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Vomiting: Homeopathic Remedies That Work

Vomiting (medically known as emesis) refers to a forceful ejection of stomach contents through the mouth. Vomiting is a symptom rather than a disease and can arise from a wide range of causes. Some of the reasons for vomiting include overeating, indigestion, food poisoning, and gastrointestinal infections. Homeopathy can be used to manage episodes of vomiting along with other symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. The top homeopathic medicines for vomiting include Ipecac, Arsenic Album, and Veratrum Album.

homeopathy vomiting

Homeopathic medicines for vomiting.

Some other medical conditions that can cause vomiting include disorders of the gastrointestinal tract like Crohn’s disease, gastritis, pancreatitis, celiac disease, gastroparesis, peptic ulcer, GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), milk allergy, liver disease, intestinal obstruction, inflammed gallbladder (cholecystitis), morning sickness of pregnancy, inner ear disorders including Meniere’s disease, migraines, BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), motion/travelling illness, certain medications, chemotherapy, anaesthesia, brain injury/tumor and excessive intake of alcohol.

Homeopathic Treatment of Vomiting

Homeopathic remedies offer a natural and safe treatment for vomiting. Numerous homeopathic medicines are used to treat vomiting. The most suitable among them is selected for every individual case depending upon the characteristic symptoms.

Homeopathic Medicines for Vomiting

Ipecac – For Vomiting with Intense Nausea

Ipecac is a natural medicine for vomiting prepared from the dried root of a plant named ipecacuanha. The natural order of this plant is Rubiaceae. Ipecac is very useful in cases of vomiting attended with intense nausea. The nausea is almost constant. The vomiting may be of white glairy mucus, watery fluid, yellowish/greenish colored matter or undigested food. It is usually in copious quantities and may be attended with cutting or colicky abdominal pains and a loss of appetite. A characteristic feature is a clean tongue with the above symptoms. Apart from these, there may be a cough attended with vomiting (a spasmodic cough).

Arsenic Album – For Vomiting Due to Food Poisoning and GIT Infections

Arsenic Album is a natural remedy for vomiting in cases of food poisoning and GIT infections. In cases where Arsenic Album is indicated, the vomiting may be green, yellow, bitter, sour, or clear. It may also contain blood in some cases. Vomiting appears soon after eating or drinking. Diarrhea with loose, watery, copious, offensive stool also arises. There is a complete loss of appetite with vomiting. Burning in the stomach is present in most cases, and abdominal colic and shivering may be present. There may be marked fatigue and anxiety. Arsenic Album is also indicated in cases where of food poisoning, stomach infections, cholera, and gastritis.

Veratrum Album – For Vomiting With Diarrhea

Veratrum  Album is an effective natural medicine for vomiting prepared from the rootstocks of a plant called White Hellebore. The natural order of this plant is Melanthaceae. Veratrum Album is very beneficial in cases of vomiting attended with diarrhea. Vomiting is accompanied with continued nausea, retching, and weakness. The vomiting is copious and forcible, of bile or food and drink. Vomiting and diarrhea are usually attended with cold sweat especially on the forehead. Ther stool is frequent, watery, gushing with abdominal cramps or severe pinching colic. Pains may also appear in calves and feet. During stool, the person feels chilly and may shiver. Episodes of fainting may appear with the above features. Veratrum Album is also a top listed homeopathic medicine for treating cholera infection.

Colocynthis – For Vomiting With Abdominal Pain

Colocynthis offers a natural cure for vomiting accompanied by abdominal pain. It is prepared from the pulp of a fruit of a plant called Cucumis Colocynthis, also known as Bitter Apple. The natural order of this plant is Cucurbitaceae. The vomiting may be of food or yellow-green substances. The abdominal pain tends to get relieved by bending over double or applying pressure. This pain may be crampy, colicky, cutting, or griping in nature, and is most marked around the navel region. Obstructed flatus is present with the above symptoms. Watery stool appears in some cases.

Ferrum Met – For Vomiting While Eating or Soon After Eating

Ferrum Met offers natural relief from vomiting that occurs soon after eating, or in some cases, even while eating. The vomiting is sour and acidic, and there is pain or pressure in the pit of the stomach. The pain tends to get better after vomiting. Eructations of sour, foul taste appear in most cases. Ferrum Met is also helpful in cases of a cough that worsens upon eating and is followed by vomiting.

Sepia – For Morning Sickness and Vomiting

Sepia is an excellent homeopathic medicine for vomiting related to morning sickness in pregnancy. Vomiting of food and bile is marked during the morning. In some cases, milky fluid is vomited. Even the simplest food leads to vomiting. There is marked nausea present in the morning as well as after eating. Even the smell of food or cooking can bring on nausea. In severe cases, even the thought of the food causes sickness.

Iris Versicolor – For Headache/Migraine With Vomiting

Iris Versicolor is a homeopathic remedy for vomiting prepared from the fresh root of a plant named Blue Flag. This plant belongs to the family Iridaceae. Iris Versicolor is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for headache/migraine attended with vomiting. There is marked nausea and pain in the forehead. The pain feels like a constricted band on the forehead. The vomiting is bilious, acidic of intensely sour nature, and burns the throat. Heartburn may also be present. A headache may begin with a blur before eyes and cause disturbances in sleep.

Cocculus Indicus – For Motion Sickness causing Vomiting

Cocculus is a homeopathic remedy prepared from the seeds of a plant called Cocculus Indicus. This plant belongs to the natural order Menispermaceae. Cocculus is a very valuable homeopathic medicine for vomiting in cases of motion sickness or vomiting that occurs while traveling. There appear nausea and vomiting from moving in a car, a train, boat. Vomiting may be bitter or sour and foul. It may be accompanied by bitter, putrid belchings. There is also profuse salivation with above.

Robinia – For Sour Vomiting and GERD

Homeopathic medicine Robinia is prepared from the fresh bark of root and young twigs of a plant called Robinia Pseud-acacia of the natural order Leguminosae. Robinia offers a natural homeopathic treatment for intensely sour vomiting. Along with vomiting, there may be acidity and heartburn. Oppression in the pit of the stomach is also present. Taste of mouth may be foul and bitter. Robinia is a top-grade medicine for GERD (gastro-esophagal reflux disease) with intense heartburn and sour vomiting. It is also used to treat a migraine coupled with intense sour, acid vomiting and nausea.

Nux Vomica – For Vomiting with Marked Retching

Nux Vomica is a significant homeopathic medicine for vomiting coupled with marked retching. The vomiting may be greenish, oily/greasy or of undigested food. Stomach pains are present that tend to get better after vomiting. Along with this constipation may be present with a constant ineffectual desire to pass stool (but passing a little at a time.) Nux Vomica is also used in cases of vomiting arising from the intake of alcohol.

Aethusa – For Vomiting Due to Intake of Milk

Aethusa is prepared from a plant Aethusa Cynapium commonly known by the name of Fool’s Parsley. This plant belongs to natural order Umbelliferae. Aethusa is a top grade homeopathic remedy for vomiting that occurs due to the intake of milk. Aethusa works well in people, especially children and infants who cannot tolerate milk. The milk is vomited soon after consumption in the form of large curds or cheesy matter. The child feels weak and tends to fall asleep after vomiting. In some cases, loose stool with greenish mucus may also be present.

Pulsatilla – For Vomiting After Eating Fatty Food

Pulsatilla is a natural homeopathic medicine prepared from a plant called Pulsatilla Nigricans (commonly known as windflower.) This plant belongs to the family Ranunculaceae. Pulsatilla is helpful for cases of vomiting with stomach derangement from taking fatty food like creams, pastries, ice creams. Abdominal colic, loose stool, and nausea appear with vomiting. Chilliness and pale face are attending features.

Phosphorus – For Vomiting With Blood (Hematemesis)

Homeopathic remedy Phosphorus is used in cases of vomiting where there is blood (hematemesis). Vomiting may contain pure bright/brown blood-like matter. The blood may be mixed with bile and mucus.

Chelidonium – For Vomiting in Liver and Gall Bladder Diseases

Chelidonium is a natural remedy for vomiting in cases of liver and gallbladder diseases. There appears vomiting of bilious, sour, greenish matter. The person needing Chelidonium is unable to retain anything. This is most times attended with giddiness and nausea. Pain in the region of liver and gallbladder are also prominent.

Symptoms Attending Vomiting

Nausea is a common attending symptom of vomiting. Other symptoms that may attend with vomiting include dizziness, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever. A common complication of vomiting is dehydration and loss of body electrolytes. Some features of dehydration include a dry mouth, decreased/dark urine, headache, and confusion.
It should be noted that vomiting for more than 12 hours that contains blood and when attended with a stiff neck is an emergency and needs immediate medical treatment.

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  1. Shah Rehman says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    My vomiting after each meal regularly since 5 years there is no medical history for his vomiting but there also no solution to stop her vomiting so I need ur help plz advise something to stop her vomiting

  2. We have a 6 week old pug puppy that has eaten a Hersheys kiss pice of chocolate candy. He may have eaten more, we are not sure how much he got. He vomited a little bit at 7:30pm and had diarrhea at 2:30am this morning. We live in the USA. He seems fine after the vomiting and again after the diarrhea, but I am worried he will get worse. Have heard chocolate is lethal especially for puppies. My guess is he weighs approximately 3 pounds. Can you suggest anything to give him in case the vomiting or diarrhea starts again? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

  3. My son vomits yellow bile in the morning and evening every day what to do

  4. Sue Helget says:

    My adult daughter has vomiting with severe stomach cramping from the flue. I have nux vomica. Vomit and distract have a real bad Odor. New to homeopathic remedies any digestion would be helpful

  5. Ghazanfar says:

    My mother’s age is 85. She feels nauseous all the time. She feels hungry but can’t eat anything. She eats a little. She also had an gallbladder removel operation. She is taking medicine from the stroke, which makes her sleepy all the time. There is no special benefit. Ipecac, nux vomica, Arsenic has not benefited much. Sha has side effects of Allophtic medicine. She is fear of death or happen , crying, she is can’t live alone. Please describe best homeopathic medicine for nausea. Thank you.

  6. AbooJunaid says:

    Medum Thanks
    Whether colchicine uses in vomiting fever ?

  7. Lakshmi Kalyani says:

    My dog has been vomiting tomatoes that he eats sometimes dates which is his staple food. Ithink he vomiting every alternate day.also hehas a problem of mucus in stools for that I am giving him merc cor.30 as soon as I stop the problem reapprears. Pl suggest medicine for his vomiting

  8. Sybille Richter says:

    My has been losing appetite for several days, now stopped eating completely. The vet gave him antibiotic and anti inflammatory. No improvement. Cat went to drink lots water twice. I gave him half a syringeful of liquid food which he vomited after 8 hours! With lots of water, then i sat him back to bed and he is calm but weak. I found Ipeca and Phos. Are they the right remedies?

  9. Shipra Bhattacharjee says:

    Blackish brown watery vomating three to four times and restless,and abdominal pain sometimes stool also by suggestions in homeopathy medicine

  10. my friend has pancreatic cancer and is having chemo treatment at the moment, she’s losing wieght coz everytime she eats she vomits, what homeo medicine is good for her

  11. Blood is coming in vomit, liver not good may be jaundice which medicine should be given?

  12. Pls sugest medcine for headache with vomiting sensation

  13. Hemant Mathur says:

    My grand son age seven years has a problem of constipation and vomiting

  14. I am a hospice nurse and I have a patient with daily N&V, he has end stage liver disease, He was taking Nux Vomica, which was helping for a while, but not so much anymore, Do you recommend the Chelidonium, he is able to hold food down in the mornings. and gets sick in the afternoon and night. Thank you

  15. I have motion sickness and get vomitting in bus car jeep etc. but not in train and i am very much comfortable in travelling in train.

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