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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Dysentery

Dysentery is an infection of the intestine that causes severe diarrhea with mucus and blood. Tenesmus (constant urge to pass stool) is a characteristic symptom of this infection. An infected person may experience mild to severe abdominal pain. It can affect people of any age group but is more common in children. Top homeopathic medicines for dysentery are effective in treating both acute and chronic cases of dysentery. They also eliminate the recurring tendency of the infection.    homeopathic medicines for dysentery
There are two main types of Dysentery – Amoebic and Bacillary Dysentery. The symptoms of the infection may last from a few days to weeks. The typical symptoms of dysentery include tenesmus, diarrhea with mucus and blood, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and weakness. It usually spreads from eating or drinking contaminated food or water or by coming in contact with an infected person.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Dysentery

Homeopathy treatment of dysentery includes a comprehensive treatment plan that works to treat both chronic and acute cases of the infection. These medicines for dysentery work according to the symptoms that manifest due to the infection.

For Dysentery with Tenesmus

The medicines used to treat dysentery with a constant feeling to pass stool (tenesmus) are Mercurialis Corrosivus, Asclepias Tuberosa, and Mercurius Solublis.

1. Mercurialis Corrosivus – For scanty mucus and blood

Mercurialis Corrosivus is a medicine used to treat dysentery with little mucus and blood, but with extreme tenesmus.

2. Asclepias Tuberosa – For ‘stream of fire’ sensation

Asclepias Tuberosa is a medicine used to treat dysentery where the stools are soft and fetid, and tenesmus is constant. There is a sensation of a stream of fire passing through the abdomen when stools are relieved.

3. Mercurius Solublis – For Tenesmus in the Bladder

Mercurius Solublis is a medicine used to treat dysentery where there is tenesmus in the bladder and rectum.

For Dysentery with Mucus

4. Aloes – For dysentery with Jelly-like Stools

Aloes is a medicine used to treat dysentery with jelly-like stools with excess mucus. The rectum feels sore after passing stools. The texture of the stools is small, brownish, half-fluid, and they move easily.

5. Capsicum – For Dysentery with Bloody Stools

Capsicum is a medicine used to treat dysentery with bloody stools that have a lot of mucus. There is also excess burning and tenesmus.

For Dysentery with Bloody Stools

Cantharis and Senecio Aureus are the medicines used to treat dysentery with bloody stools.

6. Cantharis – For Scrapings-like Dysentery.

Cantharis is a medicine used to treat dysentery where stools feel like scrapings of the intestine and burn on passing. Tenesmus of rectum and bladder is also present.

7. Senecio Aureus – For Dysentery with Thin, Bloody stools.

Senecio Aureus is a medicine used to treat dysentery with thin, bloody stools, coupled with tenesmus. There is strain while passing stools which are intermingled with hard lumps of feces.

For Dysentery with Abdominal Pain

Colchicum and Erigeron are the medicines used to treat dysentery with abdominal pain.

8. Colchicum – For Dysentery in Damp Weather

Colchicum is a medicine used to treat dysentery coupled with agonizing pain that remains long after passing stools. This medicine is used to treat dysentery that occurs during the autumn season and in damp weather.

9. Erigeron – For Dysentery with burning in Bladder

Erigeron is a medicine used to treat dysentery coupled with frequent, severe pain in the umbilical region. Stools are small and streaked with blood.

For Dysentery with Nausea and Vomiting

Ipecac and Arsenic Album are the medicines used to treat dysentery with symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

10. Ipecac – For Dysentery with Constant Nausea

Ipecac is a medicine used to treat dysentery coupled with constant nausea that does not get relieved even after vomiting. The stools are fetid and contain mucus.

11. Arsenic Album – For Dysentery with Extreme Weakness.

Arsenic Album is a medicine used to treat dysentery wherein there is extreme prostration (state of being very weak and exhausted). The affected person cannot bear the smell and sight of food. There is food poisoning along with nausea and vomiting.

For Dysentery in Children

Aloes, Magnesia Carbonica, and Baryta Carbonica are the medicines used to treat dysentery in children.

Aloes is a medicine that works well to treat dysentery in children who have jelly-like stools and a rumbling pain in the abdomen.

Magnesia Carbonica is a medicine to treat dysentery in children who have frothy, greenish, watery stools along with tenesmus. Sour smell from the child’s body and vomiting is present.

Baryta Carbonica is a medicine used to treat dysentery where there is a pain in the abdomen immediately after a meal, and bloody stools.

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  1. NavaKumar nath says:

    sir good morning ,
    I have ear issue in my right one where due to excessive oil generation over inner drum , causing hindrance in sound penetration . I am hearing very little and mostly unable to understand words . Any medicine can you suggest sir .

  2. J P SAXENA says:

    J P SAXENA 20:40
    I am suffering from DYSENTRY for the last say 40/50 yrs. every time I am having an urge to go for toilet. mucus is very common. no blood no pains in the stomach.

    so often I get relief with METROGILE / OR OTER DOMESTIC MEDICINES. I AM 81 YRS. OLD LEADING AN ACTIVE LIFE. ONLY DIABITIES (mild) .please suggest me some medicine. thank you Doc.

  3. Goutam Chakraborty says:

    Sir,my son Devam Chakraborty age-9yr male,weight 35kg he suffering giardiasis from2 month,Dr given tinidazol ,metrogyl extended release and others. Now his problem is stool with high musus with blood and abdomen pain.after taking food he go to bathroom.All day 5-7 time going to bathroom sir please help me for my son.thank you

  4. Manikant jha says:

    I feel pain instomac,desire of stool remain with pain,I feel cold also
    I have used
    Arsenic Alba
    Nux vomica
    Merc sol
    Pulsetilla..I feel good now but 10% remain

  5. ANAND POOJARY says:

    morning 2-3 times to go toilet. for two number . as well as after meal. i have no other alternative to stop for one time to toilet.(dysentery) kindly advice homopatic medicine for cure the same.

  6. My son age 03 months, passing stool with mucus and blood. May have also pain in abdomen as he crying several times. His mother is also suffering from constipation. Pls suggest me appropriate medicine with dose.

  7. My hair is thinning day by day . Greying also multiplying…😔Age 38 can you please suggest homeo medicine for medicines for this doctor..?

  8. Sheema biju says:

    My hair is thinning day by day . Greying also multiplying…😔Age 38 can you please suggest homeo medicine for medicines for this doctor..?

  9. Mantu char says:

    Dear’, sir i am having 4+ yrs child . He is having dysentry problem since from last month.. 3 to 4 times in a day.. after taking meal..kindly sugest the remedy….

  10. ram nath gupta says:


  11. Would you please advice doges for Mercurius Solublis?


  12. ranjan mukherjee says:

    Dear Dr,
    stool 4 times with blood and mucus yesterday. to day-stool with very little blood twice, however there is a little abdominal pain sensation continuously ,mainly after some eating.
    would appreciate you prescribe medicine.

    ranjan mukherjee

  13. Arun kr. Nag says:

    Hallo Dr.

    My mother is a chronic dysentery patient. Her age is 66 yrs. She is suffering from30 yrs(approx). Nowfew days blood is coming after latrine. She need to go latrine 6-7 times daily. Sometime started her loose motion also. Her dysentery type is jelly & sometimes piqued . Her digestive system is very poor too. Please suggest best medicine for her.

  14. Hello Dr.
    Am 27, male. Am suffering chronic dysentery fron 10 years. Am not healthy for that. Stool never exhaust completely. Some time burning some time jelly. Some time constipation etc. Always feeling weakness, and brain not work properly. always feeling abdominal pain when press aground belly button. I need to go latrine daily 5-6 times. Please suggest a best medicine for me. I want to live my life disease free.

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