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What is Dermatographic Urticaria and how does Homeopathy treat it effectively

Dermatographic urticaria, also known as dermatographia or dermatographism, refers to a skin condition where scratching the skin causes a reaction leading to the appearance of raised, inflamed lines called welts on the skin. It is one of the most commonly occurring types of urticaria. Another name for this condition is ‘skin writing’. It causes an allergic kind of reaction on the skin with signs and symptoms including raised lines (pink, red, purple in color or same color as that of the skin) on the skin resembling writing or welts (raised bumps) on the skin along with redness, itching and swelling. It may also be warm to touch and burning sensation may be felt. The symptoms appear within minutes of a trigger factor and the duration of symptoms is around 30 minutes. In rare cases, the duration may extend to a few hours to one day or even more than that. The signs and symptoms get worse at night in most cases. This condition is not contagious (means does not spread from one person to another via direct skin to skin contact).

What Causes Dermatographic Urticaria?

The real reason behind it is unknown but it is thought to occur from the release of histamine from mast cells on the skin surface. Here though no antigen (a foreign substance that triggers an immune response by the production of antibodies) is present, histamine may cause wheals (raised bumps on the skin) and swelling. This may happen when the immune system by mistake recognizes scratching or pressure on the skin as an allergen and sets off an allergic response by sending histamine to the affected area to get rid of an allergen. Histamine causes dilatation of the blood vessels and leakage of the fluid into the skin from small blood vessels causing swelling on the skin.

Another theory is that an allergic reaction may happen when the membrane of the mast cells is very weak that tends to break easily from pressure and cause allergic type of reaction. Some of the triggers that can set off this kind of reaction include scratching of skin, rubbing of the skin as from tight clothing, pressure on the skin as from wrist watch/ belt/any jewelry item, vibration, stress, an infection, cold/heat exposure, exercise, air blowing on the skin causing movement of hair on skin, bathing with warm water and taking some sort of medicines like penicillin. Persons having dry skin, those suffering from or having a history of atopic dermatitis (a skin disease that cause inflammation, redness and itching on skin) or allergies, thyroid issues, or family history of this type of urticaria, are at risk. Teenagers (13 yrs to 19 yrs) and young adults are most likely to be affected by this skin condition. Usually, no complications are linked to it, but sores caused by it can get infected with bacteria or fungus sometimes.


Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy proves very effective in numerous skin complaints. One among these is dermatographic urticaria that can effectively be treated under the homeopathic mode of treatment using a very gentle approach. Homeopathic remedies moderate the overactive immune system (that gives exaggerated response to some of the triggers resulting in skin reactions) and bring relief in such cases. These medicines help in managing acute episodes of urticaria as well as function to overcome this type of urticaria naturally with zero side effects. These medicines gradually reduce the intensity and frequency of the episodes of this type of urticaria. Along with healing the welts, they also help to manage any associated symptoms like itching, burning, stinging and pain in welts. Homeopathic medicines are selected individually for every case of urticaria keeping into consideration the triggers like scratching, heat or cold exposure, exercise and attending symptoms like itching, burning. Though these medicines are safe to use, it is advised to take any medicine after getting your case completely evaluated by a homeopathic doctor and avoid self-medication.

Top Homeopathic Medicines For Dermatographic Urticaria 

1. Rhus Tox – Top Medicine

Rhus Tox is the most prominent medicine for treating urticaria caused by scratching. In cases needing it, the bumps are dark red colored. Swelling may occur in the surrounding skin. Violent itching is felt in the bumps on the skin. Rubbing worsens the itching as well as the eruptions. This medicine is also indicated when cold triggers urticaria.

2. Natrum Mur – When Scratching, Heat Or Exercise Triggers Wheals

Natrum Mur is the next most effective medicine for dermatographic urticaria. This medicine is indicated when bumps appear on skin after scratching. Bumps may be quite large. Intense itching attends it. Besides, burning and stinging is also felt in the bumps. This medicine is also well-indicated when exercise or heat exposure triggers urticaria. Persons needing this medicine may also be suffering from dermatitis or may have a family history of this disease.

3. Zincum Met – When Scratching Or Rubbing Skin Triggers Complaint

This medicine is well indicated when wheals appear on the skin from scratching or rubbing the skin. Though wheals may occur on any body part, the commonly affected areas include thighs and hollow (back side) of knees. Itching and stinging sensation is felt in these eruptions.

4. Apis Mellifica – For Urticaria Triggered From Heat And Warm Weather

Apis Mellificais a highly suitable medicine when urticaria is triggered from heat and warm weather. Red wheals occur on the skin with intense burning and stinging. Itching is relieved when one is in open air. It gets worse at night. The wheals are painful to touch.

5. Urtica Urens – For Urticaria From Exercise

This medicine is beneficial when urticaria rash occurs from exercise. It is recommended for red- colored raised bumps. Itching and burning sensation is felt. Besides, stinging sensation and formication (sensation of insects crawling under the skin) is experienced on the bumps.

6. Dulcamara – For Urticaria Triggered From Warmth

Dulcamara is helpful medicine when urticaria is triggered from warmth. After exposure to warm atmosphere, welts appear on skin. It is attended with needle-like pricking sensation. There is marked itching and burning in it. Formication is experienced.

7. Sepia – When Cold Air Exposure Triggers Welts

Sepia is considered when urticaria triggers from exposure to cold air. The area affected usually includes face, neck and forearm. It is accompanied by itching and burning. Stitching pain is also felt in welts. The complaint gets better in a warm room.

8. Conium – For Welts After Exercise

This medicine proves helpful when welts occur after exercise. The welts are attended with itching as well as burning. Itching worsens from scratching. Welts may be painful as well.

9. Bryonia – When Prickling Occurs In Wheals

This medicine works well when prickling sensation (means sharp pins touching the skin) is felt in the wheals. The prickling is felt especially when skin is touched. Red-elevated bumps appear on the skin. Itching is also felt with an urge to scratch.


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