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When Kids don’t Eat

imageIs It a Behavioral Issue or an Appetite Problem ?

I had seen plenty of poor eaters in my practice, but this one had left me with no doubts that he was the worst amongst all. . With a history of bird’s appetite, this time he was breaking all records. It was nearly three days since he had taken a morsel. It looked as if he had taken recourse to some kind of Satyagraha. Any attempt to feed him forcefully would end up in a vomit. The young parents were nearly on the verge of a breakdown, when on the fourth day he ended his fast.


When kids don’t eat, why is it that they don’t eat? What makes them a poor eater?

The Eating disorders are complex disorders. It could be a simple behavioral disagreement to food or as some Research shows that its origins can have more than one reason – Biopsychosocial. A neurobiological brain disorder with a strong heritability component is also under investigation. Some individuals with eating disorders have an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain that control hunger, appetite, and digestion. The exact meaning and implications of these imbalances remains under investigation. Behavioral disagreement occurs if the child is force-fed or over -fed.

When kids don’t eat, it can be very distressing for their parents, but is this disorder treatable?

Yes, but first it is important to understand the relationship between the child?s total family environment and his eating disorder. The individuality of each child is an important factor in assessing the most suitable approach for dealing with food refusal. It would simply be illustrated by a case that I treated without any medication. A child of two had developed a very obstinate food refusal. It was assessed that the disorder had no biological angle, but was a case of behavioral disagreement. The mother was feeding the child at an inappropriate time, seven thirty in the morning, as she had to leave for her job by eight, which had resulted in an overall refusal to food. A simple adjustment in the feeding time gave the desired results.

In another case a little one had developed disgust for food after her mother used harsh punishment for not finishing meals in time. Such a situations can become a psychological deterrent and the child may sub consciously develop a contempt for food.

Homoeopathic medicines are very helpful in treating eating disorders.. Antimonium Crudum, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica are a few of the important homoeopathic medicines. Antimonium crudum is very helpful for infants who vomit milk immediately after breast-feed. Some peculiar mind symptoms easily identify the child who requires this medicine along with a very weak appetite he is Cross and contradictive; whatever is done fails to give satisfaction. The little one is Sulky; does not wish to speak. Child cannot bear to be touched or looked and gets angry at every little attention.

Lycopodium has a very strange indication. Although the child may be very hungry, eating ever so little satiates him easily. Nux vomica is often an abused appetite stimulant. Nux should only be used only when it is indicated. It should not be used as an appetite panacea. Homoeopathic medicines should only be used with the advice of an expert homoeopath.

Eating disorder can result out of general ill health as in chronic disorders like asthma and recurrent coughs and colds, also at times a result of over or an improper medication. Such children need to be treated with a constitutional and holistic approach where the root cause is identified and remedied.

The child being referred as ?he? in the above feature is just a grammatical connotation. It does not favour any sex.

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  1. Gaurav jain says:

    My child girl is 1.25 years but she didn’t drink milk it Is very tough to give her milk and give her food please suggest some medicine

  2. my grandson is 4 years old. He will not eat hardly anything. He would eat chicken nuggets occasionally and maybe a few french fries. he does like bread but very small amount makes him throw up and he loves butter. He will also eat applesauce. Will not eat meat, vegetables, or any other kind of fruit, will not drink any kind of juice or milk, only water. He lives in a nurturing environment, his parents are both teachers, a little 2 year old brother that likes everything and is full of life. This has went on now for over three years, I don’t see how the little guy is making it. Concerned, Any remedy recommendations.

  3. Sushmita Mahapatra says:

    My child is 13 yrs old . he does not like to eat anything. When ever he is seeing the food he feel vomiting. He has no appetite. In the morning when he was going for school . at first he vomit the breakfast first. Please suggest some medicine

  4. Md Yaseen says:

    My child is 9 years old he develops mouth ulcers very iften and does not eat food without being irritating.
    Constipation and loose motion are a problemn and was on medication because of lower abdominal pain

  5. Mrs Ahmed says:

    Hi. My 1.5 yr old baby girl doesn’t eat anything.. not drinking milk with feeder or sippy cup or glass. She is only depends on mother feed.. plz help

  6. Maria Bukhari says:

    My daughter is 1 year old and doesnt want to eat although remain so hungry

  7. Sandeep Khare says:

    My daughter is 3.1 years old and she does not eat anything happily.Even her growth is less.please suggest some medicine for increasing diet.

  8. Raghu Sharma says:

    My daughter is 2 years old and does not eat anything happily.Even her growth is less.please suggest some medicine for increasing diet.

  9. Kinjal Bhatt says:

    My son is 15 month old , weight 9.3 kg is he 1 kg under weight according to his pediatrician , having anemia , we have given him iron supplements for 3 months , main issue is he is not at all interested in food or milk , always have to distract him for even few bites of food tht he eat . It is getting very difficult and worring .

    Already giving him five phos 6x and alpha alpha pediatrics solution as prescribed by our homeopath but didn’t seem working at all

    Pl suggest some medicine so tht he eats well. He is not constipated generally , but we do see undigested food in his poops.

    Pl reply

  10. Ashok kumar says:

    My grandson 3.5 year old not taking food except milk with proteins powder,kindly suggest any homeopathic medicine

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