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When Kids don’t Eat

imageIs It a Behavioral Issue or an Appetite Problem ?

I had seen plenty of poor eaters in my practice, but this one had left me with no doubts that he was the worst amongst all. . With a history of bird’s appetite, this time he was breaking all records. It was nearly three days since he had taken a morsel. It looked as if he had taken recourse to some kind of Satyagraha. Any attempt to feed him forcefully would end up in a vomit. The young parents were nearly on the verge of a breakdown, when on the fourth day he ended his fast.


When kids don’t eat, why is it that they don’t eat? What makes them a poor eater?

The Eating disorders are complex disorders. It could be a simple behavioral disagreement to food or as some Research shows that its origins can have more than one reason – Biopsychosocial. A neurobiological brain disorder with a strong heritability component is also under investigation. Some individuals with eating disorders have an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain that control hunger, appetite, and digestion. The exact meaning and implications of these imbalances remains under investigation. Behavioral disagreement occurs if the child is force-fed or over -fed.

When kids don’t eat, it can be very distressing for their parents, but is this disorder treatable?

Yes, but first it is important to understand the relationship between the child?s total family environment and his eating disorder. The individuality of each child is an important factor in assessing the most suitable approach for dealing with food refusal. It would simply be illustrated by a case that I treated without any medication. A child of two had developed a very obstinate food refusal. It was assessed that the disorder had no biological angle, but was a case of behavioral disagreement. The mother was feeding the child at an inappropriate time, seven thirty in the morning, as she had to leave for her job by eight, which had resulted in an overall refusal to food. A simple adjustment in the feeding time gave the desired results.

In another case a little one had developed disgust for food after her mother used harsh punishment for not finishing meals in time. Such a situations can become a psychological deterrent and the child may sub consciously develop a contempt for food.

Homoeopathic medicines are very helpful in treating eating disorders.. Antimonium Crudum, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica are a few of the important homoeopathic medicines. Antimonium crudum is very helpful for infants who vomit milk immediately after breast-feed. Some peculiar mind symptoms easily identify the child who requires this medicine along with a very weak appetite he is Cross and contradictive; whatever is done fails to give satisfaction. The little one is Sulky; does not wish to speak. Child cannot bear to be touched or looked and gets angry at every little attention.

Lycopodium has a very strange indication. Although the child may be very hungry, eating ever so little satiates him easily. Nux vomica is often an abused appetite stimulant. Nux should only be used only when it is indicated. It should not be used as an appetite panacea. Homoeopathic medicines should only be used with the advice of an expert homoeopath.

Eating disorder can result out of general ill health as in chronic disorders like asthma and recurrent coughs and colds, also at times a result of over or an improper medication. Such children need to be treated with a constitutional and holistic approach where the root cause is identified and remedied.

The child being referred as ?he? in the above feature is just a grammatical connotation. It does not favour any sex.

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  1. Kartik Manna says:

    My baby (f) is 6years old. She is under weight and also short hight. She is not taken sufficient food. Shi is taken long time to eat food. And she is also having sesere constipation.

  2. Hi
    my Baby is 4 years old. underweight and height is also very short.
    Her Apetite is very poor and she is also having severe constipation

  3. Dr. Schwabe says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma.
    Namaste Sir, You are doing very great job. I have been following application of medicines on your way. and it really works.
    Sir I am not satisfied with your above statement. You have mentioned very less symptoms about appetite in babied and children. There are many more reasons and medicines for loss of appetite in children (2yrs to 5 yrs). I suggest you to revise this topic and put some more list of medicine with little detail please.

  4. Masood Jamal says:

    My grandsons aged 5 and 7 years old lost appetite and weight doesn’t increase in 2 years. Pl advice

  5. Hi Doctor, my 2.5 years old daughter often gets ear infection and because of that she has to take amoxicillin. This reduces her appetite considerably. She anyways is a very picky eater and have low appetite.please provide your guidance and medicine for appetite booster and to reduce ear infection. Please guide

  6. Qurratul Ain says:

    My son aged 2 years but does take bottle milk how he can take milk from bottle, please guide me. Son is very active by the grace of almighty Allah.

    • Qurratul Ain says:

      My son aged 2 years but does take bottle milk how he can take milk from bottle, please guide me. Son is very active by the grace of almighty Allah.

  7. Kumar Haridas says:

    I have a 2.5 years old grandson who doesn’t like to eat at all. He often doesn’t eat anything for the whole day and whatever little he eats is done through tricks. He doesn’t drink milk at all . But what is most problematic is that he doesn’t eats anything but keeps screaming and squealing for the whole day getting irritated. He only breast feed, becausec of this my daughter also get irritated. Although he is very active. He is very thin. Please advise medicine.

  8. Sauna ara begum says:

    Hello sir/ mam
    I have a baby of 4 month age. He don’t want to eat mother’s milk. In this condition What homeopathic medicine should to give the baby.

    Mother B(-) blood group

  9. Dr Sharma I have a 2.5 years old daughter who doesn’t like to eat at all. She often doesn’t eat anything for the whole day and whatever little she eats is done through tricks. She doesn’t even drink milk properly. But whatis mist problematic is that neither she will eat anything but keeps screaming and squealing for the whole day getting irritated. This is due to being hungry. Although she is very active she looks very thin. We are at our wits end. Please help.

  10. M Fasih Sami says:

    Dr sarma my child age is13 years he should not break fast daily in 4 pm eat launch and he bit our clothes in our teet please suggest medicine.
    Also my child one kiney is small in size didnt growth after birth

  11. Hello sir ,
    My son is 2.5 years old nd doesnot it solids.. he was always on mashed or pureed food. After he was 2 years old he started having chips and crispy things only … But never on chapati or rice … He is only 11kg as of now .. Plz suggest some remedy for him

  12. My son is 6 years and is refusing to eat. Some times he will eat with no problems sometimes he just picks at his food and refuses to eat. He says he scared to eat. Today it was one of his previous favorites and he won’t eat it. His skin pail and he eyes have a gray circle under it. He is getting plenty of sleep.

  13. Poonam Aggarwal says:

    Good Evening doctor, I am a mother of 3.5 year old son. From birth my son refused to drink milk from bottle also the milk formula, somehow I managed to him cow milk. When he turned out 18 months he was not very keen on eating, i feed him food by showing t.v . By 2 year old he became severely sick due to re-current cold & cough & viral which result in more poor diet. Now when he is 3.5 year old but not suffering from any health issue, his diet is still very poor and his weight is just 12 kgs. I am very much worried of him doctor. Please help me out. Now he says to me that he doesn’t feel like hungry to eat anything even after 12 hrs of fasting.

    • Anjna Saini says:

      Hi Doctor, my son is 3.5 yrs old. He had his adenoid’s surgery on 12th feb and dental surgery on 13th of May. After his second surgery he is only taking milk , banana shake and pediasure milk, but refuses to eat anything. Please suggest some remedy. Thank you

  14. Hi doctor,

    M writing to u regarding my 18 month old baby boy bad eating habit .. he has stopped chewing food from last ten days n just not ready to take anything .. he refuses to take anything in his mouth .. not even mashed food .. he was eating to an extent better before ten days but now stopped all of a sudden .. I don do s any symptoms of teething or any stomach pain or indigestion prob .. sud I start with any zinc supplements so tat he start feeling hungry .. hoping for a remedy from u

  15. My son is 1.6 yrs old .. he eats very little and doesn’t drink cow milk still go for mother breast milk.

    How to increase he appetite as he run away when ever he sees food.


    • Pavan Kumar Srivastava says:

      My daughter is 4 years old. She is suffering from fever now fever is normal but she does not want any things even milk

  16. Jogendra Mahato says:

    My grand son age 2years and 1 month is suffering from no appetite . Do not want to eat any thing from last one month
    He si normal , playing etc. But he has reduced and become weak
    One year ago on 29 april 2019 he suffered with blood in stool
    He was admitted at child hospital phoolbagan kolkata, where
    Surgery of intstine was done as it was diagnosed hole in intestine. But blood was still in stool . Therefore endoscopy, colonoscopy test was done but no reson was found .At present
    Rarely stool becomes black and after test found blood in stool
    Above takes place after every 4 or 5 months and subdued after 2
    Or 3 days his weight less than normal wt. Hemoglobin remains
    Arround 8 to 9 percent
    Kindly advice appropriate med./ treatment for normal appetite
    Thank you

  17. Adil Fazlee says:

    My son is 2.5 years old . When he was 8, he eats cereals, and other liqid meals but in 1.5 years old he used to milk and reduce eats meal . And now he drinks only fresh cows or tetra pack milk and not eat any thing. Plz advice any homeo medicine to boost his hunger system.

  18. RANBIR KUMAR LAL says:

    My boy is eight months old, and he is poor eater. Refusing to eat external food and breast milk.
    What I have to do?
    Is there any homeopathy medicine available ?

  19. Anup Kumar Chakrabarti says:

    My daughter is ten months baby. She is refusing external food but taking breast milk only. Her wt. Remains same for last one month.she vomited three days back at late night following egg yolk consumption at that dinner.Can you please suggest some medicine.

  20. My baby is 3 And half years old and weight is 12 kg she doesn’t like to eat any food any sweet even milk.Iam give all type of digestive syrup,appitate increase syrup,and iron, vitamin mineral although she not eat any food and gaining food.I try to every type of food she doesn’t eny type food I don’t know what I am do.plz say mam what I do.

    • RANBIR KUMAR LAL says:

      My boy is eight months old, and he is poor eater. Refusing to eat external food and breast milk.
      What I have to do?
      Is there any homeopathy medicine available ?

      • RANBIR KUMAR LAL says:

        My boy is eight months old, and he is poor eater. Refusing to eat external food and breast milk.
        What I have to do?
        Is there any homeopathy medicine available ?

  21. Bijay Kumar Choudhary says:

    My 18 months granddaughter has problems of gas, does not willingly eat, often tendency of vomiting etc. Do not have breastfeed, doesn’t seem any dental problem – regularly taking ‘Denton’. Kindly advise appreciate homeopathy medicine.

  22. prachi sharma says:

    hello docter .my son is 5.7 years old.he does not eat all.his weight is 14 and he looks like a 3 years old child.he says he doesnt like eating anything.please suggest me.

  23. MANAVA PADIYAR says:

    My son is 2 and half years old, He is not eating any of the foods, not even fruits. He is taking milk or any food in very small quantity..Now him weight is approximately 12 kg. What should i do to increase his hunger??
    Every time i am forcing him and taking food, but this is not good way to eat food.
    I m really stressed how to feed him. I m really stressed how to feed him ?

  24. Poona jail goel says:

    My son 2year old. He suffered from high fever viral and after that he is not having any food. He is taking only milk in very small quantity at every 1.5hour. What should i do to increase his hunger??

  25. Ashwini Vijay Gunjekar says:

    My son is 9 year’s old. He do not eat vegetables. History of GERD since at birth. Please suggest me right homeopathy medicine and does for him.

  26. My child,3years old., hesitate to have food in any form.she is a premature baby,and she has delayed speech and is inattentive.what shall I do….

    • Hello Dr Sharma,

      I have a 30 month toddler boy and he started to eat baby food late, as he was always sick in first year. He refuses to eat himself or eat any solid food. All food has to be blended to smooth consistency. He eats home food or baby food bought from supermarket. He does not like food outside around his mouth and asks for me to clean it, while feeding him. He also won’t eat his food until he is distracted by playing with his iPad or some toys. He drinks fresh full cows milk in bottle sometimes early morning while still asleep, around 6am. I have seen a speech and language therapist and have been told to cut down his milk and give only a little in a beaker. I tried that and he won’t drink the milk in the beaker and so have to give it in a bottle. He has licked some fruit once and then second time would refuse it. He won’t even hold any finger food. 🙁

      He will be reviewed again in a 8weeks times. He has been referred for a speech and language check progress, as they feel he isnt taking much and using more words in a sentence. He uses more single words and sometimes 3 words but not in order that would make sense. I am really struggling and stressed with what will happen to him when he starts school, as he can’t continue to eat blended food puréed forever and be fed by me. I just want him to eat solid food and eat himself.
      By the way I am in the uk.



  27. Jennifer Lobo says:

    My son is 2 years old.he is not eating anything.he want only milk.wat can I do?? Please suggest me something wat can I give him??

    • prachi sharma says:

      hello docter .my son is 5.7 years old.he does not eat all.his weight is 14 and he looks like a 3 years old child.he says he doesnt like eating anything.please suggest me.

  28. Hello..
    My baby girl is 14 months old,she is not eating any of the foods,not even fruits.She even don’t drink cow milk too..Now her weight is approximately 8 kgs..Please suggest what is the remedy for this.

  29. Om Parkash Kalra says:

    Dr Sharma
    My daughter appetite is very poor, when she was just 6 months, she was suffered with dengue fever, now she is 7+ but everyone we call her for meal her expression and body language looks like she is not ready to take meal. Everyone we try forcibly to take meal. Please guide me and if any medication needed.

  30. Dr Sharma
    My son is 3 years old, he refuses almost every kind of food he stop drinking his milk, I try everything for he can eat just going to disappointment. I’m been worried he go bed empty stomach the next day same problem occurs. Please help me I don’t know what to do….

  31. Amjad Jawaid Khan says:

    Good day sir,

    A male child 1.5 years suddendly rejects all types of foods & milk with no apprent reasons.

    Nothing can be done to make him eat or drink. But he takes some shop packed material not good for him.

    Best regards
    Amjad Jawaid Khan

  32. Rahul More says:

    my child of 2 years only eat liquid food like rice grinding in mixi and can not swallow solid food

  33. Sonia Wadhwa says:

    I have a 12 year old boy who has not hit puberty yet. He has always been a picky eater but at this point he is not eating enough. Even when he is hungry he eats a small portion. I am concerned about his growth. He is on the bottom 4 the percentile for weight for his age and is not that tall also. I would not be concerned if he was eating properly. He may eat just 1/2 a toast and be full and not ask anything in between meals. Doctor has recommended to see a feeding specialist but wanted to try homeopathic. What would you recommend for him?

  34. My baby girl is 9 months old. She used to eat properly.but since 15 days, her foods are floating in her mouth.she does not swallow.please help me.

  35. Ritika bharti says:

    My baby is 14 months old. He refuses to eat anything whatever given. Even if we play with him ,give him toys or make him busy but nothing works. I m really stressed how to feed him . Whole day he doesn’t eat anything and only demands breastfeeding. How to boost his appetite.

  36. Salik Khanal says:

    Hi Dr. sharma,
    I have a 16month baby girl. We are facing problem of not eating well with out baby. She rejects every food including milk. Some times (repeated in around 1 month) she does not even eat 200 ml of milk in 24 hours but she looks fit and fine. When we go to doctor, they test her urine and say she is fine we can not do nothing.
    Can you give us any solution of this?

  37. pradip Mandal says:

    Dear sir
    My child baby is 20 days old she didn’t eat or take her mother’s milk only day time.?
    And didn’t see day time.?
    But in Night time very nice eat or taking her mother’s
    So pls.
    Advice me
    Your faithfully

  38. Pooja Dipanker says:

    My son has ASD (5 year old) and still is non-verbal. He has severe eating disorder. He rarely eats any solid food and whenever eats, prefers a few crunchy foods only. Like, crunchy Dosa, muruku, chips, khakra etc. It’s been more than 2 years, he has eaten rice, chapati, dal, subji or any regular food. He mostly survives on protein based almond & cashew milk.
    He checks the texture of food and discard it if it’s not crunchy.
    I am in constant stress due to this unpredictable feeding demands. Request you to provide help and guidance.

    – Pooja (mom)

  39. Mercedes jackson says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    My son is 3years old,he refuses almost every kind of food he stop drinking his milk ,I try everything for he can eat just going to disappointment I’m been worried he go bed empty tummy the next day same pls help me I don’t know what to do….

  40. Manpreet says:

    Hello DR Sharma
    My daughter is almost 11 months old ,she weighs 8 kg although she was born 3.5 kgs.My daughter never opens her mouth for any solid food if I do put anything in her mouth she spits it out.She never wants to eat anything she only takes very little amount of breastmilk 3 times a day and at night time.she goes only on one breast that too for 5 minutes only.her weight is constantly going down every month.I have tried many foods but no success .Please help.


      My grand daughter is 22 months old. She weighs about 11kg. She is very active. But the problem is that she does not like to eat any thing. We have tried giving her varied type of food but after taking 1-2 times she shuts her mouth. This behaviour is from birth. After BIRTH she hardly sucked mother’s breast.
      We feed her only when she is asleep.
      The other problem is she sleeps for 2 hours during mid day, then sleeps after midnight (mostly after 1.00AM) and gets up after 8 AM in next morning. This puts us into lot of problem. She becomes more active after 9.00PM.
      Please advice remedy for appetite loss and irregular sleeping habit?

  41. Anup Kumar Dandapat says:

    I am Anup Kumar Dandapat residing at Paschim Medinipur district in West Bengal I has 18th months daughter, her present wight is 09 kg. She do not take any type of food, she take something breast milk and her heart beet so fast otherwise is well.

    • Zakir Hussain says:

      Child 1.7 appetite for food..milk not digested causing dysentery n vomiting..Weight 8.5 kegs inappropriate to her age..what to do

  42. sunil chevli says:

    my grand son 11 months old dont eat easily ,we have to insert forcefully then he eat ,don’t open mouth easily ,but after forcefully insert he eat if he like,not eating fruit, grains , chocolate ,nothing except chopped rice ,also not speaking words ,please help me in this matter I am Homiyo hobbyists but can’t judge what to give is baryta carb work ?please guide me ,

  43. Hello doctor my baby is 22 month old his weight is 10.5 .he keeps on Gettg lose stools has lost weight also ..poor appetite ..did stools test it’s showing pus cells 0-3 ..dnt knw how his stools will be normal how to boost his immunity plz suggest what to do

  44. Shipra Banerjee says:

    Hello! Doctor,

    My baby is 7 months and 1 week old she always refuse to eat and has less sleep. Please suggest what I do?

  45. Abhilasha sharma says:

    Hello Dr.
    My daughter is 15 month old…last one month she doesn’t eat anything..i visit many paediatrician,they gave her many syrup to increase her appetite but her appetite is not increase..she
    refuse to eat the food all time..m very depressed..i tried many things but there is no result..i also go to homeopathy but no effect .she take homeopathy medicine for ten days byr her appetites not incese..before all these happen she eat very well,but suddenly what happened I don’t understand..pls help me

  46. khachane satish vishwanath says:

    hello dr.
    my child 10 years she is not doing well. she is not eating in properly. shes age 10 years and wt.19kg. she is not eating one chapati at the whole day. In half chapati eating more the half hourstime. No any like for eating proper time. she is playing well, study also well,all other activity is well. But she problem is not eating,she is donot want to eat any like vegetable,fruits,and othe fruits.
    please give me guidance properly.

  47. Ankita singh says:

    Hello doc
    My niece is 5 years old and gets ill very often .
    Aversion towards food is common …sometimes she doesnt even eat fr whole …if v pressurise then may b haf a glass of milk twice ..thts it .
    Consulted many a times but result is negative .please advice some cure fr her

  48. Elina Stefanova says:

    Hello my son is 9 monts old and for the past 3 m he refuse to eat and drink. We end up in hospital all the test were done and no medical reason was found. Since than i am working with all type of speech and feeling therapyst but nothing works so far. They are telling me that my son is unique and just give up on ower case
    He is never hungry and has no favorite food
    He just doesn’t want to eat
    Please help me if u can
    I am desperate

  49. Hussain ahmed khan says:

    Dear Dr. My son is 2.4 years old. He donot eat any thing expect cow milk with the help of fedder . What should i do. He is very active and donot have any problem. His weigh is 12.8 kg.

  50. Hello Dr Sharma,

    I have a daughter of 4 years old . she is very fussy about eating food.When I give her deworming medicine she starts eating really nicely but again after 3 months after deworming her appetite reduces .

    Kindly help .I have done all possible test to examine any problem but every tests result came ok .

  51. hi
    my 14 month old grandson refusing to eat from few days
    15 days ago he had cold running nose
    now he have too much gas
    please help

  52. Shikha Gangwar says:

    Hello Dr.
    My 2.5 year old daughter not eating properly, very little food that too after lots of tantrums in start we were thinking may she is learning about food and eating habits but now this becomes everyday story. She has given up dairy products also. She get constipated most of the time, Request advise with some homeopathic appetite stimulant as we do not want to go with allopathy.

    Shikha Gangwar

  53. Shilpi gupat says:

    Hi dr my child is 2 yr old just n is on kh8cdi only n that too a littoe amonunt only while watching tv that too only her favourite shows.n early she use to drink cow milk with dropper n nevwr had formula.eating is aterror to make her eat…eats like a bird. please hwlp with homeopathy medicine…gets constipated on trying anything different.

  54. william engelman says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, I have a 5 year old granddaughter that has very low blood platelets and almost no appetite. Your advice is appreciated.

  55. Hello sir
    My son is 2 years 7 months old.He only takes bottle Milk and does not take any other meal and gets cranky.please suggest.

  56. My baby 13 moths girl is not takeing food sufficiently, with hard stool. No other problem,
    Plz suggest

  57. Hi maam,
    My girl 4 years old doesnt take interest in eating new roti,idli,dosa,burger,pizza,pasta,noodles.she only eats rice dal,egg,fish,nonveg soups,dryfruits,chocolates and icecreams.she doesnt eat rice dal in school with other kids.she doesnt open mouth to try roti and new food.she doesnt eat outside.and at home she eats dal rice when i feed help me.i want her to eat everything.

  58. Atanu Halder says:

    My girl child now just one years old.
    She get properly mother breast milk and also take additional food.
    Today she feel feaver 103+ after little meal as a advise of a local dr. She took paracitamol suspension 1 spoon.
    also push a sapository.
    But now she cannot take any food, even brest suck and crying.
    What’s can I do? please advise me.

  59. My 2yr 6month old kids don’t eat anything, he is only depend only drinking milk. What to do how my son will start eating foods.

  60. Vivek kumar says:

    Dear sir my baby 1 year and 2 month old. He is taking crelec and milk and khichdi rice milk milk bread roti but he takes all food when grind thses foods. What to do

  61. muzaffar shah says:

    my son of 10 YEAR AGE escapes from meals , lacks epitie ,starts vomitting in the morning oftenly when takes some bites of bread or rice.cough also prevents him from eating. weight is 24kg .but physically he is mosr active and playfull . memory is also very nice. doctors give epitizers and cough and vomitting medicines but none of them deliver well.

  62. K V Raghuram says:

    My grandson aged one and a half years old, shows distinct dislike for eating cooked rice as is the tradition in our families, even added to cooked dal and other additives to make it more palatable.

    What is the homoeo medicines one can give to the child for his extreme dislike for rice, even with juicy additives like curds, vegetables, leafy vegetables etc.

  63. Hi

    My son is three years five months old and he does not eat anything at all he generally eat from walls, chalk sand etc. I am worried about him kindly suggest me what to do.

  64. Hi

    My son is three years old and he does not eat anything at all. I am worried about him kindly suggest me what to do. He use have bottle milk now he is not taking milk as well.

  65. My child is a year and almost two month now but hate to eat other food like cereal,biscuits,sweet,tea,cook food and juice but perhaps to take pap a lot.i give her pap every two hours cups of the inability to take other foods ad she like to vomit most times and this she has bn doing ever since I gave birth to her till date, seriously am worried ad stresstout pls help m

  66. Surya Kondragunta says:

    Dr. My. Grand daughter has a poor appetite and she keeps the food on side of the cheek and doesn’t swallow normally .

    On a empty stomach when she drinks milk she complains of stomachache. She is very skinny in physique
    Her appetite needs to improve .

    Wth regards


    Antimonium Crudum, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica are a few of the important homoeopathic medicines.
    My child 2 n half year old drinks only milk and is hardly interested in eating other food..some times dont eat for a whole day and on next day too..are abovr medicines helpfulf for him…
    His poor interest in food leads to delayed latrines and othet problems…please guide.

  68. Reena UNIYAL says:

    Sir,my 3+ son is don’t want to eat anything. He spit if I forcefully put something in his mouth. What to do? He is so lean.he only likes suji Ki kheer aur sometimes pakore .

  69. Dr. My daughter is 3.5 years old.she is not eating roti,idli,paratha,no new food.what she eats is only rice dal,milk,very little suji halwa,dalia,chciken soup no pieces,egg,and biscuits.thats all.she dont eat in school as other kids do.she dont eat outside house if we go to a restaurant or to someones house.she is 14 kg.she is active.but gets irritated very fast on refusing anything.she dont want to drink even water.i put little orange flavour so little she drinks.she doesnt open her mouth for new food.else she gags n screams if i put anything new innher suggest a homeo medicine.

  70. Ashok pandey says:

    Dr. My son is 49 months n his weight is 9.5 kg. It is very difficult to feed him. Although we feed him. I think what we feed must be enough for his dite. Also his weight is not increasing. His other activity is good. His walking start from 26 month. He look like 2year baby. Dr. What must i do?

  71. My name is Mrs Asim. Dr i have a son who is 28 months old and for me being a mother a hardest job is to feed him. He neither open his mouth for feeding nor feed himself
    Every meal time we all eat in a family he doesnt sit with us to eat a family food after that i offer him to eat he cries, gags and show stubbornness by not opening his mouth. I changed 3 pediatritions but no one could find out the problem. My husband is so unsupportive he always see me in the depression and chasing the kid to eat something but never helps. Always criticise. His logic is to keep him hungry he will b fine and i even tried that but at the end he drinks one bottle after a whole day hunger. Sometimes when i get over frustrated as no body is here to help me and i am dealing this issue alone then i scold and scream on that boy on every time vomiting. M tired to deal with all this from the last two years vomiting, cleaning, he is dropping his weight because of his stubbornness not to eat. I dont know how to deal this problem alone. Day by day my struggle is giving up….

  72. Mrs. Annu Bajan says:

    Hello doctor my name is mrs. Annu Bajaj from nasik . My daughter is 1.5 year old n she takes only liquid food like ( puree n staining food) she dosen’t chew so what should I do plz suggest me as soon as possible

  73. my grand son is 3 yrs old. a month ago he was good in eating properly. since july 3rd, he is going to play school and not eating food. however he is drinking milk properly.

  74. Rajpal singh says:

    I have 14 months grandson , his hight has not increased since last 3 months ( 170 cm ). His mother hight is only 4.11 inch and i dont want my grandson also remain short statured. Please help me.

  75. Harpreet kaur says:

    My 12yr old.girl.. doesn’t like to eat..Rarely likes any food..Takes a lot of time to eat…I give homeo medicine to increases appetite…Or feel hungry…But doesn’t help..She is very very skinny..Hardly flesh on her…Always remain tired..Fatigue..No energy…Movement of body is slow..Always.
    No hurry is shown..When things need to be done fast..Not good in studies too.
    Pl.tell me what is this all
    Any solution to it

  76. riya payal says:

    My 3yrs old daughter did not like any food,when i offered her taking one or two spoon if i pressurize her to eat split food from mouth, her weight below 13kg,
    Please give me suggestions or homeopathic medicine

  77. my 10 year’s son is not eating spicy food, nor any chili items .his hight is very less and his wait is 20kg. plz reply how I teach to eat spicy food so he eats everything.

  78. Yashpal Bhatia says:

    Hello Doctor,
    My grand son is 4 yrs 8 months.
    Problem with is that he does not eat well.You have to chase him to feed. Moreover he is very choosy and eats a limited items. His diet hardly contains any Green vegetables.
    He is thin and weighs around 13kg.
    Please suggest some tonic to increase his appetite and also that helps in his growth.
    Thank you

  79. Samina rangwala says:

    Mera beta 33mobths ka he,wese bohot active he par khana nai khata he sirf teen time dudh pita he,use much be healthy banake do ya kitna bhi samjaw ya khelte khelte khilaw wo muh hi nai kholta ya spit kardeta he,ye problem jab SE feeding chuta he tabse he,or bhuk ki wajse he is misbehaving wit everyone,like hitting elder,throwing things n all.or ha jabse usene feeding choda or kuch b khaye ya dudh piye to turant poty kardeta he,even ke wafers b khaye to poty kardeta he ESA monthly hota he,plz help me out plz

  80. Srrekanth says:

    Hai sir, this is sreekanth from Bangalore. My 2.6 year old baby didn’t eat rice nd alwys refuse to eat food

  81. I hv 3.5 year old son.he did not like any type of food.not eating veg,nonveg,fruit..etc.he eat only liquid food.milk and grined food like khichdi,roti milk.i m very tensed abt him ..wat to do.plzzz help me

  82. 10months old baby girl 8kg.. not having breast milk or baby foods after recovered from diahhrea and vomiting.. Rejecting food. Or showing un interest.
    All other activiries are normal and shes a happy baby.

    Suggest some remedies to eat and weight gain

    Thank you

  83. Manpreet Sidhu says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    My child is 22 months old. She does not want to eat food unless spoon fed by me everytime. She does not even ask for any food when she is hungry. She only eats food in the mashed form does not want to chew anything. She goes to day care and does not eat anything there from 8:30 to 4:30. Please suggest me something which i can do for her or give me some medicine So that she start eating some food by herself. She only eats rice and noodles the food which is easy to swallow. She does not eat roti. Even now i stopped giving her milk in th bottle she refused to drink milk from the sippy cup. What can i do please help me so that i get relieved from this big problem

  84. parul agrawal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    my baby is 2 years and 4 months old. He dont eat properly and his weight is just 11.5 kg. I am worried because he dont eat healthy foods like dal, veggies, daliya, etc. but 2 months ago he was eating everything and the quantity was also good. now he just eat, paratha(plain or stuffed with aloo or paneer only) and plain rice, upama, plain idly, plain paper dosa thats it. and take 4 times milk a day upto 180-200ml at a time. he dont even eat bread and biscuits.

    can you please help me which medicine will make him foodie at this age.

  85. Ritu Joshi says:

    My daughter 7 years 6 months old has eating disorder upto her 1st year she ate everything as told by Doctor
    But after that she slowly refused to eat vegetables fruits even chocolate she only likes toffee which we used not to give her now she goes to school at 7:30am
    She don’t eat her lunch she takes a chappati with milk in her breakfast at 7:30 am which is forced her to eat she came back at 2:30pm. Then again she is forced to eat. She says two things should not there food and milk. She now love chocolate ice cream and toffee no sweets no fruits no vegetables no cereal no pulses. She don’t want to eat anything. Please guide what we can do

  86. Shweta pradhan says:

    Hello! Sir namastey… Mera beta 7years old hai…wo khane me kabhi v intrest ni dikhata.hamesha beman se hi khata hai…apne age se underweight hai ..mai use abhi tak apne hathon se hi khilati hun..proper diet to use deti hun.lekin uske body wait gain ni kar pata.bahut hi skinny and thin hai.mujhe lagta hai ki uske body me intake kiya khana kuchh lagta hi ni …bas survive kar raha hai…mai bahut tensed rahti hun uske eating habbit and body gain ko lekar..plz suggest me..thank you.

  87. Megha agarwal says:

    Dr. My 1 year old son did not having milk nor any food items….since from 6 days… his teeth also doesn’t came…..what to do… this a serious matter….i will be obliged if you’l suggest what to do….i m very stressed….

  88. My child eat my homeo medicine excessively will it cause any side effect for him

  89. Anuradha says:

    Hello doctor

    My son is 9 yrs old who always refuses to eat. I have tried many different ways like waiting till he is hungry, not switching on TV or mobile, begging him, making him understand the importance of nutrition and survival, time management, social importance, scolded, etc…, he says he is hungry, but takes more than an hour to eat or refuses with little rice and always complains of even very less spicy foods as spicy. He also says he dislikes spicy and likes only sweet or bland foods. Very adamant and gives back answer to parents if we insist or shout if we switch of the TV. Kindly help us to overcome this issue

  90. Hi sir my son is above 1.7 year old .and he refuse to eat any food .is there any medicine in homeopathic

  91. tanka chhetri says:

    my son is running 6yrs but his weight only 13kg,when he was 1years then suffered diarrhoea,afterthat his was not developed height and weight,many doctors have consulted but no properly treatment,please suggest me,I’ll greatful to u forever

  92. Hi sir, my son is 2 years 1 month old, approximately from last 2 months onwards my son had decreased appetite, not taking solid food. Drinking only milk and home made juices and addicted to sweet dishes and that to only for few spoons. I am really worrying such a good child had decreased eating solid foods. Please suggest a good homeopathy medicine….

  93. Rajlaxmi naidu says:

    My child is not eating any vegetables he is now 8yrs old .if he the vegetable cooked he says that he gets vomit. How can i help it out.he doesnt chew food properly he swallow the food..please advise some medicine so that he can eat every thing without vomiting.

  94. SUDHIR SAXENA says:

    My grand daughter is 18 months old and does not eat. her mother moves behind her for 2 hours to give her some roti/parantha. the little one will keep a bite in her mouth and will not chew it and will not gulp it for a very long time and so she cant finish even one small parantha in 2 hours. same with egg or rice or any other thing. As a result, she is slightly under weight. Otherwise she is quite active, healthy and very affectionate. Whenever she eats she is much more playful. She takes some milk at the time of sleeping only, not in the day. Please advise some medicine to increase her general appetite and health. Thanks
    Sudhir Saxena

  95. Geethu jagan says:

    Hello doctor my son is 2.5 yrs old . For past one month he was just eating plain white rice plain idly, after so much trial he started with dal rice but now he is only taking curd or milk rice . Is that normal or to be treated am more worried . He is not takin spicy foods .

  96. tejash kokni says:

    Hii sir i am kokni tejash i have one quetion about girl
    When 18 year young girl do not eat food proparly so that time in girl which problen comes
    Please give me answer

  97. tejash kokni says:

    Hii sir i am kokni tejash i have one quetion about girl
    When 18 year young girl do not eat food proparly so that time in girl which problen comes.

  98. Dear doctor. My daughter is 8 and has not put on any weight for the last two years. She dislikes the sight of food but munches other things. I am a worried mom. Kindly help.

  99. Srinivasraju says:

    Sir my daughter age 4years sir she no eating sir only drink milk daily 2times sir pls tell me sir any best medicine for my baby hungry sir pls pls pls sir

  100. Mohammad Bhuiyan says:

    My daughter is 7 years old she loses weight she doesn’t like eating food only water.she don’t like milk Eag and sweet things.

  101. Hello Dr. My Daughter is 3+ but doesn’t eat anything…she only depends on feeder I try to leave feeder many of times but I m failed…she eat chapattis little bit with nothing..her potty is not doing well…she do potty 5-6days…help me to avoid her feeder…and please please please give me advice for eating food and fruits….rply me soon thanks

  102. My child is 12 y and is not eating food has turned lean and skeleton.

  103. My daughter is 8 yrs old and she eats only 1 chapati, 1 tspn any veggie with no dal. Most of she don’t like any veggies but only pulses. But if pulses prepared she can consume only 2 tspn

  104. I have 16 month old daughter. She is 9.5 kg and been like that since 6 months. She eats very less and has breastmilk. She is active kid. Please help me in her weight gain.

  105. Hello sir ,
    I am from Mumbai. I have maigarin can I take homeopathy medicine in pregnancy..It is safe for baby…I want full treatment and medicine..Plz guide me.

  106. Rameeza Taha says:

    Hi dr sharma
    my daughter’s age is 3.5. She does not eat any solid meal and just relies on feeder
    I used to give her ground whole wheat cereal added with milk in feeder.I make meals of her choice which she likes alot but she doesn’t eat, it seems that she wants to eat but something is stopping her from eating
    She has started shouting and screaming very badly. She has started shouting and screaming very badly. She has become very annoying .
    How should I deal her with ? Pls pls guide me what can b the possible reasons of this and how to treat for this ?

  107. khushboo.verma says:

    hello sir,
    my daughter is 2 years and she is under weight(1.5 kg).how to increace her weight please suggest

  108. Sweety sharma says:

    Hello sir ,
    My daughter is 14 month and before 2-3weeks she used to eat her solid food well but then she suddenlly stopped eating any solid and wants milk what has happened to her and what liquid supplements should i give her please help me

  109. My baby girl is 29 months old she is picky eater she refuses to eat anything by her own she don’t like to eat veggies and fruits plss suggest me some ideas how can I improve her eating habit

  110. mrs.hussain says:

    hi dr sharma my baby girl is 16 months old she only take formula milk ehen shr gets hungry i tried to give her fruits vrggirs lentils in different form but she didnt eat at all. if i try to give something forcefully she closes her mouth or sometimes she cry badly. what should i do? this is my first baby i an very concerned about her apetite.

    • nisheeth srivastava says:

      is there any tretment for floaters in eye,i am 73 yrs old,diabetic and very recently developed floaters in left eye ,does surgery is a solution, please help me

  111. My son is three and half he hardly eats anythimg

  112. Nibedita Talukdar says:

    Hello Dr. I m from Guwahati. My daughter is 4+. She frequently complains about pain in legs and hands…. Even sometimes on toes also…. She is underweight…. I searched on internet about it and some articles really make me nervous… Plz help me out…. Is there something to worry? Wht should i do?

  113. My child is 10 and sometimes she don’t want to eat and then I have to beg her to eat and sometimes she eat a lot like to much like 4 piece of vis chips and watermelon and ice cream and sometimes if she eat meat her stamick pains I don’t know what to do she tells up wight like nothing please tell me what is wrong with her and what I can do for her she is losing self-esteem about her self and I don’t want her to feel bad about her self please help.

  114. Jitendra barhate says:

    Hello sir my daughter is 5 year old she is not eat chapati only eating rice give me urgently advice

  115. Bijal kumbharkar says:

    Hello Dr. My nephew is two years old however refuses to eat anything at. If on a day he eats well then throws up after few hours or he may not eat for another two days. N later throw s up after eating.. He takes at least two to three types of medicine in syrup form but it’s not helping. He is definitely under weight. And some times gets allergic n ends up getting rashes or boils he also gets cough n cold regularly.please advice.

  116. Amrita mazumder says:

    Hi my dayghter is 3 years 2 month old weight 12kgs, is suffuring from eating disorder. Some tines she refuses food alltogether…somtines she takes only 2 meals a day…some times she is very hungry but is satisfied after a few spons. Plz help.

  117. Hello Doctor my son is of 2years 9 months.he was having dry cough and little cold.His Appetite got reduced and not eating anything except chocolates.please suggest me medicine to increase his Appetite

  118. My daughter is 3.5 years old.I am quite disturbed about my daughters’s appetite, she Hardly eats and refuses almost all foods.
    confusing whether there is some digestion problem some intestinnal or behavioral…

  119. My daughter is 3.5 years old.I am quite disturbed about my daughters’s appetite, she Hardly eats and refuses almost all foods.
    confusing whether there is some digestion problem some intestinnal or behavioral.

  120. Parul Agrawal says:

    My daughter is 3.5 years old.I am quite disturbed about my daughters’s appetite, she Hardly eats and refuses almost all foods.
    confusing whether there is some digestion problem some intestinnal or behavioral.

  121. Hafsa sarwar says:

    My daughter is 3.5 years old. She is just like milk or very dry items to eat. Sometimes she gets better but only stays for few days than again no food.. my son is 2.5 years old. He has asthma he also became poor eater what should I do..

  122. Maria Luna says:

    Hello my name is Maria i have a grandson who is about 4 1/2 yes old he don’t have a appetite he hides food says everything is disgusting he’ll eat junk but that’s out of the question he’s always smelled his food since he was about 2 yr I’m worried what could i do

  123. Hello Doctor.
    I am quite disturbed about my son’s appetite, he Hardy eats, he refuses fish and meat, he eats little. I observed this since he was two but it got worse as he grew, now, I am very worried.

  124. Hello sir,
    My 4.5 year old don’t want to eat food on his own his weight is 13 kg only , I hv to keep telling him eat eat..he takes an hour for little food and sometimes he is coughing so much but only while eating..sir plz help me out .. I am so worried and its making me impatient and my behavior is also getting worse towards him

  125. My kid is 7 years old and weighs 17 kg he eats very little i am afraid it is affecting his mental and growth please advise what to do we have tried everything

  126. Hello,doctor
    My 15 months baby doesn’t eat any solid food.i have always tried from startingwhen he was completed his 6 months that he eat some solid food.i started as crelac and give some biscuits and anything. he will still always try to take in mouth all foods but not cheaws anything. he take in mouth some second and suddenly vomiting what he ate in previous. He is always suffering from very bad cold cough.even that time he refused breastfeeding also.i am very upset for that.everytime he vomit.i think daily he vomit one times.even i tried to given milk now.he never pass gas .his potty very hard.he pressure alot to potty and vomiting whenever he tried to potty

  127. My son is 8 yrs old n he is only 18-19 kg in weight .his height is apprx 3ft 4 “.he takes obly a banana n a glass of mik in mrng brkfast before going to school .he brings bak his whole lunch aftrnoon only 2 rotis wth dal or potatoes forcibly .in evng milk n in dnr agai 2 roti .. He is is vry much lean n underweight …dont evr asks fr food …dont evn likes any kind of junk food or cold drinks at all .bt i m worried fr his eating habbits …pls help me i make him eat food .increase his appetite

  128. Dear dr. Sharma

    My son is 10 years old and till date I have not hear from him saying that he is hungry. Till date he has nut tastes any vegetable in any form.
    His daily diet will include a slice of bread followed by some chips in afternoon and chapati and little dal in night.
    He is not ready to taste anything and if compelled he throws out everything
    He refuses going to school because eating food in dining hall is mandatory there.
    I am worried about his health and growth. Sometime back he also started developing white calcium
    Spots which was due to lack of nutrient as doctor suggested.
    He has not tasted anything and not ready to taste also
    Please advise if this can be controlled

  129. Dr my girl is 6years old she didn’t eat happily or not to eat herself. She is so skinny her complexion is also dull due to this. She is underwieght. Her weight is 16 kg . According to Dr she must be 19 kg. We test her blood her HB is 11. We r really worried about this situation plz gave some advice

  130. Dear sir
    My 4year son just 11.5 kg length 3.1ft .my son not eat any vegetable .he is very week .please suggest any medicine for good health.

  131. Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am a mother of 10 years old boy. Till date he has not tasted any vegetable, cake , biscuit and is scared of tasting food. His staple diet is 1-2 Roti in a day with curd or jam. He does not like to go to school because he is being forced by his teacher to finish his food. He has never asked for food and always I have to run after him

    I am really worried about his health and eating habits. Please suggest if there is a solution to my problem


  132. my 11 years old son does not eat properly and eats very little and very slow. he is both underweight as well as short in height looks 2-3 years younger his age. what medicine should I give to him.

  133. my son dnt wt to wt medicine mst i buy for him at aptick

  134. Mitali Sharma says:

    Hello dr my child is 2.5 year old weighs only 8.7 kg. He was lactose intolrant baby so havnt took milk. He just takes my feed and have 4 meals a day but very less quantity. Please suggest as he looks like 1year old and very weak.
    Just to mention he is very active otherwise.

  135. Hello sir i have a female baby and she is just 20 month baby. She eat nothing only take breast meal im so worried about her plz help me to take her something alse breast meal..

  136. Sunil Rana says:

    Good Morning,
    My daughter is 7 year old , eats very less since birth, she was a cesssarian birth, normal weight, less breast fed just 2-3 month, chronic constipation since 6 month age. Needed enema for 3 years. early shedding of teeth , both cannines dropped at 7 year,
    Very sensitive, weep easily, less thirst. Less appetite, just 1-2 RT roti in whole day,

    Likes fast food. Regular gas in stomach, undigested stool mostly black or brown. Stinks some times.

    Suffered allergic wheezing bronchial cough for last one year. Though OK from last 3 months. But frequently catches cold and cough, allergic to cold. Ice cream, cold drink. Treated by mostly mother tinctures by a local homeopath. Now stable.

    Complaint of frequent stomach ache and little loose motion for last two months. Needs repeated poking to do even her daily calls.
    Drinks less water.

    Kindly advise good remedy.

  137. Hi Dr? My problems is my 5 years old son really don’t like to eat any solid food, such as vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. I am very worried about his nutration that’s why I don’t remove his bottle milk, sometimes I blended squash or carrot with half cooked egg and put in a bottle and feed him while asleep. Please help me how to resolve my problems.

    • Mandeep Kaur says:

      Hello sir, my son is going to be 7yrs of in November.he is having bronchitis problem since 15th day of his birth due to phenomenal attack,he doesn’t have breast feed.he had only bottle feed but whenever he takes the milk ,he vomit.he was having problem of burp , after his feed was over ,I used to Pat on his back for half an hour,when I make him to lied down ,he do vomiting,at the age of three yrs ,I started homeopathic treatment for his bronchitis,but still ,his height and weight are not accurate.i started giving him decorate syrup for the last two months but not progress at pregnancy trimester was very tensed and my diet was not sufficient at that time .doc plz do tell me the what is the root cause of his health and why he is not gaining a weight.his birth weight was 2.75kg.his height is 110cm .I even done his growth hormone test ,one doc consider for injection but P.GI doc consider for his poor intake and they told me no need for growth hormone injections.

  138. Hello doctor
    My 9 months old girl is just 8 kg.. seems OK but not great . She doesn’t want to eat anything. Consumes milk only during night sleep .. 2 bottles 7-8 Oz a day. A 3/4 banana and half a bowl of mix dal khichri. Nothing apart from that. She wants to play all the time …she have two lower jaws teeth only..
    When feed her she cries after 2 or 3 spoons. Kindly recommend appetite increasing drops.
    I will be greatful to you

  139. Parvaneh Barron says:

    Hi my daughter is a very poor eater she is almost 8 years old
    Weight 45 pound and barely 48 inch
    She has been poor and selective eater all her childhood
    We are going to feeding therapy with no effect on her eating habits
    She says I don’t have appetite if I eat I become nauseated
    When she us hungry she is hungry for specific things like French fries only
    She does not like any milk or milk products
    Please help me out

    • Dear Dr. Sharma

      I am a mother of 10 years old boy. Till date he has not tasted any vegetable, cake , biscuit and is scared of tasting food. His staple diet is 1-2 Roti in a day with curd or jam. He does not like to go to school because he is being forced by his teacher to finish his food. He has never asked for food and always I have to run after him

      I am really worried about his health and eating habits. Please suggest if there is a solution to my problem


  140. Dear doc

    My daughter is 4.6 years old. She is very choosy in eating. She gets very frequent cold and cough.
    SheStarts crying for everything and even doesn’t like some one watching her when ever she is doing something.
    As she is not eating I scold or scare her and feed many times. Worry it can bring more impact on her food intake,
    She gets tired very quickly. Can’t even take out her cycle for a ride. Even when her twin brother is driving cycle she wants to sit at the back of him or just sit and watch him.

    But she says, she wants to do gymnastics, and really she was behind us to find a coach for her. We found one . From a month she is going for the coaching but she is not having the stamina and stiff mess to perform.
    How can I give her better food. Make her little strong and build stamina in her.
    Not knowing what to do.
    Plz need your advise

  141. my daughter is 2.8 years old. she z the most fussy child in eating. she z not ready to eat if u give her fav food. she eats wen she has mood but only eat that much to cover her appetite. she never finish her food.
    her school teachers also wondered for seeing her hungry BT not ready to eat. bb

  142. Arindam Bhowmick says:

    Respected sir..
    I am having one kid with 3yrs old. But my problem is he can’t eat anything. He is suffering with constitution. In the morning he take only 2/3 spoon rice with cow milk.. In midday he drinks 250ml mosombi juice.. 5pm take 4/5 spoon rice with cow milk.. At night same.
    He doesn’t eat dal veg meat fish egg anything.. But he loves Maggi too much.. Sometimes he eat 3times Maggi per day with full plate.. But I know it’s not right for him.. Please what can I do tell me sir.

  143. zainab kapadia says:

    Hi doctor,
    My little one is 14month old girl . She is not breastfed their was no supply of milk. She is very light in weight 7.5 kg n also very light to carry. She is always suffering from heavy cold n cough. Vomits a lot. Also doesn’t eat properly never ask fr food. Her cold n cough let her down every time n effect her health weight a lot. Is their something which can built her immune strong.which put her little weight .

  144. Hello Doctor Sharma. My pediatrician informed me that my six year old daughter is 4kg underweight. She was a chubby baby up till starting solid foods, born at 50th percentile and increased up to 60th with breast milk only, but then slowly slipping in percentile till she went off the chart. She eats very little, even when she said she was hungry or even when she asked for that particular food. She likes most fruits, meat, dal, and pizzas and pastas without toppings, but doesnt eat in sufficient quantity. She wont eat any vegetables except cucumber and will eat a couple bites of carrot when pushed. She will not try new foods and becomes extremely upset when pushed to do so, to the point of gagging and occasionally vomits. She has a slight allergy with milk which causes stomach ache at time of pooping if not avoided, as well as decreased appetite. She also gets headaches few times a week, caused mostly by stress or heat I think. She is average height and intelligent. She is quite lazy, asking other family members to do things she should do for herself and cries when asked to do “too much” which is only a slight inconvenience. She is very weak obviously and she broke her colar bone when she fell off the bed last year. I try to give her vitamins but she sometimes sneaks them to her brother (who thinks they’re candy). She loves reading and swinging. Sorry for so much info, but I think it helps to get the right medicine. Please suggest me what to give her, we have many homeopathic remedies at home and can get anything necessary. Thank you very much!

  145. Hi doctor I’m sonia I hve 2.4 years daughter. She dont eat properly she’s 11 kg. My great problem with her is she dnt chew the food she keeps in the mouth . she times I give her semi solid for mixed in soup and rasam she eats but too she takes long time atleadt 2 to 3 hours. I hve consulted many doctor’s bt no use vit any medicine. Pls help me what can her to increase her weight and appetite.

  146. Sneha mahant says:

    I have a 5 year daughter who does not eat anything . she never feel hungry. She have a problem of tonsils and adenoid. And constant cough .her urin is yellow. Plz suggest some medicine

  147. Berenice Ortega says:

    I have a 4 yr old boy is about 2 to 3 weeks he is not eating the same. He is eating poorly, he don’t want to eat at all, is not him he eats everything. I don’t know what to do. Fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood he eats everything. I want to know what can I do so he could eat like before.

  148. hello doc
    My daughter is 18 months old and she is not eating anything. I’m tired of feeding her all the time. from the time of birth she used to spit up the milk. her stomach is protuded. I consulted many doctors for her feeding problem from birth. at the the time of her weight was 3.200kg and now her weight is 10kg aplz suggest me some medicines for her.
    thank u..

  149. hello doc
    My daughter is 18 months old and she refuses to eat everything. I’m tired of feeding her all the time. from the time of birth she used to spit up the milk. her stomach is protuded. I consulted many doctors for her feeding problem from birth. at the the time of her weight was 3.200kg and now her weight is 10kg aplz suggest me some medicines for her.
    thank u..

  150. My Daughter is 6 yrs old, 14 kg wait only . She is not taking proper food . she is not say that i m hungry.

    Please suggest what should i do?

  151. kamini singh says:

    my daughter is 2.4 years, but her weight is 6kg only and height is 65 cm what is the treatment?

  152. Monika sandhu says:

    My son is not eating he eats only bread and fast foods . What can I do

  153. angela sangas says:

    My little grandchild she is never hungry .she didn’t want to try a new food she sticks to this very few food she eat like a bird thankyou if you can help

  154. My 6.5 yr daughter is only 16 kg and average height but very lean and thin. She doesn’t want to have any food. Her very favourite food also(pizza ) she eat only 2 portion. She is very active also.
    What is your advice?


    • My 10 yr son is only 22 kg and average height but very lean and thin. She doesn’t want to have any food. His very favourite food also(pizza ) he eat only 2 portion. he is very active also.
      What is your advice?

  155. Richa keswani says:

    Hi dr sharma.. i m a mother of 2 year baby girl.. her weight is just 9.6kgs frm last 6-7 months.. she is big fussy eater.. she only loves food in a liquid form.. she dont want to eat anythng nt even a chapatti.. she dont eat any fruit nt chicken nothing.. really worried abt her.. pls tell me sumthng to increase her appitite so tht she feels hungry and eat everythng.. pls help me out..

  156. Hello Madam I am Francis I have son 4 yr old he is 7 month child and he is so thin his weight is 11 kgs i am very concern about my son please suggest me what should i do. but he is so intellegent he is reading in prep class and he his so much active. but my concern is related to weight and health

    please suggest me what should i do.


  157. Razia yusuf patel says:

    My child is of 12 year old . Every time when its time for break fast of luch . He refuseses to eat. I m feeding with my hand since very long . And now i want him to eat with his own hamd and i wamt him to say mama give me food i m hungry. Amd he should food with his own hand. Pl suggest me what should i do.



  158. Chaitanya says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I’m mother of 16 months Twin girl babies. They are 9.7 kgs each (my pediatrician says it is good weight, and they will have problem with their food until 3 yrs) but i worried about their food intake.
    At times they eat whatever I feed them and at times they reject similar food next time (i don’t feed same food very next day – as they might get bored with same food).
    Also, if they like some food they take first 4 to 5 spoons very fast and interestingly and they do not want to eat further.
    After taking few suggestions, I have limited the amount of milk and number of times of feeding milk however i did not find any big change in their eating.
    They take their own time to take food inside stomach from mouth. They can keep food inside their mouth for 5-6 mins and either they take inside stomach or they spit. It will take me 1 hour to feed each baby.
    I’m really worried and loosing patience. Kindly advise, if Homeopathy can help me or is it common and nothing can be done until they are 3 yrs.

  159. My 2 years old son don’t want to eat. Now his weight is 10 kg and birth weight was 3.1 kg. He is very weak too. What to do gor him?

  160. Martha Garcia says:

    Dr sharma, I babysit my grandson since he was 1year old he drinks pediasure once a day around 8am and around 9am I sit him on his chair he knows is breakfast time but whatever I cook he doesn’t like it he only wants yogurt, toast w butter, OJ , dry Cheerios and maybe sometimes a quarter of a banana . Every day same thing at lunch time no veggies no chicken no fruits he drinks lots of water maybe a peanut butter sandwich but I am running out of options, he behaves the same with my daughter, do you think we need help? Thank you very much
    Martha (grandma)

  161. Aparna Ghate says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    My 2.5 yearl old will only want chocolate to eat.he refuses to eat his meal.I eve tried offering him burger and he didnot eat it. all he eats few bites here an there. He was not so fussy previously. He just recovered from a throat infection and just stopped eating

    Please help

  162. Hi Dr. Sharma. I am Sirisha, mother of 16 month old boy. My son used to eat very good until he s one year. Now from paat 3 months he s not eating well. I am trying to force feed him but he s quarreling with me in his language n refusing. He will have some food first n he stops eating. I am trying to give liquids same thing happening. Please help me regarding this. Thank you

    • The knower says:

      STOP force feeding him; he’ll have some food and then stop because he feels full. You’re overriding those feelings by trying to force too much food into his tummy. Babies growth rate slows down after 1 year and their appetite declines with it so any forced intake will be vomited out and cause him to hate food.

      Do your child a favor and let him eat as much or little as he wants. Even better yet, give him finger food (you can roll rice and dhal into little balls) and let him feed himself!

  163. Bashngainlang says:

    Sir, i had a daughter who is 2 years old but always refuses to have food since we started feeding on solid food thus she is very thin. We have taken to several doctors and carried on several test but informed us that everything is normal. so please help us.

  164. My son don’t eat alot,he’s almost 4 years old and hes really slim and he likes dry food tgat have no use to his body,i buy a b complex tonic that his doc prescribed and he’s eating better now,should i worry about him getting slim or its just a growing precess??

  165. Tanka chhetry says:

    My child’s just 4years completed,he’s weight 12kg only.never food demand,3year ago he was suffering diarrorea,many doctors consulted him but no proper result,we are always worring for him,plz help me…

  166. Hi, My son is 1Y9Months old and wight only 10kg. He was 10 kg at 1 year and hasnt increased weigh since then.. only height has oncreased. He used to be a chubby baby and now is completely a lean baby. Offlately he has compeltely lost his aptite and jsust would not eat anything.. I have put him to day care and techers say that he eats properly there… If he does thn why doesnt he eat at home. evem on weekends he would not ea anything entire day.. I mean just very small quality and his meal is one. He will finish his milk in 3 instalments.. And i cannot force anything to him. He seem to have becom so stubborn that he will vomit bif anything is forced to him. He is not even eating favourite things he used to like earlier. Dont know what should i do.. I also loose my temper many times and shout at him or hit him.. Which i know is ot correct approach. Please guide, can i give him some homepathic medicine wich can icmrease his apetite.

  167. My son 18 months old he is thin specilly his legs. he is not eating anything.In earlier stage he was still drinking some amnt of milk like 200 ml but as if now he dont take milk too,only takes 100 ml sometimes. suggest me the best med for his poor apptite.

  168. Laxmi khulal says:

    Can u help please l have four years old baby she don’t like to eat Any thing so what I do

  169. Hello Doctor,
    My daughter is 4 and half years old. She doesn’t like to eat. she only eats foods that taste neutral like curd,yogurt ,chapati or plain rice without vegetables or dal,that too in less quantity.That too we have to feed her.At school also they provide variety of food but she doesn’t eat.Please suggest.

  170. jini roshin says:

    Hi Dr.
    My daughter is 8month old and she doesn’t have food or feeds….when she sleeps…..she will take food…otherwise she doesn’t have food by day she is becoming skinny…so please suggest some medicine to her….
    Thanks doctor

  171. Nidhi verma says:

    Hi Dr.
    My daughter she is 3 years old and she refuses to eat everything that’s why she is very skinny her weight is only 11 kg and height is 87cm .I M tired of feeding her all the time.pls suggest me some medicine for her.

  172. Seema Singh says:

    My child is three years and three months old. He only eats milk chapati sugar , all have to be made in a liquid form in grinder. It’s not that he has never eaten any solid food . It’s from beginning I had to work a lot on his eating .
    Please help me . Awaiting for your advise and consultation.

    • Ms. Pritish says:

      My son is 5 years old and he doesn’t eat anything. He only drinks 2 glasses of milk everyday. He smells every food, be it any fruit or vegetable and after smelling doesn’t eat. Till 2 years, he used to eat everything but now he has stopped eating everything. Plz suggest me some medicine for him. awaiting ur reply.

  173. Observation: In the U.S, most non-Indian kids really enjoy eating and usually self feed before age 1! A lot will cry for food and then gulp it down and a common complaint from their parents is that they WANT to EAT too much and get very upset when NOT given food. Why are Desi kids so different? Is it genetic? Is there some kind of chemical in the Desi child’s brain that prevents them feeling hungry?

  174. My daughter is 4 1/2 years old but she look like three years old kid. She still bed wets. Very Lean. Pls advice medicine.

  175. Vivek Sharma says:

    Respected Sir,
    My boy child is 3 years old and borned sizerian. He neither eat food nor drink milk properly if do forcefully he does vomit immediately. His weight is just 12 kg.
    Kindly suggest some useful medicine in homeopathy.

    Vivek Sharma

  176. Hello sir,
    My 8 year son is not eating food properly… He takes very less quantity… No fruits at all…he is only 19 kg…

    He also have constipation… Clear his bowel alternate days or sometime once in two days.. He took medicine for constipation when he was 2 and half years of age also…they gave nux v …

    He is normal in his activities… Goes to school …plays well….sweats a lot…
    He looks very thin…what do I give him for weight gain…?

  177. shahbkht sohail says:

    Respected Dr.vikas Sharma jee i have a baby girl aged 2.5 years ,it is very very difficult and hard for us to have her eat , she only and only takes milk and kurkure she has made it very much stressful for us and she is aneamic and always sick last week i gave her Tubercollinium 200c a couple of globules only one dose . please guide me how will she eat .

  178. Hello doctor dis is Soniya.I m worried abt my 2 year 8 month baby girl.she does not take food .her weight is 1o kg.if forcefully we gives food to her, after sometime s she does potty…….about her medical history , at the time of birth she was 2 KGS n after that she was suffered by jaundice n it was near about 23. This may be the reason of her weak appetite n digestion… Plz doctor help me n tell me about if she has any internal organ problem…

  179. hendriettah says:

    hi doctor ive got a 3yr old boy.he dont like to eat,and he doesnt gain a weight.i try a lots vitamins ,and its not helping.plz can you help me,im stressing a lot

  180. dr sajida nasreen says:

    dear doctor my 2 and a half year old grand son does not like to eat food as cerelac or any other food we are giving him forcibly but we are fail please help us

  181. A k Gupta says:

    Hello doctor My age is 24 and my weight is still 54 Iam not gaining weight the reason is my appetite is very less iam not feeling hungry I tried Ayurvedic medecine allopathic they gave good result but soon after leaving medecine my appetite comes to normal as usuall means low so can you please suggest me any homeopathy medicine to increase my appetite to gain weight please reply soon. Thank you

  182. Anila iram says:

    Hello Dr sharma
    I’m concerned about my lil son 2 n half yr old.He is active .but he likes to drink only milk and eat only 3 to 4 spoons of food .he suffer with cold n cough often.he cough so much that he vomits (especially in nights.)Recently Dr said he have ear infection too for which she gave some antibiotics.
    One more thing bugs me he don’t speak much only few words. Like mama ,baba,hi,bye,thank u,NO,my.
    Really want.some help

  183. uday sankar sardar says:

    my child is 18 months old, since last 3 days he has developed disgust with all kind of foods, though he is sucking breast milk sometimes. whenever any attempt is made to feed him, just crying loudly, not opening his mouth, and trying to push away everything with force, please help.

  184. My 1year and 4 month baby don’t want to eat she drink lot of formula milk and likes to each chips or biscuits I try to give multi vitamin still the same I don’t know what to do again

  185. Jeanette myers says:

    My grand daughter is 10 years old and she has a very poor appetite we are African American and she is very thin and pale especially her hands she can go all day and not eat a thing no matter what I offer her.she will drink

  186. Ann mc donagh says:

    My 5 year old will not eat when you give her food she vomit she does not want anything to eat can you please help me what can I give her to give her an appetite I have tried almost everything I took her to my GP they did not give me anything for her can you please recommend something for her appetite

    • demaris kibiloski says:

      dear dr.sharma, my granddaughter is 4 years old, and all she wants to eat are breakfast shoc bars pancakes, or waffels, lunch chicken nuggets, and French fries dinner 2 hot dogs and peaches and carrots. I would like to give her homeopathic. she is so fussy she notices everything. I would like a liquid that I could add it to her water. She does drink a lot of water, and they have a water purifier. thank you for your time. demaris kibiloski

  187. Pritam sarkat says:

    my son. Age 2years ..he refuse to eat evrything .

  188. Dhirendra Verma says:

    My boy baby is 2 years and 3 month old. His weight in 10.5 kg and height is 78 cm. I consulted with Paed. Endocrinologist and after testing his growth hormone is .53, which is below minimum. He eats only 2-3 spoons of food. Please suggest me homeopathy medicines for him to increase his appetite and hunger. He is proper active, only concern is very low appetite and height.

  189. Hi Dr

    I hope you can give me some advice. My son is now 19 months old. He weigths 13kg. 85cm tall. He is not underweight but he is not gaining more. At 9 months he weighted 12 at 16 months he weigthed 13 and the following month drop 400g.. But it stays there. My probleme is that he does not want to eat anything. We tried infront of the tv by the table outside but refuses. And if he eats it is really only one bite and that is all. He does not want to eat at dinner at all. Veggies is n no go even if we sneak it in. He only eat chips with no probleme. He is drinking milk 400ml a day an sometimes 100 fruit juice otherwise water. He gets nw very constripated.
    It is my first child and everyone says they did not have any probleme with their childrens eating

    Can you please give me any advice please
    He was naver a good eater. He gained that weigth in his early months like I said was 12kg at 9 months

    Thank you


  190. My son is 15 years old and he doesn’t eat much. As a growing kid he should be eating proper meals and frequent snacking. If at all he will feel hungry he will eat chips. He is 5-91/2″tall and very very slim. Thin long legs , tiny waist , I am worried . Is there any homeopathic medicine which can treat this problem. He is otherwise no health issues.

  191. shubhangi says:

    Hello Dr.
    My son is 18 month old having 9 kg wt. he don’t like to eat any solid food even fruit, chapati and rice. He ate only puree of chapati and dal prepared in blender. He don’t want to chew anything. i asked to pediatrician they told me don’t give any food till he is too much hungry i tried this but he was crying becoz of hunger and not eating solid food. am worried about his weight. he was undergone through a heart surgery at 3 months. plz help me sir what to do?

  192. Hello sir
    My daughter is two years old she don’t. Like food now I start homeopathy treatment
    I just want to know that in homeopathy treatment which food I don’t give her should I give milk egg chicken and yougert.

  193. Karishma says:

    My baby is 18 months old .she not at all eat food proply.she only drinks milk.plz guide me.what to do?

  194. Ruchi shukla says:

    Hello Dr
    My son is 2 yrs 4 months he does not eat any thing
    Forcing him also does not work it’s very depressing as he is under weight also please guide what to do

  195. Hello dr,
    My son is 4yrs and dosnt like to eat …
    He drinks milk ams likes to eat chapatis wth sugat dsnt evn eat fruits he eats rice by force pls suggest sm tonic je is only 12kilos….

  196. Uchal Singh says:

    6 year child not eating properly which tonic is good for him

  197. Adii mankad says:

    my 2.5 year old son eats plaon roti only. He dosent like to dip it in any dal or sabzi. I trief lot. But everything goes vain. He doesnt even eat any fruit. He likes masala rice. Stuffed parstha dal wada etc. But the problem is this only that he eats plain roti. Please give me some guidance

  198. naina srivastav says:

    plz help me , my dauter is 6yr old,but her weight is only 17 kg.every one says that ur child is too weak from others plz kindly help me.

  199. Freya Ghosh says:

    My 4 years grand daughter(DOB:21/01/2012) suffering recurrent fever,cough and cold and vomiting. Since November 2015 four times antibiotic was given by her physician for a relief of maximum 10 days and relapse again. Not only that she is loosing her weight -(at present 11Kg ),not taken her food normally. very often she wants food by hungry. There are unusual Chest like Birds. Specialist have been investigated and advice there are no disorder inner side of lunge and heart. But come outer part of chest like a lumb.

  200. Sadhvi Kumari says:

    Hello sir,

    Sir my son is 2.7 years old and is underweight, he too is a bad eater and even don’t love to drink milk for this I have to fight with him sometimes.plz help and suggest me what should I do to improve his appetite.someone has suggested me to give him Lycopodium or Alfalfa tonic to him ,will it be good ?

    • naina srivastav says:

      plz help me , my dauter is 6yr old,but her weight is only 17 kg.every one says that ur child is too weak from others plz kindly help me.

  201. Raghvendra kumar tiwari says:

    Mera beta 10month ka h kuchh v nhi khata aur jabedsti krne pr ulti kr deta h yha tk ki apni mother feed krne pr v ulti kr deta h . Abhi thori sardi hogai h fever v rhta h Aconit 30 pilaya to aaram h. Please Dr. help me.

  202. Respected sir,
    My daughter age2.8year have a problems of problems of poor appetite and have constipation …give me suggestion or advice for medicines

  203. My son is 11 month old, weight is 7 kg. He eats little, and refused to eat some days. Please suggest.

  204. Meri beti 8 sal ki hai . Uska digestion power bahot weak hai . . Wo kabhi khane k liya nahi bolti . Plz suggest some good medicine to improve her digestion and apptite and for her cold cough too. Plz reply i am so worried

  205. Archana singh says:

    My grand daughter age 14 months had flu 4days back. Now she has no fever but cough. She is an active child but refusing the food in any form. She is taking only mother’s milk. How she improves her appetite and start taking food.
    Archana singh

  206. Both my kids get any disease like cough chest infection after two weeks or earlier and I m frustrated because thy cannot eat fruits because it can sour their throat and ultimately they got infection and we have to go for doctor. I think u will tell me remedy soon

  207. Please reply me as soon as possible, I m very much tense

  208. I have two kids,one is 3.5 years old and weighs 12 kg,other is 7.5 month old and weighs 7 kg,what should I do to improve their weight,,at least it should be effective. I m worried, please help

    • sneha mahant says:

      Meri beti 4 sal ki hai . Uska digestion power bahot weak hai . Cold aur cough usko jaldi ho jata hai. Wo kabhi khane k liya nahi bolti . Plz suggest some good medicine to improve her digestion and apptite and for her cold cough too. Plz reply i am so worried

  209. Hi sir,
    Please suggest me good medicine for increasing appetite of my Kid he is 3 years old, he will never ask for food 🙁 and its same as he is doing some satyagraha . please help !!!!!!

    I am really in verge of break down 🙁

  210. Bindiya Chakraborty says:

    I have a 2 and half years boy child. His weight and Height is less compared to his age ar per his Pediatric. And he doesn’t want to have meal in a proper way. Please suggest how to increase his diet.

  211. amita pathak says:

    Mere do bete hai bade ko asthma ka problem tha ab thik hai par wo khana nh khata hai aur under weight hai mera dusara beta acha tha par wo bhi bahut weak ho chuka hai, mere bade bete ki age 8yr h aur chote ki 16 months h pls suggest me what can I do

    • Hello dr,
      I have 18months baby girl she did not take foods daughter is not interested to take solid foods.can you please tell me good medicine to increase her appetite.

  212. Deepika mehta says:

    Hello sir ..
    I m in a big problem since the day my daughter born. She is 2.5 yrs nw. She doesn’t like milk at all. I ve tried all things with milk like shakes icecream bt she refused all. She likes fruits when she was 1 yr n plus bt that too she gave up. Nw she only eats roti with subzi n rice.. nt any othe thing. . No milk alternatives no fruit alternatives worked with her.. as a result she isn’t gaining weight and becoming weak by looks because she is very active mentality and physically. Plz help me wat should I do?

  213. Sir, I am an unfortunate father of my daughter. She is now seven years old. Since 21 days she cannot urinate like others. We follow the CIC method as per direction of doctor. She also takes two tablets at bed time, i)Tropan 2.5 and ii)Hytrin- half tablets we give her.

    We take her Paed. Surgeon, Paed. Neurologist, Paed. Nephrologist, but no body cannot tell us the exact solution.

    We are now getting frustrated. A lot of tensions we are facing.

    Please sir/madam, give us a way out, how can we overcome this problem.

    Awaiting for your valuable suggestions, guidelines and proper medicines.

  214. Sir, my daughter is not interested to take food. She is seven years old. She is very thin and very week. She is not interested about any food. She sees food and a hating mentality created by her. Please sir, tell me how can I create her good food habits?

  215. My four year old boy do not eat properly. His weight is very less as compared to 4 year other child.please give me suggestions that he eat ptoperly

  216. aditi bhardwaj says:

    My daughter is four years old and is very skinny, doesn’t eat herself and nor asks for food if not given throughout the day,she never feels hungry abd vomits almost every day without even being fore fed,im very worried as shes loosing alot of weight and is looking very bonny,having dark circles and vry weak too

  217. my two kids are skinny reason being no appetite at all i am almost running mad one is almos

    t 7years and weighs 18 and the other 3 years and weighs 13 please help me i have tried all expensive syrups but after sometimes they cant eat again

  218. SANGITA mittal says:

    My ten years son do not eat properly .he did not eat himself please help me

  219. Laxmi Singh says:

    dear Dr. Sharma
    my 7 years old daughter don’t eat properly. please help me sir.

  220. Saanvi Verma says:

    My baby is 2 year n 1 month she didn’t eat anything no food no fruit no snacks and no junk food she lives only milk n water. but not taken so much milk only 50ml to 60ml in one time and full day only 2-3 time

  221. Supriyo sen says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,


    We’re here to draw your attention with great anxiety.Our three an half yrs daughter has two problems:1) she”s not chewing foods at all 2) she’s very scared to do potty and it’s 3-4 days interval with very hard stool.a spot of blood is notified last time.we’re constantly in touch with pediatrician BUT not receiving success a per expectation. For your information she’s one of the pair of twin ( baby boy not existing) & premature ,was treated with antibiotics on birth as per the need.Extremely naughty,very intelligent as per few people’s observation.

    Pl help .

    looking forward your advise/suggestion with medicine, at earliest.

    With Regards,
    Mr.Supriyo Sen.
    Mrs.Gargi Sen.

  222. 4 year old son, always has been a picky eater, won’t eat meat at all, occasional chicken nugget, give him vitamin cheweys, don’t over do.
    Recently had a bad cold, and lost his appetite and it’s been over a week and has never regained appetite.
    Dark circles under eyes.
    Has good energy though. Runs around like normal. Seems a little more sensitive to cold than usual.
    Long naps. Wakes up tired.
    He will eat bread, crackers and the pouches from store with fruit paste. Maybe a cookie.
    Used to eat pasta pretty well, now he gags on it.
    Environment is excellent. Nothing traumatic ever. Goes to pre-school. Teacher shared concerns about him not eating.
    Would like to know what homeopathics we should give him to get his appetite back. He has lost 3 pounds. 41 pounds down to 38 pounds. He is very tall for his age. Taller than all the other kids.
    Has always been very healthy, just picky eater, light eater. Now, not hardly eating.

  223. my 1yr old child not eating properly,she has acute otitis media two times,then otomycosis, living in dusty area of cement,little thirst,affectionate,sleep very late at night,eats only on seeing advertise

  224. Munazza.zahid says:

    Hi doctor
    My 3nd half years old baby boy.he is not eating anything…no fruite nd no rotti..only take a milk.tell me what to do…he is anamic too..

  225. Sir my 1year old baby not eat anything if preferred with press he is vomiting he is anemiac he 6.96 weight is normal

  226. Dear Sir,

    Very Good Morning.

    My Nephew is 4 years old, Morning he plays nice have fun at middle of night he starts crying and complaints pain in legs and hands, we use to slowing masaaz him. Secondly complaints of eye pain, when we approached eye specialist he advised eye drops and said are good and he should have some vegetables fruits & food.

    My nephew eats less, neither has he allowed us to put eye drops.
    Please suggest some tonic where his appetite increase and he becomes healthy.

    Await for your reply.

    Vibha R

  227. Hi my daughter 5 years old last 6 months she is complaining about tiredness and not feeling hungry all the time she cry and when I serve food s he starts cry I’m not hungry so please recommend me any medicine which make her feels hungry I lice in Ireland dublin thanks

  228. Parikshit Vedak says:

    Dear Sir

    My Daughter is 1 year 2 months old, she doesn’t eat properly. She starts crying after taking 2 or 3 Morsels. Is there any solution or Homeopathic medicine /
    Please suggest

  229. Hi doctor. I have one baby.hw is three years old.not eating anything.specially roti and fruits.its realy tense.tell me what to do.he z anemic too.

  230. jayshri kumbhar says:

    My daughter is 2years and her weight is 10 kg &hight is 81cm so please tell me how she weight & height gain Thank you.

  231. Hello Dr
    I’m a 22 year old mother of two girls. My oldest daughter will be 5 in a few months. Ever since she started to eat table food as a baby she’s been very picky and doesn’t eat much at all. When I noticed she wouldn’t eat much it was very stressful. I assumed she would grow out of it as she got older. I would talk to her doctor about it, seeing that she never got any higher than 3% on the growth chart for kids her age. And they would sort of shrug it off saying, “well she must take after you,” or, “well she’s just a kid mist kids are picky.” But I knew that she was just very skinny cause I mean she actually barley ever ate!! Well as the years passed my daughters eating habits have never changed. Sometimes its so bad that she would get sick, she would be tired, no energy. She would tell me, momma my belly hurts! And I knew she was hungry, but its like she couldn’t register the fact that she needed to eat to feel better, no matter how much I tried to explain to her. Well now that’s she grown older, and has gotten taller. I can see how skinny my baby really is!! It makes me cry, I’m sad to see her like this. I just wish she could enjoy food just as much as I do, or her baby sister. I just don’t know what to do anymore, I’m beginning to think there really might be something wrong with my baby.

  232. There’s a secret about your post. ICTHKTIYTBY

  233. My 9 months old baby girl is very stubborn and suddenly not eating anything. She just started teething. Pls suggest

  234. Hello Dr

    My 4month year old eats very little bit is hungry. He doesn’t poop often as he is not feeding well and appetite went poor after he started biting due to myb teething? Need urgent help as I want to carry breastfeeding but feel like it’s disappearing due to lack of him eating. Helpless and distraught. He is also not vaccinated at all. Please help thank you

  235. hi Dr. my son 10.5 month old poor appetite from birth,having neonatal jaundice & under photo therapy for 30 hr. always constipated, feed forcefully. last 1 WK he having fullness of stomach, small amounts of stool. vomited sometimes with sour smell. after 3 days he start chalky stool.he given nux vom. then started loose stool. & always irritated. usually he charming baby. birth at.3.5 kg. wt always in green zone. but now falls. plz help me.

  236. hello doctor,

    my son is five and half yr old. he is just 32 pounds in weight. whenever i tell him to eat food he has too much of nausea and says that he is full. he does not chew food properly. please help me.

  237. hari karthikeya says:

    6 year baby did’nt eat food ,he is not intrested in taking meals & fruits and also he suffering from morphea disorder

  238. SAURAV MALLICK says:

    Hello Doctor
    My son who is 5 years old does not want to eat and his hunger level is at its lowest ebb. Recently he had viral fever and ever since he recovered he has lost his appetite.

    He is 3.5. Feet tall and weighs 18kgs only.

    Please can you suggest something that will make him feel hungry.


  239. Hi Doctor,
    My daughter Anagha is now two and half years. She had a good health until two yesrs ( until I breastfed her). After that she is having recurrent colds and coughs. Especially cough that would last for months with a croup. And I somehow feel that her mucous gets aggreviated with the consumption of dairy products. She also has mild form of eczema on her back which gets a bit aggreviated when she has chocolates. She’s an active child and never stays idle.
    Last time she had this croupy cough, kali sulph gave her relief.
    But the croup has comd up again. Is there a permanent solution for her problem? As the cough is quite frequent.

  240. sabiha ferdous says:

    Hello doctor
    My son is one year old…from last one month he is not eating properly…sometimes he just living only on other food at all but the things was not like before he used take shuji or oatmeal at breakfast ,khichdi at lunch ….i tried varies healthy food and he enjoyed those food.i never need to force him..even over it him…just after he pass his one year he is very irritate and not willing to eat a bit..i m getting so frustrated…his weight was 11 kg but now it turns 10kg..plz help me out..

  241. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I have a 4 year old daughter who has very poor eating habit.
    Inspite of her poor eating habit her WEIGHT HAS INCREASED FROM 17KG TO 26KG IN LAST two three months.
    She has poor digestion..
    she doesnot feel hungry
    I have strong belief in Homeopathy
    kindly help me out

  242. Hi Dr. My baby didn’t eat anything plz suggeste me any madicine. She will be complete 2 year on December.. her wight is 11kg . M wry about her plz help

  243. My son will turn 3 this december. He is foodie by nature and thinks about food like chocolates cheese and cream biscuits all the time.. yo avoid him getting used to such fatty food habits we have been restricting his diet to say only 1 cream bisc. A day or chocolates obly 2-3 times a week etc. Of late he talks vary negative as in even if i allow him to have cream biscuits or chocolates he will say no and keeps crying.. he has lost his appetite and doesnt eat anything.. he is a very active and bright child otherwise.. a week back he had put his shoe in his mouth and we shouted at hom . After that his appetite is reducing day by day.. he is vommiting cough in d morning. Also he has started blinking his eyes and opthal suggested some eyedrops and deworming medicine.. yest he took d medicine and is not eating atall.. no meal.. only 2 apple slices is what he ate in the night.. he is sleeping all the time and im worried..

  244. Sebastian is a boy of 2.9 years and weight 28 lbs. History of birth: apagar 9, has developed well, only very thin. Since he was born he does not like meat of any kind, only some veggies and some fruits., like cucumbers, carrots, stawberries, blueberries and apples. We feed him puree of chicken, different veggies and vitamins and have to force him to eat. He is very healthy otherwise. Some times with change of weather gets a cough and he suffiers from allergic rhinitis (under treatment). He is a very active child, goes to pre-kiddergarden five days a week, but his lunch many a time returns untouched. No headaches, nor ear aches, nor eyes, nor throat, chest, stomach, nor pain of any type. All is negative. His growth is in the 50% percential. No fevers, only when he is outside in cold weather barefoot. If a fever its only 37C, cough and bodily malaises for a day or so. What do you recomend.
    Thank you..hope to hear from you so with some suggestions.

  245. My child is 4 year old son and he do not eat, like sometimes he ask a eat but most of the time he doesn’t get hungry. Why so bcoz of that his health is becoming weak be loses his weight and even get ill. Suggest me some medicine for him so that he get hunger and eat properly.

  246. Hi Doctor,

    My son is 2.5 yrs old and weighs 10.2 kgs. His birth weight was 2.72 kgs. From birth he used to vomit breast fed milk most of the time, Doctor’s used to say it is because of reflex. He also used to vomit solid food when we started feeding him after 6 months. Now his vomiting has stopped but he doesn’t put on weight. He looks very weak. He passes motion twice or thrice in a day, which is also my concern. Otherwise he is a very active kid. Please suggest me some medicine to increase his appetite and put on weight.


  247. Rohit kumar says:

    Meri 3 years old baby khana bilkul bhi khana nahi chati hi bahut der tak tak muh me rakhti hi jayeda bolti hu to vomiting kar deti hi .weight bhi kam hi .14 ko. Sirf liquid khati hi chabati nahi hi. Kya karu.kaun si medicine du.please tell me.thanks

  248. SUBHA CHOUDHURY says:

    Sir, My son is 6 yrs old. His weight is 15 kgs. He is enthusiastic in every aspect but from last 2 months he doesn’t take interest for taking food. First we change the food what he want but all r in vain. Now we feed him forcedly. His weight decrease day by day. Can you please suggest me homeopathic treatment for increase his appetite.

  249. Dear Doc

    I am concerning my 3 years old boy does not eat like any other kid, he can go days with only drinking tea, he is so underweight at his age weighting 10kg. what do I need to do to boost his appetite? or what type of food to give him?

    thank you

  250. my son doesn’t like to eat anything with his own wish.I wait and offer again and again. sometimes he eats once a day only.then only I feed him after grinding food forcefully. what to do to create love for food in him?he is 2 years old

  251. Purnima sharma says:

    My son is 6 years old. His apettite is very less. He does not feel hungry. He is underweight. Please suggest some medicine without any side effects.

  252. Hi my kid is 18 months old she not eat anything ishe only drinks milk and whole night she drink 5 feeders .. I m really distrubed plz suggest me some medican

  253. My 4year 2months baby girl is not eating anything from last week. She starts crying very loudly that she does not wanna eat. Doctor says that her throat is perfect. He had given Nutrolin g for increasing her hunger. Still she doesn’t want to eat. Pls help me what to do.

  254. Archana Vinod Pai says:

    Hello Dr

    I have a 2.9 years old son whose digestion is very poor since the time he was born. There has to be a gap of 3 to 3 and half hours between each feed. He eats nothing before that. If tries to then vomits. His padec says as he grows up his vomiting and digestion shall improve which has not and become a worry n nuisance for me. He does chew his food at all. Every feed has to be puree form that is mixer grinded or else he will vomit anything solid goes in mouth. He does not sit and eat. Make him lie down on my lap n feed him. He gets afraid of eating anything that it will get choked up. He is in nursery n gets his tiffin as it is that is untouched. Sometimes eats 1 peppy that’s it. No fruit,biscuit,chocolate or ice cream , wafer. Nothing he eats just licks and throws it. Pls suggest medicine for improving his digestion. How to remove his fear of food getting choked up or vomiting shall occur. In the night also he sometimes gets up in his sleep and vomits for reason even after 2 or 2 and half hour of feed. I m really worried. I cannot travel with him for long journey since he does not eat anything chewing. Have to make him sleep on lap and feed .

  255. sweety singh says:

    Hello doctor, my 3.5 years old daughter is a picky eater .she always wants to eat only dry stuff like puri , roti, bread,paratha etc. does’t even eat stuffed items. I m so much worrird about her food habits. She does’t like daal which is a great source of protien neither eggs. Apart from that she is a very active child learns very fast.her current weight is 11 k.g n her birth weigh was 2.6 k.g.she likes fruits n dry fruits.

  256. Hello doctor ,
    My daughter 2.8 years old is very very picky eater. Few days she goes almost so thought eating anything at all or maximum a cup of milk in while day.

    In general she eats very less and is a small child. She weigh only 10 kgs and height is around 88cms.her birth weight as 2.9kgs

    On other side she is very active child understands everything can talk and walk properly.She can even climb difficult slides in playground just that she is never hungry. On a good day she eats little lunch and very little dinner and cup of milk.
    please suggest what should I do.I am tired running behind her to eat and also concern about her health.

  257. Shivam tripathi says:

    Sir my son and daughter is 3year old .dono ka wait 11.8kg hai wo dono sirf bottle se doodh penea mei interested hai par wo khana nahi khate hai.jisea wo bahut weak hai plz kuch bataye mei unhea kaise khana khilau aur wait gain karau

  258. Arun Shelkar says:

    My son Sidhaveid, does not take any food except milk. He is suffering from heavy cold n cough since a week. He is not ever interest to take any food. His weight only 10.5 kg since one year. He is two n half years old.
    I am giving to him following syrups:
    A. Sinarest
    B. Flu cold
    C. Switch anti biotic

    What can I do sir?

  259. mary lawrence says:

    hi I have a 5 year old son that just wont eat he is very thin and small for he’s age you would take him as a 3 yr. old. people make a lot of comment’s that he doesn’t look well that his very pale I am very worried about him I have brought him to the doctors and he keeps tell me that he is health but he just doesn’t eat a lot please can you help.

  260. Hi dr, my 2.5 year old kid does not eat properly. Pls suggest how to make him eat veg,dal etc. He does not want to try new food at all. Pls help

    • kasturi sircar says:

      Hello dr. My son is 2.10 years old. He doesn’t like to eat anything.if i pressures he do vomit.he is hardly 11.5kgs.he losses his weight eaisyly bt can’t weight put-on.he doesn’t feel hunger.his stool & urine test report is ok.he is very active.
      I will be pleased if u guide me.

  261. Adukwu beatrice says:

    My son doesnt like 2 eat any food order than breast he is completing a year nextweek yet he is very tiny am tired

  262. Modupi Godfrey Sunday says:

    Dear Dr i have small 19 months baby he is not gaining or loosing wait and he dont want to eat, we must force him to eat, and the clinic nurse told us she is going to send him hospitaal if he is not gaining wait, what we should do to make him gaining wait without going to hospitaal, sometime he vomit after he eat what cours that, my son is happy always and like to lough and playing with other children always , Dr what should we do to make him gain wait and eat easy like other children

  263. Hello Dr..Sharma.
    My 3.9yr old girl hates to eat..She was 2.8when born but she never gained weight her age ever..
    Now she is hardly 11kg and worst day by day. We had her stool test,urine test and blood test last month everything was OK in report. Please suggest what to do.

  264. His sir, my child is 3 years old he ia not eating anything also he is not feeling hungry please recommend some tonic so that my child feeling hungry

    Thanks u

  265. Basant Agarwal says:

    My son age 13 year do not want to eat anything and do not feel hungry. Please advice. some homeopathic medicine

  266. Mr.Santosh Pawar. says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am facing the same problem with my 3 years old boy. He only drink milk 4 times a day and sometime a 1/4 of a chapati. He don’t like solid food. I also forcefully put some in his mouth but he throw out after 1 minute. He also feel constipation after every 3-4 weeks . I am worried about him . Can you please guide me the best way to I can make him eat some solid food for his growth.

    A waiting to your positive reply.

  267. satpal chauhan says:

    Hi sir , I have 13 months old son and he don’t eat anything ,when he was born was very healthy but now he got reduced his weight .Now he is only 6 kg .sir I m worried about him please tell me something by which he starts to eat .He don’t eat milk , roti , and fruits also he take them in mouth and vommate please help me sir.
    I will be thankful to you for this


    Dear Dr.Sharma

    My son age is 3 years he usually has the problem of constipation since childhood and when ever he is given food he feel like nousea and act like vomit. I had his stool test and he had Ascaris Lumbricoides seen in Ova and Entamoeba histolytica, he has lost his weight he is ( 15 kg) present
    kindly help me what homeo medicine should i give. I have given him flagyl course after dr. prisciption. but he still has the same feeling of nousea during eating.

  269. Sannia Tauqeer says:

    Hi dr Sharma

    I have a 19 month old son, who used to eat well. Now he doesn’t want anything except milk. He’s lost a lot of weight. Overall he is a very healthy and rarely comes down with anything. He is very active running all day there’s no way he’s not hungry. Yet no matter what type of food I offer him he starts to cry and scream when he sees it. Even foods that he used to love to eat he won’t look at. Please tell me what you think. Thank you .

  270. says:

    my. 4year. baby girl does not like milk and she is takeing no interest in eating . and. she never says that she is hungry. i am very worried plz give some suggetion that she eat a little bit of food

  271. Aditi mankad says:

    Hi Dr. Recently my 2 year son had stomach flu. Bbut now it is over. My question is my so. Does.t like to eat dal roti sabzi. He likes to eat rice. He likes to eat idli dosa etc. But not the main course of us i.e. Dal roti. Now i force feed half small.bowl dal every dayp. He cries bit he eat it. And the same thing happen with juices. What should i do to make him eat dal etc. I really worried. Other toddlers with his age eats so well. Pllease guide me. He is hyper active.

  272. Anithasabarikanth says:

    My daughter is nearing 1 yr old within next 10 days.
    She is refusing to eat food and not even eating anything.l from past 1 week..
    Please provide any solution. It ‘ll be very grateful if I get any solutions.
    Thank you

  273. MK CHOUBEY says:

    My 1 year 6 month old male child having weight 8.5 kg does not like to eat any thing. We have to forcefully feed him. sometimes he vomits. Only he takes 10 spoons of food. 50 ml milk.

  274. A perplexed mom says:

    American kids are pure GENIUSES when it comes to eating and asking for food; eating on their own before one year old and asking for food all the time and the opposite problem of Desi kids; they have tantrums when parents do NOT give them food. An American 9 month old happily grabs finger food and stuffs it in her mouth and then gestures for more with the face lighting up when they get. An American 18 month old self foods a bowl of cereal or mac and cheese with a spoon and they says “more, more, more” and gets upset if they are denied a second helping. An American 3 year old says, “MOMMY, I’m HUNGRY” and nags for more food even 30 minutes after eating.

    Is there some kind of neuro-chemical imbalance in Desi kids stopping them from enjoying food or causing them to feel pain upon eating? American parents are so lucky their kids love food so much!!!!

    • Yes, Indian kids are geniuses when it comes to their studies.
      American kids are geniuses when it comes to eating by themselves.

      Indian kids learn to read and do math when they are 3 but don’t learn to eat well by themselves until they are 12.

      American kids learn to eat well by themselves when they are 1 but don’t even start reading and doing math until they are 6 and never really get good at it.

  275. Hi, My baby is 8 months old he said not eating anything from past one week suggest me what shall I do

  276. amit Gupta says:

    my four year many time refuse to eat
    plz suggest to homeopathic medicine to increase the eating habbit

  277. My child does not eat . why?

  278. My son not eating .he hates eating.pls tell me meducine to increase his Liv 52 helps to increase appetite?

  279. HI Doctor, my daughter , now 4, is thalesemia minor(cs i am one). She shows complete refusal to food whenever whatever offered. She will store it in mouth for long and takes time to chew. I have been very harsh cs of low temeper attitude and this resulted complete disagreement. She just dsnt want to EAT. She is very fair and often i have noticed her eyes developing dark circles(little).
    She sleeps at 10 pm and gets at 6 with me as we both leave for school. She troubles me alot in eating and other wise she is an active child with all the age appropiate milestones covered on time.
    I m ver tensed.
    Please suggest for my little


  280. dear sir
    my daughter is 3 years old she doesn’t like to eat food not any fruit no juices not even junk food she always refuse to eat all the things . her weight is just 9 kg otherwise she is active but got frequently ill she like milk only so i give her milk 4 times a day bt that also half glass .How to improve her apetite i m really very tensed what to do plzzz do reply and suggest medicines too
    thank you
    Soniya Sharma

  281. My 4yr old girl does not want to eat anything.neither she drinks milk nor shake.I am too much worried.she never says she is hungry.I m tired now.I have tried every possible means. She is a pure vegetarian. So I don’t have many options

  282. Abhinav agrawal says:

    My son Is 3 yeras old and not take milk and other foods and aftr take milk or some foods his stomach pain

  283. Hello doctor
    My 4yrs son always never ate anythng he refuse veg, fruit, cake,biscuit, juice too. He was never ate anythng 2weeks too.only drank milk also when he slept in feeding bottle otherwise never drank.we are always worried abt him.dr told he had under weight pls suggest me some homeopathic medicines to induce his appetite

  284. Rajindra singh says:

    Dr Sahab my grand daughter one year old is not eating anything for the last 2/3 days.If we force she throws out the food .Does not even take milk.We have tried number of options in solid as well as liquids but to no avail.She only takes mother milk.Her molars are coming.Will be grateful if you advise some medicine to rectify the situation.Thanks and regards

  285. parul bhatia says:

    Hello doctor,my daughter is going to b 3yr old next month.she doesn’t eat anything solid.don’t want to eat chapati eat only rice in lunch and dinner.what should I do.she don’t ask for anything to eat for herself.i have to give her.

  286. Mrs Umar Sharif says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My son is 4 years old and from past around 2 years he is only taking 1 chapati
    i mean to say i in lunch and i in dinner and that also he dont finishes up
    In breakfast if we give him 1 bread slice that also he dont finishes up.
    Otherwise he is very active he runs whole day and seems normal never complained of fatigue.

    He never asks for food very rare he says iam hungry.
    Please suggest some homoepathy medicine.

    Thanks in anticipation

    Mrs Umar Sharif

  287. K Saiyed says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My son nevernchewsbhis food properly. Explaining the whole process of difestion also never helped him. And when he stays hungry for a long time or if he is fasting, he vomits food mostly unchewed chunks after an hour or so of earing. Itis happening often now. I have given him ipecac 30c. I dont know if it is the correct medici e.
    Kausar Saiyed

  288. Hi doctor,
    My 13 months old doesn’t want to eat food, he doesn’t like veggies and fruits just want to drink milk and water. These days he seems to be bit constipated otherwise he opens he bowel once a day. He’s just wants to play and when tried he’s clingy then. He got flu frequently 3 weeks ago he got flu I gave him nerofen n prospan that’s it no antibiotics given since he has little congestion and no appetite. These days he gets frustrated easily and he seems to be chinese noodle. I have started giving him homeopathic medicine nux vomica > baryta carb > Bryonia> belladonna, 2 drops in 30 potency in water one dosage of each med once a day from last 2 days for flu and constipation. PlZ advice what else I can do

  289. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I have a same situation at home.

    My son is 6 years old and since baby sitter he is only taking only milk and very small amount of food.

    He never finish his tiffin and sometimes his tiffin remain untouched.

    All the time we used to feed him by force. He takes the meal about 10 minutes in his mouth. Most of the time he vomits whenever we try to feed him by force

    Otherwise he is very active he runs whole day and seems normal never complained of any kind of problem.

    He never asks for food very rare he says I am hungry.Please suggest some homoepathy medicine.

    Thanks in anticipation



  290. Neeta chauhan says:

    Respected sir,

    My grandson is not eating anything.No food is his favourite food.he is 4 yrs old.Gone very weak.
    from 2 years his wait is 14 kg. Always catching cold chest congestion.He is very brilliant but doesnt want to open his mouth. Gone very weak. I am very much worried. Please suggest me any homoeopathic medicine which can help.

    Neeta chauhan

  291. poojaverma says:

    Hello dr. My son is 6yrs old. He didnt eat food well .diet is very less when start eating .kindly suggest me some medican from which he get hungery for food.

  292. Yuvanesan says:

    Dear Doctor

    My son is not eating and not at all interest in eating. He is one and half year old. He has white couting in toung. When we interacted with our pediatriation he said, no need yo worry until he is active. But his apitite his not improving. Kindly advise us what to do.

  293. Ankush Aggarwal says:

    My son is 2 years 9 months old..but he is very bad in eating.kindly suggest some good medicine to increase his hunger

  294. santosh chahar says: sir
    Sir mera 7 saal ka beta pre meture hua tha.sir use tonsil ki problem baar baar hoti hai or feaver bhi aata hai.or khana khane mai bahut kamjor hai pure din mai 2 chapati khata hai.or bahut patla hai.
    patla or bahut week hone ke karan use bimariyan bahut jaldi gher leti hai.use eye side problem hai.use chasma bhi laga hua hai.sir ager mera beta khana khane lagega or svasth ho jayega toh use bimariyan nahi gher payengi. Kyo ki uska.bimariyo se ladne ki chamta bahut kam hai.Sir aap kuch homeopathy medicine formula bataye. Jis se mera beta sahi ho jayega. So Pl pl pl pl pl pl help.

  295. Hi Doctor
    I need some syrup or food for my 2year old kid because he totally doesn’t like milk and whenever I give him food he always mon please Doctor I m really worry about him that’s I I contact you and please give me any syrup I give him alway different kind of food for his change.

  296. Rashmi Kataria says:

    My child is about 2 nd half years old. He didn’t take the enough food. 6 days are pass when he left breast milk. From his birth he didnt take food. When he was 6 month he vomit when I gave him something to eat. Now he loose his almost half weight ofwhen he was 1 years old. Plz….. tell me somthing about to increase his food habit. And he gain his weight again. He also not like a milk

  297. mayank bajpai says:

    Pls advice any good medicine to improve my 4.5 years old boy’s appetite.

    Thanks & Regards

    Mayank Bajpai

  298. sonali moitra says:

    My son is two years and three months old.his weight is 14kg. He is suffering from constipaton. And due to this,lhe dont want to eat properly. His stool is too much hard. Please give suggestio to get relief from this.

  299. Reshmi war says:

    Hi doctor,

    My daughter she is nt hvng rice like before cos she s hvng cold n cough n giving her vitamin also she s nt hvng proper food please suggest me somethng . She is 1year n7 mont

  300. Reshmi war says:

    Hi doctor,

    My daughter she is nt hvng rice like before cos she s hvng cold n cough n giving her vitamin also she s nt hvng proper food please suggest me somethng .

  301. Mafhoom jaffar says: daughter is 5years old.she is very thin.she has to go school at7:00am.she didn’t take anything in breakfast.whenever i give her anything she feels vomiting..neither she take egg nor milk….sir plz suggest some suggestion..

  302. Hello doctor I have a friend who does not feed her children she has a 3yr old boy and a 6 yr old girl Monday to Friday all the kids have is cookies ships and milk she never cooks for them or care if they are hungry I’ve been at her place a whole day and all she does is sit behind a computer I get worried about the kids they are often sick and don’t look healthy can anything bad happen to theyr health?

  303. Roop Kiran says:

    Hi doctor my 4year old son not eating enough I mean he is not feeling hungry what should I give him that he feeling hungry and eat well

  304. Dear Sir,

    My daughter is 6 years old. She wont eat any curries or veges and fruits. She is very choosy on her food. For lunch she will eat only curd rice . That curd rice also we should feed her and it will take 1 hr for us to make her eat a small portion of that curd rice.She will never touch new varieties but she will eat egg puff but not egg. Veg roll but no veg curries.She will never try which is good to health. We are more concerned about her future now.She is lean and weak because of her food habits.She stopped eating dal at he age of 2 .for the last 4 yr she is eating only curd rice.
    Now she is in 1st standard.Daily she is coming home without eating that curd rice at least.If we force her to try any thing new she will start crying and she will never eat that. please suggest if there is any solution to change her eat.

  305. Suresh Kumar dutta says:

    Sir I am 43 years male I do not feel hunger at all since 2011. Doctor has given me antidepressant they told me it us a psyclogical problem. But I do not feel that I am suffering from depression. I want a solution .liver function test are OK. Tell me what to do to restore my appetite. I shall be highly obliged to you.

  306. अनूप says:

    मेरे बेटे की उम्र 4 साल और वजन 10.5kgहै । जन्म के समय वजन 1.7था|activ है but खाना कम और बहुत देर में खाता है अपने से कुछ नहीं खाता है । रात को बिस्तर गिला कर देता है। plz कोई सुझाव दे

  307. vinod sharma says:

    my baby is now 15 month now. he is not eating & drinking milk proper time. i,m confused how can i help him for eating & drinking. plz explain as soon as possible any person help me plz miss call this number 9780470638

  308. shikha garg says:

    Hi, Myself shikha. We both are working. I am having daughter 2.4 years old. she is not eating anything. her weight is 9.5-10 Kg. I am very deprrsed because of her less eating habit and very less weight.

  309. hlo sir
    my baby girl is going to 2 years on this 28th april,she doesnt eat anything at its own,even i feed her forcefully,i have given treatment of alopathic as well as ayurvedic,but all in vain, pls sugesst

  310. Vikranth says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Would like to check if there is a way to increase appetite in my 88 year old grandmother. All tests have been done and nothing significant diagnosed except for general weakness. She has been on fluids for over a month now and has lost weight. Has developed disinterest in solid foods. Can you please advice if there is any appetite stimulant in Homeopathy that can treat even the elderly.

    Appreciate your help.


  311. Swatantra Kumar Sharma says:

    Good morning sir my self swatantra kumar sharma from kanpur dehat my daughter age 33 months now weight 11kg. Wo khana khane me gi churana. Milk se door wagna. Or jaldi hi bimar ho jana. Uske swabhaw me chidchida pan rhahta hai.
    Just help me. Thanks

  312. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Greetings for the day!!!

    My son is 7 Yrs old. He do not eat properly. Most of the times he ends up having one meal per day.
    If we force him he tend to vomit.

    Apart from his eating habits he is very good in every other aspect.

    Could you please suggest any medicine to improve his appetite.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards

  313. A Bhattacharya , kolkata says:

    dear doctor
    would you suggest a medicine to my son (age 15 years ) for eating disorder? At present he absolute normal, but there is no eagerness to take any food.

  314. Hello doc my son is 16 mnths…He weights 9.5 kgs and is 82cms tall…He eats khichdi.fruits…ragi..cere lac..egg yolk…chicken BT fails to gain weight….He is over active too….plz help me

  315. sandeep nigam says:

    Hello Dr,
    my baby 3year old she’s enimic and weight 13kg I am very tense about my child plz suggest me homeopathic remedies and tonic. Thank

  316. sandeep nigam says:

    Hello Dr,
    my baby 3year old she’s enimic and weight 13kg I am very tense about my child plz suggest me homeopathic remedies and tonic. Thanks

  317. Sachin Kumar Singh says:

    I am father of 3 yr 7 month old boy. My child refuses to eat, and will give numerous excuses. Everything was fine till he was of 8 months then my wife started to feed ( ceralac, daal, Chapati with milk) him forcefully and the condition worsen day by day. My boy weight is somewhat less than 12 Kg, though he is very active. But I am very worried now. What should I do now? How could we develop his interest in food and eating?

  318. shilpa varshney says:

    Hello doctor,

    My one and half year old daughter is under weight..she is only 8.5 kg in weight..she always vomit while eating..she can stay 5-6 hrs without eating easily…I have to feed him forcefully..she does not like anything to eat
    Previously she was suffered with the problem of constipation but it is resolved now.
    Please suggest me any medication to improve hunger, appetite, weight and reduce vomiting

  319. archana dewang - patil says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am a mother of 5.6 years old son.he is u underweight and underheight.he is 109 cm tall and weighs 15 kg.he is otherwise perfectly healthy.
    I am 5.6 ” tall and my husband is also of same height.we both are not skinny.
    my son has been always a fussy eater.he would always eat small quantity and if forced for more complain for stomach ache and vomit.
    He never likes trying new stuff.
    he would keep the bite in mouth for atleast 15-20 minutes.
    I am really frustrated.
    pls help.

    archana dewang-patil

  320. Hello Doctor,
    my kid is 1 year old He is under weight, lean and weak, i feel very sad when i see him he is so thin offently falls while walking , can u suggest me some tonics to make him healthy and strong enough.


  321. hello sir,

    this is adv. hema from karnal, my baby is 22 months old and she is very fussy eater .,she doesnt like anything and feeding her is like punishment to me, i have consulted many doctors for d problem but doesnt get any solution. she doesnt get hungry,please give me a solution for d problem. Sometimes she makes me depressed.Really i m very fed up from this,please suggest me any medicine or solution for this,
    thanks a lot.

  322. says:

    My 4year daughter is underweight.she does not eat so much . She always suffeting from cold and cough and she vomit when coughing.plz suggest some medicine

  323. My husband is having snoring issue at night .But when he sleep on making left side ,no such snoring happens . Pls help to get rid of that .

  324. My daughter is 7 months & she is suffering from loss of appetite . Morning at 6:30 she had milk with cerelac wheat near about 100ml but after that till 11:00am she dont feel hungry. Pls suggest what shall i give her for appetite .

  325. Hi doc
    my son 4 years old, diagnosed with autism recently, has extreemly poor diet. he has this problem since he was 2 months old. He was taking poridge untill 3 years of age. Then he seitched to chapati (no curry). No fruits n veggies. No meat or lentils. He loves milk n chapati. His bmi is below normal. He has seversl.episodes of feeding through ng tube. Since 3-4 months he is not interested in chapati as well. He is much taller than his age. Fair complexion. Not feeling enough energy to play and run as he was used to. Refused to try every new thing.
    im extreemly worried.
    need ur help


  326. My 5 years old baby dosent want to eat wt can i do? Wt z the homeopatic med for her? Sometime she feels hungry bt at the same moment she wants to play so just she take little n thn leave the food n start play. Plz tel me med i m worried for her. Believe in homeopatic med.

  327. jatinder devsingh says:

    hello doctor I am india. my son 3years old donot eat properly he never ask for food. we used to force him but all in vain sir. suggest any medicine

  328. Hello doctor,

    My son is four and half yrs old and is underweight. Whole day he says he is not hungry..

  329. Hello,doctor
    I m very much worried about my son’s(1.9yr) eating habit.he doesn’t have any interest in eating at all.he take something only while watching his cartoon .sometime even such trick doesn’t work..throughout a day he takes only milk n half a chppati…I m very tense as new it is time to send him to preparatory school…pls help

  330. Priyansha Bindal says:

    My daughter is going to complete two years this month. She has been a fussy eater ever since she was born. She was born at 37 weeks and her birth weight was 2200 gms. She used to vomit breast milk and refused to take any formula. Since, she used to vomit after almost every feed her weight got affected. I was asked to start with solids as early as when she was 4 months old but even with that it was the same. She vomited during every meal.

    But, the real problem has started now and i am seeming to giveup. I just delivered another baby a few days back. I have been giving more time and attention to my first one than what i was before the second one came. But, off late she is refusing to eat like she never did before. Its been almost a week and she is not eating even half of what she used to eat before. Since she is already low on weight i feel even more worried. Please help..

  331. sarada kumar says:

    a boy of 2 and a half year old doesnt eat main food. If he is hungry he has some snacks. What are the remedies?

  332. myrtle diener says:

    Hi Dr.
    My son is 7yrs old. Nd since 2-3yrs ago he eat so badly. He evens hit his food away, nd his lunch i put in for school comes back just like tht. His so thin yes im worried nd at the point tht i say i giv up.

    concern mom

  333. Hello Dr my son is 3 year old. Not eating anything. If we give forcibly he will vomits. Please help me to increase his Appétit.

  334. Hello Dr my son is 3 year old. Not eating anything. If we give forcibly he will vomits. Please help me to increase his Appétit

  335. From my childhood I had constipation. Weekly I have to go for stools only two or three times. In the age of 10 I got piles. No treatment was taken. Suddenly I have lost my appetite in 21 years.. after some days the appetite came back. Like that the appetite has lost next year. Again the appetite came back.. third time in 1996 I have lost my appetite till know. Now my age is 41. Lot of treatment taken in allopathy etc.. my bilrubin is always above 2 total. Dr told that it was not jaundice by biopsy and other tests. My motion has mucus.. tell me what medicine should I take.. Please. .

  336. From my childhood I had constipation. Weekly I have to go for stools only two or three times. In the age of 10 I got piles. No treatment was taken. Suddenly I have lost my appetite in 21 years.. after some days the appetite came back. Like that the appetite has lost next year. Again the appetite came back.. third time in 1996 I have lost my appetite till know. Now my age is 41. Lot of treatment taken in allopathy etc.. my bilrubin is always above 2

  337. My going to be 3 year old next month is a very picky eater & eats in very small quantities. She did all her milestones in time,good in communication & has reasonably good common sense for her age. But she does not eat like any other child. When I repeatedly ask dr’s dey say in course of time she vil improve. Her weight for 2 y 11 m is 12.5 vry poor. Iam realy fed up of her motivating to eat. If shz seeing tv her fav shows I can push litl otherwis she vil vomit.also she vil behav as though food is stuk in the throat. Pl dr suggest me how to go from Bangalore where is ur clinic located here so that I can visit your place personaly

  338. Stacey McKinstray says:

    Hi my two and half year old will not eat atol. It was he would only eat chicken now he just won’t eat full stop. He used to be a great little eater but as he moved from baby food at age 1 he has been a nightmare ever since. He is perfectly healthy in every other aspect but I just can’t understand why he won’t eat. Any hell would be appreciated.

  339. suranjit sana says:

    my baby three years old doesn’t want to eat rice; curry; etc. he doesn’t eat mothers milk. we are facing fatal problem. all day long he has no demand to eat anything. always he tells i will not eat i am not hungry. but he is very active and meritorious. now how we can enrich his appetite?

  340. Anwar Malik says:

    my grandson age 18 months weighying 8.9 kgs for 10 months. he takes feed only from his mother. he eats very little extra eatables. please suggest some medicines for his blowing nose due to cold. he has white spots on his which some doctors say are due to deficiency of calciam. pls. reply this maile at your earliest.

  341. I am a U.S raised Indian working at a day care center in California with children from 14-24 months old. Non-Desi children LOVE to eat for the most part and will actually run to the tables in excitement when we announce the words snack time and lunch time. They can all self feed finger food by one year old and most can work a spoon quite well by 18 months. Yes, it’s a mess; about one third of the food ends in in their mouth, one third on the floor, and one third on their face but the end result is the enjoy eating and we clean up after them. Meal and snack time is the calmest part of the day as the children sit at the tables and gulp down their food in excitement. We do NOT force them to finish and accept the fact that some will finish all their food while others will finish one item and reject another item while others will eat a few mouthfuls of each item. But everyone eats something and every kid loves meal time because we let them have control over their food.

    Indian parents force their kids to eat even if the kid says he’s full; this causes physical pain and makes the kid vomit resulting in food aversion. It saddens me when I go to a Desi party and see children have the totally opposite reaction to their food saying their not hungry, crying, and taking minutes to chew and gulp one mouthful that is handfed by parents. Non-Desi kids self feed completely by age 18 months and a common complaint among non-Desi parents is that the kids wake up at 6AM demanding breakfast. I believe Desi kids hate food because they associate food with force and pain as the parents make them eat. Non-Desi kids view eating as a pleasant sensory experience of picking up food and putting it into their tummies to satisfy their appetites.

  342. my son is turning 17 months next week and he recently started by vomiting one night n next he had an active bowel movement for 4days,he would poop 4times a today is day3 with him jus drinking water,eats a little cereal for breakfast and that is it for the day. Please Help.he cries so much.

  343. my grandson is not taking food.he wommits food or milk taken. he is not much interested in taking food.he is 134 months old.kindly tell me homeo treatment for this problem.

  344. Hey
    My baby born in 28 weeks & now 16 month old.she is very fussy to eat & under 4th percentile her weight , so please suggest me what can I do or can I give any medicine . Did all investigation al came normal. So please suggest me.

  345. Vinay Thawait says:

    My mother in law who is about 72 years old has suddenly developed loss of appetite. Due to this she is loosing weight and feeling very week. She even finds it difficult to stand and walk. Feeling sleepy all day but she do not feel to eat anything.
    I am thinking to offer her nux vomica to see if things can be improved. Please advise.


  346. Amandeepraja says:

    My child is five and half years boy .he drink milk 3 times a day about 600 ml per day.but not eat foods and fruit .some times he eats chips and half chapati but not daily.he never ask for food.he active in playing and please sugest a good remedy to over come this problem day by day he is becoming very thin

  347. Hi Doctor!

    I have a 2 and half yr old kid who dose not like to chew his food. The only food he has properly is dal and rice because that he can sollow. As for chapati or any kind of fruit he will keep it in mouth for about 10-15 min (each bite) untill i scold and thereten him and force him to finish his bite. He dosent even finish 1 chapati at night.for 1 banana in evening it takes about an hour and there is no other fruit that he will eat.
    If i make him drink one glass of milk at a time he pukes that along with a burp…I feal It takes me entire day to just fead him 3 times.
    Please help.

  348. Hi Doc,

    Would require couple of advise from you, firstly for my daughter who is 16 years but is low weight and hight with little healthy diet apart from junk food we are worried about her. other then that she is very active and inteligent too.
    Secondly, my spouse who is having excess fat on thigh and buttock area apart compare to upper body. heard about Natrum Mur kindly advise.
    Thirdly, I have my tummy as only part of the body with excess fat and is giving a bad look and have heard about Calcarea Carbonica for this please suggest.



  349. gautam mishra says:

    Hi Doctor. My son is 16 months old and he does not want to ear solid at all. Otherwise he is very cheerful, but when we start to feed him, he starts to cry and resist strongly. Doctor had given Bestozyme syrup, but it does not work at all. what should we do ?

  350. Hello Dr.

    my baby 2 yars older she is not eating full day , in night give her bottle milk , not eating food rice ,fish , meat etc… i am in big problems now , if you have any medicine baby eat food plz. reply me


  351. brijesh kumar says:

    I am 21 year old boy I don’t have any type of problems and diseases but my appetite is very poor I do exercise daily but there is no improvement in appetite please suggest me good advice I want to gain wait
    Thanks and regards
    Brijesh kumar

  352. Hi Doc,

    I am a mother of 20 month baby and having the same problem. He is having another peculiar habit of vomiting when he sees the food is being served or is fed with 1 or 2 spoons which thus led us to go for an endoscopy for GERD check based his pediatric suggestion. After the report came out that scenario also ruled out.
    Medically he has no challenges but he is not interested in food. My problem is not only he eats less but also his throwing up. Please guide me.

    Thanks in advance,

  353. Dear Doctor, Good a/ grand son of 14 years old was a healthy and up to the 7 months he was having a good eating habit ever since he is not taking any solids, any force he spits out very little milk and a little ragi preparation in liquid form now he is surviving.some times he gets gas in stomach we tried all things but he is not eating can you suggest some thing for him doctor. With warm regards


  354. babygill says:

    Dear Dr,
    my 18 month old daughter is the most troublesome toddler ive ever seen. There’s nothing she will ever eat willingly. This has been the case ever since. Even her milk intake as an infant was very meagre. She is under weight n weighs only 9 kgs at 18 months. She is very active n runs n plsys, however as soon as she sees food, she starts to cry. Meal times are the most horrid experience for us all cause we have to literally hold her face n push the spoon into her mouth. Thtat too she spits it out. Be it cereals or anything edible, food is her worst enemy

    please enlighten me on how to deal with her or what needs to be done
    thank you

  355. ashutosh dixit says:

    sir,my 2 year baby is underweight,only 9.30kg. .she dont like to eat anything.i forcefully let her eat something.what medicine can i give her and how much quantity?

  356. ashutosh dixit says:

    sir,my 2 year baby is underweight,only 9.30kg. .she dont like to eat anything..what medicine can i give her and how much quantity?

  357. Roma Kumar says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    My daughter is 25 months and doesn’t eat her meals properly. few days back sh would eat her meals properly without a fuss but after her cough and congestion she has stopped eating her food completely. i am really worried about this cos she is underweight she weighs about 10.700kgs.
    also i wanted to ask that since she is underweight will it later cause any further physical development problems. could u also recommend any homeopathic medicine which can help her in increasing her appetite.

  358. Ajit kumar Sharma says:

    My 18month son does not want to eat anything. If he take the food onsode his mouth, he sollow the food for long time and after that he used to spit the same.
    Should i go with Antimonium Crudam? If yes then plese sugggest me about its doses.

    Ajit Kumar Sharma

  359. vandna kochhar says:

    hi, I m a mother of a two; my elder daughter is 6 and half yrs of age and my son is 3 yrs old.Both of them lack appetite for food..since i ve already read the reasons ,i know somewhere i m to be blamed for forceful eating.
    Kindly help as my elder one is diagnosed with poor eyesight also.I make sure i cook as per their taste but utter failure…help

  360. bhavani prasad says:

    respected sir,

    my daughter is of 01 year 06 months she is very active and smart, but she didn’t want to eat rice, she is interested to eat mixture, groundnuts, etc.
    Please suggest some homeopathy medicine.

    Thanks in anticipation

    Bhavani prasad

  361. pratapkishoredash says:

    Namaskar Dr. sir, Well my problem is that my grand son of 9months old is taking milk[lactogen2] but not opening his mouth to take solid food[liquidified].He vomits immediately after taking any fruit juice even. This is first introduction of solid food home made or cerelac2,etc. Under this situation my daughter and son -in-law are much worried for this reason. Will you pl. Doctor suggest some measures? Thank you

  362. Hi,

    We have always struggled with our 15 month old son. When he was a few months old he was diagnosed with reflux. After we introduced solids things were going better but worsened when we introduced gluten. We found out he has gluten intolerance and we adjusted his diet accordingly. Now he eats very very little each day, I can tell he is not hungry most of the time, he doesn’t have a psychological problem. When he is hungry, he eats, but that happens very rarely. So he is now surviving mostly on milk. He drinks water constantly, so his thirst is fine. His appetite not. Waht can we do to improve his appetite. I must say he also has poor weight gain.

  363. B N Moharana says:

    My son was not eating anything, he is totally avoid food. when he saw food he will getting start crying and said i do not eat . i do not eat. I eat Bada, he always want to eat to Bada

  364. Priyanka says:


    I am having 17 months son.He is not at all eating from the past 2 months.Hardly he eats only 1 meal a day that too only biscuits with milk.Whatever we try him he is just spilling it out with out tasting it.

    Can you please suggest me what to do.

  365. i have daughet of 2 .5 years. she donot eat on her own and i have to ask her for food.she never said me that she is angry but wnt something to eat .i am a working mother

    apart from chapati she donot take anything extra and that chapati she donot eat her own i have to make her eat He keeps his food in his mouth for 10 minutes and when it becomes too soft he vomits it
    she donot like fruits at all i have tried many times but all in vein
    pls suggest em the medicine to increas her hunge as she is getting wea day by day

    i give her pediasure in her mil in morning and evening

  366. Hope to get a reply. My daughter who is 2 years and 4 months old is a forced eater. I have to force everything on to her otherwise she will NOT eat. She is a slow talker and is quite weak. Her hair growth is very poor too. Please suggest some medicine. Am in great distress please help me:((

  367. Dear Doctor,
    I have a 5 year old grand daughter who refuses to eat any vegetables or fruits. When she was smaller we used to grind it and mix it with her pediasure and bottle feed her. Now she has turned 5 nearly 6 and when we tried to make her eat a tiney piece of mango she nearly vomited. She is fond of fish, chicken, paneer, and sometimes we even mix a little ground dal in her rice.
    Please help
    Thanking you,

  368. My child age-4yrs,he very scrawny lean thine child.desire-ice-cream,chocolate.&banana.he eat only 1chapati per problem not given daily icecream.wt.-13kg so plz gain my child weight&appetite

  369. poonam girish shakya says:

    my daughter is 15 months old. she did not eat any food. i am afraid what can i do… all day she eats only breast milk 2 times. and small quantity of food, but she is very active.
    please help

  370. HELLO SIR,


  371. Divya Goel says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am facing the same problem with my 3 years old boy. He only drink milk 4 times a day and sometime a 1/4 of a chapati. He don’t like solid food. I also forcefully put some in his mouth but he throw out after 1 minute. He also feel constipation after every 3-4 weeks . I am worried about him . Can you please guide me the best way to I can make him eat some solid food for his growth.


  372. rahul sharma says:

    Sir ,
    My mother is 75 years and she has developed a strange habit of eating very very less food any time in breakfast and dinner.She says that she wants food as if she is hungry but when food is presented in front of her she makes strange faces and strange behaviors making faces and eats very very less she takes at least three hours to eat small quantity of food. Sir i fear if she continues with this habit then her health may deteriorate. Please tell me some good medicine to increase her appetite .
    Rahul Sharma

  373. ramandeep says:

    sir my son is 23 month ols and weighs only 10.1 kg.. was born 2.8kg his height has also nt grown in last 4 months his height is 81 cm… pls help me to gain weight and increase height.. he looks small for his age.. and he even looks smaal as compard to othr children of her age.. pls help me out pls…

  374. runika kapoor says:

    hi doctor, my 5 yrs old son is nt eating anything & nt drinking milk. I made his favorite bornvite milk every day. Bt he didn’t take. He is nt eating chapati nt even junk food. I m in very tension. Which things i give him to increase his hunger & weight. Plz doctor help me.

  375. Sir
    My daughter is 5 years old. she is not interest to take food.she is get up early morning take 2 and 3 nos of biscuits.i mean to say i in lunch and i in dinner and that also he dont finishes up. she is not take break fast. she is birth after food eat not interested.Now she is take interested only choclate.
    she never asks for food very rare she says iam hungry.
    Please suggest some homoepathy medicine.
    Thanks in anticipation


  376. Hello dr sharma.. my son his 5 years old and does not eat and i have to force him all the time..his very skinny and shorter then other kids from his age.we r both parents are taller. Can u plz recommend me any medicine and is it safe to use . Thanks

  377. ANISA CHAUDHARY says:

    I am writing to you today to get some consultation for my almost 6 year old daughter. She is very active child but unfortunately she weights only 16.8 kg , she has good height but low weight. I want her to gain some weight so that she is proportional with her height. Please let me know if there is any way that you can help.

    She is a picky eater, never tries any new food and doesnt like most of the foods that kids love. I have to force her, be strict with her to even finish milk. Not only that but she sits with her food for hours and I end up scolding her to finish her food. I am so frustrated and don’t know what to do. I dont feel good scolding her all the time but there is no other solution in sight. Please help


  378. RUPAL MOHTA says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma
    I am a homemaker and a mother of two girls aged 3 and 1 year resp.

    my older daughter, Tashvi aged 3 years weighs around 10.5 kgs and stands at 92 cms. she has gained only about a kilogram of weight in the past two years. I give her zincovit tonic and vit d3 syrup.
    she is a picky eater takes a lot of time to finish her meals and does not drink curd or milk.

    she goes to playschool and is generally cordial too.

    I am worried her poor stature may be on account of an underlying eating disorder

    please advise


    Rupal Mohta

  379. prem kumar singla says:

    Doctor Sahib, My grand daughter is of 3 3/4 year old. She is bird eater. She does not eat her proper diet the whole day. She comes back from her school with the tiffin unopened and dose not like eating on home back .She is of 14 kg weight. We visited his family doctor there . He gave iron tabs i.e. Refil. It doesn’t show any result After the two months of medication . Please advise any medication to improve her health.

  380. Harish Singh says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    This is Harish from India, my 4 years old daughter doesn’t eat anything even milk. We have to feed her forcefully.
    please help

    • how r u sir. my doughter is 3 years old. when she born that time she was very healthy.after that she is slowly slowly weight reduced. she is not eating. only eating very small quantity. she is not drinking milk. she is very bed appatite. plse can u suggest what type of homeopathic I can give to her and how long.



  382. Dr. Sharma,

    I have a 7 month old who has had difficulty feeding since birth. She only drinks 60 ml every 3-3.5 hours, sometimes taking only 40 ml. On a good feeding, she will have 90 ml but this is unusal. She’s a very happy baby otherwise, sleeps well, and is active. No developmental problems. Has had multiple tests done, all normal. Birth was normal and full term. Had problems with latching while breastfeeding and would always fall asleep at breast so has been on formula (bottle) feeding since 1 month of age. Have tried many different formulas without any change in appetite. Please let me know any suggestions or other questions you may have. Thanks for your help!

  383. Hi Doctor,
    My son is 5 years old and from past around 3 years he is only taking 1 glass og milk in the morning that he takes 30-40 minutes to fininsh. and other meals also he takes long time and we need to push for each take.
    Otherwise he is active he runs whole day and seems normal never complained of fatigue.

    He never asks for food very rare he says iam hungry.
    Please suggest some homoepathy medicine.

    Thanks & regards


  384. drmichelle levan says:

    boy 6 does not eat, he was induced as was his siblings, all have asthsma problems. very picky eater, heart murmer ear indections
    quiet thoughtful child, does well in school eceryone loves him he is affectionate as well. mother says he she loves he is so good.
    i think it has something to do with induction, any thots?

  385. Sandy Torres says:

    My daughter just turned 2. Since birth she has wanted nothing to do with eating. She is. Very irritable child, she won’t eat and I’m devistated she pretty much is living of of protein shakes what can I do?

  386. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter is 28 months old and was an IUGR baby (2.1 kg) She has been on her curve, but is still small–now probably 10 kgs. Her appetite is ok, though not like some toddlers who love to eat. I have seen iugr babies picking up within the first 2 years and equalling up to kids their age, but she has not shown that trend.
    More than her being chubbier (she has fair amt of chub on her body), I would like to see an increase in her bone structure. She tends to look mousy, even though she is average heighted.

    Kindly suggest what can be done and ask further questions if need be.
    Much grateful

  387. Dear sir,
    I have a 4 yr old daughter.She is very active and smart.Her height is also very gud acc. to her age.But she is very thin and underweight,looks pale.
    As i m working ,so goes to creche after school.she’s fine there,finish her meals properly there,tiffin also,but when she arrives in the evening and is with me,she is very irritating at home,becomes very sturborrn,doesnt want to eat,nor milk,cries all the time . Her Immunity is very poor,oftenly gets sick with cold nd fever.All the time bites her nails,which shows lack of confidence.
    Can u please suggest something,to increase her immunity,appetite.I regularly take her to a homoepath dr,but no relief,also have given many allopathic medicines,antibiotics,but no solution.

  388. Hi my son is 2 years and 10 months old. When he was 8-9 month old he did Fall ón his head and after that when he was about one year old he became non verbal only sounds and baba and mama and no eye contact. He began after he was 1 and a Half year old to sit alone or for the most lay Down and play back and forth with cars and loving the movement or the wheels that spin. He is now still into cars and dont have social skills with other children or people only family and sometimes he dont react to us. And dont respond when er Call his name. The people WHO Worked with him say his comminication is poor and maybe has autism.

  389. ANNA THOMAS says:

    Dear sir , my daughter is 4 year old and she is not able to take her breakfast she feels naucae while looking itself every day . She starts to eat from 12N But qantity very poor. She is very skinny could u plese give me some drugs can improve her appetite and gain some weight

  390. Hi
    I have a four year old son who refuse to eat or drink all day says his tummy is full.
    Ive been to the doctors they said his height and weight is average.
    Help please

    • Hello Doctor,
      My son is one years old and he is not eating well, either refuses or just doesn’t want it this started when I started to work then only he would eat less and all. He is not gaining enough weight please suggest suitable homeopathy medicine for adequate weight gain. He is one year old. Thank you.



  392. Surya Prakash says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have a kid of age 21 months. Though he is hungry, he is not taking any kind of solid foods. He is now under weight, lean and weak. We tried to keep him wait for few hours to see if he show some interest on rice items. But he is not. As the time passes he will start crying and wants to have milk/water only. We tried different options in liquids also like Pediasure, Junior Horlicks etc, but he shown no interest. We tried different allopathy medicine but they didn’t help him.

    Can you please suggest a homeo medicine for him to increase the appetite so that he can start taking solid foods as well.

    -Surya Prakash.

  393. Priti Sandwar says:

    Dr. Sharma, my 22 months old kid ( Boy) never show any desire to eat . when ever he eats , he eats hardly 2-3 spoon & he is through with his food.. he is underweight & it’s been 6 month that he is under weight. he fall sick very often , once in 2 months be it stomach infection to cold & cough etc.. please suggest. Also because of being hungry most of the time he is cranky..

    please help.

  394. I found you website by fluke while searching for help for my 5 year old grandson.
    I’m not sure if the website is still current and if you are still practising, but it’s worth a try.

    My name is Mineke and my grandson has just been with me over the holidays. He’s been diagnosed as very lightly Aspergers, and what is most important is that he has huge sensory issues.
    The family lives Auckland New Zealand and we live an hours drive away. My daughter Janita has been part of a University study, where 6 different specialists studied a group of young kids with eating disorders.
    Basically, my daughter was advised that there is nothing ‘they’ can do, except maybe find help from a sensory specialist. “Keep going what you are doing and good luck.”
    Janita was advised to give Fletcher (her son) teddybears with vitamins in the morning and rub in several healthy creams in his skin at night. At least he will get some good in his body.

    Fletcher does not eat. No vegetables, no fruit, no meat. No potato’s, rice, bread etc etc.
    The only thing he drinks is COLD water.
    The only thing he eats is dry rice crackers for breakfast (reluctantly) and about 5 or 6.
    There is one particular gluten free chocolate cake he eats, and it has to be freshly cut up (sugar). And one particular brand of Eta chips and they also have to be fresh and crispy (salt).
    At night he will eat maybe 6 pieces of fries, have to be certain crisp to it, can’t be soft, can’t be brown . . . .
    SIGH . . . .
    He simply gags if he eats anything else.

    He’s got some sensory issues, with the slightest grain of sand in his sock and he’ll scream, but he will walk on bare feet on rocks.
    He doesn’t mind having wet hands, but is very careful, he can’t touch any ‘sticky’ like I was making a peanut butter cone for the birds and he didn’t want to stick his fingers in it. He said, “I don’t like ‘sticky’. Or I was making paper/flour/water mixture and he didn’t want to stir it with his fingers. Or making mince balls. He dislikes the stickiness.

    Once I tricked him and put some healthy essence through cold water, just a little bit, but it made him gag and he doesn’t want to drink from that bottle ever again.

    I have also realised that CHANGE make things worse. Going to day-care, or now, going to school. The little he eats, becomes even more of a battle.

    My daughter works as well and also had another 3 year girl, so she is exhausted and it’s heart breaking to watch. He’s got so much potential, he’s a lovely little man, with a huge sense of humour. Surprisingly, he has a lot of energy. He has a warm little heart and always wants to look after his little sister. He gives us ((grandma and grandpa) big hugs, so he’s not distanced with emotions. It’s only the touch/feel/sensory issues.

    Do you think there is a homeopathic medicine for this very deep rooted problem? What is your advice?I want to ask you first, before I go to my daughter and talk about it, she already has so much on her plate.

    Many thanks and I look forward hearing from you.

    Mineke Meyerink (New Zealand)

  395. Supriya Goel says:

    Hi doctor,
    My son is of 4 years n very less eater like half chapati fills his stomach. He never ask for food at any time of the day and on asking he always says no I m not hungry. He gets congested very often but on checking his chest shows no congestion but while coughing I notice congestion which leads to vomiting.
    Otherwise he is very active no complaints of fatigue always busy in playing, jumping, running and mentally also very intelligent.
    I m facing this problem from past 3years 5months because when he was of 7mnth se got severe green colored loose motions which took a fifteen days to cure after strong medication after which I noticed fall of appetite, he stopped eating n turned into a week n thin baby from a healthy n chbby baby .
    Kindly help n suggest some remedy
    Thank u

    Supriya goel

  396. Doctor Sharma, I have a 22 month old girl (who was an IUGR) and has had problems with sufficient weight gain She dislikes food, or even if she does eat, it probably is around 2 spoons. I would like to know what can be given for weight and appetite stimulation.

    • helo dr.
      my baby is 23 months old and doesnt eat anything, if i doesnt give her anything to eat,she never hungry. pls suggest any medicine for increasing appetite,it will b very helpful
      thanks a lot

  397. My daughter has very bad ‘food resistance.’ Extremely sensitive to smell, tastes and textures. She eats the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. Offers of other foods aren’t met with anger and we don’t push or punish because it is so obvious that this is mostly neurological (experts agree) . Dinner is one of two options. There can be not the slightest variation on the preparation of the foods and this makes us prisoners to our home at mealtimes. Snacks are crunchy and salty. No fruit, occasionally will pick at veggies at dinner. She is being treated homeopathically with Carc and Sulphur is emerging, and remedies for Azith and Bartonella nosode (she was born with tick diseases. Any advice on remedy would be appreciated.

  398. Hi Doctor,
    I have a same situation at home.
    My son is 5 years old and from past around 3 years he is only taking 1 chapati
    i mean to say i in lunch and i in dinner and that also he dont finishes up
    In breakfast if we give him 1 bread slice that also he dont finishes up.
    Otherwise he is very active he runs whole day and seems normal never complained of fatigue.

    He never asks for food very rare he says iam hungry.
    Please suggest some homoepathy medicine.

    Thanks in anticipation


    • My 1 yr old daughter doesn’t wants to eat. if forcibly we are trying she vomits after some time. her thirst is good enough. as soon as see the food or milk she starts turning her head in other direction.

      • My 4yr old girl does not want to eat anything.neither she drinks milk nor shake.I am too much worried.she never says she is hungry.I m tired now.I have tried every possible means. She is a pure vegetarian. So I don’t have many options

    • Hello doctor
      My 4 year old son doesnot eat much. He never asks for food . I have to force hin to eat. He keeps his food in his mouth for 10 minutes and when it becomes too soft he vomits it, he is very active otherwise. He is underweight, weighs 14 kg and is 4year 9 months old . He never finishes his school tiffin. I have to run after him to make him finish his single chapatti. He never eats on his own but if I give him maggi noodles he will eat on his own. I don’t give him junk food , prefer giving hom chapatti and vegetables for lunch,dal and chapatti for dinner and sandwiches, macroni, bread pakora for school breakfast. He is never hungry please help me to increase his appetite. Suggest me some tonic so that he eats well and gains weight.

    • hi doctor
      my son is 3years old he is not taking the food
      he is taking the same quantity of food which he use to take at the age of 1year.he never asks the food even he feels hungry.and he loves too take please sugest a good remedy to over come this problem day by day he is becoming very thin

    • abhilashini says:

      How to increase appetite of 5 yrs boy. He is only take half chapati. He is active & run very fast.plz help me.

    • Kalpana Chauhan says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,

      Very good morning to you. This morning has brought a hope in me while searching remedies for low appetite for a kid. As I go through your site, feeling to get fix this problem soon. My daughter is 5 yr 2 mths old. Though there used to be a random refusals in past it has become now frequent and regular. Since she has recently started going for formal school with extended time and education burden, my resuming job has added to the cause. I am not able to judge whats the reason that her food volume has decreased almost 1/6th when compared to earlier. Its concerning since from a month and a half, she insists not to eat and doesn’t demand any variety at all. Her attitude has become very reactive and erratic which is leading depression in me.
      Kindly help if supplements can help boost her hunger and bring her attitude subtle. Her sleep is also decreased a lot.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Doctor,
      I have a same situation at home.
      My daughter is 6 years old and from past around 4 years she is only taking 1 chapati/ rice , Dal and Vegetable .
      i mean to say i in lunch and i in dinner and that also she dont finishes up
      In breakfast if we give him 1 bread slice/ dosa or idli that also she dont finishes up.
      Otherwise she is very active he runs whole day and seems normal never complained of fatigue.

      sHe never asks for food very rare she says iam hungry.
      Please suggest some homoepathy medicine.

      Thanks in anticipation



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