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Homeopathy for Autism

What is the role of homeopathic medicines  in Treating Autism ?

At the outset I want to say that we do not lay any Claim for curing autism . Having said that , I am also stating that kids in Certain segment of the autism spectrum disorder respond well to homeopathic treatment. Children in mild to moderate category of Autism can helped with well prescribed homeopathic medicines.

Which Factors will determine child’s will respond to homeopathy ?

I have seen that three factors are majorly  responsible for the outcome of autistic kids with homeopathy. The first one being the age of the child ; The second being the speech and the third being the hyperactivity. Kids at young age have more chances of responding to homeopathic treatment. Kids between the ages of 18 months and three years respond the best to early interventions. We do treat kids older than Five ; but we also explain the parents about the slim chances of  relief. Severely hyperactive kids do not respond well to homeopathic treatment . Kids with lesser level or no hyperactivity respond well to treatment. Speech is very important aspect in determining the response of homeopathic medication in helping kids with autism. Kids with some speech ..e.g. single words like mama etc will show better signs of improvement with homeopathic medication. The above mentioned three  factors generally determine the outcome . These three factors can exist in different combinations and even individually  . For example even a five year child with partially developed speech with no hyperactivity  can show great improvements over a period of time , where as a very young child with  no speech with severe hyperactivity may never respond to homeopathy.

If  a Child Starts Responding to Homeopathic Treatment , to Which Extent can he get better  ?

Kids in younger age group can hope for a good improvements . We have in our clinic seen in some  cases kids  nearly coming out of autism .  This doses not happen in every case , some might show very little improvements or at times no improvent . The Improvement is more or less determined by the complex alogrythm of the above mentioned  three factors.

Are there any side effects with homeopathic medicines                                                                                                                                                                       

Homeopathic medicines are by far the safest  system of medicines on this earth . It employs substances that occur naturally in our environment e.g plants  minerals etc. They are used in highly diluted states , thus reducing any chances of side effect even for natural substances . How ever some cases , one in thousand may complain of increase in hyperactivity for a brief period of time . This is usually very mild and is transient and will go away on its own within 2-3 days . Some Homeopaths consider it a Good sign , as they believe that  if  homeopathic medicines increases the symptoms initially , they are acting in the right direction. This the only uncommon small transient side effect that I have ever seen .

Even when there is no Identifiable cause for autism , How can homeopathy help in treating Autism.?                                                              

Homeopathy Is a symptom based  system of medicine and works by treating the disease by looking at the symptoms . Homeopathic philosophy advocates at overlooking the disease labels e.g. “Autism” or ADHD and treating the disease taking into account the symptoms presented by the disease . It believes that symptoms are an external manifestation of the inner disturbances and if the medicines are prescribed on the basis of external manifestation the source is well taken care off. It is this philosophy of Homeopathy that makes it unique in approaching the treatment of disease where no cause has been identified.

What kind of medicines do you use in Homeopathy For treating autism?

These are Natural Medicines that do not contain any harmful substances .This is done after Studying the whole case in thorough detail . Mostly they fall in two Groups

A ) Ones That Stimulate Mental Development
B) Ones That control Hyperactivity
What Scientific Methods Are Used In diagnosing the severity of Autism
We first asses the child’s severity of autism on the Autism Rating Scale . This Scale has more than 100 questions. we also use this testing after few months to gauge the improvements in kids
Are We Technically Qualified to Handle Autism Treatment With Homeopathy
I ( Dr. Vikas Sharma MD ) have done my masters in Homeopathy from one of the top medical university in India .I am also a gold medalist in the MD examination . During My Masters in Homeopathy my thesis and research subject has been ” The role of homeopathic medicine in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders ” . My Team consists of three doctors , all of them have put in a minimum of five years of study in medicine and are registered Doctors.

Will your kid Respond to Homeopathic Treatment ?

As mentioned above that every child responds in a different way according to their age and the severity of autism . If you want us to give you a quick assessment on whether your child will improve with homeopathy or not , please fill the form below and give us 48 hrs to respond.


Disclaimer – Please note that we do not guarantee any cure for autism . Homeopathic medicines can have beneficial effects on kids suffering from autism . This result can vary from child to child and at times there may be no improvements at all.

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Please click the link to understand Scientific basis on homeopathy . Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines.

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