month old son and it’s been sick with a sore throat almost evey month for the last four months.
    He has taken antibiotics each time. I am really concerned with this situation. Ican’t tell that the daycare is a problem.

  110. Julia Rafailova says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma. My little one got sick at 6 weeks post birth. From there we noticed he would get sick frequently. Always in the E.R. Abt 2 weeks ago he got his first ear infection ( he is currently 14 months) he was on antibiotics and guess what he is sick again. This is extremely frustrating. He is home with me everyday and his older brother goes to daycare. I heard it’s because of the dairy. He usually diagnosed with RSV. Doctors tell me ” that’s his body type and he needs time” to be honest I’m sick of hearing it and I want to help my baby ASAP. Plz get back to me ASAP . Thank you

  111. SUNIL TALWAR says:

    My child frequently suffered with infection of chest and throat. she is only 3-4 years old. Doctor suggested to take montair-lc- kit for 2 -3 months. I want treatment of homeopathic . Can you help me in this matter. In histroy of my family , there is no symptoms.

  112. What do i give my one year nine months baby she always have frequent cough plz help


  113. PADDY RUJUMBA says:

    My child stopped breast feeding at10month but now she is always sickly at 15month what can i do because i have given alot of medicines for cough but no big improvement

    • Dr. Farooque Khan says:

      Hello sir ,I am an allopathic doctor I want to discuss about my 2 years old child which is premature 1 week due to his premature lungs he was admitted in hospital for 20 days after birth.during her 1st year he has slight cold but in this 2nd year in winter season he get cold and cough recurrent every fifteen days cough comes. 1st cold appear with temperature then dry cough. I am tried because allopathic treatment becomes him very weak. I want to develope immunity in her respiratory system angainst cold and cough can homoeopathic treatment ( cure ) this case.

      • My daughter is 3 year old and suffering from cold and cough occurred within one week n cough remain
        all the time.sometime she also get fever n usually the problem mainly increase when she wake . initially
        we go for allopathy n give her cough syrup but now we are giving homeopathy from last one month but
        there is no significant improvement. From last few day we are not giving any things n again its came.
        kindly suggest

  114. My 2year is suffering from a every half hour and 1 hour cough for more than 2years,and we have visited several different doctors but there’s no improvement,he had been given antibiotics many times,please do help me.thanks

  115. hello doctor,
    my 4 year daughter suffered from TB When she was 1 year old. docotor kept her on the course of medicines for 9 month. after that she got well and she did not catch cold or cough so easily but for the last 2 months she is getting cough and cold very soon..i am worried about this please suggest me what should i do ?? do i need to get some tests done to find out what is the main problem?

  116. amandeep kaur says:

    Nose also block n running

  117. amandeep kaur says:

    My son iss 3.4years old .heis suffering from reccuring cough. He was on bottle feed from birth His immune system is weak …he catch cold cough infection frequently. Please suggest effective homeopathic treatment for him. Both are twins n having same problem.

    • Kindly find local homeopaths near you. They provide you the medicine. My daughter has same problem, but now by giving homeopaths medicine she get relief in 2 days only.

  118. Is hyperecum 30 good for chest infections in kids aged 4

  119. Idris Saheed says:

    Sir, my daughter is 2yrs and 4 months. She had cough at the begining of this year 2016 that lasted for about 2months and about 3days ago she started this heavy cough again. I dont want her on antibiotics anylonger but would like your sdvise as it seems the cough seems to be a recurring type. Thank you Doctor.

    • Chumla bhutia says:

      I am chumla bhutia suffering cough from last month of august..
      I did tb test n x-ray and oll n took lots of medicine which suggested by chest specialist but.. Not improving ..please help me to out of these problm..
      mi wtsapp no- 8348149385

  120. Muhammad Imran says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I m 28 year old boy suffering from frequent respiratory infection,throat,huge cough and headache for 8 year now aday its repeating within 25 day. I have consulted many doctors in allopathy,hemoptysis, ayurvedic, Unani… etc but no one given me the permanent solution. Please suggest me…


  121. ummulhani muazu says:

    My 2year 8months is suffering from a very serious cough and cartarh for more than 2months,and we have visited several different doctors but there’s no improvement,he had been given antibiotics many times,please do help me.thanks

  122. Hi Sir, I am the mother of 5yr old boy,suffering with cough for 3yrs now,and not eating well,and he’s so skinny,and his throat is swollen and red,plz Doctor I need your help to this problem.

  123. Shivani nagalia says:

    Hello Dr.
    My daughter is 3.4years old .she is suffering from reccuring cough. She was on bottle feed from birth Her immune system is weak …she catch cold cough infection frequently. Please suggest effective homeopathic treatment for her

  124. Sir, myself Sudeep is having problem of continuous cough. I am 33 yrs old and suffering with hearing loss. Doctor suggested me to overcome from cough to prevent hearing loss.
    Please suggest me best way to overcome from cough problem.

  125. Mohsin Jamal says:

    Sir my son is eight years old and he has suffered a major problem two years ago when he was hospitalized for an viral infection which has damaged his brain and from that time he’s having stroke’s which we call “fits” what should I do he’s taking medicine for that from a neurologist and also a treatment from a homeopathic doc but still he’s getting stroke and also cold related problems old guide me please

  126. Sir,pls suggest me what type of homeopathic medicines use to children’s for frequently coming cold and cough. I am worry about my children’s.

  127. Ms. Rinku Garg says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My son is 4yrs and 3 months. He had frequent cold and cough problem from last 1 year. This problem become severe when he sleep. When sleeping he makes too much noise while snoring and he sleeps with his mouth open.
    He is on homeopathic medicine continuously for last 8 months.
    But as such no satisfactory improvement only positive thing is after homeopathic medicine he is not getting fever.
    Please help and guide with medicines.

  128. Gauresh l. Parsekar says:

    I m gauresh. Age28 i hd a problem of cough. At the age of 28 bt still i hv cough & cold evry alternate month.. Y its happn

  129. shikha bhardwaj says:

    Hello doctor,
    my son is 61/2 and suffers from dripping cold in throat and sore throat after every 15 days.i m too worried.he gets fever also after these symptoms and i have to give him antibiotic.kindly help me

  130. Sir, I am face coughing problm from birth.Today my age is 24 year and last 10 -12 yr i have cronic cough .I checked up via different doctors but they not handle and not give me better responce.Currently my situation is fine but i face coughing twice in a day, first after lunch and secound after dinner. And both time near about 400 ml cough fall at a time after this i feel better its my daily routine last 10-12 year.
    and one thing i am not lay flat on my bed due to coughing its all time in day.
    Give me a proper advice and what i am do. No one understanding my situatuion.


  131. My 2 years 9 months old boy is suffering from frequent infection and repeated attack from cough, breathlessness and catarrh. How can homeopathy help. What medicine can I use, please?

  132. Hello Sir,

    i am badly suffering from dry cough, ear itching, nose itching in night and morning since 23 days i have taken almost all types of tablets ,syrups etc. but nothing is working. Kindly advise some solution for same.i am going very week, plz suggest Regards,

  133. Priya Chouhan says:

    Hello Sir,

    i am badly suffering from dry cough since 15 days i have taken almost all types of tablets ,syrups etc. but nothing is working. Kindly advise some solution for same

  134. Pradyumna dash, odisa says:

    Respected sir my son is 3+, by born he is asigarian child,of Wt 2. 5kg suffers from cough cold with in fifteen days i am giving homeopathy still faces same situation. What shall i do

  135. Hi. My son is 4 years old.. he is suffering from severe cough, nose block, he is suffering since one and half year. Some doctor says he is alergic.. now we have started giving him homeopathi medicine.. he was good till 2 weeks now again started severe cough, throat pain. Wht should I do?

  136. Hi sir .
    My baby girl is 4yrs old
    Every time she caught cold n cough going 10days n after 15 days again cold
    What should I do

  137. Hello,

    My toddler just turned two for the past 8-9 months he has been getting tosilitus bacterial with puss on monthly basis everytime he ia treated with antibiotics due to very high fever.
    I am afraid of overuse aince its reoccurants monthly to 2 months .
    What should i do?

    • Hello,

      My toddler just turned two for the past 8-9 months he has been getting tosilitus bacterial with puss on monthly basis everytime he ia treated with antibiotics due to very high fever.
      I am afraid of overuse aince its reoccurants monthly to 2 months .
      What should i do?

  138. Ashutosh Thakur says:

    Sir,my daughter is 20 months old,suffering from cough and fever, within two months cough problem has been developing every 15 days,she is going very week, plz suggest Regards, Ashutosh

  139. Hello, my son is two and a half and virtually gets infected all the time he’s out of the house. This is his third infection now in a month after heavy antibacterial treatment for the past two infections. He has cough and catarrh,snores at night with high fever
    Please what can I do?

  140. My 10 yr old son getting cough n cold from last month, after medicine he gets well n then again after two days same problem arises.

  141. Mrs modupe bakare says:

    Hello my daughter easily catch cold, cough and fever just 3weeks ago she was treated for high temperature,cold, cough and malaria. Pls what do I do or which drug can you prescribe for her to use. Thanks Mrs Bakare

  142. My daughter has cold and blocked nose. Coughing because of phlegm . Can’t breath at night and snoring.
    She hardly eats any solid food and drinks her milk and cereal, but not much.
    She never breastfeeding feeder from birth only once.
    And never wanted it.

  143. Hello sar I m 21 year old boy now I m suffering from dry cough last 9 month. Sar please tell me is this normal cough or something else. Now what I to do sar

  144. Suby madhu says:

    One physician in kerala asked me why you are giving homeopathic medicine to your child,ther is no use…he wants to know what is the molicule using to create homeopathic medicins and somebody told these are same in even allopathy and homaeopathi

  145. V. Phani kumar says:

    Hi sir

    My Niece (one year six months old) is getting frequent fever and cold with runny or stuffy nose. we had used so many antibiotics; when she is under medication, she feel normal and healthy but after few days of her treatment she is recurring with fever and cold again and again please suggest us to over come this. we would like to visit your clinic too if you recommend us.
    Is it safe to use homeopathy medicine for kids below 2 years.

    V. Phani kumar (bangalore)

  146. Dear Sir,
    I have read the above article and my 10 month son is facing the same problem almost every month from the past 7 month. He has been coughing and sometimes suffering from the fever and chest congestion. Every time I visit the doctor and ask him what is causing this problem he used to say it’s bacterial problem and used to antibiotics but only works when he is taking it and again when the dose is finished and after 2-3 days it starts again. Please help me as to find a permanent solution.

  147. Raphael banji says:

    Feeling bitterness in my mouth,weakness,inches in body,very yellowish urine,ezyma in my skin,dry troat ,can’t retain urine for long,eyes turning me at times.

    • Shilpi talwar says:

      I have twin daughters age is 2 yr nd 9 months . One who is minute elder catching cold nd cough very fast even after completing course of 6 days of antiobiotics soon after finishing she started again very next day she is underweight nd delicate too . Is their any way to treat her nd increase immun

  148. Hello Dr.sharma
    I’m sarita ,mother of 7ys old girl child ,Diya..Diya is an otherwise healthy child but she is getting recurrent throat infections since April 2016…as frequently as once a month.this is accompanied by fever n subsequently the infection spreads to her ear.I’m am giving her antibiotics for the same everything she gets infected…someone recommended homeopathy n she had 2 courses of medicine (name unknown).However she got an infection last week too…please guide me

  149. Jibraan khan says:

    Chronic granule disorder

  150. Hi sir,

    My daughter is now 3 yr old.she is having constant fever and cough.i had tried too many antibiotic but it has no effect.pls advise

  151. Dr Dharma, kindly assist my 3years old daughter has persistent monthly cough.

  152. Sheikh Mustak says:

    Dear Sir, I have a 5 yrs old baby girl. And she suffering from bad cough and congestion from last two months or more. some times its dry cough also. we have seen our regular doctor and some homeopath also. But no results found. Now a days she suffering with cold, sneeze, cough, stomach pain, ear pain, fever and sometime vomit, weakness. She is not eating in her regular way also. Please suggest what we can do with these problem.

  153. RITIKA SHARMA says:

    Hello my son is going to be 3 years old now. Very often he gets cold which starts with running nose , then thickens and later it is covered into cough. He was on medication for about 15 days on antibiotics , however later i myself stopped since could not see much relief in his cough..he still has morning & evening cough issue. I started with homeopathic from last 15 days , but unable to see any difference in his cough though. please guide if their are any precautions which should be taken in his eating habits. i am not giving him any lime or orange juice , knowing that it may increase. Can you please guide , for much much duration should homeopathy course be done.

  154. Hi my son is 4 year old he ia sufferinh frim col n cough in every monrh and also have fever.cough with vomit.i am giving her homeopathy but doesnt wirk this problem occur every month.tell me what should i do

  155. Hi
    I have read the above article and am facing same issue with my 2 and half year old daughter… almost every month from the past 1 year she has been falling ill with cold cough fever and chest congestion..and every time I visit the doc he puts her on nebulizer and antibiotics..wen she recover s she s put on an anti allergic montair 4 . Please help me as to find a permanent solution to her I’ll health..

  156. Dr.

    I am a 17 year
    Kid infected with the problem can u recommend medicine homeopathic one

  157. KOUSHAL KUMAR says:

    Hello sir,
    My father is facing usually from cough .he is 59 yrs old nearly. Usually at night it start irritating him and awake him from sleep after all treatment it doesn’t cured .what are the remedies can taken sir..
    Pls suggest me for this problem at least he can sleep well at night…


  158. barnabaskalaib says:

    Dear doctor,my daughter is 1year5months old suffered from high fever since Friday last week due to dry cough.but after medical checkup on Sunday fever gets over but cough still continues .Due to tat she have a sleepless night,refuses to eat food.She is underweight too,only 6 kg.please suggest &help me doctor.

  159. Narender Arya says:

    Hello , Three Years old son has reoccurrence of infection.. every after 15 days he is getting infection in his stomach or mouth..we are very tensed….how to get rid of this…pl advice

  160. Mudassar Khopatkar says:

    Hello sir,
    My wife is coughing since one month we are staying in Mumbai she daily travels in train….we consult physician thrice he said it’s a allergies of dust or something.

    How to get rid of cough coz she is coughing frequently.

    Please guide Sir

  161. My daughter is 3 yrs she frequently suffering from cold n too much dry cough at least monthly onence doctors are saying weather change ect..iam worried alot plz give a suggestion what should I do

  162. helo,
    my nephew got fever every month may you plz that why its happening?

  163. Satyam Gupta says:

    Dr. Sharma, actually i have cough and its is not getting cured and it has been more than 30 Days. In that case what all test we need to do and also let me know what precautions i need to take so that it get cured.

  164. My little baby is 11 month but can’t yet support his head and moves his legs very slow. she was quite normal till 3 months but later her muscle power started paralysing. she is very sharp. Dr says she has hypotonia. she is facing chest congestion and a lot of discomfort in sleep. she has some breathing problems like asthma also . please advise any treatment.
    Ghulam Ali

  165. Mostafa Dakam says:

    Hello Dr . Sharma

    Thank you for your so helpful post
    My 3yr son gets Tonsillitis infection very often it starts this year with one episode every two month and then it gets more frequent now he get two episode of Tonsillitis every month.

    one ENT Specialist describe this medicine “Broncho-Vaxom” we didn’t gave it to my son yet
    its Immunotherapy for treatment of respiratory system infections. 10 sachets each one contain 20mg standardized lyophilizate corresponding to 3.5mg of lyophilized bacterial lysates of: haemophilus influenzae, … etc

    i wonder if this medicine is the same kind you describe in the post and if it can really reduce the frequent Tonsillitis infection for my son ?

    any advice you give me would be very appreciated. Thanks

    Mostafa Dakam

  166. my son is 4yrs old and has born premature.after every 2 weeks he catch fever.lot of antibiotics have been given.he gets well but afte
    r 10or12 days has again fever.this is happening last 3 months.we r giving him medics now to improve his immunity system.plz help wat to do

  167. my baby 3yrs 4months, she got frquent cold and cough later developed high fever, if i prescribed antibiotics, fever was subside but tis cough taking two wks to subside.tis things happen every months, evry month taking antibiotic, calpol, anti histamine is not good for her. Pls tell me what to do, how i can improve my baby immune system. her wt is 11 Kg. she s used to take food like dhal rice, chapaathi, dahi. she doesnt like fruits and vegetables.

    • Hi Dr. Sharma,

      Good Moring.

      I am Ragha From Hyderabad. First let me tell about my Son health picture.

      When he is 2 to 2 and Half years old , He used to get high fevers, cold and cough every 15 days, he used to Snore a lot . when he is turned to 3 years we got to know
      Adenoids and tonsils are infected and enlarged. As doctor mentioned need to remove both of the glands.

      One of my Friend suggested me to use “homeopathy” medicine to cure these health issues. So started “homeopathy” medicine as per doctors suggestions for 1 year.
      Within once year he got only 2 times fever but the actual cause not resolved (Adenoids and tonsils problem).

      Again started Fevers, cold and cough every 15 days, Finally came to know Adenoids and tonsils are infected to Grade 4.

      So when he turned to 5years , as per doctors suggestion my son had a surgery and removed both the glands in Jan 2016.

      After surgery his health is very good for 6 to 7 Months. And again from month of July started High fevers , cold and cough every 10 days to 15 days.

      Recently he had a Viral fever , heavy cough and cold of 8 days continuously , we have used so much of Antibiotics. During this time his platelet count got down to 1.3 lakhs.
      After 2 days which is got increased to 2.9 Lakhs.

      And now from yesterday night onwards , again high fever , cough and cold with vomiting started. I give him Fever tonic which is went down to normal temperature. After 6 hours again 102 to 104 F fever.

      My Kind request is that , how to take care of my son from such kind of health issues. I am planning to start “Homeopathy” again and please suggest me and guide me.

      Frankly I am becoming very panic about my son health.

      Thanks a lot in advance….

  168. Mera beta 6saal ka hai bachpan she use sardi khasi bukhar ki sikayat hai .pani me jayada nahane barish me bhigne thanda kuch bhi khane she usse turant ye problem ho jata hai.pls meri help kre.

  169. vivek kumar tripathi says:

    My baby is 1 year old,he is suffering cold & fever frequently (after 1 week some time 10-15 days).this problem is facing last 2 months.we had already done all blood test from many per doctor his immunity system is weak.
    Please suggest me.

  170. hello sir
    i am worried about my 9 month baby. He used to get frequently coughing problem. Once he will be in problem we used to visit to doctor he gives the medicine and after getting the medicine he used to be well for 1or 2 weeks and again have the same problem. Coughing, vomiting the eaten food and sometimes saliva geta stuck on the neck and gets the problem. What might be the problem? Is it by sweating or by the fan air or may be due to other problem in the baby?

  171. Charmain Sales says:

    Hi Doctor, my son is 7 months old, 9.5kg. He has suffered from viral bronchiolitus 7 times in 4 months and as soon as he gets better he catches something again. What can I do with him being so young?

  172. Sudip Sarkar says:

    Dear sir,
    My son is only 3days, doctor gives polio and 2injection(tika) yesterday. Then my son is infected with by viral/bacterial fever .My baby is 2kg in weight.
    Now he is in ICU in our district hospital. Plz give the homeo remidy.

  173. My sun is 4 y 6m.He is suffering from cough during last 6 manths.the cough generating suddenly within a our then vomit the cough.this thing is happening in 6 to 7 days intervals.this cough generate mostly in night.with alopathy alargy tritment he was allrigh for 20 days.but the same things happening he is under homiopathy help .what to do.

  174. Hii sir, my SON IS 4 years old he suffering throat infections and cold again and again and my
    Doctor was prescribed antiboitics for 5 days course then he was ok. But after 10 days same problem repeated I am so tensed sir pls tell me the solution for my kid?

  175. ch.appalaraju says:

    Sir my4years 10 months daughter frequently affect fever doctors gave antibiotics. But 10 days gave repeat fever what causes

  176. Gurcharan kaur says:

    Sir, my daughter has severe cold,sneezing weakness and tiredness from many years. She is twenty four years old. Please assist.

  177. Hii sir, my daughter 3 years old she suffering throat infections and cold again and again and my
    Doctor was prescribed antiboitics for 5 days course then she was ok. But after 10 days same problem repeated Iam so tensed sir pls tell me the solution for my kid?

  178. Nicky pandey says:

    My 3years old baby is suffering from cough n cold last 4months ,3,4 doctors have seen quiet relief but agin after 2days condition was same. and the main thing is he is tender of vomiting

    • Doctor
      My daughter is 4 years and she gets fever every 3 mnths or two months. She also gets febrile seizures. Now since this viral season is going on and she has started big school that is nursery class. She is getting ill every 15 days. In fact our pediatrician is not giving antibiotics, but she goes to school jst two days in a week. In month of august its 5 days total. What should I do. People say that switch to homeopathy, but due to seizures I m hesitant. She is very thin 4 years 13.7 kg.

  179. Caroline Crasto says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am a mother of 3 year old daughter who has just started with schooling from June 16. She has been getting repeated episodes of cold cough and then fever. I give her homeopathy medicine. However when there is fever and cold i immediately go for allopathy. Its been almost 2 months of many medicines of allopathy. the cold and chest congestion gets a little better then once again she gets attack of cold and this is going on and on last 2 months.

    Currently I am giving her Kofarest LS(cough), Bandocide, Extraimmune (Ayurvedic) and MTNL (Montekulast) – 2 times a day each of them

    Kindly help to let me know what can I do. I am from Mumbai, India

  180. Dear sir, My son is 13months kid since 9th month his weight is 7+kgs (like 7.5kgs 7.8kgs) since 4 months same weight and frequently suffering from cough and cold. is there any health problem? Im worried alot about this please help me by answering my question

    • Badris Nafisat (Mrs) says:

      Sir! My son is 22 month old and has cough for 2 1/2weeks. Consult doctor on Wednesday and she gave
      Zitclav suspension 5ml morning and night and Globak iron(111)hydroxide polymaltose& folic acid syrup 5ml daily. But today is Sunday the cough is still there. Please and please help me out of this.
      Waiting for your reply sir.

  181. abhishek chanda says:

    My mother have a infection in their that’s why khasi cough so much last 3 year I try many syrups but no effect plz belt what cab I do

  182. Ravi Pujari says:

    This is a great website. Medicines are a great help for humanity, no doubt. But for depression I strongly suggest India’s leading motivational speaker Naseer Khan

  183. my son is 2and hlf yr he get very bad cough every fifteen day I am really worried plz help me any syrup for him

  184. arun kumar says:

    Sir,mere fever aur headache jaldi-2 ata hai
    Main bhut pareshan hoo
    Aksar jhukam bhi rhta h
    Plz sir koi remedy bataye

  185. Dear sir, my daughter is 3 years old now.. From her 1 St year we are giving her nebulisation almost monthly once for dry cough and wheezing .. Frequently she gets allergic dry cough without any cold symptoms .. If we don’t give her nebulusation she will get fever also..please let us know what to do for this??

  186. Disha Gupta says:

    Dr sharma Greetings,
    My son age is 13and half yrs old and from 3rd Aug he got fever of 103degree with feeling chill in body dr advised test of malaria nd cbc whr cbc count is 134500, he gave med for viral infection, again he got fever on 8th by getting chill in his bidy again test done for typhoid malaria cbc nd sgct for liver all are negative after two days he suffered from tonsils on 10 th and we started homeopathic med, now again on 11Aug midnight he has fever 99.2 accompanying wirh chill in body pkz suggest whats the reason behind this

  187. olawoyin omotolani says:

    Dear doctor, I have a recurrent coughing of blood after 8months of 1st treating it with antibiotic. The chest xray I did then came out normal with the result reading :the heart is normal in size and contour,the lungs fields are clear,no focal lung lesion is seen,the thoracic cage is normal.cant really do anything now as I am presently 20weeks pregnant.pls reply

  188. Aditi mankad says:

    My 3 year old son has wet cough and it has stuckd in his neck. What remedies

  189. prakruthi says:

    My son is suffering with cold cough still 15 days . I took to Homeo doctor he gave medicine. After 10 days he is suffering with body pains and fever .doctor said seasonal problems and he give rustax.when I give medicine child is OK if I stop medicine he is getting fever and bodypains.he is getting red dotts with puss in his hands and leg .what are the reason’s for all these symptoms.

  190. Chandra Bahadur says:

    My 4 years old daughter suffered last 3/4 month dry cough 1 hour every day. when day or night. i have used all cough syrup but no change. according to doctor cheast is clear no medicine only steam. but no relief .how can i treat this cough?

  191. Sir my daughter aged 6 has wheezing problem from the age of 4 caused due to an dust allergy caused by plaster of paris and I treated with inhaler but later I changed to homeo. I am giving her homeo medicine to prevent wheezing for the past three months from a doctor in kerala when I went there. But now very often she has cough and suffers very badly and she has become very thin. It really disturbs and disappoint me. Please do suggest some ideas to make her healthy and free from diseases like this. Please do help me sir

  192. TARIF Anwar says:

    I’m 28yrs old

  193. TARIF Anwar says:

    I have mental.problems .depression tension sleeplessness I ma psycho people said.I m taking allopathic medicines since October 2006.still I’m facing problem while going to sleep some noise came in my ears that someone is crying or shouting .distur Vance of sleep.when I’m nervous my hands and body starts shaking.I’m rites old male my name is TARIF ANOWAR. I’m a teacher my at is 100kgs. Please give solution for proper sleep .loose weight over tension.mental disorders

  194. sweety Dmello says:

    My ,3.5 month son had fever 15 days back it had reached 101.5… Doctor gave him shot saying it may get seizures ..Dr also gave T.98 drops and clavum antibiotic.. After three days baby got cold …this time Dr. gave sinarest,. Condition worsened and baby started coughing and wheezing… So Dr gave asthalin and continued antibiotics clavum.. Clavum was given totally for 7 days 5ml twice a day… I took him to another pediatrician he stopped all the medicines…since past five days but baby still has congested nose and coughs in between

  195. jEAN fLEETWOOD says:


  196. My son 3 yrs old he was nearly 3 times suffering from CRP infection upto192 level. I suggest Dr sir told it son have less immune power so suggest vitamin syrup .I continue that syrup but no improvement .what can I do any natural treatment .

  197. VINITA MATHUR says:

    Dear doctor
    My daughter of 5 yrs is going through persistent dry cough…n from 2 to 3 months I am observing she gets mild fever that rises upto 100.8 to 101 ..and in day or two it gets ok.
    Shown to pediatric but he says cough can long time to go..But now I thnk I should not take it lightly.
    Pls suggest should I go for homeoptic or alopathic.

  198. Hello sir,my father is getting too much cough.he is using medicines but there is no result.please give me good suggestion to cure from the disease.

  199. harikalyani says:

    I have throat infection and fibroids in lungs from old infection and it is thickens right lungs well thickens and blurry throat and jostle block

  200. Radhika Mittal says:

    My daughter is 11yrs old she is fit but very frequentley she looks weak as her skin colour goes down and dark circles aggrevate under her eyes and complains about backache and leg pain. I showed it to doctor he said no problem she is stretching height and because of heavy school beg and wrong posture she is having pain. what exactly should be hiven to her to keep her look healthy

  201. Rajani Singh says:

    Sir my 4 yrs baby girl having repeated cough ,cold and fever and every time diagnosed with antibiotics .now she always fall sick.please give me real diagnosis.

  202. Purba Chatterjee says:

    Hello doctor ,
    My son is 2.5 yrs old he is having chest congestion n cough and cold m giving him atibiotics n cough syrup but still his cough is not curing properly due to which somtimes he is having high fever.. Please suggest me some homeopathy medicine so that my son gets relief form severe cough..

  203. Hello sir,
    My 8.5yrs old son has been suffering from cold n cough frequently n in some occasion with high fever since childhood.
    Whenever he was diagonised , Dr. Prescribes Anibiotic along with anti allergic , syrup , cricin DS for fever. Frequency almonst once in a month.
    Also whenever he suffers fm cough he starts vomiting multiple time to throw cough fm body hence get exhausted n tired. Had tried homeopathic treatment fm Dr. Batra but no much improvement happened. Kindly advise

  204. EDHAA CHHABRA says:

    Hi doctor
    My 2yr7mnths daughter is suffering from repeatedly cold cough and fever from last 6 to 7 months, doctors are giving allopathic medicines but those medicines are not responding
    Please help me, no. 9953165376

  205. Sakina Hirani says:

    Hi sir I m suffering from sore throat since 2 months constantly feeling clearance of throat n also dryness n havibg fever n cold headpain fed up pls reply pls help me

  206. Hitesh Nimavat says:

    dear sir
    i have suffering from throat inaction since last 2 months.i consult with two different ms.(ent ) specialist.but not get relief.they use cefpodoxime 250 (take 10 days medicine twice daily).but due to this i suffer from fisher now ,so i left to takes medicine,use only himalaya ‘s Septillin and gargling with Betadin. dr. says its mild conjuscton and other said almost same..i consult total 5 dif,doctors.plz help me .i m scared that why should not i got recover totaly……

  207. Ajit Singh says:

    Hello Dr
    My name is ajit and age 29 years old and i am facing form last 3 month dry khansi but i took the medicine medicine name(L Montus AB) after that i fell every think OK. after 2 or 3 days then recover the same…. some doubts what is exact my problem…..ccould you please guide and suggest me.
    Thank you
    Ajit Singh


  208. Kulwinder kaur says:

    Hello Dr
    My son Abhinav heis nearly three years old and he had still cough. Dr checked him gave him antibiotics twice after he get relief from cough but now again start so I am too worry about him. Can you send me your address please.
    Thank you
    Kulwinder kaur

  209. My son of three years is addicted to coughing two week in every two month and he is getting slimmer,what is the cause and the solution.

  210. Archana Sharma says:

    Hello dr
    My 4.5years daughter always suffers from constipation and cold n cough for last few months.I m worried about her health …pz tell me why does she have this problem as she was a healthy child…

  211. Mustafa motiwala says:

    My son has severe cold n.cough this 6 months. He is growing thin day by day. Have tried alopathy n right now giving homeopathy but nothing is working. It gets cured sometimes up relapse after 8 days. This going on since 6 months. Plzz help

  212. Jacqueline dsouza says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter is taking a treatment from.a homeopath since last six months. She take munostim ( 3 pills ) and omeo allergy twice a day, but there is no improvement. She keeps coughing once a day continuously for 15 to 20 mins,till her phelgm is out. But when her cough is wet she doesn’t cough continuously. Pls help.

  213. My daughter is 3 years old and a known ashmatic with tonsils andernoids removed and every year having grommets inserted due to a build up of fluid. She recently about a month ago had a new set of grommets inserted and since then has been experiencing lots of phlemy coughs having a blocked nose wich seems to be sffecting her breathing…however taking her to the Gp so many times has resulted in her been giving antibiotics more than thrice in this month going onto stronger antibiotics. As a mother i feel that my child is being given too much antibiotics and the real cause is not being found. Dr informed that her chest is clear blood results all clear and thats its normal. With that im not satisfied as no child have so many recurring coughs and blocked nose. Im not saying that there is something majorly wrong but defnitely something is up. One doctor informed if im not happy with my child snotty nose and phlem then i should take her from crech. Please help

  214. Ann Rentero says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, before i begin with Let me introduce to you myself I’m Ann Rentero from Singapore my daughter always suffering from cough and cold and sometimes bacterial infection such as throat urine infection every after 1 month since Dec 2015 I’m a bit worried on how cure my 6 year old daughter can u give me advise on how to manage her everyday life?

    Thank you and Godbless!

  215. HEMANT KAPOOR says:


    HEMANT KAPOOR 9268428260

  216. What is homeopathy and how can it help my baby who has cough like 2 months interval.

  217. Renee iapaluccio says:

    My 6 year old daughter has been suffering from dry coughs nearly every month for two years. The last 7 mos. The cougb has been followed by episodes of 103-105 degree fevers. She is sick nearly two weeks out of every month (with exception of Summer months. ) We’ve gotten the following diagnosis but no meds are working : recurrent upper respiratory infections, post nasal drip, & cough variant viral asthma. Weve tried three different maintenace inhalers with no success. She has had blood work (all clear) and multiple chest xrays, also clear. I’m becoming very concerned about these high fevers. My local homepathic Dr. Will not see her because she’s under 18. Please help

  218. Dear Dr.Sharma

    My 10 month old baby has been coughing,especially at mealtimes,causing him to throw up after each feed,he has been to d hospital and was given cough Syrups,ibuproFen,and antibiotics, but the cough is still there,pls can you tell me what to do?I am based in Nigeria.

  219. Nidhi srivastava says:

    My child is 11years old when he take or wet in rainy day or try anything cold from refrigerator then he started suffering from cold and breathlessness he can’t able to take breathing properly ..and now a day his face started being fatty and rest of his body is constant ..please mam give some good suggestion to solve this ..

  220. Hi I have a 3and a half month baby who is suffering from dry cough and blocked nose hes on antibiotics and nebulizer kindly suggest a homeopathic medicine as it reaccures very fast

  221. Bhawna Taneja says:


    My baby is 2 years and 9 months old, weighing 11.5 kg. He was born underweight, around 1600 gms due to the IUGR case. He catches infection very easily. It is been one and half month now that he has cold, we are giving him allopathy medicine. In past few days due to coughing he was not eating well and lost some weight. PLease suggest something for this. We want his immunity and weight to increase.

  222. Muhammad Waqas Rana says:

    You r right it is 100% true and these unscrupulous treatments are vary dangerous for health even for adult and for leads.Allopaths doing there best tries to falling the tree of allopathy by these injudicious kinds of treatment.Dr Sharma I m vary proud of you to serving people with your great costant efforts in right pathway.thanks a lot Muhammad Waqas Rana student of homeopathic 4th year

  223. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    What you have written here is 100% right. I myself experiencing the same as my 5 years old son is prone to cold cough and then congestion. He is living on puffs, nebulizers and antibiotics. As a mother I’m worried about that. I went to homeopathy doctors as well. But i have heard that even homeopathy medicines contains dose of steroids which at the end destroy the immunity.
    Please suggest what is truth? and should i consult some homeopathy doctor?


  224. Diganta Gohain says:

    My son is 6 yrs old and often suffering from cough and gets problem while breathing. Full of cough in cheast. Approached to doctor several times but found no solution.
    So, pl suggest and provide solution at the earliest possible. My contact number is 9435601583.
    Thanking you,
    Diganta Gohain

  225. I have had Common Variable Immune Disease. I am getting Gamma Globulin Infusions. Can Homeopathic medicine help body start making IGGS again so I no longer have to take Gamma Globulin

  226. My son is 13yrs have too much of dryness in his body and gets his lips dry frequently take 2-3 litres of water but still has dry cough most of the time .drink token milk 2 times a day

  227. J Sahay says:

    My son needs antibiotics every month. Mostly because of bronchial infections, sometimes due to stomach infections and sometimes tonsillitis. After starting antibiotics, relief comes in one day. Please suggest

  228. mohd aftab says:

    sir i am suffering from cough for 5 months i got myself treated by physician but after some time.the cough started again now i cough 10 to 15 times in day and my lips are dry and cheeks are dry and red and i feel thirsty please tell me what is the problem and how much time homeopathic treatment will take…

  229. My mother is suffering from cough and cold last 10 months ago. Her age is 40 years old. she has taken medicine to many clinic but sometimes those medicine gives rest then after sometime again same condition. she has done cough test also and report comes normal.
    please Dr. uncle reply must. how she will be as soon as healthy.

  230. charidamodar says:

    My 21 months old son has no fever or cold but has dry cough for only once in 24 hours and lasts for one hr for the last one and half month but doctor doesn’t give any medicine. He is eating everything cooked at home only and very active with 10.5 kg weight. Plz help

  231. Dev Nagar says:

    Dear sir,

    My 18 days old female child having problem in her throat. While sleeping in night she sounds by throat. She had been admitted in hospital due to bilirubin level high. Now she has discharged but suffering from said problem. It seems that he having problem in respiration.

  232. Smichi Rekha Mohanty says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I am suffering from cough and cold frequently.Please help.

  233. Dear Doctor,
    My 21 month old son keeps getting running nose and chesty cough. Lately he was taken to d hospital because he had a fever of 39. They said he had malaia and sinus infection. He has taken drips,and antibiotics via ivf. The temperature keeps fluctuating and I am really scared for my sons life. What can I do to permanently stop this cold and cough and reduce the temperature.

  234. My son is 8 years old has epilapsy since 2 years..He is taking vaprol 200 cr. ..He has another problem of cold since birth.He has cold all the time unroll he get antibiotics. ..plz tell me permanent solution for cold..09888887010

  235. kunal nagar says:

    i have throat infecton i have pain my neck and ear

  236. sunita bhattacharjee says:

    My son is under homeopathic treatment and my doctor is Dr.Amitava Maity. he is being given immunity medicines for the past one year and his cough and cold is contro;;ed. but of late he is having fever n chills and also complaining of stomach ache, doctor suggested to get some tests done as this might be symptoms of TB. i would like to know is there any remedial medicines for tb in homeopathy

  237. Same problem as you mentioned above. …..which medicines should I give to my 2 years old boy. …..kindly advice

  238. Anjali Vasani says:

    Hello Dr.,
    My niece is 4 and she gets cold every now and then. We don’t let her eat any cold or sugary food then also each season changes she gets cold and heavy cough . Pls guide us.
    Thank you

  239. khushboo dhamija says:

    Hello Dr.
    my son is 3 year 1 month old.He gets cough very frequently.First,he got cold then cough.Every month or after 20 days he got cough.our doctor don’t give him antibiotics.he nebulizer him twice a day but nowadays he is giving puff ti him I.e seretide 125.
    I m so confused.pls guide me

  240. My son is 2+ n frm the last 25days he is hving fever again n again..we consulted so mny dr …they givn antibiotics bt it wrk only till we givving madicine …in this case homeopathey can wrk for cure ????? …n does homeopathic madicine gives result instantly wen he touches fever at night 102-103 ????plz suggest

  241. Doctor , actually I m having pain while swallowing and pain in throat from the last 10-15 days kindly advise me

  242. anjani keswani says:

    Hello doc….my daughter is 4 n half year old …she has cough all the time …although she doesn’t eat junk or coloured food ….I started her homeopathy med but to no avail…since 6 months I m giving her homeopathy med. …she’s now down with viral …it’s bin 7 days now …help me if u can

  243. Geetika Jain says:

    My daughter aged 3 & half year old. Frequently she gets cough and cold problem. Sometimes the cycle of getting the problem reduce to just 1 week. She has diagnosed with adenoids.
    The other problem is if temperature goes 101 degree she suffers from seizure/ convulsions. She has already got one episode of seizure. So to avoid the high temp we keep on doing cold water sponging, which again leads to cold and that prolong for long term. So dont understand wht to do.

    Please help!

  244. Dr. Sharma,

    My 2 year and 8 months old child had starting stage of consolidation in both the lungs and was on IV for 5 days. post that he is got continues chest congestion and sometime cough as well. His nose is leaking since then. It is for the past 3 months he has this. Can homeopathy help? I am worried to keep giving him maxtra cheston and other syrups which the doctors prescribe. They say is URTI.

    • My son is 4 years. He is very frequenty getting cough and cold. Chest congestion. Nose blocked unable inhale by nose at night during his cough. Repeatation of coogh cold during winters is evety 15 days. Due to this he dont eat much and very thin. Weight is 13.5 kg and height is 94 cm. Please suggest good medicene.

  245. shiwani das says:

    hi sir,
    my 2yr old baby always suffer from cough cold and fever.when I stop medicines he get ill.what can I do sir? plZ help sir.I m from bokaro steel city.jharkhand.

  246. Hello sir,my daughter is 3 yrs old she has been suffering from cold and fever for past 8 usually starts with cold hands and feet she tends to sweat badly on these area before getting clod and then fever. She is been getting the in every 15 to 20 days.also she breaths from here mouth during day as we’ll she has anenoids problem also . My real concern here is that her cold is not that sever all the time but she still gets fever .also she very lean only 10.8kg.please help and provide me ur valuable suggestion

  247. Sumati Arora says:

    Hello Dr,

    My daughter is 4 year old and from last one year she gets frequent cough & cold…. After every 20 days gets cough which lasts for 15 days at least…. And after following mix medication of allopathy and homoeopathy she recovers….We are really worried that why she gets recurring infections despite having healthy food & good hygiene…
    Pls advice some good medications which may cure her from the roots.. Also advice some immune booster..

    Regards, Sumati

  248. raghvendra rai says:

    we are suffering form dry khansi which start till vomiting condition since last 20 days , we help clinically but not relief and now we are suffering fever 99-t0 100 degree f . we have pathological test (widal test) for malaria and typhoid it is negative. kindly help me and suggest the treatment for relief this .

  249. hello doctor,
    my child 2 1/2 years suffer from throat infection and its causing him lots of problem. cannot eat, play normal n go to school. he got fever. he cry whole day. medicine not curing him. please help me. thanks

  250. Ritu rani says:

    My child is four years old he get cold,cough and fever after every 15days doctor treat with antibiotic again and again.please help!

  251. my child is 4yr old she get dry cough nd reocure after 15 days doc treat with antibiotic again nd again if we give steam she got fever and doctor also say her tonsile is swollen nd some time she got severe coughing

  252. Hi dr my son is 16 months old and is getting recurrent cough since two months which leads to throat conjestion and i hav to end up with antibiotics and he gets all fine but again the same thing happens aftr a week……what shall i it

  253. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Dr. Vikas Sharma,
    Hello, I am writing to you because I am very concerned about my son. He has been on 5 rounds of antibiotics since 10/23/2015. He gets these recurrent petechiae to the back of his throat and then he starts with a cough that progresses from dry to wet. After he is off of the medication, he has a return of symptoms within 7-14 days. I have noticed he also has much teeth grinding during sleep and has jerking movements at night. I have found that if I don’t give him the antibiotics he will progress to having fevers set in. This last time, I withheld and his tonsils became enlarged and he had a tender lymph node on the left side of his face with an associated fever. And last night even with the antibiotics he started coughing. My heart goes into my stomach when I hear it. I desperately need some help. I have tried other herbs but nothing seems to rid his body of this bacteria or virus. Pls help!

  254. Ashok Kumar Hota says:

    Dear Sir, My 5 year son is suffering from cough and cold and fever from December 10, 2015 till date. Fever is verying from 98.6 to 100 and some time 101. I am giving him alopathic medicine since then. He is recovering and again the cough, cold and fever coming in every 10 days. blood test has been done twice like DC, TLC, MP, Widal etc, urin, urin culture shown nothing. TB test also done and it is negative. He is taking now nukast daily once for 3.5 months along with other medicines and antibiotic. Doctors also given him the medicine of typhoid for 6 days. From early days (1 to 4 years age) he was suffering only in the month of November to February once or twice. But now he is continuously suffering from December he is not recovering.

    Please suggest me what to do

  255. ANAMIKA SAHA NAG says:

    my son aged 11 yrs is suffering from fever between 98.5 to 100 mostly,sometimes 10.1 with headache,for last 3 months.dr is giving antibiotic but again after 15 days of taking antibiotic he is again having fever…..i am very worried

  256. Dr how r u.I m from Pakistan. If u want to tell me. My daughter age is two years and three .months.when she was borned after passing two weeks she suffered from vomiting dr told me when she will 9monts then she stopped vomiting is stopped.when she is I’ll she daughter is nt eating well.every month she I’ll .chest and vomiting is major problem.constipation is also.what should I she can better and eat well. Plz reply .me I will be great full.

  257. Sanjay khirwadker says:

    My grand daughter aged 3 & half
    Resides at Bangalore
    Suffers from Cold & cough very often ( every 15 days)
    Doctor says it upper respiratory tract problem
    The other problem is if temperature goes 101 degree she suffers from ceasures/ convulsions

    Please help!

  258. Sir.

    My daughter is 4 year old. She is getting cough very often. Can u please suggest any good medicines in Homeopathy.

  259. Mahantesh B Patted says:

    My son is of 1 year and 8 months old.
    He is getting cold ND cough for every fifteen days. Even sometimes he can’t even breathe easily because of blockage in his nose. Also, he likes to eat everything what the elders/we eat. If we give him chapati by dipping the same in milk, and if he is gi fruits like sapota or pomegranate the next morning he starts suffering from loose motion. I m fed up by giving him medicines( including too muchof antibiotics). But if I dnt give the situation gets critical.

  260. sir
    my son age 18 months.
    on his nose and stomuch has some red colour temples
    its not came by birth
    plese give a solution
    how remove these
    than q sir

  261. My child is 3 years and 8 month old she has a cough infectio or chest infection she is infected very much.
    Please suggest good medicine in homeopathic.

    Thank you
    With regards

  262. shifa chandni says:

    Dear sir

    My son is 4 year old. He is having recurring cough from past 2 year.he gets once in 15 days, on day 1 slight cold day 2 severe cough ll start. Have done tb test, tft test, allergy test ,blood test n all , everything comes normal. Hav also taken adenoid and chest X rays, report shows no much congestion and comes normal.he is very active and intelligent. Have showed to almost more Dan 10 pediatricians, dey say it’s due to dust infection or low immune and keep giving different types of cough syrup and antibiotics and tell us to give him nebuliser. But nothing is working and no improvement. Again after some days he ll severe cough where in he can’t even sleep due to it. Donno wat to do n how to cure..serioisly can’t see him like dat..He loves to go to school though he is not well, but due to cough teacher calls up n asks to pick him up from school…He asks us why did mam sent me home???? pls give some suggestions wat to ll be really very helpful

    • Joelle assaker says:

      Hello, my daughter 4 yrs old and son almost 3 yes old are suffering from cough and fever every month and I don’t want to give them antibiotics and cortisone no more … ? Pls dr help

  263. Dear Sir,

    my sons name is Rishaan and he is 19 months old he has recurring cough and dysentery so one my neighbors suggested Blooume 20 & 27 so i would like to whether it is ok to give and how much

  264. Dr
    ma mom is going throat severe throat pain
    she’s having lot of pain ..
    she’s having lot of infectious saliva out of her mouth after every sec
    not able to sleep
    fever is also there
    throat fully red n ulcers are there …!
    rough throat
    continuous cough ..
    suggest me wat is to b done
    she’s having med but no relaxation

    • My son is 3 yrs old , he started his complaints of frequent cough and cold since he started going to school from july 2015 onwards. in july he had fever which was not coming down so he was admitted and give allopathic treatment. than in september he had hoparsness of voice after having sour sambhar which aggravated and lead to cough than given allopathic treatment and from that day till today only 15 days passes when he again had attack of cough and cold. till november he was on both allopathic and homoeopathic treatment but from DEC 2015 he is on homeopathic treatment he was allright from 26 dec till 15-16 jan after which he is again suffered from cough and cold. He suddenly starts sneezing than fluent watery discharge from nose than start dry cough than nasal discharge sop and than productive cough starts. this is the normal pattern which repeats every time. he is very active and naughty child. he get bored quickly with any activity or game hardly plays with same toy for 5-10 minutes than he wants something new. he cannot sit quietly even for two seconds even when sitting for passing stool can not sit quiet he must be doing something continously. He is very haughty, what he says is correct we have to do the things which he asked otherwise he get angry or start crying if we opposed but if we make him understand by love than he understand.he does activities and is excited when somebody comes he wanted to show them. he is very moody when he is playing doesnot want to come in lap but when he wanted to come in lap will not go away from me to any others lap.he is very intelligent learns the things very quickly and cathes the things very fast. but when he is playing any game and is not upto his mark he get angry and says i m not able to do this and throws away all the toys.he cannot see even his father coming close to me as soon as his father hugs me he come fast ang hugs me and hit his father to go away from me.he never asks for water and food. he likes to eat icecream but not had after august as had attack of cough after having icecream in august, he likes frooti chips chocolates. his stools are in a form of big one lump but when he is constipated than lump of small ball shaped (little bigger than than the sheep dung) joined together. he remebers the thing for two longhis memory is good.fifteen days before he was not willing for bathing but when he is gone for bath than doesnot wants to come out want to abth more but now not cry to take bath , only cry to come out of water.When getting ready for school doesnot want to wear dress as he doesnot want to go to school but when reaches school than he is ok there and plays well and perform well.
      From july till now he has been given two to three times antibiotics and 3 bottles of allopathic cough syrups , nebulisation with budecort and asthalin and several homeopeopathic medicine like bryonia 30 ant tart 30 merc sol 200 , ars 30 rumex 30 ipecac 30 gels 30.Currently he is on nux vom 30 and justiscia q from last one day

  265. vinay kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    I suffer from cough above 10 days . I take medicine but I don’t relief well.please suggest me

  266. Ankita sharma says:

    My son is getting cold ND cough every month.. I m fed up by giving him medicines. But if I dnt give the situation gets critical. Now he is getting stomach infection again and again Pl suggest something.. We have started some homeopathic medicines too. I want to confirm are these OK or not:
    Alpha WD

  267. Respected Sir,
    My son is 16 months old , in november he had one episode of febrile seizures, exactly after one month he got fever with 102.9 fever, again in January he got fevet with same temperature, today within 15 days again he’ s got 101.9 fever, like always we gave ibugesic syrup as prescribed by the paediatric doctor. May i know the reason for his fever

  268. sushamabiju says:


  269. Hi Sharma, I am writing on behalf of my daughter 18months old .. on 18of this month I had taken to doctor when she is suffering with fever 104degree on immediate doctor wrote a prespction with an antibiotic and fever syrup and continued for two-day the same dose as per doctor prespection. And20 morning he wrote a test for blood and urine test and in one case she has a negative blood infections so doctor recommended to start a course of 7days for two times in a day an antibiotic injection …

    My problem is in earlier last 9months back when she was arround 8-9months she has a over count of some blood cells so admitted in icu for 3days and two days in normal so please advise me how to take care to boost her immunity power she eats well and sleep good and always active in playing … So suggest me to do for my baby.

    • Hello Dr
      my daughter 22 months has hyperreactive airways. It started at 13 months. Dr suggested nebulizer asthalin and Budecort 1mg. She gets cough every month
      but since November 2015 she gets these episode every 2 months. She gets cough , running nose like water, sometimes wheeze,some time sneezing , some times fever. My son who is 4.5 was also diagnosed hyperreactive. His was very mild. We have no family history of wheeze, asthma and my dad had skin allergy. I reside in mumbai. Tried hemopathy but cough is still happening. Dr plz suggest what to do.

  270. Sunitha. B.R. says:

    Dr. Dharma, my daughter is 2.7years old. She frequently gets cold,cough and fewer. I’m fed up if giving calpol 250 and meftol but, no use. My daughter is nt able to sleep properly because of cold and fewer. Please Doctor is this the right age to start homeopath.

  271. Sir my daughtet 3 year 5 month old ,coughing since 6 month doctor recommended montair kids and some time antibiotics also , what i do to cure , i from vizag mo

  272. a murali krishna says:

    hello sir i am murali and i am staying in hyderabad and i have two sons elder one is 6 years old and younger one is 1 year.My elder son is frequently getting cold,severe cough for the last one year and for the last four months he is getting fever along with headache in the interval of one month.Please suggest how to develop immune power and suggest good homeopathy medicine

  273. My son is 22 month’s old since August he has had 7 antibiotics for chest infections troath infections ear infections etc I give him pro biotics afterwards and have him on a tonic . It’s Jan 1st and he is sick again .
    He has another chest infection I know I may bring him to the doctor again tomorrow . The last time I left it he ended up on two antibiotics in a row . He is very tall for his age . He’s not in creche my mother minds him . My doctor said she would look into it further in the New year if I’m back . Just wondering what other treatment can be giving he is still teething . I can definitely relate each case to a new tooth appearing. But surely he can’t have much of an immune system left. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  274. hello dr,
    My daughter is 15 months old & she has recurring fever without any symptoms from last 9 months. Almost after every three weeks she comes up with high fever (up to 105) continuously for 5-6 days. We been to series of blood tests so many times but all tests come normal. All the times her urine comes positive to leucocytes, blood & some protein but no growth. Please help us.


  275. hello doctor sir,
    my clild is 3 and half year old…he catches could and cough very commonly, i went to 3 doctors and 6 days antibiotic course goes on..he was ok..but again after 3-4 days he got cough and cold…

    i’m from jaipur plz recommend me

  276. Hello sir,
    I have a son of 3years 10months. Sir my is has been suffering from cough and cold every now and then. I have tried every thing (to foods like vegetables, fruits, herbs etc), but nothing improves his codition. I am feeling very helpless and thinking of giving him antibiotics. How do I boost his immunity, I don’t know. Sir if you have any solution of my problem then please help me.

    • Mrs Vijayvergiya says:

      My younger son is 5 years old. He has recurrent upper respiratory (cold, cough, ear infection). this year, he had his adenoids operation after which he is able to breadth better. The operation helped to resolve only one aspect while he is still having recurrent cold, cough and throat inflammation.

      We make him gargle with salt water 2 times daily. Yet no relief. He stays on antibiotics mostly and after the medicine course 10th day the infection comes back.

      Please advise homeopathy medicines to handle ENT issues

  277. My 3.5yrs of son suffering from bronchitis scince 6 month of his age.again he is facing same,now difficult part is that, he is having regular sneezing(khansi) at night andwhole night he couldn’t sleep.kindly give some suggestions.

  278. Hi! My 6 year old boy been suffering persistently every month of cold and a bad cough then followed by a high grade fever. He was diagnosed 2 consecutive month of brochial pneumonia. We did lots of regimen mostly giving him a nebulization like salbutamol and combivent we also came up to give him an spray asthma. I know that in his age this will come up because he’s in school age but i cannot see my son suffering everymonth for this kind situation. Please, reply. And, god bless you.

    • roshan.roheda says:

      Hi dr.
      My 18 month son have recurrent cough,cold,fever from previous 2 months and his pedritrician said that is babies asthma and suggested a spray pump and give tablets and syrups for him now.

  279. Hello doctor
    My 2.8 year old son has been suffering from recurrent attack of cold cough wheeze sometime fever for the last 3 months since he started his school.inspite of giving all preventive allopathic medicine (budecort,levolin,montair) there is no relief.his condition worsens if we dont give him antibiotics. So in every 10 days he get cold cough etc. After completing his 1.2 years of life he use to suffer from above in 2-3 months but since he startd school its unstoppable. please suggest.

  280. Every month around the same time my five year old daughter gets a sore throat and bad cough we’ve been to the doctor and it’s antibiotics and rest but I am getting really worried because it keeps reoccurring every month on time , can you please give me some additional advice as to what I should do to help her ? Thank You so much for your time

  281. I am 54 yrs old. Since my adulthood I am suffering from aemobiasis. Stool is generally sticky having mucus. Gastric problem always remain. My height is 5’7″, I am whitish and my waight is 57

  282. Dr my 3 year old having same issues. For the last 6 months we r giving antibiotics for him at 15 days interval. He is having cold,cough and wheezing. We used to give asthalin and amoxylin antibiotic. We tried homeo but its not affecting him. Without giving antibiotic he is not able to recover from this
    We really worried about this. Please suggest me one solution.


    Dr. Sharma, my daughter is suffering from respiratory problems similar to your description above since she is 16. adenoids were detected by allopathic doctor and they advice for operation. However other doctor advice us to wait till the age of about 11 to 12year. We accept the 2nd and till now we manage her problem with asthaline spray, sos,and homeopathic medicine, like “ipeceac200,antimtart200,bryonia200,acconite200″etc”. Recently she has palpitations at left neck for a few seconds. May I have your advice to treat her?

  284. suman kumar says:

    dear sir
    i am suman kumar. at present lived in nagpur,india. my son of 2 year 11 month old is frequently suffering from same problem as you described in you above note[ cough and cold /upper respiratory infections] since last six month nearly 1 to 1 and half month of interval,
    and at last moment we have to give nebulisation for 12 time in a 3 day{ 2 time in a day} to him.
    till dated this is happen 3 times with him.
    now i am worry about his healthy and wants permanent solution for that, my son can able to play outside/ go school.
    please help us.

  285. Fausat wuraola says:

    My 9 month baby girl has been coughing for some weeks now, my doctor gave her antibiotics and coughing syrub but she is still coughing what should I do pls help me thanks.

  286. Dear Doctor.

    My son is 4 years old for last 2 years he is getting fever cold and cough every month his cough is very sever now for last 10 days he is have cough but for last 3 nights he is vomiting and still he cough all night. This Jan we have done allergy test which shows positive. The thing is from Jan to till date we are taking him to homeopathy doctor still no improvement in him. So I’m thinking of doing CT scan or Digital X ray plz let me know which test should I do to know what problems he have.

  287. Hello Dr.,

    My son gets cold and dry cough almost evry month..and his pedia gives him antibiotics everytimes. He has asthma and allergies. How can homeopathy help me?

    Your help is very much appreciated.

    • bharat bhushan says:

      My son age 6yr suffering for same type of problem. Ever one or one and half month he suffers from coughing, high rise of temp and each time dr give him antiboitic ,cough supressing drug. Plesse dr tell me permanent solution.

  288. Sonal sharma says:

    Sir, my 2.7 year old son has cough n cold all the time..doc says he has childhood asthma/ allergic asthma…he has to b given asthalin puff regularly ..also he is given budecort puff most of the times…v r fed up of seeing him having cough cold fever so frequently..I can’t c him suffering like this..he is very agrresive and is iritated all the time…can homeopathy provide us the solution…please sufggest

  289. I have a 5yeaes old daughters and she is suffering from the coungh specially at night n from the late evening, we went to the doctor b they had given antibiotics n some cough seroup by still condition of my daughter is been sale so old help us n guid is with ur expert advice.


  290. amit banal says:

    sir my chilkd is 3.5 yerars old for last one year he is suffering from cough cold fever all most everymonth

    as he comes in weather change or cold weather or if he tired

    statr sneezing, heavy eyes than fever than cough KHANSI.. i cnt texplain about the KHANSI non stop whole night he does
    plz sugges some homeopathic medicine

  291. sobia soha says:

    Greetings doctor!!
    My son 6years old gets cold cough n fever very often.he gets a bad wet cough which gradually gives cold and then fever.15 days back we have him antibiotics for 10 days and now he is back with the same symptoms.I don’t want to give him antibiotics ..kindly suggest some remedy.
    Thank you.

  292. geetica roy says:

    Hello doctor, my 3 yr old boy was having frequent attacks of cold and cough accompanied by high fever. We showed to an ent who after proper checkups confirmed that my son has enlarged adenoids and tonsillitis so both have to be removed.
    It was easier on his part to explain the whole process so simply, but realy hard on us, so we saw a homeopathic who after seeing my kids growth and listening about his activieness confirmed that his problem can be cured by homeopathy.
    Though I have started his treatment my son again got cold cough , so I just wanted to know is it normal thing to happen with homeopathic treatment or do I have to go with ent suggestion.

    Please help

  293. Anuradha deb says:

    My son is suffering from severe dry cough,he can not sleep more than a week ,he can not take his food and no medicine is work what could we do and what test should done

  294. My son is 2.6years old and he is frequently say once for a month he is suffering with fever and cough. All the times we are using antibiotics. Now last time he got cough 10days back and we have given antibiotic now he is normal. So is this right time for shifting to homeopath treatment. Kindly suggest

  295. Hi Sir,

    My son is 3.5 years old and he is getting cold/Fever every month. Nowadays he is even complaining of Ear pain also and some time the cough develops chest pain also. we have gone through many doctors and medicated him many times. Crocin/Sinarest/Azzo200 etc medicines given to him. He gets fine within few days. But the problem starts again next month.

    Kindly suggest what to do in such scenario. He has developed these symptoms frequently once he started going to school.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  296. Ranjeet kumar says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My 20 months old daughter is having fever all the day inspite of giving fevago,crocin,sinarest,antibiotics like paraxin,advent,megaclav,govvhospital flu medicine . Test for dengu,malaria,typhide is negative,pneumonia patches arevalso not clear in xray…doctor told of infection.. it is happening for 8 days,having fever almost whole day and night,,upto 101 in body n 102.5 in mouth.

  297. Dear sir,
    My son suffering in recurrent respiratory infection. I had checked up him at CMC VELLORE. They gave three months course. We completed the course but the problem is as it was.
    now we decided to take homeopathy. sir I’m from bhilai, Chattisgarh , india.
    suggest us.
    thank you

  298. sarita thakare says:

    sir my son is five years old he is suffering through fever after every 15 dys . this is the 5th time he is suffering through fever. sometime fever comes with cold . I had referred him to the pediatric but he says its viral infections .sir suggest some good homeopathy medicine so that i will stop allelopathy

  299. chandrika gummaluri says:

    Dear Dr.Vikas

    my daughter is 19 year old and suffering from throat pain for the past few months. I took her to different doctors and all the results came out very normal. They did CT scan also nothing wrong with her throat. But ENT doc said she has red or swollen tonsils and surgery can be the final option.
    As we do not want to do that is there any other alternaive medicine she can start? She has just throat pain and no fever or other problems. She has difficult when swallowing cold or hot liquids also. Please advise . We want to know if any side effect if she start using homeopathy as we are looking the short term treatment and she is in college and studying. thank you

  300. My son of 3.5 years is getting recurrent cold and ear pain in a span of every week. What can I do

  301. Stella Agni Krzisnik says:

    My 4 year old daughter has almost every month bronchitis. She has breathing problems, lungs are full of mucos. When she is in acute phase we use Ventolin every 4 hours. We use Flixotide every evening all year long. Her immune system is very weak she gets all viruses.The episodes are without fever. She hasn,t any other ilness. She’s tall 110 cm, weight 18 kilos. We had run several tests: she hasn’t asthma or any allergies. Her doctor said that her lungs just make a hard response to viruses. Stella

  302. Great post

  303. Dear Sir,

    My son is every month having cough and fever and he is 2.5month old age.

    Request to you kindly advise how can avoid this disease.


    • Sir my daughter is 1 year and 6 month old. She get viral infection mostly.she have cold and cough problem . We mostly nebulize her. Please suggest something to boost her immunity. And how we protect her to get infection.

  304. Alka Sharma says:

    Hi!My daughter is 2 years 9 months old,from last few months she is suffering from minor cough n cold n slight fever…frequently…I’m worried as last month she had fragile siezure n she was hospitalized…I really don’t know the reason…she also suffered from virul fever 3 times…specially she suffers on weekends…she started playway in month of march 2015..
    Kindly guide me .
    Alka Sharma

  305. sir,
    I’m from visakhapatnam. My daughter-in-law is of 11 years old. She don’t eat properly. Her growth is not upto her age and she looks very week. Almost twice a year she suffers from severe vomitings with cough, weekness, fever and body pains.Even after relief from fever she use to be very week. Earlier she had T.B. please suggest a specialist to be consulted for her better health.

  306. mahesh pujari age25 says:

    Respected sir im suffering from cough problem and dry cough also there.i cant take even breathing..its since 1 year and got the treatment from one of the MBBS Doctor..they given some priscription those are,Asthalian,Defnole and Esiflow rotcaps.when i would use these tab then will be cool or else same problem arise .sir plz help me its humble request…i hope respose will back as soon as possible..

  307. pooja kahyap says:

    my son is 15 years old, he tall and over weight. Ever since he has been he keeps suffering from cold and cough at frequent intervals. He had child asthma too. I used to even nebulize him with asthaline when he was small.
    he is not involved in any kind of out door playing. right now also he is suffering from acute cold and cough with lot of congestion and pain in ears. I have got all his test done .his Allergy counts is high. the docs say he can be given only symptomatic relief, he has had montaire lc, Augmentin. I am fed up of giving him antibiotics ,please suggest me how to increase his immunity level and make him active

  308. My baby since 3months shw is suffering to cold ? please recommended to remedy action sir?

  309. anil sinha says:

    My 3 yrs old grandson doctor thinks..viral….he was getting high fever.cold.cough since last thursday…doctor just prescribed crocin and fever was gone on monday but problem is that since monday.whenever he sleeps in noon..after he awakes in evening he gets fever upto 101..which goes away after taking crocin within 20 had given him cough syrup as well and cough is under control..we are confused as now fever comes only after he wakes up from noon sleep.this is happening for last 3 suggest

  310. Dear sir
    My daughter 3 years old is repeatedly suffering from stool infection. Atleast twice in a month. Eventhough she is taking only easily digestible foods.
    WHat is the remedy for tis problem sir

  311. sukhvir khalsa says:

    hi sir

    I have a son of 6 years old he keeps on getting cold every two times in a month which later turns out to be either chest congestion or bronchitis doctors have being giving him antibiotics with which he recovers but after some days it reoccurs.

    pls assist what could be the solution to it

  312. Sameer Choudhury says:

    Son is 5 yrs old. Throat or chest infection is recurrent since couple of months. Every 15 days he has running nose, fever, blocked nose and some times cough.
    He was on antibiotics most of the time!

  313. umang bedi says:

    good evening sir, i am suffering from cold,cough,headache and sneezing from 4 5 days…i have same problem in past ….due to use of homeopathy medicine i have got very good result but now suffering again but not too much as previous….can you suggest me good medicine to cure and improve my immunity against it?

  314. Srinivas says:

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter is 2 years 11 months old and when she was one and half years she got infection based febrile convulsions and until now she got total of 8 episodes. Is febrile convulsions are curable?

  315. Mukul Das says:

    Sir, My 2yrs baby catches frequently cold and cough with fever.During cold and cough,some time suffer from asthma.please suggest best homeo remedy to improve her immunity. Thanking you.

  316. Mukul Das says:

    Respected Sir, My daughter’s age is 2yrs and 2month.she suffer from frequently cold & cough with high fever.snezy,runny nose,breathing is difficult.Most of time Allopathy doctor gives antibiotic & cough syrup.please suggest homeopathy emedy.

  317. sir, i fell cough in inside my neck from 2 month. Can u explain what is going on with me. and what is the best treatment.

  318. pinky bharti says:

    Mere 4 saal k bete ko jab v kuch coold khata ya pita hai usko bahot tej khasi or sardi ho jati hai or fever v aa jata hai iske liye kuch acha medicine bataiye qki isko Dr.s ko dikha dikha k me thak gai hu. Kuch v aram nhi milta.kuch kuch Dino me ye problem hota hi rehta hai. Pls kuch acha medicine bataye.

  319. Suvrina parida says:

    Dear sir,
    My baby is 10 months old, she is repeatedly getting stomach infection. Her symptoms are, nauseatic, aversion to food, she always has some amount of mucos in stool. But when the above symptoms starts I.e nausea etc , would soon follow by loose undigested sometimes watery sometimes frothy stool, sour smell. She is a hyperactive child. Sweats profusely from head weting the pillow as soon as she sleeps. Not gaining weight since last 2 months, mostly because of frequent stomach infection. Frequency of stool initially would be twice or thrice a day but soon becomes more. Kindly suggest some remedy.
    Thanks in advance,

  320. Arun Kumar Rastogi says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My grand daughter, Miraya is two+ years old. She has coulgh and whezing type symtems. She is having fever up to 101degreeF & doctor says it is pollen allergy which is in Gurgaon air. With Crosin syrup fever comes down but cough remains. She is not eating any thing.
    In fact 15 days ago she had cold & cough and doctor gave her antibiotic medicine with that she recovered.
    Please suggest suitably.

  321. what kind of homeopathy can I use?

  322. Ruchi Shrivastava says:

    Hello Doctor,
    My baby is 2.5 Years old (boy).He has a weight of 11 Kg.He frequently (within 15-20 days)suffered from cough .i very much aware about his feeding habit and also take care of her diet instead he is very thin .Please suggest some treatment.

  323. vanishree says:

    Dear madam,
    This is Vanishree here from Bangalore
    My son 4year old suffering from bronchitis which is called child hood astama since 1 year. 15 days once recurrently he get cold we r providing homeopathy medication but my question is how his immunity power will improve

  324. hello sir
    my son is 3 year and 3 months old.he is healthy child gaining proper weight and height since birth and fell ill rarely.
    but from November 2014 he is getting frequent fever first on 9 Nov, 21 Nov 1 December for day 1 or 2 fever upto 102
    .on December 25 again fever with chills and back pain upto 103. after 2 days fever gone. on Jan 9 got another fever upto 103.5 with chills and problem in passing urine diagnose with uti
    given antibiotics. on 31 Jan again fever upto 104 with cold fever last for 2 days. no antibiotics this time. on 8 March again fever 105 diagnose with swelling in lymph node and some increase in tonsils. again on antibiotics. I m clueless what to do. never experience this. help me

  325. sakina ali asgar irani says:

    Dr. My baby boy is 13 mnths old,use baar baar cold cough n fever hota hain,fever bhi aata hain two times fever ki wajah se conversion bhi hua hain,antiboitic dena bandh karte hain phir se fever or sardi khasi ho jata hai…
    Plz advise me what shall i do

  326. Darakhshan Mazhar says:

    Hello Sir
    I would like to know that my son who is 3 years old gets throat infection now and then from his birth onwards. We live in Saudi Arabia and his birth place is also Saudi. Here the Doctors say that he has allergy with dust, perfumes and A/C. We mostly avoid antibiotics but when it’s out of controller we have to give.
    Last year he had been given nebuliser also. Last summar we brought some medicines from some Homeopath from India, the course was for six months. During the course he has got infection but not so frequently.
    Because of frequent infection he is not able to gain weight. He is just 10 kgs.
    Please suggest me what to do?

  327. Sir

    mera 3 saal ka ladka pichle 7 dinon se khansi se pareshaan tha aur khaansne par gale me cough ki aawaj aati thi. lekin aaj use 103 bukhaar bhi aa gaya.
    kyaa homyopathy me koi esi dawaa hai jisse khansi, cough, bukhaar ki samasya door ho sake…

  328. Prashant Sharma says:

    Dr.Sharma, My 4 year son faces similar problem and would like to consult you. Please suggest the time and place.


  329. priya anand says:

    Hello Doc,
    My daughter has same problem above mentioned in your article.We live in Bangalore and we arrived here 2 years back.From that time she gets cold(running nose),fever and persistent cough.I used to use many home remedies and it used to get cure.From last 6 months nothing seems to working.I gave nublization 3 times in between as prescribed and recently she was on Huf Puf kit with Asthalin 100mcg(5 days) and budecort 100mcg for 1 month.During the course she got chronic cough 2 times.On 21st i gave her last dose of puf and next morning she got up with sore throat and cough.I kept her 3 days on gargling and warm water .Yesterday i started Kofeez syrup.She has got fever and running nose as well by now.This is consistently going on from past 1 and half years. She has used very less antibiotics since birth may be (3 to 4) times.Please help.

  330. Ajay Kumar Sharma says:

    Sir ,first of I would like to bring into your notice that my problems are severe migraine pain stress. Gets angry very quickly. Rude behaviour to all my near and dear ones ,,,…,,..many people told me that slowly you are going towards depression .sir I would tell you something that my age is only29 but my hairs my beard all are becoming white very more thing sir that me and my wife both of us didn’t share a good relation we can’t evev talk to each other living in same house my house

  331. Ajay Kumar Sharma says:

    Sir,my son NIVAAN sharma will become 5years old on 25th feb15 but sir from the last 3 years he is gets infected and become sick very frequently sometimes stomach infection,vomiting,loosemotion,very frequent cough and cold followed by severe nasal congestion and chest congestion followed by high fever and after taking antibiotics and anti cold syrups and even doctors sometimes add steroid Like dezacort syrup or wyslone 10mg and many more medicines.but sir after geating a relief after the treatment .then again he will become sick after maximum 15 days.sir so plz something to improve his immunity and growth

  332. Good morning sir,
    My daughter having 09 years old we are always using homeopathy medicines as and when required for her and it is suitable for her. But now she is suffering throat infection and cough. Her actual problem is “when any normal fever has come into she immediately become throat infection and cough”. Please advice what treatment can provide.

  333. Sir,
    Please suggest homeopathy medicine for my 3 year old son who has frequent attacks of upper respiratory infections ( once in every two months). Thanks in advance.

  334. My son who is 4 year old is exactly going through the phase as mentioned by you. It starts with running nose and slowly develops in to cough ,fever etc as mentioned. Doctor has given blooume 20 along with other two medicines. Please advice any thing more I’d required

  335. Hi Doctor,

    I have 16 months old son. He frequently gets cough, cold and fever. His weight is 9.5 KG. From last 1 week he is having severe cold and cough. He makes noise while breathing. First 5 days he had fever as well. Last night he dint sleep as well. Don’t know whether he is feeling difficulty in breathing or some other issue with him. Please suggest so that he doesn’t have this frequent cold, cough and fever. Thanks.

  336. Biplab Dhar says:

    hello doc, I am very disturb from my health. I frequently suffer from sneezing, cough and respiratory problem. whether varies with me, I guess. consulted with almost all the doctors of my locality. but still they are in vain. I need help for this.
    age 24+

  337. Ehindero salimot says:

    My 3years old baby adenoids are large and whenever she is sleeping she snore

  338. Arvind Goenka says:

    Hello sir
    My son is 7 yrs old and he is getting frequent headaches almost daily which lasts for half an
    hour.Kindly suggest some permanent cure for my son and I will be really gratefull to you

  339. Gabriel vanda kassule says:

    my daughter that have 1year and 5 months now have been having fever with cough often what will I do to help her

  340. Saurabh Bhatnagar says:

    I have six year old daughter she is suffering very frequent cold(watery discharge) and throat infection( khansi dry very high). She is suffering from last 3-4 year.
    We tried all sort of allopathic/homeopathy/Ayurvedic treatment in and around delhi.
    But in last we need to go for allopathic treatment for relief. Doctors pricribes her antibiotics every time but then again these things repeat after 10-15 days.
    I m really worried about her I mean what should I do
    Kindly suggest some permanent cure for my daughter I will be really great full to you

  341. Harpreet sodhi says:

    Sir my daughter gets repeated infections of cold and throat pain. I remain tensed.. Usually I have to give her antibiotics which I don’t want to. If I ignore she gets fever.. Ultimately I have to give her antibiotics.. Please tell me some solution..

  342. my brother having from childhood asthma, actually my grandfather,my daddy was asthmatic patient…now my brother is 37 yr old. and he is a alcoholic, eating tobacco he will recover from asthma…can u pls suggest me how much time to take recover…he having sever asthma…..

  343. Sumitra Sharma says:

    Hello Sir,
    Mera ek 7yrs. ka beta hai. usko cough ka problem hai . usko night me 11.00 baje se cough suru hota hai , ekdam dry cough hai . din mey to thik hota hai . aisy dekhney me beta healty hai uska weight 28kgs. hai aur baki koi problem nahi hai. fever bhi nahi hota aur nose running bhi nahi hai.
    iska koi treatment hai jiski bajah mero beta ko cough ka koi prob. nahi hota
    i’ll wair for ur reply sir.

  344. chinmoyi nanda says:

    sir, I have sever throat infection and sever cough and cold from last three months. i used lot of medicines but it not cure. i am a teacher, generally i have to speak in loud voice inside the class room. but now it very difficult for me to speak. i always feel something is there inside my throat . whenever i shallow any food or anything it irritate me .please help me and me that is this disease is spread if i keep contact with my child. tell me what medicine i take to reduce this irritation.

  345. ashok kumar bagga says:

    My grand daughter who is two years & three months old. She gets frequent infection with cold, cough etc. In the last fortnight her infection increased & she got high fever & also a fit. She was taken to hospital & after antibiotic & was feeling much relieved. Day before yester day again she got the fit & was taken to the doctor already treating her ,since birth & after checking ,he said ,she is ok & nothing to worry. Because no fever, very little infection in the throat. She is active otherwise, please advice for help.

  346. Sachin Mukhija says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My son is 6 years old. He has cold which is not getting cured.

    Initially he had barking cough and cold. He took homeopathy medicine for 4 months.
    His cough has subsided but the cold is not getting cured.

    Although his doctor has changed his homeo medicine several times but he is not getting any relief.

    He sneezes a lot (10–15) in the morning and mucus comes out of his nose.
    Please suggest any remedy for him.

  347. My grand daughter is 7 years old. She very frequently gets infection in throat subsequently she has infection/pain in year followed by fever which goes to 101 . Dr advises steam taking and give antibiotic. Some time it is given for about 10 days. Her tonsils also get infected. Dr can you suggest some preventive medicine so that cold is not occurring very frequently. The moment you ask her lunch/ dinner she starts weeping ,nai khana hai, this what keeps crying.
    Awaiting your suggestion/ comments.
    Thanks and regards

  348. dear sir,

    last two week some swelling in my throat and vesicular im throat and pain on tonsons so pls consult me immediate. i take medicine last two weeks.


  349. aastha saxena age 3 year says:

    Rti, with high fever

  350. My son is 4 yrs old n has frequent cough n cold which leads to fever. Please guide me n also recently I am experiencing breathlessness n get tired very easily.

  351. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My seven year old son is frequently getting cold,wheezing and chest congestion,So the doctors
    are giving heavy antibiotics,which leads to stomach upset,gastritis and vomiting.
    Can he have homeopathic medicines for improving his immunity?

  352. shilpi dewan says:

    Hello Dr. sharma,

    My son is 3.5 yrs old and since past 1 yr he is catching cough in every second week. It takes 2 weeks to cure and after he gets well, in 3-4 days he catches cough again. In the beginning I gave him alopathy treatment for 2-3 months but when i saw that his cough is coming again and again I put him on homeopathy treatment, but even after this the situation is same. He is catching cough again and again. please suggest me the right medicines for him and what should be the time gap between 2 dose.

  353. My child is 2.5 years old n is very prone to cough n infections pls do suggest a gd remedy fr my child after evry 15 days he becomes ill n he did nt eat food properly he only depends on milk .pls do help me.

  354. sir
    my son 11 yrs old having frequent throat and lung infections and addicted to antibiotic medicines. how can homeopathy help him?
    yours faithfully

  355. Dr bushra khan says:

    My daughter she is five years old nw at present but frequently falls ill I dont knw whether she is gttn infection in school or gttn infected in means of so worried every 15days she gt high grade fever , foul breathe though I take care ahe brushes properly I gv her good healthy diet I dont wer im missing wer she is gttn unhygienic condition im really worried hw to increase her immune response in her body pl provide me good treatment wich is preferable for her age n should b life helpful to her thnx sir  

  356. subhash tripathi says:

    My daughter 7 yrs old suffers from tonsilitus, we are giving her homeo medicines from qualified doctor, he says, it would be rectified soon. From last 2 yrs we are giving regular medicines, health has improved.
    Do we need operation?

  357. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am writing to you because my son 34 months old has been diagnosed with PFAPA (called periodic fever syndrome). His symptoms are Fever(upto 103), sore (red)throat and swollen lymph nodes in the back of his neck for 3 days. Every month or around 3 weeks he gets this and does not have any other issues. Fever usually peaks during day 2 and we give him acetaminophen and ibuprofen for 2 days. We live in the mid western part of US and doctors say that this is a benign condition and most of the time kids outgrow this when they grow older. We also did a blood exam on him and everything else looked good except the C-reactive protein which was a little on the higher side. Is this condition common with indian kids or in india? We are a pretty healthy family with no serious health conditions on both mom and dads side..Can Homeopathy treat these kind of issues..Please let me know..


  358. Shiela May says:

    To Dr. Sharma. I have 2girls 9years old and 3years old. My elder has an asthma since she was 2years old up to now.and frequent sneezeing.Especially in the morning when wakes up and in the middle of afternoon. How can i use the homeopathy or how could i apply those in my kids.The second was 3years old and sufferingg from drycough with itchy troat.although in her previuos years she had a numonia.
    For now i am searching and brousing the net for possible remedy and what will be the advice from the pediatric expert. I know that always takeng medicine theres a side re actions.please help and advice.thankyou

  359. Hi…
    My son developed asthma 1 year ago after getting his adnoides removed. I eventually seeked the help of a homeopath after seeing the negative effects of the steroids and albuteral treatments. He lives with chronic congestion and when he gets a cold his wheezing is so bad, it’s as though he has an infection in his lungs and the remedies, Kali iod 6, which usually works for his night attacks, does nothing. So I have started the albuteral when it gets bad enough, but even this does not eliminate wheezing and coughing. When he gets this infection it takes days for the wheezing to stop. His nasal congestion never goes away… Worse at night lying down… If there was any advice you can give I would greatly appreciate it.

  360. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My 2.5 years old son is effected twice with febrile seizures(one in 16th months ,second 26th month) . After Second febrile seizure ,he is getting recurring fever on same day every month (around 21st).

    Can you please suggest if we can go with homeopathy ?

    Thanks in advance.

  361. geet malhotra says:

    My 2 and half yr old baby devolpd allergic ciugh 1month back.. I mean it was diagnosd dat he had alleSir
    My 2 and half yr old baby devolpd allergic ciugh 1month back.. I mean it was diagnosd dat he had allergic cough….and all dat hapnd aftr.he had icecream…. Nw too.. 3 days bck he had icecrem and devolpd fever…. Evrytime he had icecream he devlopd fever….kindly suggest to increase immunity… Regards

  362. Aaisha Danish says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am living in Karachi, Pakistan. I have 2 sons. One is of age 3 and small one is of 10 month old. in last 3-4 month, both are getting viral cough and fever again and again, My elder son is going to school so its possible he can catch viral infection but my small son is also attacked with viral fever again and again. by birth , we are always using homeopathy for every problem, but this is the first time , my kids dont have any effect of homeopathy in viral fevers and unfortunately i have to go to helopaths and have to give them antibiotics as their temperature increases uptill 104 – 105 degree, in that case i dont have any choice, Please suggest me some good medicines for kids recurrence viral fever and cough , previously i have used KALOBA, aconite, ferrum phos 6X, and these type of fever medicines but no use. specially what should i give at the time when the temperature is very high, Please i am very tensed about my kids health, kindly suggest the correct medicines. my bigger son is also under weight, at age 3, his weight is 12.5 kg only . please suggest any tonic for both kidz too, Thanks For your time

  363. I have been a victim of this chestic infection ever since I was born. back home they call it KAALI KHANSI, I remember all the neighbours used to be frightened the way I cough. Its loud with much us and with respiratory tube seems like all blocked with muchus.

    I don’t know I was only treated good once by a homeopath. But never found any good treatment and had to rely on anti biotics. I started smoking afterwards and now these days I am coughing like anything. The cough is gone but respiratory tube is like all blockd and I can hear weezy when berating.
    Any good medicine for this situation pleasE? I am based in London.

  364. wajid iqbal. pak.fsd says:

    Hello dr sb,my daughter name is jia,she is 9years old and suffering from flu cough ferver otitismedia loss of epitite and most of the drs are saying this is febrial neutrapenia is requested u that please suggest any homeo medicine thanks and oblige.With best regards.wajid pakistan.

  365. Tofeeq Akhtar says:

    my 5 monthd elder baby suffer from numonia some days ago, now he is better but after every 15 days he suffured from chest complaints. which is difficult breathing, stoped nose, and take cold easily. he sleeps without any covering. please suggest a best single remedy.
    Tofeeq Akhtar

  366. Neelamjain says:

    Hello sir , my kid had dengue last September , after that she is catching fever every month end which last for 5 days. Last month when she caught fever , on 5 the day iwent to homeopathy and he said she is having tonsils and coz of that she is getting back the temp and he suggested medicine . I am giving medicine but after one month she caught back the fever and I went back to homeopathy and he gave the medicine for it . Today is5 the day still she us having fever , please suggest me some medicine because I don’t warn to give allopathy and please tell me something to increase her immune system

  367. Hello Dr.
    I have a 5yrs old daughter , she frequently gets throat infections. she tries to control herself not to eat oranges , curd , cucumber as she often gets throat infection but now she is like fed of taking medicines ( allopathy)and listening to me and avoiding her favourite things. Dr. Please guide me how to build her immune power naturally so that she stay healthy. I shall be grateful to you for the reply at the earliest convenience.
    Thank u

  368. My child is 5 yrs old and often catches up with cold and cough. Kindly suggest me the best medicine in Homeo to increase her immunity against infections.


  369. Hi Dr.

    My 3.5 year old gets frequent cold, please suggest what can I do to make his immune system strong.

    Also I got frequent tonsils and redness in throat, when I eat some oily food or cold food my throat get affected. Please suggest any medicine, I am 29 years old, having one 3.5 year old son.

    Thanks in advance

  370. Dear Sir,

    I have a 4 year old daughter who is undergoing homeopathic treatment for the past 8 months for recurrent cold-cough. Almost every month she is down with cold-cough still. I wanted to know how long it will take for these medicines to completely cure her. Also what can she be given to improve her immunity?

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Iyer

  371. my son has a problem of reccurent attack of cough and fever. i m a homoeopath . i had tried bell200 bryonia 200 30 pulsetilla 30 . but no result at all. it progrss same as before that and finally resulting to tosilitis . and i have to gave antibiotic to cure fever and tonsilitis. i dont understand what to do/

  372. Hello Sir

    my child suffering mostly cold cough season change. I want to know which medicine we use for her treatment pl tell me.

  373. my self Tanweer Khan age 32 Year living in Bangalore Belongs from north India.geting Respiratory problem in neck in night .and getting cough and too much cough after eating anythings .plz tell me which medicine suitable for me.and cold .also coughis coming stop in neck geting trouble.

  374. Dear sir, I am a student of nephew (age 45 days) suffering from respiratory problem.during sleeping he makes a sound.sound create when he take breath and only during sleep.for this he can’t sleep well and cry.he disturbs his mother much.during breathing his thorax seems moving up down with difficaulty.after birth 3 rd day he feeded goats milk(not boil) .he suffered with urination(no urine pass 2 days) but I cured it by aconite also suffering from slight cold. before its birth (1 year) its mother was a aconite mind patient.but I cured her by aconite- sulpher- ignesia completely. sir now how can I help the baby.pls give me suggestion.thank u very much

  375. my four year old daughter has severe dental problem due to bottle feeding. she also had pain in the last week for which the doctor temporarily gave antibiotics and has suggested root canal treatment. am not able to convince myself about the pain that will follow the therapy. can homeo treatment help at this stage?

  376. I.V.Lakshmi Prasad says:

    Sir,Hearty Namaskarams

    Frequently occuring cold and severe phlegm (yellowish mucus coming from nose and mouth) – request for homeopathy medicine

    Thanking you

    Lakshmi Prasad I.V

  377. sanjeev oberoi says:

    I read your article regarding infections in kids that occur very frequently. I have exactly the same situation with my son. He has been getting sick very frequently. In and out of hospital with serious allergies/infections at least twice a year. According to doctors it is because of his weaker immune system. he is on lot of meds and is only 3.5 yr old. We consulted Homeopathic Physician Dark Roy in Faridabad and he is assuring that my son will cure soon as we are building his immune system.

    Last week he was crying badly for Ear pain and throat pain ,we consulted again Dr Roy, and he is on Homeopathy medicine for last 7 days. I am worried that whether Ear /Throat infection will completely cure from Homeopathy medicine or do we need to consult ENT Specialist. Moreover his cough is On and Off and its been 1.5 months its coming and going. Please suggest am I right here or do I need to take my son for full Body checkups. Some Dr said that he is having problem of Brono and allergic to Dust so she gave my son Nebulisation for 5 times a day.

    I am really feeling very bad for my son as we are not getting a solution for his health.

    Please suggest

  378. GVGK Nair says:

    Dear Sir, I am seeking your advice for recurrence of fever in every month in my grand son aged 15 months. Last month all tests were done and as per child specialist it was diagnosed as bacterial infection of tonsillitis. Antibiotics were given. Again after a week he had again fever with cold and cough. Being a child there is no other option but to nebulae to get the sputum. Please advise whether nose block and sputum can be treated with homeopathy.

  379. Jitender says:

    Hello air
    I have a throat infection and synus from last 10 years.
    I used many alopathic anti-biotic medicine
    But no such result coming.
    Pls give me solution on permanent cure in Homeo

  380. Dr. Sudershan Kumar Jatana says:

    My grandson, aged 4 now, suffers from recurrent attacks of cold, with loud barking cough and generally gets high fever, generally due to exposure to cold weather. Cough mostly starts during evening to night to midnight to mornings!

    Today, he still has croup (barking cough) with high fever of 102 degree.

    Since last night, we have given him one dose of Spongia Tosta 200 followed by Hep Sulph 200 after 3 hours. Generally, he responds to this treatment; but today he is not! Ultimately, his parents have resorted to anti biotic, since this afternoon!

    Obviously, he has weak immune system. I would request you to kindly suggest to me the line of treatment for the current condition and also please advise to me for the appropriate remedies for improving his immune system vis a vis health.

    For immunity improement, to me two remedies come to my mind

    Calc Phos 6 X and Ocimum Sanctum.

    I have with me good number of homeo and bio chemic remedies.

    I will highly appreciate your advice ASAP!


    He is generally on homeo medicines but we sometimes resort to anti biotic!

    He was, otherwise, allergic to so many foods etc. Now allergic to only peanuts and egg. The remaining allergies are gone.

    Mentally and physically very active, though with thin physique. Sometimes, he is very aggressive and will hit with anything!

    He does not like sweet things; normal thirst.

  381. jatinder lumb says:

    i read your article regarding infections in kids that occur very frequently.i have exactly the same situation with my nephew. he been getting sick very frequently. in and out of hospital with serious allergies/infections atleast twice a year.according to doctors it is because of his weaker immune system.he is on lot of meds and is only 6yr old.what would you suggest the best medicine for his case.
    jatinder lumb

  382. Doctor my son is 4 year old and he suffers from cough and cold every few months. I give him proper diet but he is too skinny. He has tonsils and i had got him checked. Our doctor says that his tonsils are not infectious. Please prescribe some medicine for him.

  383. Dr gaurav says:

    Hello sir, i need ur help as my 3 yr old is getting recurrent u.r.i with fever since last 2 months. He is getting it every 10 days.he is takin homeopathy since last 2 weeks n shown important n now today again he complain of left ear ache,mild cold n developed fever. Plz help .thanx dr gaurav b.a.m.s ph.9996613551

  384. harshita dandgey says:

    i am a student of commerce . from last 1year i am learning karnatack music from 3days igot throat pain and cough so suggest me medicine.

  385. THIRUMALAI says:

    I am suffering from frequent throat infection which includes redness of throat and pain.After in take of homeopathic medicine several times there was no improvement.suggest me the correct medicines and the procedure to take it and my age is 61.

  386. Dear Sir
    My six year old son is frequently getting cold,wheezing and chest congestion,So the doctors
    are giving heavy antibiotics,which leads to stomach upset,gastritis and vomiting.
    Can he have homeopathic medicines for improving his immunity?

    • s.chowdhuri says:

      I am 26 Year Old , Rgesiding in bangalore. I Have To Travel in Crowded bus every day Morning-evening For My Job. My office is airconditioned , Without any window.
      I often suffer dry cough With itching In throat. My tonsil glands are removed Some five Years back.
      Gargling With betadine gives reilief but after three days Conditions are same again.
      Change of season affects more.
      Kindly help me with some easy homoeo Solution to Get rid of this problem.

  387. Utkarsh Mehta says:

    I am a 14 year old boy and have always been siffering from tonsillitis.My tonsils are always enlarged and frequently get inflamed and develop white spots.Please help.

  388. adarsh Singh says:

    Should i insist my kids homeopath to prescribe tinchers that can be bought off the shelf, diluted and given or are the doctor made medicines reliable/better? how long wold it take for a homeopathic medicine to show effect ina case like sore throat

  389. my child gowtham,4yrs old is suffering from cold every 15 days,it always ends in severe cough,occ means 3 or 4times he has breathlessness too.i take care of him without giving cold items,not exposing to much dust but still he suffers from it.he never have runny nose,much sneezing but little itching of nose and directly cough.
    another important thing is he develops cough if he takes milk 2-3days milk regularly.every time he cries loudly he coughs and vomits.i think sir u can help me.thank you.

  390. my son 5yr suffering from numonia from 3yrs, now his eyes got infection. Is there any problem?

    • Nisarg patel says:

      hello sir.
      my daughter is 3 years and 9 months old. she gets ill very frequently in condition such as rejoining to school, sudden changes in atmosphere, mixed season, use of cold products for more days. Every time we go to doctor he diagnosis it as viral infection indicating infection in throat. initially there comes discharge from her nose than wheezing and fever. fever gets high upto 102_103. All the times doctor prescribes antibiotics . We complete the course and gets recover. Some days after she gets sick again. She is also not interested much in eating. her body looks pale indicating lack of nutrition. now I am having new born boy of 3 months.

      so I need help from your side. Please guide me for following.
      1. which homeopathy drugs should I give to my children to boost their immunity? I am sick of these antibiotics and don’t want them any more

      2. which medicines should be given at the time of infection upon appearance of disease symptoms?? if drugs have to bet given in some order also suggest.

      3. can anything be done to improve her interest in eating?

      4. is their any medicines to increase her concentration in study? and also to remove her shy nature? she is pretty clever but feels shy to interact.

      5 she gets skin problems due to insect and mosquito bites. After bite having constant itching until blood comes. and as a result of this she is having so many scars on her leg looking ugly. can anything be done by homeopathy for this????

      hope you will reply me as soon as possible guiding me how to overcome this all problems. trust me I have great faith in homeopathy even though I am pharmacist. and my child also likes such medicines.

      will be thankful to you sir

  391. Hello Sir
    main janna chahte hu ki homeopathic treatment me koi aisa treatment hai
    jisse ke 9 year ke baby girl ke kanno ki machine hatai ja sakti hai or woh baby
    ek normal baby ki tarha sab kuch sun sakech
    kya aap mere is problem ka kuch solution homepathic treatment se de sakte hai
    Sir main aap ki reply ki wait karugi
    Manju Madaan

    • Sheena Nayyar says:

      Hello Doctor,

      My daughter is 3 yrs and 8 months old. From past 1 year, she has fallen sick many times with high fever and chest infection.
      I gave her augmentin antibiotic as the doctor suggested because her leukocytes count was extremely high (once 13, 700 and another time 17000) when we got her CBC Test done. She diagnosed negative for malaria, typhoid and any other disease.

      From past 15 days she has fallen sick again after completing 6 days course of augmentin.

      She compains of body pain, headache, stomach ache, pain in eyes and she has high fever (101.5).

      Her HB Level has also dropped inspite of iron tonics.

      Please suggest me when can I come to see you as I am very concerned about her frequent sickness.

      Thankyou very much

      • Saurabh Bhatnagar says:

        I have six year old daughter she is suffering very frequent cold(watery discharge) and throat infection( khansi dry very high). She is suffering from last 3-4 year.
        We tried all sort of allopathic/homeopathy/Ayurvedic treatment in and around delhi.
        But in last we need to go for allopathic treatment for relief. Doctors pricribes her antibiotics every time but then again these things repeat after 10-15 days.
        I m really worried about her I mean what should I do
        Kindly suggest some permanent cure for my daughter I will be really great full to you

        • kavita singh says:

          Hello dr my 5year old daughter suffering very frequent cold and throat infection( dry kkhansi very high). She is suffering with this by birth
          We tried all sort of allopathic/homeopathy/Ayurvedic treatment in and around delhi.
          But in last we need to go for allopathic treatment for relief. Doctors pricribes her antibiotics every time but then again these things repeat sometime 10-15 days or somtime after one month.
          I m really worried about her I mean what should I do
          Kindly suggest some permanent cure for my daughter I will be really great full to you

        • Mrs Mahima Santosh Kumar says:

          hello doctor,
          I have an adopted girl child who is 4+.Ever since she has come she has itching in her ears.Sometimes it is before bed time.But some times it occurs in between also.She is a hyperactive child.But also has the problem of bed wetting.I have been giving her enukind but I have noticed that because she scared of insects and animals(dogs,cats) in general if she sees them she wets the bed the time being (in between 12 pm to 2).I generally stop her fluids before 7 pm and ask her to use the washroom before going to bed and also wake her up during night when she moves or sound of teeth.Can u suggest homeopathic medicine for her.I will be really very grateful.

          • Sir my son is 2yrs & 9mnths old.she is always having cough and cold followed by fever(sometimes).This happens to him in every 2 mnths or as soon as there is a change in weather. His nose also use to get blocked and this problem gets tougher when he sleeps,her nose is so badly blocked that she use to breathe by mouth and thus not able to sleep properly. So i kindly request you to suggest which homoeopathy medicines should be given to her,Thankyou

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