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Calcarea Phos – When Your Teething Kid Needs It

calcarea phos teething homeopathic

Calcarea Phos is known to most mothers as a ‘teething supplement,’ and the fact that it is a homeopathic medicine with its particular healing properties is often overlooked. In the practice of homeopathy, Calcarea Phos is majorly indicated for specific dentition issues. It is not a ‘cure all’ for dentition issues and should not be used as one. Its blatant use as a supplement is an abuse of homeopathy.

When Should Calcarea Phos be used?

It offers significant help in cases of delayed teething, slow teething, and retarded dentition. A child’s first teeth usually appear around the age of six months, and all the 20 primary teeth (also known as ‘milk teeth’) appear by the age of three. However, these are ballpark numbers as every child meets the milestones at a different pace. There can be a delay beyond six months for the first teeth to erupt.
An approximate timeline of the appearance of teeth is as follows:

6-10 months: Lower central incisors.
8 to 12 months: Top central incisors.
9 to 13 months: Top lateral incisors.
10 to 16 months: Bottom lateral incisors.
13 to 19 months: First upper molar.
14 to 18 months: First lower molar.
16 to 22months: Upper canines.
17 to 23 months: Lower canines
23 to 31 months: Second lower molar.
25 to 33 months: Second upper molar.

Delayed teething is a cause for concern if a child shows no signs of teething by the age of 1. The long-term effects of late teething are an inability to chew food properly, and the possibility of permanent teeth growing in a crooked manner. Some children grow a double row of teeth because the permanent teeth begin to grow in front of the milk teeth, resulting in two rows of teeth. The teeth remaining beneath the surface of the gums may lead to infection around the crown that can spread to surrounding tissue.
In such cases of delayed dentition, Calcarea Phos can be safely used to promote teething. It can also be used to hasten the process of eruption of teeth from the gums in cases of slow teething.

Calc Phos  for Irritability in Children During Teething

Irritability, incidents of diarrhea during dentition, and excessive wind in the abdomen are some other dentition-related issues in children where Calcarea Phos can prove to be useful.
Most babies begin teething around six months of age. Teething might not cause any trouble in many babies while in others it can be troublesome. In the latter cases, the baby may suffer from excessive irritability, crying, swelling of gums, tender gums, flushing of one cheek, increase salivation, putting fingers and other things in mouth, chewing things, and poor feeding. Fever and diarrhea may appear (though not directly linked with teething). Teething children tend to put various objects in the mouth, making them vulnerable to catch an infection that brings on fever and diarrhea.

In addition to the above, Calcarea Phos is also considered in cases where the teeth tend to decay rapidly (as soon as they appear).

Key Indications of Calcarea Phos for Teething:

Calcarea Phos is a biochemic Schuessler tissue salt (named after Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler), primarily used to restore mineral deficiencies that are causing disorders in the body. Its common name is ‘calcium phosphate,’ and it is prepared from dilute phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide through the process of potentisation.

Calcarea Phos is most commonly recommended in 6 X potency for the following dentition-related concerns:

– Delayed teething
– Slow or retarded teething
– Rapid decaying of teeth soon after they appear
– Excessive irritability during teething
– Diarrhea and gas during dentition


Homeopathic medicines are prescribed as per the “law of similia.” It means that homeopathic medicine is given by matching the symptoms of a person with the symptoms indicated for a particular remedy. The homeopathic medicine that closely matches the symptom picture of the person should be prescribed for best results. The same law is applicable when it comes to using Calcarea Phos.

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  1. My baby is 5 month old
    can i give her
    She has 1 teeth

  2. Priya Hinha says:

    My baby is going to be 3 yrs in july so when should i stop giving him the Calcarea Phos

  3. Bharti Taneja says:

    Can I give calcarea Phos to my 5 months baby??

  4. Shilpa Sharma says:

    My baby is 9 months old ..he is growing his upper incisors and cries frequently at night..he has started rejecting food also.. what should be done to ease out his pain

    • Priya Manchanda says:

      Hello Doctor

      My baby is seven months old. Can I give him Calcarea Phosphorus?
      What time should I give to him?
      What should be the gap between milk and tablets?

  5. My baby is 8 months old she is not taking food nd drinking milk. Not even breastmilk.what should I do

    • My baby is 14 months old but my baby didn’t get atleast one teeth so please suggest me can I use calcorea for my baby at what time can I use and what the ml can I use please help me…..

  6. Akhilesh kumar says:

    Hello doctor,
    My two year old baby has taken 12 pills of calcaria phosphorous BC 21 at a time. please suggest what to do?

  7. Hi my baby is 10 months and has not teeth can I use calcárea pho?

  8. My son’s lower teeth appears at age of 4. Can I give this medicine to him? But he has not any symptom yet.

    • freehomeoforall says:

      Yes. Start Cell Salt Calcarea Phos 6X. 4tablets 3times a day and let him drink a cup of warm milk then. Continue this. It may take time to see result.

      • Geeta chawla says:

        My baby is 2 month old can I give calcarea phos to my baby if yes please confirm how many tablets and how many time also in a day.

    • Hi Dr,
      My baby is 5 months old, I have Calcaria phos drops.How many drops can I give to her to relieve from teething.


    My baby is 13 months old but not a single teeth erupted. Pls suggest remedies

  10. Mariza De Melo says:

    Hi Dr
    I have been using Calcarea Phosphorica 6 c for muscle cramps and help me!
    Should I use higher potency ,because keep coming back
    Thank-you for your advice

  11. My daughter is 8month old and her lower teeth start to coming please suggest me the medicine which is good for baby teething. Can we give her calcarea phos 6x dr reckeweg?? Is this the right to give her this medicine?

  12. Hello Dr. Meri beti 5 month ki he or wo saliva bahut jyada nikalti he me kya karu . Please help

  13. Hello Doctor
    My Son is 10 and half years old. Recently his one of the canine broke . Is this normal at this age or he should be given any kind of supplements. When we checked the broken tooth it broke apart in two pieces from the center , seemed like it was not hard enough. Is this due to any kind of deficiency? He is G6PD deficient too. Please advise.

  14. Hello dr, my baby is 1 year old, how many tablets I should give her in a day

    • SJ Singh says:

      Hello Dr sahib, my grandson is of 5 months and one week. Most of the time he is putting his fingers in his mouth. Recently he has started putting other things also in his mouth and at times he is becoming irritating. Sometimes, he is also not taking feed properly. Yesterday night, he could not sleep properly. Pl suggest some remedy and also can we start Calceria Phos. If yes potency ànd dose may also be informed.

      • Rakesh Kumar Trivedi says:


  15. Sheetal chauhan says:

    My baby is 4 months and 15 days, rooting for milk, sucking or putting fingers or hand to mouth,irritability, and some time poor feeding…
    Can i start calcarea phos for him?

  16. Is there any side effect of these tablets for babies.

  17. Hi , dr Sharma ,
    Need advise regarding my treatment ,could you please provide ur contact info


  18. Abhilasha dayal says:

    Hlw mam meri baby 1yr ki hai or usse avi 1teeth aaya hai or pta nahi wo 3din se kch jada irritable reh rahi hai in evening time…. Mam ek bt or AVI tak 7kg weight hai meri beti ka koi problem to nahi….

    • Hi Abhilasha, mere khayal sey aap pediatrician se salah lijiye. Ek saal umr ki bacchi ko around 9 kg honi chahiye. Theek se poushtik ahaar, ande, doodh, daal, carrots, fruits, etc. khilayie.

    • Shweta agarwal says:

      Hello mam. I’m shweta. I wanted to ask when I can start calcarea phos for my baby. She is 4 month. Please suggest

  19. Plz let me know the exact dosage of bio 24 in 7 to 8 month kids

  20. My baby girl is 4 month old she is having tooth wright now her nature is normal means passing stool properly, taking well sleep, not crying much
    Is their any need to give this formula to my child, my father inlAw regularly insisting for this.. please let me know what type of side effect she can have if I start it without any prescription.

  21. I started giving my daughter calcarea phosphorica 6X when she was 10 months old, because she was in lot of pain due to teething. It worked and she started feeling better, but when we ran out, I had my father in law send another one from India, I gave to my daughter and after a day she got SEVERE RASH ALL OVER HER BODY, I stopped giving it to her thinking may be doctor gave a wrong one or may be higher doze. I asked my father in law to buy from different doctor and send again, but when I started giving to her again, same thing happened; sever rash all over her body. I stooped immediately and trashing all the boxes of left over medicines. I will be just giving her Tylenol. I am just upset because i thought the homeopathy medicines are suppose to be SAFE .

  22. What should be dosage of camera phos 6x for my 10 m old son. He has lot of irritability while teething. And how to give it? Most of the medicine s or tonic that he has are liquid suspension with dropper for dosage. How will it be in this case?

  23. What is the dose of calcarea phosphorica 6X for 1year old baby?

  24. Jyoti gupta says:

    Can I give calceria phos to my 4 month child ..she is so restless .its safe or not.

  25. Dipali Patil says:

    Hello doc…
    I have 7 month old baby…
    She is facing teething prob…
    Bcoz that she is not able to sleep, eating problem…
    Irritating…. Etc

    So can I give calcarea phos tablet to her…

    When n how to give these tablet….
    Can I mix it in to water
    Becoz i have fear to give tablet orally…
    Means I don’t know is she able to chew those tablet or not….

    Please guide me

  26. When calceriaphos will be start? My baby is just 5month old.

  27. Harneet Kakkar says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma!

    I have a 3 month old showing signs of teething. I dont want to take anything blatantly so could you suggest what homeopathy can i give to ease the baby.

  28. Monika mair says:

    Is it safe to give when child child is doing 3-4 potties in a day and how many tablets how many times in a day should given thanks.

  29. Reenu kadyan says:

    What are side effect if a 6 years old child take whole bottle of calcarea phosphorica 6x 20gm.

  30. My baby is pooping a lot while teething which homeopath medicine will be good she is doing green poop.her gums are swollen

  31. Kashish Mahajan says:

    My niece is 4 months old and begun her teething.. Should i give her calcarea for easy teething or wait for a while??

  32. Kimberly Bocanegra says:

    My daughter is teething. Only one of her cheeks is always flushed. I knew it had to do with her teething but why? And why is it only one cheek?

  33. What are the side effects of Calcarea Phos I want to use it for my my 2 yr old teething irritability

  34. Hellow,

    This is Raza from Karachi Pakistan.

    Could you please advice the medinces for gum disease.

    My gum loosing and coming down.


  35. Sarita thakur says:

    Good morning Dr,
    Please help me ,
    Today My daughter is in 2 and 6 months old ,she accidentally eat 12-15 pills calcarea ,can you tell me please can my daughter have side effects

  36. Hi, my baby girl is 6th months old. can i give any medicine for teething problem (CALCAREA).

  37. Nayem Hossain says:

    Hi Ami Naeem I am 35 years old to marry after 2 days. But I am afraid. Because for 5-6 days, he has been dreaming about for 15 years. Now I’m very physically weak. The penis is only a minute for the excitement. Not very thin. Please give us the opportunity to express gratitude with suggestions.


  39. Jitendra Sharma says:

    My son is 11 month of and going to complete 1 year to 21 March, so he suffering from loose motion and he is also irritating and biting,and sometimes he suffer from fever and cold few days ago we visited to doctor however he is not good as before he was. So please suggest that if we stop all the medicine suggested by doctor and we can feed homeopathic medicine calcarea phosphorica 6x.
    Please suggest at 9871794179.

  40. Hello doctor
    I am having twin daughters 6 month old. Both are constantly putting fingers in mouth. Pls help

  41. Raman Chaitanya says:

    My baby boy is 5 months old. he is going through teething pain.he is getting irritated. should i give calcareaphos and ferrum phos along with it.if yes then how many times and which quantity. Please reply me as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  42. My baby girl is 4 months old. She is going through teething pain.she is getting irritated. I m giving her phos (2.5ml twice a day).should i give calcareaphos and ferrum phos along with it.if yes then how many times. Please reply me as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

    • My daughter is 4 and half months old.Can I start giving her calcerio phos and in what quantity for her healthy teeth without any trouble.

  43. Gauri sinha says:

    Is it compulsary to give calcium to my baby.. she is 11 months not yet started with teething.

  44. My daughter is 7 months old. She puts everything in her month to chew. Due to this she is now suffering with diarrhoea with temperature around 100 degree. As a guess its a starting phase of teeth to grow. Will you please suggest some medicine to her to get relief from this pain and discomfort

  45. Can calcarea phos 6x be used as calcium supplement for my 2years old kid?

  46. My baby is 8 months old. Kindly recommend dose of Cal Phos for him

  47. prabhakarao chennamaneni says:

    i sir i am 66 yr old getting pain in anchle and
    knees and gaps in teeth advise

  48. Sachin sharma says:

    Hello sir
    My daughter is 7 months. Has been drooling, chewing on her hands and everything she grabs for about 3 weeks. Very cranky during the day and refuses to sleep. What do you suggest I give her?

  49. Sachin sharma says:

    My baby boy 7 month old. How give the dose…

  50. Pankaj K Sahu says:

    Hello Dr.
    My Daughter is in 11th month,She has 4 teeth growing up.But last 10 days she is not well..she has fever and cold.We have taken homeopathy medicine but not sure that was for CF.For cold we are giving her medicine which helps her to split and tools but we can n’t keep giving the same as lot of split and tool.she also stop eating…sometime she has fever reached 97-102..we are giving her med in 15-15 min as suggest by doc.

    We are confuse ,pls suggest if we need to see any child specialist for that.

    Pankaj Sahu

  51. My daughte 11 mont it that period coming teeth but he vdoes not grow any teeth and not sleeping comfortably at night please suugest homeopath medicine

  52. My daughter is 11 month that is period coming teeth lower and pain only one teeth grow and slowely and no sleeping at night pleaease sugget me homio path medicine

  53. siddharth agarwal says:

    I m 18 yrs old boy. I am having pain in growing out molar teeth. Pls. suggest me homeo medicine.

  54. My daughter is 3 months please advise when we can start the calcarea phos…

  55. Vkchaudhry says:

    Good evening advise when we can start calcarea phosphate with our 6.5 months old grandson for teething

  56. My daughter is 11months old she is refuses food from a month nd look very weak she has no theeth yet please help nd tell me what can I do

  57. ashok pandey says:

    My son is 15 months of age. There is not any scars in his teeth(he has 7 teeth altogether) but blood comes from behind the teeth . It has repeated 3 times already. Is it sign of appearing new teeth???

  58. ashok pandey says:

    My son is 15 months of age. There is not any scars in his teeth(he has 7 teeth altogether) but blood comes from behind the teeth . It has repeated 3 times already. Is it sign of appearing appearing???

  59. sadasivRajguru says:

    can i use cal.phos ,Mag.pgos and natrumphos taken mixing with each other

  60. RAVI PRAKASH says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My son is about of 8 months.
    In that period, teeth are coming out from lower jaw with pain.
    Also coming loose motions.
    Kindly please suggest homeopathy medicines or any other medicine for teething and good health for baby boy.

    With regards,
    Ravi Prakash

  61. balwinder kumar says:

    dr.saab mera beta ka 6th month chal raha hai lagbhag 15 din pahle loosemotion the 1 din me 7-8 baar poty karta tha bilkul pani ki tarah to dr. saab please aap bata sakte hai ki isne teeth nikalne hai aur sar bhi garam rahta hai

  62. Gurpreet_kaur says:

    My daughter is 6 yrs old. Her front two teeth broke…so plz suggest me to give her which calcium?? She’s weak too

  63. V S Sarkar says:

    There is new member arrived at my house she is of 40 days old can I give calcarea phos for save & painlesss teething.

  64. Varinder Singh says:

    Hello doctor
    When to introduce (in which month) calcarea phos for baby ???

  65. SK.MD.YUSUF says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma
    My son is 2nd1/2yrs old.The has some pain in the back tooth (swelling as well).We have visited a few doctors, they told us that fillings the three teeth is the treatment.I am not convinced because of his age.Kindly you suggest it is the right way or any side-effects.we will go for x- ray tomorrow.pls sir kindly you suggest me.

  66. Hello doctor
    My son is 14 months old. Pls suggest a good tablet for developing teeth. He use to put everything in his mouth.

  67. My daughter is 4 months a 3 weeks. Has been drooling, chewing on her hands and everything she grabs for about 3 weeks. Very cranky during the day and refuses to sleep. What do you suggest I give her?

  68. Raghvir singh says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    My daughter is about 18 months. She is in her teething period that period might be a bit painful and make her sleep less at nights affect with motions too. Kindly please suggest homeopathy medicines or any other medicine for teething and good health for my baby girl.
    With regards

  69. Gurpreet says:

    Hello doctor,

    I have two bottles of Calcarea pros with manufacturing date 02/2010 . Is there any expiration date for these. My daughter is 6 months.Is it safe to give her these tablets

  70. P.K Agarwal says:

    Dr Sb
    My grand son is about 5 months. Kindly sugest homeopathy medicine for teething and good healt for my grand son and oblige.
    With regards

  71. Shilpa agrawal says:

    My baby is 2years and nine months old . Due to teething he is unable to take food and milk. So which medicine is suitable for curing his teething pain

  72. इन्द्र भूषण says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please suggest me to A Baby Teeth Growing, Baby is 11 months old.

  73. my 13 month old son is not teething yet… is this normal ?

  74. Binod pd says:

    Age 25 yrs a new tooth is growing up due to this flesh of jaw is cutting and swelling is also developed

  75. Mandeep kaur says:

    Can calcarea phos be given to a 5 month old my baby plz guide ma

  76. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have two bottles of Calcarea pros with manufacturing date 02/2010 . Is there any expiration date for these. My son is 10 months and teething. Is it safe to give him these tablet sals.

    Thank you

  77. Saeed akhter says:

    I have 2 child one is 3 years and other 2 years. I can use 5 phos for both to good health . Plz guide

  78. Dinesh kumar Tiwari says:

    Sir 14/10/16 20 fit deep services problem London band pen and editing please

  79. Anjali Tanwar says:

    My daughter is 5 months and 15 days and she feels to eat tight toys it seems that she feels irritation in her gums.What calcium medicine should i start to make her teething journey easier.

  80. Yogeshwar Singh says:

    Dr my baby is 11 month old . He has his teeth comes but sometime fever doctor give me paracetamol salt 125 mg , cefixe 50mg along with calcium carbonate vitamin D3 (calbiano) . Is this medicine (calcarea) is better substitute of calcium carbonate vitamin D3 (calbiano) & can give it along mention above three medicine

  81. Santosh kumar says:

    Sir my daughter is in teething ,she is 6 months, suffering from Greenish stinky loosemotion,she is restless,and only cry

  82. vipin gupta says:

    My baby is 2 years old she have a pain in gums when she eats sweet

  83. vipin gupta says:

    My baby is 2 years old have in gums when she eating sweet suggest what we do

  84. Hi doc
    Can calcarea phosphorica be given to a four month old baby

  85. SURESH YADAV says:

    Hello Doctor!
    My baby grandson in teething. He is of 8 months and 18 days. His motions are loose but twice in a day only. Now for two days he has developed greenish loose motions but twice in a day. Bay is healthy his weight is 8.6 kg Plz advice if Calc phos can be given to him in what power & doses?

    Suresh Yadav
    Narela, Delhi

  86. Priya Sujith says:

    My 6 month old son is teething as i can see a white spot on his lower gum. He’s always cranky and need to be carried all the time. He throw away things in anger. Doesn’t like the teether too. But likes to bite our hand or fingers.His stool is greenish in colour and have very bad smell. We have started solid food for him like Ragi porridge twice a day.Can I give calcarea phos to him? Will it ease his pain?

  87. My 6 month old baby teething andhow much Calcera pros I can give to her .Can I direct put in her mouth or add into water .

    • My grandson is 6 and a half month. Can cilcera phos be given to him at this time to facilitate smooth transition of teeth.

  88. Hello doctor
    How can calcareia phos be beneficial for my 3 months old girl?
    Please reply

  89. Kajol Nair says:

    Hello Doctor
    My 2 yrs old daughter has eaten too many Dentonics …I’m very much worried …

    What shall I do …she is ok…but pls advise what to do to avoid side effects

    Thanks & Rgds
    Kajol Nair

  90. ALOK MISHRA says:


  91. Taiwo Oluwafikunmi Joseph says:

    Hello Dr.,
    My 10-month old son is developing high body temperature due to teething problem. My Indian Boss then recommended Calcarea Phos to me. i hope if will work fine for him??

  92. vinodmohanjain says:

    Good morning my baby girl is seven month old . is calcarea phos better for her.

  93. Soubhagya Priyadarshi says:

    hello Doctor.I’m 18 yrs old and my height is 5’5..Iv heard in many places that calcarea phos is beneficial for growth of height for teens I started taking it a week or two before..will it increase and what else should I do to increase my height…maybe b/w 5’9 to 5’11..
    please reply..thank you

  94. sanjay sehgal says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    My son is 4 year old (2 jan). The has some pain in the back tooth (swelling as well). His other tooth are also not in good shape. We have visited a few hospitals, they told us that root canal is the treatment. I am not convinced because of his age. Kindly suggest. We will go for x-ray tomorrow.

  95. parasharam r khannukar says:

    side effects of dentonic pills

  96. Hello
    My sone is 4 month old. How clacker phos help in teething. My son having all symptoms of teething. is it beneficial to start now.

    • Humara baby 1.5 years old hai abhi tak usne chaluna suru nhi kiya hai humane use calcarea 2 goli subah sham dete hai kya safe hai kya him isse jyada dose de skate hai uske tangle kamjor laguti hai

  97. Can i give calcarea phos to my two months old daughtet?

  98. Nilesh Kumar says:

    Dear sir

    What are the side effects if by mistakenly taking approx 15 – 20 tablets of calcarea phos at once by my 2 years old baby.

    plz, advice me what should i do for safe from side effect.
    plz its urgent.

    • Kawaljeet Singh says:

      Dear sir
      What are the side effects if by mistakenly taking approx 15 – 20 tablets of calcarea phos at once by my 2 years old baby.
      plz, advice me what should i do for safe from side effect.
      plz its urgent.
      Mob No. 9996565659

  99. Priyanka singh says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have a 9 month old baby boy….. he is my 1tst child…. Kuch dino se usko loose motion ho raha hai n green color….. n sab kuch mouth me leta hai, rubbing his ears n chid chida ho gaya hai n uska gum hard ho gaya hai mere ek relatives ne advice kya Calcarea phos dene k liye bt I don’t know is it safe or not?? any side effect???? Plz reply sir m helpless……

  100. Namita Joseph says:

    How much of calcarea phos should I give to my 8 month old daughter. She has started teething.

    • My grand dauhter is 8 months old. Her teeth are coming, some one advice calcaria 3x medicine. How much tablet i give her.

  101. Vivek mandhan says:

    My daughter is 6 month old and she always want to put her finger in mouth and she always want to bite everything and I think she going to start teething….yesterday my mother brought calcarea phosphorica 6x product of dr will mar schwabe….first is it safe to give her above mention medication and if yes what should be the dose…second if there is any side effect of this medicine…..third as she is 6 month is it better if we should wait and let her do teething naturally as I doesn’t feel she is in pain or some irrritation…

  102. how many tablets give to my five month baby

  103. Kumari shobha says:

    Meri beti ka birth 30.10.2015 ko hua hai. Abhi 12month start ho gaye par abhi tak iske teeth nahi nikle hain .use and gripe water 4 months se hi de rahi hoon. Iske teeth kab tak niklenge. Ye abhi sirf khadi hoti hai chalti nahi hai.birth k time iska weight 2.4 kg that.

  104. If a child gets 10 GM of calceria this accidentally. What would happen? Any home remedy.

  105. subhash sanyal says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,
    I am grateful to see your website for such novel cause.
    My daughter 24 yrs old is under treatment of TB with allopathic drugs therapy(INZ+RIF+ETHAMBUTAL+PIR) since 11JULY,2016 and moxyfloaxin from 22nd august.Her sputam AFB was observed to be +++. For last 20 days she is having all joints pains. s uric acid and RA factor tested on 18August is normal.after morning wake up and when getup from chair it is severe and during damp weather it is worse . Dr has suggested pain killer tab. but i want to give her Homeopath medicines for such pains so that further no side effects arrises. During evening hours she feel hot and sweat. She goes to sleep late and get up in morning late. kindly advise medicine to recover from pain as TB medicines has is go longer. With best regards.

  106. winnie sharma says:

    Hello sir im having 2 year old daughter she is healthy n fine but recently I find cavity in her tooth… giving her calc phos 6x can I also give calc flour 12x to her together plz suggest as im very tensed about her tooth….

  107. rajinder kaur says:

    hello sir, my baby is 7 month year old When will i start give him calcarea .how it will help him. till now he has not any single teeth

  108. How many tablets of Calcarea Phosphorica should be given to a 14 month old baby?

  109. Ankit Garg says:

    Hello Doctor,
    My son is more than 6 months old. He often takes his fingers into mouth and likes to be carried along all the time. Also, at least one human being nearby is compulsory, otherwise he’ll keep shouting and crying, remaining not amused by any good toy until someone joins. Are these symptoms of Calcarea Phosphorica ? Many people in family are asking me to start giving him Calcarea Phos. Is it really compulsory ? his gums seem hard (normally hard as can be expected at this age) to me. As my paediatrician says it is not at all required, teething being a natural process. What is your opinion ? If yes, kindly also suggest the dosage.
    Thanks ahead,
    Best Regards,

  110. Dear Doc,
    My toddler daughter seems very apt to a Phosphorus type personality.
    She gets frequently affected in the chest almost every month, slight sniffle, full day coughing follows and drops into the chest. Almost 10 days post that of throwing up phlegm.
    The weight drops as a result, till she regains through food.

    We started Dr. Reckeweg Calcarea Phos 6x and Ferrous Phos 6x (2-3 pills / 3-4 times a day).
    This has gone on for a week, she did eat better.
    All of a sudden ( may or may not be because of the dose) she had a bad bout of cough and a fever towards the late evening. It is damp, rainy and gloomy this monsoon season.

    Is ferrous phos to be taken daily?
    Can calcarea phos 6x be taken daily?

    By law of similars since she’s been taking these daily for 10 days, is it possible that this is an aggravation
    If that is the case, should we still continue to use ferr phos 6x to treat it?

    Please help with a generic recommendation for daily immunity and protection for phosphorus child
    She’s unbelievably bubbly, loving and always high on life. Except when her chest gets full.

    Hoping to hear from you.
    Thanking you in advance,


  111. Gud afternoon Sir,
    My baby is 4 months n 10 days old. N he is taking each n every thing in his mouth n wanna rub that on his gums…. N his lower gum is little bit hard.. Should I start giving him calcarea phosphorica.

    • Ravi Joshi says:

      I want to know that how many pills of CALCAREA PHOS give my 6 month,s little baby & how many days i can give ?

    • Priya Saluja says:

      My baby is 5 months n 10 days old. N she is taking each n every thing in her mouth n wanna rub that on her gums…. N her lower gum is little bit hard.. Should I start giving her calcarea phosphorica.

  112. people who replied have no options rather than help themselves because i found just a single reply from Dr. Vikas then what is the use of having blog online may be Dr. Sharma wants to save his time and knowledge for other profitable walking visitors.

    Thanks Dr. for saving our lives

  113. Hiral joshi says:

    I want to know that how many pills giva my 5 month little baby & how many days i can give ?

  114. shiv shakti says:

    Dear sir, my baby, now troubling with teeth, shr trouble with fevrer at head and palm. Show me guadience

  115. Mary santiago says:

    Hi doctor, i have uneven teeth nd dentist prefer to apply braces for staightening my teeth , what if i used calc flour and calc phos , would it beneficial for my teeth or what time it takes for straightning my teeth??

  116. Amrit Lal says:

    Our child is 5 months old. She is having teething problem feels pain in lower jaw as observed by. Teeth are yet to come out. Please advise

  117. Hello sir
    My son is 11 months old.I give him homeopathic medicines since he was 4 months old as he suffered from severe cough. Everything z gonna fine but his wait grows slowly. My homeopathic doctor recommended me not to give him any suppliments like iron calcium.. Is it true .? Plz tell me dat z homeopathy safe for him?? They said dat we have to continue till 1 year with homeopathy for immunity…

  118. niharika says:

    My baby is 3.5 months his potty is green last one week what should I do

  119. Sunil Kumar Jain says:

    Age 51 yrs ,
    pain in joints and bones (Knee, finger and legs)

  120. Shraddha says:

    Hello doctor,
    My son is six months old. He is droodling so much and wants to put every thing in his mouth. Most of the time his fingers are on his mouth. Shall we start giving him calcarea phos 6x. How much dosage to be given? Should we powder the medicine or should it be melted with water and given?

    • Gud afternoon Sir,
      My baby is 4 months n 10 days old. N he is taking each n every thing in his mouth n wanna rub that on his gums…. N his lower gum is little bit hard.. Should I start giving him calcarea phosphorica.

  121. pradeep kumar says:

    Hello sir, meri beti 6 month ki h. Mein use calcarea phosph 6x ki kitni dose aur kese du. And iske koi side effects to nhi h. WO bhut chidchidi aur sust ho gai h. Plz suggest me. Plz..

  122. Hi doctor my son is 1.5 yr old suffering every now and then with motion problem many says it’s due to teething at this age he is not gaining weight at all please do suggest about calcaree phos homeopathy tablet

    • Dr.Socrates .DHMS says:

      Motion problem you mentioned it ,But whether it is loose motion or constipation?.
      If it is lose motion Cup.ars 6c three drops, + Ipecacu Q 4 drops in hot water 1/4 glass of water. (Boiling water to eliminate alcohal) .If it is constipation give 1 drop of Nuxvomica Q 1/4 glass of water.Eliminate alcohal using Hot water.

  123. ajay kumar says:

    My grandson is in 10th month now. No teeth seems to be appearing. He is hale and hearty baby have no problem.
    what could be the problem.
    in case teeth starts appears which homeopathic medicine can be given and in what doses to help his pain

  124. Hi minakshi says:

    My 6month daughter how many tablet for calcarea phos a day?

  125. Hi , my daughter is 10 Mths and has just started teething, I can see 2 lower teeth coming. I have calcarea phos in liquid form how much dosage should I give her & frequency .

  126. Hi doc .
    I have a 4 months old baby boy . Everything was ok till 7th April , when we got his 2nd vaccination done .
    After that I feel he is very crancky , irritable and he has lots of colic . He is fine when I am rocking him . He is not taking proper feed alsso . His pediatrician told he is teething but the homeopath doctor said no it’s his gas
    She gave me
    Calcarea carbonicum 6ch -6pills dissolve in water
    Pulsatilla 6ch
    Chamomilia 6ch

    Is it fine . Actually I am not satisfied the way she was seeing him .
    It would be great if you will tell that these are the right medicines

    • hi
      how many tablets of calcarea phos a day for my 6 years old daughter as she is lactose intolerant and is off dairy products. pls reply.

  127. Rajwinder kaur says:

    How many tablets for five months baby..?

  128. Hi my daughter is 11 week old started to put her hand in the mouth drooling,not drinking milk .Is it safe to give her calc area phosphorica tablet .if yes can I mix in water because she is on liquid diet .thx

  129. My 1.6 year daughter has black patches or spit in white part of eye, do we have solution in homoeopathy , as allopathy doctor says for laser only,

  130. my daughter is 11 Months old she is having her first tooth i just want to know that what dose of calcarea phos i should give

  131. hi

    my baby is 4 months old…and doc advised us to start calcarea tablet as he is drooling a lot and he always put his hand in his mouth which seems as a symtoms of teething.

    i wanted to confirm that can i give this tablet in his milk …i mean in his formula milk.

    pl suggest

  132. Prabha Raphael says:

    We hv started giving calcarea phosphate 2 pills 3 times but now from 3 days hes having lose motion but not watery its ok but smells sour. He does 4 times potty and whenever he passes wind then he takes takes out little potty this is due to teething problem. Hes running on 6 month

    • Hi daughter is 6 mnth old now..can i strt calcerea phos n how much dose to her….plz suggest as she completed 5 mnth on 23 march..n doing loose motion little watery twice a day..from den..plz suggest

  133. Swaran Singh says:

    I have two daughter and both her teeth in yellow colour and teeth condition not well.
    Kindly suggest

  134. My baby is girl is 16 months..can I give calcerea to my baby..These days she is falling alot.
    N she doesn’t drink milk..

  135. Hello sir,this is sunilam.I’m a mother of a boy baby ,he is my first baby&he is in his sixth month.Sir,he is sowing his new growing teeth.He has continuous loose motion because of this teeth growing .Sir,what can I do for stopping his loose motion & pain

    Yours thankfully

  136. Hy I need ur help will calcarea pho can remove yellow spot at my teeth.and can I find it in pharmacy?

  137. Pazhaniyandi says:

    My son 7years old has Adenoid Hypertrophy. Snoring in the night. When consulted a Homepath, he prescribed the following medicines.
    Cal phos 6x= 2_2_2
    Cal carb 30=5_5_5
    Bell 30=5_5_5
    Barytcarb 30=5_5_5

    Whether these medicines are correct and having proper dosage?


  138. sunil tripathi says:


    i want buy calcarea fort aurvedic medicine

  139. My daughter is 13 month old….she has nt starting her teething yet but now a days she is behaving very irritating cranky sleepless n very angers at times….r dese the symptoms of teething??? She has stopped eating too …. What should I give to make her feel easy,?????

  140. Sandeep kadyan says:

    Dear sir

    What are the side effects of taking 25 tablets of calcarea phos at once

  141. Ekta JAISWAL says:

    My infant is 6 mths baby boy…and his gums are swalled…m giving him 3 tablets 3 times a day of calcareaphos 6x…
    Now should i increase the quantity of d tablets or shuld continue the same…
    As he is having iritation and itiching in his gums

  142. Sahina malhotra says:

    Hi , my daughter is 3 months old . Wanted to ask if I can start giving her calcarea phos . If yes what potency .and how many times in a day

  143. Kanika Sharma says:

    Heyaa .. my son is 4 n half months .. he is biting his hand all d tym n drooling .. pls suggest wat to do .. can i start calcarea phos to him ??

  144. My son is 7months old .He is suffering from cold &fever from20 -25 days before. In between his 3 teeth come out 2 has in lower jaw&1 is in upper jaw.He is not taking properly then what we do

  145. Hello my son is 3 n half months.. he biting his hand all d time n drooling. Can i start dentonic ? What dose ??

    • Hello Dr. my son is 4 n half months.. he biting his hand all d time n drooling. Can i start calcarea phos 6X ? What dose ??
      Please suggest…

  146. Thembisa Tube says:

    Dear Doc… My baby boy is 10 months old now and he is teething and he have upper middle teeth coming and two lower side tooths coming. So this left him refusing to eat he is loosing weight and I am helpless

  147. sunil yadav says:

    my son is 10 months old and his teeth was not not growing till date. he makes vomiting when we try to give him milk for feed every time last 2 or 3 days. Kindly suggest me when his teeth shall grow.

  148. kanwar dutt says:

    My child is 11 months old.. .since 3 days he is suffering from fever…on first day we took medicine from doctor and he was fine next day. .but on third day he again had fever . We again went for check up . .even we checked up his blood test . .doctor everything is normal….and gave again medicine. .but his fever is still high. . . Now we have seen that second teeth is coming up from jaw…and we are assuming that this fever is due to this teeth growing because last time when he was having his first teeth he had same type fever for 4-5 days. .. .please guide us coming of teeth for a baby is causing fever.. . And as told by my family friend should we give him calcarea calcium tablets. . .

  149. Rajnish kumar gupta says:

    Sir. My daughter is 2 yrs old. she ate full bottle of calcarea phosphate.6x. Plz suggest me what to do and and what r the side effects

  150. Jainendera says:

    What dose of calcaria phosphorica is recommended for my 4 months old grand son

  151. My grandson of normal built seems to be on his way to teaching. He will be 4 months old on 22 Oct. He He has started chewing his hands in his mouth. Kindly suggest some most suitable homeopathic remedy without any side effect for easy teathing. Thanks

  152. My baby is 6 month old , baby is going for fill all things in your mouth and rub . Please guide me for his upcomming teeth , for liquid or tablet.

  153. chhavi mathur says:

    I m 21 yr old and i have a constant urge of eating calcarea phosphorica 6x tablets as i find it very tasty.When i get it i cant stop eating it until i finish the whole packet. What are it’s serious side effects? Many times i’ve felt restlessnesss and stomach disorder if i take too many of it and regularly. How to control this urge?


    My grand daughter is 10 months old. We noticed on 17.09.15 that one tooth comes through her lower gum. Can we give her CALCAREA PHOS as suppliment ? If yes, pl. write me the power, (3x / 6x etc.) dose and name of the company and how long we have to give her this medicine.
    M.K. Biswas.

  155. any side effects of calceria phos…..any effect of dis medicine on ear aftrwards

  156. Kanchan sharma says:

    Hello sir, I have baby girl of 6 months running. I want to ask you that how many times in day I will give the calcarea tablet to my baby. Pls tell me sir. Kanchan sharma

  157. my son is 16 months old can i give these calciam tablet.. please assist me

  158. Hii my baby has completed 5th month and he hasnt teeth yet .so i want to know shall i give calcarea he tries to take every thing towards his mouth.he might be teething.

  159. prabhsandhu says:

    Gud morning,i have 7 months old baby girl,i give him calcarea 06. Now i want ti tell that,can i give him ascorbic acid or ferlin vitamin with this..i waiting your reply thanking you raman sandhu

  160. muhammed azeem sabri says:

    Hello Doctor,
    well my son is 4 months old,whenever he takes the milk or we feed him with the feeder he passes stool right than and there what is solution for this though we have shown him to doctor but nothing happen and he takes his fingers and fabric like my wife’s stole , he starts biting with his gum is this the sign of teething please suggest.


  161. What dose can i give to my 10months old bbay of calcarea phos6x

  162. shweta sachdeva says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My baby Laabh is 7 months old he was 7.2 kg one week before but after one week he goes down to 6.6 kg, and my Dr. Said your baby is taking more milk as required that’s why his weight is decreasing..
    but my baby is also having diarrhea what should i give him to cope up from this serious health issue…is this all because of teethening??

  163. Adarsh Dhirasaria says:

    i have four missing teeth and a cavity can you please suggest me about how to grow back missing teeth without surgical treatment

    please reply me asap

    Adarsh Dhirasaria

  164. BK Urvashi says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    Greetings and Namaste!

    I have low calcium levels so I am thinking of starting on Calcarea Phosphorica 6x. Can you advise me on the dosage? The body is 37 years old. No major problems apart from muscle stiffness at times, and discomfort in nerves occasionally.

    Thank you
    BK Urvashi

  165. Priyankka Dawer says:

    Dear doctor
    My dd of 4 months exclusivr bf is pooping frequently and its watery …
    Also putting ger fingers inside mouth..
    I am not able to understand the problem
    Is it teething?
    Please suggest what is to be done..

  166. Dear doctor,

    I am 35 years old. I started having calcarea phosphate 6x as I felt the urge to eat chock. Now I have become addicted to calcarea phosphate. Please let me know if there are any side effects.

    Thanks alot

  167. hello doctor,
    i have a 5 mnth old son..i wish to ask how wud i know that he is having teething problem and can i give him calcarea phosphorus at this age…what should be the dosage…and how long it is to be continued.

    plz recommend.

  168. suman das says:

    Premature ejaculation

  169. Dear Dr,
    I have a boy baby of 9 months and he hasn’t started teething yet. I am not worried as I’ve heard some kids teethe late. Can I give him calcarea phos… is it is safe to give him? Will this medicine remove all the problems associated at the time of teething?

    Waiting for your reply at the earliest.
    Thanking you

  170. Arun Kumar says:

    Hi ! Sir

    My Name is Arun Kumar I would like to ask About Calcarea is that Safe For Child. is would be any sideffect in future. My son Age 10 months Now he will Face Teething Problem in 1 or 2 months. So Please Confirm me Can I Recommended. Please Suggest Me. I will Be Greatful



  172. swarnim sharma says:

    Dear dr.
    I hve a baby girl and she is 2 and half months old. Her teeth has started coming. Her 1 tooth has come. She keeps on crying whole day. Can I start giving her calcarea phosphorica. Please suggest.

  173. Hello Dr,

    I have baby boy of 7 months. He has started teething and suffering from loose motion 9- 10 times a day. Can I start to give calcarea pho.

    Waiting for your reply.

  174. Dear Doctor, can i give my 8 year old son Calc Phos 30c to straighten up his front teeth, they are growing outwards and i want to try to avoid a brace, thank you

  175. Clare Talha says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, my son is 8 years old and his top teeth seem to be growing outwards, they are not inline with his teeth below, i want to avoid a teeth brace, can i give him calc phos 30c? I have tried a 6c but when i give him this his behaviour becomes very silly and naughty, i thought maybe he needs a higher dose such as 30c? Could you please confirm if this potency will be ok for an 8 year old boy, he is dark complexion, dark hair, tall and too skinny even though good appetite. Thank you in advance

  176. Clare Talha says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, my son is 8 years old and his top teeth seem to be growing outwards, they are not inline with his teeth below, i want to avoid a teeth brace, can i give him calc phos 30c? I have tried a 6c but when i give him this his behaviour becomes very silly and naughty, i thought maybe he needs a higher dose such as 30c? Could you please confirm if this potency will be ok for an 8 year old boy, he is dark complexion, dark hair, tall and too skinny even though good appetite. Thank you, Clare Talha

  177. deepshikha says:

    Can i give calcarea phos to my 6 month old baby?. How shall i administer that because that comes in tablets.

  178. RTN CHOWDHURY says:


    For the filling of gap in c4,c5,& c6 portion in spine i am using CALCAREA PHOS 6x.This will be my 3rd bottle.Would request your honour let me know how many more bottle to be taken for getting perfect relief from the tingling pain pins & niddle & too much giddiness causung life in to the hell for common social life.Head ache is also persisting.
    Immense thanks for your kind perusal & favourable positive respnse for the needy.
    Your’s sincerly

  179. maria roy says:

    hello doctor,
    my son is 8 and half months and is getting his upper first teeth, but he is having loose motion frpm last 5 days, his body is warm too….he is having it 8 to 9 times a day….1.what to feed him? 2. what medicin to give him? 3. is this normal?

  180. safina kausar says:

    I have a baby boy of 6 months because teething started to him and suffering from loose motions 8-9 times a day. So kindly advice his needed.l

  181. gunjan Khosla says:

    My son is 1.8 yrs old.he is on teething due to which he has become fussy. He has stopped eating and drinking everything from past few days. His irritability and arrogance has increased due to teething troubles he is facing.plz suggest me some good homeopathic medicine

  182. smita joshi says:

    My baby girl is 11 month old. She is not having any signs of teeth. Also she is not gaining weight . her weight is 6.3 kg now . Her birth weight is 2.1 kg.
    Please suggest how to gain weight of her.

  183. Md. Shafiqul Hasan says:

    my first baby (male) is 8 years old but his physical growth is not sufficient, so, i want to increase his body height using homeopathic remedies

  184. Sir my boy baby is 14 months old and his teeth is coming. Earlier his two teeth has came in the upper jaw but that time no motion problem was there.but now when the teeth is coming in the lower jaw regularly motion is going 6 to 7 times daily from 5 days .We r in homeo treatment but no results is seen .Pls help us

  185. Good afternoon Doctor….
    My baby is 4 and half months old and is teething. someone suggested to give dentonic….but the baby started choking on giving the golis…is it advisable to dissolve it in water….also the baby frequently puts her fingers in the mouth……what should be done….

  186. Hello sir
    My son is 7month old.should i start giving him calcacea is safe or not.any side effect of these medicine.some people says its not a safe medicine.plz reply.


    can I give calcaria Phosphorica 30 to my two month older baby. what is the dose of the madicine

  188. My baby is 2 and a half yrs.old baby girl.
    I am giving calcarea phosph to my baby when she is five month.
    Should I continue these medicines.

  189. Dear dr i have a problem my baby is 10 months and she hasnt started teething and im seriously worried about that can you recommends which meds to give her.

  190. Rajesh Bhattarai says:

    Namste !!!!!!!!!
    I am Rajesh Bhattarai from Nepal. My daughter is 6 years old and she is now fit, fine & healthy. I have a query and very eager to know. Could i give her CALCAREA PHOSPHERICA-6X. What is benefit of this medicine for growing children ? Is it better for her mental, Physical and other growth ? If so plz describe me a little bit better with its dosage.
    Thanking You.

  191. Hi Dr,
    My 21 month son has very thin hair; it doesn’t fall but his hair growth is very slow and they are very thin. And, he also have not yet started talking that much, compared to other smaller infants. I have been suggested to give him calcarea phos 6x. Do you think it is ok, and what should be the dosage? What is the best place to buy it in USA, and in what form (liquid or tabs)?

    Thank you!

  192. fatima shaikh says:

    Hi doctor,
    My son is 5yrs old.eats chalk, mud,bores his nose,doesn’t want to eat food.doesn’t share things with his younger brother and one younger sister.catches cold often.also suffered from pneumonia 6mnth for all these habits gave him Cina30. But still fussy in eating food.eats chalk .
    Please advice the medicine.
    Thank you.
    Fatima .

  193. Rashpal sekhon says:

    My son is only three months old and has swollen gums. He experienced a lot of pain. Can I give this medicine to him. I live in UK.

  194. Manju Raheja says:

    Respected Dr.
    My child is 4 months old should I give dentonic?
    If yes then Hw.plzguide

  195. Aarti Jadhav says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,
    My son is 1 yr old now but his tooth has not yet come. I am worried about it can i give him Den-tonic for helping his teeth to come.
    Please give your valuable advise.

  196. Tarandeep Singh says:

    my son of just 03 month old feeling teething problem, his gums are swealling
    he feel pain,want to jaw his mouth with finger
    can i give him calceria as he is just 3 months old

  197. NARENDRA SINGH says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a baby girl of 1 year 2 month, but she has not yet starting teething till date, we have given kelkeria phosp after 10-11 month that time she will get vomiting.
    What we should do now, please kindly give me your opinion.

    Thanking you,

    Narendra Singh

  198. Vikas Talwar says:

    Dear Dr. sharma
    Greetings of the day
    I have baby girl of age 18 months and she has not started her teething yet. we are seeing doctor but every time they just says that this a case of delayed dentition. and we are giving our baby calcium oral suspention. But nothing help our baby in teething in last 18 months. Now we started giving her Calcrea Phosphorous tablets to help it out. But my doughter spit out tablets as soon as we put tablets in her mouth. we are much bury about her dentition. Kindly help us and guide us. does it a good idea to put tablets by crushing to powder and then putting in her mouth ? or with water ?? please help.

  199. Ramandeep Brar says:

    hello Dr,My daughter is 5 months old.I think she has started teething.she always put her finger in her mouth n try to chew it and then started crying. Can we give her calcaria phos . Is It safe for her someone told me that calcaria phos makes teeth brittle?

  200. priya singh says:

    My baby is 5mnth n 4 days old sir can i start calacarea phosphorica.??if yes so plz advise me its doze…thanx

  201. shruti amit sharma says:

    My baby is 1 year 2 weeks old, but his teeth not comes. what can i do. plz suggest .

  202. Dear sir,
    I have a male baby of 05 months complete. I thing my baby has start the teething from the starting of 06 month, my Question is can i give him homeopathic medicine (CALCAREA PHOS) or not. if i can give him, then suggest me the potency of medicine. otherwise suggest me any other medicine for this. thanks .

  203. sumit dahiya says:

    sir I have a girl baby child with age 4 month…. what is best doses for her….

  204. my child is 4 months old an she is passing loss stole
    from last 1 week . As doctor recommend me walamycin and I give her 3 to 4 times ORS and also Daraloc still no age.And I am giving daily morning and evening Gripe water but no change in her bowel movements . should I have to start her calcarea phos.what I need to do

  205. my child is 4 months old an she is passing loss stole
    from last 1 week . As doctor recommend me walamycin and I give her 3 to 4 times ORS and also Daraloc still no age.And I am giving daily morning and evening Gripe water but no change in her bowel movements . should I have to start her calcarea phos.

  206. Hi doctor,

    I have a baby girl of 17months.i am giving her calcarea phos… is it is safe to giving her.


  207. My son is 10 month old we are giving him calceria phos 6x from last two monthes 2 tpills twwo time now he has his first theeth coming out at lower middle . I want to know that was it right potensity dose or how long can we give it to him?

  208. Dear doctor,
    I daughter is 2 years and 1 month old. Actually, the problem is my daughter swallowed all the tablets of calcarea phosph. 6x of bottle. I don’t know how did she reach to the bottle but she did. Now I am so much worried about her and want to know , is there anything serious about that. Could you please let me know.

  209. My baby is teething she is 5 months old…she is restless all the time…I wanted to ask what is the best time to start Calvert phosph .ehat else I can do to relive her pain

  210. jasmeet kaur says:

    Sir how many months calcaria phos is given to the baby.

  211. ravinder says:

    Hello sir/mam,
    i have a baby of 9 months but there no any symbol of teeth there, i heard that some babies teeth grow slowly , someone told me about ‘calcarea phos’ of ur’s now i give infant to this dose twice a day, but babies loose motion was frequently last one month (35day). Can u tell me form this medicine is the baby was ok.

  212. My baby girl is 6 months old but her height is not good. We are a family of average sized height people so I am extra vigilant about my daughter. I have heard of homeopathic medicines for height increase. Please suggest. I am already giving her calcarea phos.for teething.

  213. Renu Sharma says:

    My little daughter is 4 months old as on 5th Jan ,I give her dentonic ( teething pills ) of 2 pills every day. Is it o.k . Is there any other homeo medicine. Plus I would like to know what is the best remedy for getting a child potty as she does potty in 2 days.
    I would like to get your advise.
    Thank u.
    Renu sharma

  214. dolly mishra says:

    hello dr.i gave calceria phos to my 5month baby.but he vomits up.why

  215. sir
    My baby is of 5 months & i am adminstering her calcarea phos tablets. Please suggest me weather i am doing right or wrong. she had dry cough like irritation in throat , but no chest congestion. I felt that she had enlarged tonsils. please give me suggestion.

    Thanking you.

  216. My son is 05 months old . He is normal except his head is warm at all times . It may be due to teeth . Pls advise .

  217. amandeep kaur says:

    Hi Sir, my son is 6.5 months old, not teething yet. But my mother in law says ; I should start giving him calcarea phosphoric to avoid teething problems. Please advice.

  218. Akansha Gupta says:

    Dr. my son is about to complete his 12th Month and has no teeth. He is also underweight about 7.5 kgs only and was born with 3.5 kg ..

    Plz suggest what can be done ..


  219. My daughter is now 3 years old. Is it safe to give calcarica phos thrice a day?? She is not having any teething problem.. Whether any side effect is there?? Kindly advise me..

    Thanking You


  220. Manpreet Brar says:

    hi , Dr. I have calcarea phos medicine my daughter’s 7 Mon old. How much dose i need to give her please let me know about it .if any side effects let me know too.

  221. I am suffering from hair fall,dandruff and dry scalp that become itchy during monsoons.Every monsoon I loose a lot of volume of hair has decreased quite a lot.plz help

  222. nilkamal ghosh says: is very healpful

  223. nice medicine

  224. My daughter just completed 4 months and has starter teething. What is the dosage of Calcarea Phosphorica 6x for a 4-month old baby? She still breastfeeds but is primarily formula.

  225. deepti irchella says:

    Hello Doc,

    My son is 11.5 months old, he will be one year in next 19 days. He has not shown even a single tooth in his mouth yet. He crawls and stand with help and tries to walk with help too. He has cold and cough since two weeks, I have been advised that children at this age do get cold whenever they teeth and also been asked to give him calceria phos tabs. My mom was a homeopath doc, so am well aware about the medication. I have not practiced it anyday though. Please advise what should I give my son so that the teeth which is about to erupt(he bites) can come out easily.

  226. Dr. Saab,
    I fart so loudly that my room almost shakes, many times my neighbors wonders that it is a earthquake.

  227. Dear Dr,
    I have a baby boy of 8 months and he has started with the symtoms of teething like chewing his hand or what ever hard thing given to him,drooling of saliva but nothing has appeared in his mouth as yet.i thought of giving him calcarea phosph ,but issue is the potency.3x or 6x .I need ur help in potency and dosage .how long I have to give it .so kindly advice me on this .
    Thanking you,Manmeet.

  228. sir i want to know this calcarea phos also work in increase to hight tell me yes or no plz sir tell me your sugg.

  229. Dear dr.
    I have a baby girl of 6 and half month should I start her calcarea phos.tablets
    …….is it safe to giving her without start teething…..for how long one should give to child

  230. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have a baby of 6 months. For better teething which medicine is better Calcarea Phos or B. Ve Phos. I’m giving B. Ve Phos tonic to my baby. Is it correct or please suggest me.

  231. poojasrivastava says:

    i help

  232. mamta agarwal says:

    my son is 31/2 years old. he started to speak very late. he can speak all the words but is not very clear.
    His recognition and reading is extremely good. He follows instructions but sometimes just does not bother to listen. At times what he talks is not relevent e.g. when going to school he would say’ bye bye triangle’. I would say that his conversational skills are lacking , because due to certain reasons we do
    not socialize. He is a happy child basically. sometimes I feel his comprehension of daily activities is low. His teachers call him a very intelligent child because of his recognition and reading skills. I am confused.

    can i give him baryta carb? If yes, what potency and frequency?

    • mamta agarwal says:


      • M L OSWAL says:

        My grand daughter is four and half months old. Sometimes she gets restlessness and irritation in gums. This may be due to teething problem. She repeatedly takes her finger in mouth. She tries to take others hand in her mouth.
        Kindly suggest if she can be given Calcarea Phos 3X one tablet daily.
        M L OSWAL

  233. Saswati Mukhopadhyay says:

    Hello Sir,

    My baby boy is 3 months old now.. my in laws are asking me to give 5 Phos tablet seems it will help the child in cold and cough and will help to sleep. My baby by God’ grace has no problem. My pedeatrician has also confirmed that he is a healthy child and he just got a bit cold and congestion…and yes… he sleeps during the day and is awake at night..(he gets up have milk..sleeps for half an hour or so and again is awake).. I dont have breast milk at all as of now.. there was some organ issue and so my baby got breast milk for 1month or so..because my nipples are completely flat and i had to express it and give it to the baby..anyways by God’s baby is doing fine with the formula milk. My pedeatrician has also suggested Vitamins, which we give him regularly.

    My main concern is – is it neccessary for me to give him 5Phos 6X..without any reason? Is it something like a vitamin to be given for gaining immunity? Please help

  234. Hello Dr,

    My daughter is 5 month old. Should I start giving her calcarea phos. Does it has any side effects. Is it safe for her?

    • Hello sir
      My son is 7month old.should i start giving him calcacea is safe or not.any side effect of these medicine.some people says its not a safe medicine.plz reply.

  235. Respected Sir,

    My grandson is 4 months old. Kindly advise from which month Cal.Phos. should be started.


  236. Ramesh Negi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have 6month baby and she has suffering fever due to first teeth is comes. please advice for medicine.

  237. Hi,

    I am looking at starting calcarea phos 6X for my 3.5month old son for teeting. What is the right dosage to be given? How can give tablets to an infant (mash it up or give the full tablet to suck)?

    Look forward to hear from you.

    Thank you.

  238. GOURAV Sareen says:

    My baby is in his 13th month n he doesn’t show any sign of teething…v r giving calceria n denton ven he was in his 5th month….ven will he hve his first
    tooth….lil worried….waitin fr d reply


  239. Ellora Das says:

    Hello Sir

    My baby is around nine months old and he is getting his first tooth. I am giving him cal phos since one week and he is relieved but his pediatrician has given him three alopathy vitamins of iron, calcium and multivitamin so can I continue with cal phos along with these vitamins.

    Thanks in advance.

  240. Sonal mujmer says:

    Hello Dr,
    I have a 4 month old daughter. I wanted to know how does CALCAREA PHOS help in teething for infants. Also, if its given what is the right time to put babies on this medication? Is it safe to give them the medicine even if they are not teething?
    Do we wait for the teething synptoms or we could start giving it right away?

  241. hi dr sab, good morning.
    i have a kid which is now suffering from false tooth (CHORDATA). and loose motion also. i of my senior suggeted go through gripe mixture and cal.flour. but i dont know the strength of cal flour. my baby is about to 6 month.’plz give fruitful sugggestions.

  242. Praveen Pal says:

    Treatment for loose motions for a 5 months old baby.the stool is hey coloured yellowish but little foggy. Please guide. Thanks

  243. Manish thanki says:

    few day ago, my foot in fracture which is minor hair line crack. so can i take homeopathic medicine for it? which is best ? please guide me.

  244. Mamta Biala says:

    My daughter is 4 months old and today I have seen a small teeth… Can I start her calcarea phosphoric 6x

  245. Shikha Chhabra says:

    Dear Dr.
    I have a 1 and half year daughter and she is having 12-14 teeths .
    And her teething is still in process means one or two are about to come within some days.

    I had started giving her calcarea phosp. since she is 6 months ( 4 tablet thrice in a day) . So, I want to confirm weather I shall continue giving her the tablets or can stop it now.

    Thanking you,

  246. Sonali Khadiker says:

    Sir Very Good Morning, I have Daughter & she is 2 year 3 month old. Me & My husband we both are working thats why we have to keep her in daycare center, where we have observe that she continously falls ill as she always have cough & cold. She feels better for a week then again she starts sneezing. I take her to a homeopathy Dr. Sharad Gupta in Ahmedabad, Initially he gave medicines for cough. Now he has given mdicine name calcarea phosph.6x to her. Sir I just want to know the use of the medicine, how it works on kids of her age. Does it have any side effect.

    Waiting for your reply

    Sonali Khadiker


    • neetu jain says:

      Dear sir,
      I have a baby of 15 month old but his teeth are not devlop till date onl y two teeth of front have come.
      pls suggest a goodedicine or suggest about calcerea phosphorea 6x and also suggest dossage.

  247. meenu sharma says:

    hi Dr. i have a question regarding use of calcarea phosh 6x the time of teething for my baby as he is 8 month old but no teeth right now but from last one months back he is really very fussy and has slight temp for 3 or 4 days. i think he is on teething so i start this medicine but still he has no teeth .can i continue with the medicine or stop it n how long i can give him.tnxs am waiting for your reply

  248. Hi,
    My baby boy is only 3 months old and i have started Calcarea phos for his teething as he started to put his hands in the mouth and feel uncomfortable. We are giving german calcarea phos to him. Is it good to give this? Plz Suggest?

  249. can calceria phos and calceria carb be taken together.

  250. dr mrs neha negi says:

    my baby boy is 1 and half years old bt yet only 6 teeth has cm out im giving him c.phos from last 2 months 2 tablets trice a day is this problem is normal? and i want to know the name of any homeo…tablet for his good hight as we both mother and father are of average height plz suggest me any.

  251. SANJOY BASU says:

    My baby is 11 months old. Till now no teeth has came out. What I will do? Is Calceria Fose the right medicine for her. Please advice.

  252. Sukumar Jagati says:

    Dear sir,

    I have some gas Problem.

  253. Carol Muir says:

    I was wondering if calc phos (homeopathic tissue salt)
    would help with red gums and tartar for pets (cats)?
    Or what remedy would help? such as:
    Mercurius Vivus,
    Mercurius solubilis
    Hep sulph

  254. Dear Sir,
    my baby is 3.5 month and he start teething ,so can we give him calcarea phospg to him and What is the dose of Calcaria phos.. for a child aging 3.5 months .
    Thanking you, Maya

  255. My son is now 2 years and half but all his teeth have not yet come out at present they are only 12. Your advise is sort.

    • Dr. Vikas Sharma MD says:

      It’s late normal .. Please wait .. No homeopathic medicines please … Do not give calcarea phos .

  256. A homeopathic preparation has none of the original substance in it so it doesn’t have calcium in the remedy, what it does is if there is impaired nutrition or ability for the body to digest the appropriate amount of nutrients for the body to develop (in the case of calc phos and calc carb especially) it will correct he imbalance and kick start the development process of were it should be. So the remedy will only work or be effective if it is needed if it is not needed it will make no difference especially in a low dosage with infrequent repetition. This is why homeopathy is so safe and so forgiving. Much safer than supplements vitamins etc. I have given this to my baby during teething pains, stopes the pains within minutes any teething problems or growth issues this is a very good remedy.

  257. hi, my daughter is 3 months old and has already started teething. Sge faces lots of itching and keeps putting her hand ib mouth. She also gets very cranky at tines. please sugest any homopetic medicine which can reduce her pain.

    • Renu Sharma says:

      My little daughter is 4 months old as on 5th Jan ,I give her dentonic ( teething pills ) of 2 pills every day. Is it o.k . Is there any other homeo medicine. Plus I would like to know what is the best remedy for getting a child potty as she does potty in 2 days.
      I would like to get your advise.
      Thank u.
      Renu sharma

    • Shubhangi says:

      Dear Doctor, my baby is 4 months and started teething. Pl suggest any medicine as she started loose motion.

  258. Nidhi Gupta says:

    What is the dose of Calcaria phos.. for a child aging 6 months?

    • sunil upadhyay says:

      Dear sir,
      I have a baby of 15 month old but his teeth are not devlop till date onl y two teeth of front have come.
      pls suggest a goodedicine or suggest about calcerea phosphorea 6x and also suggest dossage.

  259. Dear dr
    I have a baby boy of 6 and half months.i am giving him calcarea phos… is it is safe to giving him .
    thanking you

    • Priya Agnihotri says:

      Dear Dr.

      My son is 16 months old and has in total 8 teeth. Four each on upper and lower jaw. My problem is whenever there is a sign of new teeth, he gets fever and vomiting. He tends to leave the food at all and only wants my milk.
      Due to this his health has gone down very mich. I am seriously worried due to this. Can calceria phos do any good to my baby. Please suggest and reply soon.


    • My son is 6 month old . He is having potty 6 to 8 times a day. I m thinking ti give calcarea phos 6x . Tell me the dose of this mrdicine fir teething problem

    • Hello sir,
      My son is 9 month old, he gets so much irritation in his joy during teething, i am confused is that safe calcium phos. 6x to give him or should i concern with doctor first.

  260. Dear Dr,
    I have a baby girl of 10 months and she hasn’t started teething yet. I am not worried as I’ve heard some kids teethe late, but my Mother in law who is a homoeo doctor (not practising anymore) inists on giving the baby calcarea phos , one tablet, twice a day.
    I have nothing against homeo, infact prefer it to alopathic treatments, but am not for giving calcium tablets to an infant who has no teething issues whatsoever. It could be my ignorance speaking, so kindly advice on whether its needed or not. Waiting for your reply at the earliest.
    Thanking you, Deepa

    • Dear Dr,
      I have a baby girl of 9 months and she hasn’t started teething yet. I am not worried as I’ve heard some kids teethe late. Can I give her calcarea phos… is it is safe to give her? Will this medicine remove all the problems associated at the time of teething?

      Waiting for your reply at the earliest.
      Thanking you

    • Sir my boy baby is 14 months old and his teeth is coming. Earlier his two teeth has came in the upper jaw but that time no motion problem was there.but now when the teeth is coming in the lower jaw regularly motion is going 6 to 7 times daily from 5 days .We r in homeo treatment but no results is seen .Pls help us

    • Hi Everyone,

      I have started giving Calcarea phoph to my son from the age of 5 months because teething started to him and suffering from loose motions 8-9 times a day. But when started Calcarea phos he got relieved alot. Now he is completing 1 year and I am still giving him the same.

    • harmeet kaur says:

      I have a baby girl of 11 months and she hasn’t started teething yet. I am not worried as I’ve heard some kids teethe late..i m giving her cal area phos 2 tablets a day…is it ok …any side affect? Pls tell me..

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