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Top 11 Homeopathic Medicines for Bleeding Piles

Piles are defined as dilated swollen veins around the anus and or in the lower rectum. Piles can manifest itself by showing various signs and symptoms but in some cases bleeding along with the stool is the sole presenting sign indicating the presence of piles. The blood is bright red that may pass with stool or can be seen on the toilet paper in cases of piles. Constipation, straining to pass stool as well as loose stool, prolonged sitting, lifting heavy weight and pregnancy could trigger bleeding piles. Bleeding without any pain is the most common sign of internal piles. Internal piles are the ones that lie inside the rectum and cannot be seen or felt from the outside. The external piles (means the piles that can be seen or felt at the anus) can bleed too in some cases. Another type of piles called thrombosed piles can also cause bleeding that is quite serious. In such type of piles, a blood clot gets formed inside the veins. If thrombosed piles ulcerate or break, then it can cause serious bleeding that needs immediate medical help. This may happen when it becomes full or when hard stool hurts the pile’s surface.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy can be very helpful in treating bleeding piles. Homeopathic medicines are naturally sourced medicines. They control the intensity and frequency of bleeding episodes from piles. Along with bleeding, they can manage well any associated signs and symptoms like pain, burning, itching, tenderness of the anus as well as swelling and lump at the anus. These medicines are very safe to use without any side effects. It is advised to take any homeopathic medicine under the supervision of a homeopathic physician. Homeopathy is recommended for cases of mild to moderate bleeding. In case of heavy bleeding from thrombosed piles, homeopathy is not recommended and urgent help from conventional mode of treatment is required.

Homeopathic Medicines For Piles

1. Hamamelis – Leading Medicine

Hamamelis is the best medicine in homeopathy to manage cases of bleeding piles. This medicine helps to control bleeding and give quick relief. Besides other symptoms, the anus may be sore means painful to touch. Burning is felt in the anus. Itching may be felt at the anus. In some cases, pulsation in the rectum is also a complaint. A sensation of fullness and weight is felt in the rectum. The stool may be hard and covered with mucus. In cases needing Hamamelis, bleeding is followed by excessive weakness.

2. Nux vomica – Along With Constipation

Nux Vomica is a highly suitable medicine for bleeding piles along with constipation. The key feature of using this medicine is a constant, ineffectual urge to pass stool. Those needing it pass stool several times a day but the stool is insufficient and unsatisfactory with a ‘never get done’ feeling. Burning and smarting pain is felt in the anus. The burning sensation gets worse after some hours of passing the stool and gets worse from the least touch. Itching is felt at the anus that disturbs sleep. This medicine is prominently indicated when piles complaint worsens from taking spicy food, coffee and alcohol.

3. Millefolium – For Bright Red Bleeding

Millefolium is the next best natural medicine to manage bright red bleeding from piles. Bleeding mostly occurs after exertion or lifting heavy weights where this medicine is required. There may be loose stool with passage of mucus in some cases needing it. There may be passage of fetid gas from the rectum.

4. Nitric Acid – Along With Pain

Nitric Acid is an effective medicine to manage cases of bleeding piles along with pain. In cases needing it, sharp, pricking, stitching or cutting type of pain is felt in the rectum. The pain is well marked after passing stool. Swelling appears at the anus. Along with the above, burning may be felt at the anus. The anus is sore (sensitive to touch). A sense of constant weight and pressure is present in the rectum. The anus feel constricted. A sensation of sharp sticks pricking in the anus is felt even at the slightest touch.

5. Phosphorus – Along With Burning In Anus

Another medicine which gives relief from bleeding piles is Phosphorus. In cases needing this medicine, intense burning is felt in the anus from piles along with bleeding. Needle-like pricking pain is felt at the anus. In some cases, tearing pain occurs in the anus. Applying warmth gives relief. Itching of anus is also felt. Protrusion of piles from the rectum may be noticed on passing gas.

6. Erigeron – With Hard Lumpy Stool

Erigeron is a well-indicated medicine for bleeding piles along with hard lumpy stool. Along with this, burning sensation is felt at the anal margins. The anus feel as if it is torn.  In cases needing it the bleeding is bright red in colour.

7. Aloe Socotrina – With Protruding Piles

Aloe Socotrina is a very helpful medicine for protruding piles, along with bleeding. The piles appear like a bunch of grapes at the anus. The piles are very sore and tender to touch. Pain gets better by cold water application on the anus. The anus is itchy along with burning sensation. A constant bearing down in the rectum is felt in addition to the above symptoms.

8. Collinsonia – For Painful Bleeding Piles

This medicine is valuable for managing painful bleeding piles. A very characteristic symptom indicating its use is sensation as if the rectum is full of sharp sticks or sand. Constriction feeling is also well-marked at the anus. Burning is felt at the anus as well. There is constipation along with the above symptoms. The stool is hard, attended with pain and gas. Anal prolapse with piles can also be seen in cases requiring this medicine.

9. Muriatic Acid – For Very Sore, Tender (Painful To Touch) Piles

Muriatic Acid is an important medicine to manage sore tender piles with bleeding. The piles are extremely painful to touch. Bright blood is discharged from the anus. Bleeding leads to weakness. The piles look blue and swollen. Stitching pain is felt in the anus along with the above complaints. Burning is also felt in the piles.

10. Sulphur – When Attended With Pain and Burning

Sulphur is a very beneficial medicine for cases of bleeding piles attended with pain and burning of anus. The stool is hard. Piles are large. A continuous urge to pass stool is felt in the rectum. Stitching pain from the anus upwards also appears. Throbbing pain also occurs at the anus. Anal pain gets worse on lying and better on standing. Apart from the above, an intolerable itching is felt at the anus. It gets worse at night, disturbing sleep. Anus is also swollen and sore to touch.

11. Capsicum – With Burning At The Anus As From Pepper

Capsicum can be considered in cases where violent burning is prominent at the anus. The burning is so severe that it feels as sharp as from the application of pepper. Stinging pain is felt at the anus in cases needing this medicine. There may be itching and throbbing sensation at the anus. Soreness at the anus can be another complaint. An ineffectual urge to pass stool can attend the above complaints.




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