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Treatment Of Paraphilic Disorders In Homeopathy

Paraphilia refers to sexual arousal and gratification in response to atypical objects, situations, behaviors, fantasies or targets (eg. animals, children) that are not part of normal societal arousal or activity patterns. Previously, it was known as sexual perversion. These sexual activities or paraphilic interests of a person may look unusual and abnormal to others, but these are not considered paraphilic disorders just for that reason. Paraphilias are considered a disorder when they are persistent and intense and cause significant distress to the individual, cause pain/ suffering to an individual, threaten to harm/ humiliate oneself or someone and cause impairment in social functioning or impair other important areas of functioning of life. These are most common in males and rarely observed in females. In females, only masochism is the most diagnosed.

Homeopathic Support

Homeopathic medicines offer supportive help along with psychotherapy in these cases. These are very safe, natural medicines with zero side effects. Homeopathic medicines act on a deeper psychological level and bring balance in the disturbed state of mind. They gradually decrease the intensity and frequency of the complaint which may vary from case to case. The use of homeopathic medicines is recommended in mild to moderate cases. The homeopathic medicine is selected after a detailed case study (right from childhood history till the present date concerns) and its analysis.

Homeopathic Medicines For Different Types Of Paraphilias

 1. Hyoscyamus

It is a natural medicine prepared from plant Hyoscyamus Niger, commonly known as Henbane. This medicine is mostly helpful in treating cases of exhibitionism. Persons needing it have a desire to expose themselves physically and tend to uncover the genital parts. The affected person lacks modesty and also fondles genitals. He has tendency to make obscene gestures and has excessive sexual desire. He loves obscene talks and sings amorous and titillating songs. This medicine is indicated for both males and females showing tendency to uncover sexual parts.

2. Medorrhinum

This is the next most prominent medicine for cases of sexual perversion. People who require it are pre-occupied with sex and sexual fantasies. Their sex drive is high. They are anxious, irritable persons, always in a hurry. They are abrupt, impulsive and lack self-control. They are attracted to sex, wild behaviour and are cruel. This medicine is most indicated for cases of sadomasochism (sexual gratification from one’s own pain and inflicting pain on others).

3. Thuja

It is a natural medicine prepared from fresh twigs of plant Thuja Occidentalis,  commonly called Arbor Vitae. Persons who need it have sexual perversions and immoral (unacceptable by society’s standards) sexual behaviour.  They possess strange and excessive sexual desire with indulgence in secret hidden sexual activities.

4. Platina

It is indicated in persons who have tendency of obscene talk. They have an increased sexual desire and can even have amorous dreams. There is a display of arrogance in their behaviour, lack kindness and are impulsive.  This medicine is also indicated for sadomasochism.

5. Phosphorus

This is an important medicine for cases in which a person displays shameless behaviour. He tends to put off clothes and expose his genitals. There is intrusion and crowding of sexual thoughts in his mind.

6. Nux Vomica

It is indicated in males having sexual perversion and strong sexual desire, and get excited easily. They can have lascivious dreams also. They are irritable, impatient and get angry easily. They also possess traits of obsessive compulsive disorder.

7. Stramonium

This is a natural medicine prepared from the plant ‘thorn – apple’. It is indicated when males have excessive sexual passion along with lewd talk and action. They keep hands constantly on the genitals.  It is also indicated for females who indulge in lewd talks and sing obscene songs.

8. Staphisagria

It is prepared from seeds of plant Delphinium Staphisagria, common called ‘Stavesacre’. This medicine is important for cases in which sexual perversions are attended with persistent dwelling of mind on sexual subjects. In cases requiring it, there may be a history of sexual abuse and humiliation. It is most indicated for masochism (sexual gratification from one’s own pain).

Types Along With Symptoms

There are more than 500 types of paraphilias but most are rare. The most common types are as follows:

1. Pedophilia

It is one of the most common types of paraphilias.  In this disorder, a person is abnormally sexually attracted towards children of pre-pubescent age (means who have not begun puberty, aged 13 years or younger). A pedophile is at least 16 years old and minimum five years older than the target child to whom he is attracted.

2. Exhibitionism

It refers to achieving sexual pleasure through the act of exposing the genitals in a public place. This act is done in front of a non-consenting person/persons for amusement or sexual satisfaction or just to surprise/ shock the observer. The sufferer may expose the genitals, buttocks or breast. The affected person may also have a desire to be observed by others during sexual activity. Mostly, it is seen in males but rarely women may also expose in public.

3. Voyeurism

It refers to sexual interest in observing people who are undressing, naked, bathing, engaging in sexual activity or other private activities. This is commonly seen in males.

4. Transvestic disorder

It is a psychiatric disorder in which a person has sexual arousal by cross-dressing. It means a person achieves sexual  gratification by wearing dress of the opposite sex. It is seen mostly in males. Males affected with this disorder tend to wear and collect women’s clothing and vice-versa.

It is different from cross-dressing for entertainment as seen in films or TV programs that do not involve sexual arousal.

5. Sexual Fetishism  

Sexual fetishism means use of an inanimate object or non-genital body part to produce sexual excitement. The inanimate object of interest is called the fetish (some of its examples are clothing, rubber items, soft fabrics, etc)

6. Frotteurism

Frotteurism refers to sexual pleasure from rubbing pelvic area or erect penis against a non-consenting person in public places. It also includes fondling a woman’s genitalia or breasts with his hands. A person doing it is a frotteur. It can occur in crowded buses, trains, elevators, etc.

7. Sexual sadism (Algolagnia)

In this condition, a person gets sexual arousal or gratification by causing extreme pain, humiliation, cruelty and suffering to others like biting, beating, dabbing burnt cigarette butts, etc.  This type is more common in males.  Mostly, the injuries are made on external genitals and breast though they can be made on any body part.

8. Sexual Masochism (Passive Algolagnia )

It is the reverse of sadism (Deriving pleasure by inflicting pain on others). A person experiences sexual arousal or sexual gratification only from receiving painful stimulus, suffering, being beaten, or humiliation from opposite sex. It is also commonly seen in males.

9. Sadomasochism

Persons with this switch between sadism and masochism.

10. There are some other conditions too which are not specified paraphilia but are similar. These  include necrophilia (sexual attraction towards corpses or sexual act involving corpse), scatologia (a person gets  sexual pleasure by compulsive use of obscene language and commonly satisfies this desires through obscene telephone calls made mostly to strangers), coprophilia (sexual arousal or pleasure occur from faeces), urophilia (sexual gratification by sight or odour of urine) and zoophilia (a person is sexually attracted to animals that can involve the experience of sexual fantasies about the animal or actual sexual activity with animals).

What Are The Causes Behind It?

The exact cause behind it is not clear yet. Though there are a number of theories, none of them is conclusive. Further research is needed for confirmation.

According to one theory, persons with paraphilia have a history of some abnormal sexual habit in early life and they tend to repeat that habit. It is also linked with deprivation of normal social sexual contact which results in fulfilling of sexual needs via means that are socially not acceptable. Another theory explains that these behaviours exhibit in some persons (who have arrested psycho-sexual development) as a defense mechanism against anxiety. Some think of it as a form of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) — chronic disorder with uncontrollable repetitive thought of repeating something again and again. Persons who relate non-sexual objects with sexual pleasure can feel sexual excitement from these objects. Other than this, some type of sexual acts (like exhibitionism) that give sexual pleasure to a person can become a part of his /her behaviour.

There is also some evidence of altered brain functioning in some types of paraphilias, for example in case of pedophilia.

It is also seen that persons with such disorders have problems in forming person-to-person relationships. They can have difficulty in showing affection, reciprocating emotions and have sexual intimacy with a consenting partner. Besides, children who have unusual sexual experiences in early life, like observing a sexual act or victim of abnormal sexual behaviour, may try to imitate it. Intense conflict between parents, deprivation of affection from mother, ill-treatment by parents– situations like these also seem to be a risk factor.



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