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Senile Dementia: 8 Effective Homeopathic Remedies to Halt Memory Decline

Senile dementia refers to a decline in memory and other thinking skills that are associated with old age. Senile dementia is majorly due to atrophy of the brain (causing Alzheimer’s – type dementia) and stroke. Homeopathic medicines for senile dementia aim to halt the further progression of the condition, help prevent further worsening of memory and also help treat attending depression, anxiety, and mood swings.     homeopathic medicines for senile dementia

The major symptoms of senile dementia include – forgetfulness, memory loss, difficulty reasoning, difficulty in communication, difficulty to find simple words, trouble understanding others, difficult coordination, difficulty in planning / solving problems, confusion and disorientation. Other attending symptoms to above include depression, anxiety, agitation, irritability, change in personality/behavior, rapid mood swings, suspiciousness and loss of ability to do everyday tasks( like brushing, eating, taking a bath).

Homeopathic Medicines for Senile Dementia

There is a great scope to treat senile dementia in homeopathy. These medicines are of natural origin and treat senile dementia in a very safe, effective manner without any side effects. These medicines for senile dementia are selected individually for every case based upon the symptom picture.

1. Anacardium – Top Medicine for Senile Dementia

Anacardium is prepared from the layer of nut between shell and kernel of a plant named Anacardium Orientale of the natural order Anacardiaceae. Anacardium is a top listed remedy for treating cases of senile dementia. The person needing Anacardium suffers from marked forgetfulness, he retains nothing in the memory and doesn’t remember anything. He tends to forget the names of the near and dear ones and is unable to recognize those around him. The mind gets weak and dull and the person may become low-spirited, sad and loses appetite. The person may also talk constantly in a senseless manner and may be highly irritable, scream loudly with a tendency to turn violent frequently.

2. Conium – For Senile Dementia with Poor Memory

Conium is a very useful medicine for senile dementia. People needing this medicine have a poor memory and cannot recollect things, particularly dates. They also have difficulty in understanding, difficult comprehension and have marked confusion. Communication may also be hard, and they are unable to express themselves correctly. It is difficult for them to fix their mind on a single subject, their mind is dull, stupefied, tired, and feels numb. They may often show marked indifference, and be irritable with a tendency to lose their temper. Involuntary laughing and weeping may also prevail with above symptoms in some cases where Conium is indicated.

3. Baryta Carb – For Senile Dementia with Marked Forgetfulness and Difficult Communication

Baryta Carb is next highly beneficial medicine for senile dementia with marked forgetfulness and difficult communication. There is forgetfulness while speaking. The person forgets even the most familiar words while speaking. He also forgets what has just been said by him. Whatever he has done and about to do are also forgotten as well. He also makes great effort to recollect past but all in vain. The person is also absent-minded and confused. Understanding and reasoning ability are also decreased.

4. Alumina – For Forgetfulness, Confusion, Difficult Speech in Senile Dementia

Alumina is well-indicated medicine for forgetfulness and confusion of mind in senile dementia. Alumina suits where a person forget things and has difficulty to follow a train of thoughts and makes mistakes in speech. He answers questions very slowly or gives vague replies. The person also lacks the ability to think clearly and in a coherent manner. He also does everything in a hasty and hurried way. Apart from above sadness also arises especially in the morning.

5. Cannabis Indica – For Senile Dementia with Forgetfulness while Speaking

Cannabis Indica is a suitable medicine for senile dementia with forgetfulness while speaking. It is indicated where the person forgets his last words in speech. He tends to begin speaking a sentence but is unable to finish because of sudden forgetfulness. The mind gets foggy with poor concentration. He talks in an incoherent and unclear way. A heaviness of head may attend. Sometimes uncontrollable laughter may also be present.

6. Arsenic Album – For Senile Dementia with Anxiety

Arsenic Album is prominently indicated for senile dementia with attending anxiety. In cases where Arsenic Album is indicated, there is a loss of memory and marked anxiety. Marked restlessness also attends where persons move from place to place and cannot rest anywhere. Thoughts that the disease is incurable appears constantly in mind. Fear of death is another accompanying symptom. Intense prostration is felt too.

7. Aurum Met – For Senile Dementia with Depression

Use of Aurum Met is considered in cases of senile dementia with attending depression. The key features to use Aurum Met are weak memory, absent-mindedness, forgetfulness with depression. Along with this person remains sad, melancholic with weeping tendency and thoughts of suicide. He desires to remain alone.

8. Ignatia – For Senile Dementia when Sudden Mood Swings Attend

Ignatia is prepared from seeds of a plant named Ignatia Amara of the natural order of this plant is Loganiaceae. Ignatia is helpful for cases of senile dementia where the memory becomes weak and the person has sudden mood swings. The person in one moment may be sad, crying and the next moment be happy, laughing. These moods tend to alternate in a quick, rapid manner. Along with this person is very nervous, sensitive and highly irritable. Marked mental and physical weakness appear with the above complaints.

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