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Homeopathy for skin problems

Homeopathy for skin

Homeopathy for skin …by Dr. Vikas Sharma

Of the little that we know about imagethe human body’s vast innate healing responses, Hahnemann’s views make the most it. One of his most important teachings concerns the danger of Suppressing the visible symptoms of an illness. Hahnemann used the example of an itching red rash on the skin. Better to have the disease on the surface of the body, He taught, because from the surface it can exit outwards. Suppressive measures may drive a disease process inward towards a more vital organ. The itching rash may disappear but worse trouble may appear down the road, trouble that may resist the strongest suppressive treatment.

Homoeopathy when applied in its truest forms can cure even the serious forms of skin disorders e.g. Psoriasis, lichens eczema etc. in the most natural and the non-suppressive way. Safety of the medicine also becomes a case for homoeopathic medicines to be used in skin disorders. While using them, patient is not exposed to risks of the toxicity of the medicine as drugs in homoeopathy are highly diluted. Side effects are very uncommon. It is certainly true that the raw materials for many homeopathic medicines are known poisons. And yet, every toxicologist knows that a substance is poisonous only in a certain dose. Actually, virtually everything is poisonous in certain doses. Too much oxygen can impede respiration, and too much calcium will lead to brittle bones.Homeopathic medicines are manufactured through a specific pharmaceutical process called “potentization” in which the substance is serially diluted, Homeopathic medicines are commonly diluted so many times that there are very few, if any, of the molecules of the original substance.

The small doses used in homeopathy make it nearly impossible to elicit a poisonous effect. As famed violinist and philanthropist Yehudi Menuhin once said, “Homeopathy is one of the few medical specialties which carries no penalties–only benefits.”

Treatment with homoeopathic medicines has another big edge over suppressive measures. There is always a possibility that regular use of suppressive treatment for a long period might actually strengthen the disease process instead of resolving it. Such a possibility is unheard of in homoeopathic treatment.

Most of the modern day radical homoeopaths are not dead against this antipathic treatment of suppression. If an allergic reaction is out of control ofcourse those symptoms should be counteracted first. These radicals have no objections to the use of these treatments on a short-term basis for the management of very severe conditions, but seriously oppose its regular use..Why is it so that such chronic disorders respond so well to homoeopathic treatment? Briefly speaking, Homoeopathic healing is not a miracle or lucky exception, but a fact of biology, the result of an optimum utilisation of the natural Healing system that each one of us is born with.

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  1. emilee c hernandez says:

    Hello I’m seeking help on my rash on my right leg and and it appeared on my lower back as well. How can I get treatment for this?

  2. My upper back and arms have became very dark.The dermatologist said it is because of macular amyloidoisis.
    Do homeopathy have treatment for that?

  3. DR.MD.ABDUL LATIF says:


  4. Hello doctor,
    I am female of 38 years old.I am suffering from macular amyloidosis in my upper back and hands .please tell me is it curable through homeopathy.I am worried.

  5. Manisha Singh says:

    Hello sir,its very urgent plz help me out,i am suffering from lichen amyloidosis,i dont have any itching problem its just hyperpigmentation on my hands,back,below neck and not its spreading towards my face.Plz do tell me is there any successful treatment available for this

  6. Harpreet says:

    Hello doc I have a black patch on my upper back later side which same as 5 years before but now from last few months it is increasing to the middle of the back when I touched the affected area itching starts so pls let me know which disease is this is this curable

  7. Alok Kumar Agarwal says:

    My wife is having macular amyloidosis with hyper pigmentation on both hands, under neck, front chest area and legs. The same had been there since last 10-11 years but have become prominent since last 3-4 years. I have gone for a dermatologist- the treatment helped but for a short duration and reverted. Plz. guide me if there is any treatment in homeopathy.

  8. Shah Narendra chunilal says:

    Dear sir I have amilodies deposition on leg backside and frontside on both legs since 25 years and now started on both hands having lots of etching and some time blood comes out also having Saurasis in both foot guide me best Cleanics or Suggest me the name of Dr treating this skin problem thanks best regards N C Shah

  9. I have been suferring macular amyloidosis from last 5 years my both legs front side are black and my both hands front are black my upper back is also black sir please advise me suggest me what can do for my black patches. …..

    • I have been suferring macular amyloidosis from last 10 years my both hands front side are black sir please advise me suggest me what can do for my black patches.

  10. Tanvi Thakkar says:

    Sir I have lichen amyloidosis alongwith gall stones and kidney stones and my marriage is there in April… The skin at my back appears to be black and I’m unable to wear many back less clothes because of that.. Even there are some patches on my hands forehead and knee.. Please suggest me the best possible remedy for the same..

    • Renu Gupta says:

      Hello Sir,

      i have been suffering from macular amyloidosis & diganosed as well. but no one is found effective & curing & its spreading as well. Can it be cured 100%??

  11. Donna Madio says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 63 year-old female and have had macular amyloidosis for the past 5 years – diagnosed by dermatologist. I tried their prescribed cream/ointment but it just seemed to aggravate the symptoms, so I have only used coconut oil based body lotion on my upper back patch of MA – which seems to cool and stop the itch.

    Do you have any homeopathic recommendations?

    Thank you.

    Donna Madio

  12. Sir
    Agter trimming my beard i found that at one place on my chin hairs were washed in form of small patch ….is it possible to recover them …..

  13. Sunil manuja says:

    Sir my wife is suffering from macular amyloidodsis as diagonised by dr.
    Is there any treatment in homeopathy for this.
    Pl reply

  14. Lisa Jarrell says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I’ve been treated for Folliculitus with Furuncles & Carbuncles since February 2013 at first with both topical & internal antibiotics & then topical & internal antibiotics plus an antiviral internal medication as well & it used to go away for a while but comes back worse & creates more scaring on my face in a triangular pattern that now includes my nose ( about a year & 6 months prior only was below my nose) and down across my top lip & around my mouth & naso-labial area spreading wider over some of the inner cheeks & below continuing out to my lower lip chin & outwards to my jawline 7 now several , what I call feeder lines that are white & raised & are throughout the entire infected area that starts with tiny clear bubbles only the size of a pin head & has clear fluid in them. I usually notice it after a shower (it doesn’t have to be just my shower but any shower with various shampoos , conditioners & usually dove soap or a goat’s milk with oatmeal & various essential oils depending on the fragrance I choose, but organic & the fragrance derived from real essential extracted from the flower seed or root of the plant as is usual in high quality organic 100% pure essential oil. My towels are clean & freshly washed with bleach & hot water & dried in the electric dryer. If I notice the dots & don’t touch them with a soft face towel or not, they’ll pop & turn red. Within hours the triangular shape on my face is red & uncomfortable & blisters form. Within 24 hours I’ll have red fluid filled blisters that hurt & white lines on mu skin connecting them & areas that are raised, very sore & if touched to apply topical medication (Mupiricin 2% Ointment or now Silvdene 1% Cream) I can feel a semi hard group of lumps that feel like there’s fluid around & are also very painful. Eventually some to all of the original & most of the lumps erupt & ooze for a while. I now use paper towels on areas that are infected & clean towels on the rest of my body. These returning infections have never had any cultures taken in the ER where I go as I have to wait too long for an appointment with my Primary care Physician or Dermatologist (as my ER is understaffed & wont scrape at the sores to get enough of a sample even though I’ve told them if they lay a warm, damp compress on an area on or near the infection that several of the clear, tiny bumps will appear & erupt on their own but they never do it) so I’ve always had an antibiotic in my system from the ER by the time I see my PCP or Dermatologist. The addition of an oral anti-viral medication has seemed to help in drying up & clearing up the infection (in combination with the antibiotics & Silvadene 1% Cream). Also as the first time I had any type of skin issues, all of my life I never had issues with my skin at all, not even more than less than I can count on both hands of typical hormonal pimples when I was preteen & got my menses at about !0 years old & occasionally got a tiny pimple that came & went in days. I have very small pores & probably normal-dry skin but I hate the taste of water so I am probably slightly dehydrated although I get plenty of fluids including Green Tea & Jun (much like Kumbacha). Also only a week or so before the very first appearance of this skin infection I had used the hot tub of an immaculate person but I smelled the water & from years of owning & caring for a pool & I was very careful with the maintenance of the ,pool, filter & water & had a top of the line water testing kit & still took my pool water to the pool supply store & had them test the the water 1-2 times a week just in case & whenever I added water, it was hot or heavily used I took it then too. I remembered that my pool water never smelled so strongly of chlorine. if pool or hot tub water smells strongly of chlorine then the free chlorine in a well balanced pool or hot tub meant that it actually wasn’t properly treated by the proper chemicals or the pH wasn’t what it should have been & no matter how much shock (chlorine treatment) you added it wouldn’t have the free chlorine to kill bacteria, molds & other contaminants. I told him this & he ignored my knowledge so no matter how much better my back felt I wouldn’t get in that hot tub again.

  15. S.K.SHARMA says:

    sir I have been diagnosed suffering from lichen amyloidosis. I am 62 years old. Can I be treated.

  16. Vidya Kotemane says:

    I have been suffering from macular amyloidis from last 5 years may be.but it is diagnosed last year .i have black/ brown patches on hands and back of shoulders and legs.
    I have undergo various treatment..but couldnt find effective treatment.any remedy

  17. Risha dabral says:

    I have been suffering from macular amyloidis for 10 years..i have brown patches on hands and back of shoulders.
    I have undergo various treatment..but couldnt find effective treatment.any remedy

  18. i have macular amyloidosis. can it be stopped from spreading?

  19. I have diagnosed with macular amyloidosis of skin .is there any homeopathic treatment for this disease

    • SUKH VERSHA soni says:

      I am a 65years old woman and have macular amyloidosis for the last one year diagnosed by dermatologist. I tried his medicines and creams but of no use. I have still black patches on my skin and feel itching. I am using coconut oil for massage. Kindly recommend some homeopathy treatment for this disease. Thanks.

  20. Hello Dr.

    I am suffering from lichen amylodosis since 8 years & Its started increasing day by day. I am worried about may we its affect my internal organ.Please Dr. tell me if there is any treatment in homeopathy for lichen.

    • Soumitra Choudhury says:

      I have been suffering from lichen amyloidosis for last 6 yrs. My forearms and legs are very itchy and turned darker than elsewhere. Kindly suggest any remedy.
      I am a 60 yrs old male.
      Thank You.

  21. Anamika says:

    Sir i m suffring from macullar amyloidesse have u any treatment

    • I hve been suffering from lichen amylodosis like lesion on my legs since 20 years. Its now progressing. My serum amylase level is increase mildly. My esr is always high. There is slight increase in my serum uric acid also.. i do not know the association between these abnormalities . And also the skin lesion is progressing. There is no relief with antihistamine and topical steroids. Can you suggest me any other curing therapies and potential association between these abnormalities. Thanking you.

  22. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am a 26 years old married woman suffering from macular amyloidosis having brown patches on the interascapular region and on hands since last 5-6 years. My mother and sisters are also facing the same problem. Please let me know if there is any treatment for this in homeopathy. If not what is the other way to treat the disease.

  23. Good morning sir …I m 36 year old lady ..I have lichen amyloidosis for 7 years .I have the rashes on my legs ,thighs .and now has been started on my arm.I feel very itching.I m Very depressed. Please guide me .

  24. Hello,

    I’m a 25 year old female diagnosed with lichen amyloidosis. My back and neck areas are black but I have no itching whatsoever. I’ve come to learn that there is no cure at all in medication for this. Is there any homeopathic medication that can get rid of my black spots ?

  25. Pulakesh das says:

    Hi dr sharma, my wife is from ‘Macular amyloidosis’ disease can u please let me whether this disease can be curable in homoeopathy treatment?

    • Shweta hissaria says:

      Hello sir
      I am suffering from macular amyloidosisis. My back has become dark and it is also starting on arms and legs n my elbows n knees both get darker. I feel itching specially on shin part of legs n back .pls guide is there any effective treatment for this disease n I already took treatment for 6 months in homoeopathy from Dr sanjay sehgal withour any result n my age is only 32 yrs n my mother is also suffering from dis disease from the last so many years pls help sir.Thanks

  26. Hello Doc.
    I am suffering from macular amyloidosis. My back has become dark and it also starting on arms and stomach. Is there an effective treatment of this disease in homeopathy that can remove this darkness and how long will it take. thanks

  27. abdul majid ali says:

    meri skin pahle se kafi dark ho gyi hai or mathe par bareek dane bhi hai jisme itching hoti hai
    plz med icin bataye
    abdul age 28

    • Sumitra Chowbe says:

      Hi, I am not sure if it is Macular Amyloidosis I have but its on my lower cheeks to my neck and declotte and left arm only. It is an itchy and scaly rash, it makes me loose sleep and feel restless. Please can you help?

  28. Yogesh Kashyap says:

    Dr Sharma
    I have read your advice on Vitiligo posted on your web page. I have patches coming on hand and lips. Major symptoms include excessive precipitation (sweat) on hands and forehead/face. The patches are small -initial stage. I am now taking Calcererea Carb for a week or so. I was wondering if Silicia may be more appropriate medicine.
    Age 35 years, good health and no other health problems. Keen sportman, married with kids

    Request your advice please… Thanking you

  29. Neelam Dhalwani says:

    Hello doc I have been just diagnosed with Macular amyloidosis I am 55 years old a day it’s the same problem like Lichen Nitidus. Which I surveyed online. My legs and hands back neck all are turning dark
    Kindly suggest me an homoeopathic treatment tjanks

  30. Hi Dr. Sharma
    I had eczema in right leg…by continuous itching and scratching it I also developed Lichen amyloidosis in the lower part of leg growing upwards …strangely I got it in both the legs…please let me know if there is a cure…there

  31. Hi Dr.

    I am suffering from macular amyloidosis. My back, joints, leg below knees, and stomach are very dark compared to other parts of my body. I have been told there is no treatment for this condition. Would you be able to help me out with this problem? Is there a treatment in homeopathy and if yes how long does it take to cure it. Thanks

  32. Sukanraj Solanki says:

    Hi,I’m Sukanraj Solanki ,I’m suffering from a skin disease lichen amyloidosis since10years.I had done many treatment but this disease is increasing .Kindly suggest me homeopathy treatment.Thank you

  33. hi sir !
    am hoorain am 30 am a patient of thyroid and pcod ,sir its been years i have been suffering from this problem named “bilatral macular amilodylosis” but could not dignose it ,sir i request you to please let me know if there is any effective treatment available in homeopathy for this disease as it spreading all over my body quite fast …years ago it was first vissible on my arms then later followed by forearms ,shoulder ,back above pelvis,thighs above my chest and at the back below calves also pdls are vissible on my face near mouth and eye area… i need your help waiting for your soon reply…
    regards ,

  34. Sharlotte C Maraina says:

    Hi Dr, I have been suffering from lychen amyloidosis on both legs since 6 years and its becoming darker and itchier day by day. Please help. I am pregnant and don’t want kid to be affected. The skin becomes light and dark. HOWEVER NOW ITS TOO DARK.

  35. Hello Dr. Sharma. i am suffering from severe macular amyloidosis at hands and back and Ichthyosis in legs. Want to know if this can be cured?
    i have just started my homeopathic treatment

  36. Hello Dr,
    I am suffering from acute macular amyloidosis. Now its has spreaded all over the body. Arms, Legs, Back, neck. Please provide me a stable trearment as it is spreading day by day.

  37. yapi Haji says:

    I am 33 years from Arunachal Pradesh, and I a mother of 2 child . my problem is skin Allergy , all types of treatment I have done but still I have no any improvement. please advice..

  38. Praveen Tomer says:

    Sir, I hv been suffering frm cutaneous macular amyloidosis since past 4years. Hyperpigmentation area on right forearm flexor part and on left shoulder.plz suggest the dietary precautions and the treatment options for it in homeopathy.laser is d only option in modern medicine also wd no significant confirmatory prognosis.

  39. Ambreen Saheed says:

    Dear Dr.

    I have been diagnosed with cutaneous macular Amyloidosis my skin has darkened on my upper back , chest, neck , forehead and on my face

    Would like to know if you have a treatment for reversing this ailment

    Age 42 female

    Thanks and regards

  40. Wayne Soderberg says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I had a melanoma remove from my upper left arm about a month age. Unfortunately some still remains.
    I am male and 70 years young. I have sore knees. lower back and hips which seems like bone pain. I have shin allergy in that I come out in lumps if I press against something and have trouble breathing. I had 3 stents in my heart about 6 years ago. I always have catarah especially in the morning probably from house dust mites. I have difficulty falling asleep and only seem to sleep from 3.00 am to 8.00. I have sleep apnoea and am sluggish in the am.
    Can you please help
    Regards Wayne

  41. vijay kalwani says:

    I have this problem macular amyloidosis plzz tell me homeopathic medicin for this…My face back and arms are black plzz tell me permanent solution ….

  42. Rachna Chaudhary says:

    I have this problem macular amyloidosis plzz tell me homeopathic medcine for this.My back and arms are black .plzz tell me permanent solution ….

  43. Louise Burton says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, is there a remedy for Poikioloderma of Civatte?

    Kind regards

  44. I have not used this product but have reecershad testimonies of people working 36 done with it. It’s called MMS. It has grown to help many cancer, AIDS and other patients. You have a lot to read about them though. Hesperian docs say, it is chlorine, but it is not. It is surprisingly very different. It is chlorine dioxide, and it is safe to use to clean our waters the water that we infusion. The FDS custom allow for medical purposes at this time. We cognise that, because it is so cheap and easily available and the drug companies wont benefit from it. Do your own research. Google Jim Humble.Inert gas is the man that these qualities are to cure disease gefunden.Kardinal other good sites for the latest testimonials on forums and Jim.Humble s website is He even has free ebooks to read. Good luck to you! Buy from a reliable source!

  45. Aanchal Batra says:

    I have this problem macular amyloidosis plzz tell me homeopathic medicin for this…My back and arms are black plzz tell me permanent solution ….

  46. Satyanarayan teli says:

    mere face pr bhut hi kaale daag he or pura face kaal ho gya plz help me sir sir mere face ka koe elaj btao plz sir plz

  47. Satyanarayan teli says:

    skin problam black skin and black daag

  48. meenakshi says:

    i have macular amylodiosis onmy arms and back

  49. I’ve been looking for help in the internet bought lots of creams that promise healing but all its been its a waste of money in which has not helped me at all???? I was diagnosed with Lichen Amyloidosis. I was using some of the creams that were prescribed to me and I stopped using them due to serious side effects later. I am running out of searching for something better that can help me with this skin disorder and hopefully you’re the one.
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon


  50. debangshu biswas says:

    i am 50 yrs old man. suffering from lichen amyloidosis since last 15 yrs on both legs. suggest me homeopathy medicine.

  51. I have macular amyloidosis and need a treatment

  52. jaquilin jacob says:

    i am 21 yrs old. i used hydroquinone tretinoin mometasone furate cream for pigmentation and black spots on face. when i used this cream for 1 month my face became clean without any spot.i stoped using the creamdue to heavy sunlight. now my face is covered with small wrinkles and always feeling itching. what can i do to remove these spots and get a fair face through homeo medicines. plz suggest a gud way to get a fair face

    • i am 36 yrs old. i used BETNOVATE N cream for CLEAR acne on face. when i used this cream for 1 month my face became clean without any i continue for using it 4-5yrs.And whenever i stopped using it face is covered with small steroid acne and always feel itching. what can i do to remove these acne and get a clear face through homeo medicines. plz suggest a gud way to get rid of itiching nd acne.

  53. Shalini agrawal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    I have dark circles and dark patch on forehead and on upper back.I went to a Dermatologist and he said there is no permanent cure for macular Amyloidosis.He can try with peeling and its a long process with no guarantee.
    He also told me that this happened due to accumulation of some abnormal protein and the reason is unknown.I am very disappointed.Please suggest me if anything possible through Homeopathy medicine or so?


  54. Judith McBriar says:

    My dog has had skin problems for years. The vets have had her on antifungals, antibiotics and anti itch meds about 5 or so “regimens”. She is miserable abd I would like to try something holistic. I’ve had her to 2 vets who did nutritional and Chinese medicine but that didn’t seem to help. Can you help? She has a low thyroid and is on thyroxine.
    Thank you
    Judith McBriar

  55. Hello doctor, i am suffering from lichen amyloidosis for 15 years.First start in legs and it spread over legs and now seems comes in hand.Can you help me what to do to get relief of thia disease. THANKING YOY.

  56. Dear Dr.,

    I am looking for the treatment of Lichen Amyloidosis affecting legs, arms and back. The skin becomes itchy many.

    Please help.


  57. navneet jodhka says:

    i have pigmentation on back due to macular amyloidosis and is spreading on more ar ea on the back. is it curable by homoeopathy?

  58. Subrata Kumer Saha says:

    Would you pls prescribe any medicine for lichen amyloidosis.

    Age # 40

    Dry and Itching Skin

  59. Ritu Shrivastava says:

    My brother in law has diagnosed with macular amyloid oasis. Just wanted to know weather is is treatment there in homeopathy for this?

  60. I am suffering from skin disease called macular amylosis , it can be cured in homeopathy ? Pls reply

  61. Deepak kedia says:

    My 15 year old daughter has got linear lichen planus.
    She has got marks on legs hand and upper body.
    This problem occurred in December 2013. Am applying topgraf 0.1% ointment. Lichen planus is not active now but marks not gone at all.
    Can it be cured . Please help.

    Desperate parent

  62. Somnath Pariksha says:

    I am suffering from Lichen Amylodosis from last 14 years, i am using homeopathy only but not cured yet.
    so kindly help me sir, i am badly effected with the same. even i cant see my face in mirror.
    So please help. i have huge faith on homeopathy. so please help me.

  63. surendra sharma says:

    seek your advise on treatment of median nerve pain due to compression.
    My mother is suffering from this ailment. we have done relevant tests for Rheumatoid Arth.
    Results were negative. My mother is diabetic and also High Blood Pressure patient.

    Dr. has advised a surgery or injecting steroids.

    can homeopathy help my mother in treatment of her ailment.



  64. K.bhanusree- 41-year-old female says:

    Sir, I noticed macular amyloidosis at the age of 18 on my arms ,shoulder blades and on lower back. I took laser treatment for 6 months.but I didn’t find change.does the homeopathy helps for macular amyloidosis.iam from Hyderabad (telangana state).if u can spare your valuable time , please suggest me. Awaiting for ur answer.

  65. DEAr Dr,

    I am 32 years old. I am having pigmentation over my chest & forehead and have some red marks on arms & legs for last 6 years. I got treatment from homeopathy consultant and aelopathy but no positive result.As per doctor said i have MACULAR AMYLOIDOSIS so, this can not be go easily,it will take time…as i am going to marry in jan 2015,i want to look beautiful…..please pleas please…..suggest me how to get rid of this marks & prevent its spreading.
    I would like to know if it is possible to make my face clean & clear of these marks ,kindly advice me a drug & the dose to start with. is laser treatment good .

    • Praveen Tomer says:

      Sir, I hv been suffering frm cutaneous macular amyloidosis since past 4years. Hyperpigmentation area on right forearm flexor part and on left shoulder.plz suggest the dietary precautions and the treatment options for it in homeopathy.laser is d only option in modern medicine also wd no significant confirmatory prognosis.
      I m 42 yr female


    My wife , aged 46 has hyper pigmentation shades over and around whole face.She has taken some treatment and used varieties of patent creams , but the problem stands permanently uncured. Is this an effect of sunburns as she is a working officer and often has to visit remote , or, is this due to her early menopause @ 36-37.She is also suffering from type-2 diabetese and hypothyroidism with many a complications and taking alopathic tablets theirof .she has also a corn or darf over the left eyelids for 3-4 years –our Local Homoeopath could n’t cure it.
    Dr. Sharma , pl. suggest .

  67. sir, mere face par kil muhase or kala face ho raha hai plese koi upay bataye

  68. Vincent Gonzalez says:

    I have a skin problem for over 3 yrs At first I went to Md who provident the usual .
    However recently I when to a homopathic person who has given me result but when there is an improvement I can not withstand the itching and I have to go back to the steroids .
    It’s a back and forward process that is driving me crazy .The skin when getting better detox and it seems to get worse and I can not stand it

  69. PROBIR SARKAR says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering for ” Lichen Amyloidosis” more than fifteen years . It’ s my whole body.
    I took a lot of alopathic treatment like puva therapy, narrow band therapy, Acutain , soritane, Cycloseporin etc, but not helps. If you provide any treatment for me . I will really



  70. Dear Dr Sharma,

    What are the homeopathy remedies that I should go for my skin ; I have been suffering the following skin problems for the last 16 years;

    1. VITILIGO on my jawline (doesnt spread)
    2. Macular amyloidosis

    Thank you and God bless you

  71. sabita mohapatra says:

    hello sir,
    i am suffering from lichen amyloidosis since 5 yrs. I had seen many doctors as well as homeopathic but still now i have not releif from this please sir heilp me.

  72. Dear Dr.
    I hav been diagnosed as cutaneous lichen amylodosis on legs arms and back. Itching is severe for last 12-15 days. i hav got hair loss since 1 year. Is hair loss associated with Lichen disease or is separate entity. I am 44 years old. Kindly help. Is there any homeopathic medicine which can treat signs and symptoms both. These skin lesion earlier was diagnosed as psoriasis but now its typical of lichen with ripple appearance and pigmentation.

  73. rmewararao says:

    eruptions with rashes with high itching when sached flakes of sokin peeling out
    itching is mre in the nights
    these eruptio ns inmargins along hair of head and neck , on arms and back of body

  74. nitu anand says:

    hi doctor,
    i am suffering from amyloidosis since last 10 years, m 36 years old, and really upset about this. its is on my arms and now starting on my cheeks and forehead also. Please advice me what to do for this. Is this curable. Had taken lots of treatment but no use.

  75. Sudheshna says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma ji,
    My daughter ( almost 3 yrs old) has white patches on her neck. I have taken her to a regular dermatologist and he was not very sure what it was but mentioned that it could be due to sun exposure .
    I can send you a photograph if required.

    Could you please help.

    • hello doctor.
      My face is full of dark marks caused by contraceptive pills, sun damage and even the age. Its been years and my face is dull. plz help what can i use

  76. dr. sar .meai apne chehr ki khujli se bhut presan hu karib 4 shal se ab mera chehra hmesa lal rhne lga hai 6 mhine se ilaj krwa rhi hu par aaram kuch nhi ho rha hai .ABTO PURE SRIR PAR KHUJLI HONE LGHI HAI ‘mere pet me kabj bhi bani rahti hai kirpya koi slah de ,

  77. i have macular amylodiosis on my upper arm ..back n hips..can it be cured??

  78. garima sharma says:

    hello doctor.
    i am garima sharma from noida, india. i have macular amyloidosis due to which my whole body skin is afeecting. darkness and scaly skin all over the the body with amyloid patches. i have tried allopathy bt no affect. kindly help me out.

  79. Anand Swarup Saraswat says:

    My dear Dr. Sharma,

    My wife Ranjana Saraswat was diagnosed with cancer in left breast and she was treated with chemotheray also in 1999 and now she is O.K. Since the birth of my younger son younger son in 1986 she had minor skin problem and the skin was getting discoloured but later on skin specialist diagnosed as macular amyloidosis but after chemo therapy in 1999 the skin condition aggravated and pigmentation over her legs, hand, neck, chest and back occurred with heavy itching sensation and she is unable to bear the sun heat, kitchen heat, sweating, sun shine etc. but in winter season she starts becoming better when the season is cool and pigmentation also decreases in winter. Please suggest me how to get rid of this and prevent its spread as my wife does not go out in summer because of itching and in cold season she cannot use shawl or sweater and her skin get red in colour and skin itches in winter.

  80. savitha anand says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Would like to know if there is any cure in Homeopathy for macular amyloidosis. Thanks


  81. Muhammad Skahi says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma.
    my daughter have elerjic in all her body her age is 3 years. please guide me how to clear the skin.

  82. Anila Kumar says:

    Dear doctor,

    I have been diagnosed with lychen amyloidosis on my face, that too side s of nose and it is spreading onto cheeks. I am 24 years old unmarried woman and have become suicidal because of this condition. The dermatologist who treated said that this is incurable and I have to live with it. Seeing your blog, i find a ray of hope. I have taken homoepathic medicine previously for reccuring mouth ulcers and had a very effective cure. So I really believe in this stream of medicine. Kindly help

  83. Anila Kumar says:

    Dear doctor,

    I have been diagnosed with lychen amyloidosis on my face, that too side s of nose and it is spreading onto cheeks. I am 24 years old unmarried woman and have become suicidal because of this condition. The dermatologist who treated said that this is incurable and I have to live with it. Seeing your blog, i find a ray of hope. I have taken homoepathic medicine previously for reccuring mouth ulcers and had a very effective cure. So I really believe in this stream of medicine. Kindly kelp

  84. Hello sir,
    I am 25 years old and I have pcod problem since 13 years coz of dat I have dark patches /pigmentation problem on my face and arms.plz suggest me the best possible way to cure this skin problem at home. I shall be very thankful to you.

  85. savitha anand says:

    Dear sir,i am having pigmentation over my back and legs due to macular amyloidosis,please suggest me how to get rid of this and prevent its spread?

  86. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am from Kenya.
    My problem is that i was sufferring from melasma on both my cheeks and bridge of my nose. My dermatologist recommended that i have a chemical peel to treat the same.
    I had the same done on 4th September 2013. Today i have landed up with very bad hperpigmentation on these areas and around them as well.
    I am really not up to going through another chemical peel. Would homeopathy be able to cure me of these pigmentation marks? i am 52 yrs old. Shall appreciate your answer and advice.
    Thanking you,
    Kind regards,

  87. aditi dwivedi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from molecular amyloidosis on both arms. the pigmentation is very much visible and the skin is dark. I hav been using meds like elocon but no positive effect is visible. Pls let me know if any remedy is possible.

  88. shuchi mudgal says:

    hi sir
    my name is shuchi and im from jaipur, raj. im 26 years old. im suffering from cutaneous amyloidosis both macular and papular. my father has the same disease and so its hereditary in my case. i’ve seen many doctors but nobody has been succesful in curing my disease so for. if you can help me, i’l be really grateful.
    thanks shuchi

  89. Does Homeopathy Treatment really cures macular Amyloidosis. Because i am taking Homeopathy treatment for the past six months but no progress in my skin. Kindly share your suggestion.

  90. Mrs Mousumi Banerjee says:

    I am having Macular Amiloidsis in skin on face, upper back, arms etc. from early adulthood. Now i am 44 and the colour of the effected areas ars brownish in nature. I intend to get treatment in homeopathy. Please help

  91. zeeshan hussain says:

    I have a problem of Macular Amyloidosis please tell me the treatment for this i m so worry about this.

  92. probir sarkar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am having ‘Lichen Amyloidosis’ more than ten years. I got treatment from india & Singapore. I don’t get any benefit. It’s has my hole body like legs, hands , back & front. I can’t sleep in
    night time . I did couple time biopsy. So do not hesited about lichen amyloidosis. I don’t know your
    location. Do you have any better treatment ? please let me know, how can I get it.


  93. anitamodi says:

    Dr. sharma
    I am 46 yearold suffering from macular amyloid for a very long time. can you suggest some cure.I will be really obliged. would like to mention I do not suffer from any kind of itchiness
    but have dark pigmentmentation on my han&ds,legs &my back portion

    Thank you

  94. mahejabeen says:

    Hi my name is jabeen, i am from india staying in USA. I have dark spots on hands and my back neck.They are there for year. One time i tried to visit the doctor he said, it is fine and i don’t need medicine as it is going to to cure by itself eventually. I am 27 now i don’t see it getting cured. I usually cover up skin pretty good so there is no chance of sun exposure. It is embarrassing with the spots on hands and back when i am wearing reveling. could you please suggest me any medicine that can work. it would be really helpful.

  95. Hello Dr,
    I am 22 yr old and have pimples on my face since 4 years.From past 4 months my face skin is turning dark day by day and even have continuous growth of cysts on the face.I am really upset and not knowing hoe to take care my face skin .Please kindly suggest me the daily routine for the problem.
    Thanking You,

  96. sarah holmes says:

    skin mite eradication

  97. i noticed very light grey discoloration on my right side of neck a year ago .
    now it is on my both side of neck and on the back of my neck also .
    it is very itchy , and occ little bump also appears .
    some time it is very dry and skin flaks out of it .
    back of my neck is deep purple .
    very uncomfortable .
    what can you suggest me
    i am 62 years old

  98. Eduardo Mas says:

    Hi. I have itching that usually starts at night in the genital ares hips, and legs, I had it also in the back of my knees and in the flexure of the arms. I used clotrimazole cream but it seems i have to get it all over the body . The itching from my arms is gone, but still my abdomen and testicles itches, it is being 2 month already.The areas do not show anything but my scratches. Ed

  99. Hello doctor,

    My mom is 64 and has LICHEN AMLOYDOSIS. She has sever itch on her body 24 by 7 from last one year. Please let us know if there is a treatment in homeopathy for this problem. Your response is much appreciated.



  100. I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the amazing posts on this blog. Keep up the good work. says:

    I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I am now not positive whether or not this publish is written through him as no one else recognise such detailed approximately my trouble. You’re amazing! Thank you!

  101. catriona says:

    Poikiloderma of Civatte.. a photosensitve skin condition.. do you have any advice, please?

  102. vnsagrawal says:

    Dear doctor

    I am 68 years old and suffering from the disease of cutaneous amylodoisis from 10 years My skin has so many patches on the body Badly itching at the time of sleep.My daughter is also homeopathic doctor in Bombay i am taking treatment from principal of Bksion Homeopathic college Gr noida but treatment is satisfactory.
    vnsagrawal 9313970513

  103. espected Si
    I have a problem of excessive sweating from palm and foot .Is there any treatment fo this in homeopathic and you treat fo same.
    please give me appointment for diagnosis.
    thanks and regards

  104. my mrs is suffering from trigimenaL Neueralgia of face starting from rt.side of forehead can it be treated by homeopathy and if yes how long it will take for the treatment


  106. nittin saluja says:

    Dear sir, I am having some red spots on scrotum area, feels like filled with blood…..
    What is that and is there any treatment for that…….

  107. sanjay kumar mehta says:

    i am also suffering from the same disease.

  108. leena verma says:

    I have been suffering from macular Amyloid for many many years. I have undergone many treatments from dermatologists. None of the treatments showed any affects and its very very depressing.I have browsed the net for this disease and have come to know there is no compete cure for this. Is that true? I also read that its hereditary .Doctor could you please tell me if there’s any remedy in Homeopathy and also whom to approach for the best treatment. I really do not want to get depressed taking the wrong treatments again. Kindly help !!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. mrs.mathew says:

    Dear Dr,

    I have been suffering from Lichen Amyloid for many many years. I have undergone many treatments from dermatologists. None of the treatments showed any affects and its very very depressing.I have browsed the net for this disease and have come to know there is no compete cure for this. Is that true? I also read that its hereditary and I am scared whether my children will become a victim of this disease.Doctor could you please tell me if there’s any remedy in Homeopathy and also whom to approach for the best treatment. I really do not want to get depressed taking the wrong treatments again. Kindly help !!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Do you have any remedies for keyloid scars? Mine are on my shoulders and they are red and an inch long and I have several on them on both sides. They itch or hurt constantly. I also have 3 on my upper chest. I am a nursing mother so I want to be able to take something safe. I trust homeopathy for my daughter, but I have never really used it on myself because I don’t know what to do. Please help!

  111. Debjyoti Majumdar says:

    Dear sir,
    i have been suffering from lichen amylodoisis from last 5 years. My skin is becoming scaly & dark….plz help me…so that i can get back my previous skin(age 18 yrs).

  112. Dear sir! i am nur 50yrs lady having a problem of darkning of the skin. from last few years i have lost all the glow of my face and increased the pigmentation with the time. i would like to know if Homeopathy have treatment for such problem. it is highly embarassing for a lady to have a ugly skin. please help me.
    with regards. nur

  113. Can Homeopathy help in curing Lichen Amyloidosis???

    i am taking this treatment for Homeopathy doc but not sure of the result..what is ur view on same???

  114. how much effective homeo treatment for genital herpes, what are the chances for curability and avoid the transmisstion to opposite patnar, kindly suggest better treatment

  115. I am curious as to what the answer to the question about hyperpigmentation
    (your first question-above) is, as my daughter has a similar problem. she is 15 years old and skin is darkening around the mouth and now around the eyes,
    taken her to dermatologists and tried various creams, also microdermabrasion and tca skin peels.

    what other alternatives are there

    desperate mom

  116. Subejct: How can I recover lost face and skin?

    Dear Sir,
    My wife was very beautiful before marriage. But now her face and skin loss the color, brightness, glaziness and coneliness for the following reasons:

    1. Change Environment: As she migrated from village to Dhaka, and city’s weather is worse than village, so she lost health and beauty.

    2. Food: In their village, all foods including milk, vegetables, fish are fresh and pure which is not available in Dhaka. Besides, in join family, she could not eat when she need; and could not prepare the food as per her appetite. In pregnancy, she could eat nothing because anything was not tasty and she had no opportunity to make any food as per her wish. All food have to make as per the appetite of other family members.

    3. Working Pressure: In join family, she have to bear working pressure, specially in pregnancy. It also promote catarrh, cough and other physical problems.

    4. Sexual Unhappiness and Suffering: Sexually I have failed to happy her, only abuse her by stimulation without satisfaction.

    5. Gynocological Problems: During delivery, she became most victim by bad treatment- Episiotomy and foreceful pressure on uterus when the baby’s head was trapped in bone joint/cervix. It harm the Uterus.

    6. Mental Dipression

    Have any remedy which can recover the face and skin of 2/3 years before?

  117. devdatt Bhagwat says:

    dry scally skin on back side of fingers and palm of both the hands. Itching on pouring of hot water. slit like cracks on skin. Blood marks seen in them. Sometimes watery discharge after itching. itching more in morning and evening.
    Due to working in dusty enviroment i had such problem 04 years back. I took our own urine for more than a year and it was cured for at least 2 years.
    A year back i started tution classes. Due to chalk powder the skin is again showing symptons listed in paragraph one.
    I am taking graphitis 30 every week and rhus tox 30 daily for itching. I am applying graphitis oinment daily twice or thrice. this is for last 3-4 months.

    Seems no effect. Spreading on entire back side of palm. Please Suggest.

    • dr.sudha agrawal says:

      Dear sir,i am having pigmentation over my back and legs due to macular amyloidosis,please suggest me how to get rid of this and prevent its spread?

      • Dear sir,i am having pigmentation over my back and legs due to macular amyloidosis,please suggest me how to get rid of this and prevent its spread?

  118. Bill Mowll says:

    I have a wart viruse with several warts on top and at the back of my head a couple above my knees and some on my arms.a local naturopath gave me a200ml. of Hilde Hemmes”Herbals Swedish Bitters take and sunspirit THUJA ointment that was found of no benefit could you please advise if you could help.

  119. sagar nikam says:

    he complains that his skin has got contracted and feels the tenseness.

  120. sagar nikam says:

    Dear Sir ,
    my dad is 52 yrs old. he has psoriasis since 10 yrs . he took various treatments including burning the skin with dilute acids . now the lesions are completely gone. and now he complains that his has got tense and that impairs his joint mobility as well. besides this he also complains of joint pain since many years as he works in a standing position in the company he works with . also feels nodes under the skin and on the scalp which was densely affected with the psoriatic scars . kindly advice a drug and the dose to start with . please.

  121. rajinder kaur says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am having hyper pigmentation marks on both cheeks ,andjust above the eyebrows. It all started as sunburn, but afterwordds they stayed permanently.I got treatment from a homeopathy consultant, but no positive result. it was the result of hormonal changes of menopause as per my doctor.then I consulted a skin specialist , who treated me with some medicines, and then he suggested skin peeling, and it helped me, and then some sittings of dermabrasion. the marks have become very light but not gone. i would like to know if it is possible to make my face clean and clear of these marks.

    • Nagamani k murthy says:

      Can pigmentation on the face cheeks and under the eyes will it go with the treatment for the hormonal problem in menopause and how long will it take

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