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Treat TMJ Naturally with Homeopathy

The temporomandibular joint connects the mandible (the lower jaw) to the temporal bone of the skull. There is one temporomandibular joint on each side of the face. Temporomandibular joint disorder refers to all complaints arising in the jaw joint itself, or facial muscles that help move the jaw and also support in chewing, talking and yawning. Homeopathic medicines for TMJ disorders help alleviate the associated symptoms and treat the underlying problem for effective, long-term relief. Causticum, Rhus Tox, and Silicea are the top homeopathic remedies used to treat temporomandibular disorders.

Homeopathy treatment TMJ

Homeopathic medicines for TMJ Disorders,

Homeopathic Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ Disorder)

The temporomandibular joint disorder can be effectively treated with homeopathic medicines. These medicines help provide symptomatic relief in cases of temporomandibular joint disorder in a safe, gentle manner. The suitable homeopathic medicine is selected individually for every case of TMJ disorder.

Homeopathic Medicines for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ disorder)

Causticum – Natural Medicine for TMJ Disorder with Pain and Contraction in the Jaw

Causticum is a well-indicated homeopathic medicine for TMJ disorder when there is a pain in the jaw joint along with tension and a contracted sensation in the jaw. The jaw feels stiff, and it becomes difficult for the person to open the mouth. Eating also becomes a troublesome process due to the pain and stiffness in the jaw. Causticum is also indicated in cases of temporomandibular joint disorder of arthritic or rheumatic origin.

Rhus Tox – Natural Homeopathic Medicine for TMJ Disorder with Intense Stiffness of Joint 

Rhus Tox is a natural homeopathic medicine for temporomandibular joint disorders of rheumatic origin. For using Rhus Tox, the characteristic feature is a pain in the jaw joint attended with intense stiffness. The pain in the jaw may be dull, aching or cramp-like. Crackling sounds arise prominently from jaw movement. A person needing Rhus Tox may get relief from jaw pain by applying warmth over the area or by applying pressure. Rhus Tox also helps in cases of TMJ disorders where there is a history of injury.

Silicea – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for TMJ Disorder of Rheumatic Origin

Silicea is a homeopathic remedy for TMJ disorders of rheumatic origin with jaw joint pain. In most cases requiring Silicea, the pain from jaw tends to radiate to the temple (in the head.) Swelling of the jaw may also be present. Pain in teeth of boring, tearing nature may also be present.

Spigelia – For TMJ Disorder with Jaw Pain Radiating to Ear and Temple

Spigelia is a natural homeopathic remedy prepared from a plant commonly known by the name of Pink-Root. The plant belongs to the natural order Loganiaceae. The key feature to use Spigelia in cases of TMJ disorder is jaw pain that radiates to the ear and temple of the head. In some cases, this pain seems to extend to the nape of the neck. These pains tend to be tearing in nature. Facial pains and toothache may also be present along with the above symptoms.

Mezereum – Natural Treatment for Jaw Pain with Obstructed Jaw Movement

Mezereum is prepared from fresh bark of a plant named Daphne mezereum or Spurge Olive. This plant belongs to natural order Thymelaceae. Mezereum is a useful homeopathic medicine for TMJ disorder with jaw pain that obstructs the movement of the jaw. Jaw movement is highly impeded from pain in the jaw. This pain tends to radiate to the cheeks, and there is a night aggravation of the pain, along with a marked toothache.

Alumina – Natural Homeopathic Remedy for TMJ Disorder with Drawing Pain in the Jaw

Homeopathic medicine Alumina is useful for TMJ disorders where there is a drawing pain in the jaw. The drawing pain extends to the cheeks from the jaw. Tension in the jaw also appears, as of the jaw is shortened. Pain in the jaw worsens form chewing or opening the mouth. Swelling over the jaw may also be present.

Spongia Tosta – Effective Homeopathic Treatment for TMJ Disorder with Cramping Pain in Jaw

Spongia Tosta is a prominent homeopathic medicine for temporomandibular joint disorder where there is a cramping pain in the jaw. The pain from the jaw radiates to the cheeks. The cheeks may swell up, and eating tends to worsen the pain. An evening aggravation of the pain is also noted, along with a dislocated sensation in the jaw. The jaw also feels very tender to touch.

Hepar Sulph – Effective Homeopathic Treatment for TMJ Disorder with Jaw Pain that Worsens upon Opening the Mouth

Hepar Sulph is a natural medicine for TMJ disorders where there is jaw pain that worsens upon opening the mouth. In most cases, the pain is shooting type in nature. The face may be swollen along with the pain, and there may be a toothache.

Causes of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ Disorder)

The main causes of temporomandibular joint disorder include arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis) and injury to the jaw. In some cases, stress and genetic predisposition can make a person prone to develop temporomandibular joint disorder. Grinding or clenching of teeth is another risk factor of temporomandibular joint disorder. In some cases, there may be no specific cause of TMJ disorder.

Symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ Disorder)

The primary symptom of temporomandibular joint disorder is a pain in the jaw that may be one-sided or be on both sides. The pain gets worse while chewing and opening the mouth widely. Stiffness in the jaw muscles and tenderness at the temporomandibular joint may also be noted. A clicking sound in the jaw may also appear while chewing or opening the mouth. Other symptoms that may appear as a part of this disorder include an earache and pain in the temple. In some cases, lockjaw (spasm of the jaw muscles, causing the mouth to be closed tightly)in the joint may occur.

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  1. OK, so Dr. Sharma my daughter has been having TMJ since she was in high school and she’s currently 24 going on 25. She has really bad job pain, clicking & clenching and all else that accompanies TMJ. She has seen a dentist and was referred to see a specialist and that specialist unfortunately was unable to help her. She is now seeking the help of the orthodontist. And he has given her a plan, upwards of $5000 that in summary will require the use of a splint and a non-definitive further treatment plan and phase 2? In her paid for consult of $85 it included a scan whereby he determined and displayed for her her bone loss of 30%. I’d like to finally add that he tried to entice her with $500 off if she started treatment tomorrow and her consult was today. I would appreciate your most HEPA grounded recommendation if there is one to be had. I thank you for your medical practice time, and your employees efforts to Get you this information to that effect. Sincerely, and respectfully, Teemarie

  2. Antonia says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have an upper wise tooth back inside, pressing the bone. I am 46 and it had never bothered me before. I suffer when trying to open the mouth and when I chew. I do not want to go through surgery. Can I use homeopathy? Which is more appropriate?
    Thank you for your kind help.
    Best regards,
    Antonia from Greece

  3. Dr Malak Mazhar Iqbal Bhatti says:

    Well profound Knowledge has helped me…

  4. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I was diagnosed with TMJ as a teenager. My Mother has it – and I had a jaw injury in High School and it came on after that. The TMJ symptoms have lessoned over the years, as I have had several different types of body work to help the symptoms… the but I have recently noticed more clenching again at night, and have needed to start wearing a night guard again (which I had made at the dentist to help my teeth from caving in). Also, for several years I notice that I have experienced a great deal of facial tension. My jaw and mouth feel like they are constantly moving around and it becomes slightly painful, very tense in my mouth and jaw, but more so very aggravating. I don’t know if anyone else notices it, but it is beginning to worry me as it is driving me a bit crazy. I am concerned that others may see me doing this, but I cannot tell. None of this is accompanied by flushness/hot in the face, and it seems to be happening on both sides of my face. I also have tension in the forehead…Thoughts?

  5. Sujaya rao says:

    My problem was, I could not open my mouth wide. No pain and no other discomfort. When chewing food I could hear the sound in my ear, which even today exists to a lesser extent. I was caring for an old person 24/7 and could not attend to my own problem except Arnica ( thinking it could an injury, I had not heard the word TMJ then) then, problem vanished, I can open my mouth normally, only some sound in the ear while chewing (less now) .
    Now it seems that allignment of my jaws is slightly affected and my chewing is norfine enough.
    Is there any thing I should do?

  6. Manoj Siwach says:


  7. Dr. Sharma,
    Please help me find a remedy. My hair is falling out so much more than the usual amount. I am female, 66 years old and live in the state of Florida, USA.

    • Kavya Gowda says:

      Hello sir
      My mother is suffering in mouth lock .her mouth is open only one finger so forcibly,she is suffering from last 3years So pls tell me what to do and how to cure

  8. Morning,

    Just wanted to know if you can help with clenching of teeth at night. It is even worse when I sleep on my back. I go to sleep in my sides, but wake up on my back in middle of night due to pain from clenching of teeth. As a result, I get both jaw pain, headaches, tummy pain occasionally.

  9. Sheela s says:

    I am 65 years old undergone aortic valve replacement in 2019…all ok .. recently hv bn suffering from facial pain tried all .suspecting tmj tmd trigeminal neurologia..I cannot use many of allopathic drug due to block d thinner ..can you suggest medicine that solves all three

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