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Top Homeopathic remedies for Styes

It’s painful initially but more important, Stye in the eye is a distracting sight for an onlooker which makes you feel very conscious and awkward. Stye is the small lump that appears on the eyelid margin — either upper or lower — due to infection of sebaceous glands. A stye can be external or internal appearing outside or inside the eyelid, respectively. Styes are red and painful initially and later pus forms in them. Eventually, they burst and heal up completely, while discharging the pus. But sometimes, in case of an internal stye, a hard nodule or cyst filled with fluid remains behind due to improper drainage of discharge. Styes can be safely treated with natural Homeopathic medicines with no side effects. Homeopathic remedies for styes not only help in dissolving the Stye in an acute condition but eradicate the tendency to have a Stye again. Ferrum Phos, Silicea, Conium, Euphrasia, Pulsatilla, Staphysagaria, Conium and Thuja are the top remedies. homeopathic remedies for stye

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Styes

1. Ferrum Phos: For First Stage of Stye

Ferrum Phos is a very effective medicine for Stye treatment. It is the best remedy for the first stage of Stye. At this stage, redness, pain, tenderness and swelling are marked and Ferrum Phos helps in relieving all these symptoms. This medicine also stops the progression of the Stye to a stage of pus formation.

2. Silicea: For Last Stage of Stye with Pus

Silicea is an excellent medicine for treatment of Styes. Silicea is the best cure when complete pus has been formed in Stye that is usually in the last stage. Silicea helps in the pus getting absorbed or drained out, resulting in proper resolution of the Stye problem. Whether pus is absorbed or discharged depends on each individual case. If it’s the beginning of pus formation, the pus is absorbed. But when complete pus is formed in Stye, Silicea will help in proper draining out of the pus. Silicea is a natural medicine that also makes sure that no resultant nodule is left after the Stye is gone.

3. Conium: When Hard Nodes are left behind from Styes

Conium is the best medicine for taking care of the hard nodes that remain after improper healing of Styes. These are referred to as Indurated Styes. Conium has the ability to soften such hard knots and make them disappear completely. In such cases, Conium is of great help in completely curing the Styes and never disappoints.

4. Euphrasia: For Styes with Extreme Burning and Watering from Eye

Euphrasia is commonly known as Eye Bright. That’s no surprise as it has the remarkable ability to treat eye diseases. Euphrasia is a natural medicine that is the best remedy when there is excessive watering with a burning sensation in eyes along with Styes. There is also marked redness and itching.

5. Pulsatilla: For Upper Eyelid Stye

Pulsatilla is the ideal remedy to treat the Styes of upper eyelid. The use of this medicine can be considered in all those cases where eating of fatty food like butter, creams, pastries precedes formation of the Stye.

6. Staphysagaria, Conium and Thuja: For Chalazion

These natural medicines are very benefical in the treatment of Chalazion or the cysts that appear as hard, firm, round nodes in eyelids away from the eyelid margins. Homeopathy provides a cure for this painless growth without having to resort to surgery. Staphysagaria, Conium and Thuja possess a powerful healing ability to dissolve these cysts and remove any kind of obstruction in the eyelid glands that is allowing its contents to collect into hard knots.

7. Calcarea Fluor and Thuja: For Tumours of Eyelid

Calcarea Fluor and Thuja are considered the best medicines to deal with the tumors of eyelids. These remedies have proved to be very effective in removing tarsal tumors.

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  1. Samrin khan says:

    Sir ..i am suffering with stye on upper eyelid..few days before it was on lower eyelid …it was disappeared by …staphesagria 200 …but now there is still redness …n another one …coming on upper eyelid….plz help me sir …
    My …teacher gave me .. phosphorus 30 …shall i go with it..?

  2. Naeem Ahmad Tahir says:

    I have styes on upper eyelids of both eyes from about 6 months ,hard ,stable and painless.please suggest the medicine.

  3. Hi, my 16 months daughter is struggling with a stubborn eye stye on top and under her eye lid. A friend recommended to try pulsatilla but I’m not sure how I would use that for her. Can you advise please. Thank you!

  4. I have been suffering from styes for three months. Calcarea Fluor is suitable for treatment.

  5. Priyanka Biswas says:

    Meri right eye ke upper eyelid style me lag raha hai ki ek “ANJANI” jyasa kuchh mahsoos ho raha hai, aur eye mey pain bhi rahta hai, our morning mey nind se jagne ke baad eye mey halka sa Sujan rahta hai our tthora eye redish bhi lagta hai, to sir please iska homeopathy upchar

  6. Priyanka Biswas says:

    Meri right eye ke upper eyelid style me lag raha hai ki ek “ANJANI” jyasa kuchh mahsoos ho raha hai, aur eye mey pain bhi rahta hai, our morning mey nind se jagne ke baad eye mey halka sa Sujan rahta hai our tthora eye redish bhi lagta hai, to sir please iska homeopathy upchar

  7. Ellen Ribolla says:

    Hello, Dr. Sharma,
    I have a Chalazion that I would like to take Staphysagaria, Conium and Thuja for.
    Could you tell me how to take it, please?
    Thank you for your time.
    Ellen Ribolla

  8. Hello,
    After having been prompted to write in the live chat, I sent two messages and both times I have received no reply. Then an automated message says I am cut off for lack of activity….Is this a joke?

  9. Hello, my daughter has a stye on her lower R eyelid that is inflamed and very painful even without touch. There is no crust or discharge at this point. I believe it started within the last 24 or 36 hours. We have been away from a house with water damage and mold for over a year, but I know that is taxing to the immune system. Wondering if you would change your recommendation because the current place where we live has some mold in the bathroom so she is constantly exposed when showering. Thank you.

  10. Dr. Sharma, I have a Stye forming on my lower right lid but I also have redness on both eyelids and red lumps on the skin under both eyes, on the outer corners, no pus has formed. Thank you

  11. Phanikumar says:

    Good afternoon Doctor
    My self phani from Telangana my daughter in law(sister daughter) suffering with STYES in right eye from past 1 year onwards
    She used medicines pulstilla,conium,thuja,silciea,
    But the result is zero will you please suggest medicines.

  12. Harish kumar says:

    Dr sharma,pl advise medicine for sty in my left eyelid inner side in developing stage.thanks

  13. Hi Dr.
    Best medicine for ED in old age.

  14. mirza muhammed rizwan baig says:

    there is inflammation beneath the left eye of my son and it is showing redness around the eye specifically lower side of the lower eyelid and there is feeble tenderness and my kid is not allowing me to touch it firmly

  15. Hi Dr. Sharna,

    I’ve been on constitutional Pulsatilla for years. Recently, I switched to Staphysagria (I’ve also been prescribed this in the past) because I had a large style on my right lower lid and other appropriate characteristics. Two days ago, I repeated the Pulsatilla dose feeling I’d ridden through the Staphysagria wave. Within 36 hours, I developed two styles in the upper lid of my left eye. Is this a healing crisis I should ride out or treat with another remedy? I’m a student of homeopathy and my physician is on vacation so I appreciate your thoughts.

    • Hi, I have this happening now.

      Can you tell me if this was a healing crisis?

      Did you ever get another one, again?


      (had staphysagria 30c, and silicea 30c; had a small, hard lump, now I have *another* Chalazion; bigger, redder, angrier – too inflamed to know how many lumps there are)

  16. Ritu Mamgain says:

    Hi Doc, my daughter frequently gets stuck in her eyelids. There’s no pus formation but it swells and pains. I gave her homepathy medicine for almost 8 months and she was fine. Doc asked to keep ice compress to get relief. I stopped the medicine.
    It’s been 3-4 months or more without medicine and alls well. But now she again got some slight painin her lower eyelid. Can you suggest medicine she can take on a regular basis. my daughter is 11 years old.

  17. Hi i was having bump on eye before 15 days then i applied tbact n it healed completely withing 5 days then again after 2 days some pimple type hard lyk cyst is near upper lash wat to do

  18. Hi Doc
    I have recurring chalanzion
    How I can get read of this disturbing disease and stop my body to trigger it again
    Thank you very much!

  19. Hello sir, i am having slyle on upper eye lid from october 2018, now doctor suggested me for surgery . Please tell me which one should take.

  20. In which power we use coming.

  21. Satish Kumar Gautam says:

    Sir, please help me, I have sty on lower size right side from more than 3 months. I have taken staphisagaria 30, conium 30, calcarea fluorica 6x, hepar sulphur 30, silicea etc. There is no pain on sty but very hard cyst type sty. I don’t know either it is sty or something else. Please tell me suitable homeopathy medicine for me. I am 50 yrs old from delhi.

  22. Austin D'Souza. says:

    Sir, Good Day, I used to get large stye around 8-10 years back in both my eyes & i used prick it out, now they have turned into very hard lump above my eyelash end to end of eye. Now my eye lids are drooping down which looks very embarassing on my face, tried may medicines but its of no use, can u please suggest what medicine should be taken. Thanks in advance.

  23. Hi dr sharma,

    I am taking supplements for digestive Candida. I have constipaion, bloating, migraines, sinus pressure in eye and face, mold allergy, sensitive to smells and food intolerance to gluten, citrus, fodmaps.

    Could you tell me what would be best homeopath to take and how to take them.

    Thank you for your help!

  24. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I’m impressed by the above remedies for styes. But where can I buy the products? I’m interested in buying
    Silicea – for last stage of stye with pus and Conium – for leftover hard nodes.

    Please let me know. Thank you.

  25. Sunila singh says:

    My right eye upper corner affected styes in many times plz tell me particular medicine

    • Ulka Gaonkar says:

      Good Evening Doctor, I got infection of lenses which is resulted in hard bump on my Left became hard and pus is not getting is since last 3 months old..can you please put whether it will get cure by homeopathy medicine.if yes can you please suggest me medicine..

  26. Tony Finocchio says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I hope your well and thank you for doing what you do. I am writing because I have a continuing stye problem in both eyes, upper and lower lids. I’ve read your list of top remedies for styes and have purchased both Ferrum Phos and Silicea pellets form Boiron.

    I was wondering if the Boiron products are sufficient or if you have another recommendation for Homeopathic remedies I can purchase online. Also, I’m curious as to what foods promote styes so I can eliminate those from my diet.

    Thank you for your time and help.



  27. Would these remedies be useful in treating a dog that has a stye ?

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