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Supportive Homeopathy for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis refers to narrowing of the spinal canal that puts pressure on spinal cord and nerve roots. Spinal canal is a cavity within the vertebral column containing the spinal cord (long bundle of nerves extending from the base of the brain to the lower back that carries signals between the brain and the rest of the body). Homeopathy for spinal stenosis uses medicines that are recommended when the symptoms are mild to moderate.

homeopathy for spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is of two types. First is cervical stenosis in which the narrowing occurs in the cervical spine in the neck. Second type is lumbar stenosis in which the narrowing occurs in the part of the spine in the lower back.


Spinal stenosis can arise from several causes. Firstly, it can happen in case of osteoarthritis in the spine. Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that causes degenerative changes in the cartilage and bone of the joint. In such cases the bone growths and thickening of ligaments also occur that tend to compress the spinal canal.
Secondly, it can arise from disk herniation or bulge in the spine. The disks in the spine are soft cushions which act as shock absorbers. In case these herniation or bulge out these can put pressure on the spinal cord or nerves.  Third reason behind it is thickening of ligaments in the spine that function to hold the bones of spine together and can bulge into the spinal canal and compress it.
Next, it may also happen in case of rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune disorder affecting joints resulting in inflamed, swollen, painful, stiff joints).
Another medical condition known as paget’s disease that can cause bony overgrowth in the spine may contribute to it. Some of its other causes are tumours or abnormal growths in the spine, injury to the spine and  scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine). People having some deformity of spine by birth, some genetic disease affecting bone development in the body and those who are more than 50 yrs of age are at risk of it.  


In case of slight narrowing no symptoms occur. But when the narrowing is excessive the nerves are compressed leading to symptoms. The symptoms tend to begin gradually. Its symptoms depend upon the location where stenosis is present and which nerves are affected. 

In case of stenosis in the cervical spine in neck the symptoms that occur includes numbness or tingling in hand, arm, leg or foot; or weakness in these parts. Next symptom is neck pain. There may occur problems in walking and maintaining balance. When the condition is severe functioning of the bladder or bowel is affected. Next in case of stenosis in the lumbar spine in the lower back numbness or tingling in a foot or leg occur. With this there can be back pain. Next symptom is pain or cramps in the leg. Weakness in the lower limb may also be there. This worsens from standing for an extensive time period and when walking. Sitting or bending forward may relieve this.

In severe cases paralysis of legs may occur. In some cases cauda equina syndrome may occur. It is a serious condition that arises from compression of the nerves in the lower segment of the spinal canal which is a surgical emergency because if not treated urgently it can lead to permanent paralysis of legs or loss of bladder control (urinary incontinence).

Some symptoms of this syndrome includes severe lower back pain; sciatica pain that travel from lower back down the legs along the path of sciatic nerve, weakness in the legs; problem in walking; loss of sensation in the buttocks, inner thighs, anus and genitals; and bladder dysfunction (difficulty passing urine leading to retention of urine or difficulty in controlling it) or bowel dysfunction (trouble holding or passing stool) and loss of sexual function.

Homeopathy for Spinal Stenosis

Homeopathic medicines offer a supportive help in these cases to manage its symptoms along with conventional treatment. The homeopathic medicines gradually reduce the intensity of the symptoms. The homeopathic medicines for managing it are selected individually for every case depending on the symptoms presentation. It is advised to take any homeopathic medicine for these cases under supervision of a homeopathic doctor who can find the best medicine that will suit a case by doing a complete case study. In case of severe symptoms and where a serious condition like cauda equina is suspected it is strictly advised to take immediate help from conventional mode of treatment. 

  1. Zincum Met – Top Grade Medicine

It is a leading medicine having a marked action on the spine and nerves. It is well indicated for managing numbness and tingling sensations in the limbs. Next it is helpful when there is weakness in the lower limbs mainly in the calves. In cases needing it pain in the lower back may also be present. This is attended with a burning sensation along the spine. There may be sensitiveness of the spine to touch.

  1. Causticum – For Managing Weakness of Limbs

It is a very effective medicine for managing weakness of the limbs. Persons needing it also feel heaviness in the limbs. They may have unsteady walking. Next electric shock like pain in the legs can attend it. Another complaint that they complain about is numbness of hands, feet and toes. Lastly they may have pain in the nape of the neck.

  1. Picric Acid – For Numbness, Weakness in Legs

It is very beneficial for cases having numbness and weakness in the legs. There is also a crawling and prickling sensation as from needles in the legs. The legs feel heavy like lead with this. Next there is pain in the lower back extending down the legs. This gets worse from motion. coldness of feet may be present with this.

  1. Phosphorus – For Numbness in Hands, Feet 

This medicine works well in cases having numbness in the hands and feet. Fingers and toes also feel numb where it is required. Crawling sensation in the finger tips may occur with this. With these symptoms there is weakness in the arms. Legs also feel weak and they tremble on beginning to walk. Lastly pain in the back along with burning sensation in spots in the spine can be there.

  1. Arsenic Album – For Tingling Sensation in Fingers

Arsenic Album is a great medicine for cases with tingling sensation in the fingers. It is also indicated for persons having weakness in the limbs. Another indication to use it is numbness in the feet. Apart from above burning pain in the limbs and cramps in the legs are also well managed with it.

  1. Rhus Tox – To Manage Pain

This medicine is very effective for pain management. Firstly it is helpful to manage pain in the neck. Next it is beneficial for managing pain in the lower back. This pain worsens on movement. There is a sensation as if the back would break. Hard pressure on the back or lying on something hard may relieve the back pain. There may be drawing or stitching pain in the back when sitting. It is also useful for managing cramps in the legs and tingling sensation in the feet.

  1. Kalmia – To Manage Pain and Numbness 

It is a natural medicine prepared from fresh leaves of a plant Kalmia Latifolia commonly known as mountain laurel and calico bush. It belongs to family ericaceae. This medicine is valuable to manage pain and numbness and pricking sensation in limbs. For using it pain in the neck is there that extends down the arm. Next there is pain in the lower back with great heat and burning. Along with numbness and pricking in limbs weakness is also felt. Coldness in limbs may also be there. 

  1. Paris Quadrifolia – For Neck Pain and Numbness in Fingers

It is prepared from a plant named One Berry. This plant belongs to the family trilliaceae. It is a prominent medicine for managing neck pain and numbness in the fingers. In cases needing it the pain from the neck extends down to the fingers. The neck pain gets worse from exertion. It gets better from rest. A sensation of weight and heat may be felt in the neck. The heated sensation from the neck may extend down the back.

  1. Oxalic Acid – For Numbness and Tingling in Limbs

This medicine is indicated to manage numbness and tingling in limbs. Mostly it is used when there is numbness starting from shoulders and radiating to the fingertips or there is numbness in the thighs. Along with this weakness in hands and feet is present. Other than this, pain in the spine radiating to limbs is another accompanying symptom. 

  1. Plumbum Met – For Weakness of Arms and Hands

It is an important medicine for managing weakness in arms and hands. Other than this it is also indicated for cases having stinging tearing pain in limbs along with numbness and tingling sensation. Lastly, lightning like pains in lower limbs is also indicative of its use.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m having chronic neck pain. After doing an X-ray here is the result:
    Cervical vertebral alignment is within normal limits. No loss of cervical vertebral body height. Mild degenerative spondylosis C4-C7. Small osteophytes, mild endplate changes and mild intervertebral disc space narrowing noted at C5-C6. Prevertebral soft tissue thickness is within normal limits.

    Mild left neural foraminal stenosis C5-C6. Mild right neural foraminal stenosis C3-C4, C4-C5.

    Could you please help me on this?

  2. Syed Wahabuddin says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma. I am suffering severe pain in my lower back when standing for more than 5-6 minutes or walking 40-50 feet. The severeness of pain go away immediately after I sit down on a chair or lying on the bed. I’m 77 year married male.
    I tried Rhus for few days but it wasn’t good for me
    I’m currently based in Dubai

  3. Glenn Goebel says:

    stenosis l4 l5 over 20 yrs also post shigella cfids since 97 64 year old male mainly looking for products so i can walk diet limited 5 foot 11 170# severe histame responses looking for under toungue therapy maybe wont make me so ill


    I am suffering from Lumbar Stenosis L4-5 S1 region of lower back for last 8 months . I am under treatment of an lumbar spine surgeon for last 2&1/2 months who has suggested me microsurgery. On my refusal he has sent me for some medicines and Physiotherapy which I have undergone without any remarkable help. The pain comes down from Lumbar to buttock to the legs and there is heaviness in the lower limbs for which I can’t walk properly. Kindly advise me homeopathy medicine for pain relief of lumbar as well as Sciatic nerves. l shall be grateful if you suggest me some medicine. At present I am taking some neuro medicines. I am now a male of 76+ years of age.

  5. Awaatif Karriem says:

    Dear Doctor

    I been diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Are there any homeopathic medicine that will help with this condition.

    THANK you

  6. ATM Zakiuddin says:

    As per recent MRI report, I suffer with central canal stenosis, severe recess stenosis, mild foramen stenosis & facet synovial cyst 5mm. Please suggest me perfect homeo medicine asap.

  7. Omer Mahir says:

    My wife has a condition called stenosis myelopathy and suffering from severe pain she cant lie down in any direction screaming in pain plz help what medicine will help her, I’ve been giving her brionia 200, arnica 200, rustox 200 and aesculeus 200 but no significant improvement

  8. Faheem Akbar says:

    Hi Dr. Sherma
    I have been diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis, and have numbness/stiffness/tingling in both my feet from toe to ankle, and it has gradually increased to half of the calf. Due to which I can not stand and walk even for 2 to 3 minutes, and the situation is worsening day by day. So want to know, is there any satisfactory treatment for spinal stenosis problem ? Regards

  9. S. Antonio Diaz says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My name is Mr. Silvio Diaz. I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis for a couple of years now. My main problem now is with the cervical spine, C5 thru C7 I believe, this is causing a lot of pressure and discomfort mainly at night when sleeping, this problem is located or that’s where it’s affecting me, right side of the neck.
    I am also experiencing numbness in my right arm, weakness, ringing in the right ear, and now my right vision is kind of affected.
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  10. Alicia Carter says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with spinal stenosis with pain in my shoulders, neck and mid back. The worst symptoms is an overwhelming feeling of breathlessness while upright, standing, walking etc.
    The only relief comes from lying down. I also have a slight tremor in my hands. Is there a remedy that could help me?
    Thank you.

  11. Himadri Nayak says:

    I am suffering from lumbar spine foramen stenosis, cervical disc herniation. Leg pain, arm tingling . No back pain. I am 40 years old. Kindly advice for homeopathy treatment. 9594282328.

  12. Please prescribe a homeopathic treatment (formulation to purchase) for both cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis and symptoms
    Thank you

    • Mohammed Yasin says:

      Dear Dr.Sharma,
      Please prescribe for me suitable homeopathic medicine to overcome my Lumbar stenosis condition.

      Thanking you,

  13. Nazir Butt says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    About 18 years ago, ny wife (78) was diagnosed with spinal TB. She underwent necessary treatment and was properly cured. She now suffers from spinal stenosis. No back pain, but legs, especially the right one, go numb with walking, even with a walker.
    Would appreciate if you could suggest some remedy. Will be ever so grateful.

    • Mohammed Yasin says:

      Dear Dr.Sharma,
      Please prescribe for me suitable homeopathic medicine to overcome my Lumbar stenosis condition.

      Thanking you,

  14. Michelle says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, my 60 yr old mother completed an abnormal MRI showing bilat compression of L5 S1 and central canal stenosis L4-5 L5 S1 w/ symptoms. Kindly share your thoughts on possible treatment? homeopathic medicine?. Is it reversible w/ treatment? it breaks my heart to see her in pain

  15. Deepak Kumar panda says:

    My father is suffering from spinal stenosis about 1 month .MRI report indicates spinal cord narrowing at C2 to C7 level with compression of thecal sac and spinal cord.Now he is unable to walk properly with numbness in hand.what to do?

  16. Gerald Quintana says:


    I have this condition for about a month now. I did a steroid shot last week, and it still is not helping.
    How can I order these products or
    Meet with Dr. Sharma to help me with this condition?

  17. Hi, my wife have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and it sems the problem is bith in cervical and lower back with former being more serios as they say.
    Finger curling, right leg numbness, shooting pain, stiffness around tail bone area are some symptoms. Various pain killers have not worked ither than giving short term pain relief.

    What homeopathy remedies available ? She is only 42.

  18. Sejal Shah says:

    My Mom has severe spinal stenosis and it originated with Herniatuc disks
    She is 82 years old and tries to do her normal activity but cannot stand or sit for a long period of time
    Is there some at we can contact you and how can I help my mom so she feels relief from her pain
    Sejal Shah

  19. I’m a 62 year old woman with herniated disc and spinal stenosis. My pain level is usually around 5 with 10 being the highest. But if I do anything, like vaccuum or stand at the kitchen sink for a period of time, I’m at an 8 or 9 level. I’m not going to do the steroids or the epederal shots as prescribed.I’m willing to try cbd or anything else that’s natural. Any suggestions? Oh, and my pain is terrible when I try to sleep so this is another way that I’m suffering.Please help.

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