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Homeopathic Treatment for Tenosynovitis

What is Tenosynovitis?

Tenosynovitis refers to inflammation of the sheath (synovium) that is present around the tendon. Tendon is a cord of fibrous tissue that joins the muscles to the bones. The tendons are covered with a sheath called synovium, which produces synovial fluid to keep tendons lubricated. This sheath is inflamed in cases of tenosynovitis.

What are the causes behind it?

It mainly results from an injury to the tendon, overuse, strains, lifting very heavyweight, and Infection arising from a cut in the tendon and diseases that lead to inflammation & wear and tear of joint and surrounding tendons like rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and reactive arthritis. People who are prone to repetitive stress on the tendons as while jumping, running, lifting heavy loads, excessive typing on the computer, and those grasping tools like carpenters, painters, dentists are at risk of developing this condition. In many cases, the cause behind it can’t be ruled out.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms mainly include pain around the affected joint, stiffness of joint, tenderness of joints, and also difficulty with the joint movement. The joint is also swollen, and skin over it is red. Although any of the tendons can be affected by it, the most commonly affected tendons are those in the wrist, hands, ankle, and feet.

Homeopathic Treatment for Tenosynovitis

Homeopathic medicines are very effective in treating tenosynovitis. These medicines are of natural origin, hence treats this condition in a very safe manner without any side effects. This inflammation arising from various reasons including injury to the tendon, overuse, strains, lifting heavyweight and inflammation, and wear and tear of the joint and surrounding tendons from arthritis can be treated wonderfully with homeopathic medicines. These medicines bring an excellent recovery in these cases by working to treat the root cause behind it. These medicines help to bring down the inflammation of the tendon sheath and also relieve the associated symptoms of it like pain, swelling, stiffness, and tenderness around the joint. The top-grade homeopathic medicines to treat tenosynovitis are Rhus Tox, Arnica, Ruta, Bryonia, Apis Mellifica, Actaea Spicata, and Ledum Pal.

Homeopathic Medicines for Tenosynovitis

1. Rhus Tox – Leading medicine

Rhus Tox tops the list of medicines used in homeopathy for treating cases of tenosynovitis. Rhus Tox is prepared from fresh leaves of a plant completely named as Rhus Toxicodendron. This plant belongs to family Anacardiaceae. Rhus Tox is very beneficial when inflammation of tendon sheath arise from an injury to the tendon, overuse, strains, repetitive stress on tendons, lifting very heavy objects, and inflammation and wear and tear of joint and tendons from arthritis (joint inflammation). Persons were needing it to have pain in the affected joint along with swelling and marked stiffness. Redness and heat in the joints is also there. Cracking sound from joints on stretching is also present. They mostly complain of worsening of pain when they are at rest and relief on moving the affected joint. They may also have to worsen joint pain in cold weather.

2. Arnica – For inflamed tendon sheath from injury

Homeopathic medicine Arnica is prepared from a plant named Arnica Montana, which is commonly known by the name leopard’s – bane or fallkraut. This plant belongs to family Compositae. Arnica is well indicated for cases that arise from injuries. Persons who need this medicine have marked pain and swelling in the joint. Pain is a sore and bruised type. The joints are also very tender, and they have a great fear of touching the joint. Sometimes they also feel a prickling sensation in joints.

3. Ruta – When inflammation arise from injuries and strains

Homeopathic medicine Ruta is prepared from a fresh plant named Ruta Graveolens, commonly known as garden rue or bitterwort. This plant belongs to the family Rutaceae. Ruta is valuable when this condition arises from injuries and strains (overstretching or tearing of tendons). There is soreness and aching in the affected joint in cases requiring Ruta. The pain is attended with swelling of the joints. In cases where the wrist is affected, it is given for shooting pain along with stiffness in the wrist.

4. Bryonia – For joint pain worsening from motion

Homeopathic medicine Bryonia is prepared from the root of a plant named Bryonia alba is commonly known as wild hops and also white bryony. This plant belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae. Bryonia is used when pain in the affected joint gets worse from motion and relieved from rest. The pain, in most cases, is sharp, stitching, or tearing in nature. Warmth may relieve the pain. Along with the painful joint is also swollen and red.

5. Apis Mellifica – For reducing joint swelling

Apis Mellifica is a very beneficial medicine to reduce swelling in the affected joint. Persons needing it also have pain in joint along with swelling. The pain is majorly burning, stinging in nature where Apis is needed. The joint is also intensely red, inflamed, and sensitive to touch. Heat is present in the affected joint, along with the above symptoms.

6. Actaea Spicata – For pain and swelling in small joint

Homeopathic medicine Actaea Spicata is prepared from the root of a plant known as baneberry or herb Christopher. This plant belongs to family Ranunculaceae. Actaea Spicata is a very useful medicine when small joints, including wrist, hand, and ankle, are painful and swollen. Pain is drawing or tearing type. The pain most times get worse from motion and touch. All these parts are also swollen. The swelling arises from slight fatigue or walking.

7. Ledum Pal – When feet and ankle is affected

Homeopathic medicine Ledum Pal is prepared from plant Ledum Palustre commonly known as wild rosemary, marsh cistus, or marsh tea. This plant belongs to the family Ericaceae. Ledum Pal is an excellent medicine when feet and ankle are involved in this condition. It is used when there is pain and swelling in the feet and ankle. A burning sensation is also felt. Stiffness is also present in the feet and ankles. Warmth tends to worsen the pain while cold application relieves the pain in cases needing Ledum Pal.

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  1. Muddassar says:

    My wife is suffering from De Quervain tenosynovitis from last Six Months. We have taken alot of anti inflammatory Drugs prescribed by different Doctors. Now doctors suggest that the only treatment left will be the steriod injection on tendons. But we are avoiding it.
    We have a 1.5 year old boy. So, conplete rest is not possible for her because she has to look after her son as well.
    Now we have decided to move toward homeopathy.
    Now suggest me what we should do? Any homeopathic treatment? How many chances of recovery in homeopathy of this disease.

    • Prem Chand Murarka says:

      Respected Dt.Sharma,
      One of my patient is suffering from de quervain tenosynovitis in left wrist, he was under the treatment of an orthopedic doctor but no such remarkable improvement, then he rushed to me. I suggested to take rhustox 30 -4 drops thrice, arnica 30 -4 drops thrice and give full rest and also need ice use on affected area then arnica gel.
      Am I correct, please guide me.
      Prem Chand Murarka, not professional rather devotee of homeopathy.

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