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Top 7 Homeopathic Medicines For Weakness After Childbirth

Weakness after childbirth is medically termed as postpartum fatigue. Quite common, it has a negative impact on the well-being and emotional health of a woman. Postpartum fatigue symptoms include feeling extremely tired, exhausted, lack of energy, mood swings, poor concentration, anxiety and low mood. Other symptoms include body aches, joint pains, backache, decreased motivation and decreased interest in activities which she once enjoyed. After childbirth, every woman feels tired in varying degrees. It may remain from a few weeks to months. The duration and intensity of this fatigue varies from case to case subject to a few factors like age of the mother, overall general physical health of the mother, total sleeping hours and if there is any support system to take care of the baby or not. Weakness from certain reasons is understandable like exhaustion from labor delivery, breastfeeding, sleepless nights occurring due to taking care of newborn and hormonal imbalance. However, intense and constant weakness may be due to other reasons that needs to be looked into. These reasons may include nutritional deficiencies. Besides, some health issues may also be leading to weakness after childbirth. These include excessive blood loss, anemia (a condition in which there are not enough healthy red blood cells – RBCs to carry oxygen to different body tissues for proper functioning) and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid gland). Weakness could be a part of the postpartum depression which refers to depression that a woman might face after giving birth to a baby. Its symptoms include sadness, weeping spells without any reason, mood swings, hating oneself, feeling of worthlessness, loss of sleep, changes in appetite, hopelessness, lack of interest in the things that were once enjoyed most and thoughts of harming the baby or oneself. The reason behind postpartum depression is attributed to a quick drop in hormones after delivery of the child. Other factors may also contribute like physical changes in the body during pregnancy and post-delivery, reduced sleeping hours, worrying about parenting and being a good mother, having issues in relationship with the partner, no family support, financial problems, family history of depression and underactive thyroid gland.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic mode of treatment carries a great scope to manage weakness that occurs after childbirth. Homeopathic medicines reduce tiredness, exhaustion and help in improving the energy levels of the body naturally. Along with this, homeopathic medicines also help to manage other associated complaints like sadness, irritability, crying spells and body aches that may attend in some cases. Homeopathic medicines for managing weakness after childbirth are made of natural substances, hence are very safe to use without any toxic side effects. Homeopathic prescription to manage this complaint varies from case to case based on the evaluation of the characteristic individual symptoms. Homeopathic medicines to manage weakness after childbirth should be taken under the supervision of a homeopathic doctor as the medicine, its potency and dosage varies individually from case to case. Self-medication should be avoided in any case.

Homeopathic Medicines For Weakness After Childbirth 

1. China Officinalis – Top Recommended Medicine

China Officinalis is a highly recommended medicine for managing weakness that occurs after childbirth. Women needing it feel excessive weakness when they are walking. They even feel tired while sitting. When they try rising from the sitting position, they feel quite weak. They are unable to do even the slightest exertion. Weakness is accompanied with marked irritability. Weakness is felt both physically and mentally. Along with general weakness, there is trembling in the body and trouble while walking. It is the best medicine to manage weakness along with anemia that occurs after childbirth. Other than the above, one faces gastric issues like excessive gas and bloating of the abdomen.

2. Sepia – For Weakness And Depression After Childbirth

Sepia is the most prominently indicated medicine for women who feel intense exhaustion and do not feel like doing any kind of work. They feel tired from the slightest exertion. One fees irritable from the least exertion. Nervousness, restlessness and uneasiness is felt in the entire body. There is weakness and frequent trembling all over the body. Weakness is felt in the morning on rising from the bed. Along with weakness, a sensation of emptiness is felt in the pit of the stomach. Hands and feet may be icy cold. Sepia is also a top-listed medicine for managing postpartum depression (PPD). Here the women may feel sadness, lack of emotions, frequent crying spells, indifferent behavior towards loved ones including the baby and a desire to be left alone all the time. They also have feeling of helplessness, self-pity and irritability. If someone offers consolation, it worsens the complaints. Other than the above complaints, there may be an aversion to breastfeed the child.

3. Kali Phos – To Manage Physical And Mental Tiredness

Kali Phos is a great homeopathic tonic to manage tiredness that follows childbirth. This medicine works well to improve tiredness and exhaustion, physically or mentally. Females needing it feel weak and tired all the time. They may also have sadness, dullness of the mind, nervousness and anxiety. There  may be weak memory and forgetfulness along with the above complaints.

4. Pulsatilla – For Weakness Worse From Little Walking

This medicine is helpful for women who have weakness in the whole body which worsens from even walking a small distance. They want to lie down or sit all the time. There is excessive tiredness and desire to yawn. A certain kind of discomfort is felt in the whole body. The body feels as if it was awake the entire night. It is attended with confusion in the mind during the day. Trembling of body can attend weakness. Paleness of the face and skin is seen. A chilly feeling, sadness and weeping spells may be felt along with the above symptoms.

5. Arnica – For Weakness, Bodyaches And Sore Bruised Feeling

Arnica is of great help in cases where there is excessive weakness with sore bruised feeling all over the body. One needs to lie down due to intense weakness. The bed feels too hard, one feels body aches and the body feels sore to touch as if beaten.

6. Kali Carb – To Manage Weakness And Backache

This medicine is mainly suggested when there is weakness after childbirth attended with backache. Along with general weakness, there is marked weakness in the back. There is a desire to lie down. There is back pain that extends up and down. There is difficulty to turn in the bed due to the pain. One has to rise to take turn in the bed. The back feels as if broken. Pain in the hips, thighs and knees is felt along with backache.

7. Natrum Mur – For Weakness With Weeping Spells

This medicine can be useful when there is excessive weakness and desire to weep often. Those needing it feel very tired easily. They do not wish to move or walk due to heaviness in the body and laziness. The limbs feel weak. They may also have a depressed feeling and irritable mood. Consolation worsens their complaint.



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