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Top 7 Homeopathic Medicines For Unsatisfactory Stool

Unsatisfactory stool refers to a feeling as if the bowels have not emptied completely after defecation and some amount of the stool is still remaining in the rectum that needs to be passed. This apprehension may be accompanied with some other symptoms as well depending on the cause behind it. These include straining to pass stool, hard stool, loose stool sometimes, stomach pain/cramps, gas, bloated abdomen, rectal pain or anal bleeding. Unsatisfactory stool can arise due to various reasons. The first and the most important reason among these is long-term constipation. Constipation refers to infrequent bowel movements means passing less than three stools in a week or difficulty / straining in passing the stool, passing insufficient stool or unsatisfactory stool and a feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation.

Another cause can be IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is a functional disorder of the large intestine in which changes occur  in the bowel habits, means constipation or diarrhea (loose stool) or alteration between these two; stomach cramps or bloating.

It can also occur sometimes in cases of IBD – Inflammatory Bowel Disease. IBD includes two disorders i.e. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. IBD is of autoimmune origin and leads to inflammation in any part of the gastrointestinal tract in cases of Crohn’s disease, while it results in inflammation and ulcers in the large intestine and / or rectum in cases of ulcerative colitis. It may also occur in cases of piles (swollen dilated veins around the anus or in the lower rectum).

Other reasons for unsatisfactory stool could be stress or anxiety. Another cause is pelvic floor dysfunction (a condition in which there is an inability to relax and coordinate the muscles in the pelvic floor for a bowel movement or to urinate). Further reasons might include infection in the colon and colorectal cancer.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathy proves highly beneficial in managing cases of unsatisfactory stool. The homeopathic medicines gradually reduce the frequency and intensity of this complaint. These are 100 % natural medicines with zero side effects. They give excellent results in such cases by working on the root cause behind it. As the causes vary for unsatisfactory stool from case to case and homeopathic medicines are selected as per the characteristic symptoms of the individual, it is advised to take any homeopathic medicine under the guidance of a homeopathic doctor and never self-medicate.

Homeopathic Medicines For Unsatisfactory Stool

1. Nux Vomica – Leading medicine

Nux vomica is a remedy of great clinical reputation when it comes to treat cases of unsatisfactory stool. There are numerous medicines in homeopathy to manage such cases but Nux Vomica is the most beneficial among these and is often the first choice of homeopathic physician to deal with such cases. The most important characteristic feature to use this medicine is constipation with unsatisfactory stool with a frequent ineffectual urge to pass stool. The persons who need this medicine go to pass stool several times in a day. They pass very little stool at a time and a feeling of unsatisfactory stool always remains. It always feels that some part of the stool still remains behind in the rectum. This feeling of unsatisfactory stool can be described as a never-get-done feeling. The stool can be hard and dry. The stool can be blood-streaked in some of the cases needing this medicine. After passing stool, a sharp pain can be felt in the rectum. Nux Vomica is also a top-grade medicine for managing piles along with constipation with ineffectual urge to pass stool.

2. Bryonia – For Dry, Hard, Unsatisfactory Stool

Bryonia is a well-indicated medicine to manage cases where stool is dry, hard and unsatisfactory. The stool is passed after much-straining efforts. The stool is large and very dry and looks like as if burnt. Burning pain is felt at the anus while passing stool. In some cases, prolapse of the rectum occurs with passing stool. There is severe constipation that is attended with headache in most of the cases requiring Bryonia.

3. Silicea – For Unsatisfactory Stool Passed After Much Straining

Use of this medicine is recommended when there is unsatisfactory stool and excessive straining. Due to intense and prolonged straining efforts, the abdomen muscles become sore (painful to touch). A very important symptom where this medicine is indicated is stool slips back in the rectum after coming on the tip of the anus. The stool is hard in cases needing Silicea. In the evening, a constant ineffectual urge to pass stool appears. While passing stool, stinging, burning sort of sensation is felt at the anus. Additionally, itching may also be felt at the anus after the passage of stool.

4. Opium – For Unsatisfactory Stool In Form Of Hard, Round Balls

Opium is a suitable medicine for managing cases of unsatisfactory stool and the stool passes in the form of hard, round balls. This may be attended with a sensation as if the rectum is closed. Pain is felt in the rectum. There is severe constipation in cases needing this medicine. Sometimes even the passage of gas becomes difficult.

5. Natrum Mur – With Dry, Hard Stool On Alternate Days

Natrum Mur is a well-indicated medicine when the stool passes on alternate days and is always unsatisfactory. The stool may lead to cuts on the anus. Burning or smarting pain can be felt in the rectum after passing stool. In some cases, tearing type of pain is felt in the rectum. Itching can also occur at the anus. Bleeding can also occur with the passage of the stool. Before passing stool, rumbling occurs in the abdomen and pressure is felt in the rectum.

6. Nitric Acid – With Sharp Splinter Like Pains In Rectum

This medicine is helpful when there is sharp splinter (a small sharp piece of glass or wood or any other material broken off from a larger piece) like pain in the rectum with unsatisfactory stool. There is an ineffectual urge to pass stool. Only a little stool passes at a time. It is attended with a sensation as if some stool still remains in the rectum that could not be expelled. The stool is hard, dry, and scanty and passed with difficulty. Before and on passing stool, a cutting type of pain may be felt in the rectum. After passing stool, burning and shooting type of pain is felt in the rectum.

7. Lycopodium – When First Part Of Stool Passes In Small Round Lumps

Lycopodium is an effective medicine when the first part of the stool passes in the form of small round lumps. The remaining part passed is soft and large. There is always a feeling as if some part of the stool remains behind in the rectum and the stool is insufficient. In some cases needing it, the stool slips back in the rectum when it is just about to pass from the anus. At times, blood passes with the stool. After passing constipated stool, there may occur prolapse of the rectum. Pain at the anus may be felt. The pain varies in nature and can be burning, stinging or pulsating type. Sometimes it is attended with itching at the anus.




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  2. Will reckweg medicine for stomach n digestion work if stool many times 4-5 times,but not loose..N Little pain before stool comes..For my dad 70yeat old

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