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Top 10 Homeopathic Medicines For Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Diabetes predisposes a person to several skin complaints. One of the common complaints among these is foot ulcers. Diabetic foot ulcer refers to an open wound that may form on the feet in persons having diabetes. Diabetes damages the nerves in the feet (peripheral neuropathy) that results in decreased sensation of pain in the feet. Due to this, feet get prone to an injury as diabetics may not feel a sharp object touching the feet. Along with this the wound healing is also delayed. Other than this, dry skin in diabetics may cause callus (thick, hard area on the skin) formation on the feet. Due to repeated friction, when this callus gets scraped it may lead to an ulcer formation. Diabetes also damages the blood vessels that decreases blood flow to the lower limbs. Due to this, the chances of infection rise in ulcers. Infected foot ulcers are quite serious that need immediate treatment and if not treated timely and rightly, they lead to intense damage that may require amputation. The signs of foot ulcers include drainage of fluid from the affected foot area. This is attended with redness and swelling. Irritation may be felt. Foul smell emanates from the ulcer. Pain or numbness may appear. In serious cases, a black area develops around the ulcer due to a lack of enough blood supply. There may occur tissue death called gangrene around the ulcer. Besides infection and gangrene, other complications include cellulitis (deep infection of skin from bacteria) and osteomyelitis (serious infection of bone). There are certain factors that increase risk of diabetic foot ulcers. These include poor diabetic control, having foot deformities that put high pressure on the feet resulting in callus formation, poor hygiene of the feet, wearing ill-fitted shoes, not trimming toenails properly, use of tobacco and obesity. Some measures can be taken to reduce the risk of diabetic foot ulcers like controlling blood sugar levels, maintaining proper foot hygiene, wearing properly fitted footwear, proper toenail trimming, changing socks regularly and giving up smoking, in case it is a habit.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic medicines can be very helpful in managing diabetic foot ulcers. They help in healing skin ulcers along with managing associated signs and symptoms like redness, discharge, foul smell, itching, burning, etc. These are natural medicines that offer healing with zero side effects. There are no specific medicines for diabetic foot ulcers in homeopathy and the best-suited medicine has to be selected individually from among the list of generally indicated medicines of foot ulcers as per the case details. Homeopathic medicines are indicated only for mild cases of diabetic foot ulcers. Always consider the use of any homeopathic medicine after consulting a homeopathic physician.  In no case, self-medication be done. The severe cases need immediate treatment and should be handled with the conventional mode of treatment to prevent serious consequences. In such cases, homeopathy does not offer any help.

Homeopathic Medicines For Diabetic Foot Ulcer

1. Arsenic Album – For Ulcers With Burning Sensation

Arsenic Album is a very helpful medicine for managing ulcers attended with a burning sensation. Ulcers may form on the soles or toes. This medicine is also indicated when there occur blisters on the soles with discharge of fluid at night time. The discharge is yellow-colored and has a foul smell. In addition to the above complaints, the soles of the feet feel as if made of wood. The soles of the feet feel cold. Swelling and itching on the feet may be present. There may be pain in the soles.

2. Graphites – For Crusty Ulcers

Graphites is of great use where there is a tendency of ulcers to form easily. There is slow healing of skin lesions. In cases requiring it, crusty ulcers are formed on the feet. They ooze watery discharge or blood-stained pus. It has a bad smell. Itching and pain are felt in the ulcers along with inflammation. Stinging sensation may be felt. There is excessive sweating on feet.

3. Fluoric Acid – For Foot Ulcers Around The Joints

This medicine is indicated for ulcers on the foot, mainly those that form around the joints. In cases needing it, the ulcers are painful. There is increase in the intensity of pain from warmth. There is relief from cold. The margins of the ulcer may be red. Vesicles (tiny fluid-filled eruptions) may be present around the ulcers. Discharge may appear from the ulcers. Burning sensation is also felt in the feet. Next, there may be stitching pain in the soles. Soreness is felt in between the toes.

4. Kali Bichrome – For Irregular Ulcers Following An Abrasion

This medicine is beneficial when a swelling-like knot follows an abrasion (an area on the skin damaged by scraping) that soon turns into an irregular ulcer. The ulcer is painful to touch and is covered with a dry scab. The ulcers are yellow and oval-shaped. The centre of the ulcer is red. Its base is hard. The ulcer can be deep with regular margins.

5. Merc Sol – For Ulcers With Inflamed And Elevated Margins

This medicine is indicated for ulcers with inflamed and elevated margins. It is attended with pricking type of pain. The ulcers are flat and superficial. The base of the ulcers is whitish-grey. They may exude thin fluid and ooze blood sometimes. The complaint worsens from heat.

6. Lycopodium – For Managing Ulcers With Hard Red Shiny Edges

Lycopodium is a helpful medicine for managing ulcers with red, hard and shiny edges. There is inflammation and swelling around the painful ulcers. There is tearing or shooting type of pain in the ulcers mostly at night. Itching is also present in these ulcers. Burning sensation may be felt as well. A thin discharge may be emitted. Foul smell emanates from the ulcers. At times, bleeding occurs.

7. Carbolicum Acid – To Manage Ulcers Emitting Very Foul Smell

This medicine is valuable for managing ulcers on the feet that emit a very strong foul smell. There is burning sensation in the ulcers. Foul-smelling sweat appears on the feet and they feel heavy along with the above features.

8. Phosphorus – For Ulcers With Thin Pus Discharge

Phosphorus is another important medicine for managing foot ulcers. It is indicated to manage ulcers that secrete thin pus-like discharge. There is redness around the ulcers. There is burning and stinging type of sensation in the ulcers.

9. Pulsatilla – For Ulcers With Burning And Itching

This medicine is indicated for ulcers with burning and itching around its periphery. There is stinging sensation. The edges are red and hard. There is inflammation around the margins. The ulcers are flat. Pain in the ulcers may be smarting or shooting type.

10. Petroleum – For Ulcer Formation On The Toes

Petroleum is an effective medicine for managing cases of ulcers forming on the toes. The ulcers are flat and its edges are hard and elevated. The ulcers are moist with a red base. Feet may get swollen. There is offensive sweating on the feet.



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