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Best Homeopathic Medicines to Remove Scars

The marks left on the skin at the site of injury or wound as a part of the healing process are known as scars. Homeopathy works very well to treat skin conditions like scars. The homeopathic medicines for scars are of natural origin and help dissolve the scars formed on the site of injury. The associated symptoms like itching and burning are also well-managed with these remedies. Homeopathy works on all kinds of scars that result from burns, scalds, injuries, cuts, and wounds. Also, keloids and acne scars can also be effectively treated with homeopathy.

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Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Scars.

Homeopathic medicines for Scars

The homeopathic medicines that are most prominent for scar treatment include Thiosinaminum, Calendula, Causticum, Fluoric Acid, Graphites, Kali Bromatum, Silicea and Calcarea Fluor. The characteristic feature for these medicines are discussed as follows:

Thiosinaminum – Homeopathic Medicine for Scars

Thiosinaminum is one of the best homeopathic medicine for scars. Wounds with excessive scar tissue formation can be well-treated with this remedy, as it helps dissolve scars. Scars arising both externally and internally in the body can be treated with Thiosinaminum. Thiosinaminum also works well for treating strictures in various body parts, like urethra, rectum, bowel, and esophagus that may occur after scar formation.

Calendula –Natural Medicine for Scars after Injury or Wounds

Calendula is a natural homeopathic remedy for treating scars. It promotes the absorption of scars arising from injuries, wounds, cuts, lacerations and surgical incisions.
It can also be a preventive homeopathic medicine that can help reduce the chances of scar formation following an injury. If taken well in time, Calendula promotes good healing with healthy granulation and prevents the formation of scars in most cases.

Causticum – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Scars Following Burns OR Scalds

Causticum is an effective homeopathic medicine for treating scars that help absorb scar tissues that are formed after burns or scalds. Causticum is also useful to aid quick recovery in burns that are slow to heal. Another major guiding feature to use Causticum is reopening of the old scars at the injury sites that were previously healed.

Fluoric Acid – Natural Remedy for Scars that itch

Fluoric Acid is another homeopathic medicine for scars where the person feels a constant urge to itch the site. Worsening of itching from warmth is noted in most individuals needing this remedy. The skin may also be quite dry in such subjects. Another feature that may be present is pimples around the scar. Scars becoming red around the edges is also a key feature for using Fluoric Acid in cases of scars.

Graphites – Natural Treatment of Scars with Marked Burning

Graphites is a well-indicated homeopathic remedy for scars where there is intense burning. In such cases, Graphites serves to reduce pain as well as dissolve the scar tissue. Along with the above features, the skin may be very rough and dry. Early stages of keloid scar formation can also be handled with this remedy. Old scars that have a tendency to become cancerous can also be treated well with Graphites.

Kali Bromatum – Effective Natural Remedy for Acne Scars

Kali Bromatum is an effective homeopathic medicine for scars that are left behind by acne. Kali Bromatum works well to clear up acne scars that result from acne simplex, indurated acne, and pustular acne. These acne scars may be present on the face, shoulders or chest.

Silicea – Natural Medicine for Keloid Scars

Silicea is an effective homeopathic treatment for the treatment of keloid scars that helps effectively dissolve keloid scars. It works well to treat cases where the keloid scars have a tendency to suppurate, i.e, form pus. It can also be used to treat old scars that suddenly become painful. Formation of keloids at the site of injections or vaccinations also indicates the need for Silicea. An increased tendency to sweat may also be present along with these symptoms.

Calcarea Fluor – Natural Cure for Scars that are Hard to Touch

Calc Fluor is homeopathic medicine for scars that are hard or indurated. In most cases, the edges are found to be hard and elevated. Calcarea Fluor aids in favorable softening and absorption of the scar tissue. Cracks and dryness on the skin may also be present in people needing Calcarea Fluor.

The Different Types of Scars

Formation of scars occurs in almost all injuries, except for the ones that are very minute. They can even form inside the body, for example, after an organ surgery, or outside the body on the skin as a result of injuries, wounds, or diseases like chicken pox. The reason behind scar formation is the replacement of the normal skin tissue by collagen (protein in the body) at the site of injury. The various type of scars includes flat scars, keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, and pitted scars. Scars are usually flat in appearance. Initially, they are reddish and tend to turn pale over a period. Itching may also accompany the scars. In some cases, the collagen content exceeds the amount than what is needed to heal the scar resulting in a raised scar known as a keloid scar.
Another type of scar arising from increased collagen formation is known as a hypertrophic scar. The differentiating feature between keloid scar and a hypertrophic scar is that the keloid scars spread beyond the boundary of the injured skin site while hypertrophic scars don’t spread beyond the natural border of the injury site. Apart from these, the scars that form after healing of acne or chicken pox may result in pitted scars on the skin.

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  1. Parmjit Singh Lubana says:

    Dear sir
    I met with anaccident and had forehead injury . I had 5 to 6 stitches and after the stitches were removed, it left mark on my forehead. If you can kindly suggest some remedy. I can even send the photographs .
    Warm Regards

  2. good day i am a girl with many wounds and injury all over my body
    please i need a natural remedy for this
    i behave like a boy and have so many scars
    i want to be a girly girl agin but this scars are my problems

  3. How can I remove my chicken pox scar and how can I open my pores

  4. Hi can I use silicea or thiosinaminum for dissolving scares post ulcerative colitis or ulceration of intestines

  5. Pankaj saini says:

    Ma’am , mujhe Peyronie’s ho gya h . Penis me ganth ho gyi h iska medicine btaye

  6. Shahid Ahmed says:

    Please suggest Homeo medicine of scars caused by old cut in skin on face

  7. Anand Tripathi says:

    Fibrocystic scars on penis due to badly masturbation and injury at the age of 14 plz suggest me medicine mai surgery nhi karwana chahta hai

  8. I have 3 years old chicken pox scar on my face i want to treat it please suggest me homeopathy medicines


  10. Constance Balides says:

    I have areas if darkened skin for example on my inner arms from morphea as well as very thin and wrinkled skin in the crease in my inner arm. Are there topicals that can lighten these areas of excess collagen? Restore moisture permanently?

  11. Hi Dr. What homeopathic would be indicated for

  12. Hello doctor I had chicken pox 5-6 years ago… I have scars still on my face can u tell if these can be treated totally with the homeopathic medicine or not..

    • Mrs.Joshi says:

      My son had chicken pox last year but due to lockdown we couldn’t consult proper he has scars on his face.plz guide me how to solve this problem

  13. Mariska Molenaar says:

    Hello Dr. SHARMA,
    my problem is very weird.
    I have been using a sex toy for many years, which contained chemicals and was made of plastic.
    6 years ago cords developed in the adipose tissue. It started in the lower abdomen and now has spread. Through oral sex the head/neck/face area got affected as well. The second thing is that at a young age I fell on a rod men’s bicycle, so maybe an injury/trauma is the cause.
    Please could you advice me.
    Thank you in advance.
    Kind regards.
    Mariska Molenaar

    • Md faizan alam says:

      Hello Dr. My problem is that two years ago many noduler acnes are appear on my face and this result many scar so advise me which homoeopathic medicine is best for me.

  14. Rupai Baidya says:

    My daughter is 4 yrs ,7 months old. One year 6 months ago she met an accident at home, and severely injured on the forehead. She needed surgical stitches. Now there is a little deep surgical mark. Is there any homeo medicine to diminish this mark? Please suggest me.

  15. Yashwant says:

    Hello Dr.
    My son (age 5.5) had 5 stiches on upper lips 3 weeks back. The wound is completely healed now however there is formation of raised portion at the joining of lip cuts and the surrounding area (1.5 cm x 1.5 cm) becomes very hard which lost the flexibility of lips in that area. Could you please let me know is there any homeopathic treatment to soften this area & flatten the raised portion.

    Thank you

  16. what is the best remedy for pitted chickenpox scaring

  17. Preeti Mogali says:

    Hello sir,My husband suffering from keloids on chest since very painful n suppurating tends to itch n sensitive to touch. He is diabetic since 7yrs.plz reply me the remedy.

  18. what is the homeopathic
    remedy for pitted scars from chickenpox

  19. Sir,
    I am a 25 yr old girl. During childhood I sustained injury on my forehead which left a scar. Last year I got it repaired by a plastic surgeon who did revision surgery and removed the scars.
    Now the operated site though is less but is still slightly elevated , mildly hyperpigmented and visible from a distance. It’s neither hypertrophic nor keloid. It’s a flat linear scar with margins slightly elevated which makes the scar noticeable.
    May I request you to suggest me an effective homeopathy medicine which will make scar invisible.
    Email ID:

  20. Sir plz guide about the burn from concentrated suphuric acid.. Prominent burn on the face.. Please

  21. Hi Dr. Sharmw-
    I have scar tissue in my retina after having an eye stroke (BRVO). My central vision is effected also by macula edema. Do you have any ideas for me?

    • Habib ur rahman chowdhury says:

      I had a cataract surgery on my left eye. But there was bleeding on my retina. Again blood removed from retina but latter eye pressure went high, again surgery pressure become normal, but I got severe infection in the cornea. After putting antibiotic drops it heals ,leaving a big scar in the retina. Now I can’t see. Any remedy in homeopathic medicines.
      Habib chowdhury
      California usa.

  22. I am suffering with bent pennis more than 30 degree left side. With no pain and pain full erection. Its length decreased due to bending age 53

    • Sir i am facing scars due to chicken pox 2 year older . Not yet recovered now i am using a homeopathic medicine name is aquifolium cream but dont find any recovery , plz help i am 21 years age.

    • Same problem, painful erection, curved left and bend downwards too. No chance of intercourse due to pain.
      No libido no desire. Very weak erection.
      Used picric acid, Thiosinaminam, cladium, Arnica, capsicum nd Conium but results yet.

  23. Patricia Vrana says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I had been using homeopathic for years and still use nosodes on my 3 horses but since my Holistic Veternarian has since passed away I do not have access and information I once had. I do have many scars and types but am particularly interested in the proper one for my lungs as I have COPD and have been told
    I have a lot of scarring in my lungs from so many bouts of bronchitis etc as until the last few years as I never smoked a cigarette in my life but for most of my life was exposed to second hand smoke many times a day for most of my life. Plus have allergies to pets and dust. Now after an auto accident which put me in the hospital they said I would need to go on oxygen at least part time. Any suggestions and where to obtain the remedy if is one will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  24. Would thiosinaminum work for dissolving old scar tissue (30 plus years), formed from removal of a cyst in

    the back of the neck. If so, how much potency is needed and for how long.

  25. Hi mam,
    Since 5 years I’ve problem of pimples.. and now I Also got acne scars on my face.. those scars are highly visible on my face which tends to loose my self confidence.. can you please suggest me any remedy for those scars

  26. Debbie VerSteeg says:

    In April of 2014, I had a lumpectomy for a .18mm tumor (malignant). The incision was horizontal, about 1.5″ at 12 o’clock on left breast, about 1.5″ above the nipple. Now, after almost 6 years, what I’m assuming is scar tissue has formed inside the breast and has pulled the entire nipple in (making the breast look like a bagel). You can barely see the scar now…it’s right above the nipple. The tip of the nipple is the only thing left to see. Now the tissue under my arm is beginning to pull in and pucker. The pain is sometimes excruciating…wakes me up at night, and itches as well.

    Almost 2 years ago I had surgery for another malignant tumor (different kind of breast cancer) on the right breast. I haven’t taken any standard treatment for either but get an A/O Scan every 6 months – none of which have indicated any cancer present.

    I have used Theosinaminum 6X, going through about 6, 80 pellet vials without any relief. Do you think I should continue?

    Now that I have Medicare, I am also considering a mastectomy (what the surgeon recommended after the 2nd cancer) & reconstructive surgery using my own tissue. Would this help? What is your opinion?

    What can I do? Do you think the surgery would help? Or would that be a question for a plastic surgeon?

  27. Please tell me the potency and how long it will take.

  28. Sulakshana Mittal says:

    hi Doctor,

    I has a a boil some years(4 years) back on my face. The boil was released water. At that time , I used an allopathic ointment as recommended my doctor. The boil healed but it left a depressed face scar. The scar has lightened over the year but it still looks discolored and looks bad on my face. Is there a remedy to remove the scar.

  29. Tapan S Mukherjee says:

    Dear Dr Sharm,
    My Mother had gone Hip Surgery last 6 months ago. But still some Stitches are there and water and puss is oozing out… No Pain, no itching…
    Plz suggest … the medicine… also your fee… I will transfer online…

    • Pabitra rupini says:

      I have chicken pox old scar i want to know homeopathic permanent pox scar remove iam waiting your response 🤝

  30. My baby is four and half year’s old…he had a small stich mark on his forehead. Its only seven days old.Sir can you tell which homeopathy medicine is best for him hand the dosages.

  31. I have burn and stitch scars which is 10 years old how can I get cure from that scars. Can I go with plastic surgery or is there any medication in homeo. Please help me.

  32. J Harischandra says:

    I am having few keloid scars and still growing bigger and also new one started to appear, can you help me to find good solutions?

    • Md faizan alam says:

      Hello Dr. My problem is that two years ago many noduler acnes are appear on my face and this result many scar so advise me which homoeopathic medicine is best for me.

  33. I have both hypo- and hyperpigmentation from scars. Many sad years of dermotillamania.
    Any suggestion on how to improve my skin color? Spots of white and red all over my arms.

    Any ideas are very much appreciated.

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