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Supportive Homeopathic Treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis 

Pulmonary tuberculosis refers to an infection of the lungs caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is a contagious infection that spreads easily from an infected person to a healthy person. A person can get infected by breathing in air droplets exhaled from an infected person during coughing, sneezing or laughing. Homeopathic treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis offers supportive treatment and is recommended along with conventional treatment. 
Pulmonary tuberculosis

The chances of catching this infection is high in people who are exposed to persons having TB,  who live in crowded places and where hygiene is not properly maintained.

Not everyone who is exposed to this infection gets sick. In most persons, after entry of the germs in the body, the infection is kept under control and prevented from spreading by the immune system. Such people are said to have latent TB (means they don’t get any symptoms and are not contagious). But a person carrying this bacteria who does not develop symptoms still has latent TB (means the infection stays inactive for years). It may reactivate and develop into active TB in which the bacteria multiplies and leads to signs and symptoms of the infection. In the stage of active TB, a person is contagious. Risk of reactivation is high in persons having weak immune systems (as from diabetes, chronic steroid use, chemotherapy),  elderly people, infants, in those who smoke, people having some autoimmune disorder and persons with kidney disease.


Symptoms develop gradually. The main symptoms are cough lasting for a minimum three weeks duration, coughing up phlegm, coughing up blood,  chest pain and breathing difficulty. The general symptoms that are present with these includes fever, chills, night sweats, an unexplained weight loss, appetite loss, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. The symptoms are present in the active TB stage. There are s=no symptoms in the latent stage.  

If it is not treated correctly in time then it can cause permanent damage to lungs. It can also spread to other organs  (spine, brain, heart or liver) and cause its damage and even life threatening problems. 

Supportive Homeopathic Treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis 

Homeopathy plays a supportive role in case of tuberculosis along with conventional mode for managing its symptoms. Homeopathic medicines help to manage its signs and symptoms including cough, chest pain, mild breathing difficulty, fever, chills, night sweats, weight loss, appetite loss, fatigue and vomiting. These medicines work by boosting the body’s immune system to fight with the infection. These medicines are recommended only when the symptoms are of mild to moderate intensity and not in severe cases. The homeopathic medicine for symptom management of TB needs to be carefully selected depending on the symptoms of an individual. Tuberculosis is a serious disease and it can have life threatening complications. So it is strictly advised to use any homeopathic medicines under the supervision of a homeopathic doctor who can after detailed case study prescribe the best suitable medicine for a case. In no case self prescription should be done. It is also strictly noted that homeopathic medicines should be taken along with conventional treatment and in no case considered a substitute for conventional treatment given in Tuberculosis. 

  1. Tuberculinum – Top Grade Medicine

It is a leading medicine in homeopathy for these cases. In cases needing it there is dry, hard, hacking cough. It is present throughout the day but gets worse during sleep. Profuse sweating is present with this. Next there is weight loss. Excessive exhaustion attends it. Tiredness is present all the time. 

  1. Hepar Sulph – For Initial Stage

This medicine is mostly helpful in the initial stage of tuberculosis. The symptoms indicating its use are cough, stitching pain in the chest and oppression of breathing. Cough is hoarse, loose and rattling. It is attended with thick yellow expectoration. It can be bloody also. Along with cough suffocative attacks can be present.

  1. Stannum Met – For Cough, Weakness, Weight Loss

This is a well indicated medicine for cases in which there is cough, weakness and weight loss. In cases needing it the cough is attended with copious, greenish, or yellowish coloured expectoration. It has an offensive taste.  Sometimes there is tough glairy mucus mixed with pus. In the morning the expectoration is easy but it is difficult in the evening and at night. Cough is very exhausting and continues day and night. Along with this fever is present. Shivering during the day occurs. Night sweats are also there. Difficulty in breathing may also be present. This is worse from motion. Marked prostration, tiredness are there that compels the person to stay in bed.  Weakness of limbs, pain in all limbs, weakness in chest, paleness, weight loss are there with above symptoms.

  1. Spongia – For Cough, Weakness and Breathing Difficulty

It is a suitable medicine when there is cough, weakness and breathing difficulty. Cough is dry, hacking type where it is required. It worsens from evening to midnight. It is also worse from cold air exposure and from talking. Eating or drinking relieves the cough. The breathing difficulty is worse  when lying down. Exhaustion attends it. It is felt after every exertion.

  1. Phosphorus – For Blood Stained Spit 

This medicine is prominently indicated for cases in which there is blood stained expectoration.  Along with this cough and soreness in the chest is present. Easy fatigue, weight loss is also there. Fever and night sweats attend above symptoms. Other than this it is also indicated for expectoration of pus which is salty to taste or copious yellow phlegm.

  1. Iodum – For Excessive Weight Loss 

This medicine is important for cases in which weight loss is excessive. With this there is almost continuous fever and profuse night sweats. Cough is present which is a short, irritating type. It is worse at night time. Cough is accompanied with tough, stringy and blood streaked expectoration. Pressure and heaviness on the chest occurs with above symptoms. Difficulty breathing from least exertion or talking may also be present. Debility and weakness are there in addition to above symptoms.

  1. Calcarea Carb – For Cough and Chest Constriction

It is valuable medicine for cases in which cough and chest constriction are present. For using it the cough is loose with rattling in the chest. Profuse sputum is expectorated with cough. It is  whitish – yellow coloured. It is pus-like and mostly occurs in the morning. The cough produces a headache in the frontal part of the head. With this there is oppression or constriction of the chest. It is relieved by drawing shoulders backward. Lastly there may be chest pain on inspiration. Along with above symptoms the chest may be painfully sensitive to touch.

  1. Drosera – For Cough and Chest Pain

This medicine is prepared from a plant named Drosera Rotundifolia commonly known as round – leaved sundew. This plant belongs to the family droseraceae. Use of this medicine is indicated when there is cough with chest pain. Cough is violent in cases that require this medicine. With cough there is spitting of blood and pus. Additionally, a foul pus-like taste is present in the mouth.

  1. Kali Carb – When there is Cough and Stitching Pain in Chest

It is an important medicine when there is a cough and stitching pain in the chest. Cough is exhausting where this medicine is required.  With cough there is profuse expectoration of whitish yellow pus or of green coloured scabs. Whistling and wheezing in the chest may also occur. Cough worsens from any exertion. Loss of appetite and weight loss attends these symptoms. In addition to this fever, sweating in the morning and night is present. Chills may be felt in the afternoon 

  1. Ferrum Met – With Cough, Weight Loss and Vomiting

This medicine is used when there is cough, weight loss and vomiting. Persons who need it also have pus like, greenish or blood streaked expectoration. The expectoration has a foul taste. They have  vomiting of ingesta. They have weight loss, excessive sweating, loss of appetite and great weakness. Next they feel constriction in the chest and have difficult respiration. Lastly they feel stitching pain in the chest that extends  into the shoulder blades.

  1. Sanguinaria Can – For Cough, Fever, Burning Sensation in Chest

It is prepared from a plant Sanguinaria canadensis commonly known as Blood root. It belongs to the papaveraceae family. Persons requiring it have a cough with fever. They usually have a fever around 2 pm or 4 pm. Their cheeks have a bright circumscribed flush during fever. The sputum is expectorated and breath has a bad smell. Burning sensation in the chest is also present. There may occur sharp chest pain and soreness of chest muscles. Breathing difficulty can also be present. 

  1. Silicea – When there is Cough, Vomiting and Night Sweat

This medicine is indicated when there is cough, vomiting and night sweat. Vomiting is usually of tenacious mucus, especially in the morning. There is difficulty breathing, chilliness, pus expectoration and sometimes blood spitting. With this pressing pain in the chest attends. Weakness in the chest also accompanies this.

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  1. Sheeba Shaikh says:

    My dad is suffering from mdr tublerculosis his one of the lung is collpased and he recently suffered a stroke and got mdr t.b positive.
    Symptoms he has is weight loss weakness cough and inability to swallow.

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